Friday, September 03, 2010


I had planned to go upstate this weekend a long time ago, and yet somehow it still became a last minute operation. Dunno how THAT works. In any event, I wasn't able to leave as my short power nap proved insufficient and I needed a full-on, so I opted to just go early tomorrow. So, I spent the day starting to organize the new comics I got, and getting the ones I've read ready for filing when I return.

Marvel had a new task proposed towards us, so I thought I'd do a try-out to see if I could get the extra cash. Sure, it's only $2 per item, but that's $2 more than I have right now. We'll see how I did soon, hopefully. Meantime, I'm taking up my next Index assignments to read and my next Spiderfan contribution. Need to get back on that so I can put away all the Spidey books I took out planning to do.


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