Saturday, March 31, 2007


Took the bike to get fixed today. Dropped it off, was told a half hour, so had some lunch at Burger King then browsed around 86th street before headin' back over. Guy only charged me fer fixin' the wheel an' not the shifter, so that was cool. Took it fer a test drive around the block, an' found they didn't fix the thing with the pedals. Came back, they sent one of their guys out on it, an' turns out a lower bracket was broken. Another half hour. Went down by the water to chill while chattin' with D on the phone. Came back, got it fer no additonal charge (sweet!), and it's better than new. Unfortunately, the ride home seems to have killed my knees as they're hurtin' like crazy. Damn I hate gettin' old...

Lemme tell ya somethin', though...not a good sign when yer drivin' down the street an' every other block there's glass an' remnants from auto accidents. That's how it was as I drove down Colonial to the shop. I'm lucky I didn't get a flat with all that friggin' glass. What the hell, all the crappy drivers live closer to the water or somethin'? Between that an' all the crap along the bike path, seems like. I also found another hubcap on the path on the way home, but I passed it up as it wasn't in great shape. Yeah, I have standards fer the "junk" I collect.

Last night I got an EM from my new editor at the review site. It's becomin' all official-like with advanced copies of comics to review. We got a new Devil's Due an' Virgin comic that we can access via a link they sent us. He passed it along to see who would review it as somethin' was up with his usual reviewer, so gonna give it a shot.

Other'n that, rest of the day was spent workin' on stuff fer my website an' my comic DBs.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Got up, had breakfast, got my clothes' then I decided to try an' be smart an' get a tie. Yeah, that put me a bit behind. Dumbass. I looked up how to tie it, an' after findin' the knot that was easiest to do I kept tryin' an' tryin'. At first, I kept screwin' it up, but I finally became reserved that the tie was always gonna be too small fer me no matter how good I tied it. Ugh.

I still got there 20 mins early, though. Was on the security guard's list this time so I got quick admittance, went up to the bathroom to fix my hair, then tracked down room 17. Waited with other applicants fer a while till a lady came in an' took my file. She asked me about 10 questions. I was able to make her laugh a bit, an' she shared experiences of workin' in a supermarket so overall that went just fine (as I knew it would, I can be a charmin' individual when I need to be). Was deposited in another room where I was given a consent form to sign, then sent off back to my original testin' room fer the physical. It also looks like I'll HAVE to do the early early shift fer now, at least until school ends an' I know what my schedule's like. The later shift fer courier woulda taken up too much of the afternoon.

Took about 2 hours of waitin', but the doc made it pleasant with my kinda humor (an' he looked hella familiar too, dunno where I mighta met him before). Anyways, eventually he got smart an' efficicent an' had people file out to the bathroom accross the hall one by one to pee in the cup as well as jointly fill out parts of a form we had. Then he came around, filled out the rest, broke up the pee into smaller bottles an' had us dump the rest. Those applyin' fer courier positions then got their vision an' blood pressure tested. Now, dunno if it's 'cause I didn't sleep good but I couldn't get my eyes to focus as well as I knew they could an' flunked the vision test. Dude says I'm gonna need my glasses to drive. Crap. Well, gotta go to the doc's anyways so gonna make an appointment to verify an' get my twitch checked out. When I was dismissed I changed an' left.

Got home an' tried to do some work, but didn't happen. Was really tired so didn't bother with school, then found out my spring break is NEXT week. Thought it was in 2 weeks. Woohoo! So now I'll have 4 days off instead of 3. Works fer me. Tomorrow gonna see about bringin' my bikes to be fixed an' get those outta the way.

Oh, yeah, got my taxes back. I got under $800 back in Federal but I lose half payin' off state, which leaves me about $300. Crap! What the hell, man? I made over a grand last year an' was able to retain over $400! What changed? My livin' situation still sucks. I make the same money. I'm in school. Goddamn taxes. Well, if I got the job (which I'm sure I did) I'll be able to build on that fer my vacation this summer which hopefully I'll have the time to take. I need a goddamn vacation. Been so long since I been on one, an' it'll be nice to go somewhere fer a reason other'n to see some ungrateful bitch.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Today was my first round of reviews fer 215ink. Apparently they never gotten the volume I presented them before an' hadda redo their entire postin' system. Dude in charge was so appreciative he's sendin' me a buncha free shit as a thanks. Heh okay then.

Tomorrow's my interview. Gonna hafta get all dressed up, but ain't gonna stay that way. Gonna bring along my school bag full of a change of clothes so as soon as it's over, I head to the bathroom, do my quick change, an' head on fer home. Bad enough I'm gonna hafta spend about 2 hours dressed that way. Ugh. Hate dressin' up.

Apparently yesterday's blog entry fer my Blogger account wound up in the Estella blog by accident. Friggin' blogs keep changin' positions on the dashboard screen. Although was sure I avoided doin' that, but ah well. Guess I didn't. Oops.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Well looks like my application was acceptable. Got a call today an' my interview's on Thursday at noon. Quick! So I bit the bullet an' told Jim about the two weeks I'd need an' what not. I also optimistically put in fer that day in April off when I put in fer Thursday. So far it's all kosher, we'll see how it lasts. What I can't get over is the fact I gotta dress up fer this. I hafta dress up fer an interview fer a job to deliver packages. To deliver. Packages. Screwy.

Tried to do some writin' at home, but wasn't motivated to do anythin' I needed to do. Rather, worked on some side projects 'fore I went off to school. Also passed out on the couch watchin' a movie. Not fun, an' left me fallin' asleep all through class. On the plus side, was warm as hell so was able to enjoy my shorts. Summer's almost here, folks. Got yer ACs cleaned yet?

After the interview gonna try to take my bikes to get fixed. Warm weather's comin' an' I don't wanna miss out. Tomorrow woulda been a better day, but I gotta turn in my first comic reviews so I need to get crackin' on readin' 'em. Fortunately it's my small week so won't take too long. Gonna hafta see how I can balance 'em all out once I get the job. Just hafta see.

On another note, Bill Engvall? Funny as all hell.

Monday, March 26, 2007


This was just part 2 of the Fed Ex process; fillin' out the applications with 10 years worth of work/school history an' all that other fun stuff. If I pass this stage it's on to part 3: the interview! Fun. It was relatively painless. I fudged my work history a bit to remove all my underaged off the book jobs, probably shoulda taken it further like I intended an' removed Key Food too. Ah well. Hopefully they read the reason I left an' realize their opinions of me might be skewed. I also opted to take the later shift, decidin' it worked out better to allow li'l things like food an' sleep.

I got to work quarter after 12 an' did my thing the rest of the day. Got pissed off a bit at one of our CSRs. When people're gonna cancel their policies, we send out this LPR form with a memo checkin' off what they need to give us to do it. One option covers all kindsa policies by sayin' give us yer F-16 (fer cars) OR a copy of yer new policy (fer everythin' else), which I had checked on the policy in question as it was replaced. So Annette sends it back to me with a post-it sayin' not to ask fer an F-16 if it's not an auto policy. NO FREAKIN' SHIT! Tellin' me like I'm a retard when yer the dumb broad who, after how many years of doin' this shit, can't read the entire line. The morons we have workin' there are irritatin' as all hell.

I was takin' a look at the proposed new Penn Station again. It's gonna be done at the Farley Buildin' in the 30s. They're gonna cut the buildin' in half and erect this glass section that's supposed to mirror the height of the original. Frankly, it's ugly as sin. They're gonna take a gorgeous buildin' like the Farley that has classic style written all over it, an' put up this "futuristic" monstrosity. The style is UGLY. Why is it nobody speaks out against this crap? All these modern designs lack all imagination (or maybe have too much) an' style. Judge fer yerselves, just Google Moynihan Station an' see all the images that come up.

Also bein' eliminated is the Feast of San Gennaro. Apparently, residents're speakin' out against the 80 year old 11 day event. They liked it better when the Mafia ran it. Oy. I think people these days just look fer somethin', ANYTHIN', they can bitch about today. I no longer take things like this seriously 'cause the complaints make no sense. Instead of worryin' about real issues or recent things they all attack stuff that's been around longer'n them. Where does it end? It made Weird Al's song "I'll Sue Ya" a lot funnier to me. Look that one up an' take a listen, an' you'll see what I mean.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Went fer a bike ride today. Wind was finally blowin' the opposite direction fer a change, so I had a good ride back. However, the whole mood of the ride was hampered by the fact I discovered I somehow bent my rim. Again. So now I gotta take BOTH bikes to the shop to be worked on. Great. Dunno when the hell I'm gonna do that this week, especially since I need money fer train fare! Really hope this Fed Ex thing means I got the damn job...I could use the dough.

On the plus side, I did find a new hubcap near the bike path. Bonus! I gotta tell ya, ever since they fixed the place up there seem to've been a LOT more car wrecks along there. There are pieces of cars down most of the stretch between the pier an' bridge. Not to mention my hubcaps. Not a good sign. To retrieve it, I used the same stick I had last time (which was still where I left it, albeit less veritcal). I left it behind the fence where I grabbed the cap, so hopefully next time it'll still be there again.

D called me around 6 to tell me Nel'd be on his way after he popped home to eat. We all met up at 6:30 (with Sean in tow...ugh) but Nel was late. There was a line that bought him some time, but wasn't till after our turn he finally came saunterin' up the block. D bought his ticket, they made an exchange, an' we hurried to find our seat in the packed theater (one of many reasons why I go early). TMNT was good, felt just like the old movies. I hear folks say it's got the tone of the comics mixed in, so I'll take their word fer it. Hard to believe in a month (hopefully) I'll be goin' to TMNT central. We all split after.

Tomorrow should be eventful. Gotta go back to Leroy Street, fill out these things, then come back to Brooklyn to work the rest of the afternoon away. Hopefully their application process goes fast so I can shave a li'l time off my day, but I got a feelin' I'll be pullin' to 4 at least. Blah. I typed up a quickie li'l resumen in a style I feel works fer what I need, gonna load up my official transcript since I went through all the trouble to get it, an' one of my bank statements fer proof of address. Dunno how much physical info I need with me so I'll at least have all the bases covered. Fun times.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


I was up on time but didn't get outta bed till D called. That got me up, showered, an' dressed. Met him at his place where he was playin' God of War 2. His sis an' her BF showed up soon after an' we were on our way to his bank to get the cash fer his computer. He was doin' that, they went to get pizza, an' I got a phone call in the car from Fed Ex. Looks like I was worried fer nuttin', they asked me to come in Monday mornin'. Not gonna take no chances an' gonna go fer it, goin' into work in the afternoon an' workin' my shift. I was called, so gonna assume I got the job. Quesiton is, which job; courier or handler? Makes a world of difference as one's gonna be early mornin' (if I can swing it) an' the other at night. Need to know which an' when so I can schedule my fall semester in school. Just to balance things out I may take the semester off an' go back in spring. We'll see.

They all eventually came back an' we drove to Mike's place in Chinatown (lemme tell ya, dude takes some freakin' twisty-turny routes to get places). Was a small li'l shop with some comptuers on display. Basically it was a build on order operation. Place also smelled like cat piss (in which I'm an expert). After some discussion, D decided he liked the deal an' ordered his comptuer to be picked up in a few hours.

We were gonna have 'em take us back to our hood to eat, but when we heard they were goin' to White Castle we tagged along. Me, pass up White Castle? HA! We sat an' ate. I got a Crave Case so I had some to bring home but no fries, seein' as that an' my soda ate up my budget fer these two weeks. But it was worth it. Funniest part was when his sis tried to topple my tower of slyders they fell towards her BF instead of where she intended. The funniest part of that, though, was I had stuck a spent ketchup cup in the top box an' it came flyin' out onto him. We laughed hysterically fer a few minutes. Whoops! Karma fer messin' with a man's White Tower.

A clean-up later they dropped me off at home so I could check my mail an' do things while we waited fer Nelson's call. It eventually came, an' he wasn't gonna make it tonight, but could tomorrow night. So tomorrow night it is, an' once again I'm gonna miss the chat. Hell.

Plans fer MA are comin' together slowly. Four of us from NY are goin', so tryin' to coordinate that all together. If we take the train to CT one of our members there's volunteerin' to drive us the rest of the way. Tryin' to see if we can all go as a group. Also hopin' if I got the Fed Ex job it's not gonna ruin my chance to go. We'll hafta play that by ear.

I'm lookin' fer someplace to learn archery. I've always had an interest, but I must say the new Robin Hood renewed it to the point I actually wanna go an' do it. Could be fun. An' don't worry none of you animal lovers out there; I ain't plottin' to go huntin'. Just targets fer me. Figger archery requires more skill than shootin'. Anyone can shoot a gun, takes practice to shoot a bow.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Kept seein' a website requestin' reviewers on Comicspace, so I decided to finally join up. Figger I do li'l reviews anyways every week on various message boards, may as well do it in a more official capacity an' get some name recognition. So, startin' Wed, I'll be reviewin' all the comics I buy an' read on

Tomorrow I'm gonna be goin' with D to get his new computer. His sister's BF Mike says he can get him a deal as a frequent customer to this one place in li'l China Town, so we're goin' with them there. In the meantime, we're gonna be waitin' fer a call from Nel who's gonna be visitin' his gpa's grave, forcin' us to go to the movies at night fer once. Dependin' on the call, we may either see TMNT tomorrow or next weekend as D has plans Sunday.

Other'n that, day was spent workin' on reviews an' other projects, as well as sendin' Keith the pitches fer the proposed sequels to our story.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Last couple of days, I packed my change of clothes fer after work an' thought I smelled cat piss on 'em. Think in the end it was just the smell from stoppin' by the litter pans fer my jacket. However today, wore my shorts to school an' left my sweats on the floor of my room. When I went to pack fer tomorrow, I got a whiff as I put said pants into my bag. Yup, nailed. WTF, man. This is gettin' fuckin' rediculous. Gonna hafta put 'em down fer a Simple Green soak later an' wash 'em. Plus, we still dunno what cat's doin' it. We think it's mine, so I gave her a kick anyways. Bitch.

On top of that, the hell's up with my shower? Lately, every time I try to take one the damn hot water gets all wonky. It's only in the last minute or so when I need to get out it starts to work. Dunno what the hell's goin' on there, but I'm sick of ice showers!

The midterm went alright. Each question was 2.5 points, so if I only got the ones that were from the study sheet right, I'd be walkin' away with over an 80 which's fine by me. There were 4 new ones an' 3 questions where ya hadda listen to music. New ones I didn't know fer crap, listenin' I guessed. Whatever, as I said, as long as I got any of the 13 right (which I'm sure I did) I passed just fine.

CAG's been offered the chance to go tour Mirage Studios out in Northampton, MA. Fer you non-comic folk, that's the place where Ninja Turtles was born. April 20th at 2 PM's the time. I've already worked out what bus I need to get there, just need to work out a ride to an' from the depot. Since several NYers are up fer goin', Keith's tryin' to work with us to arrange a carpool deal. Hey, as long as I can get a ride to the actual place, I'm goin'. Never been to MA, could be fun.

I banged out a third script, gonna go over it an' make it sound a li'l less rushed 'fore I pass it on to Keith. Also contacted the MA CAG member who messaged me on Comicspace to see what his forte of work was. Doin' that seemed to work well with Keith so may as well repeat success an' do stories tailored to the guys I'm workin' with. I'm gonna just keep throwin' as much shit out there as possible, get my profile nice an' high so this way when I go to the conventions an' stand at the table I can say hey, here's my stuff here. It's all about the credits.

Forgotten NY's newest page is all about the deterioration of Corona Park. I ain't never been there myself yet, but I've intended to go. I gotta tell ya, the pics there pissed me off to no end. This city neglects it's outer parks like a joke. What they said on the page was right, if Central Park looked as bad it'd never stay that way fer long. The World's Fair monuments are in severe disrepair, mosaics are unceremoneously patched up with ordinary concrete, rust runs rampant... It's bullshit. I'm almost tempted to go out there once a week an' do at least a litter clean-up.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Forgot the damn comic I was gonna exchange again. Hadda go all the way home then go all the way to the bank only to come back to the shop an' do my business. Redid my pull-list too, finally. Came home, did my readin' an' BSed basically. Tomorrow gonna hafta study fer my mideterm as I got a few hours before.

Social commentary time!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a staunch supporter of the NYPD. I had ties to them an' I think like a cop. Hell, aside from the lack of a badge I am a freakin' cop. But, because I support them doesn't mean I turn a blind eye to the crap that goes around. We had 3 cops gettin' arraigned this week 'cause they tried to go above the law. These cops I don't support. I don't support people who pervert what the badge means, who take their authority an' become worse than the scum they fight against. But at the same time, I know that's not the entire NYPD...just those cops. This city, however, rarely makes the distinction.

When a cop does wrong, the entire department gets the blame. Meanwhile, with the FDNY, if a fireman does wrong only that fireman gets blamed an' the department is still regarded as the city's heroes. Hell, I don't even remember a negative story about firemen till January 2005! We had a couple firemen get busted in another city. Fer what, not sure, an' don't care. All I know is the department will come out smellin' like roses an' these guys will only pay the price. It doesn't matter what firemen do: steal from calls, drive stoned, crack people over the head with chairs, bring teenaged girls back to the station house fer some "fun"... The department doesn't get the blame. But a couple bad cops, an' the NYPD is shit. That's just wrong.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


When in the shower a song came on I liked an' wanted to try an' DL later. Figger alright, check Jack's site to get the playlist history an' I'll know what it is. I do so, an' they skipped over the freakin' song! They had the one before it, the one after, but not the one I freakin' wanted! What the hell is the point of a playlistin' if ya don't list all the damn songs ya play?! This ain't the first time neither. I rely on those damn lists to find songs I like, seein' as radio has an aversion to announcin' credits these days.

Class was short. VERY short. I got there, prof passed out practice versions of the midterm. Figgered we'd go through 'em one by one as a study guide, but instead he revealed that all the answers were A. Yowsa. Then after a bit of talkin' about the exam, he dismissed us! Was there not even a half hour. Hey, no problem with that! Now I just need to find time to study is all, since he's gonna muck around with the order of the answers. No, the actual test won't be entirely As.

Keith had me send the script off to Mark an' I had him give me info on another character he created fer a webcomic idea I had. I also realized as it was approachin' midnight I forgot all about havin' to update my site. Crap. Rushed through that, an' fortunately this week's entries were small ones an' didn't require too much work outside of formattin'. Gonna try this weekend to read the next few so I can have 'em typed up an' do what I need to do an' avoid the rush like this. The mind is always the first thing to go, I tells ya.

Monday, March 19, 2007


I tried to salvage the interview, but no can do. The sound quality was too low in some places to matter. I informed Mark an' contacted Fidel with the possibility of havin' to do it again. So we'll see what happens. At least I tried.

Decided to go ahead an' make a couple of the corrections to the script to send off to Keith. See what he thinks of them in action before we make any more adjustments. I also started workin' on a proposed seuqel I mentioned to him as well as dreamt up a third part if so inclined. I'm takin' his idea of hell an' demons to the Nth level. If we get to them or not, who knows. But they're there if needed.

Goddamn garbage came by early tonight. REAL early, like before 8. We don't normally get ours out till around 11-ish 'cause they only come between 12 an' later. But no, tonight they came early an' barely anyone had their trash out. Recycles didn't pass so I at least got them there. Stupid jerks.

I had a conversation with Maya, Tina's friend from January, on Facebook. Nuttin' major, just some back an' forth banter. She saw them today an' basically commented on me like Amaryllis' BF did when I commented on her pictures, sayin' she didn't appreciate puttin' so many comments an' makin' moves on her "wifey." It was hillarious. She's such a card sometimes.

Ya know, I can't get used to Figaro bein' my friend. When we first got him, I still hadn't made the transition from dogs to cats an' basically roughoused with the kitty a bit too much. That got him nice an' skiddish of me an' he spent the first couple years under the bed till ma'd come home. Then he began to work his way around, just settlin' fer takin' off whenever I'd come near. This past month, though, he comes to me lookin' fer attention an' follows me around when I'm gettin' ready fer bed to be pet. He also hangs out with me in the front before I go to bed. Willingly. It's kinda cool, and unusual at the same time.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Plan was simple. Get up early, handle my computer business, shower, leave. Of course I still ended up gettin' held up an' leavin' late. But, I managed to catch the D train at 36th street (missin' the N after boardin' the R) an' got to 59th street by 4:30. Not too bad, Columbia was only 50 blocks away. I got off to catch the 1 train the rest of the way. 3 train was there, crowded, an' just left by the time I got to the platform. I waited a good 15 mins fer a 1 train to come an' be just as crowded with no room fer ANYONE to get on, let alone me. I went back down to the D platform to see if I could catch it the rest of the way, but hearin' the A was makin' local stops 'cause of construction caught it when it came. Got off at 110th to avoid crossin' through the park at 116 an' walked the rest of the way. Was 15 mins late, but they let me in. Let people in after the show was well under way too, so that was one concern I didn't need to have. Ugh.

Lucked out, though. Show started 15 mins late as my prof predicted so I didn't miss nuttin' by the time I got there. Wasn't too bad at all. First two songs were slow sad ones but the audience came alive with each upbeat tune they played throughout the show. Music wasn't too shabby, not that I'd make a point to listen to 'em again. Some unintentionally comedic moments came from when they tried to organize themselves an' their stations on stage. Looks like they needed to spend less time on the music an' more time practicin' their choreography an' set changes. There was a 15 minute intermission (which was marked by them just leavin' the stage rather'n bein' announced) where they lowered a screen an' rearranged the stage to make room fer it fer a slide show fer ONE song. After that song they left fer a couple minutes as the screen went up an' the stage restored as it was. Yeah, it was that disfunctional. Ah well. ( To see where I went go to

Got home fairly quick now that I knew how the trains were behavin'. Had called D earlier to tell him that sis cancelled her plans fer tomorrow (an' all friend plans) an' he suggested we go out to dinner when I got back. So called him when I got home to find out where we were eatin' while I was playin' with Cutie an' Pepper (the two cats we feed out front, we've been slowly tryin' to get them to come inside an' so far they do come into the hallway with some coaxin'). However, cut the call short to help my neighbor Cindy try to get her car out of it's snow bank. Crappy front-wheel drive crud in snow an' ice. Eventually, with some advice from pops on the porch, we got her out an' she was on her way. Called D back an' we settled on Circles. I had come home in order to get changed (wore my jeans an' boots, which were killin' me big time) but opted to go as is an' just deposited the extra crap in my jacket pockets 'fore I went.

We ate an' chatted, filled him in on all the goings on he mighta missed last we talked or didn't see in my Facebook blog. We arranged a hangout on Sat to go see TMNT when it comes out. Gonna try to snag Nelson to see it, if his gal will let him. She didn't seem too keen on seein' it with us an' I'm sure she'd love the weekend fer them to be together, but gonna try to borrow him anyways. If not, we'll still go.

I had intended to finally transcribe my interview tonight, but ma decided to stay up late again. So, gonna do it tomorrow after work when I can have total peace an' quiet. Audio quality this time around was crappy as all hell, so really gonna need to listen. Under a half hour long, figger should take about an hour to transcribe, another few minutes to edit, then I can have it to Mark in no time.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


I have 4 instant messenger services an' when nobody is on, NOBODY is on. I was so freakin' bored tonight night! Argh!

Okay, I finally finished my room. Just a couple stragglers I hafta bring downstairs an' basically it's all done. At least till I get some new furniture. Need a computer desk an' a bed with storage. I had found a decent desk but just an issue of gettin' the internet, and cable, in my room. If I'm gonna be workin' in there I ain't comin' out fer shit. Maybe I'll get it anyways, the one I got's fallin' apart anyways. Crap, also gonna need a chair, ain't I? Crap...

Spent the rest of the night workin' on comic reviews an' my DB list. Sis told me all plans're cancelled 'cause she wants to focus on family stuff which puts her not in the mood fer other stuff. Probably call D tomorrow an' let him know to stand down. An' tomorrow's that dumb show. Jeans an' a nice t-shirt, that's all I'm wearin'. How formal a venue could it be?

May 5th is somethin' called Free Comic Book Day. It's an annual event where publishers put out a book, an' sometimes additional merchandise, that comic shops give out fer free. The idea is to get new people into comics by givin' 'em free samples. A good idea, except advertisin' fer it is crap an' limited to only venues that already established comic fans will see it. We don't want this. Comics have things fer both adults AND kids. Help spread the word, or if ya have a kid get them into the joy of readin' with their first batch of comics. To find yer local shop go to or call 1-888-COMIC BOOK. See what all the fuss is about.

Friday, March 16, 2007


It's snowin' an' sleetin', makin' the streets nice an' slippery. It's also cancelled all the plans we made fer tonight. Yeah, 'cause of the weather, sis cancelled the gatherin' an' moved it to Monday night. Damn weather. So that basically leaves us all with less chill time as she's gotta be on a plane on Tuesday an' everyone else has work early in the mornin'. (Although not really a concern fer me as I usually go to bed at 2 AM anyways). She also can't make this stupid show on Sunday. Joy. Ah well, hopefully it doesn't suck.

Eventually I shoveled the front. Was a bitch an' a half as it was all compacted ice I hadda fight against to remove. Eventually I gave up an' just let the rock salt do the work fer me. Strained my flamin' arm to all blue blazes. Hate shovelin'. At least I didn't hurt my back this time. Of course, didn't matter anyways as the snow kept on comin' an' it was covered again soon after.

Finished up the script an' sent it off to Keith. Gonna wait on notes from him before I make too many improvements. Save me some work.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Went home after work fer a quick lunch break, then packed up my stuff an' got on the train (although a bit later'n I intended). Made it up to Columbia within the hour but then ended up lost. Freakin' misread the interactive map I checked. I hadda go to Miller Theater, ended up at Alfred Learner Hall. Didn't realize the theater was RIGHT NEXT to the subway. Oy. Well went in an' got my tickets. Forgot to ask if there was a dresscode at the venue so I'll hafta call 'em tomorrow. Hopefully sis is able to come with me Sunday.

Like a dumbass, I was thinkin' about somethin' an' went back into the subway. I had intended to walk to the 6 train on 110th so like a super dumbass I just left the 1 train to do it. I tried to make it within the 10 minute transfer time, but when I got to Central Park it was moot. Walkin' along CP North, I looked up through the trees fer the blockade there, and then I noticed the rock formations leadin' up to it. Somethin' overcame me. I had a choice; get to the train, save myself $2 an' get my major declared...or climb.

No choice at all really. I climbed.

God I had forgotten how much fun it was to do that! I did it all the time upstate, plenty of mountains an' rocks an' such. Also had the added challenge of the rocks bein' slick from rain an' my Converse with their shitty traction. But I did it. Climbed up an estimated 3 stories an' had the entire blockade area all to myself fer a good few minutes. As I looked around the wooded area I just felt at home. I felt at home in NYC where I haven't fer years. THAT'S how I know I belong in a more rural area. My sis could never figger out why that is 'cause she regards me as the perfect city dweller. Maybe I am. But the city ain't felt like home fer a good long time. And it was so beautiful up there. I just wish I had more time to enjoy it. But I know fer sure ever the day I find myself attached again I'm bringin' her up there on a warm winter day to stand an' just look out over the scenery like I did. Somethin' to share, big time.


On the way back down I avoided the paths an' just treked through the wooded areas. Stumbled along a li'l man-made runoff fer one of the nearby bodies of water; two li'l ponds fenced in by rocks. Must look awesome after a lotta summer rains. Headed down past the Harlem Meer an' continued on my way. Got through some construction delays an' found the subway eventually. Was a short ride down to the school, although I was in my goin' to mindset instead of comin' from an' ended up on the wrong side of the train. Ah well.

So I went to the film office an' asked, they said all I hadda do was just show up. Geeze, thanks fer tellin' us that, people. Here I was tryin' to be polite an' make an appointment. Gah. Fuckers. Went an' hadda wait fer a bit till the dude finished yakkin' an' helpin' another student. Did my thing, got his stamp, went to OASIS to turn it in, an' as of checkin' my transcript tonight I'm a film major with a minor in creative writin'. Booyah. Now when I can register fer classes I can take LEGITIMATE classes instead of the bullshit I have been. Woohoo. Of course, all the walkin' an' climbin' I did left me rather sore an' tired, so I said screw waitin' an hour an' a half fer class an' went home. Fun as it all was, been so long since I've done that much exertion at once. Need to get back into it.

Worked on the script some. It's really takin' me a while 'cause I hafta change the entire tonality of what I wanted to do to fit Keith's character. So tryin' to find the perfect mesh. Maybe somewhere down the line I'll have an artist friend I can commission to do the story the way I wanted fer our personal portfolios. Or maybe if I ever get to direct a TV anthology like the Twilight Zone I can turn it into a screenplay. Either way, it's been a challenge. Hell, before I even write the damn thing I go through rewrites in my head. Extensively. Tryin' to find the best angle to make it interestin' all within 8 pages. It's hard to fill 22 pages, it's hard NOT to overfill 8.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Got a call from Fed Ex. They wanted me to come in tomorrow mornin' to fill out some applications. Hadda ask fer another date as I need at least SOME time to take the day from work. So waitin' on that. Hopefully it's a good sign that I got the damn job. Wouldn't that be a kick? Now all I hafta do is figger out how I'm gonna get two weeks off from my other job to train. And then juggle workloads. Oy I must be crazy.

It was a beautiful day fer bikin'. Wind was barely blowin' which meant I woulda got a clean ride both ways. Of course, that's when my pedals start actin' up, like I'm hittin' somethin' on the rotation. Cut my ride short at the Wharf an' turned around. Didn't wanna end up blowin' my chain 40 blocks away like last time. Pops took it fer a spin at home an' found the rear shifter's off track. So as long as I stay outta the 2 affected gears I'm good. Just gotta take that one to the bike shop too now. Maybe I'll get it over with this weekend, so I still got a spare bike as well as havin' 'em ready fer the possible chance of me an' Tina doin' our long overdue bike hangout.

Speakin' of hangin', we've got plans tentatively set fer Friday the four of us. Considerin' they ain't startin' to late I might look into a nap so I'm awake fer it. Not as young as I used to be, energy's practically gone. Be nice if the four of us could hook up, it happens less frequent than I'd like. I mean, it took us 5 years to do it a second time. I don't see sis or Tina enough. Not nearly. My fault fer not takin' advantage of all the free time we had in high school. Now we're all busy with careers an' lives an' movin' away an' I basically missed my shot. At least I'm stuck with D. He grew up with me, no escape. HA!

I've decided tomorrow to plow through my work so I can work on my script to send to Keith. Gonna be hard from keepin' distracted, but gotta do what needs to be done. When I get home, gonna eat an' try to be on the train just before 3. Gonna take at least an hour or so to get to Columbia, then I gotta track down the box office, then I gotta walk across the island to the 6 an' take that down to Hunter so I can go to the film department, have 'em tell me what to do about my schedule, an' then maybe hopefully see this bastard once an' fer all. I might skip class after, probably gonna be nice an' wiped an' seein' as I'll have nuttin' to do fer an hour I won't feel like waitin' around.

Sorry, administrative bullshit usually saps up all my patience. Ah well, it's the Tuesday class I really need to be there fer, mid term review.

It's funny the stuff that comes up. Joanna, old friend from Junior High I found on Myspace months ago, was home sick an' doin' surveys to keep busy. One question about her first kiss named this guy Robert I used to know. He was my mortal enemy as kids, used to torment the shit outta me in summer camp at Redeemer St. John's. That's right, big ol' me was tormented by this scrawny, ugly fucktard when in a normal world HE'D be the one picked on. By high school, though, he had changed a lot, mellowed out, an' we were whatcha could consider friends. I forgave, but never forgot. Hard to forget, really.

Anyways, my "excitement" about her answer sparked a brief convo between us which led to differin' philosophies. I found myself wonderin' on the bike path how different she is an' if I'd remember enough to notice the change. I also wondered what woulda happened differently if I wasn't so retarded in junior high. Ah well, I was who I was an' now I am who I am. Sometimes I miss bein' the other guy. Sure, he was naieve to the ways of the world, a bit retarded, maybe kinda geeky...but he was polite an' a helluva nice guy, especially considerin' the daily abuse he took. Now fer those of you goin' "Whatchu talkin' about, Willis? You still a nice guy!" lemme tell ya, you think I'm Mr. Goody Two-Shoes now? Shoulda seen me when I had a completely repressed evil streak. Of course, all that got me was bein' a human doormat. Now I'm the door since I slam into the faces of those who would step on me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I looked up some weight loss tips at work, found these 10 tips that seemed doable. One was one I intended to do but never did; that was goin' up an' down the stairs at home several times. Think I might do that when I come home from work fer now on, do the stairs about 10 times then go up. Another one was take longer routes to places ya walk to an' try to beat yer times...which I've already been doin' with the subway an' my walks to Fort. So I'm already doin' the good stuff. Good.

I called the professor again. Voice mail again, left a message, no call-back. Called the film department, couldn't get through at all. So at school I took a few mins an' went over to the office to see if I could find some office hours or somethin'. Luckily I did. Think I'll try to call him again when I KNOW he's there or just pass by later on an' just drop by. Maybe hit the office first an' let them tell me what to do. I also called the Columbia box office an' I'm gonna hafta go there in order to get my student discount. Was gonna go tomorrow, but now that I got the office hours gonna do both on Thursday, then decide if I'm gonna stick around fer class or say screw you guys, I'm goin' home. We'll see.

Filmation's Ghostbusters got the DVD set treatment, ironic considerin' the other show was more popular. I bought it as research material fer whenever I get around to my eventual crossover story, make sure I do it right. Open it up an' find one of the jewel cases to the DVDs was shattered. Grrr. Contacted the site to see about a replacement, so waitin' on that. I'll watch them in the meantime, just to get an idea. Saw the first 3 eps...a li'l dumber than I remembered. Ah well.

By the way, if ya ain't checked out Robin Hood on BBC America, do so. It's a damn good show. 2 eps in and I'm already hooked. Can't wait till next year when season 2'll be shown in the US.


Finished up my two articles an' sent them along to their respective places. Now just gotta wait to hear back on them an' see what's what. Me an' Keith also finalized our story, so I'm gonna start writin' up the basic script to build on. Was hopin' to get it done today, but was feelin' unmotivated. I also finished puttin' the CAG issues up on the DB so that's good to go. Now I just gotta do Bigger an' get Matt some publicity. Also got some new friends on Comicspace, one a Mass. member of CAG who wants to do a project with me fer the group. So I said sure. We'll see what develops from that one day. The bosses did wanna start gettin' some more interaction between the groups, so figger another state (while still East Coast) is a start.

I had intended to do a couple more official things today. One was to call this dude about declarin' my major, which I totally forgot. The other, try an' get tickets fer the show on Sunday fer my report fer class. Tomorrow when I'm at work, seein' as Steve's out an' the load should be light, gonna try to call him again an' see when I can get this done, as well as stuff fer the show. My transcript came damn fast so I'll have both versions ready as I'll need 'em.

Tomorrow sis is due back in NY as of 7:30. Arrivin' in Newark after a dumbass connectin' flight. She's tryin' to get me, Tina an' D together fer a hangout as it's difficult to snag all four of us. As far as I know, I've got the most accomodatin' schedule bein' outside of work an' school I really got nuttin' planned fer this week. Good thing she didn't come last week, 'cause then I mighta hadda contend with my meetin' an' stuff. An' next week I think I got my midterm so hey, works out nicely.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Keith has selected the story he wants ta do with me, a story that was inspired by Ghost Riders in the Sky from the Ghost Rider movie. However, he wants to insert his own character, Rockabilly Rex, into the main role. So we're gonna do a li'l back an' forth on that to see if we can't accomodate both our visions an' make it a real collaborative. Once we get the story ironed out I can start writin' an' he can tweak up whatever I get wrong on his character. I also got an idea fer the webcomic an' contacted James to see if it'd fly the way I wanna do it.

Tina deleted her Myspace. It was comin', had a lotta drama comin' through there. Ah well, so long as I got a workin' E-Mail fer her I'm good. I did IM her tonight to tell her I ain't doin' this chat every couple months crud no more. Unacceptable to me. Gonna basically drop a hi of some sorts every now an' again to let her know I still know she's alive an' what not. If a convo can form outta that, great. If not, no big. I know she's a busy gal who stretches herself WAY too thin. Ain't lookin' to give additional headaches. Also looks like Christi ain't movin' to Georgia anytime soon. Had a bit of a fallin' out with her friend. Ah well. Much as I understand the need to get away, this here wasn't the way to do it.

Finished up my second article, now just gotta read through 'em an' fix 'em up so they're presentable to the general public. Unfortunately, Dimestore's a week behind 'cause of the webmaster's recent surgery but that's how it goes. Also finished puttin' up the Anthologies on ComicbookDB so that's all gravy. Decided to do my Spiderfan reviews Tuesday. Tomorrow I may work on transcribin' my interview, we'll see.

D called. Guess he was bored, wanted me to come over an' chill. So chill we did. Talked a lot, then played Batman: Rise of Sin Tsu. Not a bad game, but the fightin' mechanics are wonky an' far too many combos to remember. Also tried to see the range on the walkie talkies the 'rents got fer usptate, but they didn't work too well. Low batteries an' such. Hafta try when they're fully charged.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I had set my alarm fer 11 an' gotten up. Needed some laundry done so figgered that'd give me enough time in preparation fer Danielle's call. Although that didn't come till around 2-ish. See, she was gonna be up at the local church fer a kid's bday party (obviously bringin' her kid to attend) so I was gonna pick up the candy I bought there. Got there a few mins after she called an' wandered on inside to find her. Candy was a bit short 'cause her male relatives decided to help themselves against instructions, but no big. Like we needed more junk in the house anyways. Let her keep the full $20 an' headed on my way.

Craig had called to remind me he's due to leave at 3:30, so I gathered up the last of my stuff, changed some songs on my MP3, an' STILL managed to leave late. Friggin' hell. Caught a bus a bit after 3 an' got there quarter to 4. Gave Craig his books, got the money, did some catchin' up with him, Tommy an' Charlie (whom I hadn't seen in a good long while) before takin' my leave fer the train to make my meetin' at 5. Unfortunately, what I didn't know was there was no goddamn D service from Coney Island to 36th street! Gah!

I woulda hadda take the train all the way down to Coney to catch the N back. Said hell no an' went down to re-catch the bus while decidin' if I should do that or just trek all the way to an N station on 60th street. By the time I hit 13th I was already pretty worn out from runnin' an' walkin' all that way, so opted fer the bus. Got off on 4th an' caught the R, which fortunately took me to a waitin' N. Managed to get to MoCCA only a few minutes late. Don't ask me how I pulled that off. S'what I get fer schedulin' everythin' on one day. Ah well, at least I got my exercise. Oy!

Was the biggest turnout we ever had fer a meetin'. Eventually. People kept saunterin' in late, but it grew to a good number. We had all the big-shots; Mark, Keith, James an' Bob, so that was pretty big. Was the usual meet an' greet as we had some new members, readin' off the agendas fer the group, the group situation an' then showin' off art-work fer projects. James rounded up all the ones goin' to see 300 an' took his leave. The rest of us, save those who hadda go home or work, went to the diner to eat an' chat.

I gave Keith my pitches fer a story he could draw with me so he could look over at his liesure, an' so far he's diggin' my favorite out of the batch, so that's cool. See if he wants to do it. Mark briefly discussed my script, askin' if I had an idea of who I wanted to draw it. I said no one even though I DID have one pictured, that bein' Matt Ryan, but I figgered he'd probably be too busy with other commitments an' really didn't wanna add it to his plate. But, when I said the story was comedy Mark's first instinct went to Matt, so there we go. Gonna approach him an' see if he can/wants to. They also wanna start doin' a webcomic on the CAG site as a quicker way to showcase member works. James asked me to see what I can whip up fer it by the next meetin'. 2 pages...thought it'd be hard to do but I've already started gettin' ideas fer a strip.

After dinner, everyone but the big guys an' me split off an' we decided to go raid the local shop, bein' St. Mark's Comics. Showed Keith around as I had been there a couple times before. Told him that's what I considered a real comic shop when people mention one, not that sterile Midtown Comics everyone loves. Nah, need a nice crappy li'l hole in the wall kinda place. Too bad they redid their backissue room....woulda been fun to show Keith how cramped that place used to be. But, I guess whatever works, right?

I hadn't planned on it, but I raided the 5/$1 bin at MoCCA, an' then proceeded to raid the 50 cent bins at St. Mark's. All together, I came away with 36 comics, one endin' up bein' a duplicate. Whoops. Got home an' spent most of the night listin' 'em on my two lists, an' usin' a really crappy copy I picked up to experiment with Comic Collector Live's grading feature. Came out pretty accurate, I'd hafta say. I had also told Keith about an' how I put Psychosis up an' planned to put the CAG books, an' he was really excited about that. So when I finished putzin' around I put up 2 1/2 of the 5 anthologies. Finish that on up tomorrow.

Tomorrow's plan is to touch-up my Dimestore article, do my Estella article, finish listin' the CAG issues on the DB, then do some reviews fer Spiderfan.

Oh, and I have a new vendetta to lose weight. D sent me a message sayin' he checked out the profile of this supreme dork we hated back in junior high. Last time I checked it, he was still the fat fuck he always was. When I went to see it, saw what D saw; he had lost a LOT of the weight AND has some damn attractive gal pals writin' on his wall. No way. No way in HELL I let this guy outclass me. That, an' when I tried to wear my jean shorts tonight they felt a bit snug. So, it's on, folks. No more screwin' around. All my portions are bein' halved once again, when I'm idly sittin' around gonna do some minor exercise, gonna bike immediately as soon as I'm able amongst other things. I refuse to live in a world where I'm still a fat fuck an' this guy is a stud. Hell. No.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Work was light so I began my article when I finished, then re-did it at home after. When I got back from school I added some more an' now just need to cap it off. I used the article I wrote fer Estella as a guide considerin' I'm basically recappin' stuff I already put in there, but more specifically. I think it'll come out good, but I didn't get nearly as much done tonight 'cause I was a bit shot an' I was focused on editin' out the commercials as I recorded the Dukes of Hazzard reuninon movie. First time I seen it since it originally aired.

D called me after 11 to verify my address as a reference. Apparently he wants to become a mentor to a kid or somethin'. Hope he's got the time fer that; he works all day an' usually pretty wasted by night time. Dude's gonna need a woman to get himself a family sometime soon, way he's obssessin' over kids lately. Apparently he also saw me on the train on Tuesday; hadda go to the hospital there fer somethin' an' was in the car next to mine on the 6. But, I disappeared up the stairs 'fore he could get to me. Small world.

Got a busy day Sat. Gotta meet Danielle to get my candy as she'll be in the hood early. Then gotta go up to the store to drop off Craig's comics an' get money fer 2 months. Then from there, theoretically, I'm gonna hafta go straight to my meetin' an' probably get there uber early. That's enough to make me not wanna go see 300 like they wanna after, even if I wasn't already put off with the ticket price. 'Sides, I gotta save my money...I need furniture, new hats an' I gotta buy tix to a stupid concert to do a report. On top of that I wanna get all my 8-pagers done by Saturday so I'm gonna be writin' all tomorrow. Fun.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Captain America is dead. Marvel's decided to up the ante by killin' off their third oldest superhero. If I didn't have a pull list, I never woulda gotten an issue as the shop sold out thanks to an ad on page 2 of the Daily News. An' if I didn't hate the variant cover fer it, Craig woulda never gotten a copy. I ain't too thrilled with this event, but the issue was well written. I'm just very worried at how the stars are linin' up. Variant covers are back on the rise, additional print runs of books are issued, more an' more titles are bein' created, an' now the death of an iconic character. The last time all these elements came into play was the speculator's market that plagued comics in the 90s that led to the glut an' eventual bust of the industry. If the big guys ain't careful, that's exactly where we could be headed again. The industry never fully recovered from the last one. Can it survive the next one?

Got an IM from this chick I met in the chats last summer through another dude I met there. We had a bit of an argument in October where she proceeded to delete me from her Myspace an' block me on IMs. Frankly, I don't think that piddly li'l thing warranted all that, but whatever. So tonight she IMs me an' wants to be friends again, sayin' she's changed a lot an' what not. Alright, whatever, we'll see what happens. At least this one's not tryin' to associate with me again after toyin' with my emotions like it was no big deal.

Seein' an ad in one of my comics, I went back to this site I registered fer: It's an online database that lets ya list yer comics as well as answer 12 (yes 12) condition questions to give you an accurate grade. It's a li'l involved an' a tad outdated (my estimates are about 2 months behind) but seems like a good program. Also hafta consider it's still in Beta mode fer now. Gonna finish buildin' up my other database list while I work on this one. One day when I have a ton of free time I'll hafta pull my issues out one by one to do the condition grading. Not really lookin' too forward to that moment, even if most of my comics are brand new an' therefore near mint, as I still have 10,975 as of today to go through. That, an' as I do that I'll have to flip the boards around as I go. My almost decade old comics felt a bit funky last time I pulled one out...did the backin' boards the wrong way fer most of my collectin' life. Fun stuff.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Arctic temps are back in full swing. That alone shoulda been reason enough fer me to not go to school. That an' passin' out on my couch while watchin' a movie. Oy. But, I went anyways. Fun, fun. Good thing I did, though, 'cause the prof handed out info about the concert he's in at Columbia I can use fer my paper. I checked Columbia's site earlier an' they had nuttin' about it. Odd. I texted sis to see if she'd be interested in attendin' somethin' like that with me, seein' as it's durin' the week she'll be back. At least if it sucks I'll have company.

Right after got into a brief text convo with Danielle. Her kid was doin' some kinda graph fer school that required some kinda info from me or somethin'. Think I hadda do one of those back in my day. Also asked me about substitutions fer my candy purchases as she didn't have quantities I asked fer. See, last week she sent out E-Mails to her pals sayin' her kid's sellin' the stuff fer school so said I'd buy some come my next paycheck (tomorrow, fer those keepin' track). Not that I NEED more junk food, but hey...who wants to win an eraser fer all that hard work, huh?

Remember the review I wrote fer Fearsmag? Bob apparently contacted the guy who said he had misplaced it after I sent it. So he had me send it to him an' then he passed it along. I don't even remember what I wrote in the review. January 23rd was the creation date on it, s'how long ago that was. Ah well...I was ready to write it off. No big. I had asked pops about the technical info I needed, but he neglected to give me an answer, so I'm just gonna fake it in the story. Let motorcycle enthusiasts fill in their own blanks an' others to just accept it as a plot point. Other projects are progressin' slowly.

Cats at work are in trouble again. Little James has been complainin' about cleanin' up the catfood in back (which he hasn't done in months) an' Van says the food is the cause of our recent mouse problem. Bullshit. Ma wants to try an' capture the original kitty to put in our back yard so she can be fed without fear of these assholes. Only problem is, the number is growin'. First we had the siamese lookin' one, then a black one, then one that resembled Garfield, then a gray one an' now we got a gray an' white one. Oy.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Me an' D both arrived at the theater the same time. Time was closin' in on 11 an' so sign of Nel or his GF. He called 'em to find out they were still on the BQE as she lives in Queens. They said we coulda gone in ahead of 'em, but D wanted to be a good friend an' wait. Not that we was really in a rush to see the flick anyways. They arrived at 11:30 havin' dropped the car off at Nel's house an' walked the rest of the way. Seein' as the movie was aleady goin' an' ain't nuttin' else we wanted to see that'd be comin' up soon, we decided to hit lunch first an' go from there.

Anapoli was crowded, but only took a five minute wait to get a table. (Yes, sis, the cute waitress was there, but was on counter duty.) Them three had breakfast meals as we arrived durin' brunch. Me, I had my usual burger 'cause fer some reason it was cheaper on that menu than usual. Hey, works fer me.

After, we headed up fer some pool but decided on watchin' movies at D's place. Movie of choice was Resident Evil. I was tryin' to get my damn nose clear the whole time, freakin' sinus congestion. Then there was an issue with D's couch. See, it's inflatable, but apparently ever since Sean last sat on it the back has been deflatin'. The couch didn't even last the whole movie before Nel an' his girl were sinkin' down backwards. When the flick ended, we decided to explore fer the hole an' eventually found it on the front. I fixed it up with D's patch kit fer it, so we'll see how long it holds out. Told him get Sean to buy him a new one, seein' as D blamed it on his keys. At least my fat ass didn't blow it out!

Nel's gal hadda get back at 4, so after D showed us this "awesome" fight scene from Final Fantasy 7 (which sucked as most Anime does) they headed back fer the car an' we caught the bus to head up to 86th Street. Hit Circuit City which, fer once, wasn't blastin' music so we could actually hear an' think. Had nuttin' I wanted, but got ma 3 DVDs. D got two. We paid an' made a quick pass through KB Toys before catchin' the bus an' headin' home. He was gonna meet up with Sean to do some stuff, I went home an' did some website work an' more plottin'.

Got an E-Mail from the E-Zine editor last night sayin' if I wanted to do some strips fer the Zine. Before I committed to that, told her to go surf examples of my artwork an' see if she really wants somethin' from me like that. My best stuff is my Prospect Park, an' I doubt anyone'd really wanna be associated with that. So we'll see what they say after they browse that stuff. I also put up another comic I did on my Deviant Art. Not as many immediate responses as the other, but it's there. I'll slowly stick up the rest of the artwork I ever did on there. Why not, right?
Also saw the Dukes of Hazzard: The Begnning. Better than the movie, obviously on a TV budget, but still not the Dukes. Maybe some day Hollywood will get it right.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Li'l excitement on the bike path today. Someone thought they saw a body in the water an' called it in. As I was on my way back home I saw the fire engines come down from the Verazano Bridge entrance. Seein' as I ain't never seen FDNY down there before, I stopped to see what was up. Soon they were joined by motorcycle cops, an ambulance in the car park an' one down on the path. Turned out to be nuttin' more than some trash that resembled a person unless ya looked through some kinda lense. Ah well, at least the response time was good.
Bikin' was a pain today. When I decided to go it was warm an' sunny. When I finally got out it was cloudy an' heavily windy with a storm movin' in. Which never came. Didn't stop me from barely makin' any headway as I biked home. Fought me the ENTIRE way. If I stopped pedalin' I probably woulda been movin' backwards.
After some rest I finished up my room. An' I mean finished. Aside from some touch-ups an' stylin', I got everythin' put away as best I can. I even found some stuff I'd been lookin' fer fer years. That was a very cool bonus.
Plans got changed a bit. Apparently Nel's GF wouldn't let him go see Ghost Rider 'cause she didn't wanna see it. Instead, me an' D begridgingly agreed to Wild Hogs. Ah well. At least I don't hafta pay to see it, what with my gift card to the theater from Xmas yet. Bonus!

Friday, March 02, 2007


Gettin' bad with forgettin' to put stuff in here lately. Yesterday Jim's brother in law came by the office an' asked ma about me then came to see me. I didn't recognize him but ma said I used to hang with is kid upstate so a bell started to be rung. Slightly. Remembered the kid somewhat, still didn't recognize him. Then, a bit later I was doin' renewals an' had someone's policy fer a mobile home that's located, you guessed it, upstate. Two upstate connections in one day. A possible sign fer the summer? Hopefully it's a good one.
As soon as I got home I washed an' oiled the bike, 'cause while it rained all mornin' it was spring the rest of the day. After I did some business I went fer a ride. IN SHORTS! Oil seemed to do the trick on the squeak from last time. Dunno why it needed any oil; barely rode it since the last time we greased it. Ah well. Still gotta get a chain fer the other bike. Wanna have it nice an' ready 'cause I'm gonna attempt to get Tina to bike with me like I've been tryin' fer years. She promised me a ride once but backed out 'cause of some guy drama. Then, one day she called me up to ask me to go bikin' when my old bike was outta commission. Of course, once I got my bike fixed the bike she had suddenly got some bad memories attached to it. Well, now I got two bikes that she has no memories of an' while she always has some kinda guy-related drama, hopefully I earned a place past it all.
That song I liked from Ghost Rider? I had intended to do a web search fer it whenever I got around to it. Mentioned it to my friend Ben who not only found it but dug it as well. Saved the link he gave me in a chat with sis (as Gmail saves 'em automatically) an' DLed it when I got the chance. Later on I put it on my MP3 so now I'm happy. Still can't wait to go see it again Sunday, if that's still on. I'll hafta call D after I do my interview tomorrow.
I intended to do work in my room, but forgot about Monk an' Psych an' watched those. Then I got caught up in Fantastic Four an' started to pass out after, so decided on just goin' to bed early. At least then I could be awake fer tomorrow. Gettin' up early on a Saturday, what a crime. I also hafta go order my transcript from school so I could go declare my major. What kinda crap is that, huh? Gotta go see a guy IN the school an' they can't even look it up? The hell's the point of all that computer stuff if they don't use it?
Oh, an' a final rant; the Geico Cavemen are gettin' their own show? What the hell? Someone actually saw them an' said gee, what a great idea? Let's do a sitcom? Oy. If this doesn't prove that TV is crap today, I dunno what does. However, as we live in the Jackass generation I wouldn't be too surprised if it's a hit.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Today at midnight Estella's Revenge launched, along with my first article fer them, COMIC BOOKS: THE FOUR-COLORED HISTORY. Fer those who don't see my bulletins you can go check out the 'zine at Go give a gander.

Alright, this may sound retarded, but on the train today I thought some girl was checkin' me out. I am probably HORRIBLY wrong, but she just seemed to look down my way of the car a lot when I was lookin' out the window opposite her, then a lot less when I turned my attention to the window in front of her. Also caught the occasional glances, hard to miss with her blue eyes. But, ya know, I'm probably wrong. Probably was just lookin' to make sure I wasn't lookin' at her an' that she wouldn't need the can of mace or somethin'. Honestly, I'd never notice the subtle signs of attraction 'cause I ain't expectin' 'em. Gal wants me to know she's interested, she's gonna hafta blatantly slap me in the face with it. Heh ah well. There was my moment of retardation fer the day.

Monday night I had done some rearrangin' in my room an' changed up my Ghostbusters display (those that know get this, those that don't, all I can say is ya will when I finally take pics). Also decided to remove my Neca Stay Puft from his box to include in that. Yeah, I don't like it. Too flat an' bland. So gonna switch it back out but now I got a dilemma...where to put Stay Puft? Dude is freakin' HUGE an' I'm just about outta places fer somethin' like that. So I'm gonna hafta get real creative. I think I may just manage to get all my crap comfortably in my room. That'd be a real feat.

It's funny how life keeps givin' me inspiration fer my comic-themed articles. Well, shouldn't seem too strange since art immitates life, but every time I'm stuck fer a topic somethin' comes along an' gives it to me. Think my next one will be about the status quo; how no matter how many changes're made to a character they'll always revert back to square one. I was made to realize I've never actually left said square, so that's how that came about. What's that in regards to? I ain't gonna say, nuttin' of consequence. That's one thing that's already at the status quo, an' I got too crappy a writer to try an' take the risks to move past it.

Yes, I'm usin' comics in life philosophies now. They ain't just fer kids, ya know.