Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It's always nice to be turnin' onto 7th Avenue and have yer truck die in the middle of the intersection. Carburator's gotta be clogged...now let's see how long it takes fer them to finally fix that. At least I made service today, finished 2 minutes before 10:30. I was also finally able to grab a vacation form an' put in fer my day off, so here's hopin'.

Wish I could say I spent the rest of my day bein' productive, but I ended up crappin' out on the couch again. Did manage to get some script work done, but not a helluva lot. But some is better than none, right? It also looks like me an' the other reviewer are gonna be takin' over operations at 215ink temporarily. Andrew's gotten real busy an' can't do it, so we're gonna get settled in an' see what we can do without him. Hey, I got time now so no big.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Over the weekend, not much happened outside my writin'. We decided to push the trip back a week 'cause the followin' weekend had more things goin' on than the one we picked. No big, really. Same things in effect, plus now I just gotta get the damn vacation request form an' get the day off. Hopefully this won't affect Tina too badly, if she was still gonna go.

That's the weekend update. Today, I had a bonehead move. 30th Street was all backed up, so I tried to be smart an' decided to take 32nd over to 6th an' go from there. Genius me forgot that Madison Square Garden cuts off 32nd where I was. So I went up to 34th to come back around, except 33rd was cut off by Herald Square an' I forgot about that too. So it was back down to 31st and over to 6th to go back up. Killed any extra time I gained today by bein' sent to my truck early. One stroke of luck I got was Matt came along before he went to help Billy, so I handed off to him 2 stops then used him to do 20th. Now, it shoulda worked out fine except I ended up mis-markin' a couple boxes an' havin' to go back up floors. Now, there's a way you can scam packages bein' scanned an' signed fer so they're not late, but I decided to take the hit on one. One is better than what I've been gettin'. Now, next Monday, I'll know to stick to my routes an' to try to load my truck a bit faster. My effort to save time cost me too much.

Today was my last day at the office. I was effectively let go. There ain't enough work comin' in an' health care costs an' what not are goin' up, so they're gonna dissolve my position an' spread it out amongst the others. Honestly, they wanted to save money shoulda got rid of Stacey. She's been useless since she arrived. Anyways, I opted to finish out the day, gathered up all my stuff then went home. I'll be paid fer last week plus one month's severence, at least as far as I understand. Ah well, was a good run...over 2 years. The last remnant of my relationship is now gone, finally. I ain't too upset over it. Crap job with stupid people, an' I hated dressin' up anyways. Just gotta hope FedEx holds out fer a while. But, y'know, there are worse more experienced couriers there that are STILL there, so maybe I'll get lucky.

At least this means I'll have more time to write, an' I no longer hafta carry lunch around with me. Also saves me the trouble of puttin' in fer my last 3 days off. Whatever, that place will go under sooner or later. It's inevitable, they ran it into the ground.

Friday, July 27, 2007


I get out nice an' early, traffic is fairly decent, I get to my block an' get stuck behind a friggin' garbage truck pickin' up dumpsters blockin' most of the street. They didn't bother movin' till a traffic cop threatened a ticket. So the truck moves, an' pulls right into the only close spot that was open! Bastards. That forced me all the way up the block an' I hadda shuttle my shit back up. Took 4 trips 'cause the damn boats wouldn't hold them all. Then, of course, everyone an' their mother was doin' stuff in the buildin' today which slowed me down more. Ended up havin' to call fer help an' handin' out my 6 outisde stops. Had 20 mins to deliver to the other 13, an' I just barely made it. Friggin' hell. I also got a ticket 'cause I accidentally put my muni card upside down. Wow, big friggin' deal! These traffic cops are startin' to get on my nerves.

Somethin' funny about my route? The one buildin' has a place that has the name Babs in it, an' a couple floors down the chick who always signs has Babs' last name. Thought it was funny to have her name in one buildin' like that. Y'know, ironic funny.

After the office came home an' napped some. I needed it. Got my interview back from Chris so gonna hafta go over it an' fix it up, helped Rebecca with her story some more, an' that was the extent of my workin'. Gonna do more this weekend, hopefully finish up all my scripts so I can get them out an' start findin' folks fer Idol next year.

Somethin' else cool; Duane Reade IS officially gone, an' they took down their signs. Know what they left UNDER the sign when they put it up? One of the Waldbaum's banners. Add to that the shape of one of the A&P logos is still present on the other side. Think that's inspired me to try an' get the Waldbaum's reunion back on track. Hopefully folks are still interested. One way to find out.

Oh, yeah, an' we're havin' a hell of a time findin' a contractor fer this dump. Nobody returns their calls an' apparently they don't actively look fer work. One did return pop's call an' he was supposed to come Thursday, but he never showed or called so we're back to square one. This place'll collapse before we get someone to work in here.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


The Bay Ridge Funeral Home just sold it's property to a developer who wants to knock it down to put up, surprise surprise...CONDOS! What the fuck is with these fuckin' condos?! I'm tellin' ya, if they bothered with any form of creativity to make them look APPEALIN', I'd like 'em a lot more. But they're just flat, brick boxes that are eyesores in a very distinctive area. Tellin' ya, they should just initiate the dormitory system around here an' turn every block into a single buildin'. S'what's gonna happen at this rate anyways, may as well make it a reality.

I so can NOT wait to leave this city.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Today was a good day. It was light, everythin' went smoothly, I was finished in a timely manner... The low points came entirely in the drivin'. As I was crossin' 11th Avenue, this asshole in a big dump truck decided to race fer the light at full speed EVEN THOUGH it was already red. He DECIDED halfway through the crosswalk to stop. The look on his face too was like he actually had to CONSIDER if he should waste the time stoppin' or just plow me through since I was enterin' the intersection. I stopped anyway till he stopped, not wantin' to take the chance 'cause the speed he was goin' don't think the experience woulda been too pleasant. Once I finished cursin' him out to myself I proceeded down 30th...only to have him tailgrabbin' my ass the WHOLE way! I think he even bumped me once, the fuck. Then, on the way back, this one fucker tries to turn left down a street from the farthest right lane, almost takin' him right into my other side now. And then, as I was changin' lanes, this fuckin' tourbus decided to do the same in the OPPOSITE direction! Plus it seems like I'm the ONLY driver in this city who follows the speed limit.

Today was comic day, so after revisin' my Estella article I got set on them. Managed to do all the non-duplicates plus two...not as good as when I started but it's somethin'. Somethin' interestin' to note is some recent activity over at my old store. Seems like Duane Reade has folded up shop, 'cause they were takin' out all the shelves an' stuff. They even had the doorway upstairs opened which hasn't been since they took over. Hate to say it, but hope some other business takes it over so it doesn't become a condo. At least with another biz, I can eventually achieve my goal of buyin' it, re-remodelin' it an' maybe doin' my show in it. Okay, lofty dreams...might only do half that, but still; can't do it if it's a condo.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today was MUCH better. Very light, and was the perfect time fer Natasha to come out with me an' see just how good I can be. Got done super early, though, 'cause I thought I'd hafta help out Billy with his load, but he ended up bein' good an' no one else needed help. Ah well. Got to the office real early which meant I was able to bail early an' get home early to do work (which was mostly delayed by my crappin' out on the couch again...dammit). I did finish my latest article fer Estella, but I may make some improvements on it if I have time tomorrow. Somethin' about it just doesn't sit right.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Didn't do much this weekend except write. Went fer a bike ride which I really shouldn't've done till I take it in, but too nice a day to resist.

Today, the niceness was gone. Friggin' downpours all day, leavin' me nice an' soaked. To top it all off, today was a super heavy day an' it took me nearly an hour to organize my truck. A LOT of bulk stops. Shawn came on down to help immediately an' we COULDA done it had I better access to the other floors, but didn't so ended up with 24 lates. There were lates an' help calls all around, so I don't feel too bad.

I've decided to do my BBQ on Sept 1st, an' I'll invite some CAGers. Mostly the local ones, seein' as it's just a piddly li'l thing don't gotta drag everyone in fer. Probably invite Bob just fer the hell of it, but doubt he'd make it. My vacation's also set an' I signed up fer membership with Enterprise so I can get specials an' stuff when I go to rent the car. Just a question if Tina's gonna make it or not an' how many days. Already mapped out my routes an' started lookin' up things to do an' places to go. Now all I gotta do is figger out how to put in fer time off from Fed Ex an' I'm golden. VACATION!

I was readin' about the mayor's congestion plan an' the fare hike. First off, his plan is retarded. It's doomed to fail on so many levels, an' is guaranteed to ONLY make the city MORE money. Then, the MTA...they're gonna raise fares 'cause they have a deficit. Deficit? The hell happened to this big ol' surpless they had? They're just makin' it worse an' worse to live in this city. Gonna drive everyone out an' have all the richies livin' the high life in their friggin' condos.

Friday, July 20, 2007


First day out alone, an' it went just fine. No problems on the road an' was able to get a spot right out front. Unofrtunately waitin' fer the extra hand truck, the fuckin' kid in th elevator, an' Juan held me up enough that 7 packages ended up late. That plus my power pad was crap an' died out fer a few minutes on the 10th floor. Fortunately, everyone had problems all over so there were lots of lates. I sent a help message so at least my ass was covered. Ah well, at least I finished the first buildin'. 421 7th was a pain in the ass with their small elevators an' this huge-ass packaged I hadda deliver. An' forget about Old Navy...like tryin' to deliver to the Pentagon!

I come into the office to find out last week Kathy dumped some of her work on me an' took some of mine, but nobody bothered to ask OR tell me. I love that. People fuck around with MY job when I'm not even there. Needless to say, I was a li'l pissed. That also gave me a ton more renewals to do, not like I didn't already have a lot. Fuckin' place...don't think I'm gonna be there much longer.

Came home an' sacked out till sis an' D started callin' me about our hangout tonight. D ended up bein' on 86th early 'cause sis ran behind, but it all worked out fine. I met sis just as she came off the bus, then we met D outside Circuit City where I had him grab me a Sleepless in Seattle that I wasn't able to this week. We checked out Hinsch's first, but they were already closed. So we went down to this Greek place on the corner. Nice li'l establishment. Pretty ghetto. Menu was nice an' cheap, which I found out was because of small-sized portions. They gave us canned soda, an' had Del Monte ketchup which had to be shared with another table. Tasty, though, but I coulda got a same-sized burger fer $1 at McDonald's.

We walked back along 4th where we deposited sis at the train to head back into the city to be with her future fam. Me an' D then headed up to 5th where I passed by Carvel fer a soft cone before headin' to his place to chill on the stoop fer a bit. Was a great night fer just hangin'. Eventually partin' ways I headed home to do some work, but ended up bein' too sleepy to do much. Blah. Tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Today went a lot better. Natasha came out an' ended up havin' to help me 'cause of parkin' difficulties, but not by much. We were finished fairly early an' she had time to go help someone else. Before goin' back she had me drive around a bit to get used to the truck, which had us end up gettin' stuck in 10th Ave traffic. She stopped to get her lunch, then we went back where I got hit with 2 evaluations. Made me late AGAIN. Kinda funny how the day of the accident I was at work earlier than the day after. Yeesh.

Did some writin', sent Keith a revised script, gonna do some more over the weekend as well as send Chris the questions fer his interview. Then gotta get in touch to see when and what the fuck we're doin', an' maybe help Rebecca a bit on her comic.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Monday seems like cake compared to today. So, what happened? Well, went out with Shawn on my route. Was rainin', but not so much to be a problem. Brakes were shit on the truck, pedal goin' all the way to the floor. Gas was also awkward to hit. Anyways, the real problem came when I pulled up to a light on 30th an' was tryin' to watch this guy I knew was gonna cut me off (which he did) an' ended up smashin' the passenger mirror against a USPS truck. Yes, I am a dumbass.

Spot Shawn had me go into was over a flooded manhole, so that was some fun maneuverin' there. Tried out my poncho only to find it's a pain in the ass to move in, so opted to get soaked instead. Get a real rain coat eventually. Fortunately Billy was on the elevator so things went smoothly. Shawn wasn't confident I'd make service so he took care of the Old Navy stop, then followed me around fer the rest. Finished with 10 mins to spare.

Drivin' back was tricky with no mirror, especially since we had to get gas first an' there were plenty of assholes on the road, but we managed just fine. Took the West Side to avoid makin' any right turns. Got back to the station, then hadda wait fer Shawn to fill out the accident stuff an' deal with constant interruptions which made me late fer work. Fuckin' hell. There's this one guy, a don't give a fuck lookin' mumbler who ALWAYS seems to be in my way, physically or otherwise an' today was no exception as he was one of the interruptions. Dang it.

Other'n that, office work went quick, didn't get as many comics read or reviewed as I'd like, but the night ran smoother. Tomorrow I go out with Natasha on another road test an' probably end up fired or somethin'. We'll see.

Oh, yeah, an' Shadow decided to take a shit in the front room. Didn't wanna try to go past Friskie, so she stood in the corner an' shat, givin' my ma a look like she wasn't doin' nuttin' wrong as she was bein' yelled at. We've got some crazy cats, lemme tell ya.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Drivin' test today. After more borin' classroom stuff and videos, we finally got behind the wheel an' took the truck fer a spin. Gotta tell ya, layout of that station is insane...one ramp after another. Anyways, Marilyn was showin' us the route we'd be drivin' an' decided to get some gas on the way. Truck needs diesel, an' the closest station is situated under the old elevated tracks in the meat district which was a bitch to navigate an' which she missed the right turn fer. Next was the Lukoil station I've seen on the way to my route, but no diesel. Finally was the Mobil by my old station which there was some confusion as to which avenue it was on. We eventually got there, filled up, then headed back fer practice runs.

Drivin' the truck was as easy as I figured. Only problem was they did some work to it over the week an' severely tightened up the brakes. So when I go to hit it as I normally would, it'd be like I was stoppin' short. Took me half the run to get the hang of it, an' then we were good. Other guys did theirs, Manny not payin' attention to signs an' gettin' us lost on the way. Moron.

Took a lunch break after, then was the real runs. Both times we were gettin' ready to go, the lady who replaced Linda as Marilyn's supervisor was severely late, really holdin' us up. Dunno what the hell she was doin' or why she couldn't keep to a schedule, but whatever. My run was just as good as the one before, 'cept I took a turn a li'l too hard an' I still got my drift problem. But, I passed, as did the other two (though don't think Manny shoulda but whatever), so now I'm a full courier. Tomorrow Shawn comes out with me to make sure I'm not a complete moron. This should be fun.

Wish I could say I got stuff done, but I passed out on my couch fer an hour. Got up an' the night just flew. Ah well. Tomorrow's another day...dominated by comics. Dammit. Where'd all the time go?

Monday, July 16, 2007


Today was the day from hell.

Okay, started off pretty normal. Did the sort, had a fair amount, nothin' unusual. I get upstairs an' my truck's a freakin' mess 'cause the guy who usually helps load it is on vacation. So basically I hadda sift an' sort through everything in order to load the truck right. I ended up with 101 pieces between 21 stops. Got my gear, got the extra handtruck from Lamont, an' then we were good to go.

Relatively speakin'.

Odis needs to win a safe drivin' award. I swear. We did 10 miles UNDER the speed limit the whole time. Then, of course, he was reactin' to things BLOCKS ahead of us. If this guy had a mile to get around a car, he'd act like he was gonna scrape the sides. By the time we get to the block (over 15 minutes later!) there's no parkin' so we need to drive around an' re-park. Juan went back inside at this point 'cause he didn't know what was goin' on, so that stuff ended up bein' given to him late...amongst many others. Eventually hadda practically force him to park where I told him, then the damn Muni-Meter gave me trouble with the freakin' card. First time usin' one, won't be the last...

I started doin' the usual routine, packed up all the 7s, 8s and 9s an' left 'em in front of the elevator then came back fer the rest. Shawn an' Carlos decided to come out an' help, figgerin' I might need it. I did, but I underestimated just how much and it cost me in the end. Anyways, 22 took up too much space so could only get that and 20 on there which meant another trip. Plus I still had some 7 left. Plus there was a different elevator guy on so my shit was still sittin' there instead of bein' dropped off. Shawn did the other truck fer me and I handled that so I could get my next load. I made another delivery an' asked the guy to drop my truck off, by Shawn ended up leavin' 'em both on 7 which I found out when I was back outside an' hadda go back an' get.

Then there was a lotta trouble with wrongly addressed boxes, Odis' incompetence in loadin' a truck up, packages dropped off on the wrong floors (again, thanks to Odis). Then there was the matter of the elevator bein' slow an' busy today. Eventually hadda call fer help but it was too little too late. Anythin' that could go wrong did. I'm surprised the network connection on the pad didn't go down. If there was ever a day I could labeled an inept rookie, that'd be today. Way to impress on yer first day, dude! Wound up a li'l dehydrated with a sore throat an' a pissy mood, which wasn't helped by the fact that the water at the office was EMPTY when I walked in. WTF is with these people they can't change it?!

Tomorrow's the road test, then Wed Shawn's gonna come out with me to monitor. Fantastic.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Got some grunt work done today. Did a few reviews fer Spiderfan and updated a few entries here an' there. After, went up to the store to drop off Craig's comics an' visit a bit. Got some updates (many late) from Tommy an' found out a surprisin' thing or two I'm not allowed to relate here. But, I can say that Tommy an' Craig are desperate fer me to do another BBQ again offerin' to front the bill fer food since I'm doin' all the cookin'. Figger what the hell, probably do it in August when the 'rents are on vacation. Keep it low scale, just a few people.

Tomorrow I start the route with Odis as my driver. Very worried, 'cause this guy is braindead as all hell. Can only imagine how much of a detriment he'll be. I cringed when Shawn an' Carlos set that up. Gonna be a hell of a Monday.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Got to the meetin' a li'l late today, but was surprised by us tradin' off Tom fer Ken this time. I have never seen Ken at an actual meetin' before. Of course, all the regulars were there minus the women, an' we had two new guys Omar an' Andrew. Omar is the one Mark an' James found at the con, an' Mark had me look through a sketchbook he brought. Oh yeah, he's perfect. I asked him an' gave him a copy of the script so we'll see if he wants to do it. Dude's first language ain't English, so hopefully that won't be a problem. If it is, just hafta call James to translate or somethin' fer me.

Anyways, Mark pitched ideas of workshops an' gettin' some comic pros they know to come in an' talk to us. Everyone's down with that so we're gonna see how to make it happen. I also set up Chris' interview, gonna hafta E-Mail him the questions this week. After the meetin' we went to the diner as usual where we had the same asshole waiter, then all split up to do our own things. I went to Forbidden Planet to see if they had the books I was lookin' fer, which they didn't. Guess I'll hafta make a pass by Jim Hanley if I ever finished early enough on my route.

Did some work on some scripts, so at least I'm workin' again. Gonna go up to the store tomorrow to give Craig his books an' visit, also gonna swing by Circuit City an' pick up a DVD on sale. And that should be that.

Friday, July 13, 2007


It's Friday the 13th, but ain't been nuttin' but good fer me. I was sent out with a PM guy to help on my route. We didn't have a lot an' ended up finishin' a bit quick, and then went to go help a guy who ended up bein' helped before we got there. Got back to the station, the stuff Shawn loaned me ended up becomin' officially mine with another handtruck comin' my way as of Monday. Monday I'll be sent out with a moron from the sort as my driver, but he won't do nuttin' 'cept stand around so it's really all me. I got muni cards fer the meter, and I'm now pretty much almost entirely whole. Tuesday, provided I pass my road test, I'll be on the route 100% on Wed.

I'm over the whole Babs thing. Way I figger it, if that's all it took to negate what we were havin', then I can do without. Got some writin' done, and sis should be back in town this weekend. So overall, it's all looking good.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Linda apparently called the station to tell 'em test won't be till Tuesday next week 'cause she couldn't find anyone else to cover her class. An' she lost my number. So there I was, promptly at 8 only to hafta go back to my station an' do things as normal. Plus was I got one more day to learn the route with Rick before he headed off tomorrow. It was extremely light today so we were finished fairly early. Had a couple of the buildings he told me about but we didn't get yesterday today, so that was a plus. Overall, think I can do this route. Also tried to help Dale out after a help message came through, but by the time I got there he was good. Blah, just love runnin' fer no reason.

Work went quick, had a nice bike ride as I went to the bank and the store, and then did some work on a script fer once. Other'n that, uneventful night. Already recoverin' from yesterday (love fast healin'!) so life is golden.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today was a day fer surprises.

Babs E-Mails me tonight an' drops the bomb on me that it's NOT gonna work out 'cause we're not compatable. O...kay...? How in the hell we went from "I wish you lived closer" to not compatable in 4 days is beyond me. Can't fathom what the hell I did wrong besides bein' me (which is just so wrong in of itself, I reckon). From what she said I could only garner it's 'cause she couldn't envision a future with me, which at her age is on her mind now, an' she couldn't get past my chosen lifestyle workin' in comic books. She never said as much but I also think the age difference, no matter how slight, bugged her. Well, that pretty much sucked. I mean, not like I didn't expect it (and of course had people tellin' me I was bein' negative AGAIN...when will they learn?). My instincts are never wrong, but really there was no indication to believe I might be anythin' but negative. Ah well, so I suck at the relationship stuff. We all knew that. We're gonna do the friend thing, though, which if it plays to form will usually involve some contact at first which will gradually decrease until nuttin' or no contact save fer bday and holiday greetings. It sucks, I won't lie, but such is life I guess.

Last words of the day was me explainin' to her in more detail about my room, that I just never bothered to change it after I finished it an' that when I relocate I most likely wouldn't do it like that again. Also how many professionals have examples of their work around their dwellings an' offices, like statues an' posters an' stuff. I just found it funny I lost one girl 'cause she didn't think I'd ever achieve my dreams, and I lost another 'cause I'm livin' my dreams. Can't win, I tells ya. Sis is right, I need to find a comic chick...but not only are they super rare around here, they're super rare bein' single too.

On to more fun stuff! I'm STILL not driver certified 'cause Nancy apparently is preggers an' hadda go to the hospital. So without someone to observe Linda sent us all back to our stations an' I gave her my number so she could let me know what's what fer tomorrow. I get into my station, grab my gear, an' Carlos tells me I'm NOT gettin' 611 'cause they're gonna make it full-time now. So, after all those months of learnin' those routes, I get sent upstairs where I'm takin' over 633 on W33rd Street 'cause that guy is transferrin' to Florida this weekend.

Route's not too bad, predominantly one buildin'. Rick showed me his methods of doin' it, droppin' stuff off on various floors an' workin' like that. Apparently he's got the WHOLE buildin' wired, friends with almost everyone we ran into. Holy hell I KNOW I'm gonna be compared to him an' I know I'll come up lackin' 'cause we're two different personalities. Fantastic.

We were finished by 10:30, got back to the station an' I was on my way to the office just after 11. I was gonna stay till 5 an' get an extra hour, but said screw it an' went home early. Unfortunately, I got super delayed in startin' my readin', an' then of course all the fun bullshit happens while I'm tryin' to so I basically just gave up an' did what I finished an' that was it. Everythin' hasta happen on comic day when the world knows I got reviews to do. Frig.

Oh, yeah, and I found out that Jack FM is bein' replaced by CBS FM again tomorrow. While it's nice it's comin' back like K-Rock did, it sucks 'cause Jack was the ONLY station I listened to regularly. So, now, once again I'm gonna be without a station. Think I should get an iPod surgically implanted in my skull or somethin'.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Today used to mean somethin' to me, but it doesn't an' I don't care. After Saturday, I'm freakin' golden!

Got stuck with Matt again today (or Mapp...not sure exactly, not that I care). Remember him from Friday? We had a buncha bulk stops fer 601 W26th, which'd be the loadin' dock where he almost got into a fight over a space. He was all like sayin' it was gonna take us till 12:30 to finish, but he turned out to just be causin' himself additional stress again. Seriously, he's too high strung fer this job.

Anyways, to save time 'cause we had SO much to do (bulk stops, really...the hardest part of them is transport) he had me scan the Martha Stewart stuff so that was my first delivery. 25 pieces in total fer them, was only able to take up 14 with the luggage cart (found by Shawn fer me) an' the handtruck I "borrowed" from Edwin (who's on vacation, apparently). Didn't feel too good takin' it without askin', but desperate times... I made the first drop offs, then came back down to get the rest.

Now, I had a real DUH moment right here. I stopped at the truck an' tried the keys I got. Didn't work. Kept tryin', still didn't work. I looked up an' saw the truck number didn't match the keys by ONE number. I was freaked that I had taken the wrong keys an' cut Matt off when he said where he was gonna leave his set fer me. After some pacin', I realized I was too far forward in the dock an' saw the OTHER truck towards the end. Y'know, the truck whose keys I DO have. Yeah, I stopped at Brandi's truck instead of ours. Brilliant. Odd that the trucks had almost the same number, though. Then of course there was the problem of someone else usin' the dead route number I usually use an' difficulty tryin' to find a free one...which ended up not matterin' anyways. I did learn though that the phone numbers management supplied us to call them were completely useless seein' as I tried to call 'em to rectify the situation. That's good to know before a real pinch.

Rest of the deliveries went smoothly an' we were done by 11. He wasn't too thrilled with that, but hadda do somethin' anyways. I was taken back, did my stuff, then went off to work. After that, I headed home to print out the Best Buy pick-up E-Mail an' to give my water bottle a quick chill in the freezer, seein' as the heat index had the temperature as feelin' about 100 today. Crazy to venture, I know, but hadda get those DVDs an' my rims need the workout.

Wasn't too bad by the water, a bit cooler. Rims held up nice so far, think one more run I'll take it in fer the first maintenance. Got my DVDs right quick too. The returns people took the pick-ups right away, which pissed off some people waitin' but tough shit. That's why I do all my stuff online...no lines, so HA! Came on back an' then proceeded to write an advanced review fer Xombie 3. Tomorrow begins my defensive drivin' class, but I'm not worried. If I can handle ma's car now (which always gave me troubles), then I'm confident I can handle anythin' with wheels.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Ow. Well, the arm an' leg are healin', but the neck's gonna take some time. Ah well, worth every second.

The 'rents came home. Blah. Pops is already bein' a pain in the ass. They had gotten me some DVDs from Walmart, new sneakers an' a couple t-shirts an' socks. Okay, so they have their uses. Fortunately, had my meetin' so didn't hafta put up with them fer too long.

James an' Chris were already there by the time I arrived. I joined 'em an' we shot the shit waitin' fer others. Rebecca came next, but she walked right past us without even lookin'. James called her an' screwed with her head, makin' her end up goin' past us again an' then back up the escalator. We laughed our asses off when she finally came to the table. Ed an' Peter came next an' we decided to grab food. Peter went off on his own an' got some McDonald's, me an' James hit Nathans (second time in a row, I know...but I didn't have seafood this time!). We got back just as Michelle arrived an' we began our discussions. Made some good headway, got some directions an' themes nailed down that may appease the curators of the gallery.

After a couple hours, we all parted ways. Some of 'em were gonna go see Transformers together. Went to the trains with Rebecca but mine came first this time so I was off fer home. I had a desire to get a soft cone from Carvel, but as I was walkin' I got the idea to drive the van over to Best Buy to pick up the DVDs we ordered an' fer a last bit of practice. However, that idea was squashed by pops bein' a jerkoff an' the store bein' closed anyways. Ah well, gonna go up there tomorrow an' give the new rims a workout. Did manage to get an advanced review done an' another comic read to review tomorrow as well. Now let's see if I can get some scripts done.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Got up a li'l later than expected, an' started much later than expected. By my figurin', if things ran to schedule I only had 2 hours to get the apartment in shape. Somehow, I managed to do it, PLUS the hallway. No way it'd pass under a close inspection, but if yer just passin' through place looks damn good. Whatever I couldn't put away I stashed either downstairs or nextdoor. Hafta put those back later on before the 'rents get home.

Babs got a li'l delayed. Her coffee date ran long (kinda expected it would; she's so fun I couldn't picture her friend bailin' on time) an' then ran into another friend, which actually left me with a LOT of extra time I coulda cleaned it. But, better safe than sorry, right? Funny thing was, there was LOTS of parkin' on the block today, even the idiots weren't in the driveway. By the time she got here she coulda had any of 5 spots or I coulda done my rountine of givin' her the Toyota's spot then re-swappin' at the end of the night. I was really amazed, never usually that many places. Guess everyone's still on vacation.

After a li'l confusion with the front door (nobody knows to come inside anymore, even though this wasn't a problem until just a couple years ago) she was here an' she got to see home sweet shithole. My room effectively scared her, but she didn't bolt fer the door so I'm takin' that as a very good sign. After a few mins we were all set to leave, I was just gonna lock the cats in front with the AC 'cause it was a tad warm. Had her step outside 'cause Stitch was hidin' as usual, but boy...what a bitch she was to get out! Even with Babs in the hall she was too scared to come out. I practically hadda chase her all over the place which resulted in a li'l pee discharge. Fortunately it was just the window sill, an' I eventually got her. Pain.

Train ride went fairly easy, 'cept fer a delay pullin' into Stillwell. Since we were hungry, first stop was Nathans. She was a li'l hesitant 'cause she doesn't like hot dogs, but I informed her THIS Nathans has a whole selection. She couldn't believe they had seafood AND chicken there. Ended up at the seafood section; she got shrimp an' fries, I got a sandwich an' fries with lemonades. We ate an' talked, and had a li'l incident with explodin' cocktail sauce. Kinda funny considerin' this mornin' I decided to just dump the ketchup that's been sittin' on the counter an' when I opened it to rinse it it exploded all over the place. Fortunately was gonna dump my PJs in the wash an' hadda clean the kitchen anyways, an' just as fortunate the mess with the sauce wasn't so bad.

Then, it was time to go to the park. She ain't never been there before so I let her take point. We saw a guy sellin' some animals by the boardwalk, includin' a giant snake which intrigued her. After she got disgruntled not bein' able to see it after the guy put it down, we headed over to the park areas. Was very crowded today, plus there was a ballgame goin' on. Guess everyone had the same idea...perfect day to go, li'l warm but otherwise beautiful. Glad too, 'cause earlier there was some overcast an' was worried we'd get rained out.

Now the first thing we did after walkin' around Astroland fer a bit was pay a visit to the bathroom trailer in the park. Large lemonade plus Babs, bad mix. I couldn't beleive they actually CHARGED to get into those damn things Crappy li'l trailer set-up was all it was, but whatever. Closer than headin' back down to the boardwalk fer a proper one. I walked with her as far as I could next to the ramp that led up to it, resultin' in us temporarily tradin' heights. She got to see me the way I see her an' vice versa. After a long wait, she finally got in an' we were off fer some fun.

First stop ended up bein' the Cyclone, as it was just too cool lookin' to pass up. So there we were, waitin'. Our first attempt to get on kinda failed 'cause I was a bit too large fer the seat an' it couldn't lock. So we climbed out an' hadda wait till this guy an' his daughter got outta the front car of the section as they went fer a re-ride, an' then this other kid jumped in front of Babs when they finally vacated. 3rd time was the charm, an' I was able to just barely fit an' let the bar lock in place. Then the ride began. HO-LY SHIT! The drops on that thing were intense! Followed by the quick uphill runs... Damn. Didn't expect that! Felt like my head was bein' forced into my body. Also, I was a bit too wide fer the protective paddin', which resulted in my knee an' elbow bein' banged up. By the end of the ride I was limpin' a bit, which made Babs feel bad. Tried to tell her it'd be fine soon, but she's yet to know about my fast healin' an' that I get banged up like that periodically on the job an' stuff. No big. But, it was fun, made even more so by the company.

Next up was the Water Flume ride. She was wearin' long sleeves an' pants 'cause bugs like to eat her up, but the heat got her an' she rolled both up an' picked that ride to help her cool off. Before we got on line, my shoulder started to hurt from the Cyclone, an' while we were waitin' she gave me a quick massage which was a nice surprise. Also ironic, considerin' I was considerin' givin' her one 'cause of all her work stress at some point, but as the night progressed saw that wasn't gonna be possible anyway. The ride was also very fun. Sure, the initial ride was bumpy, but slow an' she was a li'l disappointed with it, but the final drop is where the fun is an' you get the super splash that had us effectively coated. Not soaked, but coated. Cooled her off, that's fer sure.

Next up were the bumper cars. Told her I like the extra challenge of avoidin' bein' hit fer as long as possible, but she told me I better be hittin' people. Well, don't say I never oblige. I got in a li'l of my avoidance practice (not bad considerin' I was doin' it one handed thanks to the arm) but then I made sure to target her an' give her what she wanted. Was a point I rode her ass fer a good length of time, an' she told me later she couldn't figger out where I was at the time. Told her, all those li'l bumps from behind you? Was me. That was a lot of fun, but she got clobbered pretty hard...especially by me. Either they increased the power of them things or the bumpers ain't as bumpy as they shoulda been.

Finally, we did the ride she was dyin' to do...which was what we thought was a free-fall drop type thing. Looks like we were both mistaken, was just a ride that elevated an' spun around slowly to give you a view of the area. When we were under the impression, though, she was startin' to get a li'l worried the higher we went 'cause there were no securin' devices on the seats. I took her hand to help keep her calm, an' then we got the revelation we got the wrong ride. Never did find out fer sure if she was really gettin' scared or not or if it was just a ploy to get me to hold her hand. I told her she didn't need to do that, I woulda done it at any time had I known it woulda been welcomed. Tryin' hard not to repeat the mistakes of some of the guys she dated, as they tried to move a bit too fast too soon. Of course, since it's me, I miss all the signs anyway. Oh, and the view was spectacular, if you was wonderin'.

It was my turn to go to the bathroom, so we headed to the Boardwalk as the next ride of the night was gonna be the Wonder Wheel an' 'cause I didn't wanna pay a quarter fer the bathroom. Joke was on me as the boardwalk bathrooms closed an hour prior. Oh well. We found one right by the Wonder Wheel an' I went on searchin' fer a change machine that actually worked while she got the tickets. 3rd time was the charm there too. When I came back she was standin' there, didn't see she was on the phone, so I came up behind her an' spooked her with a boo. The way she jumped was so cute an' I am so evil. So there we were, waitin' on the line fer the bathroom till it was revealed the line was fer the LADIES room (always the longest lines, apparently) an' the guys could breeze on through. So I did, got back out, then we were in line waitin' fer one of the swingin' cars, as who really wants a stationary one?

It was just as fun as I remembered, an' we had yet another spectacular view an' I got her head on my shoulder with her arms around mine. Think that was my favorite part of the night right there. We also saw the ride she was lookin' fer finally, but guess that'll hafta wait till she's here on the field trip with the kids from her program. Of course, it was over too quick an' we hadda make way fer the train so she could get home before she passed out. She had a long, busy (yet fun) week an' she was pretty much shot by the time we got back to Bay Ridge. We said our goodbyes by her car an' she got in to get goin'. And then she was gone, an' I can't wait fer the next time. Way it sounds so far looks like won't be till another month, but worth the wait.

Rest of the night was uneventful. Sis was on 'cause her BF's up here fer a while, so we talked fer a bit. Got some food 'cause I was hungry again, an' was gonna do some work but suddenly I'm feelin' a bit tired an' sore from the damn ride, so think I'm headin' off. Tomorrow gotta get some work done as I gotta go to the Manhattan mall where James wants to discuss the gallery project with everyone before our meetin' next weekend where the curator will be attendin'.

Friday, July 06, 2007


All the walkin' yesterday in my jean shorts left me with a dose of heat rash in a bad place, so workin' today was a li'l extra fun...specially since they had me runnin' around the station. Then Shawn decides to leave before givin' me an assignment. We had Lamont call him as the drivers were all pullin' out, so was no choice but to have me go help the guy who was gonna do 2 bulk stops, Matt. I helped load the Javits delivery, then helped load the U-Haul we were gonna use, an' armed with Edwin's spare handtruck we were on our way.

First stop was to deliver 29 green totes (plastic tubs with interlockin' lids) to a photography place in a buildin' I delivered to on the first route I went out on. Matt went on to alert the customer about the size of the delivery, an' in the process discovered the freight elevator was down. Fortunately, the regular one was just as big an' we were able to go through the freight from the loadin' dock and into the main one. We get there an' suddenly the guy doesn't want the shipment. This pissed Matt off an' he started diggin' into the guy. Oy. Nuttin' like bein' associated with that. After a phone call we were able to drop the totes off an' head on to the next delivery at yet another buildin' I been to.

We get to the loadin' dock an' the only empty spot is bein' held fer another truck by a guy. This pissed Matt off an' after some words with the guy he stormed inside to talk to the foreman. Guess he got his way, 'cause we rounded the block an' pulled right in. Was to another studio an' we ended up havin' to make two trips. Was quick and simple, really.

On the way back to the station we stopped off on 23rd street so he could get his lunch, which ended up landin' us a parkin' ticket as he stopped in a bus stop an' a traffic cop pulled right up to the U-Haul. Figgers. Came on back an' did the usual routine. Carlos was there 'cause he's been workin' nights while the night guy is on vacation, so I was able to ask him about the funky schedule they gave me. Monday off, handlin' all week, no mention of goin' on road or to class. That's all ironed out now an' was able to get on to the office.

Not much work, just all renewals. Worked through all the easy ones, leavin' the floods an' more complex deals fer next week. If a crap load of stuff don't come in on Monday I'll be able to bang those out once an' fer all. Came home an' finished up my reviews, but unfortunately that an' talkin' to an old friend took me all night so I wasn't able to get much cleanin' done. Did what I could, but sleep is beatin' me so gonna hafta turn in to get an early start tomorrow. I don't hafta make it all perfect, just enough so she don't see what kinda slobs they are an' maybe alleviate her allergies in the process. Can he do it, ladies an' gents?

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Got stuck with Dale again today. He got stuck in traffic after deliverin' the First Overnight packages so he didn't get back until real late. It was dangerously close to 9 by the time we left an' got to do our first stop. Of course, my first package ended up bein' a Dex (or undeliverable at the moment) an' then Dale discovered the truck was almost out of gas. Well, actually, the gauge was on E so to his mind that means it's about to crap out any second. In a bit of a panic, he had us head off to try an' find a gas station closer than the one he knew, but when we ran into Mike on the way he confirmed that was the only one. So there we went, him turnin' off the motor at every light in case we ran outta gas before we made it. Of course, dipshits we are, we didn't think to leave me with the handtruck an' some packages to go continue deliveries while he gassed up. Hey, it was early...my brain don't function before 11.

Deliveries went smoothly from there, except fer one on 31st where the entire floor was open, it looked like people had been there, but absolutely NOBODY was there. I did the rest of the packages I took, includin' the original Dex an' was able to scan in that reattempt package just before 10:30 hit, so it wasn't late. However, that didn't matter as when I went back, they STILL weren't there. PLUS there were guys comin' to pick up stuff as well. WTF? I went accross the street to help Dale with 302 before attemptin' it one last time when we were about to leave. Still not there, so back to the station it goes.

Ever since the class, I've been makin' a lotta rookie mistakes I DIDN'T make when I first started. It's insane. I didn't deliver a package the way I should've today, the other day I forgot some codes I always put in on my timesheet...it's insane. Takin' me forever to get back into the groove. Fuckin' classes. Oh, yeah, an' on Tues Dion lost his phone, so who got the credit fer findin' it? Juan. Thanks, Juan.

I got to the office nice an' early an' got my comics. Work went fairly quick, but I had my eye doc appointment to see what was up with my glasses. Seriously, my vision is fucked up these days. Some days I'm clearer than others, an' I always seem to be shitty when it's time fer an eye test. Well, the prescription he wrote me last time MAY have been right then, but as of today one lense is now closer to my old prescription. Wonderful. He wrote me a new one an' I headed over to the glasses place to get 'em changed up. Just can't win.

So I get home an' expect to get right into my comics an' reviews, right? Wrong. First I hafta find Smokey's collar 'cause I found he was missin' it this mornin'. Find that under the table after I go an' lift ma's bed to see if it's under there like usual. And, of course, I had to clean up three piles of puke. Someone overate some dry food an' it didn't sit too well. Then came the matter of feedin' myself an' the cats, an' it was super late by the time I got to the comics. Add to that that everyone, as usual, IMs me on Wednesday. Not Monday, or Friday, or any day when I'm super bored an' could USE people to talk to, nope...Wednesday. So I only got half the books done. Gonna do the rest tomorrow as well as finish cleanin' an' a couple advance reviews I got handed. Oh, and of course, it decides to thunderstorm right when I'm about to take out the garbage.

The shinin' light of this week is Saturday, which has been finalized with Babs. Now hopefully nuttin' goes seriously wrong THAT day of all days. Gonna be fun!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


It's the 4th of July...which means jack shit to me. Today as soon as I got up I tried to get my site updated. AOL Hometown's bein' a super bitch lately, so gotta do everythin' quick while it's workin'. After that, I did some cleanin' up in between waterin' the plants (while makin' a mess) and BBQin' dinner fer me an' gma. Other'n that, was a very uneventful night. Got my room straight at least, got the stove cleaned off, now all I gotta do is get rid of some papers, dust like EVERYWHERE, mop the bathroom an' then vacuum. Fun stuff.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


It's always nice to get up early and have the reasons become pointless. I went into work, did my thing, but unfortunately the holiday craziness Tony talked to me about before we started wasn't happenin' today. The freight was super light, which meant everyone was under their stop counts, which meant that the part-timers got sent home. That'd be me. Basically, I got up at 5AM to travel 2 hours on a train in total to only work under 2 hours. I made about $12 after tax...I coulda mowed a lawn fer that AND slept in.

So I came home, ate, chatted with sis fer a while, then ran some errands. Went to the bank as I dunno if I'd have time after my eye doc appointment Thurs. Needed money fer my date. Then headed over to the bike shop where I spent $250 ($278 after tax and labor) on new rims that they swear are super durable. I just need to go in fer regular maintenance fer a while every 30 miles or so. While I was waitin' fer that, I went to Circuit City to see what they had, also stopped by a deli fer a drink. I bought a Sunny Blast, a fruit drink I used to drink all the time as a kid. Y'know, it's like those quarter drinks but larger with a sport cap you can either use or remove. Man, I'm so glad the taste didn't change! The orange was as great as I remember...and just as sticky. Never fails, whenever ya drink that stuff some always manages to splatter an' get on yer hands. Fortunately, the stick wears off after a fashion. Yes, I love actin' like a kid. Sue me.

Picked up some ham fer the rest of my lunches fer the week (I actually used the last to make a sandwich today even though I knew the office was closed an' I'd be home to eat...dumbass!) while I was there, then felt I had a message. Tina apparently was eatin' on 86th at the time an' called me to see if I wanted to chill with her fer a bit. But, alas, I didn't feel the phone ring. They seriously need to amp up the volume/vibration on these things...even if I wore my belt clip I wouldn'ta felt it. Anyways, was too late to chill but we chatted fer 10 mins. Kinda funny as I was just talkin' about her yesterday.

Got the bike, came home to try an' do some work. Website system's givin' me some troubles lately, so that's a bitch to do. Writin' is also bein' seriously impeded by the fact I kept passin' out from bein' tired. I shoulda napped... Well, looks like tomorrow gonna hafta finish up my work an' do some cleanin' before I hafta BBQ fer me an' gma.

Monday, July 02, 2007


I basically spent 2 weeks learnin' how to do my job, then when I come back to my job I start makin' a buncha rookie mistakes I didn't even make when I was new. Figger THAT one out! My route was light, so they stuck me with Dale who needed help. Wasn't too much I could do without a handtruck, but I took some of the smaller stops on the luggage cart while he took some bigger. We basically had it down to the wire, but he locked in the last stop an' we were all good. Too good, we finished nice an' early an' I was able to get to the office early. The work load wasn't so bad, mostly cancellations. However, I barely got through 'em when more stuff came down so it looked like I didn't do much. Blah.

First night alone went good. Didn't get too much done but I enjoyed it. I seriously need to clean this place up fer Sat. They left me such a mess, the bastards.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Goin' to see Shrek today, right? Yeah, not so much. Apparently, Alpine's already got it out of it's line-up, and Ocean's 13 was at 7:30 fer the first showin'. Now, as I have lotsa work to catch up on 'cause of these past 2 weeks, that was out so we ended up goin' down to Court Street to catch the 11:50. An', get this, no matinee price! We paid $10.50! Last time we're doin' that, lemme tell ya! At least the movie was good. Not as good as the first two an' ya can tell it was a new director, but otherwise good. Of course, we didn't get to see any of the preivews 'cause someone decided to leave the lense cap on the projector. Took until the final preview to get it fixed, but fortunately we didn't miss any of the movie. Also realized towards the end I completely forgot to put my glasses on! Yikes. Ah well.

Headin' home was a bitch. We were waitin' fer an R but got 2 Js to the 5 trains that were goin' into Manhattan. Finally decided to take the J to Pacific where we were able to catch the R. Friggin' system's all fucked up. Hope if me an' Babs're takin' 'em on Sat they're workin' much better. If they screw up my date gonna be royally pissed! Once we were able to get trains we reconized we got back fairly easily then headed to Anapoli fer our usual lunch.

Anapoli has fountain soda. Lemme tell ya, today, the blend was PERFECT. It was DELICIOUS! So good, me an' him both had an extra glass. He passed up on the ice cream fer it, but I said frig that an' had both. So good. We passed by my place so I could give him his shirt from the con, then looked forward to gettin' some work done.

Instead, hadda go to the home to see gma 'cause it was her bday earlier this week. Blah. Usual affair; she ticks off my 'rents an' fumbles around, we all stand there fer about an hour. Had her presents, cookies an' cake, then we hit the road. The only thing I was of a mind to get done today was the script revisions Mark gave me last week. Was gonna send that off to him last night, but decided to change a character's name so did that an' it was off.

'Rents're gonna be upstate till Sunday, which is great fer me. Even better is that inspired Babs to wanna come over to see the place before we head out to Coney. Works fer me; one plan was to have her come here first so I could snag her a parkin' spot with the Toyota to make life easier an' we'd take the train the rest of the way. Plan worked fer her, so that's what it's gonna be. Now, hopefully, havin' 3 cats gone an' my cleanin' will keep her from havin' an allergy fit...