Saturday, July 31, 2010


So here's the skinny of what's been going down:

Sis is moving back to NY with her fiance next month. Her job had tried to tempt her to stay by offering her a new job title (with no extra pay). But, it just wasn't worth it to her, that coupled with the sexual harrassment she recently had to endure from one of her bosses there. It was just time to go, and the timing went perfectly. She's due to get married in September. Unlike the only other wedding I was invited to I'll be making that one.

Speaking of weddings, Facebook really lets you know how far behind in the "race of life" you are. Old friends from school and aquaintances alike have been getting hitched and having kids left and right. Me, I'm still mentally in high school and honestly haven't really be attracted to anyone in a long time. I mean, I've found women attracTIVE, but I haven't been attracTED. Hopefully that makes sense. Anyway, I digress...lotsa nuptials flying around. I probably better get working on finding a date for my high school reunion so I'll have some backup!

Alex was hospitalized for a couple of weeks, but he's out now and slowly healing up. In fact, I approached him about doing inks for a second story on Iconic now that the story he was supposed to be on is being done by its new penciler. However, getting the pages to him is turning out to be a challenge. His E-Mail keeps rejecting it. Well, there are ways around that, I just need the frame of mind to try them.

Worlds Beyond is finally done. We had a little sizing issue that the printer took care of, unfortunately the cover ended up shifting a bit to the right thanks to the measurements being slightly off on the imaging. Oh well, live and learn. It's not horrible, and the front cover can be passed as a creative choice. The killer is the CAG logo on the spine that's not centered. Also had a bit of drama with the credit card company failing to authorize payment to the printer. Took two days to convince them I authorized the payment (which was the same card I used for the down payment, by the way) and get it to go. But, going it is.

Iconic is still moving slowly, but I'm focusing on getting the pencils lettered so I can put together a dummy book to get our introduction done. Since nobody really reads this I can tell you all in blog land that we're approaching Walt Simonson for the honors. Walt is one of comicdom's more revolutionary writers, and a hell of a nice guy.

And finally, the heat is still kicking my ass and making me tired. WINTER! WHERE ARE YOU!?

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today's CAG meeting was a return to the Met for a revisitation of the writing workshop I did in March that was well-recieved. Unfortunately while that one was a semi-wash-out due to the deluge that decided to hit, today's perfectly sunny day yielded a WORSE turn-out. It was just me and James.

After waiting a half hour, we decided to hit the museum ourselves and work on a couple of our own projects. We had fun, but I was still pissed. Ya know, I have things to do, and going all the way up to the upper east side for nothing isn't exactly fun for me. I was also pissed I neglected to charge my camera to get some GB2 location shots while I was there. Ah well, gotta wait till it cools off for that anyway.

I decided to walk to the 59th Steet Station via Central Park. Had some fun running up the rocks and hills and such, but these damn shorts...too long! I keep feeling like I'm getting tangled when I do certain movements. If I didn't need all the pockets, I'd go to a different type of shorts. But, stuck with these till more pop up.

Friday, July 16, 2010


About a month into the new/old regime, things have changed while staying the same. For the most part, morale is up in general. Most of the people here seem happier and more productive. We're finally moving up the various lists in the district. Some, however, didn't really care for them the first time around and aren't AS happy.

They're trying to establish the overall control of the place the last regime wanted but never achieved. But, we still have the same old problems. Trucks are horribly parked on Mondays. Keys are missing. Equipment keeps failing (we ran out of Powerpads for the second time). The trucks are still shit. Then of course we have the fun of checking the VIRs where the same people keep making the same mistakes.

To me, it still feels like 3 years ago. Nothing's really changed. The senior before Joe wasn't much of a presence so aside from being held almost an hour after punching out for conversations that hasn't changed much either. I guess ultimately we'll see how things go once the senior kicks his master plans into action.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


You know you're getting old when you hurt yourself playing arcade games. I was playing the rapid-fire Metal Slug X and ended up with a store wrist. Painfully sore. Luckily Chloe is a massage therapist so I was able to get some quick healing tricks from her so I could pack up tomorrow.

I've been reading NOW's Green Hornet series, of which I got most of after watching the old 60s show again. NOW put out a decent product for its time. My only gripe would be the coloring, which always looked like it was done with crayon. Not that it was bad, just...unique compared to other books of the 80s and early 90s which used the old colored dot method. But the stories were fantastic, and very similar to what Dynamite's putting out now.

Just a shame NOW couldn't survive into the 90s. Odd what makes it and what doesn't, but such is the nature of the biz.

Saturday, July 03, 2010


I really need to learn not to buy perishable items BEFORE the trailer fridge has been on for a while. Damn thing takes forever to cool off, resulting in my milk going bad by morning.

Anyway, I went into town for breakfast and for their holiday festival. It wasn't much more than a glorified flea market, but there was a pretty decent turnout. The parade shortly after was fun too. The usual small town fare with predominant presence by the FD and ambulance services, a car dressed up like a cow, and the train usually parked by the info stand. I forgot my camera and was in the middle of breakfast, so I wasn't able to take the best shots with my phone. If I'm back same time next year I'll do better.

After going to Pecks to stock up on delish burgers, I let the vacation truly begin. There was a whole lot of movie watching, writing, reading, and video gaming in the open Rec Hall. They had swapped out the Addams Family pinball game for Congo, which pretty much sucked. No Fear is addictive, though, as they let you continue with your current score but only one ball per shot. Get to keep your score but you're paying more per game than normal. Sneaky.

Two of the movies I got were Roxanne with Steve Martin and Teen Witch. Think I'm addicted to Roxanne. Not so much for the romantical comedy elements, but the FD scenes are just comedy gold. And Teen Witch was a staple of my early HBO viewing days, but is a lot cornier than I remember. Guess that's what happens when time goes on, eh?

Friday, July 02, 2010


Finding out I was off Friday, I took the opportunity to go up to the country this weekend. I missed my second planned trip due to my battery issues immediately after my first one, so I wasn't gonna miss this. Funny...I planned for this, yet the day of it still seemed like I was scrambling to leave. Ah well.

So after my Subway lunch and proper teasing of Miranda for her birthday, I loaded up the van with the essentials (clothes, comics, bike, coolers and kitty) and filling my tires and hit the road after 3. There was already traffic in Staten Island and the cross-merge heading towards Albany was jammed up.

We had gotten to Walmart about 8 and I went in to do some quick shopping for supplies and what not. As it was approaching 9 by the time I got back on the road, I stopped by the Burger King down the hill for some food for the road. If ever you find yourself in Kiamesha, DON'T go to the BK next to Walmart. They've gotten AWFUL in the last couple years. Last time, there was barely any meat in the buns. This time, my burgers went progressively from uncooked to burnt with each bite. The fun part was trying to get their large cup in my console. You know, how it has that smaller bottom? Leaves too much room in the cup holder so it flops around. What I had to do was clear out my tape holder and stick it in there for the ride. Worked out pretty well, I must say.

Of course, after setting everything up and feeding the kitty, I went to go check my E-Mail and maybe get a few minutes of chatting with Mira only to discover the effing laptop battery was almost dead. Since the bathroom/laundry area and rec hall were closed, I had nowhere to plug in. I went back to the trailer for a night of movies and writing.