Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Remember a few months ago I mentioned a film crew was following a package through the system and our station? Well, tonight the show aired. It's called Jobsite, and it was absolutely hilarious. First of all, a good portion of it was staged. I'm sure most of it was legit, but a lot of the actions and reactions you knew was bull. Also, the package was suddenly going to a hospital with some quickly expiring medication when in reality it was delivered to one of our clothing producing buildings. Not to mention the fleet they showed launching wasn't even ours, but the station next door's. Despite all the obvious flaws, and Damien looking like a total lost douche while delivering, it was a pretty interesting and informative show.

Also today I had to go back to 1 Penn to get the rest of the items not ready yesterday with one of our new handlers. They had two TVs on a stand and one big mother for us. The big mother came on a rolling stand that could have EASILY made it through the loading dock and up the ramp leading down to it, but the lady there was very adamant about us loading the TV onto a hand truck separately. Ya know, whatever. Wouldn'ta been all that big a deal if the TV didn't weigh a friggin' TON, and we had decided to take it OFF the hand truck back ONTO the stand before the lady put in her 2 cents. Whatever.

The next hurdle was the freight guy wouldn't let us go down without a yellow pass. That's right, you needed a goddamn pass to get OUT of the building on top of the passes you needed to get IN to the building. WTF? So it took us a good half hour to get downstairs. Luckily, someone from another station was there for their own stuff to help us some. Then there was the matter of loading the TVs onto the truck I brought, and then unloading them at the station. Interestingly enough, taking the mother off the truck and onto its stand was probably the EASIEST part of the task of the day. It just fell right into place.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Time for the usual gift parade:

Not shown:
-Lined jean jacket.
-Ebay gift certificate.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Remember how I said I was supposed to be taking over the routes once Rory became a swing driver? Yeah, well, turns out one of the night guys is coming to days and they gave HIM the route. So, once again, stuck with an unwanted partner. Joy.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Last year, I got the idea too late to get the gang together to go see the Dyker Heights lights. This year, I once again almost missed it but managed to recover and secure everyone for tonight. Got D, sis, Tina and the addition of Jessica.

For those who don't know, Dyker is the area of Brooklyn lousy with mansions, and every year they REALLY do it up with the lights and Christmas displays. You non-NYers can Google it to see some examples for yourself. A fun time was had by all, except some parts by the driver who had trouble navigating past morons in the snow-covered streets. But, that was minor.

At one point, Tina had us stop by this snowman on one street so we could all take our picture by it. It was nuts; four of us would pose, one would take the picture, then we'd all swap out the photographer. What was also crazy was that the snowman had TWO faces; one towards the street and one towards the sidewalk. Although, I think that same block always does a snowman like that. I recall seeing one like that before in that area years ago when snow during winter was a NORMAL thing.

After, we hit the Vegas Diner for some dinner and chatting before heading our own ways. I dropped off Jessica and Tina, took April home, then went with D to Best Buy to pick up the last of my Xmas presents (a moment of inspiration and an Amazon order this morning took care of the rest). Those being two gift cards, one for him and one for Liz. I told him just get me the Iron Man game I pulled out of the discount bins they had set up. But, the little sneak went and got me the Where's Waldo? game for DS I got a little excited over. He said it was gonna be for his sister, but I knew he was full of it. For Xmas Eve, in lieu of opening presents we'll make up for the movie night that was missed.

The only thing that really marred today was the fact my back was killing me. Our snowblower needs to be fixed yet, so they got this little BS thing. It's decent enough, but couldn't really handle the amount of snow that hadda be dealt with. So, basically, the constant back and forth motion and the fact I needed to do some shoveling to help it along killed me. Damn old age...

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I had planned to go to the CAG holiday party tonight with a full van of people. One got sick, one's wife got sick, one never wrote back, and the other bailed for fear of the impending snow. So ended up just me, Alex, Yadira and James (whose ride also bailed for the snow). Despite the GPS getting me slightly lost for the highway AGAIN (stupid Bronx overpasses) we had a fairly good ride and got there quickly.

This was the first time any of us had been to the new CT chapter meeting place, the Green Street Art Center. Nice little place, mostly for kids, least the part we were in. We had fun. They did their little Yankee Swap, I caught up with some people to handle some business. I'll admit, though, that after yesterday the spread here seemed kinda...lacking. But, what can ya do.

After everyone went home, we went with Keith and the Soares to a nearby pub for a couple drinks (and a very nasty burger had by me) and some more talking. I got to play some darts, something I hadn't done since my Poughkeepsie days. We called it quits a little after 5 and headed for home.

By the time we got back to the Bronx the snow had started. My 4-wheel dream handled it perfectly. Can't say the same for the five idiots I saw in various accidents on my way home. One even got spun around all the way! Crazy how stupid people can be.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Today was the annual holiday party in my main building on my route. I was invited the other day, and despite all the stuff I have to do, I figured I'd make an appearance. This year, they had a bigger tree that really dwarfed the little train they had running around the base. There was the usual spread of pasta, sausage, eggplant, chicken and more, as well as cookies, cake, and the chocolate fondue fountain. Needless to say, I scarfed till I couldn't scarf no more. It was oh-so-good.

After, I got home and got to work getting the van ready for the trek tomorrow for CAG's holiday party. I swung by Rite Aid to pick up some soda, an item Sue mentioned we were short on, as well as some Martinellis FINALLY. I checked the engine and fluids, filled the tires, and tried to wipe off some of the mud leftover from my last jaunt upstate.

I was already bringing Alex and his wife and Rob up and bringing James home, but last week we added our new member Rhyan and Erick to the mix. However, Rhyan had to bail because he got sick, Rob because his wife was sick, and Erick so he could prepare for the pending storm. With such a reduced line-up, I called Alex and told him he was getting door-to-door service. No sense in meeting up at a meeting location for only one pick-up.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


About the dumbest thing I did today was order the variant covers for the Ghostbusters books that came out these last two weeks. Had I exhibited a little patience and waited till I passed by Jim Hanley's tonight, I woulda been able to get all the ones I needed for half the cost. But, I got nervous by Graham Crackers listing a couple of them as SOLD OUT. Oh wells.

Last week we were all given the option of taking the final on Monday or today. I opted for today as I'd have no time over the weekend to even remotely study. I didn't know the test was cumulative and only studied the newer material. But, the older stuff was stuff I was better versed in so hopefully that made some difference.

After, I swung by the comic shop and then went over to Macy's for the first time. I'm so lost for Christmas gift ideas that I was hoping wandering around a store would present some. It didn't. Macy's was four floors of women's products, one floor of Men's, and two floors of miscellaneous junk. The cool part was riding up the original wooden escalators. Other than that, I can now say I've been to Macy's and move on. And I still have no gift ideas. Really trying to avoid just gift carding.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sis wanted to go to the Statute of Liberty today. Well, as usual, the stupid MTA had me running late. I tried to take a shortcut to get there but ended up screwing myself by not taking a train I didn't think went to where I needed to be. Twice. I made it with minutes to spare and ran, through the pouring rain, mind you, to the terminal. Unfortunately, I got held up AGAIN because I forgot I had a pair of handcuffs in the schoolbag I took. Without my old ID and convincing them I wasn't a terrorist, I had to wait for the next ferry since I missed the one I was SUPPOSED to take.

Eventually got to the island and met sis in the giftshop area. She had gotten me a burger and soda from this deli which was cold by the time I got it, but good (needed ketchup!). So we hit the statue. Looked around the base museum (and our fully-charged cameras were both dyning after the 10th picture!), then climbed the stairs to the top of the pedestal. Now, lemme tell ya, I went to Liberty once years ago as a kid, and the climb didn't seem as quick or effortless then as it did this time. Dunno what the difference was, but there it is. They also cleaned up the statue real nice, seeing all the shiny chrome up through the observation glass. We walked around the outside of the pedestal briefly but that was quick due to all the blustery winds and rain.

We walked around the base for a bit before catching the ferry to Ellis Island. There she wanted to do some research for a novel she's writing, which involves immigrants back in the day. We had gone to Ellis then as well, but I didn't remember it was well as I did the statue. Odd.

Thoroughly soaked by then, we headed back to the city and had dinner at the Burger King next to Ground Zero. We had a fun time aside from the winds and rain and the fact we had to stop by a Duane Reade so she could get a pair of socks to change into. I'll be seeing her again next week for our Christmas light frolic!

And yes, I made the Ghostbusters 2 joke. What do you take me for?

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today was our delayed MoCCA meeting, which ended up SEVERELY under-attended when compared to last month. I guess the tease of the last time mixed with the holidays took its toll. Well, that worked out fine. We had a quick meeting and were able to get on over to the museum to enjoy the Archie exhibit; which was pretty cool. Basically you followed Archie's evolution through the decades, got to see some of the merchandise that came out, and they even had episodes of the old cartoon playing. The cartoons, by the way, kinda sucked. I know it was the 60s and I recognized most of the voice actors from the numerous other cartoons, but geeze, they coulda done SOME better casting. Veronica isn't southern!

Welson met us at the museum just as we were ready to leave. We all went over to St. Mark's again to hang and browse while I picked up a variant cover to a Ghostbusters one-shot that came out this week.

One odd note for today was the discovery of Santa Con. Apparently, there's a group of people who dress up as Santa in everything from traditional to the totally bizarre and walk around the Village. We saw Santas, female Santas, elves, reindeer...the works. That was rather...unique.