Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Okay, let me clarify something from yesterday; I do not take SOLE responsibility for how things turned out. My responsibility lies in I shoulda known better given her frame of mind when we met. She not only encouraged things that went on, but reciprocated as well, so it's not all my doing. And this isn't the first time this has happend. We manage to go from being good friends to her giving me reasons why we CAN'T be in a matter of weeks, sometimes DAYS, and then I retort with why that's crazy and all is well again. And ya know, I've been patient and understanding, but it starts to get a bit tiring.

One of her biggest contentions was she felt bad she thought she didn't measure up to the level of friend I was being to her, despite my insistance that it was all good, which is what she said in her parting words to me. Well, how good a friend are you when you don't clue someone in to how you're feeling? How good a friend are you when you let someone believe things are all hunky-dory, and then dump the truth on them suddenly when all they wanna do is let ya know they know you're still alive? How good a friend are you when instead of trying to fix what's wrong and make it permanent, you just close up shop and pull out as if it was nothing? When you pull shit like that, not very. Retreating is easy, DEALING is hard.

Ya know, I have no ill will about this or her, but I am a bit angry. I was willing to do what it took to ensure the friendship's survival beyond any circumstances. And ya know why? Because that's easy. Life really is easier than people make it out to be. It's PEOPLE that make it hard, on themselves and for others. Some things are black and white, and friendship is one of those things. I have never, EVER abandoned a friend without some kind of unforgiveable reason. Is it too much to ask for the same consideration from my friends? To work with me to fix problems? To stick around beyond whatever? And this isn't just about her, it's about all the people I've let myself care about over the years who decide to disappear without contact but YET still remember me enough to add me on Myspace and Facebook, STILL without contact.

Okay, rant over; now back to our regular program already in progress.

Today began Rosh Hashanah so a good number of my regulars were closed. The solution, instead of letting me go home and relax, was to send me out with Rory and hitch a ride back with the dumbass. Well, I did all of my building while he did outside, he came back and took the rest while I went off to help the Empire with a few stops. The funny thing is, I took a package for an organization called the Block Corporation which is similar to the name of a group that helps people with disabilities get jobs, and the box had the name of my former friend who was working with them at the time we parted company because I was "too serious" to be her friend. Just thought that was funny.

I came home to find the Texas souvenier plate sis and Roy gave me last year had fallen off my wall. Is this a bad omen about my trip? Is my plane going to crash? I just hope pops gets the Toyota fixed, 'cause the train to the airport is confusing as hell. The line splits THREE ways, which is insane. Otherwise maybe I'm better off with a cab? Times like this I wish I had friends with cars I could call for rides, but the only one who fits the bill is Tina and she'll be doing school stuff by then.

Monday, September 29, 2008


I can't take days off again. Not only do I NOT know what's going on from last week, but I hafta play catch-up before I can start my actual work for the day.

Today also turned out to be a normal Monday again, and on this day Damien decides to reinvent the wheel and stick me with some stuff in the building that's 2 blocks away, the one we told him I couldn't possibly do given my distance from it and the difficulty to get in there. But, the three of us arranged a plan where I'd pawn them off on their original courier and he'd do it. A decent plan except we had a hard time coordinating the drop-off, and he ended up with but 10 mins to do 3 stops. I kept one of them since I had to go in that general area to do a small bulk stop anyways, and ended up with just enough time to do a reattempt and help a handler find Rory to give him a new powerpad. Oh, and between all this I had to find out who'd be closed for the Jewish holiday 'cause, surprise surprise, our management was completely oblivious to it.

I don't think we'll be hearing from Britt much in the near future. I made a tactical error in regards to our friendship. Because she was so much like sis, it was easy for me to fall in line and treat her almost the same way as if we'd known each other for years. Not a smart play when you're talking about someone who has recent trust issues with men they're still trying to work through. She pretty much told me tonight that things were moving to an uncomfortable place despite my efforts to try and reverse that once I caught on. Too little too late. I blame myself for that; I've been so unfocused lately I didn't realize early enough. Once again, I lose someone I loved talking to, and this time it really was my fault. So, hopefully, she goes on to big and great things and ends up with a happily ever after. She knows she'll always have a friend in the wings when needed. As for me? Well, most likely in a few months I'll meet someone else and we'll have some great conversations for a while, until the inevitable departure for whatever reasons. Rinse and repeat.

People think life is a series of random events. In reality, life is a series of REPEATING events. The randomness comes from the people and places involved. The faces may change, but the script stays the same. I just need to live, learn, and ensure that I don't become the reason the next one leaves.

I meant to call Mark since he called me Thurs, but after playing with Fuzzy in bed for a bit I ended up passing out. Ever been so comfy that all your aches and pains come to the surface? That was me. My damn knees are so shot...amongst other things. I'll need to try to call him before I leave for Texas. Oh, yeah, and pops was working on ma's car so she could take me to the airport and may have an issue with her axle. So, already, my trip is off to a great start. Not only do a lose a friend who I wanted to show a good time for her birthday, but my getting to the airport may become more difficult than planned. I better do that online check-in right quick!

Also, Liz sent me the new Star Wars game in retaliation for sending her Guitar Hero. It comes with a t-shirt as well, but as it's too small I told her she was getting that back. After calling her a psycho a few times first, of course. Now, what to get her for Xmas? I'll hafta keep my eye on the games market till then.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Here's my typical day:

Started off pretty well; I went for my usual Sunday egg breakfast and spent a little time surfing the web to get it out of the way till I got home. Liz IMed me to tell me she recruited a new online friend as a member, a professional at that, who's gonna come to the next meeting and who I HAD to friend on Myspace. Why do I need to date or get married? She's bossier than any wife or GF could be! But, it was nice getting to talk to her outside of texting. It's sad that chatting with Liz has become such a major part of my day I miss it when she's not around or I'm unable to. Familiarity, I guess.

Anyways, I get back to the trailer to finish packing up. The thing that took the longest was cleaning off the awning before I could put it away, get all the leaves that fell with all the rain off it. No sooner am I able to get the thing closed (after struggling with positioning the rods properly) that it decides to start raining again. So I accellerate my clean-up and end up slipping on the wet leaves on the wet wood deck, falling and banging up the SAME leg I banged up yesterday. So now I'm dirty, wet, and I had already disconnected the water. I finished the packing, getting only mildly drenched in the ensuing downpour, and proceeded to dump the garbage, clean myself off at the main bathroom, then hit the road.

You can always tell when you get closer to civilization, because the highways become much fuller and the assholes are out in full force. I ended up missing my turnoff to the Turnpike thanks to one, ending up in Manhattan via the GWB. But, that's okay...I took the West Side Highway to the tunnel and got home in about the same amount of time. You'd think not going through Staten Island I'd save on the traffic...nope, plenty of idiots in the city to provide that.

Got home to no parking and pawned TC off on pops to bring up. I should mention that I opted to let her ride without the carrier the whole way back. She's pretty good about staying in the seat most of the time, just she chooses to look for attention at the oddest times and tries to come over into my lap and under my legs. Dangerous driving, lemme tell ya! Anyways, I proceed to unload the van in front of the garage(alone, again, thanks to pops just standing on the porch for whatever reason), and on my last trip to the side door I go ahead and step in a pile of dog shit I had missed every other time. Given my falling earlier, that pretty much pissed me off. My shoe was hosed, and I finished unloading from the rear. I then proceeded to brings the basement stuff to the basement and some upstairs stuff upstairs, once again all by myself. So glad I'm expected to help THEM when they come home, and yet I get shit all in return. And they wonder why I hate helping.

And so thus endeth my trip upstate. Hopefully next year gas prices will stay stabilized and I can go up as much as I wanted to this year. And, hopefully, D, Tina and/or Tommy will be available to go. I love it upstate, but I still would like to be able to talk to people, which the lack of web makes hard to do. And, I really need to find the hot spots up there so I can maybe make some new friends and make my transition in moving easier. Must. Work. On. NETWORKING!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


After breakfast, I decided to take a little drive around. I pretty much took the secondary highways all the way to Arkville again. I might've taken the train ride if the parking lot wasn't blocked off. I mean, I was there in time, but ah well. On the way back I tried to find the back way we took the last time, and after taking most of it back, one wrong turn finds me back on one of the highways I came up on; I did a nice long circle. I took a couple more intentional wrong turns and learned all roads lead to Esposito, as it were. Sucks having a good sense of direction sometimes; makes it hard to get lost on purpose, but does allow you to go places ya never have before. And hey, at least with the unpaved state of most of those roads (probably all washed out by the last flood) I got to do some off-roading to make up for my inability to bike and mountain climb due to the rain. Figgers, the weekend I wanted was nice and clear, the weekend I got pure rain. Stupid station merger...

The Rec Hall was open by the time I got back, but apparently only to set up for a wedding. They were doing a Hillbilly wedding complete with cowboy-ish decorations, picnic tables with classic checker tablecloths, hay all over the floor and a pig in a cage. They also put a "Gettin Hitched" sign on the back of the toilet dump truck and tied a couple old pans to the bumper. Incidentally, I ended up finding a couple of them along the road when I came back from dinner later that night. Hey, it was clever, and probably a LOT cheaper than a fancy pants church wedding. Just wish I was able to get in some VIDEO GAMES this weekend is all.

I had dinner at Zachs again, then went over to Sweet Tooth. The last time me and D were up, the place was closed and that was just a week over a year ago. But I saw yesterday it was open, but as it closed at 9 I had no time to eat dinner then get there. Made up for it tonight with one of their foot-tall jumbo cones, baby! I texted Liz and Tina a pic of it to make them nice and jealous. I did get Tina saying she was up my way and if she knew I was here (she did) she woulda visited. But, turns out she was at Woodbury Commons a good hour South of me, so it was moot.

After making a mess of myself with the ice cream, I got set to head back when I noticed my memory stick was gone. I had just banged out another Halloween story over dinner and slipped it in my pocket, now it was gone. I didn't really panic; there wasn't anything on there that wasn't already on my PC or replaceable, except for the story I just wrote. So, I retraced my steps starting with dinner and the helpful staff of Zachs, to desert and back. Then I realized what pocket I slipped it in and checked my seat. Yep, there it was, knocked out by the seat. Good tip for anyone; keep track of your steps over the course of the day, and always start with the oldest first; that's where the trail will start getting coldest.

I got back and started my packing. I had another putz moment when, as loading my bike into the van, my foot slipped on the running board and I banged my leg against it. Let me tell ya, that freakin' hurts. Right on the bone...not pleasant. After trying not to yell out or smash something for a few minutes, I finished loading up whatever I didn't need for tomorrow and did some reading and DVD watching to close out the night.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I am a dumbass. The problem with being my size is nothing is at eye level, so ya tend to miss stuff...like the fact there was a breaker switch in the new electrical box to flip that was obstructed by the cover I flipped up and thus didn't see. I woke up at 4:15 (I so freakin' hate that my job has me programmed to get up then even on my effin days off) to find the light I left on so I could see was dimmed and the fridge was off. Last night I had noticed none of the outlets were even working...and that's why. We were also getting that rain they were talking about since yesterday...good thing I brought my umbrella. I also apparently forgot to turn on the hot water heater. Yeah, I'm doing good.

Today's activities included going to Walmart, where I bought more Pop Tarts for the week, as well as some snackies to munch here and there and a couple art supplies should I get around to drawing any. Going there was also an excuse to get the Burger King I've been dying for. Next I hit Pecks to get some of their delicious chopmeat to bring home. I came back and talked to sis for a bit. Now, let me tell ya; the best place to connect is by the Rec Hall, which has been closed since I've been there. I've ended up having to sit in my van across the way to do anything. I look like a freakin' stalker or something.

I finally finished my Estella stuff and sent it in, then began some work on my site stuff with the new books I got. I also got a head start and packed up some of the stuff ma wanted me to. For dinner, I decided to try out the bar me and D went to last year. They were having some kinda live music there, so it was loud to say the least. I just sat and read my books as I ate a sandwich which was basically a modified version of what I get all the time at Subway. Hey, at least it wasn't a burger! Also, one of the bartenders asked me if I was an O'Leary. She asked me that last year too. Ya know, I dunno what Irish name my Irish part had, so I may just very well be. But, I'm currently not as far as I know so I tell her no. I betcha if I went again next summer I'd get asked again.

I must say I'm a little disappointed in the truck's fuel economy this trip. I drove less than I did the last time to all the same places, but ended up using MORE gas. How the hell does that work?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today ran a lot better than yesterday. I only had 13 stops, so I went over to help the dumbass. Two other couriers helped as well, but he was still gonna have lates. Dude left with 3 bulk stops, the largets of which I took and took up all my helping time along with waiting for the first courier to load up. I hadda use the third courier's handtruck as well as my own just to do it in one shot. The dumbass wasted valuable time he coulda used to make a couple more deliveries coming up to the stop I was doing for some reason. Idiot. But, like Damien says, all ya can do is your best.

I got Subway and ate on the train (really wanted some BK but none were local and wasn't gonna stop 2 stops past mine just to get some and hafta go back)and got home around 1. I found a buncha comics I ordere for various things arrived, so I packed them with me to work on as well. Despite the light amount of packing that had to be done, wasn't until after 2:30 I was able to hit the road. Luckily, I didn't hit any traffic this time so it was smooth sailing.

After I took care of the essentials and fed TC, I went into town to have dinner at Zachs and go on the CAG chat. I sat outside, forgetting how cold the mountains can get at night. It was a bit nippy. It also took me forever to get my burger thanks to an airheaded waitress (she confessed it was her fault why, so it's not empty blame there). Burger and fries were cold, but still good. And I was hungry so wasn't gonna wait for a replacement. The only thing that sucks about up here is the severe LACK of places that stay open late. So pretty much if you don't get into town by at least 6, your options shrink until you're entirely screwed. Zach's stays open to 11, so that's helpful.

Meanwhile, I'm on vacation!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


While my truck was being put into my spot this morning by the parker, I heard it sputtering as he was driving it. That wasn't right, but I shrugged it off thinking it just needs the rev treatment. However, when I went to pre-trip my truck later I come to find I couldn't even START the SOB. A call to the mechanic yielded they didn't get all the diesel fuel out, so they took my truck (Damien only taking my shirt and glasses out, leaving my other stuff behind inside for me to run up and retrieve) and gave me a Penske. The last time I drove a Penske on my route was sometime last year when I first took it over and Lis had to come out to help me. They say driving one is extremely more difficult than one of our trucks. To me, it feels like driving the van. The only bitch is no shelves leave a semi-unorganized mess in back.

Bush was in town, so naturally they closed off all the streets by the UN forcing all that lovely traffic over into my part of town. Not only did I leave late because of trying to sort the Penske out, but I ended up in a parking lot and not getting to my block (which had no parking) till about 9:40. The paper guy in my building helped me out with some stops, but I still ended up with one late. Coulda been a lot worse, that's damn good considering. Luckily my 5th floor guy was downstairs and I knocked his crap out right there.

Was pop's bday, so I picked up a cake at Carvel on the way to get my comics. In between the "celebrating" I also got a call from one of the guys heading up the trade now. Seems like out of everyone I'm the most informed on the team. We'll hafta rectify that soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Here's what I'm working with:

We've got 6 trucks that run on diesel fuel. 3 of them are Sprinters, one of which has been MIA for months now. 3 of them are rather large trucks you can't confuse with any other except themselves. So, tell me why someone went to fill my tank, which should've only been down a 1/4 since I last filled it last week, with diesel fuel? That's right. The mechanics dumped the tank and today it ran better than it has in a long time. I guess that's all it needed.

The CAG leaders have been agonizing over details for our Halloween party. We all wanted to find a new place and allowed members to vote for party scenarios, but got little response and had trouble finding a way everyone could be happy. I stepped up, made a couple calls, and hopefully got it all sorted out. We'll have the party at the new place Sue found that night, and just before a field trip to Jekyll & Hydes for whoever wants to go. There, simple, done, hopefully people show up.

Monday, September 22, 2008


They give us 5 minutes to stretch and talk about whatever needs to be said that day, then 5 minutes to check our trucks out to make sure they're not shitty enough to actually come to pieces on the road. The problem is sometimes, 5 minutes just isn't enough. Like today, when I went to start mine the engine was already sputtering. Normally, it starts good, but the first time I hit the gas in drive is when the sputtering starts and I need to accellerate up to 40 to clear the problem, or sit and rev depending on if I missed a light or not. So I had to go and get a new truck. What I ended up doing was taking my favorite diesel off of FOs and gave that driver one of the other station trucks we had on the roof while Damien took mine up. At least I got my awesome truck out of the deal.

I went off to the school right after work. I saw the film head who wrote me a note saying I am a film major and to fix my records if they were incorrect. I was sent down to the Oasis room to file it, but turned out my major declaration wasn't the problem. So they sent me over to registration to put in to allow me back in January. I should get a registration notice around November I was told. Here's what I love, though; the question of why I waited so long. Well, what took me so long was trying to REACH the film head to see what the deal was before finding out he had office hours I could get to (which are still not on the website). Like I can just drop everything to go there. Well, now I know where to go if I have registration problems again...which I BETTER not have.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


A couple years ago, pops got an AB switch for the TV so I could hook up my old systems and relive the glory days. And there it sat for those years. Today, I decided to take matters into my own hands and hooked it up and the SNES. It was an awesome feeling! I played a few games to try it out, found out one of the ones I recently bought needs some cleaning and that the power plug is a little loose for some reason. But, aside from some major discoloration like it's been in the sun for years, it works! I would've hooked up the Atari too, but it has a different plug so I need to play with that. I also tried a plan to use a power strip to give us access to an outlet so I could put my DVD case in the corner, but it turned out to be wider than I thought. Ah well...I'll find a place for it eventually.

What inspired that? Well, I've been buying up some DVDs recently. I just got all of Garfield and Friends, Gagoykes vol. 1, two of the Mario Bros. sets out now, and the Legend of Zelda set. I'm eyeing some other cartoons I wanna get sooner than later. Watching Garfield when I got it, I just felt so...at ease. If recapturing my youth is what I need to do, than by gum, I'm gonna do it! I wanna get my life to as close as it was 8 years ago as possible. 8 years ago I had time to spend all day at school, 5-7 hours at work, play video games, watch TV all day AND bang out 2-3 stories in no time. Shouldn't be too hard to replicate, I just gotta fight past the always being tired after work and not nap so often.

I hit the store to drop off Craig's books, give Tommy the souvenier I got him that he keeps leaving and me forgetting, and to just hang for a bit. I was an hour behind on all that thanks to the 'rents taking up the bathroom AND the washing machines. Never fails.

Tonight's Skype meeting went off pretty well, we got a few things accomplished I think. We'll see the long-term effects soon enough. Now, I just need to figure out what to do about my site as I had all kindsa trouble getting on to the damn system. Gonna try it again later and if it's still crappy, gonna log on at ma's job on Wed to post a delay notice on the main page, and then gonna contact the dude who wanted me to move my sites to his server and see if I can't get that underway some while I'm on vacation.

Today was also the last game at Yankee Stadium. Shame. I only made one game in my life before I found out going to games was way more boring than watching on TV (which I don't do either). But, there's another piece of history wiped away in the name of progress. Well, like I keep saying; NY is unrecognizeable to me these days, and just one more reason for me to leave.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I finally got my bike to the shop today. Had them give a tune-up and straighten out the rims, which cost me $85 freakin' bucks! Yeesh. While it was being worked on I headed over to 86th to check out the phones in the Verizon store to get a perspective that the website just can't give. So far, it looks like I'm leaning towards the Voyager or EnV. The Voyager has a larger keypad for my big fingers, but it has that touch screen deal that I ain't too keen about. The EnV is a little better, but I'm not digging the exposed face much considering where I keep my phone most of the time. But, Liz has an EnV herself and she gives it a glowing recommendation so I might go with that one. After I hit GameStop to look at games and tried out the Wii. I'll stick to ONE remote, thanks.

The nearby Greek church had it's annual street festival today too. Tina had planned on going, which is why she didn't go biking with me today. But, I hadn't heard from her about it and decided to swing by on my way home waiting for the bike to get done. It's nothing big, a 2-block affair and a gathering at said church. Not like the 3rd Avenue Festival in a couple weeks while I'm gone. Although, that festival, and the 5th Avenue, have declined some in recent years. They're more like haphazard shells of their former glory. Can't even remember the last time I went, although that's mostly due to the fact I was no longer working in the area and on weekends. Ah well.

Ma had gotten this foam thing for their bed to help with pops' back until his surgery in November. Problem was she found she couldn't sleep on the thing. She got a smaller one for just his side but had the problem of what to do with the big one. So, I inherited it until pops no longer needs his. Problem is it had to be folded in half and stuffed into my sheets, so it looks pretty funky. It is comfy as all hell, but I just don't like the bulkiness. Blah.

Friday, September 19, 2008


All week I had felt like shit. I had been severely tired and exhausted. Sis theorized that it's lack of sleep finally catching up with me. If that's the case, that's about a good decade's worth or more. I know I'm usually tired after my work day, but never like this. It went right down to my bone, that's how bad. But, today, for some reason after work, I felt pretty damn good. The only thing I can think of that was different was to make service I jetted down a few hallways and on the street. So methinks I need to force myself to be more active even if I don't need to be.

I decided to do some Halloween-themed stories to release online some way somehow, a prose anthology of sorts. I'm cheating a little by using the two tales I wrote late last year, but hey if you never read them before they're new to you! I've also got some new ones going, including the prose version of one of the first three pitches I made to Keith for him to draw. What can I say, I get inspired this time of year. Especially as the weather cools and my favoritest holiday draws closer.

Speaking of which, with Halloween comes the annual CAG party. Two costumes have come to mind: Super Mario or Darkman. I've done initial research on parts for both. So far, they have Mario hats out there but the only one even remotely close to my size is a wool winterized version. The other stuff shouldn't be that much of a problem, although I may end up being the current Mario rather than the classic I wanna be. Darkman is a bit more challenging. His cape can run anywhere from $200-$400, but ma volunteered to see if she can make one if I supply material. Then there's a matter of the right fedora (jacked in prices thanks to Indy) and the make-up and bandage effects. I thought I'd find mummy accessories to make that a bit easier, but apparently you can only be a mummy if you buy an entire costume...all of which suck. Ah well. I also considered picking up a couple normal-looking latex masks to carry as extra artificial faces. We'll see which one prevails, if either does. My last resort emergency costume? FedEx courier!

Britt was on as she's been every Friday so far, and as usual she was either too tired or too preoccupied to carry on a convo. But, y'know, I try anyways. She had written a note on Facebook that led to me making a joke using a song cue. That cue reminded me of a song I completely forgot to acquire from the days I had my Walkman and the tapes I recorded off of Saturday Night 80s on PLJ a few years ago. Well, it's mine now! Booyah! (Foreigner-Say You Will, incidentally).

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Schedule was posted today and I got my Friday off still. Good! I was worried it woulda gotten wiped out with my attempt to move it. This damn station absorption we did is becoming a pain in the ass. Not only do I hafta deal with these guys in the morning which I was explicitly told I wouldn't hafta, but their vacations wiped out a good number of our free days. And come vacation bidding next year, that's even MORE competition to get some decent time off. I was considering trying out for San Diego Comiccon, but for me to get a week off in July, especially THAT week, would take a miracle.

I did get smart, however, and decided to call the school before I went up there and spent 3 hours waiting to talk to the film head. Boy, am I glad I did! Apparently, nobody updated the site with his NEW office hours, including Monday from 1-2. Well, now I'm going Monday.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I was sent out with the knowledge of going to help the route 3 blocks away when I was done. However, by the time I got on my route I was told to go to a different one 2 blocks away from that one. Somehow, I managed to go help the new route, plus get back in time to help the other with at least one stop anyways. Not bad for someone running on a sprained ankle, which I somehow got yesterday. Because, ya know, things just aren't challenging enough.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I finally biked today! It felt so great, I didn't even mind the struggling against the wind part or the sore ass. It just felt good. It was also a pretty clear ride with barely anyone getting in the way. The clouds in the sky had this nice painted look I love so much and hopefully captured with my camera phone (must make camera mount!). It was all good. However, I did see that the slight bend in my rim is becoming more pronounced, so I'm gonna hafta take it to the bike shop to get straightened and adjusted. May as well have them look at my gear too. Ya know, I very much wanna try to see if Tina wants to go biking this weekend (my only free weekend for weeks), but coming off a weekend of funerals for some people she knew, I dunno if that's an appropriate thing to do. Any Miss Manners fans out there?

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Every time I take out my van, something else needs to be fixed. Now, it's one of the AC blowers which makes a horrible noise on high. Dammit.

Today I helped Jess get some furniture for her place. She decided after being there for a year it was time to make it a home. We went to the Ikea in Brooklyn and she did her thing. Admittedly, I was bored as shopping always tends to make me, but I did have some fun when I got my hands on a shopping cart. The four wheel turning was a little jarring at first, but I then had fun doing some "stunts" and rolling around. I'm sure she thought I was just a big kid, but I don't care. Driving the carts is always the highlight of my shopping experiences. Plus the fact they had an 80s sountrack playing on their Muzak system INCLUDING one track off the Ghostbusters soundtrack was also awesome. And I did see some nifty furnishing for that potential future house should I ever be able to afford (or need) to get some new stuff and stop living in a hand-me-down world. We ended up getting some lights, a couple utensils, a dresser and TV stand.

Next stop was Costco for her TV and some minor groceries. Let me tell ya, I hate driving to places I never been before 'cause I always end up making a wrong turn or ended up where I don't wanna be. Also, I forgot she mentioned Costco so I only looked up from Ikea to her house. Well, after a bit of parking lot hijinx we got in, got her stuff, got out and eventually got on our way. At least we ended up with a spot right across the street so there was no serious lugging beyond the stairs.

We worked straight through, stopping only for a lunch from Dominos. I built the TV stand, she started the dresser but found she needed my help for most of it so then we hit that. Her cats kept mostly to the bedroom, one of them hiding under the covers the whole time and freaking her out when she couldn't find him. By the time we finished the dresser, we were both pretty tired and irritable. We moved her bookcase, set up the dresser, and that's when I called it a day. All that was left were simple assembly lamps and the TV. I figured she could handle it from there.

I got home after some traffic to a message from her saying while she was running a couple more errands to finish things off her bike got stolen. And that was the perfect end to her day. Oh boy...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I had a bit of a scare when I got to the school for our meeting at 11:15...and no one else was there! I have NEVER been the first one. Ever. And as the time ticked on, I began to wonder if I had missed an E-Mail that Gary couldn't make it or the meeting was cancelled or some such since I don't give myself time to check before I leave. Fortunately, everyone began to slowly file in and we got the party started.

I've been running the CAG meetings since about November. So how come today it was like it was my first flamin' time?! I swear, I stumbled so much and all my jokes fell flat. I know I ain't the greatest at this gig, but today was just...gah! Mark came late and ended up saving it all, explaining MY OWN initiative better than I was doing! Hopefully that was just today; if it persists throughout the remainder of the meetings this year I'm seriously gonna either step down or pull back and let someone else do all the talking.

After lunch, we all headed to a nearby former factory that's been done up in a ton of authorized graffitti. We've seen it through the windows every time, but never ventured over. These guys, Tom has been trying to get to a meeting for a couple months now. So we went and talked to them some and they're interested in coming by. So maybe we'll be adding some graffitti artists to our stable. That should be interesting.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


You know what pisses me off? The Tribute of Light is due to be taken down this year because they only contracted it up till this year. Why? Because the Freedom Tower was supposed to be DONE by this year. That's what pisses me off. We still have a freakin' hole in the ground and nothing to show for it after 7 years. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has already unveiled one of three memorials. You know when the government moves faster than anyone it's a baaaaaaaad thing. So I'm pretty pissed about the whole thing. I'm pissed about their not rebuilding as it was. I'm pissed that fruity Freedom Tower is what's eventually gonna be there. I'm pissed the Tower ISN'T there yet. Yeah, way to show those terrorists, guys! Can't even get our own shit together in a timely fashion, no wonder we look like an easy target. Take a lesson from PA and (god help me) the Pentagon!

Hurricane Ike is on a clear collision course with Texas. Now, my geography isn't what it should be I admit, so when I hear Texas town names I don't know I really can't imagine where they are in terms of the people I know there. So, imagine my surprise when I looked up Ike's path and saw it was due to head right for Britt and Sis. Although, they're saying Austin is a relatively safe spot where people in Britt's new town (she moved for school recently) are being evacuated to, according to her town's website and addresses from its mayor. I just hope the weather service is more versed at predicting these storms than they are what day it's supposed to rain.

On the more mundane side of things, I was semi-light again enough to allow one of the paper couriers to borrow a handtruck to cover a route and to go help the same route again I did the other day. Unfortunately, people don't indicate that the help they need is with bulk so my handcart ended up being inadequate. I still took a few stops anyway in a building that's a REAL pain in the ass 'cause it's so HUGE in it's layout. I was able to deliver all but one, dumping my last two failed attempts when the guy whom my delivery destination left a note saying to give it to finally showed up after my second attempt on them. I basically just made it with seconds to spare.

Good thing I didn't go to the school today as I was exhausted and ended up napping. I need to start napping during the week again, at least one day. Despite the fact I added a whole hour to my sleep time I don't ever feel completely rested. It sucks. I also decided to get this foam thing for my bed the 'rents got for theirs. It's like super comfortable; I felt my muscles relaxing after only a few seconds of lying on it. Maybe that'll help me get some better rest, who knows. Only one way to find out.

The Webcomics Initiative has a new vocal supporter in Zman, our CAG DOG artist. I'm taking new steps to push the thing and get people involved. What we really need are artists, especially those in the Western branches who claim to want stuff to do. Gotta kick some ass around here!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My route was extremely light, so I was told to go help someone when I was done. I went, but he didn't even need help. He stuck me with a stop anyways. I checked up on his street partner as per his request to see if he was fine, and he was. But that allowed Wes, doing a paper route, to pass me and stick me with two of his stops. I finished them just in time to go help the idiot near me with a bulk stop along with two others. Of course, we paid for our diligence due to the fact someone spilled some kinda juice in his truck and it got all over the boxes, making them very sticky. Dammit.

Vacation picking is a harrowing experience at work. They only allow a certain number of people off per day, and if you try to change you lose the one you already requested meaning any of your 79 co-workers can come and snatch it up in the time it takes you to find out your request was denied. And when I saw the new vacation calendar posted after I already made my change request and how full both those days were, I got a little nervous. But, one slot is taken up by the mumbler that was fired so there's hope...provided nobody else filled the void yet. I won't know for sure until the schedule gets posted Friday.

I went home, got my comic list and withdrawal slip and headed out with the wheel. First stop was the bike shop, where I surprisingly got it changed right quick. Dude told me the tires I have are shit; the heavier a bike tire is the crappier the material. He gave me what's supposedly a very good one for $28. Okay, not too bad. And if it's easier to take on and off when I need to then it'll pay for itself my next flat. Unfortunately, I only brought my Discover card neglecting the Master, so I had to dip into my emergency cash to pay for it, and then had to make another withdrawal slip to compensate for that. Got my comics after although they owe me bags and boards since the COMPANY was out of them. Yes, the COMPANY that MAKES the bags and boards was OUT of bags and boards. That's irony.

Tire's now on the bike, although I discovered my flywheel's slightly bent so my chain rubs against the shifter on certain speeds. Not much to be a significant problem now, but I'll hafta address it soon. I was gonna go on a ride today, but I ended up crashing for a bit and feeling way too tired to do so. I'll go tomorrow since I'm opting to go to the school on Tuesday to give me time to recover from heat rash and get a decent night's sleep so I'm nice, refreshed and patient when I go deal with those assholes. I can't go angry. I will smash.

I was surprised FedEx was delivering my present to Liz from Amazon; they usually use the Post Office. But, I hope it WASN'T them 'cause they apparently just left her package outside without so much as ringing the bell. Assholes. But, she got her Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and the extra Guitar Hero III I said I'd give her ON THE SAME DAY! I mailed III on Monday and didn't even expediate it! That's some damn good timing right there! She'll be rocking out tomorrow once she rescues Zelda and Hyrule.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Late flights meant late freight, which means I went out fairly light. Had 18 stops again but no pieces so it didn't take all that long. The irony here is Rory fought Damien about taking stops from me saying he couldn't make them, but then ended up in my building early looking for stops from me. Anyways, I was able to help another route, but he didn't mention he had a bulk stop left and all I had was my handcart. His was in the truck so I was gonna double cart it, but I still couldn't take it all. Luckily another one came along and we both did it. And good thing we had a lotta time left 'cause the freight in the building decided to take forever. Add to that 7th Avenue has been a parking lot lately so took me a while to get back.

But, my good freight guy is back, and I'm happy. Means things're gonna go a LOT smoother than they have been. I love it.

I decided to take the wheel in tomorrow to be fixed. I'll swing by on my way to the bank and then come back around for my comics and it, hopefully. I got home to an E-Mail for Mark asking for time at the meeting to discuss something that I had already planned to discuss. I had it segwayed and everything. But, he wants to do it so I'll hafta modify what I wanted to say now to lead into him. And I had such a nice thing planned out. Ah well.

And I updated the site tonight. I wanted to throw up a buncha the last ones that're simple slight modifcations of each previous page I'd do, but I got frustrated working on the lap. The PC is so much better suited for that kinda task. Stupid AOHell. Not to mention I hafta log on to the program TWICE on the lap due to what I'm sure is a similar issue. Can't wait till that's done.

Monday, September 08, 2008


We had a pretty decent showing for a Monday. The only real problem was how left we late. Usually, we get at least an extra half hour but today was like a normal day. I only had 18 stops so it didn't matter much to me. Yeah, I was a little bulky but no big. Lotta things just fell into place for me so I had a nice, easy route.

Well, except for the 19 piece bulk stop I had. See, it was a block away across two streets and required two hand trucks to do. I had about 7 minutes when I finished the building to get it going, so I carted both very full carts at the same time. I made service, of course, was just a bitch to do without dropping stuff and wasting time. Not to mention the store it was going to is EXTREMELY tiny and not built for this kind of delivery.

Last week, a night guy came over to the day to replace the girl on the sort who went nights for whatever reason. This guy had apparently suffered mental problems and quit twice before. Well, he did it again; shuttling (SHUTTLING, not even delivering) freight he just left the truck and quit. Then I see him back today and find out he's still got a job and I'm like whaaaaaa? I swear, if I quit like that several times, came in late or done whatever other job-losing offense that's been forgiven already, I would NOT have a job. Meanwhile, all these assholes get chance after chance after chance. Talk about job security...

Pops helped get my tire on the rim (easily, he says) but told me the hole in the tire meant I needed a new one. Damn. I was hoping it could be ignored. So, what I'm gonna do is bring it over to the local bike shop tomorrow and get that changed out. I also planned to go to the school tomorrow, but figured I'd wait till Thurs when I'd have money to buy lunch as I'd need to go directly there from work. I'll bring the laptop, hit a Subway and then kick their asses.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Today was Astroland's last day at Coney Island. A couple years ago, a developer called Thor Equities entered into a deal with the city to buy up the land and put up more godforsaken condos and such, with an indoor park to replace the historic one. Residents weren't too happy about the notion, and Coney recieved a few stays of execution. In fact, last year was to be it's, well, last year, but it got one final year out of the deal. I had only gone a couple times, including last year for what WAS to be the final on a very rare date (so at least I can say I did THAT). I would've liked to go again. I, unfortunately, didn't find the time to go this year and didn't keep up with what was to be the final operating weekend. I should have, another piece of NY history gone in the name of progress, and one more reason for me to be sick of living here.

So what was I doing instead? Changing my bike tire! Or, attempting to. Those tire levers were a bitch to get in under the tire to pull it off as all the videos online instruct you to do. I eventually found my own way after a few aggrivating attempts and some tire flinging across the basement. I changed the tube and ran into a NEW problem: the damn tire wouldn't go back ON the rim. Sure, all the videos made it look easy, but that's 'cause their flaming tires were all loose and rubbery. Mine is stiff and taught. I tried everything except throwing it in the dryer, but I figured I'd see what pops'd suggest before I did that. Especially since with the shit way our dryer's been running, I wouldn't begin to know how long to do it without destroying the thing. I also had to give up 'cause it hurt my hands too much tyring to force it. I have the onset of arthritis, I know it.

Skype meeting tonight went better than the last. With only a few people there, I was able to get some words in. Especially since a majority of the topics were NY related. Nothing overly new or surprising came out. Keith Skyped me a bit later and I got to clarify something for the agenda for Saturday, so that's all good to go. I was reminded of a tri-state meeting on the 28th up in Mass, which'd be the weekend I wanted to go upstate. I'm gonna hafta see if I can bump it back a week so I can go. But, the 19th looked pretty full when I saw the calendar so I don't think it's gonna happen.

Incidentally, today our block had a party and they had put signs on all the cars that they had to move, basically. But there was a good number who didn't for that joke of an event. Next year, we stay put.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


I am sick of doing my comic website. I am. It's been 4 years, and the current batch I'm doing sucks total ass. Today, I sat and went through all but 20 of the books I have left to post. I wrote them up, got my scans, now all I hafta do is upload them on the friggin' laptop since my PC doesn't wanna let me do it no more. Once I get those 20 done and them all on there, all I'll have left are the 5 books coming out starting next month and I'm DONE. Remind me not to be so ambitious in the future.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Flights were delayed so service was killed and my route was absorbed. They held me back, though, most likely for shuttling but my main task ended up being going out with another driver to give someone a new truck as theirs had died. We had a little trouble finding him 'cause Nick sent us to the wrong guy, but we both eventually got there. He was dead right on the turn off from the Lincoln Tunnel...a very bad spot. We transferred his freight to the other guy's truck then left it to be picked up by the tow truck. When we got back they were gonna have us both shuttle, but with an hour to go I declined and ended up in the office till I left.

Today was comic day 'cause of the holiday, so I did my usual Wednesday routine with the addition of passing by the local bike shop to pick up my tube and some tire levers, which I leanred about on a video I watched at work on how to change a bike tire. I know how to do it, I've done it before, but I was looking for an easier way because these rims are painted black instead of chromed, so I'm trying to save the paint. I'll hafta do that later or tomorrow. I got my comics, a much smaller stack than last week, and headed home after picking up some Subway for lunch.

I came to find that the front doors were open, meaning someone was home. I found a half-cleaned spot of puke in the dining room thinking it was the cats. I headed to the back where I found the 'rents' door closed and ma inside, apparently sick. So I had to clean up the puke and go feed the downstairs cats, both sets. I came back up ready to eat when Fuzzy decided to throw up next. My poor sandwich was all cold by the time I got to it. Fun times.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Today was decidedly lighter, but sorting my truck ran a bit long and parking was miserable, so I was lucky to be able to get done what I had. I even managed to secure a lead in the process. A lead is this bullshit thing they're having us do (meaning we're doing the job of the sales people) where we talk to customers to either try to get new ones or find out how to become exclusive to the ones we already have. We need to do 2 a month for a good review, which is bullshit since most of us only work during the AM rush and have NO time to stand there and play sales rep. Anyways, I talked to my usual first since we're buds and I wouldn't hafta be all professional like nor he entirely serious. Now I just gotta figger out how to write it on that stupid pad. I really don't give a shit about a bad review; I was hired to deliver packages, NOT be a pitchman.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Today was run like a Monday on the belief that we'd get a ton of freight since nothing was moving yesterday or most of the weekend. In one respect they were right, as I had over 130 pieces for the first time in a long time, but my stops were still minimal. Rory was out and they had a night guy running his route who didn't quite get how things were done and gave me an argument over taking a buncha supplies for my building. He called me childish for not taking it, probably to make me angry enough to prove him wrong. See, the way I was trained on the route was to NOT take supplies as it will only needlessly bulk me out and give me more trouble in the long run in doing in the building...especially since the good freight guy don't get back till next week. So we both left them there and Damien drove him out to Rory's blocks (he can't drive due to eyesight issues, so he was being just left there all day). I ended up doing the office some when I got back before hitting the road for home. I also put in for the 28th and Feb 6th off, let's see if I get them.

I'd been laboring over what to get Liz for her bday. It's next weekend, and I know the perfect gift for her would be a video game. But, which? I know the types she likes, but I've no clue what she has. I'm sure she's got a TON by now. The answer eventually came to me in our last conversation, so I secured that. Now all I've got is pops to worry about.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Today we got together for D's bday. The elaborate plan that was in the works got squashed down to just going to Dave & Busters. That plan also got altered some as he opted for us to go to lunch at the local diner first for a guaranteed good meal right away rather than wait for a semi-decent one there.

We got there by 2 and hit the video arcade there. I haven't been there before, but man was it cool. A lotta racing and shooting games, plus a few classics. Instead of coins or tokens, ya filled up a card with a pre-set amount and slid them in at the games to play. D had managed to accumulate a lotta prize tickets from a few games, which got a serious boost when both of us played this trivia game. We did pretty well on all the topics BUT sports, which seemd to come up A LOT. In the end, he only had enough to get a crappy things for his sister and her dog; not that most of their affordable "prizes" were all that much decent. Definitely need to bring Liz there next time she's in town, since she's always looking for an arcade. Could be a fun hangout, like today.

I was gonna hold off on getting the Real Ghostbusters on DVD to see if the price was gonna drop eventually, if it'd hit stores, or end up on Ebay fer cheaper than the $179 ($161 if ordered by today). I mean, it's a historic occasion since the only decent DVD release was overseas (for some strange reason). But, I decided to support the cause, show there's still an audience that merited this kind of treatment, and bought it today. However, the sneaky bastards at Time Life put your order through before you get to review it and see they charge you almost $30 in shipping and taxes! Bastards.