Sunday, November 30, 2008


Went to Rite Aid. Got a new set of icicle lights, got a set of LEDs just to check out, and my meds. The rents sent me to the other Rite Aid, formerly Eckkerd, saying they have more, including the right dose of my meds. They didn't have crap. I had to go to both Rite Aids to get everything I needed. For my meds, I found the bubble gum flavor and figured it might be better than the "berry." WRONG. It wasn't AS bad and actually DID have a hint of bubble gum on the after taste, but still nasty as all hell.

I intended to do nothing but writing today, but that went out the window. I NEED a better place to work. I can't function with these idiots around and always interrupting me for stupid shit when I TOLD them I need to be left alone to work. Sadly, I can't relocate my computer. And typing on the laptop gets uncomfortable after a while. Maybe I should clear out under my desk and use it with the laptop and my chair (which is buried next door somewhere). Probably the only way I'll get things done.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


The plan was simple; spend the day decorating outside to get it done. All our decorations are usually in one spot, and aside from tangles how bad could it all have been? Pretty bad. A good number of strands and decorations I tried out refused to light, including a couple of the nativity statues. Add to that pops didn't put anything away last year like the dipshit he is, and I hadda go digging all over for the various parts. I did have a moment of confusion with the nativity statues as we had gotten some new ones in recent years while keeping the old. I know the old ones pretty well, but not so much the new ones. Our old set's shepherd had one of those canes, and apparently so does the new set's Joseph. I thought it was the shepherd and couldn't find Joseph. D'oh!

I brought all the statues up except Mary, whom we needed a new bulb for, and proceeded to decorate the porch with the lights. I ran into a little problem as the circuit I created didn't leave an ample connection for the extension cord to the outlet. Luckily, one of the available cords allowed me to toy with that and get it all working...only to find out one set of icicle lights was half dead. I tried to replace the bulbs, but they refused to come out. And when I finally got one bulb out, the rest of the set went out. I opted to just pick up a new set and replace the whole thing, but that'll be tomorrow when I go to Rite Aid to re-up on my meds.

Ma hit the internet looking for a new star and angel, 'cause ours were both dead. So, basically, I didn't get as far as I wanted. Gonna hafta try to get it done over the week as I got plans with D on Sat, my meeting next weekend, and Christmas shopping to do.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Monday is gonna be a biiiiiiiiiiiitch. We've got whatever was left behind of Thursday and Friday freight, and then Monday freight. I've already got 14 stops loaded in my truck. Fortunately, some of the packages are standards that I can ditch to Rory and get some shelf space. They had those of us left behind load and scan our trucks with all the closed stuff. Me and another guy were held back as runners; guys who will deliver packages mistakenly labeled as being closed. What I ended up doing was going out to help the dumbass who had 3 routes' worth of stuff. However, a good deal of that stuff ended up being closed. Hell, in the 4 stops I took, 3 were closed. Idiots.

I picked a hell of a truck to go out with. Not only do you lose all steering control over 20 MPH, but it has an abundant of gas fumes leaking into the cab. I dunno how one guy takes it out for First Overnights every day. Now with a pounding headache from near-asphyxiation, I threw that truck out of service. Dropped off the packages, locked up my gear, then took it upstairs.

Now, upstairs has become the parking lot for the station next door, all the mechanics we house, and our managers. As a result, there's more CARS up there than trucks, so when we have a truck that needs to be fixed we can't park it up there. I was able to find a spot by the garage, when this asshat mechanic I have no idea who he was came out and said I couldn't park there because they had trucks coming out and stuff. Now, I had said I was gonna park in the space, but for some dumb reason or other he thought I was gonna park right where I was in the middle of everything and prevent the trucks from leaving the garage. Then, when trying to find a spot for me, he tells me to park in the very spot I SAID I WAS PARKING IN! Um, HELLO! I said I was parking there. I POINTED to it when I said that. Are you fucking dense or just stupid?

That's not the first time it happened either. I once had another mechanic see me in the middle of parking and telling me I couldn't leave the truck there. And, despite my assurances that I was in the middle of parking in a spot, he too pointed out the VERY SPOT I WAS PARKING IN to me. I mean COME ON! Oh, and another time, I stopped momentarily to get my stuff out the back of the truck, and another mechanic told me I couldn't block their cars in since I was in front of them. No. Fucking. Really. Ya know, maybe if everyone and their goddamn MOTHER didn't use OUR station as their own personal PARKING LOT they wouldn't HAVE these issues that they feel a need to SUPERVISE whenever someone parks up there.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Because of all the crap that's been going down, ma opted to order our TG dinner from Fresh Direct. It arrived yesterday and we done it up today. The food was pretty good, actually. Although it only felt like another day rather than a holiday. Hell, didn't even really feel like a day off for me. I mean, I had to go to bed early last night 'cause I was tired from working, and I hafta go to bed early tonight because I gotta work again. Unlike UPS who gets the day off. Bastards. I also sent out a text message to a few people which seemed to go over quite well. Yay for me!

A curious thing is Tina. Lately, when she randomly contacts me via postings or texts she throws in how she's glad I'm in her life. It's been that way for a few months. Of course, I can't verify how many other people get that same message so I won't assume it's just towards me. But, can't help but wonder what brings that on. Happy pills? Guilt over being too busy? Reassurance she loves us? Actually hope it's something like that and not a more troubling reason. Heh, that's the cop in me; suspecting new behavior. I'm sure it's nothing, but next occurrence I'll ask just to see the motivation. Better to ask than assume, I think.

Also, ma got a parking ticket from where I parked the other day. Apparently I had fallen just into the parking restricted zone on that street. But, the ticket will be fought. The nearest sign indicating that is a good few yards away, and the sign that should have been there long gone. So, victory us!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It wouldn't be the holidays if there wasn't some kind of problem. New Years it was a truck hitting the water pipe and causing a small flood. This time, the truck's compressor fell out locking the rear wheels with our last couple of cans on there. They were gonna try to wheel the cans into another truck, but the lift gate wouldn't go so that was nixed. What ended up having to happen was a tow truck had to come and yank the cab out from the trailer so it could be replaced by another and then backed in. Luckily, the load wasn't all that heavy so I didn't have too much trouble. Dunno about anyone else.

A couple months ago, I ordered the Time Life Real Ghostbusters complete DVD collection. Every episode in a box like the firehouse with steel book casings for the discs and additional stuff. It arrived today after a free FedEx upgrade due to a production delay, and boy, was it worth EVERY penny. I'm already watching several of the episodes in a row...mostly the ones that I don't already have on DVD from a couple years ago. Awesome!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


In a totally random moment, to something I said Damien responded "obkb." Now, the significance in this is the first time I heard someone say okay like that was from Britt. Amazing how things like that can come back to haunt you.

The real Joe the Plumber (that's seriously how he leaves messages) came by to check out the neighbor's toilet. He and his assistant came, pulled it up, and found the seal was gone below. He spackled it on up, put the toilet back, and more drips. I'm leaving the bucket there for a while anyways, just in case.

Our new snowblower arrived. Gonna hafta crack that open and see what needs to be assembled on it. Dunno what we're gonna do with the old one now. Ma's alluding to pops wanting to try to fix it when he's better. Thing's way over 20 years old, let it die already, its done its job. It's over. DOA. That's what I say.

Monday, November 24, 2008


So the hunt for the medication didn't go so well. There was no Motrin in the doseage prescribed. Best I could find was 100/5, so I figured out an extra teaspoon per dose is what I'd need to make up the differece. I also ended up getting the bigger, and thus cheaper in the long run, bottle of Rite Aid's generic version. It has all the ingredients of the Motrin and the whole reason I needed to take it, so it's all good. Well, except the stuff itself, which does NOT taste like berry as the package would have you believe. Really, what kind of sick bastard would subject kids to this?!

I also had to revisit the neighbor's toilet. I checked the bucket downstairs to find it full and that the toilet is running continuously now. Apparently, the damn chain on the plug I put in was a little too long and the plug got caught up on it. Of course, god forbid those idiots TELL us the toilet is running. So I fixed the plug, and that was that. I went back down and drilled a hole in the bucket to run the hose pops had in it through. I figure that'd do a better job of running the water off into sink. Plus, nobody would have to dump out stanky toilet water no more and clog up my drains again.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I went up to Mass for the New England CAG meeting. Liz offered to take me from the New Haven station to North Hampton at the Nationals, so she met me there. Before going to the meeting we went to her house to have some lunch, a pizza she was talking about the other day, and play some video games. Sadly, it seems I'm no longer able to handle fast-paced fighting games as my hand cramps up something fierce. I knew arcades were a stretch as my entire arm would end up cramped or severely sore. I must have low blood circulation, it's the only explanation. I'll hafta look into that soon. Anyways, we had our pizza, which was good, then hit the road.

The ride went quick except for the last bit where there was an accident, but no other incidents. Already there were Keith, Hector, Ven and Jacob. Sue and Ev eventually came after us. James was supposed to be coming, picked up by Keith, but he decided last minute to bail. The NE meetings are a little more looser than the NYC ones. There's no DEFINITIVE agenda and it did run fairly short. I don't think we did barely 20 minutes of actual meeting. Most of the time was spent hanging out before and after, checking out the shop's offerings. Sue was a little peeved to have come all the way from Rhode Island for that short a meeting, but she shoulda known how those go. I came mostly to hang with Liz and because I heard they always have a lotta fun at those meetings.

The others went off to eat, but since we were already full me and Liz went back to her place. She took me to her basement to show me some of her toys and her comic collection, which was pretty good. Lotta books I have, lotta books I recently got, and a few I was looking for. She even gave me some of her duplicates, and found a Spider-Man thing to give away to Bob. Good way to clear out your crap. She went back up to her part of the house to retrieve the cell phone she left behind, and ended up having me go through her card collection for more duplicates I needed. Remarkably, I actually picked ones I DID need, despite not looking through my cards for some time. She also gave me a color copy of her pin-up for Sky Pirates, and some boards to cart it between so it wouldn't get destroyed like every other piece of artwork.

It was almosty 7 by the time I got to the trains, and I debated on getting some Subway for the ride since I'd get home too late for dinner, but the Subway was crowded so that idea was nixed. I opted to catch the 6:55 train which was a good choice as it went express half the way, getting me back a bit sooner. I was able to go home and have some dinner and list my new books. Always fun hanging with Liz, which I'll get to do again somewhat come the NY meeting in 3 weeks.

Also got home in time to catch the Colbert Christmas Special. And it truly was The Greatest Gift of All. I laughed my ASS off. Anyone who hasn't seen it, catch one of the million reruns!

Incidentally, I also saw a clone of D on the subway. Almost perfect except for the lower face. Thought it was him till the dude picked his head up. Damn clones!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I had a plan for today, most of which involved getting my articles done for Estella. That all pretty much went out the window, though.

The tenants' toilet has been dripping into the basement for a while (one of many things pops never got around to fixing around here) but it got worse as its been running continuously for a week or so. Ma called a plumber, but he wouldn't be around till Tuesday. Pops had the hole covered by a bag and an empty litter bucket under to catch the runoff. Well, the bucket had apparently overflowed and some spilt into the washing machine whcih is right under it all.

I finished my reading for the morning then went down to deal with the problem. All the toilet needed was a new plug in the tank, so I got that at the hardware store and fixed it no problem. Unfortunately, in dumping the bucket into the basement sink I failed to notice there were all kindsa crap floating in there and ended up clogging up the drain. I tried some generic liquid plumber but it didn't do the job. I'll keep trying, but I think I'll end up having to pull off the pipe and clean it out. I also ran the washer twice with an empty load of Simple Green to clean it out.

I dodged the bullet of having to pick up sis since her mother decided to do it and tried to set out to do my stuff. But then ma, trying to visit gma in the home, discovered her car was dead. Now I know it was fine the other day when I parked it. So I had to go down and hook up the jumper to the battery to get it going. ma called pops for instructions and what not, and it was suggested the car be put on charge overnight.

First order of business was to take the car when she got back to Pathmark for some light shopping. Had to get the Martinellis for Thanksgiving, after all. The car ran fine and the shopping went pretty smoothly for the last weekend before a major holiday. Guess everyone's too poor to really do it up anymore. I put all the groceries away when I got back. Now pops said to use the battery charger on his workbench. There was two; one on the bench, and a bigger more powerful one on the wall. Since he said the bench, I used that one. Took some doing to get the car close enough to the window to let the short-ass cords reach the battery terminals what with the Sequoia right there. Woulda helped if I knew there was some room to move the damn thing up some, but whatever. I opted not to charge it overnight, and opted to disconnect it when I was heading to bed.

so, yeah, pretty much my whole day was shot to hell and I got nothing done. All this shit waits for pops to be incapacitated to happen, I tell ya.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Parking the cars was pretty harrowing this week. I'm trying to get things done while constantly checking the street for spots for Monday. I managed to get them both parked by today, and wouldn't ya know it that's when sis asked me for a ride from the city to her home on the island. Not that I minded, just dreading the parking search again. It was made a little more complicated by ma's announcement she was gonna go see gma tomorrow, meaning both spots were gonna be lost. This situation is getting pretty horrible.

And speaking of parking, I ended up down the block again after circling three times. I ran my ass off to try and make service, able to dump a couple stops off on Rory and the paper guy, but still managed to be short 2 pieces. It just wasn't gonna happen. I ran my legs RAW...they burn when the skin touches each other. I blame the stupid pants. The weather HAD to get officially cold NOW. Couldn't've held out being abnormally warm for longer.

I got guilted into visiting pops at the hospital. Ain't never been to that one before, so ma's directions naturally got me lost. Luckily I found a directory and got back on track. I picked up some McD's cheeseburgers for us ($10 for 6 plus a small soda!!!! Effing Manhattan) and sat there till ma came after fighting with the stupid overcrowded elevators to get up to his floor. Fun, fun times.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today's parking was so bad I almost ended up parked around the corner, having to walk everything over to my building like that last time. But, I lucked out and a spot opened up right next to the loading dock, held by my first stop till I could get there. Luckily, traffic was also uncommonly light for that time of day and I was able to get around quick. The day ran pretty smoothly from there as I didn't have too many stops. However, the delays of pushing my first load over and re-parking after circling twice ran it so that it took me as long as would have a heavier load. It's getting pretty bad.

Went to the doctor today for the follow-up. Basically, my blood work is fine and there's nothing visibly wrong with my hip, so we can all chalk it up to my getting older and out of shape. For the pains he prescribed Ibuprofen for two weeks, as it's an anti-inflamatory. Since I can't swallow pills, he prescribed children's Motrin for me at 125mg per 5ml. Basically, I paid $25 for a pointless visit. I hate doctors. Also, I got a hunt ahead of me as the best I can find is 100/5, so looks like to make up the difference I'll have to OD per dose, as soon as I do the math to figure out by how much.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Parking was a little better today, which was fortunate since my first stop had a bulk stop of Macs coming in. I had to lug their two boxes yesterday, imagine trying to haul all that? It was my biggest stop and left me pretty empty for the rest of the route. The real problem is, they're erecting new scaffolding at my building to get ready to redo the face on the street where I park, and they've got a dumpster to boot taking up an additional two spaces. So until these morons finish their job, parking nearby is gonna be sparce. If I don't time it just right, I won't get anything there. Unfotunately, the timing isn't entirely up to me.

At least I was able to read through most of my comics. The more I can get through right away, the better.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


With the fall of DHL, our sales force is out in, well, force. Today they came to the station so a bunch of them, including two former DHLers, could ride out and do their thing. But, of course, they had to give little speeches first and ended up causing our sort to start later than it already was.

And, of course, by the time I got my block there was absolutely NO parking to be found. Circling the block also took about 20 minutes because of trucks pulling in and out and general traffic. And then on my second attmept to circle, the goddamn Bolt Bus had to double park right next to another coach bus leaving NO room for me to pass. Then I got stuck behind the other bus when I thought it was pulling out and I was gonna jump its spot, blocked by the passing street traffic. Eventually the bus did move, and I did park, and there I was all the way down the effing block again.

I probably could have made it had I gotten back one of my handtrucks like I asked the elevator guy for. See, I had a 50+ piece bulk stop on top of my usual load and needed 2 handtrucks for it. But, when I went to get my returned truck it turns out it was left on the floor and the mail guy used it for his own needs, finding it back there later after Rory told me he saw it having done that stop. I was forced to then do the bulk stop, which I was waiting on, in order to get those trucks back so I could finish loading the building. After all was said and done, I ended up completing only 3 stops of 19 and getting 69 out of 108 packages delivered. Damien had me dex everything and put a delay reason on it to save the lates. Doesn't make my customers any happier, though. I also ended up having to wait almost 10 minutes for a stupid manager to come sign in a store. I HATE that stop.

So that was my day. This is also a sign of the hellish months to come. The holidays always make parking there hell for some reason, plus with construction going on OUTSIDE my building again, it's a mess. I also ended up forgetting about the Iconic meeting, getting a Skype call right when I was on my way out to pick up our dinner and do pop's lotto (he's fine, BTW...just in a lotta pain, obviously). Came back and we had yet another productive meeting. All the artwork is due in next week and are off to letters. In the meantime, we can decide on what order we'll present them so I can write my new bumper feature for the book and Keith can get on to drawing it.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Today pops went in for surgery on his back. More on that as it develops.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Me and Liz had planned to go in fairly early, but we ended up BSing around my place till almost 12. I showed her stacks of my old artwork over the years and she's now convinced I need to start drawing again and won't get off my case till I do.

We went to the show where it was all basically a wind-down day. The highlights were we walked around some more and picked up a couple trades (and I raided a 50 cent bin I found, last quick hurrah), then went to lunch at Nathans with Jemir before going to Borders to try and find a manga she was looking for. What I kinda anticipated happening was I was gonna get stuck with a good majority of the leftover crap on the table. Um, no. Luckily others volunteered to take SOME, but I STILL ended up leaving with more than I came with. Very nice, stiff the guy who went out of his way to even BE there that weekend. I HAD planned on NOT going, ya know.

Overall, the show was as big a clusterfuck as ever. Poorly laid out, crowded to all hell, but I had fun hanging with my peeps and talking to the vets. And was nice having Liz here, who hinted there might be a repeat performance some day. Well, hopefully that'll be longer and she'll be in better condition.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Liz left work late so I wasn't able to meet her and Shawnti, not knowing who'd be covering the table by the time the show opened. So, I got there as soon as I could and found Mark and Lindsay there. I needn't have worried, but ah well. Eventually James, Keith, Matt, the Steves, Bob, Liz and Shawnti arrived. Everyone settled in and began to mill about, and so did me and Liz. I took her over to the 25 cent bins Tony told me about yesterday and we began to browse through. I had forgotten my shopping list, so I had the laptop with me in order to verify my need of an issue. It was fine at first, but as more people began to come to the show and heard the price the small crowded area filled up fast. Not for nothing, he had a lotta good books in pretty good shape.

I was able to pick up most of Catwoman and Teen Titans, as well as a few other gems I needed. Liz also got some Michael Turner stuff and New X-Men she was looking for. I didn't do too badly with my initial plucking, having only a few duplicates, but I did screw up with picking up both volumes of Catwoman and giving myself a duplicate of an issue thinking it went to the other volume. So, yeah, I ended up with 164 books. Better than the 500 that one year, no?

The came lunch at White Castle. Me, Liz and James ate there before bringing some back for everyone. Then came more browsing and meeting of people. I got to meet Chris Giarusso who does the Mini Marvels and got the Mid-Ohio Con poster I really dug (now to find the John Byrne version...) and Fred Hembeck, whose Myspace blog I read often. I bought one of his books right from him, and was able to get him to sign it and the book I got in the quarter bin by him. Talk about a lucky break, right? Jim Salicrup, publisher of Papercutz, and Rich Buckler, creator of Deathlok, were there as well, but I didn't talk to them this time around.

It took some doing, but I found the Friends of Lulu Table all the way on the other side of the alley. I spent some time there talking to the president, Valerie (whose blog I read every day) and associate David who has a webcomic on DC's Zuda called High Moon (which I promised I'd check out soon). Me and her talked about some general stuff, including what I've done and what not, and then me and him talked about the future of comics and upcoming price increases. He made a lotta sense, and I hope some of what he says is what comes to pass. Our talk never really finished because Liz came to pull me away to accompany her to find a bathroom, as the ones there were being cleaned forever. David suggested the nearby Roy Rogers which I THOUGHT I knew where it was, but apparently was mistaken. Another was combined with the Nathans on the corner which I forgot about, but was not the place I was picturing. No matter, we ended up at the Burger King a block away. While she did her business, I stood on line pretending (or to buy a small soda if it came to it) to be a customer. When she came down before I got to the register, we took our leave. Sneaky!

It came time to close up shop. I had added two 10" action figures and a Jean Grey from a collection to my purchases after doing another walk around. I packed everything in the long box I was given and was ready to follow everyone out (minus the CTers that left earlier for other things or home) after Mark covered the table with Calafiore's table cloth, having jacked it. Now, I had checked the weather outside before we embarked down for dinner, and it was clear. Of course, when we got to the main floor it was POURING out. I tried to use the bags from yesterdays comics and my umbrella in the box to cover my books with limited success. What I SHOULDA done was used my jacket and screwed myself, but eh, hindsight. In the end, the comics were fine but my Giarusso picture ended up getting wet. I really need to stop getting art because it NEVER makes it home intact.

After dinner at Mustang Harrys, me and Liz made our way to the train to head on home. Liz was sick and up for almost 24 hours, having worked the night before and coming straight here with no sleep (the nutjob). We got here, I set her up in my room, changed while she took a shower, and then she spent the next couple of hours showing ma her work and talking about the show and events in Connecticon. Finally she hit the sack and I set to listing my books. One more day of the con to go!

I also called D, seeing as he had yet to return my phone call. We talked for a bit and cemented the plans to go see Punisher when it comes out. Punisher, by the way, has the quietest promotional campaign EVER. I didn't even know it was coming out until I saw a poster by where pops drops me off. That's gonna hurt it...especially if it sucks.

Friday, November 14, 2008


The Nationals is this weekend at the Penn Plaza Pavilion, and of course CAG will be there in force. Unfortunately, I wasn't as forceful with the cleaning as I'd liked to have been. I was hoping to get a lot done yesterday, but that barely happened. Then I figured I'd do some tonight, but I ended up passing out before getting to anything big. Here's the deal...

I was super tired. I needed a nap badly, and thus was hoping to be able to leave from the con earlier than closing so I could grab some and then finish cleaning. Well, I finished work and lugged the box of merchandise Keith sent me yesterday to the show where I met Lindsay. We set up the table, I gladhanded with a few creators there I knew, and then went to get us lunch.

Lindsay had to work and thus be out by 5-ish. Okay, no big; Mark was due in after 4 when he got off work. However, as 5 drew ever closer I called him to find out he decided to go home to take care of a washing machine issue. And the other dude slated to cover the table hadn't shown yet. So I went to the 50 cent bins I found by the bathrooms, snatched up a buncha comics making my best guess of what I didn't have so I could have something to do while sitting there, and proceeded to remain at the con until close like I hoped to avoid. The other dude did show, but apparently there was some kind of arrangement made so that he could just get in for free and not actually man the table. Gotta love those back door deals.

So who did I see... Well, there was Danny Fingeroth, former Marvel editor and friend of CAG, Jim Calafiore, a current DC artist I met at the Big Apple before, Ed Coutts from Kohler Kon who did art for a story in CAG 7, and Alex Saviuk who was a long-time artist for Web of Spider-Man and inks the newspaper strips (real nice guy). Also there from the group was Ken who was helping to run the show, Tony who was promoting his new book next year, and Michele with her boyfriend who also had her own table.

The crowd was light, which is expected on a Friday. We'll be slammed tomorrow. I left the stuff there under the table and then headed for home where I proceeded to eat dinner, do some slight cleaning, and list my new comics before I passed out. I'm hoping to get more done tomorrow morning before I hafta leave and meet Liz and Shawnti at Grand Central.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


DHL was always in trouble within the US, but supposedly they got bailed out earlier this year by UPS. Guess that wasn't so much the case as this week it was told to us that DHL was leaving the US come January and just focusing their interests abroad. So, that means now we're all being pressured to find that DHL business and have the customers come over to FedEx and not UPS. Thing is, I work 6 hour days and am on the road for only 2 of them at most when I need to DELIVER packages by a certain time...when the hell do they expect someone like me to stand and bullshit with people to convince them what service to use? And when the hell did salesman enter my job description? There's a whole sales force out there, let THEM earn their blasted paychecks and cushy offices.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Keith Olbermann pretty much sums up my views on this issue. Watch, listen, and maybe educate yourself.

You know, these people are going about it all wrong. They want gay sex to stop, right? It's an aberration to their god, right? Well, what kills sex faster than marriage?! Let the gays get married and there goes gay sex. Seriously, why does what THEY do have to affect you? If they're gonna go to hell, LET THEM. Your god didn't decree it's your divine right to save their souls or whatever other stupid reason you might have for wanting these people to be miserable. For making sure they can't have a chance at getting what YOU can.

I tell you this much, I'm severely disappointed in both women and minorities. All the decades of their own fighting to get where they are today, they should empathise with the struggle of the gays and join their cause. If even the oppressed can't come together, what the hell does that say about us as a society?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Apparently the other station was too impatient to wait to take yet another of our number. They upped Lis' departure time from Friday to today, which kinda sucks. Thought there'd be a few more days and now...nadda.

When I got in off the road I hung with her a bit in her office as she was packing things up. I helped a little, of course, but best thing to do was just stay out of the way and let her do her thing. She was gonna take her stuff up to the station today but Freddy talked her out of it because of all the traffic issues the rededication of the Intrpeid was causing.

She went to lunch and I left with her so I could head on off to the train once she reached her destination, but in an unexpected turn of events she invited me to eat with her. So finally got that lunch that was a subject of a joke a few weeks ago. We headed to the nearby McDonald's where I tried to treat her being it was her last day, but got overruled in favor of all the things I've done for the station. I thought I'd get my chance to when her debit card didn't work, but she threw a $20 back at me. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. Glad I'M not like that. (Yes, that was a joke). We had a pretty good talk; work, life, stuff around town, memories of years in Brooklyn past. It was fun, and then it was over. She said she'll keep in touch and even gave me her new business card (the fastest thing FedEx apparently does; get business cards printed) but we all know how well that tends to work out. Life gets busy, and it's hard to keep up with everyone. I got a crash course in that these last few months.

I did some more cleaning here and there around the house, but I'm not really making the progress I hoped. Problem is I'm tired and thus unmotivated, on top of everything else I have to do like get my websites back up. Too much to do, not enough time.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


The trains were mightily fucked up today, causing me to JUST make the meeting and to be able to catch the R right after (being that the R doesn't even go near that station).

Today we had a guest; professional inker Rick J. Bryant. He gave a workshop on inking techniques. Mark and James filmed it for posterity, and Mark's gonna splice the tapes together. At one point I had to film so Mark could talk to the school's principal, but due to my poor arm circulation holding the camera up became very painful. Since we only had the school for a limited time today, we skipped to the workshop and had the meeting at the diner. Unfortunately, trying to hold a meeting there is difficult 'cause everyone's focused on talking and eating. I tried to be as quick as possible. Good meeting, Rick is eager to come back for more and even attend the holiday mixer.

Our holiday mixer is currently in limbo. Last year nobody from NY could go so we're trying to centralize it some. I called Keith to make sure we were covered, and had him searching some places while recruiting Bob, who was already on it apparently, to find others. So by next weekend we should have a nice healthy list of possible places.

And I start to get worried about my health when I get a bruise where the doc stuck me, despite that NEVER happening before. Actually, I started to worry when I started to get BRUISES...something usually bypassed on me. Oy.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Got a nice surprise today as Joe our old manager came by the station. I guess he was leading the audit on us, but it was good to see him no matter how brief. We all wish he was back; the station was a better place with him there.

I've relented to go to the doctor's today, for my hip and frequent tiredness. Anyone who knows me knows I don't go to the doc lightly. Or ever. The last time I went was earlier this year to find out why my ankle was in perpetual pain, learning it was some kinda bug bite that antibiotics took care of. That right there was a clue something was up; that I needed meds to heal instead of my natural quick healing taking care of it. Now I got this constant pain in my hip, and the tiredness affecting the strength I rely so much on.

He did a check-up on me, of course I'm as healthy as ever. He sent some blood off for bloodwork and gave me a prescription for an X-ray. Soon as I got home I went over to the local diagnostic place and had that done. All the results should be in his hands within the week, although they scheduled me to go back on the 20th. So we'll see what's up.

I prepared for tomorrow's meeting and did some cleaning. Got two apartments to get clean for the weekend and Liz's arrival. Hopefully the 'rents cooperate.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I was incredibly disappointed in last night's Colbert. When the Democrats took the House, he played his part perfectly. Was a broken man, "cursing" out America and vowing the Republicans would be back. But on Obama's win and the Senate? Nothing. It was tame. Light. Not even a flicker of what we saw then. I know in reality he's a Dem, but c'mon! Be consistent! Your character is the FARTHEST right a Republican as it can get! No wonder people think the show lost it's edge. Or, more appropriately, it's balls.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


So what convinced me to vote Obama over McCain? There was one overwhelming reason; if McCain decides to up and croak while in office, we get Palin stepping up. There was NO WAY in hell I'd let that dumbass have a shot at this country after 8 years of ANOTHER dumbass. The VP debate was enough to show me Biden at least had SOME sense about him. If that holds out come Jan 20th, well we'll just hafta see.

I saw the trailer to Twilight today. It's this book about a human girl who falls for a teenager-ish vampire boy and they go on about some crazy romantical adventures. Or something along that line, I dunno, don't really care. It's a book Britt was getting hooked on and what Lindsay was reading on the way to Boston. It's a big hit with women, mostly because of the vampire sexiness factor. Well, this trailer definitely didn't do the movie any justice. It looks like it had a budget, but the way it was filmed looked like a low-budget B-movie at best. Guess I'll hafta wait and see from the fans of the books if it lives up to it.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Today was unbelievably light. I ended up with 8 stops having to give some to Rory to do. So, of course, I got sent off to help someone else on their route. Nothing remarkable happened there except he tried to stick me with 2 packages that would've been late no matter who did it. So why am I writing about it then and wasting your time? Well, to get their I had to go past Macys, particularly the part of the street that gets painted for the Thanksgiving Day parade. The paint is still there, I'd say about 65-70% intact. I found it funny because that stuff managed to last an entire year, and in weeks it will be refreshed and touched up like it's always been there. Yeah, dumb I know, but this is how my head works.

It's also election day, and the hot topic is, of course, McCain or Obama? Personally, I think they both suck but this is a simple case of lesser evil, and thus I voted Obama. I finally got around to sending back some stuff to Amazon, then went to the voting station. I thought I'd have a long wait since I left so late, but it took about 10 mins or so. Most of the waiting time was because the assholes who check you in spent a good few minutes bullshitting instead of moving things along. Way to keep the wheels of democracy spinning.

Obama won, which was no real surprise. Republicans have too many idiots representing them in the public eye, thus no faith in what they have to offer. Plus add to the fact you have a moron like Palin as VP, and if McCain decided to keel over (dude IS 72, ya know) she'd be our president. That in itself, I'm sure, led to Obama's victory aside from the ones who genuinely liked him for it and the rest who wanted a black president. Imagine Palin as pres? She can't see any countries from the White would her international experience grow?

And, of course, I ushered in this new era of Hope with the Daily Show/Colbert Report special. The BEST way to do it!

Monday, November 03, 2008


I have basically every messenger under the sun except ICQ. The reason why is because all my friends at one point all had to be on different ones, which meant I had to go and get each one so I could talk to them. I COULD have gotten one of those all-in-one messengers, but I tried them and they kinda sucked.

My Yahoo has had a rotating cast of chatters, more than my others. My primary chatter for the last year has been Britt. I had that mother/daughter team from Myspace too, but once they moved to new digs they got too busy to come on like they have. Sis also tried her second hand at Yahoo, but doesn't really go on as much. So once me and Britt had the big split-a-roo, I decided to save some virtual memory and leave the Yahoo in mothballs.

Fastforward a month later, and suddenly people are "complaining" some that I'm never on Yahoo anymore and what not. It's like...c'mon. All the times I sit on Yahoo for hours and people come on and off and don't even drop me a line, and it takes a month of me being MIA to bring them outta the woodwork. Yeesh.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Well, I can cross off another goal from the list.

Today started out pretty crappy. My alarm didn't go off; the only reason I got up at all was 'cause pops called me. I rushed a shower and to get dressed, but got held up with a need to use the bathroom before leaving. I got to the train by 6:30, but it didn't come until 6:45. Then the D took forever to come. I ran all the way from the train to JUST make the bus, which departed at 7:30. We spent most of the trip either sleeping, talking or her reading.

Megabus apparently uses the same buses as Shortline. I had that familiar leg-jammed feeling I got all those trips up to Binghamton. Which was ironic since Boston reminded me so much of Binghamton with a little Hartford thrown in. It also arrived early so we were at the show by 12-ish. I walked around at first, talked to the colleagues some at the CAG and Free Lunch tables, then proceeded to hit the 50 cent bin. Oh, c'mon, you knew I would. But I restrained myself; kept it to important buys and tried to finish up some of the shopping list I shoulda brought with me. Of course, even restrained, I ended up with over 100 books and several duplicates. BUT I did get some nifty books from the 60s and some older Spider-Man, and even some of the newer Spidey I swore I wouldn't buy except from the bins. I still think I overpaid for those shits. Also grabbed a book Liz needed to finish her Phoenix: Warsong run. Come the Nationals, we're gonna hit the bins and see if we can't find her more X-23 appearances.

The show itself was fairly small, and very crowded. I dunno if that was entirely because of popularity and patronage or because the space given to the show was a series of rooms rather than one big space. Hell, the CAG table was tucked away in this tiny side room where other people were at tables lining all the way around by the walls. And I thought I had looked at everything, but ended up discovering I missed a couple rooms later in the day that was too late for me to go explore fully. I was also told the organizer for the Nationals was there walking around. After hearing how great they thought this show was, I quipped he should probably be taking notes to avoid the clusterfuck his shows become.

At about 1:30 I was getting even hungrier than I already was so I departed to do some sightseeing. After passing through the Public Gardens to see all the stuff they have there (including what I learned was the world's smallest suspension bridge), I made my way to Cheers. Yes, Cheers; the former Bull & Finch Pub where they shot all the exteriors for the show. They renamed themselves Cheers Boston and sure make no bones about cashing in. They've got TWO gift shops, cutouts of the characters, pictures with the cast, TVs playing the show...the works. The interior isn't laid out like on the show, but the style is a perfect match. The walls, the chairs, the bar...all copied exactly. I had a burger, of course, and it was decent. I need to start ordering Cokes without ice, though, because places like to JAM it with the ice.

After buying some souvenirs for friends in the gift shop with their high prices, I headed out to see the rest of the city I could. When planning this jaunt, I found that the other Cheers that has a virtual replica of the interior from the show was either within walking or subway distance from me, so I opted to go and see it and whatever else was on the way. Cheers helped out by provided a walking map that leads you along part of Boston's Freedom Trail and past several sights to see while taking you to the other Cheers in Faneuli Marketplace. Damn decent of them. I followed it, taking me through Boston Common (which the show was named after and what I regard as the area's Central Park) where I saw lots of statues, monuments (including an old mine used in sea warfare) and then along the streets past some city landmarks and even two old cemeteries. Yep, I got to hang out with Paul Revere and Sam Adams. Ironically, it was also at this point my camera began to die. Stupid battery doesn't last for SHIT.

Faneuli Marketplace is basically 3 strips of buildings with a wide open area surrounding it containing various stores and restaurants. Here in two of the strips was Sam's Cafe at Cheers, loosely patterned after both the bar and show, and then the other Cheers itself. I'll say this much; the interior was pretty damn close as best as they could do with the kind of space they had. Sadly, time wasn't on my side as I did have a 5:30 bus to catch, so I began my trek back finishing up what I passed on the Freedom Trail. It turns out Boston has it's own Irish Famine memorial. Instead of the big chunk of land that could've been taken from Ireland here, it was a rounded plaza with statues and the story of Boston's involvement with that on 8 plaques. About the only thing I didn't photograph on the way was the new City Hall building. I dunno why that's even on the map; ugly-ass structure. PASS.

I'll say this much for Boston; they have awesome side-streets. All of them are small and thin, and there are a LOT of alleyways. That makes for some damn cool visuals when you look down them and see how the buildings are laid out on either side. The most interesting one was this street by the Common which ended with this theater. I mean it just flat out ended here at this tiny, tucked-away theater.

The ride back was as uneventful as the ride up. I convinced Lindsay to sit in the back so we'd have more room to spread out, relax and sleep. And sleep we did, most of the way till we got back to the city. Along the way I had organized my comics so by the time I got home I could begin just inputting them on my lists.

So Boston, nice place to visit. I think I'd like to go back, finish seeing the city and maybe whatever I missed this trip. Although, I AM kinda disappointed that no Bostonians cheered my hat as being the Red Sox. Was wondering if they would mistake it like NYers do.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Trying to write the final story didn't work out too well. I had this great idea that was a bit more complex than I've ever tried before while trying to keep the tones subtle and ambiguous. I'm gonna need to sit down and play with that and hopefully get it up by Monday.

I went up to Verizon to get some applications changed on my phone. I got rid of the useless V-cast and set-up my E-Mail capabilities so I could check them while I'm in Boston tomorrow. If I don't, I know I'll have a crap-load waiting for me. At least it was an excuse to pick up some Burger King for dinner and get in a bike ride that I missed because of eating too much leftover Halloween Candy.

Ya know, Halloween disappoints me more and more every year. Hardly anyone is out trick or treating. Of course this year we had the added bonus of we didn't get a chance to decorate so nobody would know to come here unless someone sat outside, which pops did a good chunk of the night. As a result, we've got a lot of candy leftover and me and ma'll plow through it within the next week or two, guaranteed. But I'm still disappointed at how Halloween is diminishing every year. Me, I LOVE dressing up...just I'm usually somewhere where I can't or sleeping these years. If it wasn't for the CAG parties I wouldn't at all. Sad.

Also sad was the demise of the Green Church, a neighborhood landmark. This shows you how little I go that way anymore; it was torn down last Thursday and I didn't know about it until that Saturday when I went for my final attempt at a Halloween costume for the party. The church was 109 years old and had been there when Brooklyn was nothing more than sparse houses on dirt streets. The fact idiots waited so long to get it landmarked or attempt to save it sealed its fate, and now we get more flamin' condos and a "smaller" church next to it. Like that makes a difference. It's not because we're down a's because you tore down a UNIQUE church that stood a lot longer than your stupid condos probably will.

I hate this city.