Friday, July 16, 2010


About a month into the new/old regime, things have changed while staying the same. For the most part, morale is up in general. Most of the people here seem happier and more productive. We're finally moving up the various lists in the district. Some, however, didn't really care for them the first time around and aren't AS happy.

They're trying to establish the overall control of the place the last regime wanted but never achieved. But, we still have the same old problems. Trucks are horribly parked on Mondays. Keys are missing. Equipment keeps failing (we ran out of Powerpads for the second time). The trucks are still shit. Then of course we have the fun of checking the VIRs where the same people keep making the same mistakes.

To me, it still feels like 3 years ago. Nothing's really changed. The senior before Joe wasn't much of a presence so aside from being held almost an hour after punching out for conversations that hasn't changed much either. I guess ultimately we'll see how things go once the senior kicks his master plans into action.


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