Wednesday, January 31, 2007


And I'm over it. Good thing about these kinda things becomin' a frequent occurrence ya get used to 'em right quick. Back to business as usual.
Alright, so last night I ordered most of my textbooks online, an' then tried out Hunter's new book reserve system to pick up my African book there. They're supposed to send a confirmation E-Mail sayin' they got it ready, but so far ain't gotten one an' I'm gonna need it tomorrow. If I don't get the EM before I leave I'm gonna book earlier to the store to see if I can get it then cancel the order when I get home. Of course ya know something's gonna get screwed up there.
Comic day went off relatively smoothly today. Only major chatter was sis, an' with her bein' busy with her own work didn't really detract from my readin' none. No problems, no drama, notta thing. Plus, it was a short week so I read through 'em fast. Unfortunately, my bag's increased in numbers a bit as I added two more issues to it written by a writer whose work I like. Anythin' to support decent talent out there. I pondered gettin' this Phantom annual (I kinda dug the movie) but decided $6.50 was a bit steep fer a book that was no bigger than the ones the big two charge $4.99 or so fer. I'll grab it as a backissue down the line.
Watchin' Ebay to replace the figure I busted up with my bed. Was a cheap one the other day I forgot to bid on before I went to school. D'oh! Gonna be more attentive now. Hafta figger out how to transfer funds from my Paypal to my checkin' before then, though, so I don't use that towards it. Gotta give that to Karen at work fer sellin' her comics. Also gave her some extra cash by includin' my books with her sales. Do another round of those this weekend.
Still haven't transcribed my interview. Been too tired to really be bothered to focus. Gotta sit there an' listen an' type it's a bitch. I hope my next one's over least those all I hafta do is format them properly.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So, I was havin' a good day today. It ended rather abruptly.

Was chattin' with sis at work, an' talkin' about how things were goin' got me in a very happy mood. Also excited about pendin' news should it ever happen. On her end, it looks like Roy's gonna hafta go back to his country fer a couple months so she's gonna go with him, naturally. Li'l miss jet-setter there.

I had school tonight. Gotta get a shit-load of books fer African Studies, an' gonna hafta bring them all periodically to class. Oy. Plus there's papers an' day trips to NY Historical society, a free slave camp in Brooklyn or points on the underground railroad an' I'm just not gonna have any fun here. World of Music is bein' taught by a Turkish guy with a heavy accent an' a constant smile on his face. Makes him seem a bit like a new teacher. Gonna be a bird course but I gotta go to some kinda performance to write about it. So I got lame places to go an' no one to go with. Crap. Normally I could drag sis to these kinda things but not no more.

Overall it was fine, we'll see how they are when they really start. 6 train was full goin' as expected, comin' back it was empty. That was made up fer by the N train bein' super late, resultin' in me takin' the Q, then a W which was runnin' the R fer some reason, then catchin' the N. I've decided to walk from 59th to my house from now on (except when situations require speed) fer the exercise. Aside from subway idiots an' assignments I ain't gonna wanna do, was still a pretty decent day.

Then I came home. So the girl an' BF situation I talked about the last couple days? Yeah, that was Amaryllis an' her guy. I come home to a message of her tellin' me he's forcin' her to cut off all contact with me. He's her BF with ties to her career, I'm just a guy she's only really talked to fer a couple weeks, so obviously it was a no-brainer. I had to go. An' gone I am. I never really expected a physical friendship to go anywhere, or begin fer that matter, but I at least hoped the OL would last a bit longer. But, was my fault. I fucked up. I knew what kinda guy the jackoff is an' I failed to take it into account when I put those comments. I guess we both did when she chose to publish them.

So it's like losin' Lauren all over again. Finally find a friend who was almost entirely on the same wavelength I am like Lauren was, an' I lose it again. So, not only am I unable to make new local friends, but I can't even keep 'em when I do! With the exception of D all my friendships have become relegated to the computer. All my newer friends, they all live in Cali or Ohio or Florida or Indiana...THOSE I can keep easily. People hundreds of miles away from me. In my own goddamn city? Forget about it. An' the last two didn't have nuttin' to do with my hang-ups in life, my opinions about things, none of the social flaws people say I have.

I mean, my friends are great. Don't get me wrong. I have the most incredible friends anyone can ask fer an' I'm NOT lookin' to replace 'em. I couldn't. But this kinda thing that I had twice's addictive. I dunno how to explain it. Someone gets you easily, someone has the same views as you most of the time, it's like talkin' to yerself except you only gotta do half the convo. I dunno if I'm makin' any sense or givin' my friends license to be pissed off at me right now. I'm upset an' ticked an' probably ramblin'. I tried not to fan the flames by not respondin' to that prick's message, but now I wish I did so at least I coulda felt like I got a shot in.

As much as I like chattin' with folks an' writin', I don't want my entire life to be stuck behind this screen. I never did. But friends I make in school only last the semester I meet them. Local people I can't even seem to meet without the aid of this infernal machine. Every attempt I make at goin' away from it bombs. Horribly.

Monday, January 29, 2007


First, I'd like to start off by sayin' hi to my newest reader, Roy. You all remember Roy as my lovely sister's current squeeze an' a heckuva nice guy. She had informed me today durin' one of our "we're bored at work so let's chat on G-Mail" chats that Roy's addicted to the blog at one of the 3 locations. Then Roy himself said as much in a comment on said blog. Hehe never knew my life was THAT interestin'. Ah well. Hi, Roy!

Anyways, to business. Remember my mentionin' the possible achievement of a goal? Well, I still can't go into details till I officially know about it, but it looks like it may just have DOUBLED. The conditions remain the same, but now it's either twice the celebration or twice the rejection. I swear you'll get the full updates on this if ya ain't figgered it out already.

I was debatin' about tellin' the girl about her BF's message, but she beat me to it. Apparently he told her an' they had a li'l fight about it. My assessment of the situation seemed spot on. Ah well, never thought I'd ever be considered a threat to anyone's manhood. Also, the snow didn't last too long. Between the rock salt an' 30 degree temperatures, was mostly gone by the time I went home. Just stubborn ice patches an' packed areas remained.

I came home an' ate lunch, a burger from Emphasis. I carried it home without a bag, 'cause when I tried to take one that was around a paper bag with two soups fer ma an' Jim, the paper one broke through an' ma's soup crashed into the bag an' opened. Whoops! I offered her my burger but she didn't want it, settled on a bagel fer lunch. Ah well.

After, I worked a bit on the GB stories. Didn't actually write any, but did some research on possible hauntings to adapt. Maybe just to get the ball rollin' I'll take one of the old UK stories I wanted to update an' refine. Ya know, like a warm-up before gettin' into more original stuff. Get me back in the mood. Only hope I can shake this constant tiredness so I can get back on my writin'. Think I'm killin' it all on messengers, so from now on I'm gonna go invisible or shut them down after lunch till evenings. Not like anyone's seriously needed me in a looooooong time.

Tina had commented on one of D's bday pics on Facebook about how she should Photoshop herself into one of them so she can convince us she was there. I thought about it, an' accepted it as a challenge. Plus, given her bulletin about havin' a bad weekend this weekend I figgered it'd brighten her day a tad. So I took a pic from D (alas, couldn't use the one she actually commented on like I wanted) an' one of her pics, then as added fun 'cause I was talkin' to sis one of sis' bday pics an' another one of Tina. An' not fer nuttin', these were only quick Photoshop jobs, but they came out pretty damn good. Not to tease you any more than my initial announcement did, I present to you...the pictures!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Today was my interview. Not that I was takin' one, but that I was givin' one. Went off rather smoothly. This was this guy's first interview, so if he makes it big time in comics I get braggin' rights (not that I would, but kinda cool someone like me gets his first). Was a nice guy, gave some good answers. It only took less than a half hour too, which surprised me. Way my elbow was hurtin' after you'd think it was longer. Now comes the hard part; transcribin'. Gonna hafta sit down with my walkman an' play the tap back an' forth till I get it all typed out. Fortunately there's not as much as the last one, but still gonna take some time.

I wish I could say I was productive after, but that was all I really did today. I got my papers, brought groceries upstairs, then sat here like an unmotivated bum an' chatted with several friends over the course of the day. I went to go write acouple times but didn't quite make it. I did decide to partake of one of the SPA chats that they have on Sundays to see what it was like. Fortunately, it looks like deletin' McAfee Privacy Service from my computer not only lets it load up every time I turn it on, but lets me STAY in the chat! So I may've lost Tuesday, but I think I'll try to make the Sundays. That works. At least I won't miss too much. Plus, got to talk to this one creator about his strip. Gonna hafta E-Mail him to discuss it further an' see what he wants me to try to do with it.

One of the people I talked to was D. He got me considerin' to attempt another hangout on my bday. Maybe. It's on a Monday this year so we'll hafta see what weekend I can do it on. I dunno if it's worth tryin' with people I'd wanna spend it with bein' unavailable fer the most part; what with sis in Texas, Tina hard to nab an' Nelson double booking. Also can't grab Tommy since he works most of the day on weekends now. Maybe could grab Danielle seein' as I ain't seen her since October...but I think someone else's bday who'd take priority fer her is the same day if I remember right, so probably not. Maybe me an' D'll just do a casual hang an' play video games or somethin'. Don't need no big fuss or party or nuttin'. Simple hangout with friends'd be just fine. Eh, we'll see. I ain't decided one way or the other yet.

It was snowin' as I was writin' this, actually stickin' fer a change. There's some accumulation, enough to ensure when I go to lock up tonight I'll bring up the bucket of rock salt to the hall, just in case. Wonder if I'll be able to wear my boots fer the first time tomorrow? Probably not. Ya know, I suffered through two major snow storms in my Converse, an' when I finally get boots I have no need fer 'em. Figgers.

I am so very good. A while ago, I had posted on a message board that the Venom look in Spidey 3 will most likely resemble the design used in Spider-Girl #5; a warped version of Spidey's look with Venom's features. Sure enough, on Super Hero Hype someone posted pics of the new movie Venom figure an' that's EXACTLY what he looks like. Probably nobody will remember I said that, much like the Ecto-Cooler debacle. Ah well. I'm also losin' a lotta faith in the Ghost Rider movie. All the new trailers, the dialogue has been incredibly corny. The director earned my trust with Daredevil, but it looks like he may've been a one-hit wonder. Hope I'm wrong.
I got another surprise add on Facebook today. We started out rocky then as we approached graduation we got more civil in casual talkin', but again weren't really friends. I'm really surprised at the additions I get there, I really am. But, over the course of these additions I found two more people that I actually could say I was a bit closer to bein' friends with an' added them myself. Wonder who the next shock add will be.

Apparently I rubbed someone's BF the wrong way. A bulletin was posted sayin' new pics were up in her profile, so I went an' checked 'em out. I commented on 4 out of maybe 8 new pictures. Now, these comments were all basically jokes; one was a joke played on the pic's label, one was a comment on how her eyes looked kinda zombie-ish in one pic, an' the other two were generalized statements. I didn't say she was hot, I didn't say anythin' suggestive, nothin' at all. What I ended up gettin' was a message from said BF sayin' it'd be appreciated if I wasn't a comment whore on his girl's pics. So, 4 comments makes me a comment whore? Especially considerin' this' only the SECOND time I commented on her pics, the first bein' when yet another bulletin was posted weeks ago and only on 2 out of 20 pics? That's right, folks...I commented on 6 pictures within a month or so. Such a whore, I know.

When I look at the pics of my friends I comment on ones I got comments fer, an' mostly in the form of some kinda joke 'cause that's me. I THINK I'm funny. So far, this' the only BF that's illustrated some kinda problem with that. Interestin' he must feel threatened by a guy who, as everyone likes to put it, thinks he's a comic book character. Ah well. Guess I'll just indicate to her I looked at her next batch of pix in some other way to avoid any undue friction. (Like I could actually steal anyone's girl if I wanted to...HA!)

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Today was a light work day. Decided to catch up on some of my Spiderfan reviews an' get them outta the way. Got a lotta comics to review an' my pile keeps on growin'. Took a break to take one of my walks, but decided to do the return trip on the senior path along the bike path. As a result my times were 18:05/22:32. New times to beat, but gettin' better. Also, the only place in the entire city that still has snow is by the water. The rocks an' other assorted parts are covered by frost. Figgers.

Friday, January 26, 2007


It was damn cold today. Damn cold. So cold...I pulled my jacket sleeves down! Yeah, that's right. You heard me. I had my sleeves DOWN. Only the second time this century that's happened.

This mornin' I went out fer the Fed Ex test. Last night I figgered out I could save a lotta walkin' by transferrin' over to the D train. Unfortunately, damn trains didn't cooperate an' ran slow as shit. Oh, I made it on time alright...unfortunately, on time was too late as the test was already full. Seems their "limited seating" was sorely understated. Lots of people got turned away, an' I got blasted with blisterin' winds off the river fer nuttin'. To add to things, my MP3 battery decides to die an' I tried to change it on the way, which meant removin' my gloves in the cold. Apparently, the replacement battery I grabbed when I left was a rechargable with no charge on it. So I was music-less the ride home. Would be a couple hours later I'd get an E-Mail from Fed Ex again with 2 more test dates next month. Won't be able to scam another day off, so gonna just use one of my vacation days.

Got home an' just passed out in bed, feelin' incredibly tired. I got up, had lunch, sat on my comp an' futzed around. Nap apparently didn't help my ambition any as I just didn't wanna do anythin'. I eventually got to plottin' things in my head an' tracked down some old scripts to work off of. Gonna hafta seriously go through all my disks when I do my files; get them all in order.

Last night I had also recalled that my comic group is havin' another party at Twins Pub next month. That'd be the same place the Halloween party I went to was at. Was talkin' to Stacy at the time an' jokingly asked her if she'd be my "date." Jokingly 'cause gonna be a place filled with comic guys an' people, an' she ain't exactly either, with probably lots of comic-related talk. Figger she'd be bored. But, if she's free an' has money, she's interested in goin'. Alright, hopefully she'll have fun if she comes. This'd really be somethin' Amaryllis'd enjoy goin' to seein' as she likes an' wants to get more into comics, just a shame we didn't start talkin' regular sooner. Also, I wouldn't wanna give her BF any wrong ideas so I wouldn'ta asked anyways. I'm crazy, not stupid.

I still hafta schedule up my Waldbaum's reunion. Sent out preliminary inquiries a month ago but never followed up. I will, though. Just need to find a good place to have it. Danielle gave me one suggestion I'll look into. It's just a shame to guarantee these people showin' up I'll HAVE to do this in a bar, because god forbid anyone hangs out anyplace that's not a bar. And unfortunately, since I am the extreme minority, I have to resort to hangin' there WITH them or risk isolation. Fun, fun times. Ah well, just better watch how many Cokes I have or else risk more back pain.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Decided to do some work in the room tonight in between TV shows. It's comin' along nicely as I've almost got everythin' back in. Unfortunately I made some decisions I may hafta rethink an' revise in order to get everythin' back in. Also, with the state my bed's in one of the figures I put in the drawer underneath got caught up when I tried to open an' the packagin' got destroyed as I tried to free it. Now that just sucks.

Tomorrow's my Fed Ex test, but ain't gonna get to bed early as I still got crap on my bed that I need to find homes fer. I may put away what I can an' just shove the rest into drawers fer now. I'll hafta redo my files eventually an' move some other things around.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Alright, so I get out at 2 only to be held up by Dino's computer goin' haywire, so I stop to help there. I get changed an' realize I forgot the comic I was bringin' back to the shop to exchange. D'oh! So I sign my check an' slip it in my bank book, then proceed home to grab it an' stash the lunch ma ordered fer me 15 mins ago in the microwave. Decidin' to cut my time I grab my bike an' speed on to the bank to cash it. Then I head over to the shop where I get my comics an' add an extra one to my bag I didn't forsee. Nuttin' major. I head home to enjoy my soggy burger after 3 an' try to get my package from Ebay ready to go out. Label on the box is provin' too hard to remove, so I say forget it insteada rushin' 'cause ya never know what's acceptable with the damn post office in whatcha gotta black out. 'Rents told me an' I blacked out the rest, so we'll see if they'll take it as it is. I doubt it, but we'll see. I then proceeded to read my comics an' chat the day away.

Somewhere in all that I got my review an' article in the can. Waitin' on the head honcho at Fearsmag to get back to me to tell me about any changes (I'm sure the jokes I slipped in will hafta go, but they just flowed out so I'll try) so I can make 'em an' get it back to his standards. I tried to be fair yet objective, which was quite a task considerin' I know personally half the folks who worked on the book. That an' I'm just no good analyzin' stuff, but if I can BS an English essay I can BS a review.

All this script writin' has me desirin' to redo some of my classic tales an' get them updated an' makin' sense. Mystery Man I have a new endin' fer that's a bit bigger an' better than the original end done twice before, but dunno if it's TOO big considerin' the hero. Think I mighta gave him too powerful an arch rival, but ah well. The New York Heroes is pretty much situatated; what I did before holds up just fine today. The name? Probably not so much. Another name change is the Super Avengers, but right now I'm focusin' on the direction I wanna do with them. I can either go old school or I can try a new, grittier, more realistic approach that delves into the psyche of a hero. I may end up writin' both an' pickin' the best one. Silver Man...that one may be somethin' of a challenge. Especially with the Fantastic Four movie comin', gotta find ways to ensure he's distinguished from Silver Surfer as much as possible.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Tonight was the worst night of this here new year.

Tuesday, means it's my chat night, right? Tonight was also due to be my last chat until May (unless I decided to stay home a night or had a night off or whatever). Anyways, tonight was special 'cause we were gonna have a guest: Gail Simone. She currently writes DC's Birds of Prey book as well as many others over the years. A real honest-to-god creator talkin' to alla us. Sounds great, right? Too bad I missed it.

Fer some reason, accessin' the chat room fucked up my computer. I got kicked out an' off the web. Constant re-starts didn't do a thing, an' when I finally was able to get into the room I was frozen or kicked out after a few minutes. Of course, I eventually managed to get it workin' semi-decently...just in time fer the chat to be over. So, yeah, I wasn't none to happy fer a few hours. Fuckin' technology.

To add to things, I didn't sleep AGAIN. I dunno what the hell is wrong with me. I'm tired all day to the point if I lay on the couch I'd pass out, but soon as I go to bed I'm wide awake. Pissin' me off.

I finished my article last night but gonna give it another once over before I passed it on. I spent the rest of the day doin' my comic review an' takin' a quickie bike ride fer some exercise. Think I just about have it, wanna go over it again tomorrow before I send it along. Gotta impress these guys as much as I can if I want a future in this business. If I come off like an amateur I'm screwed.

Tomorrow's comic day, an' way I figger it if the week after next is as small as next week, I can finally get all the comics left in my bag outta my bag. With next week's haul I'll only have 2 comics left in there. Took a while, but it all eventually worked out. Now, hopefully I can start droppin' books.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Today was my first late day at work. Turns out I needed that extra time 'cause not only was I slow as shit in doin' my work, but I kept gettin' more. Leftovers from Friday, I imagine. Not helpin' things was the fact that I went to bed at a decent time, only to end up stayin' awake in bed till 4-ish. I felt like I had taken a nap earlier in the day, which I didn't.

I had contacted the guy from Bob put me in touch with, an' fortunately my second attempt went through as my first was bounced back. Just need to do up the review of Psychosis an' get it off to him. Spent all of today workin' on my next SPA article which I finally finished. Decided to go with the death of the secret identity fer my theme. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight an' focus on the review tomorrow, as well as buildin' the pages fer my site before my last SPA chat till summer.

Now, I got some other news but I dunno if I'm supposed to know it yet or not so I ain't gonna go into details on it. What I will say is I MAY achieve a long-term goal. Maybe. Gonna wait to see what happens on that one, but once it's officiallized I'll let you all know.

Sis goes back to Texas tomorrow, then won't see her till at least May when she plans a return. Or maybe sooner if I get the funds to get down there. Like I said before, all my financial stuff relies on what happens come tax season.

Now, let's hope I can get some sleep tonight, huh?

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Okay, got a couple things situated. I contacted my next interview, gonna be my second phone one next Sunday. Gonna hafta re-rig up the recorder an' hope this guy's cell connection ain't crap. Was hard enough tryin' to transcribe muffled parts of the last one. That's the one flaw here, never know what quality ya got till ya play the tape, an' ya only get one shot at the interview.

Bob gave me the info fer the executive editor over at the website that wants to review Psychosis. I dropped that guy an E-Mail, now just gotta wait fer a response.

The articles don't wanna seem to come out. If only I could remember the point of my Clone Saga one an' find a new angle fer my Ghostbusters one. Maybe I'll even do the one on decompression. I dunno, got a lotta topics I can do but just dunno what to do. Hard when it's open ended sometimes. I transcribed another episode's worth of Waylon Jennings quotes an' went to write some of the movie, but findin' myself stuck at doin' it in prose. Maybe I'll try an actual script seein' as I have the Lethal Weapon 4 one to work off of. We'll see.

Today started out a bit different than usual. Instead of my usual egg sandwich, D woke me up on my cell an' asked me out to lunch. Said sure. We ate at Anapoli an' caught up on the last few days since we spoke via IM. Gave him an update on my life, gave me an update on his. Dunno if I mentioned it or not, but he told me the other day that he may not need the surgery on his knee as it's healin'. That's groovy, ain't it? Let's hope it keeps up. Unfortunately with all the work I hadda get done (and yet somehow managed to NOT) we ended it there an' headed fer our homes. Shoulda hung out, woulda been a more eventful day.

Yesterday an' today Sleuth's been playin' some 90s made fer TV movies called Bandit, which's a spin-off from Smokey and the Bandit an' directed/produced by the guy who did the movies. They ain't too bad, lack the oomph of the movies but that happens with TV translations. I also stayed up last night to watch Bubba Ho-Tep. Planned to go to bed at 4, but saw it was on an' decided been waitin' long enough so may as well get it over with. Unfortunately, I had already missed the first 15 minutes an' I kept dozin' in an' out, but from what I saw it was a STRANGE movie. Hafta watch it again when I'm more competent to make a real honest opinion of it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I've decided I need to find my Photoshop CD so I can wipe out my computer an' re-build it. Too many errors an' I'm gettin' pissed off. So to do that means to dig through next door, which means to clean it up. Decided it was time to get my crap outta there an' get it back in my room.

To accomplish this, decided to move my file cabinet outta the closet an' behind my bed where my comics've been all this time, takin' them out an' puttin' 'em next door with the others. Also decided to put my steel figure display away after 12 years out there. They fall over too easily an' it's a pain to fix 'em, so put them in one of the video-sized boxes fer mailin' an' stuck 'em in my cabinet. I put one of my Checker Cab an' Ecto-1 die-casts up there. Got the top shelves of my closet full an' half my cabinet, and I'm doin' pretty good with space/stuff ratios. Got the bottom of the closet an' 3 drawers to go.

Did that till about 1, then came OL an' chatted fer a bit while doin' some work. 2 of my Ebay auctions sold. Gonna hafta send the guy a modified bill tomorrow as I said I'd combine shippin' on multiple wins. Like to keep to my word.

Also, Bob called me this afternoon to tell me he got me a gig to write a review fer Psychosis fer another website. I said I'd do it, seein' as I wasn't part of the book. My involvement with CAG will be hush hush, of course, but hey, I can use the exposure.

I thought I was pretty much done with Facebook. I added all the people I could consider friends on there, with others either not approvin' my request or just flat out declinin' me. My most recent additions've been Christi, who just joined, 2 people I met on Myspace an' 1 I know from the GB boards. Imagine my surprise when a girl I had been friendly with, but never really FRIENDS with, contacted me today. I remembered her, she was a nice girl. We talked a few times here and there in school, but we didn't hang out or anythin' like that. Apparently she goes to Hunter an' has seen me on the train. Surprised I never saw her. Or maybe I have an' wrote her off as a clone, who knows.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Booyah! My walkin' time has just been reduced to 19:28/19:59! Gettin' there, little by little. Unfortunately the walk took it's toll as my stomach an' leg suffered some serious cramps. Better remember to stretch a little better next time. Was also dyin' of heat halfway home. Maybe I'll lay off wearin' the black shirts AND the heavy coat at the same time...

It's too bad I don't have any cold tolerant friends, an' it's too bad I was timin' myself. Tonight woulda been a good night to go hang at the pier an' check out the scenery. Sky was so clear an' beautiful. Kinda thing ya only see certain times of winter, an' it looks really great. I'm tellin' ya, nuttin' prettier than a clear winter sky over NYC. Just somethin' ya hafta experience fer yerself.

Well, I almost finished one of my articles, I just need to do the wrap up. Somwehre along the line I missed the point, so gonna hafta figger out a creative way around that. After, I spent the rest of the day workin' on comics fer the site an' gettin' a li'l bit ahead by doin' all the reprints that happen towards the end. I'm in the 70s...about 90 more to go...

Snow didn't last too long. Was only a light dustin' on the ground gone by the afternoon. It snowed again tonight, but again it didn't stick. Ah well, fine by me. Don't hafta shovel if I don't hafta find out the damn snowblower's on the fritz again. My more immediate concern, however, is the sudden appearance of this stupid McAfee Anti-Phishin' bullshit when I try to navigate Myspace. Dunno where the hell it came from, but with the way Myspace is set up clickin' McAfee's safe links don't always take ya where ya wanna go. Gonna hafta screw around with that tomorrow. Goddamn technology.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Scammed my day off. As expected, Jim asked me what kinda test I was takin'. Told him it was a proficiency exam, which it basically is. However, I never said it was fer school, so if he thinks that way that's not my fault an' means I didn't lie. So next Friday I'm off at the sacrifice of havin' to stay at work until 2. Ah well.

I got one out of three articles almost done. Tryin' to figger out my wrap-up an' what the point of it was outside of showin' off more of my knowledge of continuity. I'll wrap that up when I get home, then proceed to try an' figger out what I wanna do with my other two topics before gettin' back on some fiction work. If Bob's available tonight I'll ask him once an' fer all who I should send GTM to an' try to get it in the next available anthology. An' of course I got so wrapped up in my work an' chattin' I didn't realize how late it was an' missed puttin' the garbage out. Again. Ah well.

I got my next interview earlier this week, but haven't had a chance to research him or his current work yet, an' Mark tells me he works nights an' may be easier to reach by phone daytimes. I work daytime. So this one's gonna hafta get creative. Maybe durin' my lull I'll do a li'l homework on him an' get my questions ready at least. I think today I'll disable my messengers. Just fer today. Give me time to focus on my work.

Except fer AIM. I'm enjoyin' talkin' to Amaryllis too much. We think pretty closely an' we have a lot of the same interests an' goals so we got a lot to talk about. Hell, we had an entire conversation about Ecto-Cooler includin' how I identified the new name years ago but lost the credit to X-Entertainment, and endin' with her wantin' to buy the classic packagin' to collect an' the current version of the flavor to drink! Who else but me outside the Ghostbusters message boards would think like that? So yeah, it's hella cool. An' fer the relationship shippers in the group (you know who you are), nothing's gonna happen. A) Haven't even physically met her yet (been talks of a hangout, we'll see) an' B) she's got a BF. All I'm doin' is enjoyin' the convos fer as long as I can get 'em right now.

We also got our first decent snowfall of the year. However, it wasn't stickin' to the ground rather'n gettin' it wet, but it's the thought that counts I guess. Also watched last week's Smallville that I hadda record to hang with sis, an' then this week's new episode. All I hafta say is they were the best episodes this season! Which is unfortunate, 'cause next week's is probably gonna suck again. They need to stop with the teen drama bullshit an' get to some actual superheroin'. THAT'S when Smallville is at it's strongest. The writers can really handle it. The teen shit, bah.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The good thing about no school on Wednesdays is bein' able to hang out an' talk to the guys at my comic shop. I don't have heavy access to people interested in comics so that's always a plus. Usually I got things to say but hafta go into the whole background to say 'em...nice to sometimes just get out with it. Anyways, I got to find out by talkin' about Waldbaum's that one of the guys there used to work fer Coke. We started exchangin' stories about the work, which was a lotta fun. I love talkin' about my happier Wally World days. When he left to do somethin' I talked to the other guy fer a bit, which was more comic related. Also mentioned the flaw in the Batman issue I bought. Said I could bring it in to exchange, so that's sweet. Just hafta remember to take it next week.

Read my comics, chatted, the usual Wednesday routine. Was about to work on some articles when a friend had some relationship drama. 'Course ya know that took priority an' that was the night. People are real assholes, I swear.

Sis's BF commented on one of my other blogs. An unexpected an' funny surprise. I left a humorous comment in response on her blog. Guess I should make all efforts to go visit 'em in Texas, huh? She goes back Tuesday I believe. Bummer. Come April I'll have a better grasp of my financial situation so I can make better plans. After that, I got people in Canada who want me to visit 'em, but one trip at a time!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The chat wasn't as eventful tonight, at least on my end. Found myself unable to contribute as much. Damn I need some credits under my belt. Unfortunately, next week is the last chat I'll make until summer what with my schedule. Sucks.

I have three ideas fer my next article. I started writin' two, but I lost the focus somewhere along the way. Gonna hafta re-read them an' see if I can reclaim my original intent and shorten 'em to keep them interestin'. Think I got pressure now 'cause I showed sis a snippet from another article on a topic I wanna do an' she thought it was mine, sayin' it seemed like somethin' I would do. So now I'm pressurin' myself to be as interestin'. Dammit.

Whenever Jane has control of the radio, she puts on this goddamn jazz station that plays what's essentially muzak versions of regular songs. That's right, muzak...that shit ya hear in a lotta elevators. The wrost part is their playlist is like only 10 songs long, an' then they go an' play a DIFFERENT version of a song they already played! Kathy is blissfully ignorant on this 'cause of how loud her printer is (she hates this stuff too), so lucky her. Me, I get to hear every single li'l not above their chatter, her printer, my printer an' my typin'. Figgers.

A while ago I had made mention that a gal, Amaryllis, friend requested me off of the Hunter board on Myspace after I had mentioned I was a film major as well. We've had some MS message convos here an' there (which, in an effort to be more sociable, I initiated like a week after the addition talkin' about our majors). Last night, she messaged me askin' about where to find out what rooms her classes were in. Provided the info, but realized fer a new student it can get kinda confusin' (ya know, been there done that) so gave her my messenger info so she can get her info live. She did, I helped her, an' we had a decent chat after. Tonight she IMed me again an' once again another decent chat. This is probably the most indirect way you can make friends in school. Hehe at least this way the semester rule won't apply that once the semester's over so's yer friendship, basically. Also doesn't hurt to start a li'l networkin' with other film students seein' as it's gonna take me another semester to get into any of the film classes. Stupid major declorations.

Speakin' of friends, only a week and a half left I should try to call Betsy an' see if she's got any free time. Tommy also called me to chat it up a bit. Just waitin' on one more comic fer Craig an' then I'll be droppin' by fer my monthly visit. ...Ya know, that sounds kinda wrong, don't it? *laughs*

Monday, January 15, 2007


Well, I woke up late. That's right, was 9 when ma woke me up, an' I still hadda shower an' dress fer a 45 minute trip to make a 10 deadline. I was set to go back to bed an' try fer the next test day, but they insisted I should go seein' that it'd make a good impression to go on a holiday when very few would. Pops offered to drive, so whatever. I got up, showered, dressed, an' we were there in 15 mins. I walked the two blocks to the Fed Ex building only to be informed, along with other applicants, that they fucked up the notice an' gave the wrong dates. Greeeeeeat. I jotted down the right dates an' proceeded fer a walk through Tribeca fer the City Hall station.

I was surprised to find one of the buildings next to the Firehouse was gutted; probably gonna be made into more crappy condos. The paper was taken off of the bar across the street so I went to check it out...nice place, could probably use it fer a set design. A block away, the ugly-ass modern buildin' that replaced the Mexican restaurant Teddy's was completed. Further by the Square Diner, the car dealership is gone bein' replaced by a building. Along the way two more buildings were demolished an' probably gonna be replaced by more condos. On Broadway the drug store that closed when I was in school is now a bank, an' the clothin' store across the street had been closed down. A lot changed in 2 years, that's fer sure.

Came home an' got back to work on Prospect Park. Took some doin', but I was semi-done by 7. I hafta do a couple redraws but I was able to decorate the page partially an' post up all the strips that've been completed so far. Of course, I didn't finish that till around 10 'cause Myspace decided to be a bitch an' have the blogs down. Ah well. Point is it's there, an' I've already gained 3 new friend requests that aren't directly people I know. Good, hope they enjoy. I should figger out a new way to do them, though, that takes less time an' that doesn't hafta be done in one sitting. I hadda turn down hangin' with sis an' Roy 'cause she asked me out right when I was in the middle of coloring. Blah.

I had advertised on other sites, an' as expected on one of my Ghostbusters ones I got a negative comment about a lack of originality. Figgers. Ah well, it was expected. As long as more people enjoy it rather than trash it, then I'm fine with it.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Got the Park stuff drawn up, scanned in, then began to do the colorin'. This all took the better part of the day. It wasn't helped by the fact my 'rents decided to be pains, so that impeded things. By the end of the night, I only got half the page designs done 'cause I hadda call it quits an' get to bed to get up early fer the test tomorrow. Also hadda take a brief break to get my newspapers as the Spidey reprints restarted today. Unless somethin' gets in my way tomorrow I should be basically done with it.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I napped after work so I spent alla last night finishin' up my scripts an' printin' up stories fer my portfolio. Hadda finish that up today, scannin' in the pics I had in my binder already to make copies an' print out some more old art an' stories. That of course held me up an' I ended up missin' the train, but I managed to get there relatively early fer a change. But, I'm gettin' ahead of myself.

As you can fathom by the title, my clothes got pissed on again. The laundry I did last week an' never had time to put away got nailed. Ma said cats were sniffin' yesterday, so coulda been then it happened, or coulda been today. Either way, I grab a pair of socks an' one ends up wet. I look, an' the rest of my whites are yellowed. Not only that, my schoolbag (which I needed) also got a little hit. So, I threw them in the wash when I headed out fer a haircut. Fed Ex wants neat appearances so not gonna take chances an' just got it done. None too happy about that, an' I hope they don't make me shave my goatee. Been almost 3 years or so, hate to lose it now.

I finished up my laundry an' my portfolio an' left fer my group meetin'. As I said, got there early. So early, I was first. Wasn't long before others started to arrive. We all talked before the meetin', an' before the boxes full of cheap comics drew me over. Despite the deals, I ended up spendin' all the money I had on me. Oy! Like crack, I tell only vice. Of course, I missed the start of the meetin' since nobody decided to call me back over, but I heard what was said anyways. Paid an' rejoined an' we did our thing. Only ended up showin' my older art to a couple of guys, but I did pimp the pendin' launch of Prospect Park, so that was cool. Couple people I passed 'em around to got a kick out of the strips. Now, if they check out the site, that's another story.

After, half of us headed to the diner we went to last summer to eat an' hang. I didn't order food the last time, an' if I did I wouldn'ta suggested we go back there; $11.50 fer a Cheeseburger deluxe, $7.50 alone! An' the prices only got worse from there. All together, our bill was $103! Probably get away with that crap 'cause of all the stars that supposedly visited the place. Assholes. Anyways, we had some nice chats an' was fun. Gatherings like that are bein' planned instead of just relyin' on meetings to get together. Might do a group Spidey 3 thing. Could be cool. We parted ways an' headed fer our respective destinations.

Came home an' putzed with my new comics, then tried to catch a cheap E-Bay listin' deal which I ended up missin' anyways. While tryin' to do all this I got a billion IMs. Figgers. Always when I've got stuff to do people wanna talk to me. Can't ever talk to me when I'm bored. Yeesh. Anyways, I was feelin' incredibly tired so after that I resigned myself to just baggin' comics an' chattin'. Dunno why I always get so tired after goin' out. Also my damn knee was actin' up again. Man, I hate gettin' old.

Tomorrow's gonna be all Prospect Park all the time. Wanna try to launch the page by Monday.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


It's done! It's finally done! I sat down, I worked, an' the end just came together! Not quite as grand as I woulda liked, but it filled in the pages an' let me have my cliffhanger fer the next issue.

Anyways, work was a slight bitch. Endorsements had one problem after another today an' took the majority of my time. Fortunately, a lot of the other work wasn't full so I was able to get rid of them an' concentrate on that the rest of my shift. I finished all but two which One Beacon's bein' retarded in finishin' prior changes made to 'em to allow me to make new changes.

My long delayed dinner date with sis happened tonight. Messaged me as I was headin' out fer a bike ride (I know, I know, it was cold out...but I'm gettin' flabby an' need my exercise!) so we were gonna meet up at 7. Probably shoulda skipped the ride as the wind fought hard an' I ended up strainin' my knee so it hurt fer the rest of the night. Dammit. Met her an' we decided on McDonald's fer dinner. She ain't seen the changes made to the place yet an' we both wanted cheap food. We ate an' talked, then crossed over to Dunkin Donuts (always seem to end up there with these girls...) so she could have a white hot chocolate. We talked an' had a few good laughs before headin' to my place so I could fix her keychain that split at Dunkin. She was gettin' tired so I walked her to her car an' we parted ways. She's in town fer a bit longer so got plenty of time fer a hangout or two more.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


One day a week, I like to take a few hours to read through my new comic stash. Why is it on that one day is when I get bombarded with messages an' people with problems? 7 days a week, you'd think statistically one of them other 6 days would get used. Ah well, gives me somethin' to read in the bathroom. Was a li'l tired an' not in much of a readin' mood anyways. Heh when am I NOT tired these days?

The chase scene fer my Dukes script is turnin' out to be a bitch. I got 5 pages left to fill but I can't really extend the chase more'n it is without it becomin' boring and dull. I may hafta re-evaluate some of my earlier pages an' shift some panels around. Trouble with me is when I do a "scene" change, I like to do it on the next page an' keep it all together. But considerin' all the dialogue I got goin' maybe it's a good idea to let the panels have more breathin' room so this way ya get a decent balance of art an' words. Gonna tackle it again tonight to see if I can't expand it organically first before doin' all that. If I really wanted to rush the story an' condense it to hell I could done both parts of the tale in one issue. But, I still believe in a li'l thing called pacing.

Saturday is my group meetin' in the city. Probably Friday night I'll spend assemblin' whatever of a portfolio I can whip up. I'm doin' all this work lately, may as well show it off. How I'm gonna put it all together's gonna be the bitch. I may just use the 3 ring binder I was usin' fer my old website artwork fer now. I'll throw in all the GBs from last year, GTM, my article an' Prospect Parks.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I got pissed off at work. See, was a procedure they didn't tell me about till late last year I shoulda been doin' from the start. Well, ever since I been doin' it. Eric came down to tell me he got a policy I didn't do it on, an' seein' as it was done by me in November was probably one of the ones before the correction. So seein' that I know the deal he hands it off to Jane an' leaves. Jane then proceeds to tell me that I didn't do that very same thing, then goes on to explain to me what I hafta do an' why. Meanwhile, all my attempts to tell her that I couldn't very well DO said thing seein' as Eric just handed off the file to HER rather than me resulted in more of an explanation. I managed to hold my temper fer the most part, but I was steadily becomin' aggrivated. She wanted me to do it so I would learn how to do it, once again MISSIN' THE POINT that I BEEN doin' it since I was corrected an' this pre-dated alla that. I hate office jobs, too many bosses to tell ya the same damn thing. So, yeah, I eventually got the file an' did it. OY! I hope Fed Ex is a good job, really I do.

I went to drop off the Ebay win at the post office only to get told by another patron it was closed. Computer problems. Man, that place ALWAYS has computer problems. Sometimes I wonder if the bastards what work there don't just close the place down sometimes to have a day to themselves.

It's Tuesday, an' this time I didn't forget the chat. No, this time I forgot it was Tuesday! I came in a half hour late to a relatively full house. Had a nice chat with some of the guys, comics and movies. One even offered me a shot writin' fer his comedy superhero series, so gonna take a look at the type of humor it invovles an' see if I can't match it up. Also showed a curious fellow the Xmas Prospect Park strip an' he loved it, as did a couple others who clicked the link. If I can get my Comicspace membership to actually WORK, I can get some free ad space fer PP on the Dimestore site. Since it's the only thing I got worth advertisin', I'd like to take advantage. Gonna see about gettin' the Myspace up this weekend.

The Dukes script is almost done, just gotta finish up the chase scene and cliffhanger endin' to lead into the next issue. Gotta get real creative seein' as I'm doin' a car chase on printed page. Also gotta get to finishin' up the last GTM script I was doin' before Saturday. Wanna walk into the meetin' with a modest portfolio of work fer a change. Maybe I can land some gigs that way. One of the guys, James, unofficially offered me a chance to help him on a dream project should it ever see the light of day. Dunno if he'll remember that if it comes to pass, but to get the offer was nice regardless. I've also gotta go through that E-Zine to see what my first submission will be, an' I got my next topic picked out fer the SPA article.

Woo, work that isn't entirely mine. Makes me all tingly!

Monday, January 08, 2007


One of the signs of trust 'tween me and the slut was an exchange of online passwords. Not that it was that big a thing; she'd never go to the sites I frequent an' has her own E-Mails. But, with the recent crap I've decided better ta play it safe on the off-chance her limited memory actually retained what my more common passwords were an' changed 'em all. Fortunately I had the foresight not ta give her really important info along those lines.

Sis had IMed me with a proposal of dinner with her an' Roy. Seein' as time with her is limited of course I accepted. However, somethin' came up an' she moved it to tomorrow night. No big, gave me the time ta work on my website. Hadda get the new pages ready an' got some new designs I wanna finalize an' get done. I had won one of the 6 comics I'm missin' fer it, so that's a plus. Can probably get it up come the next update seein' as I already passed its place on the list. Unfortunately the seller packages 3 sequential issues each auction (bought from him before) so I'm gonna end up with 2 more duplicates each time I win from him should he possess any of the other issues I'm missin'. Ah well. Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Little funny moment. I had sold more comics on Ebay, so I went to go get them ready next door but couldn't find 'em in the pile of comics I'm sellin'. Looked all over, then I noticed a full lookin' envelope sittin' under 'em. Sure enough, the damn books were in there, all packaged an' ready fer shippin'. Now that was just funny.

And fer those who were wonderin' yesterday, here's the Prospect Park I made fer sis. Gonna hafta start workin' on the PP profile too before school starts:

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I suppose I could write about the new Prospect Park I made fer April's Bday. I suppose I could talk about my latest trip to Circuit City. But, the main event I should talk about is the slut's latest communications. As mentioned last entry, here's D's E-Mail to her:

Hope you remember me, Chris' best friend here, the one he would of brought to your wedding. You really have some nerve to write that damn email to Chris, but then again I couldn't expect any less from a pathetic being like yourself. Now that I'm thinking about it I guess congrats is in order. Congratulations on being "successful" loser you are. Congrats for not amounting to anything in life, for not making it as a lady and for that matter not making it as a human being. Congrats for being the a-hole you are 'cause to be frank I really haven't heard so much shit come out of a person like you just did in your emails. Congrats on the college degree that you don't have. Congrats for not making it on your own and having to marry some guy just to get out of moms and pops place and have your own life. Don't think I'm angry with you, maybe a little, but what I feel most is sorry for you, sorry that you live in your little world where you THINK you have the authority to put down other people when in fact you don't. Your opinion matters just as much if not less than the opinion of a bacteria. Toodles!

Here's her response:

of course i remember you, d. i would like to thank you for congratulating on my up coming wedding. i'm glad i'm happy instead of chris, that was my intention from the start. yes, i admit, i'm a bad person. he know that from the very beginning. i liked chris way back when, but i decided enough was enough and decided i'd make his life a living hell. it is wonderful that i ruined his day. do you realize how long i actually spent just to get those few intimate details just so i can rip his heart out and stomp on it? and no, i didnt move out of mommy and daddy's house just so i can get out. no,i left because i found love and i wanted to progress and make something of it, because long distance relationships are shams, especially ones from online. and yes, i've been accepted to college and i'm starting in the fall, so on the college degree i dont have, i will be soon getting. i feel bad for you, i truly do. chris has to rely on his little buddies to back him because he's a little pussy to face me online or anywhere and say leave me alone. no, he has to have his little entourage to stick up for him. what a fucking loser. i'm sure you are going to be letting the fat ass read this so i want to put a little note in for him, being that he blocked me everywhere else.

chris- few things i want to clarify. yes everything i said when we first started talking was true. once you thought you wanted to have something more, i decided i'd stop that dead in it's tracks. but then you got more and more into it, with my aiding. so i decided to play along with that and see how far i got you in my clutches, and i got you fucking deep. my entire plan was to make you miserable and you made those fatal mistakes by telling me your inner most dark secrets. and i know exactly how you work. dont worry, i wont say them all on here but if a couple slip out, i'm not sorry. first things first, my theory of why you're an only child, is because you came out and they were ashamed that they'd make another thing like you. and let's talk about your "sister" april. what a fucking loser she is. a feminist. she may as well just be a dyke. you really think her relationship is going to last with that roy guy? how much you wanna bet that when she's not there, he's getting a little piece on the side? long distance relationships NEVER work. i hope she goes down in tears, because that how much of an asshole i really am. or how about your little friends? "i need to cry on someone's shoulder so they can take care of the mean person because i cant handle the stress" stand up and grow some balls. you cant say the words "leave me alone". i know exactly why, you still feel something and hope somewhere in your little fantasy world that i'll come back to you. WRONG! not happenning. why dont you become gay because no female is going to want to go out with you or sleep with you. or why dont you just find out when the next terrorist bombing is in NYC and go jump in that building right before it happens? and dont worry, if you really think bad mouthing me or sending your little friends at me to scare me is going to work, you're a dumbass. would love to see a response, limp dick. -thanks

Here's D's follow-up reply to her:

Heh wow, you really lived up to your scum image dontcha 'clap clap' take a bow cause this was your best performance yet. Heh all one has to do is say a few words to ya and you bring out the fucked up shit u really are, like a monkey when given the cue to dance and make a performance. Really cute actually.And no, Chris doesn't need me or his friends to stand up to u. I wrote back cause chris is my brother, hes family but guess you don't understand any of it so I'm not even gonna bother explaining it to you. Heh and then involving april in this last email, guess u ran outta material for chris huh, u make no sense. April is more woman than you'll ever hope to be unlike you who is filled with so much filth that not long from now you'll make your bfs dick fall out from all the filth inside u. You're a heartless being and yet u think you found true love, heh makes me laugh actually, the funniest oxymoron i've heard in years. Well my talented little monkey, you know the cue right, I'm expecting you're response cause you're so predicatable so dance little monkey, let me see you dance!!

Okay, attackin' me I can understand. Attackin' D I can understand. But she drags my sister into this?! I don't think so. She wanted a response so bad, I decided to give her one. This time, I did it in her language since bein' civilized don't seem to work too well:

Just read yer E-Mail to D. Cute. Very cute. See, here's the thing: I didn't know he sent that till after. In fact, I've got others who want a piece of you but I've held them back. You know why? 'Cause you're not worth the time or effort. Not mine, and not theirs. They want to because they care about me. Yeah, I'm such a pathetic loser that I have plenty of people willing to stand at my back to fight with me. You, however, took over 3 fucking years to make ONE friend. And now you're bringing friends that didn't do a damn thing to you into this. Your fight's with me, bitch.

I can't say the words "leave me alone"? What in the hell did you think my last E-Mail to you was? A love letter? I guess I gave you too much credit in the intelligence department. Fine, if I need to actually say the words, I will. LEAVE. ME. ALONE. You're so happy in your new life, LIVE IT. What the fuck you keep dredging this shit up for? You think you're making me miserable? You think I'm getting depressed? Babe, you are extremely delusional. I care about what you say as much as I care about a pile of dog shit. Since I got you out of my life I've been able to make some progress of my own, so what in the hell do I have to be miserable about? We had a good run, but any feelings I had for you disappeared a LONG time ago.

And you think you know how to get to me? You don't. You think I'm stupid enough to give you the REAL juicy stuff? You don't get as far in my field by giving away all your secrets. Go ahead, try and destroy me if that's all you have in your life. Simple fact is you can't.

So, let me spell this out for you again in case you're too stupid to understand it: LEAVE. ME. ALONE. Forget I existed like I forget you exist until you pull this shit. I don't need you, I don't want you, and I sure as hell don't give two shits about you. Couldn't have done me a favor and DIED 2 years ago? You say my parents didn't want more kids after me? Hell, you were a fucking ACCIDENT. So tell me, which do you think is worse?

Don't bother to reply to this, I won't get your E-Mail. I've blocked you every single way possible. And if you find a way through, I'll just keep on blocking you until you get a fucking life or a clue.

P.S. You're in college now? Great. Learn how to fucking spell. Big shot fancy pants manager of a major national chain store and future mother can't even write correctly. Hope your hubby knows what kinda slut you are 'cause all you're gonna do is ruin his kids.

And that's it. That's the last she hears from me on this subject, an' the last she hears from ANY OF YOU. This is why I didn't want anyone contactin' her, 'cause I want her OUT of my life an' all provokin' her's gonna do is keep her in all the longer. A war doesn't need to be waged, no matter how much she deserves it, 'cause she's just not worth the time or energy. We all got more important things in our lives; boyfriends, girlfriends, children, careers, school. Join me in laughin' at her, but keep this as mild entertainment as I have.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


If you usually skim my entries, yer gonna wanna read through this one.

Today was sis' bday, and was unseasonably warm fer January. It was literally spring/fall with bare trees! I dressed accordingly an' headed out to 86th street first thing. D asked me to pick up a gift card fer April 'cause he got backed up this week an' wasn't able to do it himself. The plan was to meet up in Washington Square Park then head over. However, he got hung up on a final patient an' didn't show up till almost 3, with the gatherin' startin' at 2.

Sis uses this E-vite thing fer gatherings like this, so ya get a pretty good idea of who's comin' an' such. Last I checked it she had 18 confirms an' 1 denial (as of this writin' it was up to 20-4) so we was expectin' a big group. Got there, was only 11 of 'em: Sis, her BF Roy, her sister Christi, a kid with glasses, her friend Joe, Christina from school an' 4 girls we didn't know, an' still don't as proper introductions were never made. Me an' D got tacked on with another table at the end of this long set-up they had goin' in this tiny Indian place, Baluchi's. Roy was in charge of the food considerin' this was his culture, an' especially since me an' Christi were problem eaters.

The food actually wasn't too bad. Only negative parts were the extremely spicy lamb an' the water was served in tin cups that added a really funky taste to it. Well, at least mine did. Also had a bit of an adventure goin' to the bathroom as they were in the basement an' the ceilings were about 5 FEET TALL with additional overhangs here an' there. Journey to the center of the Earth, my friends.

Two girls split earlier, so the rest of us finished up with some pictures then parted ways. Sis took the Staten Islanders in her car since Christi hadda get to work, the other girls, Roy an' Joe headed fer their destinations in Manhtattan I imagine, while me, D an' Christina caught the train back. She left us at Canal to catch the N fer Bensonhurst, so I had a captive audience in D to make him listen to some of MY music on my MP3 fer a change.

We both handled some business at our homes before meetin' up again at his place to try a trick I found to get the multiplayer function to work on my Dukes game. It worked, but the cars were pure watered down crap in those modes. That pretty much killed that. We watched a bit of Hellboy on FX as he juggled things between his landlords an' one of his friends lookin' fer a place. About 8 we decided we were hungry an' I invited him to my place fer tacos (which I got my head bit off fer 'cause I announced was gonna get McDonald's on the way to D's. The Indian food was good, but wasn't filling). Unfortunately ma tossed the last taco kit an' we settled on Hamburger Helper. D went fer home, an' I took care of some overdue work.

Now, this is the part I wanted you all to read fer. Keep on readin':

I had talked to D about the slut's latest E-Mail 'cause he usually doesn't check his E-Mail that often, so wanted to update him. However, turns out he HAD checked his E-Mail an' without consultin' me sent a nasty E-Mail back to her in a fit of rage, basically sayin' she was devoid of all humanity an' was as worthless as a microbe. Or somethin' to that effect. (Danielle, take note of the part where I said he didn't consult me, an' he had her contact info from back when I was tryin' to make my friends hers). I tell ya, this whole thing really lets ya see that fer every slut, I got a dozen more good choices in the people I surround myself with.

Well, while doin' my work the slut IMs me (the names have been changed 'cause I'm too damn nice to allow people a license to torment her ass...not that that resolve's gonna hold up much longer if this shit keeps up):

SLUT: you might want to get hold of d and discuss his email he sent to me and the lovely one i sent back to him
WOLVERINE: Is there a reason yer still talkin' to me?
SLUT: email will explain it
WOLVERINE: No, why don't you explain it.
SLUT: i feel you're not miserable enough and i want you to be even more stressed, read the email. you'll understand. see ya
WOLVERINE: And you think anything you can do will make me miserable?
WOLVERINE: Get over yerself, darlin'.

And blocked. I coulda sworn I blocked her screen names, guess I missed one. I'll hafta get in touch with D to check his mail an' see just what this thing that's gonna make me so miserable an' stressed is. Hell, I'm curious. Who wouldn't be? Who knew callin' someone a redneck slut would illicit all this kinda stuff. But, maybe I was out of line in doin' that. I mean, it's not like she led me on to the Nth degree, lied to me, had no faith in me or cheated on me or anythin'. Oh, wait. SHE DID. She definitely is her father's daughter, an' somethin' I'll hafta look out fer in choosin' a place to live upstate.

This is like the freakin' blind date from hell that would never end!

P.S. Sis, I have a surprise comin' fer you. I didn't get to finish it on time 'cause of the exhaustion I felt all week, but I'm hopin' by tomorrow you'll get it.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Ya remember in When Harry Met Sally Billy Crystal talked about the white man's overbite? Man, was that so true. Was chattin' with Stacy tonight an' she put on her webcam, so as a bit of reciprocation I fished mine off the hutch an' hooked it up. Ma was playin' her Zelda an' I got sick of hearin' it so I jacked in an' cranked some music. As I danced a bit to it in my chair I found myself doin' guessed it, the white man's overbite! Freaky.

Was supposed to head to 86th to pick somethin' up fer D, but wasn't able to make it. As a result, gonna hafta get up earlier than I intended tomorrow mornin' so I can go before I hafta catch the train. Fortunately, it's only a 45 minute ride. I'll bring out my new MP3 to give it it's inagural run. Already gave sis her gift too, a $30 gift card from Amazon. Was originally gonna have it sent to her tomorrow as a surprise when she got home, but decided to beat the rush an' be the first present.

Planned to do some reviews today, but, yeah you guessed it, I was tired again. So, I ended up havin' several chats at once an' playin' games with various people. Yeah, what the hell. I'm still on vacation mode. Only reason we stopped was 'cause exhaustion was spreadin' all around. I can worry about workin' over the weekend.

An' speakin' of work, I just joined the E-zine sis works fer, Estella's Revenge. Dunno much about it, but they needed writers an' I needed credits. Gonna hafta go through old issues to see what they do an' how they do it, then start makin' my contributions. Sis said they could use book an' movie reviews. Would be easy if I read books anymore an' had gone to a movie since May. Ah well, what's life without challenges?

So, keepin' track, folks? I now do interviews, write comic articles, an' work on an E-Zine. Not too shabby fer 1 week into '07.

Oh, and on another note, I re-tracked down the slut's Myspace so I could block her there as well an' prevent her from sendin' me any messages. Typed the wrong addy an' didn't realize I got the "Invite your friend" screen when I typed in the correct one, so I ended up invitin' her to JOIN Myspace. Whoops. Guess that'll learn me to pay better attention, especially when it comes to that joint. Ah well, she's blocked an' I'm happy.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


hey, hope you're having a wonderful start to your new year. i figured i'd tell you the great news that i'm engaged (and in love this time) and begining to plan my wedding. i thought it'd be nice to invite you being that you did occupy the past couple years and you can even bring a friend. i'll keep you updated. well i'm doing absolutely wonderful, just thought you'd want to know. toodles

Know what that is? That's an E-Mail I recieved just tonight from The Slut. This one I thought I'd share with you all because of the sheer balls of it. This chick has some serious balls. I mean, I always knew that, but I wasn't aware of their full size. What part of "fuck you and the horse you rode in on" (to paraphrase) did she miss in my E-Mails? An' she sends this like we're bestest best pals? Tina, whom I showed, said it's her showin' just how unhappy she truly is beneath the words, but I prefer to think in terms of her last E-Mail that this is just more of her unfeelin', uncarin' bitch nature.

What the hell is it with exes? They think they can waltz right back in to someone's life an' pick up where things left off? A week or so ago another potential gal contacted me after months of silence 'cause she needed someone to talk to, an' guess I fit the bill. She didn't even remember why we weren't talkin'. I semi-forgave her 'cause she apologized, but won't ever be like it was. The days of my givin' a crap about their lives have come an' gone. As I always say it's easy to stay on my good side, but it's hard to get back on. What crap, eh?

Didn't think I'd have to, but I blocked The Slut's E-Mail addresses. I'm sure she has more, but I'll just block those as well. I don't want her in my life anymore than it takes the memories to fade. An' knowin' my stupidly superb memory that'll take me till I'm 80.

Anyways, today was comic day 'cause of New Years. I didn't get to enjoy it too much, though. First off, my legs're killin' me from yesterday. Every so often I'd get a cramp or sore muscle in a very bad spot that seriously, seriously hurt. Then, I was tired once again. Dunno why I've been shot all week, but it's seriously gotta stop. If I'm takin' on another job plus school gonna need some sort of energy. I eventually managed to get through my relatively small pile (mostly distracted from lotsa chats tonight) but reviews would hafta wait till I'm more awake to write 'em.

Also got my new MP3 today. My old one was startin' to act up when I plugged it into my computer. It'd register, then go out, then take forever to re-register. Fearin' it was on the outs an' with my busy season fer it approachin', I decided was better to get a new one an' save the original as a back-up. Ordered it on Monday, got here today (an' was left outside by the damn Postal Service...bastards). I'll give it it's first run on Saturday.

Oh, an' in other news, I'm recieving many compliments on my article at Hopefully, my others will be just as good. Ya know how sequels tend to suck. Look fer it on Feb 11th.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I'm runnin' outta radio stations. MIX, as of yesterday, has become FRESH...a light music station. GAH! First they kill the great mornin' show, then fire all the good DJs, now this. They're goin' DJ-less until they finalize all the changes. Ya want all the details, hit WNEW's Wiki page. Now, my main station is JACK; only one that plays a decent mix of music I like with very little of the crap. Q plays the same damn songs over an' over, KTU plays mostly the new crap now, PLJ the less desireable songs, an' K-Rock just don't exist no more. Dunno where to go when JACK kicks it.

After work I hadda go to school to pay my tuition. Fortunately with the semester over the trains were a LOT emptier. Was effortless; put the check in a supplied enveleope an' dropped it in a box, then headed fer home. Was gonna go direct to Circuit City but hadda pop off at home fer a bathroom break. Walked to Circuit an' saw that the DVDs me an' ma wanted were practically gone. Coulda got one out of two fer both of us, but cashiers were scarce an' decided maybe be better if we wait till a $4.99 sale. Dumped the DVDs an' headed fer home. Didn't go empty handed, though. Somewhere in the 80s I found a hubcap against a tree. Bonus!

Was starvin' so I made the mini pizza bagels we got fer New Years. Overcooked 'em too. Dammit. But, them an' the mini chocolate chips held me over till we had grilled cheese. Otherwise, I was too damn tired to do anythin'. Thanks to my nap yesterday didn't get to sleep till 5 last night, plus all that adventurin' today reall wiped me out. But, I stayed up to make sure I'd sleep tonight. Hell, probably better I did 'cause I found a tip on how to beat the level in my Dukes game an' did it. Guess I drive better tired.

Tomorrow's comic day, but I'll have my more usual haul. Means I'll have a chance to get some more things done. Always a plus. Saturday is sis' bday. The next week is my group's meeting, followed by my Fed Ex test that Monday. Busy busy.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


My article is up today. If you haven't read it yet, head on over to and scroll down to the second article on the home page.

Today was a wasted day. Came home after work an' felt so good to lay down with the kitties that I put on my PJs an' went to bed. Didn't get up till 7. Yeesh. Did get some work on a script done an' attended one of the chats with my colleagues. Good start to the year.

Sis told me an e-zine she writes fer needs more writers, so I contacted the heads to offer my services. She seems to enjoy it so why the hell not. Let's hope I ain't overextendin' myself with all these projects, plus the prospect of 2 part time jobs PLUS school. Guess we'll see how things roll out come February, huh?

Did luck out in that department. My office is closed one of the days of the Fed Ex test, so I ain't gonna hafta scam a day off. Good. Less questions to answer. Let's just hope 3 1/2 hours'll fly by. Long time fer a damn test.

Monday, January 01, 2007


Well, I was up till 7 chattin' and watchin' Honeymooners or whatever movie I put on when those bastards interrupted with the news, so naturally I didn't get up till 2:30 an' didin't feel very motivated to do squat. I did get some work done on my stuff but other'n that was a lazy recovery day.

Last night was my last night of overeatin' fer the year. I've decided to cut my eatin' in half once again where possible. I may still gorge on White Castle but how can you really not? So, yeah, one can of pasta, one sandwich, smaller fries... Also gonna try to bike more (if that's possible). Unfortunately it rained today again so that kinda killed that idea.

Speakin' of White Castle, I saw part of Harold & Kumar tonight on the last vestige of free movie channel weekend. Wow, stoner comedies SUCK. It wasn't funny, it was pathetically stupid. I'm sorry it's associated with such glorious food. One day I'll hafta do a movie usin' White Castle that'll redeem it's image. Fuckin' stoners.

Was a fire on the block behind us tonight, one of the houses that looked like ours. LOT of engines an' ambulances there. Second fire I can remember happenin' on that block, first was in the buildin' right behind us that killed an old lady. Classmate lived there an' stunk of smoke fer days after. Well, when I passed by all the gurnies were empty so was a good sign I guess.

Sis is havin' a bday gatherin' on Sat. I was gonna flip through my new guide book to give her dining options, but she settled herself on an Indian place in the Village. Ain't never had Indian food before. Guess we'll see what happens.