Monday, October 04, 2010


D had come down to GA for a medical conference a few months ago and told me how Atlanta had surprisingly little to offer. He wasn't kidding! At least where I was.

Today involved a lot of aimless wandering. I headed down to the capitol building to continue my collection of capitol pictures, then walked along to Atlanta Underground nearby. Atlanta Underground is a former railroad viaduct converted into a shopping area. It's like a virtual city under the city. Store fronts, lamp posts, sidewalks, fire hydrants, and remnants from the past...including a crap load of historical cars parked all over! It was neat, I loved it. Unfortunately I found the several souvenir shops lacking in decent souvenirs. I mean, there were one or two good items, but nothing I could take on the plane, much like at the aquarium.

Passing a few more panhandlers and some nice streets, I went back to World of Coke to see the things I missed the first time: the production line, the history of its creation, and the 4D movie to discover the secret formula (4D meaning it was 3D, the seats moved, and you got spritzed with water). Then I went back to the soda area and had a few dozen more samples of the de-lish stuff. I think I drank more soda this weekend than I have in my lifetime! Luckily my back didn't start hurting like it sometimes did when I drank a lot of soda.

I went back to the gift shop and started scouring for things to get my friends. Better selections by far, but ultimately still slim pickings in terms of personalization. There were several things I'd've loved to get, but again...airplane security. So, I made do with what I could.

Thanks to a blister I got on my expedition yesterday, I decided to end it there instead of taking two trains to get to the MLK memorial after a tour of nearby Olympic Park. Caught the nearest train back to the hotel and decided to head on up to Subway for dinner, and breakfast tomorrow. Depending how I feel, I'll probably pass by on the way to the airport.


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