Friday, April 29, 2011


Hey out there in Blog land. It's been a while, I know. But, in the grand scheme of things, something had to go and this was the least important (plus I was sick of hearing about my own life, but I digress).

Inspired to start again, let me catch you all up on the last 6 months...


As the summer begins, the push to cut the budget is on. I've been reduced 2 1/2 hours every week. Not horrible, but hopefully it doesn't last too long. If they look to cut me further, that's when I begin looking for a new station.

We've got a ton of new people, which somehow resulted in more prime vacation spots being taken out of the bid as compared to last year. We also got a new mechanic, finally, and our trucks have never been better. Of course, the crap he inherited may be causing him health problems, and he already wants out. Don't blame him.

The Index has been renewed for two more volumes, and we've already begun banging them out. I also volunteered for an internal Index project. Basically, I copy from the PDFs of our trades as well as write up 30 of the new releases every month on an Excel spreadsheet. Time consuming in its way, but far easier than doing chronologies. Plus! Free books every month!

Iconic 2 is delayed beyond belief, and right now all I'm waiting on are four pages of inks and the intro. Once in hand, I can get the final touch-ups done and the trade dress made, and the book published. Worlds Beyond 2 is also underway, but I've been having serious delays in the editing of the stories. Didn't even have time to write one myself. CAG is trying out a new free membership program this year to offset those who cry poverty thanks to the economy. Seeing as we got more memberships when we were a pay op, we may switch to pay to join, free after format. As of January, I'm also the vice president.


I re-activated my dating site account to make a play for romance. I ended up with one pen-pal in northern New York who apparently became busy and disappeared. I had another pen-pal I went on a hangout with. We had fun, but as per the usual pattern since then contact became sparse until eventually stopping altogether. She's away from town on a job all summer, but I'm not expecting renewed contact once she returns. I've also had two or three others begin conversations with me, only to drop off as usual with no warning, explanation or clear reason. In short: it was about as effective as the last time I tried. And the more I think about it, the more I realize I don't really have time for all this romance bull. I have work to focus on for now.


Grandma finally died in February, so I'm now grandparent-less. Still not in the new apartment because everyone keeps dragging their feet. Me, I'm too busy to take initiatives on my own. Only so many hours in the day, and I spend most of them working. Me and Sis keep trying to get together for lunch after I get off work, but so far we haven't been able to make it happen due to conflicts that pop up. We'll figure it out one day...or in time for the next birthday gathering. Either way.

Saturday, April 09, 2011


So, as I've quietly stated before, I've begun to acknowledge my birthdays. I still don't do the big fanfare thing most people do, but I've been making an effort to at least do something with those in the know.

Inspired by Tina's birthday, I decided on fulfilling a desire to check out the Liberty Science Center, having not been there since before it closed for renovations. I also found a cheapy ticket deal that'd also get us to Liberty and Ellis Island for one low price. I invited the usual three, and everything was good to go. Right?


First Tina had to bail because she had forgotten a class trip she had scheduled for the day. The D had to bail because he'd have his kid. Sis didn't bail, but we did reduce the outing to pool at the local pool hall, something we hadn't done since a birthday years prior, and then dinner after. However, Sis had been secretly making some calls and got the other two to show up for dinner, now possible since it was later in the day.

So we all had fun. They enjoyed the fact it was my birthday a liiiiiiiiiiittle too much. I just enjoyed them being there, something that happens far too infrequently for my liking. I decided to make a Facebook group and invited them and a couple others so that we can pitch plans to each other and possibly make them happen (which is also the name of the group). We'll see how that all works out in the coming months.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today is a momentous day. Why? Because this is the first year Tina had EVER invited me out to a birthday gathering. Oh, sure, for a few years a while ago she'd invite me out for a pre-birthday bash hangout before she met up with all her other friends, but I've never been to the main thing before. Also got to meet her current boyfriend briefly, the first one that I didn't already know previously.

This year she decided to do a scavenger hunt at the Met. We split up into teams, ours ended up being me, her, April and Roy, and went about our way finding clues and what not. Basically it involved finding the answers within works of art. It was a lot of fun, and our team finished first. Unfortunately, we ultimately lost with a tie-breaker question.

After, we went to an Italian restaurant several blocks away. They mostly got bombed on sangria's waiting for a table. Meanwhile I was starting to pass out the later it got. Fought to stay awake waiting on the food, and then waiting on the check for us to disperse. Headed for the train and home to get some sleep.

So for those wondering how I was with the whole BF thing, I was perfectly fine. I didn't really interact with the guy so I can't really formulate an opinion of him. But, I will say that after being at a table surrounded by people either paired off or who already knew each other, I decided time had come to maybe try and do something about my own situation. We'll see how that works out.

Monday, October 11, 2010

NYCC 2010

Why is it no matter how long I plan for NYCC it still ends up being a last minute scramble? I was making a list of all the creators I wanted to see and get autographs from, but ended up not being able to dig out all the books I was planning. Instead I ended up re-buying some books from some of them to have signed there. Which is fine; that's usually what I like to do anyway.

Because I had the table, I decided to drive in on Friday. That turned out to be a big mistake. For one thing, our booth somehow ended up with a table...first time ever. For another thing, all the free parking surrounding the Javitz is now commercial. I ended up having to park in a garage two blocks away. Ended up only $30 so it wasn't too bad, but still. At least I didn't have to for Sunday.

Spent Friday setting up the table and then visiting all my colleagues scattered throughout. I know I promised to lay off the discount bins, but yeah, that didn't happen. I did keep myself somewhat restrained, though. AND I had a luggage cart I bought from D&D Thursday so hauling it home wasn't so bad. That night, a bunch of us went out to dinner with the Free Lunch guys. It was intended to discuss the future of CAG, but Twins was too loud and we were all distracted by the visitation of a cockroach, so that didn't happen. We'll have to revisit that later.

Saturday I made some additional rounds and purchased some more poster artwork. Figured get that over with today so I didn't have to risk damaging them with bringing all the supplies home. Worked the table some, met some newish members, shmoozed a bit. The highlight of the day, though, was meeting one of my colleague's friends. She came to help promote his books before wandering the show with him. She was nothing short of beautiful, let me tell you. I ended up going to lunch with her and we had a great time. If I had any success at all in that area I might've tried asking her out, but as such let it ride. Had one good day, no need to mar it with a rejection.

A bunch of us went out to dinner again before some headed for home (like me) and others went off to the Indy After Party. A word about the party: for the last few years, CAG has been heading it up under Mark Mazz. Since Mazz is no longer involved, we decided to continue on with it, and somewhere along the way Mazz got himself tacked on to the reservation WE made at the location. So, it was decided to let Mazz incur the costs and we'd bow out, despite his putting us as a sponsor. I doubt I would have gone even if I wasn't already tired. Not on the list of my favorite people these days.

Sunday was more of the same. Me, Joe and James had a lunch meeting to go over the final prep for the awards show that night. Joe made a great powerpoint presentation for it, and we basically had it all worked out. The awards, given to us at the last hour of the show on the last day, an extremely pitiful timeslot, went pretty well considering half of the winners weren't in attendance, and neither was our guest of honor Andy Schmidt. But, we rolled with it and made some jokes. People came away entertained, which is good, and my faith in the awards renewed after a tumultuous ride to get there.

Fun show. I didn't get to do everything I'd hoped, but I didn't do too badly. Hopefully next year I can be a bit more prepared for the show.

...Eh, who am I kidding? Rock on!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Woke up, checked my mail, had "breakfast" and packed. I left around noon and headed downtown to check out the MLK memorial. Now, this was some memorial. The memorial proper spans about two square blocks north and south. On the north side is a museum about King, a Gahndi statue, and a civil rights walk with names of proponents of the civil rights movement. South is the grave site, which is a stone coffin on an island in the middle of a giant reflecting pool. Fountains and everything. But, that's not all! They preserved his ENTIRE neighborhood, so for the next two or three blocks you have it exactly as it was in King's day. Almost every house there had some kind of historic significance. Classy. In NY the most people get is a statue, and the least is a street renamed. I could never see anything of this level, at least not since Grant's day.

After photographing all there was to see, I got back in the car and made my way to the airport. I anticipated a complicated pathway like JFK or LGA, but was surprised to find everything straightforward and easily marked. Got to the terminal a bit later, and after a quick lunch to the gate with 4 hours to spare. I ended up springing for internet service, and the laptop still wouldn't charge. Great.

While waiting the opportunity came up to upgrade to business class, so I said screw it and paid the $70. I think I'll have to do that from now on, these seats are just too damn small for me. I had LEGROOM! A comfy seat! It was great. I could definitely get used to that.

Overall, not a bad trip. Not as great as some others, but not bad.

Monday, October 04, 2010


D had come down to GA for a medical conference a few months ago and told me how Atlanta had surprisingly little to offer. He wasn't kidding! At least where I was.

Today involved a lot of aimless wandering. I headed down to the capitol building to continue my collection of capitol pictures, then walked along to Atlanta Underground nearby. Atlanta Underground is a former railroad viaduct converted into a shopping area. It's like a virtual city under the city. Store fronts, lamp posts, sidewalks, fire hydrants, and remnants from the past...including a crap load of historical cars parked all over! It was neat, I loved it. Unfortunately I found the several souvenir shops lacking in decent souvenirs. I mean, there were one or two good items, but nothing I could take on the plane, much like at the aquarium.

Passing a few more panhandlers and some nice streets, I went back to World of Coke to see the things I missed the first time: the production line, the history of its creation, and the 4D movie to discover the secret formula (4D meaning it was 3D, the seats moved, and you got spritzed with water). Then I went back to the soda area and had a few dozen more samples of the de-lish stuff. I think I drank more soda this weekend than I have in my lifetime! Luckily my back didn't start hurting like it sometimes did when I drank a lot of soda.

I went back to the gift shop and started scouring for things to get my friends. Better selections by far, but ultimately still slim pickings in terms of personalization. There were several things I'd've loved to get, but again...airplane security. So, I made do with what I could.

Thanks to a blister I got on my expedition yesterday, I decided to end it there instead of taking two trains to get to the MLK memorial after a tour of nearby Olympic Park. Caught the nearest train back to the hotel and decided to head on up to Subway for dinner, and breakfast tomorrow. Depending how I feel, I'll probably pass by on the way to the airport.

Sunday, October 03, 2010


Before my trip, I had mused how funny it would be to be given a Charger as my rental car, despite the fact I probably don't fit nor could see out of the super-sloped windshield (in which case I would've taken a Challenger...). But, instead, here I am retracing the steps of the Dukes of Hazzard in what is essentially a Crown Vic clone (aka police car).

Anyway, with the oh-so-reliable GPS I had, I decided to download maps of the areas and plot down simple directions so I would only need it for emergency cases. The problem with driving around rural areas is that street signs are often non-existent, too small for the speeds posted on the roads, or involve sudden turns down blind hidden roads. Even so, I only needed the GPS a few times the whole trip.

Started off in Loganville with the Duke farm. The farmhouse was basically a shack given some extensions for the show. The main body is all that remains and is pretty much in ruins. There's a still from the episode "High Octane" in the woods near the main house on the grounds, but I wasn't about to bother people just to get some pictures. Further on down the road was a bridge and an area used for a bust in "High Octane" and "Mary Kaye's Baby" on private property, so I couldn't get to them and really didn't think was worth trying to find a back way around to. Point is, I was there and got close enough. Moving on.

Heading down highway 20 I hit a grocery used in "Mary Kaye's Baby", and right across the street Cooter's garage and junkyard from "One-Armed Bandits." The grocery looks totally different than it did back then, but the junkyard has a distinguishing feature: an old bus, seen in the episode and visible from the gate. And by visible, I mean you could make it out through the trees and brush, but couldn't get a very good clear shot of it. But, I tried anyway. One thing I forgot to take was the nearby intersection where the General jumped a truck in "High Octane."

Heading on down I found Rockdale hospital, which served as the EPA in "High Octane." A bit down the road was the police station from "One-Armed Bandits," unfortunately the building had been torn down and replaced. It was either a collective office block or a funeral home now, wasn't sure which. So, I photographed both just to be safe.

My next stop was the big one: Hazzard Town Square, aka Covington. This area was used in several movies and shows, including In the Heat of the Night as Sparta. What's more is I wandered into a delightful bonus; a classic car show! The entire square and all the surrounding streets for an entire block were full of cars from every decade. There was a '69 Charger, and someone did have a Dixie horn (heard it twice), but surprised there wasn't an actual General replica in the mix. I snapped tons of car pictures, the location pictures I needed, and even a nice creepy-looking old Sheriff's office I could use in an idea later.

Once the business was handled, I stopped in a local cafe for some grub. It was a small place ran by an old couple and a young guy. Looked like it hadn't been updated since the 50s, and that when furniture broke it was never replaced, hence the sparse furnishings. The newest thing in the joint was the cash register. And the burger wasn't so much a patty as a clump of cooked meat. But, the food was good and the atmosphere was just fine.

Next came a railroad crossing and a house used as the Sherridan's Orphans Home in "One-Armed Bandits." After that was Oxford University where the civic club scenes from "Bandits" and the jump seen at the end of the opening credits was filmed. Going further north brought me to the Boar's Nest. I missed it the first time because in other Duke explorer photos, it still looked relatively the same. When I found it, it had been completely repainted and renovated. However, the church that had been there had long since closed as it was abandoned and windows smashed in.

Next came a bridge from "Mary Kaye's Baby" next to a train trestle. The trestle itself was much cooler as it was covered in ivy and looked damned creepy. Took many shots of that. It was at this point I forgot I left my glasses on the seat and got back in the car, smushing them. Took me a bit to pop my lense back in, and not even correctly, unfortunately. I'll have to fix those later. After that was just a series of roads and bridges involved in various episodes. By the time I hit Social Circle I had just about had enough, so I hit the highway and headed on back to my hotel.

After some rest and a Cary Grant movie, I headed on up the road to this place I saw during my lost moments, Checkers. I thought it was just a one-off place, but according to Chloe it's a chain around these parts. It was also not an eat-in place, take-out only. Sure, find that out on what turned out to become a pretty nippy night. Luckily, the car came with one of those adjustable cup holders so it could hold the drink I got (a Pibb, my drink of choice in the south!).

So, I successfully made it to almost every location used in the first five episodes of the Dukes. Tomorrow, I'll explore more of Atlanta and maybe get the surrounding area to the location I got there yesterday.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Maps are studied, so I now know where I'm going. I also discovered the train was nearby. If I was smart and had sufficient prep time, I would have reserved the car up here, took the train from the airport, used the car for what I needed and returned it, then used the train for everything else. But, I'm NOT smart, and I had no prep time, which means I ended up spending a couple hundred more than I should have. Ah well, live and learn.

I decided to start off in Atlanta, but first some food! I spotted a Burger King up the road and said what the hell. Hell is right. Place was very discombobulated, the food undercooked, and the bathroom horrendous. I was lucky I finished in there when I did, because someone flushed the urinal and the place flooded. Yeah, not eating there again.

Took the train in to Atlanta and headed to the World of Coke, which is a big Coca-Cola museum. There are giant decorated Coke bottles all over, a room full of Coke merch, a room of Coke-inspired art, a live production line, a theater for old Coke commercials, two comedic movies about Coke, and finally a room to taste all the varieties both domestic and international. I'll say this much, Asia has some nifty flavors I wish would come here, but if ever in Italy do NOT drink Berkely. Tastes like the seltzer without any added syrup.

Based on Miranda's suggestion, I hit the aquarium across the way too. Definitely a kid-friendly environment, but some every nice room decorations. Shame my camera can't capture the awesome mood lighting. After walking around for a bit, I hit the Dukes Atlanta location and headed back to my hotel to do some work. Tomorrow: road trip!

Friday, October 01, 2010


Months ago I had planned to go to Georgia and do the Dukes of Hazzard location tour, and hopefully get to hang with my friends down there. Today was the day for everything to go wrong.

First, the weather all week has been horrible. Rain, rain, and more rain. Today was no exception, getting drenched as I walked to work. Luckily I had spare clothing stored and now know where to put stuff to be dried out. On top of that, the freight was gonna be late today so they were gonna try to have me do all the stuff that initially comes in for the route. Unfortunately, there was way too much for me to get done and still get home in time to finish packing and catch my car to the airport. Luckily they let me do what I could then bailed on the rest for someone else to finish.

Got home and finalized my bag over a lunch of Hot Pockets. I'd been agonizing over my choice of luggage 'cause of the carry on rules that could be in effect. I finally decided to go with my original choice and was all set. I was also determined not to work this vacation but I'd fallen way behind on my entries and had to bring the last batch of comics to do.

My car was an hour late. The original driver apparently got into an accident on the way. As a result, we were stuck in traffic most of the way and I got to the terminal with 15 minutes to spare. Then, came the realization: even though I booked my trip through Priceline by clicking on the Delta quote that came up, I somehow got placed on AirTran...TWO TERMINALS AWAY. By the time I was able to realize the error, I missed my flight (which I really didn't 'cause it boarded two hours late).

I got placed on standby since all the other flights were full and everything was weather delayed. I ended up getting on the plane after 10. Coach was a lot of fun; my knees firmly planted into the seat in front of me. The guy shot me so many dirty looks because he couldn't recline. Tough shit. If he made any comments I was in the mood to open the emergency hatch and throw him into one of the engines. I landed around midnight and then began the trek to the rental counter. Gotta say, this must be one huge airport: it's got it's own freakin' subway train!

I get to the Enterprise counter only to find nobody there at the 24-hour counter. After a few minutes of waiting, I talked to the Hertz counter and found out Enterprise was over in their stand in the garage outside. They apologized, caught in the middle of a shift change. I checked out the cars they had to offer and ended up getting a free upgrade because of my size and the inadequacy of the two cars they had left. Guess it helped that my guy was a tall dude so he probably sympathized.

So off to Doraville I went for my hotel. However, my GPS died before I got there thanks to dipshit not having the car charger where it should have been and NOT recharging the stupid thing. Having no time to study the maps like I usually do, I ended up driving around in circles in what turned out to be mere blocks from my hotel on all sides. I finally went down one street, saw the sign, and drove through the parking lot across the way to get there. This was almost 4 AM.

So, for those keeping score, I've been awake for 24 hours and my last meal was 14 hours ago. Add to that one of my goals, meeting my friends, wasn't gonna happen thanks to the other dipshits she befriended and so far this trip is off with a bang.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Every so often, the station gets audited to ensure they're meeting all the companies standards and what not. Monday and Tuesday I came in to work, did my usual morning routine and route, then proceeded to have to go through all the trucks to make sure they had their paperwork and all the Vehicle Inspection Report books to fix any errors made. Initially I was gonna do all three months we had on file of the books, but was told Tuesday to just do August and September's. Gee, thanks for letting me waste half a day on June...

The actual audit was yesterday. I ended up having to stay off my route to man the room as the guy called out sick. The audit went pretty well and we scored high, except one truck had an outdated thing in it. Love to know how that happened since I checked each piece individually, but whatever.

Friday, September 24, 2010


My sole class this semester is screenwriting for film. It was the only one available that fit my requirements AND my schedule, which means another 4 hour class. Ugh. So far it's been pretty fun. We bring in the scripts we're assigned to write and the class is "cast" in the roles and reads them out. Despite trying to keep awake in the class, it gets pretty interesting.

Today was my day to present. When the 5-page assignment was given out the first class, I wrote the script already. Sure, the final one differed from the initial, but the idea was the same: Dracula's hatred of Twilight. The class loved it, and the only criticisms were little nitpicky bullshit. Not bad for my second attempt (the first being the short film last semester).

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I really want to keep up with the blog, but I think the bigger problem is that unlike Doogie Howser who wrote an obscure paragraph summing up the lessons of his day, I, as a writer, like to turn my entries into fairly detailed stories. I barely have the time to write my own comic scripts, let alone actual stories. I'm gonna try to do weekly summations from now on, just because I know you all miss me out there.

It's fitting my first post in a couple of week is this one. A lot of people criticize TV shows for their quick episode-end resolutions, citing how life has very little closure in reality. I, being the observer of the human condition that I am, have seen evidence to the contrary. Resolutions may not come by the end of the day, hell they could take weeks, months or years, but eventually a "dangling plot thread" does get wrapped up. Think about how many times something that you were involved with happened years ago, but then suddenly pops up again in a casual mention or what have you.

That was just a parallel to lead me into this: rarely do you get to see a story play out from start to finish. April & Roy is one of those stories. Roy was the first boyfriend of April's I ever met. I heard about the others long after the fact, so that was pretty much an indicator of things to come. Then I got to see it grow, from dating to moving away and living together, to moving back and now getting married. Of course that's not the END of their story by far, but it's pretty cool to've been able to see the evolution.

So, let's talk about the big day.

Firstly, I dreaded this thing for one simple reason: I have no dressy clothes. I've got my old work shirts, which ma said were "too casual," whatever the hell that means. I had my work pants, one of which was ratty and several that had some kind of stains on the legs. I also had a collection of ties I got handed, most of which no longer fit me in my current size (length AND width). So, my options were limited, meaning I had to buy something. I had ma do it, since she has experience in these matters. Unfortunately, the pants she got were too tight in the thighs, a miscommunication led her to get me a long-sleeve shirt which she KNOWS I don't wear, and the weather forecast for today rendered the jacket unwearable. So, it was back to the closet. Found a shirt I never wore, decent enough pants, and two ties that were sufficient. I also found it funny all the wedding-themed movies and programs on TV today. Odd.

D had wanted to meet up and go, so I met him at the train after I bought my card at Rite Aid. Did you know they don't make humorous wedding cards? I thought I was gonna get diabetes as I read all the cards they offered. I finished filling it out when we got off the train; unfortunately I jumped a couple words as I wrote, forcing me to off-center the rest of the card...whoops! That wasn't even the biggest whoops. As a testament to how distracted I've been lately, I didn't notice the RSVP link in April's initial E-vite that I had too fill out (she asked me them via IM), and I didn't know there was an itinerary for the wedding. It started at 3, so I figured that was when the ceremony was.


3 was when guests were supposed to begin ARRIVING. Well, we got there a bit after 2 to find the place still being set up. Oops. Kudos to Roy for hiding his nerves so well and keeping in charge. I could tell he was tense, but he didn't show it. Well, at least I managed to get D there on time. If we left when we should have we mighta been late, as he's known for that. We helped where we could, though. In particular waiting for the Indian food to arrive. That was interesting, as the idiots initially parked by a hydrant and had to move, and one of the guys ran past us saying something incomprehensible. I THOUGHT that's who we were looking for, but couldn't've been sure. It took the other guy 20 minutes to circle around the block and we began to unload the stuff while I had to stay with the car. By the time I got back inside, April was arriving in her limo so I rushed back upstairs.

People began to mingle and eat some appetizers while April got ready. She told me after that Tina and her mother had to help April cobble together a bouquet since the florist didn't show up. It wouldn't be a wedding unless everything went wrong. The ceremony was up on a terrace with a flower-covered archway and a nice view of the city. I found it funny how there was a church on either side and yet the wedding was in between them. April's friend Nelson served as the preacher, and the ceremony opened with a Beatles tune. Of course.

After was an intense photo session with the bride and groom. Dozens of configurations of friends and relatives. At one point Jessica gave out thick mustaches of felt on sticks, which were held up during several of the photographs. I'm thinking that was a play on the coming Indian half of the ceremony, but I need to ask what the deal was. Turns out it was Roy's idea to boot. I also have to wonder why I needed a fake mustache since I already had one. Hmmm...

April had seated all her friends together at one table for the reception. Me, D, Mary, Jessica, Maritza and her BF, Christina and her husband, and Tina (who had another wedding to attend and couldn't stay much past the first course...always double-booked, that girl!). The food was spectacular. It was like a party in my mouth, and much better than the place I went to with them months ago. Hell, I'm tempted to go out and get married just so I can have more of that food!

Back to that unknown itinerary: I was thinking that it was gonna be the ceremony, then an intermission, then the Indian ceremony. Nope. Turns out the Indian ceremony wasn't due to begin until 9! Yeah, no way I was gonna be able to do that, especially since I had to work tomorrow. After the first dance, me and D made our way up to April to have some words and give her our cards before taking our leave. D had to leave with me because apparently he'd get lost walking TWO BLOCKS to the train. Yeah...

Overall, not bad for my first attended wedding. And I'm very impressed with myself that I didn't get anything on my clothes, or that stupid tie. Seriously, who came up with neckties? Floppy damn things get into everything... But, that's a rant for another entry.


Monday, September 06, 2010


In part of the new senior's initiative to get the station running smoothly, the room I usually man in the morning is to be covered all day long. As a result, I'm being removed from the position and the night guy is taking over, while he's bringing in someone else for the night. I'll still be getting my 6 hours since I'm so valued there, and am now relegated to truck management exclusively. However, since the guy is prone to mental breakdowns, I've no doubt I'll have to do the room again quite a few times.

Friday, September 03, 2010


I had planned to go upstate this weekend a long time ago, and yet somehow it still became a last minute operation. Dunno how THAT works. In any event, I wasn't able to leave as my short power nap proved insufficient and I needed a full-on, so I opted to just go early tomorrow. So, I spent the day starting to organize the new comics I got, and getting the ones I've read ready for filing when I return.

Marvel had a new task proposed towards us, so I thought I'd do a try-out to see if I could get the extra cash. Sure, it's only $2 per item, but that's $2 more than I have right now. We'll see how I did soon, hopefully. Meantime, I'm taking up my next Index assignments to read and my next Spiderfan contribution. Need to get back on that so I can put away all the Spidey books I took out planning to do.

Thursday, September 02, 2010


One of my colleagues, Jemir, is moving to Holland and asked me to come over to take some of his comics he can't bring with him. I didn't anticipate him having all the books he did, or so many I'd actually want/need. I tried my Big Apple Con trick of loading up two garbage bags with the books, but that didn't work out too well. And boxing all the ones I wanted was next to impossible to carry. I ended up using a car service his aunt had the number to since I couldn't get through to ma.

Well, here's a good reason why I don't use car service; the ass was on his phone for the first half of the ride, and completely missed all my directions. I said go to the BQE to the Belt towards Kennedy. What does he do? HE GOES TO KENNEDY! And I had to tell him what exit to take several times even though I clearly stated it before. And he makes it like the extra distance was MY fault.

Next time someone offers me free comics, I'm bringing the van. Screw it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I had to break down and do it. After DLing a new Spyware program to get rid of this persistent one that would NOT delete with any of the others, I was treated to the fact that it's constant update on start-up would slow my computer to a crawl for a good half hour. Now that I'm working with such graphically intense stuff and needing to perform multiple tasks at once, I finally broke down and put in for my new computer. Confused by all the technobabble in the specs, I chatted with a Dell person and had them build me a comp to suit my needs. Two grand, but at least I can write it off in taxes since I'll be using it for business a lot.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


The BBQ went off nicely. I had to swing by a Waldbaum's near the club for some buns on the way, and I had a hard time wrangling pops for materials I need, but otherwise it was fine. I had sufficent food for all those who showed up, and a good time was had. Dunno if I'm so inclined to keep these going to the point there's only TWO attendees, but we'll see what happens next year.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My route gets a handicap every August when the only decent freight guy they have goes on vacation for five weeks, meaning the elevator is slow as shit for the duration. Add to that the fact they decide NOW to redo the sidewalk in front of the loading dock. The last two weeks had been an adventure in trying to get through the temporary pedestrian walkway and onto the ramp (with a disappearing, reappearing lip of concrete at its foot) into the loading dock to do my job.

Well, today they finally finished the sidewalk. Sort of. The idiots forgot the DIP in front of the doorway. They made a straight curb instead, so now they're gonna hafta re-tear up the sidewalk and put it in. Greeeeeeeeat. Smart crew they got there.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Worlds Beyond arrived on Thursday. I spent most of Sunday scouring for appropriately sized boxes to fill all the pre-orders we got for the book. Monday I went to the FedEx Office near my station and picked up a bunch of their small boxes and some packing peanuts to finish the job. Although I intended to get them shipped that day I ran a little late. So, today was the day.

I loaded up both of our shopping wagons and slowly wheeled them over to the post office. I'm sure I made the ass there thrilled to have to process all those, as were all the people who had to wait on the growing line. The ass, I should clarify, is this grumpy old fart I was hoping I wouldn't get when I went. The people in that office are rude as hell, barking at a lady who just wanted to know something before she waited on line to wait on line. And they wonder why they're doing so horribly.

Anyway, after all that, I ended up realizing I forgot one person. I KNOW I printed out his reciept the other day, but I guess it got lost in the shuffle. Ah well, taking care of that tomorrow, not going back today.

Saturday, August 07, 2010


Went to Pathmark today so ma could do some overdue shopping and I could get most of the stuff for the BBQ next week. The turnout for it is very small this year, so I'm not really splurging...especially since these people, despite assurances and confirmations, tend to NOT show up. I prboably should have just cancelled it, but at least I can give some Worlds Beyond orders to the people there.

D was on his way home from work when he called me and came by the store. He tagged along while I did my business, then gave me some souveniers from his trip to Universal Florida during his Georgia medical convention; one of those weathered Wolverine hats (which didn't fit) and a Marvel t-shirt (which probably won't, the sizes on those shirts run smaller than advertised usually). First time I seen him since Xmas. He should be coming next week, so we'll see if it works out.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


This morning on the way to work, some asshat went down the wrong way under the Gowanus. He proceeded to speed in reverse to the intersection where we were sitting, smacking the front fender and then speeding off down the street. Pops was none too happy. Dude's just lucky it wasn't me at the wheel, 'cause I woulda ran his ass down and off the road. Damage is already done, couldn't hurt more, right?

So he went to the precinct (which is like 2 blocks from there, BTW) to file a report and I took the train to work. Looks like my van will be seeing some use for a while.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


So here's the skinny of what's been going down:

Sis is moving back to NY with her fiance next month. Her job had tried to tempt her to stay by offering her a new job title (with no extra pay). But, it just wasn't worth it to her, that coupled with the sexual harrassment she recently had to endure from one of her bosses there. It was just time to go, and the timing went perfectly. She's due to get married in September. Unlike the only other wedding I was invited to I'll be making that one.

Speaking of weddings, Facebook really lets you know how far behind in the "race of life" you are. Old friends from school and aquaintances alike have been getting hitched and having kids left and right. Me, I'm still mentally in high school and honestly haven't really be attracted to anyone in a long time. I mean, I've found women attracTIVE, but I haven't been attracTED. Hopefully that makes sense. Anyway, I digress...lotsa nuptials flying around. I probably better get working on finding a date for my high school reunion so I'll have some backup!

Alex was hospitalized for a couple of weeks, but he's out now and slowly healing up. In fact, I approached him about doing inks for a second story on Iconic now that the story he was supposed to be on is being done by its new penciler. However, getting the pages to him is turning out to be a challenge. His E-Mail keeps rejecting it. Well, there are ways around that, I just need the frame of mind to try them.

Worlds Beyond is finally done. We had a little sizing issue that the printer took care of, unfortunately the cover ended up shifting a bit to the right thanks to the measurements being slightly off on the imaging. Oh well, live and learn. It's not horrible, and the front cover can be passed as a creative choice. The killer is the CAG logo on the spine that's not centered. Also had a bit of drama with the credit card company failing to authorize payment to the printer. Took two days to convince them I authorized the payment (which was the same card I used for the down payment, by the way) and get it to go. But, going it is.

Iconic is still moving slowly, but I'm focusing on getting the pencils lettered so I can put together a dummy book to get our introduction done. Since nobody really reads this I can tell you all in blog land that we're approaching Walt Simonson for the honors. Walt is one of comicdom's more revolutionary writers, and a hell of a nice guy.

And finally, the heat is still kicking my ass and making me tired. WINTER! WHERE ARE YOU!?

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today's CAG meeting was a return to the Met for a revisitation of the writing workshop I did in March that was well-recieved. Unfortunately while that one was a semi-wash-out due to the deluge that decided to hit, today's perfectly sunny day yielded a WORSE turn-out. It was just me and James.

After waiting a half hour, we decided to hit the museum ourselves and work on a couple of our own projects. We had fun, but I was still pissed. Ya know, I have things to do, and going all the way up to the upper east side for nothing isn't exactly fun for me. I was also pissed I neglected to charge my camera to get some GB2 location shots while I was there. Ah well, gotta wait till it cools off for that anyway.

I decided to walk to the 59th Steet Station via Central Park. Had some fun running up the rocks and hills and such, but these damn shorts...too long! I keep feeling like I'm getting tangled when I do certain movements. If I didn't need all the pockets, I'd go to a different type of shorts. But, stuck with these till more pop up.

Friday, July 16, 2010


About a month into the new/old regime, things have changed while staying the same. For the most part, morale is up in general. Most of the people here seem happier and more productive. We're finally moving up the various lists in the district. Some, however, didn't really care for them the first time around and aren't AS happy.

They're trying to establish the overall control of the place the last regime wanted but never achieved. But, we still have the same old problems. Trucks are horribly parked on Mondays. Keys are missing. Equipment keeps failing (we ran out of Powerpads for the second time). The trucks are still shit. Then of course we have the fun of checking the VIRs where the same people keep making the same mistakes.

To me, it still feels like 3 years ago. Nothing's really changed. The senior before Joe wasn't much of a presence so aside from being held almost an hour after punching out for conversations that hasn't changed much either. I guess ultimately we'll see how things go once the senior kicks his master plans into action.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


You know you're getting old when you hurt yourself playing arcade games. I was playing the rapid-fire Metal Slug X and ended up with a store wrist. Painfully sore. Luckily Chloe is a massage therapist so I was able to get some quick healing tricks from her so I could pack up tomorrow.

I've been reading NOW's Green Hornet series, of which I got most of after watching the old 60s show again. NOW put out a decent product for its time. My only gripe would be the coloring, which always looked like it was done with crayon. Not that it was bad, just...unique compared to other books of the 80s and early 90s which used the old colored dot method. But the stories were fantastic, and very similar to what Dynamite's putting out now.

Just a shame NOW couldn't survive into the 90s. Odd what makes it and what doesn't, but such is the nature of the biz.

Saturday, July 03, 2010


I really need to learn not to buy perishable items BEFORE the trailer fridge has been on for a while. Damn thing takes forever to cool off, resulting in my milk going bad by morning.

Anyway, I went into town for breakfast and for their holiday festival. It wasn't much more than a glorified flea market, but there was a pretty decent turnout. The parade shortly after was fun too. The usual small town fare with predominant presence by the FD and ambulance services, a car dressed up like a cow, and the train usually parked by the info stand. I forgot my camera and was in the middle of breakfast, so I wasn't able to take the best shots with my phone. If I'm back same time next year I'll do better.

After going to Pecks to stock up on delish burgers, I let the vacation truly begin. There was a whole lot of movie watching, writing, reading, and video gaming in the open Rec Hall. They had swapped out the Addams Family pinball game for Congo, which pretty much sucked. No Fear is addictive, though, as they let you continue with your current score but only one ball per shot. Get to keep your score but you're paying more per game than normal. Sneaky.

Two of the movies I got were Roxanne with Steve Martin and Teen Witch. Think I'm addicted to Roxanne. Not so much for the romantical comedy elements, but the FD scenes are just comedy gold. And Teen Witch was a staple of my early HBO viewing days, but is a lot cornier than I remember. Guess that's what happens when time goes on, eh?

Friday, July 02, 2010


Finding out I was off Friday, I took the opportunity to go up to the country this weekend. I missed my second planned trip due to my battery issues immediately after my first one, so I wasn't gonna miss this. Funny...I planned for this, yet the day of it still seemed like I was scrambling to leave. Ah well.

So after my Subway lunch and proper teasing of Miranda for her birthday, I loaded up the van with the essentials (clothes, comics, bike, coolers and kitty) and filling my tires and hit the road after 3. There was already traffic in Staten Island and the cross-merge heading towards Albany was jammed up.

We had gotten to Walmart about 8 and I went in to do some quick shopping for supplies and what not. As it was approaching 9 by the time I got back on the road, I stopped by the Burger King down the hill for some food for the road. If ever you find yourself in Kiamesha, DON'T go to the BK next to Walmart. They've gotten AWFUL in the last couple years. Last time, there was barely any meat in the buns. This time, my burgers went progressively from uncooked to burnt with each bite. The fun part was trying to get their large cup in my console. You know, how it has that smaller bottom? Leaves too much room in the cup holder so it flops around. What I had to do was clear out my tape holder and stick it in there for the ride. Worked out pretty well, I must say.

Of course, after setting everything up and feeding the kitty, I went to go check my E-Mail and maybe get a few minutes of chatting with Mira only to discover the effing laptop battery was almost dead. Since the bathroom/laundry area and rec hall were closed, I had nowhere to plug in. I went back to the trailer for a night of movies and writing.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A new kitten has started coming around to be fed. Thing is, he looks almost exactly like Blinky except smaller. Also turns out he's a nipper instead of a licker, but damned if he don't get underfoot like Blinky did. Trying to convince them to let me fill the vacancy by taking him in.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Thursday, one of gma's cats, Blinky, wasn't acting right. Over the years he lost his teeth and became very thin, but was still very active and lovey. Not lethargic like we found him. We took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with diabetes. We then had to get him to an ER downtown. They took him for 2-5 days of treatment and observation before he was supposed to be released with a twice daily insulin treatment regiment.

Well, didn't work out that way. They found a growth in his stomach, something wrong with his brain, and he was unresponsive to treatment. Basically came the hard decision to put him through torturous treatment that had very little chance of working, or putting him down. We had to go with the latter. It wasn't an easy decision and not a pleasant experience all around.

Blinky was a good cat and a sweetheart. I'll miss him.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Today was the last day for the current management. After we had gone up in the rankings for the district, the district manager decided to pluck out our management team and spread them out to various other stations. Albeit, the majority of them ended up at one, but still. Since then, morale has been low and the station has been in a steady state of decline. Now, after 2 years of complaints, the managers are out and two of the formers are back in. I don't get the logic behind all these moves, but hopefully this is the positive change everyone thinks it is. I'm just a little worried about the new senior. If he comes and tries to make all the immediate changes he has planned they're gonna backfire right nicely in his face. He needs to sit back, observe, then go medieval on some asses. The only smart way to do it.

Monday, June 14, 2010


It's not hard to appear exceptional when surrounded by mediocrity. I came in this morning to hear horror stories about the parker's inability to handle the parking on her own. Not really surprised, especially considering I told her how to save herself a lot of effort (which she didn't do). The trucks were apparently a mess on Friday. Ah well, as long as we have such great people working here I'll never be out of a job.