Thursday, September 02, 2010


One of my colleagues, Jemir, is moving to Holland and asked me to come over to take some of his comics he can't bring with him. I didn't anticipate him having all the books he did, or so many I'd actually want/need. I tried my Big Apple Con trick of loading up two garbage bags with the books, but that didn't work out too well. And boxing all the ones I wanted was next to impossible to carry. I ended up using a car service his aunt had the number to since I couldn't get through to ma.

Well, here's a good reason why I don't use car service; the ass was on his phone for the first half of the ride, and completely missed all my directions. I said go to the BQE to the Belt towards Kennedy. What does he do? HE GOES TO KENNEDY! And I had to tell him what exit to take several times even though I clearly stated it before. And he makes it like the extra distance was MY fault.

Next time someone offers me free comics, I'm bringing the van. Screw it.


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