Friday, October 01, 2010


Months ago I had planned to go to Georgia and do the Dukes of Hazzard location tour, and hopefully get to hang with my friends down there. Today was the day for everything to go wrong.

First, the weather all week has been horrible. Rain, rain, and more rain. Today was no exception, getting drenched as I walked to work. Luckily I had spare clothing stored and now know where to put stuff to be dried out. On top of that, the freight was gonna be late today so they were gonna try to have me do all the stuff that initially comes in for the route. Unfortunately, there was way too much for me to get done and still get home in time to finish packing and catch my car to the airport. Luckily they let me do what I could then bailed on the rest for someone else to finish.

Got home and finalized my bag over a lunch of Hot Pockets. I'd been agonizing over my choice of luggage 'cause of the carry on rules that could be in effect. I finally decided to go with my original choice and was all set. I was also determined not to work this vacation but I'd fallen way behind on my entries and had to bring the last batch of comics to do.

My car was an hour late. The original driver apparently got into an accident on the way. As a result, we were stuck in traffic most of the way and I got to the terminal with 15 minutes to spare. Then, came the realization: even though I booked my trip through Priceline by clicking on the Delta quote that came up, I somehow got placed on AirTran...TWO TERMINALS AWAY. By the time I was able to realize the error, I missed my flight (which I really didn't 'cause it boarded two hours late).

I got placed on standby since all the other flights were full and everything was weather delayed. I ended up getting on the plane after 10. Coach was a lot of fun; my knees firmly planted into the seat in front of me. The guy shot me so many dirty looks because he couldn't recline. Tough shit. If he made any comments I was in the mood to open the emergency hatch and throw him into one of the engines. I landed around midnight and then began the trek to the rental counter. Gotta say, this must be one huge airport: it's got it's own freakin' subway train!

I get to the Enterprise counter only to find nobody there at the 24-hour counter. After a few minutes of waiting, I talked to the Hertz counter and found out Enterprise was over in their stand in the garage outside. They apologized, caught in the middle of a shift change. I checked out the cars they had to offer and ended up getting a free upgrade because of my size and the inadequacy of the two cars they had left. Guess it helped that my guy was a tall dude so he probably sympathized.

So off to Doraville I went for my hotel. However, my GPS died before I got there thanks to dipshit not having the car charger where it should have been and NOT recharging the stupid thing. Having no time to study the maps like I usually do, I ended up driving around in circles in what turned out to be mere blocks from my hotel on all sides. I finally went down one street, saw the sign, and drove through the parking lot across the way to get there. This was almost 4 AM.

So, for those keeping score, I've been awake for 24 hours and my last meal was 14 hours ago. Add to that one of my goals, meeting my friends, wasn't gonna happen thanks to the other dipshits she befriended and so far this trip is off with a bang.


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