Monday, October 11, 2010

NYCC 2010

Why is it no matter how long I plan for NYCC it still ends up being a last minute scramble? I was making a list of all the creators I wanted to see and get autographs from, but ended up not being able to dig out all the books I was planning. Instead I ended up re-buying some books from some of them to have signed there. Which is fine; that's usually what I like to do anyway.

Because I had the table, I decided to drive in on Friday. That turned out to be a big mistake. For one thing, our booth somehow ended up with a table...first time ever. For another thing, all the free parking surrounding the Javitz is now commercial. I ended up having to park in a garage two blocks away. Ended up only $30 so it wasn't too bad, but still. At least I didn't have to for Sunday.

Spent Friday setting up the table and then visiting all my colleagues scattered throughout. I know I promised to lay off the discount bins, but yeah, that didn't happen. I did keep myself somewhat restrained, though. AND I had a luggage cart I bought from D&D Thursday so hauling it home wasn't so bad. That night, a bunch of us went out to dinner with the Free Lunch guys. It was intended to discuss the future of CAG, but Twins was too loud and we were all distracted by the visitation of a cockroach, so that didn't happen. We'll have to revisit that later.

Saturday I made some additional rounds and purchased some more poster artwork. Figured get that over with today so I didn't have to risk damaging them with bringing all the supplies home. Worked the table some, met some newish members, shmoozed a bit. The highlight of the day, though, was meeting one of my colleague's friends. She came to help promote his books before wandering the show with him. She was nothing short of beautiful, let me tell you. I ended up going to lunch with her and we had a great time. If I had any success at all in that area I might've tried asking her out, but as such let it ride. Had one good day, no need to mar it with a rejection.

A bunch of us went out to dinner again before some headed for home (like me) and others went off to the Indy After Party. A word about the party: for the last few years, CAG has been heading it up under Mark Mazz. Since Mazz is no longer involved, we decided to continue on with it, and somewhere along the way Mazz got himself tacked on to the reservation WE made at the location. So, it was decided to let Mazz incur the costs and we'd bow out, despite his putting us as a sponsor. I doubt I would have gone even if I wasn't already tired. Not on the list of my favorite people these days.

Sunday was more of the same. Me, Joe and James had a lunch meeting to go over the final prep for the awards show that night. Joe made a great powerpoint presentation for it, and we basically had it all worked out. The awards, given to us at the last hour of the show on the last day, an extremely pitiful timeslot, went pretty well considering half of the winners weren't in attendance, and neither was our guest of honor Andy Schmidt. But, we rolled with it and made some jokes. People came away entertained, which is good, and my faith in the awards renewed after a tumultuous ride to get there.

Fun show. I didn't get to do everything I'd hoped, but I didn't do too badly. Hopefully next year I can be a bit more prepared for the show.

...Eh, who am I kidding? Rock on!


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