Friday, July 02, 2010


Finding out I was off Friday, I took the opportunity to go up to the country this weekend. I missed my second planned trip due to my battery issues immediately after my first one, so I wasn't gonna miss this. Funny...I planned for this, yet the day of it still seemed like I was scrambling to leave. Ah well.

So after my Subway lunch and proper teasing of Miranda for her birthday, I loaded up the van with the essentials (clothes, comics, bike, coolers and kitty) and filling my tires and hit the road after 3. There was already traffic in Staten Island and the cross-merge heading towards Albany was jammed up.

We had gotten to Walmart about 8 and I went in to do some quick shopping for supplies and what not. As it was approaching 9 by the time I got back on the road, I stopped by the Burger King down the hill for some food for the road. If ever you find yourself in Kiamesha, DON'T go to the BK next to Walmart. They've gotten AWFUL in the last couple years. Last time, there was barely any meat in the buns. This time, my burgers went progressively from uncooked to burnt with each bite. The fun part was trying to get their large cup in my console. You know, how it has that smaller bottom? Leaves too much room in the cup holder so it flops around. What I had to do was clear out my tape holder and stick it in there for the ride. Worked out pretty well, I must say.

Of course, after setting everything up and feeding the kitty, I went to go check my E-Mail and maybe get a few minutes of chatting with Mira only to discover the effing laptop battery was almost dead. Since the bathroom/laundry area and rec hall were closed, I had nowhere to plug in. I went back to the trailer for a night of movies and writing.


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