Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Woke up, checked my mail, had "breakfast" and packed. I left around noon and headed downtown to check out the MLK memorial. Now, this was some memorial. The memorial proper spans about two square blocks north and south. On the north side is a museum about King, a Gahndi statue, and a civil rights walk with names of proponents of the civil rights movement. South is the grave site, which is a stone coffin on an island in the middle of a giant reflecting pool. Fountains and everything. But, that's not all! They preserved his ENTIRE neighborhood, so for the next two or three blocks you have it exactly as it was in King's day. Almost every house there had some kind of historic significance. Classy. In NY the most people get is a statue, and the least is a street renamed. I could never see anything of this level, at least not since Grant's day.

After photographing all there was to see, I got back in the car and made my way to the airport. I anticipated a complicated pathway like JFK or LGA, but was surprised to find everything straightforward and easily marked. Got to the terminal a bit later, and after a quick lunch to the gate with 4 hours to spare. I ended up springing for internet service, and the laptop still wouldn't charge. Great.

While waiting the opportunity came up to upgrade to business class, so I said screw it and paid the $70. I think I'll have to do that from now on, these seats are just too damn small for me. I had LEGROOM! A comfy seat! It was great. I could definitely get used to that.

Overall, not a bad trip. Not as great as some others, but not bad.


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