Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today is a momentous day. Why? Because this is the first year Tina had EVER invited me out to a birthday gathering. Oh, sure, for a few years a while ago she'd invite me out for a pre-birthday bash hangout before she met up with all her other friends, but I've never been to the main thing before. Also got to meet her current boyfriend briefly, the first one that I didn't already know previously.

This year she decided to do a scavenger hunt at the Met. We split up into teams, ours ended up being me, her, April and Roy, and went about our way finding clues and what not. Basically it involved finding the answers within works of art. It was a lot of fun, and our team finished first. Unfortunately, we ultimately lost with a tie-breaker question.

After, we went to an Italian restaurant several blocks away. They mostly got bombed on sangria's waiting for a table. Meanwhile I was starting to pass out the later it got. Fought to stay awake waiting on the food, and then waiting on the check for us to disperse. Headed for the train and home to get some sleep.

So for those wondering how I was with the whole BF thing, I was perfectly fine. I didn't really interact with the guy so I can't really formulate an opinion of him. But, I will say that after being at a table surrounded by people either paired off or who already knew each other, I decided time had come to maybe try and do something about my own situation. We'll see how that works out.


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