Saturday, October 02, 2010


Maps are studied, so I now know where I'm going. I also discovered the train was nearby. If I was smart and had sufficient prep time, I would have reserved the car up here, took the train from the airport, used the car for what I needed and returned it, then used the train for everything else. But, I'm NOT smart, and I had no prep time, which means I ended up spending a couple hundred more than I should have. Ah well, live and learn.

I decided to start off in Atlanta, but first some food! I spotted a Burger King up the road and said what the hell. Hell is right. Place was very discombobulated, the food undercooked, and the bathroom horrendous. I was lucky I finished in there when I did, because someone flushed the urinal and the place flooded. Yeah, not eating there again.

Took the train in to Atlanta and headed to the World of Coke, which is a big Coca-Cola museum. There are giant decorated Coke bottles all over, a room full of Coke merch, a room of Coke-inspired art, a live production line, a theater for old Coke commercials, two comedic movies about Coke, and finally a room to taste all the varieties both domestic and international. I'll say this much, Asia has some nifty flavors I wish would come here, but if ever in Italy do NOT drink Berkely. Tastes like the seltzer without any added syrup.

Based on Miranda's suggestion, I hit the aquarium across the way too. Definitely a kid-friendly environment, but some every nice room decorations. Shame my camera can't capture the awesome mood lighting. After walking around for a bit, I hit the Dukes Atlanta location and headed back to my hotel to do some work. Tomorrow: road trip!


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