Friday, June 30, 2006


What a bitch and a half! Last night, I tried to upload my new story after finally, FINALLY fixin' a good number of the problems with it (with Ben's help). But, I couldn't get it to load worth a crap. So, I sent it to myself so I could do it at work. More of the same, but when I finally got it to work friggin' story was chopped! I needed to paste what was missin' manually so I could post it up, but didn't have the rewrite handy. Hadda get Ben to handle that, which he did. Worked on the Myspace page as well, so that's pretty much set up. Hopefully it works out.

Ma went to the docs and I decided to go with her to get an updated blood work thing done. She suggested should mention my numbness from th' weekend, and I did, but he couldn't discern a problem. We pretty much agreed musta just been from the humidity and my light headedness. Everything's fine, just the weight issue which I'm gonna take a much more aggressive role in. Blood work comes in on Thurs.

We came by bus (B1 to B70) and I intended to take the train back but th' 70 was across the street when I came out. So, I grabbed it and got off same place we caught it on 8th to wait fer the 1. Of course, it was late. Surprise, surprise. Decided to just walk home and hope I didn't aggrivate things too much. Good thing I did 'cause I found another hubcap on the way. Yay!

Dropped it off, washed up and grabbed my bike fer a ride. Made it the whole way this time, but damn wind fightin' me. Wish I could remember how it was so easy as a kid to ride that path with little to no trouble. Must just be gettin' too old fer this shit.

'Rents ain't goin' up. Pops' raidiator gave out so I'm stuck with them fer a week. Even worse is I'm off till Wed so I got four full days with them! Argh. Was chattin' on Myspace fer a bit when I heard an isntant message type sound...which's strange since my comp volume's always off. Was the beep that made me realize it was my phone next to me. Forget the damn thing's there. Pops says not sposed to leave these kinds plugged in all the time, and I can't hear it back there anyways, so with me it stays.

Turns out was a text message from wifey givin' me mock grief over her bday gift. See, intended to get her this purse she showed me a while back, but wasn't able to find one that looked familiar and wasn't able to go into our chat archives to look fer the link she sent to show me. As a backup (intended as an additional as well) got her a Hot Topic gift card which I sent and she got today. Was surprised to get a quip from her...jokin' around with her's become a challenge lately. Got fond memories of when we used to text when she got a phone; sendin' me love notes whenever she could. I miss gettin' those notes.

Do you realize if I coulda combined our relationship with my store years, I would have died from extreme happiness? No joke. Ah well...happy bday, wifey. One day I'll get to spend one with ya.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


We had another squirrel. That's right. Numero two. Saw it sucrry across the floor and back into the basement. Some think it's the same one, others that there's a hole somewhere lettin' them in. Either way. Apparently, it set off the alarm last night. Hillarious. Still didn't get it out by the time I left, so they're havin' an exterminator set out a humane trap. See what happens there.
Talked to Shannon tonight. She starts her first show Sat. What with D's party then gonna hafta see if I can log on and listen. I'd hate to miss her first show but got things to do before I depart. But, from the sounds of it, looks like her life's really gettin' together. Good fer her.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


There was a squirrel in the office. That's right. It came in and went behind this partician in the windows where we have pics of old Brooklyn on display. We tried to chase it out but it ran down to the basement where there's plenty of places to hide. So we went back to work and eventually it came back out. Went under Steve's desk and we tried ta chase it out, but little bugger found a hole in the wall and slipped through back to th' basement. Of course, Jane was panickin' a bit 'cause she don't like nuttin' furry it seems. Finally, squirrel found it's way to the front of the office where Mike locked it in with the half door we got separatin' reception from the office. Took a couple minutes, but it figgered out to go out the opened door and up the tree out front. There's a li'l excitement fer ya. Gotta love how people overreact fer a friggin' squirrel.

When I signed on, got a Yahoo message from wifey explainin' she was forced to stay in a hotel last night due to floodin' in town, s'why she wasn't on. Ma had said our neighbors up there said the campground was flooded again. Apparnetly massive floods in various spots upstate, in Jersey and PA. Caught it on the 5 PM news, caught my interest 'cause they were reportin' from Livingston Manor, a town we've frequented on our vacations. Was also funny 'cause ma brought home an article about the floods there. So we watched fer a bit. Showed one of the stores in wifey's job's chain flooded...almost coulda been wifey's store 'cept the layout was reversed. Didn't come on tonight so I'm gonna assume if she made it to work she ain't gonna be on again tonight.

Blade: The Series premiered tonight. Was meh compared to the movies, but I'll give it a chance to see if it's just sufferin' from crappy pilot syndrome. What's funny is it stars the chick from the recent strain of Mercury commercials. Well, at least now I get to know her name. Little thin fer my tastes, but attractive. In fact, seems to be the majority of everyone's positive comments about the show. Go figger.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Today I was feelin' pretty good. Dunno why, just was. Was on my bike ride and feelin' a twinge of happy again...somethin' I ain't felt in a few months. Now what I need's to get back upstate to see wifey and see if we can't salvage a friendship outta our romance. (And hopefully, one day, rekindle said romance). See how long this feelin' lasts, huh?

Monday, June 26, 2006


Before I went to bed last night, got messaged by Diane through Myspace (toldja I found her on there, didn't I?). She was havin' guy problems and guess I was the only one around at the time who could help her (I mean, surely, she must've replaced me with SOMEONE after 4 years incommunicato...unless I've jumped back to th' head of th' list in which case I feel special). Was just like old times. Used to be I'd help her like that all the time (at least I think I helped...musta if she kept comin' back...). Got me missin' them old days. Was some good times, I miss my store and he crew: Diane, Jen, Jes, Mike S, Mike B, Kristen, Steve, James, Greg, Phil, Joe, Stacey, Marcos, Yvonne, Ricky, Fatima, Priscilla, Yadira, Jackie M, Jackie R, Steph, John W, Marco, Susan, Maureen, Monica, Danielle, Samar and the others whose names I can't think of at the moment. Those times made me as happy as wifey did...if I could go back I would and do it all over again.

Wifey came on tonight and finally elivated my fears that she mighta got into THE wreck. Was my major concern, really, given how I found out about her last accident. But, was just a case of her workin' all mornin' shifts (which I did figger) but always nice to be sure. She may love me no more but I still do so there we go.

Went to Best Buy to pick up stuff we ordered yesterday. DVD sale, so I bought two, ma bought two and a phone fer next door fer whatever reason. Was hopin' they'd all be unavailable at the store so I wouldn't hafta pick 'em up and get free shippin', but only 3 DVDs were out. Ah well. Conned pops into takin' me and he picked up a phone fer his mother too...which promptly kept us in a very long line fer a while. Fortunately they decided ta let card payments go first and he did it that way. Got home and he wanted me to park the Toyota, which I did. Pulled in when he left the spot but hadda stop 'cause a dodgeball came rollin' down the gutter as I did. Dunno where the hell it came from but whatever. Hadda move it 'fore I could park.

Ma had a suggestion that me an' D could take th' apartment next door so he could pay less rent and I could get out. Unfortunately, her plan rode and me makin' more than I currently am, so it was nixed. Like I didn't already consider that back when he was lookin'. Besides, why th' hell would he wanna move AGAIN already, especially with his housewarmin' comin' up. And why the hell would I wanna MOVE him again?! I swear, if he doesn't get a U-Haul fer his next move he can do it himself!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Fer the last three weeks, my days and nights have been filled with puttin' chemicals and powders on my body. Gold Bond powder, lotions, peroxide, black sav, astringents... I tell ya, this is really no fun and aggrivatin'. Even last night, I decided to give up the ghost and get the Desitin like I used last time, hopin' their creamy version wouldn't be like a paste like last time. Needless to say, my luck held out in spades and it STILL was a paste. But, it did it's job and today haven't felt the affects of my heat rash really. Either that or it was finally on the last legs of healin'. Recommendation, folks; if yer gonna walk on hot days, don't wear jean-like pants, stop when ya get sweaty, and fer god sakes, don't do it fer 6 miles.

Talkin' to Matt, one of the guys I met on Myspace, I think I've decided I need to get out more. But, I don't wanna go on a solo hangout on the off chance of meetin' people. I'd like to be able to go out with my supposed friends once in a while. And I don't mean just to movies and shit like that, I mean to go do what people my age go out and do...within reason, of course.
Speakin' of which, called D today to plan out our movie schedule (oh, shut up) and he told me he's settled on a date fer his housewarmin': this Sat. Then Sun we'll go hit Supes Returns. Not a bad plan. He even invited Tina, but as predicted she already has somethin' to do that day and can't come. Askin' Tina on a hangout is really a crap-shoot. You need to be reeeeeeeeeeally lucky to find her available.

Speakin' of absentee friends, I haven't talked to wifey since Wed. So, either she's been workin' early all week and thus headin' to bed early, avoidin' me, or finally goin' out with her work friends. Well, if this' how our friendship's gonna be goin', me seein' her once a week if that, then I can tell ya right now ain't gonna be lastin' that way. Don't hurt to drop an EM or, I dunno, CALL once in a while, see if I'm still alive or lemme know she still is.

And don't give me "why don't you do that then if you want to talk to her so badly?"...I did most of the work in the relationship. She wanted the friendship, so she can do the work. This is me takin' a stand. I'm miserable as fuck and she knows it. She took away my marriage, so I'll be god damned if I'm gonan take another absentee friendship in it's place. But, those're just thoughts I've been havin', not necessarily how things are yet. We'll see how the situation progresses first. I know she reads my entires (or used to) so she'll know my thoughts too (not like I wouldn'ta told her), but she agrees I have a right to be angry so god damn, I'm gonna exercise that right whenever the need hits me!

On another note, was lightheaded all day and felt completely numb. I mean, I could feel stuff, yet I couldn't, ya know? Like I wasn't in my body. Very weird. Don't much like it. Also got to see Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard In Hollywood fer the first time in 6 years on CMT. Wow, did that suck. Reunion was much better if I remember right. Hopefully they play that one day.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Monday's American Chopper took the crew to the Richard Petty Driving Experience...and ya damn well know I now wanna do that. What it is is ya get to drive a real race car around a track fer a few laps. Got some packages that range a few hundred bucks, but ya know what? Gonna be totally worth it. Wifey's got a mad-on to wanna race so figger if she's ever on long enough fer me to bring it up I'd mention it. Doubt she'll be able to save enough by next year, but we'll see. Only problem is the damn racers like ta use manual trannies. I hate stick. Ah well, to quell my need fer speed, I'll just force myself to learn. Desires are also probably fueld by an overdose of cool cars: now have all th' Knight Rider seasons and Dukes of Hazzard is now on ABC Family at a more agreeable time fer me to view (CMT had it at 11, which is Daily Show time).

Writin's been goin' slow, but gonna try to keep to a schedule startin' next week. Durin' the weeks gonna work on PPE through July. Weekends I'll dedicate to website stuff and other story projects I wanna get done. Fortunately, I have th' next 3 issues somewhat started.

Personally, I'm in a rut. Fortunately it's not a debilitatin' rut, but a rut nonetheless. I haven't been able to feel happy since Wifey's revelation a couple months ago. Tonight I'm really startin' to miss her. Bad enough I never got to see her enough no more, now I got nuttin' to look forward to. Always got so excited when it was time to go see her, but that's gone. Think I realized one reason my life's so stagnant right now's 'cause I purposely made it that way with th' intent of us movin' somewhere. So now I gotta figger out how to restart it (and when I finally do, watch, that's when I'm gonna be makin' my move to another town). Also, 'cause an anniversary is approachin' which's, at this point, bitter sweet. Figgers I become aware of days when days I don't wanna remember come along.

Speakin' of wifey, she was on last night. Was her sister's grad yesterday and she told me how her exhaust fell off on th' way home and she got 4 tickets. Always an adventure with that car. Ah well, maybe if she's lucky th' State Farm "Cars" contest I entered us both in will pay off and she'll get a brand new Mustang. Heh doubtful. And yeah, if I won I'd give her the car. I can't insure it and she likes Mustangs. Maybe I'll even trade it fer the Cruiser. I mean, my pops IS th' best mechanic in Brooklyn; could probably get her runnin' right. And when he finishes his weldin' trainin' can fix th' rust too. At least it'll be an easier job than th' Chevelle and pretty damn close to th' police cars I like so much.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Shannon's officially on her way as of this weekend, so means I won't hear from her fer a week or more. And of course, without her, I have absolutely NO ONE to talk to durin' the day now. Bad enough my nights are isolated.

Needless to say, I'm bored as hell. Was gonna call D up yesterday but never got around to it, wanna know when he wants to see Supes and if he wants to see Garfield. Love to get in some b-ball, but with his knee ain't no chance of the fun we used ta have. Call him this weekend. Haven't even seen wifey in a couple days. Yupp, definitely one of my friends. Ya know, I remember how we used to talk every day until 4 AM at times. Then she started workin' and it gradually decreased in not only length but frequency, till we're finally where we are now...maybe two, three times a week with forced convo. What's sad is I predicted that as well as the inevitable split. That's how dull my life is; it's so well scripted I can pretty much figger out the next acts effortlessly.

Problem is, I used to be a loner, see. I didn't wanna be around nobody, but yet I kept gettin' dragged into hangouts and group things. So now I wanna do that stuff, but there's nobody around to do it with. It figgers, I tell ya. Just like in romance; never wanted to get married or cuddle or kiss or whatever. And now that I do, again nobody to do it with...get into it just to have it all taken away. That's how things work fer me; when I'm busy everybody wants to do stuff, when I'm free everyone else is busy. Well, now I'm extremely free. *Sigh* The price of bein' a late bloomer.

Wanted to bring my bikes to th' repair shop, but yesterday my knee was killin' me from ridin' the other bike Sun. Damn thing's apparently a bit smaller than mine and it always leaves me legs feelin' like crud after. But, I need to ride so gonna hafta just grin and bear it till I can get to 93rd. Hopefully this rain they keep predictin' keeps gettin' delayed.

Speakin' of delays, here's what pisses me off: the damn postal service. My DVDs wound up in Jersey City today, right? I Mapquested it, it's only roughly 13 miles away from me. 13 piddly miles. But ya know what's gonna happen? They're gonna be sent to a Brooklyn station to be delivered most likely TOMORROW. Jesus, can't they cut out th' flamin' middle man? I can walk 6 miles in two hours, coulda picked them up myself. And explain to me why th' hell UPS is makin' the pickup when ya order, but then transfers over to the USPS?! Aren't they like, I dunno, RIVALS? Yeesh.

Gotta finish th' next issue of PPE and start the rest. Gotta get #25 done and to Fritz so he can put his spin on it. Ah well, at least I'm keepin' busy.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


On th' plus side, finally got th' A/C on today.

On th' negative, bent my rim.

That's right. Took my bike out to test my brake (worked fine, no rub, but needed to tighten it a bit) and there was a stupid family of dumbasses blockin' th' whole sidewalk under th' overpass. So, hadda hop th' curb and ride in th' street to get around 'em to th' path. Now, wasn't goin' that fast and wasn't ridin' th' seat when I landed, but it was a helluva drop. Well, I'm guessin' that's what did it 'cause when I looked down I saw my wheel was wobblin. Got off at 79th to check it and was a teeeeeeeeeeny bit pissed. Drove back home, switched over my bottle holder to th' other bike, prepped it and took that so I could at least get my ride in.

I'm tellin' ya, I'm seriously payin' fer how good a year I had last year this year. I'd ask what else could go wrong, but I already know there's plenty. At least I got nuttin' left to lose.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Got two of my Knight Rider DVDs today. Dunno why if they all shipped at once gettin' 'em in two shipments, but whatever. Spent a good part of th' day messin' around with them and just bummin' around. Parts also came fer th' dryer and pops worked on it a bit, but needed th' shop vac brought down from gma's apartment to finish it fer some reason and was waitin' on me to do it. Whatever. Was also informed th' ant stuff was out on th' porch (a bit late) and sprayed th' dinin' room.

Finally got off my ass to shower and head downstairs to wash my laundry and work on my bike while pops took ma out fer a late bday dinner. Didn't know if he'd finish th' dryer (given it took him almost 20 years to fix th' damn toilet), so figgered I'd wash 'em and hang 'em since I'd need 'em by Monday. Found info on how to fix disc brakes OL and was usin' that as I worked on th' bike. Took a couple tries but finally got it to work right! I'll hafta test it out tomorrow since it was a bit late when I finished. Was gonna have my Hot Pockets fer dinner, but th' dryer was blockin' th' freezer lock so wasn't gonna be able to get in there. Had eggs what if I'd have 'em again in th' mornin'?

Wifey came on and th' convo was goin' good fer a bit. Then like a dumbass mentioned how I was feelin' after findin' her card th' other day. Wish I could just drop it. No, wish I could go back to October before all this crap began. Ah wells. Her cousin's comin' to visit tomorrow, one from th' weddin' pics she showed me 3 years ago (first pics of her I seen) so that's kinda cool. Hadda verify which cousin it was though 'cause she STILL hasn't made me that score card. Dammit. Also told me her sister got th' card I sent fer her graduation Wed already. Mail's damn fast when it wants ta be, I tells ya.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


We have ants. That's right. Usually get 'em around this time of year, but not in th' volume we've had. We found out they're comin' up through our dinin' room floor in two spots. Ain't that grand? 'Rents wanted me to spray before I went to bed and all th' cats were out, but of course, they didn't tell me where th' damn spray was. Dumbasses.

Somethin' I been noticin' lately; a desire to move into a quiet little town settin'. Ya know, I walk down my block and it's like a slice of quiet suburbia and I find myself desirin' to rid myself of th' big city life. I never really minded th' country. Only bad part was spendin' an entire week with my 'rents in a 26' space. Nah, I kinda like that life. I mean, it's not totally crazy...could get an apartment, find a job, I could have a car with cheap insurance rates. I been savin' fer a place in a small town or another state fer me an wifey, but since she's outta th' picture I guess I could still do it fer me. Hell, probably her what got me on this kick. Somethin' to consider.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Ya know, I sat down to update this thing and find myself drawin' a blank on anythin' that happened this week. Guess there was nuttin' major, so I'll wing it.

This weekend I tried to get my bike back in workin' order. Tooled around with th' brake a bit and got it right fer when I left, but on th' way back brake tightened up again. Also seriously aggrivated my rash. So much fer that. Gonna hafta see if I can't find that info pops told me about how to adjust it.

I went to th' store on Sat to drop off Craig's comics. He's been workin' Sats lately so I was able to get my money and money fer th' next month. Did my usual rounds talkin' to Tommy and Lenny and Charlie. Had a rare appearance by Nicole whom I haven't seen since she got a new job and started workin' only two days. Specimine was there but didn't get to talk to her. Not that we talk...usually call her specimine and she's on th' phone or whatever. Came home to catch Lewis Black on HBO, but his special sucked this time.

Last week I won some comics on Ebay. Then I saw I could get all of Knight Rider fer a buy one get one deal from Best Buy. Then I hadda get wifey's bday gift and pops a father's day gift. Basically, got a lot to pay off on my card now. Never fails.

Speakin' of wifey, been fine most of th' week but today felt crappy. Gonna take forever to end, ain't it? How do I get me one of them magic naps?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


With some of th' rare stories I manage to get outta wifey before she either falls asleep or stops contribuitin' to th' convos, th' tales about her customer experiences had got me thinkin' about some of my old customers. Especially ones I've seen now and again. Never knew them by name or talked to 'em, but I did give them names based on...well, you'll see.

MR. SULU - Tall Asian guy who always paid with a credit card. Sometimes he'd come in on skates and give us a hard time when we'd tell him that was a no-no. Dunno why he reminded me of George Takae, maybe it was 'cause of...

THE TREKKIE - Pudgy guy with a face huggin' beard. He always had a cap and sunglasses, and durin' the winter months wore a leather Deep Space Nine jacket, hence th' name. Seen him on th' streets once or twice.

THE ECCENTRIC - A little old lady who always came in her finest dresses and jewelry to shop. Always wondered why she dressed so nice pushin' her little cart. Also had one of those afghan hats.

ADAM - When I went to summer camp, there was this on/off adversary of mine named Adam. This dude comes in and looks like an older version of him. I actually see him a lot lately, hangin' around th' block and wanderin'. Guess whatever he was gettin' foodstamps fer dried up.

GORTON'S FISHERMAN - Tall dude with a white beard who wore a wool cap in winters. Looked like yer stereotypical fisherman, that's fer sure. Seen him a couple times as well.

THE GREEK - Older lady always with a bun in her hair and tarantula eyes. Wore these baggy pants that ended in extremely thin ankles and small black boots. Dunno why, but she looked Greek to me.

DANNY GLOVER - Dunno why, but this dude just made me think Danny Glover whenever I saw him. He works at th' convenience store next to th' firehouse it appears. Saw him when I went fer hot dog buns.

OLD MAN - Crodgedty old guy with a walker. In summer months he'd come in with his shirt wide open. One time, we caught him stealin' cheese in his bag and just walkin' out. We banned him from comin' back, but everyone but me forgot about it and months later he was shoppin' again. Morons.

J-LO - A very skinny latin guy. J-Lo was actually given to him by Leo, 'cause his attire and movements were very feminine and FAAAAABULOUS.

THE LESBIANS - A tall black/spanish lady and a short, fat white lady. Always shoppin' together, RARELY seen apart. You can make yer assumptions as to why th' name.

THE GIMP - This really ugly short lady who always had her arm in a lace sling. Extremely useless when ya think about how flimsy it was.

WICKED WITCH - Not that she was mean or nuttin', but th' old gal had th' look of a witch you'd see in an old movie. If I was makin' one I'd cast her as such.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Dumb boss hordes th' cancellations, I swear. Come in today thinkin' I have an easy day with no work laid out, and he comes out with piles of cancellations. Dumbass. Give 'em to me when ya get 'em! Remember I mentioned Shannon's impendin' move? Well, it's gettin' closer and she's got a new job to boot. Good fer her. Unfortunately, now I lose someone to talk to at work. Ah well.

Went to school to pay my tuition. Planned to go Tuesday but could barely walk. Been lotionin' up every chance I get and it must be helpin' 'cause my pants don't bug me no more. Anyways, dropped my check off in their drop box then headed back fer home. I swear, that 6 train is crowded no matter WHAT time ya go on it. Stupid city, we NEED that 2nd Avenue line!

I have good days and bad days when it comes to wifey. Today was an average day leanin' closer to th' bad side. As fine as I am with things, there's still the damn sting. While she gets to be over everythin' in one day, I get to go through th' actual motions until I get over it. Ain't that fun? Her sister's graduatin' Jr. High in two weeks, so I'm gonna send a card. Get it next Wednesday more'n likely when I get paid on my way home.

Haven't attempted my laundry yet since my dryer took a dump a few days ago. Th' last time I tried to line dry was when I forgot I did any laundry and was too late to run th' dryer. I hung 'em and everythin' ended up stiff and rough. Ma says used too much detergent, but I use what th' cap suggests. Th' other alternative is to do th' wash here, then head across th' street to dry. Considerin' what I need is underwear, dunno how comfortable I am with that scenario. Might give line dry a try with less detergent just fer th' hell of it while I work on my bike.

I tell ya, it's a good thing I didn't fix my bike. Been rainin' all week and this damn heat rash. If I had fixed it I'd be wishin' I was out and probably would go out despite my pains. I'm th' kinda guy who's too stubborn to quit. But, gotta get it done 'cause Sat gonna head up to th' store to drop off these comics finally. Just hope I can figger out disk brakes.

Yesterday they finally opened th' Subway I mentioned before. Passed by on th' way home and saw it all open and in business. Considerin' how long each of th' bars there lasted, gonna be interestin' to see how long this place lasts. Place yer bets, folks!

Monday, June 05, 2006


It's so nice we can still be agreeable. Told wifey tonight what I wrote in yesterday's entry, and she agreed with me. Said I should be pissed with her. Shannon thinks I'm just lettin' her get her way but also mentioned gettin' mad's a waste of time. Truthfully when I think about it think that subconsciously I know that last part and that's why I ain't pissed. What's it gonna do? Won't get her back to me. Won't put us where we were in freakin' December. We went from extremely happy and in love to nuttin' in 60 seconds. It's nice to know yer so easily forgotten. :P

Finally finished the latest GB story. Freakin' thing fought me all month, not to mention th' personal drama what kept me behind on it too. But I sent it to Ben and he's gonna give it th' once over. When I get back from payin' my tuition tomorrow I'll give it my own run through hopefully with his and get it ready fer a Wednesday post.

My heat rash is back. Old readers with a decent memory fer trivial facts might remember it, but fer you new readers I'll clue you in. Two years ago my bike broke down durin' summer and couldn't afford to fix it, so I walked an hour to and from work 'cause the bus sucked and didn't have enough fer a Metrocard fer th' train. The result? Major heat rash. Wasn't fun. But thanks to my walk, th' recent heatwave and now this weekend, it's baaaaaaack. Sure, right when I'm gonna need to ride a train fer 2 hours and climb stairs to pay hard earned money fer an education that'll only get me as far as flippin' burgers. Lame.

Tonight was also th' last Everwood episode. The WB and UPN are mergin' to become the CW in fall, and they're cuttin' shows out. Everwood was one, so they gave it a 2 hour finale. Was good except fer one part; we're supposed to feel happy that th' girl and the guy got together in th' end after a bumpy relationship, but th' fact is she stole him from his current GF! And she even told th' girl she was gonna try! Whaaaaaa?! We're supposed to feel happy fer th' BF stealer 'cause it took her four years to figger out she wanted him when we all knew from th' first episode. S'what I mean when I say people waste too much time with th' dance. You like someone, freakin' TELL THEM. Get it out. Relationships can start faster or you can move on sooner. It's a win/win if you can manage to get over this innate fear of rejection.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Today was movin' day. Fer D, not me...unfortunately. Didn't get to bed till late 'cause that's just me bein' dumb choosin' to look fer tools I'll need, and then hadda get up early. On a Sunday. Thaaaaaat's right. Anyways, I was runnin' a bit late, but I was up, dressed and ready in no time. Just as I'm puttin' th' boxes I saved fer him on the handtruck he calls to say he forgot to clean his apartment first, so gonna be delayed fer a bit. This' the overall theme of the day. See, with the boxes too, he had asked me if I had any 'fore he left so I started savin' 'em, only fer him to tell me he bought some plastic ones and wouldn't need 'em, only to tell me AGAIN he WOULD need 'em after all.

So I had breakfast, surfed fer a bit, then got the call to go. Secured the boxes and tools, and pops gave me a ratchet strap in case the bungees I took wouldn't suffice to hold stuff. Got there to find his room a royal mess, naturally. He and his sis assembled the boxes so he could finish (not that he really started) while I disassembled his bed. As movers were too expensive fer him, we were gonna use his sister's car. That got me a bit worried considerin' it was a small POS, but he tells me she got a new mini-suv. Yupp, more late info.

Things were ready to go, so we carted down a couple batches of boxes and crammed them into the tiny truck. Her BF Mike helped out a bit too. We got to his place, dropped off the boxes, then went back fer another load. Repeat. Soon, we were outta boxes thus outta loads, so now it was time fer the furniture. Their pops had decided to get them heavy wood furniture fer whatever freakin' reason, so makin' 'em lighter was a priority. His desk wouldn't cooperate as the drawers refused to come out. However, we were fortunate that the top shelf part came off and wasn't glued down as previously thought. Got that down, as well as his TV stand and a small book shelf. Of course, in order to do that we hadda put down the back seats which meant me an' D hadda walk to his place to meet 'em.

Did I mention how much of a comedy routine this was? Seriously. Aside from th' usual pitfalls and blunders, D was fairly ineffectual when it came to movin' stuff, so he handled li'l BS stuff while me an' Mike did the heavy liftin'. Didn't help his building's door didn't open all the way and the corners were nice an' tight to get into. Anyways, next run was the dresser whose drawers DID come out. We got two of those on one of the other runs. Loaded it, his TV, the head/foot boards from the bed and the drawers and made yet another trip.

Now, the only problem was his bed. Was a bit too long fer that car and we couldn't figger out how to do it. I called my pops to see if he could provide brief services. Lucked out right there. He came and we loaded the rest of the bed and my tools in the van then met him at the apartment. Shoulda had his sis stick around to drive us, but we dismissed her and Mike prematurely. Ah well. I carried the crap inside and got to work fixin' the place up. Managed to set his bedroom up the way he wanted so that was a plus. A word on his apartment: he's overpayin'. Two large rooms and a bathroom is what he's payin' fer. A good startin' apartment I guess, but not fer the money he's payin'. Damn NY.

He ordered us some Dominos and we ate and wrapped fer a bit before headin' off. Dropped off the tools at my house then went back to his fer the rest of my stuff. He was gonna hang with his buddy from school (who wouldn't come help, BTW) while I retired at home to stew in my soreness. Thing is, he's not finished movin'. Half his stuff (mostly clothes) is still at his old place 'cause instead of startin' to pack when he found out he'd hafta move like a normal person, he decides to wait until the last minute...with California especially pushin' it back. And here's the kicker! The move was pointless! That's right, if you've been readin' regular you know he hadda move 'cause his fam was wantin' a house in Staten Island. Well, apparently, Mike was gonna be in on that but his fundin' fer it fell through meanin' they wouldn't have the sufficient income to have a house. But, D saw the bright side and said it gave him an excuse to finally move out. Way to look at it, I guess. Me, I woulda been pissed as hell.

One of the things we talked about over dinner was my wifey situation, and it got me thinkin': I'm mad. I'm mad that I'm not mad at her. Why can't I be mad at her? Three years of my life have been dedicated to her and us, and then she changes her mind ONCE AGAIN and all that doesn't mean shit. Do I get angry? To I scream and yell? Do I tell her to go to hell? No. I smile, I play it off, I act like she didn't rip my heart out and do the Macarena on it. Maybe I'm just too damn understandin'. Maybe because I was expectin' this. Maybe because I know her as a flip-flopper on things she's supposedly made up her mind about. I dunno. All I know is she's all happy and tra-la-la with her great job and new work friends while I have jack shit and nuttin' but hurt...and I'm NOT mad at her.

Seriously think I need my head examined.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


D had called me Thurs to chat a bit. We tried, but the connection was crap. Was supposed to call me later that night, but call didn't come till today. Ah well. Talked fer a bit and set it up fer seein' X3 today. Now, ma had told me the Alpine closed up already, so we planned fer Court Street. Then she told me it was opened again, so I waited till later on to call him and fix plans. We had set it fer 12 and he actually showed up 2 mins early. I'm impressed. Gave me a li'l wooden trolly from San Fran. Nice.

Movie was good. Not great, but good. Better than most'd have ya believe. After, we headed fer McDonald's fer lunch. Instead of sittin' in, though, we got take-out 'cause he hadda go home to be with his ma who had broke her ankle in Peru. 3 months ago. That's right, only found out today. He's a li'l behind on tellin' me stuff. Who knows what else he's thought he's told me but hasn't. Ah well. Tomorrow we meet up again to move him into his new place.

Last couple days, been goin' to Myspace chat rooms. Met some nice people so far, had a lotta fun with 'em. Had a bit of drama already as I helped someone tell someone else they liked 'em. Unfortunately, the other party didn't feel the same, but it hadda be done. People waste too much time on the dance when they could find out fer sure and be done with it. I know I did the right thing, but I'll probably be ignored fer a while. Ah well.

I also decided to restart my insurance comic list. It's the only way I'm gonna get in what I was missin' and get my list accurate. Gonna take me a while as I keep gettin' distracted by th' chats as I do it, but I'll get there.