Saturday, August 07, 2010


Went to Pathmark today so ma could do some overdue shopping and I could get most of the stuff for the BBQ next week. The turnout for it is very small this year, so I'm not really splurging...especially since these people, despite assurances and confirmations, tend to NOT show up. I prboably should have just cancelled it, but at least I can give some Worlds Beyond orders to the people there.

D was on his way home from work when he called me and came by the store. He tagged along while I did my business, then gave me some souveniers from his trip to Universal Florida during his Georgia medical convention; one of those weathered Wolverine hats (which didn't fit) and a Marvel t-shirt (which probably won't, the sizes on those shirts run smaller than advertised usually). First time I seen him since Xmas. He should be coming next week, so we'll see if it works out.


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