Saturday, July 03, 2010


I really need to learn not to buy perishable items BEFORE the trailer fridge has been on for a while. Damn thing takes forever to cool off, resulting in my milk going bad by morning.

Anyway, I went into town for breakfast and for their holiday festival. It wasn't much more than a glorified flea market, but there was a pretty decent turnout. The parade shortly after was fun too. The usual small town fare with predominant presence by the FD and ambulance services, a car dressed up like a cow, and the train usually parked by the info stand. I forgot my camera and was in the middle of breakfast, so I wasn't able to take the best shots with my phone. If I'm back same time next year I'll do better.

After going to Pecks to stock up on delish burgers, I let the vacation truly begin. There was a whole lot of movie watching, writing, reading, and video gaming in the open Rec Hall. They had swapped out the Addams Family pinball game for Congo, which pretty much sucked. No Fear is addictive, though, as they let you continue with your current score but only one ball per shot. Get to keep your score but you're paying more per game than normal. Sneaky.

Two of the movies I got were Roxanne with Steve Martin and Teen Witch. Think I'm addicted to Roxanne. Not so much for the romantical comedy elements, but the FD scenes are just comedy gold. And Teen Witch was a staple of my early HBO viewing days, but is a lot cornier than I remember. Guess that's what happens when time goes on, eh?


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