Thursday, September 28, 2006


So th' ex IMed me WITHOUT th' benefit of havin' Rogue around th' same time, and I was still good. GOOD! Finally! I was gettin' sick of feelin' like crap every time. Guess I got enough closure to FINALLY move on. She did come on a bit after she left, though, which did make me happy. Day don't feel complete 'less I'm talkin' to her. I better be careful with that. Get too attached I could end up in a bad position should things change.

Ya know when ya get somethin' in yer eye how it feels till ya manage to flutter it out? Well that's me all week. Got somethin' in my eye that just don't wanna be fluttered. Good timin' since I hafta go back to th' eye doc anyways to do my gloucoma check-up an' get my updated prescription anyways. Just hope he's available soon considerin' he's a Jew an' all th' Jewish holidays are about to start.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Dating 101: As most people who know me can tell ya, when it comes to romance I usually like goin' after friends. I ain't one fer th' stranger hookups an' just handin' out my number or whatever. Nah, I need there to be some history between me an' th' girl before I get that far. I know there are others who prefer that method out there, so I'm gonna highlight th' danger of doin' that. When you start out as friends, you have a habit of keepin' on treatin' 'em as friends even when emotions develop between ya. Regardless if ya were able to before, if you an' said friend gain feelin's fer each other do NOT discuss past relationships or other people yer interested in. That kinda talkin' becomes off-limits. See, I forgot this rule as I have a habit of just sayin' what's on my mind so I kept talkin' as if we were still "just friends". I believe I fixed th' situation, but just gonna hafta mind my Ps an' Qs right now. So, other friend daters out there, remember this rule: no talkin' about other people ya dig when yer workin' yer diggin' someone.

Now that th' PSA's over, I have a rather sad observation to make. I think my blogs are a lot more popular than my stories. I mean, not only do they get more hits than I have subscribers daily, but I get more comments an' reactions from these than I do anythin' I post. I mean, my stories could take up to a WEEK or more before I even get one review or' sometimes I'm lucky to get 2, forget more. So, what's this mean? Am I not as good a writer as I think? Is my life more interestin' than fiction? Or are people just readin' my stories without realizin' that I NEED their damn comments so I can know how to improve myself? Questions...

Well, I was almost on time to class today. Was doin' good on th' trains till I got to 14th. Decided to take th' 5 to catch th' 6 I just missed, and of course when we did th' 6 pulled out before th' 5 even stopped. So I rode it all th' way to 59th to try an' catch th' 6 there. Missed th' train I saw before, but another came after an unusually long wait and of course was too jammed fer me to get on. So I said screw it an' walked th' last 9 blocks. Fortunately, attendance sheet went around late an' we were just watchin' a movie, so I was able to catch up on my sleep an' relax.

One thing I hafta wonder is does anyone ever take note of their fellow passengers? When yer ridin' a train fer half an hour with nuttin' much ta do, can't help but notice them. I also have a pension fer faces. Anyways, sometimes I find it funny when I see repeated faces on th' train. Like, last night I was standin' waitin' fer th' N when this redhead I saw on th' train th' night before came down with her BF come down th' stairs. Found it funny that we were both able to get to th' station at th' same time as yesterday an' once again rode in th' same car. Couple semesters ago, I kept endin' up in th' same car as this Indian-lookin' nurse one day a week. She was recognizeable by th' mole on her upper lip. There are more, but I'm sure my readers could care less from here on.

Fortunately I had one less annoyance today. Yesterday, they had someone come in to refinish th' conference table. So, they brought it out back to work on. Th' back door is in th' pit with us, and it's incredibly annoyin'. Not only does it make this loud scrape when ya open it, but th' spring is just annoyin' as hell. Now, imagine those sounds constantly over th' course of th' day. Bad enough we got all th' goddamn smokers (which is an entirely different rant) who constantly go out there to do their bullshit, but this was just...ARGH! I wanna shoot that door, I swear.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Remember I got a 76 on my psych test? Well, when I went to print out today's notes I found out th' grades were posted OL. Checked 'em an' found out I got a 78. 79 if ya count th' point I got from bein' present on what she calls a "bonus attendence day". Gonna be 5 of those throughout th' semester, gets ya 1 point each as ya can see. In class, she was goin' over th' test answers an' someone made a good argument with one of th' questions, so everyone got 2 more points...even if they had it right or wrong. Just so happens I had it wrong, but I managed to walk away with an 81 once th' day was over. Let's hear it fer higher education! Rogue wasn't too impressed by this turn of events when I told her about it when she called me tonight. In her world, that's not too good a grade. In my world, as long as I pass it's a great grade.

Trains were fairly painless today. Caught th' R a few mins after I got to th' platform, caught th' N as soon as we pulled into th' station, 6 wasn't too crowded both ways an' th' N on th' way home came fairly fast. Only bitch was we just missed th' R when we pulled into 59th. I was in a bit of a rush to get home to catch th' premier of Gilmore Girls (hey, good TV is hard to find these days...gotta take where I can) so I walked th' rest of th' way. Got home with 15 mins to spare. Yeah!

I did get fairly pissed when I got home, though. My reviews finally came up on Spiderfan so was gonna post in a thread we have on th' messageboards I frequent. I go to post an' get a message sayin' I've been banned 'cause this other clown was an' our IPs matched at some point. I was like WTF!? They assumed we were th' same guy, so I tried to figger out who to contact to fix that. Sent messages to two mods who weren't OL, but finally got one of th' admins. He had it fixed up in no time, thankfully. This got to me 'cause back in elementary school, th' bullies I had to endure frequently got me blamed fer shit I didn't do and I ALWAYS got in trouble fer 'em. Didn't matter what I said or did, they said I did it so I did it. So when people blame me fer shit I had nuttin' to do with I take it a little personal.

Stayed late at work today updatin' my site. Tomorrow just gonna hafta link 'em up when I get in before I get into any of my work. Kathy was out again today (guess it's gonna be a long trial) but fortunately th' work was low again. Steve's apparently in th' hospital an' Eric was off, so that explains it. That means when Eric's in, I can expect a shit-load of unspecified work I'm gonna hafta dig through to figger out what I need to do. Fun! Hopefully Jane stays unbusy so I can get her help on a couple confusin' new policies we got in.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Today was pops' bday. We gave him his gift that he'll never use (intimidated by my PS2 fer some stupid reason) an' after they got back from th' home we had some cake. I had gotten th' ice cream cake with these icin' balloons on it an' ate both peices with them. Th' first 3 weren't bad, but th' last one tasted like a Heinekin (ironic considerin' it was green). Yeah, so I had a nasty taste in my mouth fer a good piece.

Fer those payin' attention, yesterday's entry was missin' my trip to Radio Shack, which's why I went to 86th street in th' first place. Pops told me we might have an RCA cable downstairs an' I didn't get a chance to look fer it. So decided I could always come back should we not have one. An' sure enough, we don't. Figgers. Why must they always screw up my plans by openin' their mouths?

Rogue was havin' a bit of a bad day. We chatted a couple times an' she phoned me several. Calls didn't last too long today but always nice to hear her voice. Don't think I helped too much, but ah well. Can't be golden every time. Just gotta be there fer her when she needs.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Headed up to 86th today ta get my RCA cable an' find a gift fer pops. Called D to see if he wanted to go, an' turns out he was goin' anyways so that worked out. Hadda wait an hour fer him to finish his lunch 'fore we left.

Got there an' we found Century 21 was closed, which's where he needed to go, fer th' holiday. As he needed some dressy clothes, tried this place accross th' street but they only had one thing in his size fer over $200! $200 fer a pair of pants?! Th' hell? Now I remember why I don't dress up.

Continued along an' decided to drop my phone off at Verizon so they can fix what they did to it. Next stop was Gamestop where he wanted to drop $40 on new games. As there wasn't much of a selection in what he was lookin' fer, suggested he hold off till we hit Circuit City to see what they got. He agreed an' we continued on to KB Toys to browse. Man, I wish I had more money 'cause there were some sweet Marvel toys there. Damn kids these days are lucky.

Onward we proceeded to Circuit to check th' place out. Just opened maybe a month ago an' as I've had no reason to go to 86th in a while decided to check it out. Place wasn't bad. Not as big or organized as Best Buy, but decent. We spent most of th' time in th' DVD/music section. D found a couple games an' movies he wanted makin' him glad he didn't drop th' cash at th' game store. Me, I grabbed a cheap copy of Trading Places an' th' Smokey & The Bandit trilogy fer pops to be split 'tween me an' ma.

Picked up my phone an' had D call me to test it. See, when he called me earlier today his name came up maybe a dozen times on my recieved calls list. This time, he came up 3. Enough of an improvement that I just said fuck it an' took my phone. Next stop was Burger King fer dinner fer th' whole house (was in th' mood fer it last night an' pops usually brings it home fer lunch but didn't go out today). We headed along 5th till we got to Carvel where I picked up th' cake fer tomorrow. That's when we parted ways so he could eat with his fam an' I could get home with my own dinner.

Nice little fun day. Me an' D discussed our movie plans with Nel, which are now officially pushed back to Halloween weekend since D says he needs th' whole of next weekend to pack fer his trip. Also talked about doin' a haunted house thing we weren't able to last year, as well as plans fer th' Evil Dead musical. However, next month's gonna suck as I have no active friends around. D suggested I should try hangin' out with Nel, which made me realize we've never actually had a hangout together just me an' him. So might give that a try. Dunno what th' hell we'd do, but worth a shot.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Okay, so as I promised before, here's where we stand... I've about whittled out all th' girls that've supposedly come to "like" me over th' last couple months. One became a bitch an' essentially fucked me over, so I've dropped all association with her. I still hafta see her occassionally, but she still hasn't caught on to my ignorin' her. Dense as shit, I tells ya. One I'm just gonna worry about bein' friends with as I originally intended. One turned out to be a fraud playin' some games, so thankfully that was a non-issue. One I'm gettin' closer with, but frankly it's an LDR that threatens to become MORE of an LDR an' I dunno if it's such a good idea. See, as crappy as my luck is with women, I do seem to garner some interest from time to time. It's KEEPIN' that interest that's turnin' out to be th' real challenge; and if my ex's taught me anythin' it's that my appeal doesn't last with a lack of contact. It's so nice to know yer extremely easy to get over. I'm sure there were others, but they've become moot points. Ah well, I enjoyed bein' a "stud" (witholds snicker) while it lasted. Maybe things can get back to normal!

Worked overtime today. Hadda do stuff fer th' 5th Avenue BID after my regular work. Took me 3 hours to update th' property owners on a list I made a year ago. Had trouble with 3 entries that weren't in th' city database. Before I left fer home, I uploaded my images to my website so I can build it next week. See, my comp fer some reason won't access a regular flash drive, but accesses my MP3 just fine. So, hadda upload at my ma's comp where I was workin' an' gonna compile at my own. This' how it's gonna hafta be till I figger out what's up with my comp at home: do everythin' 2 weekends before, upload th' Friday before, compile th' Tuesday before, then finalize updates an' links on Wednesday. *sigh* It's never easy.

Was gonna head up to Radio Shack tonight, but hadda eat first since ma didn't eat till I got home an' she was takin' for-fuckin'-ever to decide what she wanted. Then Rogue came on, an' ya know I can't ever NOT see her. She left fer a friend's house soon after, but by then I was too wiped to give a shit. Figger tomorrow I'll go up there fer my cable, browse fer Pops' gift, an' maybe even bring my bikes to get fixed. We'll see how that all works out.

Also, it's become apparent I've lost all concept of time. I was chastized fer th' latness of my interview which I turned in last night, as well as th' lack of professionalism I displayed. Apparently my contact info was requested...guess th' application I turned in was useless fer alla that. Then apparently 2 months had passed since th' meetin', an' sure enough they were right. I thought it was less time. Geeze. Gotta figger out where my itnernal clock went before it causes me some serious problems. It's not said, but I feel like I'm on probation. Ah well. Maybe I should just stick to fan fictions an' accept I'm gonna end up a McDonald's manager fer my career.

On th' plus side, at least I got some of Knight Rider done fer once.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The secret of th' movie revealed! Th' movie bein' filmed in my neighbhorhood is "Then She Found Me", written an' directed by Helen Hunt. I'm really hopin' it ain't some chick flick 'cause I wanna go see it now. Ma found it amusin' Hunt was involved bein' she commented on not hearin' from her in a long time, inspired by Twister bein' played on HBO a lot this month. I had asked th' Phantom of th' Bay Ridge Blog ( about th' movie seein' as he'd probably have a way to find out. Sure enough, he did an' now we all know. So ya wanna see what my area looks like, go see this movie.

I managed to get in a little over an hour of studyin' done (when I wasn't passin' out) before I hadda go to class. I got to study on th' trains...even th' 6 which, remarkably, didn't get TOO crowded today. It was made up with th' stairs to leave th' station, however... Got to class, took th' test. Some gave me trouble, but most of it felt pretty easy. She gives answer sheets we can take home ta check our answers she'll post OL, so doin' that I went over an' fixed a couple of mine. Good thing I did, as my corrections turned out to be right. *Whew!* If I'm readin' it right, I ended up with a 76. Hey, not too shabby all things considered.

Came home to find my AV swtich had arrived. Bought it so I could hook up my older systems an' relive some memories. But, I gotta go get a calbe to connect it to th' TV. Dammit. Always an obstacle. Also finally got back my Comic Art Guild interview from one of our cover artists. Long term readers can recall at my first meetin' as part of CAG, I was assigned to interview this guy. Now, I had sent those questions to him th' followin' weekend, but got nary a response. Contacted him again this week an' he said he never got them. So, I made up some new an' improved questions (much better than th' original batch) an' re-sent 'em. He got back to me in no time an' I just finished editin' it an' sendin' 'em off to th' head honchos. Let's see if they dig what I did.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Well, that was pointless. Stayed home to study and nap, an' what'd I end up doin'? Readin' my comics an' bikin'. Then I finished my comics, re-sent my interview fer CAG 'cause either th' guy didn't get it or deleted it on me an' didn't realize, and then got into a phone call with Rogue. Was only after all this I even started to put together a study sheet...which I still hafta finish. So, I'm basically gonna have two hours to cram fer this test an' maybe 20 mins on th' train, 'cause I sure as hell ain't gonna have th' room on th' 6 to study. Ah well. Got too much goin' on, I guess...can't focus.

Dunno what to do fer pops' bday. It's Sunday, an' me an' ma got no clue what to get him. He ain't easy to shop fer. Got every tool he doesn't even need, has all th' clothes he can handle, refuses to use my PS2 to play DVDs... His boat, his bike, fixin' cars, music...that's it. That's what we hafta work with. If he has any other interests they've been hidden fer too long fer us to remember. Blah.

Almost forgot I found another hubcap on th' way home Tues. Walked from th' N and found it there under th' highway. Fortunately, there was also a piece of paper next to it I used to hold th' thing, was able to spare myself gettin' greased this time. Fer th' most part. That's th' one drawback of hub collectin'; ya get awful dirty doin' it. I gotta remember to powerwash all my new finds before winter sets in. Also hafta finish my room. And my story. And a whole mess of other stuff. Yeah, I said I wanted to keep busy, didn't I?

Also felt uber lonely today. Dunno why. Came home an' there it was. I could probably say it's 'cause I watched The Interpreter when I got home, which was th' movie played on th' bus my last good weekend with th' ex. I could say that, except I've watched it several times without incident already. Guess I'm just a lonely person.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Another thing that pisses me off about th' subway; th' stairs. Around here in our stations, our stairs can fit two people side by side, or four, and sometimes th' rare one. At 14th we have one that goes up to six. Now, with all this room you'd think people'd take advantage of it, right? Wrong. People like to try to force their way down th' stairs people are currently goin' up. I almost got run down by a guy Monday rushin' down th' stairs, an' today a girl tried to go down th' stairs on th' side I was goin' up as I was just mere steps from th' landin'. Like, what, ya can't see that space is occupied? You got a better vantage point than th' folks goin' up, I can tell ya that much. I dunno why people can't apply traffic rules to things an' just KEEP RIGHT. I mean, this IS America, right? An' let's not forget th' ass who almost ran into me goin' full speed...boy, did I want to hit him. We need some kinda structure applied to traffic in th' stations, 'cause it's become obvious people can't do it on their own.

Psych test is actually this Thurs instead of next, so I don't have all th' time I thought I did to study. Might skip class tomorrow to do it, amongst other things. Just a day to catch up. I tried to update my website, but suddenly my home comp can't access th' program I use. An' ma's laptop? Already got a virus so can't get on th' web at all. Gonna end up stayin' later at work to get it done on Tuesdays I imagine. Friggin' hell.

Monday, September 18, 2006


This is it. My big 500th entry. That's right, 2 years of bloggin' an', only 2 days over when I started, I've reached half a grand of posts. Ya know, I tried to quit bloggin' several times, but my sis kept beggin' fer it's here it still is fer you to see. As an added treat, at th' end of this entry you'll find all 4 hundreth posts...just to show ya how things've changed between then an' now in terms of my style an' outlook.

Anyways, was almost on time to class today...only a couple minutes late. I did my roundabout D train way again, but knowin' where th' downtown 6 station was helped my transition. Wish these damn trains would get back on schedule. Th' R hasn't run right since th' damn strike. Friggin' MTA.

Where's th' time go? I gotta get my next story out in over a week! Geeze! It used to feel like I had more time with these things. Dunno why they take so long to write, maybe just gettin' slow in my old age. Tomorrow, gonna scramble to get that done, update my website, an' package th' ex's final gift from her fiance to see if I can't send it out before school. Blah. So little to do an' so much time to do it in. Wait, strike that, reverse that.

And now, th' moment you've all been waitin' fer...a trip down memory lane!:

15 May 2006


So wifey wants a tatt now, and as you can imagine I ain't none too happy about it. Fer one thing, I hate them. Dumb stupid fad with no purpose. Second, she informed me she was only humorin' me when she said she never wanted one a couple years ago. And third, when she promised me she wouldn't be gettin' one any time soon ON MY BDAY, of all days, seemed to have been completely forgotten. Yeah, not happy. She wants it on her back between her shoulders fer th' thrill of gettin' it. Now, here's th' thing...she'll NEVER see it. Ever. Once she gets it, it'll be there...won't be felt, won't be seen and it'll be covered about 90% of th' time. Th' only person who'll see it is most likely me, and I don't want to look at it. When I see her back I want to see flesh, not a stupid thing that don't belong there. Plus, I supposedly own half of her body via a prior agreement with us which would imply I get some say in these matters, but that seems to've been forgotten as well.

All I know is this night has opened a whole can of worms of things we need to talk about. Just hope I can keep it civil enough to make my points and avoid a senseless argument. And hope we can reach some kinda compromise, 'cause now she also wants piercings she said she never wanted either. I swear, she's tryin' to kill me.

6 November 2005


Went to th' store today to drop off Craig's comics an' give Lenny th' goods on a Godzilla ornament from Carlton Cards. Dumb shit Craig left at 3:30, meanwhile he said he was leavin' at 5:30 when we talked on th' phone. So there I was after 5 like an asshole an' he was already gone. Hung out with Tommy in th' meantime as I didn't even have Charlie to talk to; his pops died an' he's been out fer two weeks apparently. Yikes.

Len came in, gave him th' info an' we did our usual bull. Hung out fer a bit more 'fore seein' Carolyn an' leavin'. Of course Carolyn gave me disappointin' but expected news.

But I couldn't seem to care.

See, I almost did it. I almost started tryin' to solve th' world's problems again. Tried to be there fer everyone an' everything an' not realizin' once again I was wastin' my time an' energy. I did this to no end at my other store an' it probably helped lead to my breakdown. Well, no more of that shit.

I got people who want AND take my advice or warnings or what have you. Those people I'll continue to look out fer. Everyone else who knows what they do is crap an' yet continue to do it anyways can go screw themselves. I'm done. I don't care. Just don't come cryin' to me when it all goes to shit, 'cause I'm not gonna be there.

Seem heartless? Good. I can't afford to care about those who don't care about themselves. Not anymore.

9 May 2005


Today I got drug to th' mother's day brunch at pops' boat club. Ate in th' big ballroom area which was jammed with people an' th' food all lined up. As I expected, I wasn't hungry bein' that I don't usually eat that early in th' day, so I sat bored while th' rents ate an' in a room overstuffed with strangers. Finally, got hungry enough to get some leftovers only to have it suckin' on me. Scrambled bland eggs an' hashbrowns...both WITHOUT ketchup 'cause there was only one bottle ta be found...empty.

We chilled outside fer a bit 'fore I had pops show me his new boat. Had it fer a couple years now but first I seen it outside o' photos. His other boat which his partner refuses ta let go of I used to be on all th' time, gettin' drug down to th' marina or on fishin' trips an' crap. Even drove it a couple times; been years, though. After, we headed back inside fer ma's day gifts an' a raffle...which pops lost. Bad.

Enter th' lunch portion o' th' thing. Food was a bit better this time, I had mashed potatos, corn, roast beef an' turkey slices. Once it was over I got a dozen donuts from th' Dunkin Donuts next door an' met 'em outside. Pops went an' got ma a half dozen o' th' chocolate filled donuts I didn't even know she liked.

Went ta see gma at th' home. Woohoo. She was all sick today, so it didn't go that well. At least it got us out sooner. Score! Came home an' bummed th' rest o' th' night.

Talked ta Wifey an' told her my new plan. With th' crud that keeps happenin' to her fam, by th' time she talks to her pops it'll be July an' I'll be up anyways. Since I don't wanna wait that long, said I'd hold off another week an' then I'll make a reservation fer th' Sat an' catch a late bus on th' Sun if she c'n do it. If not, I'll just leave whenever. She left early 'cause she's sick again. Must suck to get sick. Too bad I don't remember it.

1 January 2005


That's right, it's 2005. Whoopdie friggin' doo. Dick Clark was ill so Regis Philbin filled in with th' New Year's show. We flipped from that to th' Twilight Zone an' movies. Basically sat 'round an' stuffed our faces with lotsa food.

Tommy an' D couldn't make it, so it was just us as usual. After 12 I tried ta call Wifey on th' cell, but couldn't get through. 'Rents told me to use our phone, so I did. Was talkin' ta her in th' kitchen with th' 'rents interruptin' an' such. Basically, Wifey got a nice preview o' her in-laws. Then, at one pernt, she noticed I was quiet when talkin' 'bout me an' her, so she said I should just tell me 'rents 'bout us. And tell I did. Took her by surprise I'm sure. All I said was we're interested in each other, nuttin' else. They don't need to know all that. My ma basically gave me a look like I was nuts. Hehe ah well.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Ya know what sucks about a memory like mine? Th' memories haunt ya somethin' fierce. And it's not always bad's all th' good ones of times that ended far too soon. And it's not like I consciously think about these things; it's that I have far too many triggers. All it takes is so much as one word to access a memory where that word was used. Doesn't happen all th' time, but often enough.

This weekend was kinda wasted. I gave up scriptin' an' just went right into writin' my story. I'm considerin' makin' a sing past th' neighborhood in Greenpoint I'm usin' just to get a feel fer it. Dunno when I'm gonna do that since I got school an' this hasta be out next Wed. Maybe Friday...

I made an order with Amazon tonight. Forgotten NY, a site I frequent, is puttin' out a book based on th' stuff th' dude has found an' wrote about. So, to show my support fer a fellow NY enthusiast an' that site, I pre-ordered my copy 2 weeks in advance. I also pre-ordered th' re-release of th' Army of Darkness adaptation. What really sparked this was when, on a lark, I was lookin' up a game I used to play upsate (Final Fight) I discovered they had released a perfect emulation of th' arcade on a compilation last' Amazon only had 3 left. So I made my order. See, th' console translations of th' game had various things censored (apparently beatin' up on gang banger women is wrong, especially if they wear uber skimpy clothes), one character missin' and an entire level taken out.

I never actually beat th' game, but I came damn close one time many hours an' a lotta quarters later. Was on my last quarter, doin' really, really good, until this slow kid upstate messed around with my controls an' I was killed off. Yeah, I blew my stack on that one. Made it up to th' kid later, but goddamn! I almost had it! BTW, I say kid in terms of his bein' younger'n me at th' time, not that it was a kid kid. Even if he was, I was more tollerant of them back then.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


2 years ago today, Sis had me join up to Angelfire's blog site after she had discovered th' joy of bloggin'. I did, an' here it is two years later I'm still bloggin' on 3 separate blogs. It was intended as a suppliment to my journal, but has eventually replaced my journal as it's just easier to write. Unfortunately, a lotta details get lost over time due to my censorin' my entries. That's right, folks. You lose a lotta th' ultra personal details of my life. These're just th' watered down accounts. Only a select group of friends get to hear th' missin'' not even all of them. Nah, that honor went to th' woman I loved, an' will go to th' next one should I ever find her.

Anyways, no rain today so went out fer a bike ride. Saw Andrea an' her son comin' an' goin', so hadda wave. Fortunately didn't hafta stop to talk. Once again, I almost ran over a stupid kid who's busyin' fuckin' around in th' middle of th' path. Was also a couple fishermen not payin' attention an' overhangin' into th' bike's path. Don't get me started on th' rollerblader hoggin' th' entire path. GAH! Don't people understand traffic laws?! Even implied ones?!

I sent Tina her bi-weekly update today. Made that arrangement to keep in contact via E-Mail more. So far, I've done fine. She's 1 fer 2 about now. Ah well. Can't say I'm surprised. I also did some work fer my website. Tomorrow gotta get done with my writin' before gettin' tied up in school crap.

Finally, fer a trip down memory lane, my two entries on this date:


Okay, since I'm bored I made one o' these blog things. My sister's got one, some friends've got one, so I said what th' hell. If yer expectin' a lotta juicy crap, forget about it. That stuff goes in my private journal. All you get is th' crap I don't care if no one knows.

Li'l backstory: I'm a writer, actor, explorer, biker in a dead-end job who spends all his free time lately on message boards. I'd probably go out on dates...if my GF didn't live four hours away. (Complicated situation, that one.) I'm heavy into comics, NYC an' th' 80s. Th' past is th' best 'cause th' present just sucks.

I know I said I had a sister, but she's not blood. Just a good friend I call my sis (Hey, April!). I have four more; Jackie, Jessica, Jennifer an' Diane. They were all co-workers, an' ever since our job closed up I only really talk to Jes occasionally in E-Mails. Blood or not, these girls are my sisters an' anyone messes with 'em deals with big bro here.

Got two bros too: Mike an' D. Mike ain't heard from since th' store closed really, an' D's been my bud since 4th grade. Long time.

I also have 6, count 'em 6, cats. One is really mine, TC, th' rest are th' 'rents': Friskie, Smokey, Shadow, Figaro an' Stitch [2006: I honestly don't remember havin' Stitch fer two years...go figger].

Gonna hear some old crushes mentioned a lot. In order they are Tina, Fatima, Jesenia, Jackie, April (yeah, my sis. As Mike used ta say no sex like incest :-P I'll explain th' story behind that eventually) an' Cetta. Th' only one outta 'em who actually agreed ta go out with me EVER is my current girl, whom I love incredibly.

Alright, so that's th' deal. While I'm at it, lemme pimp my websites:


Wifey went to Vegas today fer an expo fer her job. Now, way we left it last night wasn't gonna hear from her till she came back Sunday, but I go in back an' find she called twice. Shoulda known she would. But, I couldn't hear th' phone 'cause we had th' doors closed an' th' AC on. Ah well, call her back tomorrow.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Damn my anal retentiveness. 'Cause I like to try to use real locations in my stories, I spent th' better part of th' day lookin' fer a biker bar in a neighborhood to suit my needs. It was down to two options; one in Brooklyn near th' warehouse that went up a couple months ago, an' one in North Brunswick on Highway 1 in Jersey. While Brooklyn has th' surroundings I was lookin' fer, Jersey had th' qualities. I eventually hadda settle on Brooklyn due to th' suburban nature of th' surroundin' area in Jersey...just wasn't gonna fit my needs. Yes, folks, this is what goes into location scoutin', so anyone lookin' to get into movies or somethin' similar, get ready to work hard. This was made a lot easier by th' fact I got my Google Earth back now that I'm on my computer, which is workin' pretty damn good. Except fer this error message that pops up when Windows starts, but it hasn't caused any problems yet so not too worried.

Diane messaged me tonight tellin' me about things with her ex an' her attempts at joinin' a police force. She mentioned she'd be comin' back to Brooklyn th' day of th' 3rd Avenue Festival that takes place after th' Ragamuffin Parade an' that I should "be around". So we'll see what happens. Be nice to see her again, ain't seen her since that summer in '02 when she passed by my house on a way to a party.

Speakin' of messages, th' ex was finally online tonight an' IMed me. Apparently her comp's been down an' now she has a virus, 'cause messages kept poppin' up in our chat windows. I ended things fairly early in case it was doin' somethin' to her system to prevent further damage, advisin' her to have her ma tell her how to use th' anti-virus an' fix it. But, th' best part is, aside from initial palpatations when I saw her sign on, I felt nuttin' th' whole time. That's right, no gettin' depressed, no feelin' miserable. Was just like any other chat. Go me! Looks like our little talk had a better effect than I originally intended.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


So th' bathroom once again makes me late fer th' train, hence late fer class. Matters weren't helped by th' fact that th' N train came as we were pullin' outta Pacific Street. So, I got there about 20 minutes late an' missed 8 pages of th' lecture (she teaches off a Powerpoint presentation that we can print out before class as our notes). About 20 minutes later, th' lecture was over a good half hour before it was supposed to be, so we got out early. Hey, I'm not complainin'. Caught th' 6 as soon as I got down there, but passed up th' R in favor of waitin' fer th' N. By th' second R with no N in sight, decided to take it...only to have th' N pull in as we pulled out. Again. So didn't get to enjoy gettin' home too much earlier. Ah well.

When we went to Jekyll, me an' D planned an Evil Dead marathon with Nel 'cause he'd never seen 'em. We had set it fer next Sat 'cause that's when D said he was off. Talkin' to him last weekend, he tells me just th' opposite. So since he screwed up I had him call Nel to see about bumpin' it up a week. Dunno if he ever did, but I called Nel myself on Tues, then D tonight. Nobody's returned my calls, so I'm guessin' it ain't gonna happen. Ah well.

Remember when I said I used my phone more last month than I have in th' whole time I had it? Well, that statement was made more concrete by th' phone bill; over 2,000 minutes! Yeesh. People sure love to talk. Fortunately my text convo with Danielle's only gonna cost me $5, so that's all gravy. Especially since it finally got textin' on my plan, 'cause if there's one thing people love more than callin', it's textin'.

Ma told me that they're settin' up to film a movie near my house. Never did get a chance to go see what th' deal was, but I guessed that th' rain probably killed production anyways. Well, just gonna hafta keep my eye on movies set in New York in th' near future, I guess.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I've forgotten how invigorated I feel after bein' on th' island. Since startin' school, I can run harder, faster and longer, I can take stairs in leaps and bounds with minimal effort, an' I can do all th' things I used to do in my supermarket days. It's like I'm 16 again. And then my body reminds me that I, in fact, am NOT 16 anymore like it did today. A mite sore an' tired, got cramps in my legs on th' train. But ah well. It still feels good to be sore again. I've also noticed my pants are a bit looser an' my arms are a bit harder. Somehow I've managed to lose weight an' regain some muscle definition. Go me!

I'm gonna try to get to bed earlier tonight. My work's really startin' to suffer due to lack of sleep. Not to mention I'm at risk of FALLIN' asleep when I merely close my eyes at work. Bad enough I don't got people to keep me distracted/entertained no more to keep me goin'. I did pass out in my film class durin' another movie again. Briefly, but still. Was bound to happen. Even with th' Zs I caught on th' R train (which made me late again).

Now here's a funny little happenstance... Last 5 weeks, NY Post's been reprintin' old Spidey issues every Thursday. Today, th' issue came out which caught me by surprise. I never woulda known had Eileen not told me. So I ran out an' got my 4 papers an' 4 copies. I also took th' office copy since I usually find that on my desk anyways. Goin' down to th' platform fer school, I found a perfectly good copy on th' floor near th' garbage I took that. At 14th street after th' Q came and went, I saw another copy on th' yellow strip that someone musta dropped outta their I took that as it was also in good condition. I come home to discover my gma musta got a paper today an' gave me HER copy. So, count it, folks...that's 8 copies.

Ma went on with Dell tech support about th' computer. Took forever so Rogue ended up callin' me as she didn't see me OL. So we had yet another fun chat till my ma finished. Comp's all set to go, gonna set it up tomorrow an' hope it doesn't explode on me. Be nice to be back to full size.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Th' other day, we finally got th' computer to boot up semi-normally. Only troubles are th' fan seems to be kinda slow an' we get this message that things are missin' when it first comes on. So th' 'rents wanted that message copied fer when they talked to Dell. To reconnect th' comp, all you hafta do is plug in 4 cables. Just 4. I come walkin' in th' door and THEY tell ME I hafta hook it up to get them th' message. What th' fuck? I've been at school ALL this time and yer waitin' fer ME to hook it up? What, it's rocket science? Get off yer dumb asses an' hook th' goddamn thing up! An' people wonder why I hate these assholes.

Anyways, I was actually early to class today. Thought I was late fer some reason, so took off fer th' train at a speed I haven't traveled in a long time. Coolest part, though, was how little I was winded. Dunno what it is, but feel lighter than air again. Haven't felt this way in a loooooooooong time. Nice ta know this old dog's still got th' moves.

Had a fallin' out with Catie. It's become obvious we were on very different pages regardin' us fer a long time. But I got set off when I made a comment about things, which she countered with her own comment that basically made it entirely my fault we wouldn'ta worked out, that I didn't put in an effort. Yeah, didn't take kindly to that. Known her fer a little over a MONTH, what was she expectin' a weddin' ring? Things were already goin' too fas as it was, and when I did try to move it along she's th' one who asked fer me to wait. So I did. Whatever. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

I dunno what they're doin' down at Telecom High. They're addin' extra space to th' buildin' fer their growin' attendance. I thought they woulda added some one story modules or some shit. They're literally buildin' a WHOLE NEW WING. They're takin' a perfectly symmetrical buildin' with a nice, classic style an' addin' this what's most likely a modern eyesore that'll throw it completely off balance. Idiots.

Monday, September 11, 2006


It's 9/11 once again. Felt like any other day, really. Guess th' city's moved on despite it's rememberance. Of course, th' news like th' whores they are hadda jack up their ratings by doin' all day coverage of th' event. Although, I must say, if I coulda I woulda liked to've watched CNN's re-broadcast of their first day of coverage. But, alas, unlike that day life hasn't stopped so was no chance to. Probably best I don't anyways...more memories to haunt me is all they are.

I actually just made it to class today. Go me. However I kept dozin' off. I did doze off my last class durin' a movie, an' when I woke up I felt soooo well rested. Could use some more of that. I did get some editin' done on my story on th' train, which got held up once again on th' way home before Pacific. Yeesh. Maybe they should just close that damn station if problems're gonna keep on there.

In an odd twist of things, I woke up in th' middle of th' night not long after I just went ta bed. A minute later, I hear I get a text message. Was Rogue needin' someone to talk to. First time in th' 2 years I've had th' phone on 24/7 someone's taken advantage of it. Reason I started leavin' it on was 'cause when my ex had her wreck she left me a voicemail when I was at work, an' when I called her she told me about it. So, rather than miss out again, I left in on an' started keepin' it with me fer her. Not that she ever took advantage.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Danielle never got back to me about White Castle, so I contacted her. She wasn't gonna make it fer whatever reason, so I offered to bring her some. I hit th' train and was there in no time. Got my order an' caught th' R no sooner than I reached th' platform. I got to her neighborhood an' called her to find out where she was: at her laundromat. So, I walked th' few blocks there an' dropped 'em off. She was hangin' with her other friend Chris so I shot th' shit with them fer a few minutes. Took my leave before my fries got too soggy an' proceeded to walk home. Good pre-scarf exercise. Got home just before th' 'rents, and they came up and helped themselves. Pops had ma cook his dinner 'cause WC that late woulda made him have th' shits all day tomorrow, but he proceeded to have a couple anyways (nobody can resist th' crave). I had 15 of a crave case, them th' rest, plus onion rings an' fries. Needless to say, I was sated an' happy.

Decided since I needed to check on what cover I had fer a particular comic to finish my list, I'd read through my leftovers last night an' today so I could put comics away when I went to check. That took a couple hours as I ended up havin' to shift lines down th' boxes to make room, but I got th' issue an' successfully finished my list. Printin' out th' 171 pages now as I type. And of course, no sooner do I type that than th' ink starts fuckin' up. Grrrr. No black ink left, gonna hafta print th' balance at work. Dammit. Gotta remember I need paper.

Also got an update from Danielle; her kid wasn't awake to try th' WC. Damn. Must corrupt a new mind to th' cause! She says there's some left, but reheated WC just isn't as good as fresh WC. Ah wells.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I am incredibly STRESSED OUT. 'Cause THEY are home. That's right. A whole week with them again an' I'm feelin' it. Somethin's gotta change 'cause even their voices just annoy th' shit outta me. Th' roomates from hell.

What I'd really love to do is get back to Binghamton. I miss it there. I like th' town an' I'd love to spend more time there. Unfortunately, I know nobody there so I'd love to con one of my friends to go with me. Be a decent vacation I think. Wouldn't even hafta be restricted to th' town, could travel to all th' neighborin' areas to partake in things. Well, every which way but north, that is. North is where th' ex lives.

I'd considered a group trip to my trailer up there, but th' 'rents shot it down, of course. They still treat me like a kid, like I'm too stupid to do all th' stuff required up there as if I never done it before. What th' hell's even th' point of me havin' a key? Bitch is, once upon a time they even SUGGESTED such a thing as I wanted. Now suddenly, I can't do it. Ya know, if I needed more flip-floppin' I coulda stayed with th' ex. Don't tell me shit, then come back later an' tell me th' opposite. Be consistent! Shit!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I hate people. Really, I do. My damn psych class is durin' rush hour, so of course stations and trains are crowded as fuck. Now, these dumb geniuses can't seem to figger out if they crowd around th' fuckin' doors when th' train pulls into th' station, ain't no way people can get OUT so they can get IN. I mean, how stupid do you hafta be? 14th street, door I usually get outta is between an elevator shaft an' pole, and people like to block every way around 'em. Same on th' 6 to add to people tryin' to cram in where they don't fit. Then, of course, there's th' special people who, while waitin' fer a train with others, will sneak their way to th' front of th' crowds so they can get on first. Hello? Are we all invisible? Stupid asses.

Regardless, I got to class on time fer once. But before an' after I was tortured on th' train with th' constant smell of White Castle. I need some. Bad. I reaffirmed plans with Danielle to accompany me this weekend, but an issue came up 'cause she has her kid. Well, wasn't lookin' forward to waitin' yet another week, so I decided either she can bring th' kid along or I can go alone an' pick up food fer her and her fam so she don't miss out due to my impatience. She's optin' fer th' tag-along, so we'll see how that all goes.

Haven't heard from th' ex since our last convo. Kinda missin' her again. Didn't help last night store decided to smell like her house. Dammit. One thing I forgot to mention th' other day was thanks to a text convo I had with Danielle amongst other misc. ones, pops finally put th' text plan on th' phone. So, I got 250 texts, and they got a workout after Lady Death had texted me several times. Yeah, another chat buddy has my number. May as well use my phone fer somethin', right?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Today was relatively better. I was only a few mins late fer class, but that's 'cause I hadda go to th' bathroom right when I was gonna leave (don'tcha hate that?). I was able to get a seat in th' back row, and th' wall DOES offer some support, so that's where I'm sittin' from now on. We watched a film fer th' last part of class and I dozed off. However, it's just what I needed as I felt well rested th' rest of th' night. I swear, school is great to catch up on missed sleep. Was also able to catch th' trains home right quick so I was back in no time.

One thing I wasn't able to fit in yesterday was th' fact we actually got a notice about our block's annual block party Saturday. See, we don't usually get an invite to this thing. All th' years I can remember, I was taken surprise by th' party's occurrence. Was like we weren't part of th' block or somethin'. Assholes.

Last week's 10,000th comic celebration was marred by th' fact once again th' numbers on my list didn't match up with th' numbers in my insurance nor my totals. My insurance list is still missin' 7 or so issues compared to my main one, but th' main one I managed to get fixed up except fer 2 letters. So I have over 10,000 comics. Yay! One goal out of many achieved.

Spent th' night on th' phone with Rogue an' workin' on my website. Definitely a lot of fun. Hopefully I managed to get her de-stressed (Tina word) enough so she could put a big dent in all her schoolwork an' studyin'. Worried she got a li'l distracted by talkin' to me, though. Well, if it turns out she was I just won't let her talk to me again day before a test. S'all.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I hate th' trains.

So I leave right on time today, right? R train comes, I figger I'd catch th' N. Train stops before we hit 59th. By th' time we pull into th' station, N train's already leavin' and once again we're waitin'. Another train comes; th' M. I take it, figger it'll give me a boost since they're goin' express with delays. THAT train stops, causin' th' R I just left to pass. 36th Street, I just miss another R and decide to wait fer a better train, but best I got was th' D...which ALSO stopped in th' damn tunnels.

Finally got to Broadway/Lafayette where I got out to try an' catch th' uptown 6 bein' I was already late fer class, 'cause god forbid we have both directions of th' train accessable UNDERGROUND. And of course, dumb me gets turned around an' I go south instead of North and end up losin' MORE time. When I finally get to th' train, it's so packed I hafta skip it an' force myself onto th' next one, which was a 4. I got off at 14th to get th' 6 or 5. 6 came, an' once again was jammed in to th' point I was immovable...all 'cause some dumb Asian chick hadda force her way on at th' last second. Was pretty much in that spot till 42nd where I was able to shuffle closer to my door an' get crowded in over there. Then of course was th' struggle to get OFF th' train.... UGH!

I wound up gettin' there half an hour late, but fortunately prof didn't pass out th' attendance sheet. So after class, I went up front, signed my name, an' proceeded to my next adventure; th' book store. Found th' psych section last time, so I was able to track down th' books pretty quick. Used and in great shape. Grabbed 'em and headed upstairs to stand on line.

Now, this line was massive. It snaked around th' front of th' aisles, up th' last one, down then up th' middle, down th' first towards th' entrance, up th' wall to th' left, along th' back wall to th' stairs, then skip across to th' other side of th' stairs, along th' windows, up another aisle and finally to th' registers. Yes, there was that many people. It did move fairly quick, though, I will say. Got snagged again at th' register when my book was mispriced. But, that was quickly resolved. I paid, left, an' crammed onto th' 6 once again. Fortunately th' N came quick and I got home fast enough. On a side note, I find it weird how many people use th' Sony h.ear headphones like I do. There was a person on either side of me wearin' them. Even Danielle has 'em, 'cept they're monotone.

Speakin' of Danielle, she's on vacation this week which means I have absolutely NO ONE to talk to when I'm at work. As such, it was incredibly borin' th' whole way through. Blah.

This crappy day was vastly improved by a surprise call from Rogue, who left and called me again. She left again to watch her Law & Order only to call me once again finishin' up her night. We dwindled a bit at th' end, but we had a lotta fun I think. I enjoy those calls a lot. Of course, th' fun mood was killed when Catie revealed someone stole her identity an' all her money as a result. Assholes. Unfortunately best I could do was tell her how to prevent it next time; not much I could do fer her otherwise.

Monday, September 04, 2006


D had wanted to move crap around in his apartment to maximize space useage; as nice as his set-up is it just wasn't functional. Since our dinner plans got pushed to yesterday, we took advantage of th' holiday today. By th' time I got there after breakfast, though, Shawn was already there an' they had done most of th' movin'. I was just intrumental in rearrangin' th' dinin' room to make room fer a future entertainment center an' TV. Had some electrical issues like too many 2 pronged outlets in a 3 pronged plug world, but a trip to th' 99 cent store cleared that up. I borrowed his X3 game an' headed home to take care of some laundry.

I've decided to officially be just friends with Catie. Simple fact is she's heavy into this other guy now and I'm findin' myself likin' her a bit too much which wasn't goin' so well. Was really feelin' like how my last relationship wound up, so was like nuh-uh. I'm done. Not that she seemed to care, but ah well. Clears up my head to pursue other things. Took my first bike ride in a WEEK after; big mistake. Was uber windy an' I fought th' whole way, leavin' my knees nice an' sore after. Such is life, I guess.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Today was our Jekyll & Hyde day. Th' list is reduced to me, D, Preety, Sean, Siu, Nelson an' another chick from his school. Tina never contacted me back and I think Danielle had other plans. Sis was off in Houston by now. Nel's GF couldn't make it and dunno about th' other people. I was workin' on my story when D called to tell me we were goin' an hour earlier 'cause Preety hadda work tomorrow. So I rushed to finish my story, sent it off, and headed fer my shower. Somethin's wrong with my phone's call lists 'cause I got out to find 2 missed calls on it and no records of who. Hopin' wasn't nobody who wanted to come...

Caught th' train with th' guys and we headed to meet th' girls. Got there way before them and waited outside. Preety and th' other girl came...Siu was late. Th' two girls went in to reserve our table just minutes before she finally arrived (havin' gone th' wrong way...oy!) We went in and it was th' usual fare. Th' trick entrance, th' live shows, th' talkin' animatronics. Just like I remembered. Unfortunately, they didn't do Frankenstein. Dammmit. We told them it was D's bday, so he got his name said by th' Jersey hatin' gargoyle atop th' elevator. He also got free cheesecake outta th' deal. Shweet. Th' newbies explored th' place and most of us bought th' glasses they were sellin'. I made sure to take full advantage of th' free refils that came with it. Sure I'd be feelin' it tomorrow.

After, we all split up at various points and when me an' th' guys got back we went fer Carvel. When we got there, Chae decided to call me and I couldn't get her off th' phone to get my ice cream, bein' she couldn't hear me inside there. So, she ended up havin' me hand her off to D while I did. They had a nice chat, then it was my turn again and she kept me on fer a good few minutes after before I could get her off and finish our hangout. She didn't enjoy Shawn too much, bein' he was actin' like an ass too her and got her mad. She likes D, though. Got his number too.

Anyways, D an' Sean headed up to th' movies to see Crank, me an' Nel headed fer home. We made a detour into th' park to talk fer a bit before he got called away by his GF. I went home an' got to workin' on my assorted stuff fer th' rest of th' night. Overall, pretty damn fun.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Had our heaviest rain today which prompted D to cancel our trip to Jekyll & Hyde tonight. Not too big a deal considerin' th' guest list had dropped tremendously what with his friends gettin' busy, Tina babysittin' her squishies, and April's family stuff and trip tomorrow. But bein' that we had no plans fer dinner now, D came over and we went through my supply tryin' to decide what to eat. We eventually settled on burgers and broccoli. Don't ask.

I tried to get th' grill goin' after I finished my story, but I guessed th' rain got inside wettin' th' jets 'cause I couldn't get it to go. Hadda make our food on th' George again. After dinner he was s'posed to meet up with his friend Shawn (Sean? Whatever...) but hadda wait till th' rain died down. So he watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory while I tried out that cabinet in my hallway (bein' my 'rents're comin' back tomorrow and I need to look like I made some progress). He left around 10 and I had discovered that th' cabinet, though small lookin', was actually roomy enough to take my dresser, my jeans and still have room fer about 4 more drawers! Definitely a keeper.

Then was just th' matter of removin' my dresser and cleanin' up all th' crap beneath it. LOT of dust bunnies and assorted junk and cat toys. And then th' stains on th' wall...oy. Took a bit of doin', but I got it cleaned up and everythin' in place. Chae called me fer a bit durin' it while she was playin' with a puppy she was watchin'. So cute. Danielle also called to say she was goin' to her usual hangout and said I should pass by. I considered it, but in th' end I was pooped after all that work which took me till well after 1, and I wasn't really comfy with th' idea of hangin' in a strange place with srange people gettin' smashed. Especially with how I am. Probably woulda caused a few fights. Ah well.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Finally got around to orderin' th' propane today, so now I can BBQ. Yay! Danielle had asked me to meet her again after work, so I did. We walked an' talked an' had our usual all-too-brief fun before th' threatenin' rain ended us. Dunno where we're goin' after today, but I'm just sittin' back fer th' ride.

Dumbass me, when I left I decided to run home a bit to test out my new lung capacity. Big mistake. Didn't stretch so my legs ended up hurtin' by th' time I got home. Ah well. At least now I could sympathize with Rogue more with all her runnin'.