Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today's CAG meeting was a return to the Met for a revisitation of the writing workshop I did in March that was well-recieved. Unfortunately while that one was a semi-wash-out due to the deluge that decided to hit, today's perfectly sunny day yielded a WORSE turn-out. It was just me and James.

After waiting a half hour, we decided to hit the museum ourselves and work on a couple of our own projects. We had fun, but I was still pissed. Ya know, I have things to do, and going all the way up to the upper east side for nothing isn't exactly fun for me. I was also pissed I neglected to charge my camera to get some GB2 location shots while I was there. Ah well, gotta wait till it cools off for that anyway.

I decided to walk to the 59th Steet Station via Central Park. Had some fun running up the rocks and hills and such, but these damn shorts...too long! I keep feeling like I'm getting tangled when I do certain movements. If I didn't need all the pockets, I'd go to a different type of shorts. But, stuck with these till more pop up.


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