Thursday, November 30, 2006


I was freakin' wiped out today. So much so decided to skip class in favor of a nap...whiiiiiiiiiich I never took. All that crap about sleep cycles in psych class got me thinkin' I'll just go to bed earlier instead. Whiiiiiiiiiiich also never happened. Yeah, I suck when it comes to restin'.

After finishin' my comics I decided to do some X-mas shoppin' to get it outta the way. Figger about an hour I'd be good to go, get a good jump. Yeah...try I was doin' it the rest of the freakin' night. I got pops an' gma covered, got part of D's (workin' on gettin' somethin' he didn't blatantly tell me about) and fer a couple old co-workers, got plans fer the other gma an' gonna be puttin' my name on the crap we send the assholes in Florida. Sis'n me got a deal where if I don't get her an X-mas present she can't complain about bday presents, so I don't hafta do her until January. Tina I gave up shoppin' fer. The last time I got her a present I wasn't able to give it to her till MARCH, forget about also not knowin' what the hell she's into no more. Lack of contact is detrimental to one who sucks at givin' gifts.

In between alla this I ordered some things I wanted to get, mostly to make up the difference fer free shippin'. Also took advantage of some low prices, so that's a plus.

Ya know, I never hafta go to California to experience what X-mas'd be like there. Why? 'Cause it's freakin' 60 degrees! You have no idea how weird it is to walk outside comfortably in what's considered summer attire with the smell of summer all around you as the trees stand bare an' ya got X-mas lights twinklin' all over. It's freakin' almost December! Used to be a time where October was the latest I could dress light and hafta start bundlin' up from there. Progressively, I've been able to get through most of November in shorts, an' now it seems like all of November. Damn global warmin'.

Once I pay off the holidays, now comes the fun part...savin' up fer my proposed summer plans. I hafta prepare fer every eventuality; gotta rent an additional car so Tina or Sis ain't stuck drivin' everyone (since I'm sure one of 'em will wanna bring their cars), if the 'rents change their minds AGAIN gonna hafta rent a trailer and buy a small BBQ to cook as well as rent a site, then there's the food an' other misc. expenses to consider. Should be doable by the time we're able ta go. Theoretically.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I hate Greenwich Village. Fer some reason, when I switch from the D to the 6 ('cause, ya know, god forbid they put both 6 directions in the same station) I always forget which way I'm supposed to go. Anyways, got to class an' we watched part of Lost in Translation. Been meanin' to see it, nice to finally be able to. Had some funny moments and a LOT of slow ones ta show off Japan an' the culture shock. That kinda makes it drag, but it's not bad.

Used my Ebates check ta get more of my books today, lessen the burden next week. Helped a lot, actually, especially with all the 4 & 5 dollar books comin' out. I swear, if this is a test fer a price increase.... Didn't get to finish all my books 'fore I hafta turn in. Ah well. Only 3 left, finish 'em tomorrow. Can't wait till these events end so I can cut down my lists.

Speakin' of which, I called Tommy after work to tell him about the meetin' next week. Of course, he was less than enthusiastic. Dunno why he doesn't wanna take a positive step towards his dreams. Maybe they're not no more? Hate to think he's startin' to be happy bein' at Wallyworld fer life. Ah well...all I can do is present the opportunities. Up to him to take 'em.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I was runnin' late fer class (down Danielle, it was another bathroom run), but it was a good thing I did. I decided to catch the N direct at 59th and what pulled in? But a brand new freakin' train! I was like WTF? When did they put these out?! It looks similar to the 4-6 trains, except it's much wider and rouder, the cielin' bar is different, and there's an animated stop indicator complete with a small LCD ad space next to 'em. This thing was TRICKED OUT! Musta been goin' a while now 'cause already had time fer foot prints to be on the doors. Damn slobs.

I did remember my comic group's chat tonight and rushed home to make it. They start at 7:30, and I was only 20 mins late. Good! Had time to talk to these guys. Gonna be a meetin' next Saturday, hafta call Tommy and see if he can make it. I also hafta get crackin' on my next interview, almost forgot about it. As well as my paper. Friend from Myspace suggested another movie that woulda been a better choice fer me, so gonna see if I can do it if I wanna.

My friend out in Queens? Well, finally got her to fess up on why we haven't hung out yet. Apparently I'm too serious fer her an' she wants to hang with someone more social. Riiiiiight, I've ONLY been crackin' jokes left an' right with her, same as I do with everyone else. But, whatever...if she thinks I don't fit the bill of someone she'd wanna hang with then nuttin' I can do about it. I happen to think my other friends have fun with me when we hang (unless they're just givin' me pitty laughs, which I doubt). Ah well.

Readin' a comic today, I finally got a set-up fer a story I been sittin' on a couple years. Gonna hafta try to find time to do that. Man, not enough hours in my day.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Since I was goin' on a bike ride anyways, me and ma decided to partake of the holiday DVD sale at Best Buy. We bought 2 DVDs each, but I could only pick up 2 of 'em. So after gettin' the confirmation, I showered, got my papers, an' headed downstairs to prep my bike. With the other disabled, finally forced to fix up the kickstand on the other, then transfer over the lights an' bottle holder. Took me a bit to find the right wrenches to use, gonna hafta remember to mark 'em somehow as I'll never memorize the sizes. Ran into a little trouble toppin' off the air in my front tire. Hadda learn a new trick with the compressor I ain't never hadda do before. Ah well, I know now so that won't happen again.

By the time I hit the road was already gettin' dark. Thing I love about this bike is fer the same effort I put into the other, it gives me more speed (one gear higher) an' a smoother ride. I love it. Got there in no time and got my usual parkin' place next to Toys R Us. First decided to see if they had the vacuum belt the 'rents needed (they didn't) then headed over to the counter. Recently, they been makin' pick-ups go to the return line. Was worried that'd be the case as it was snakin' up and down aisles, but they had a separate line set up. Good. Only bad part was the girl doin' it got sent on a break and nobody replaced her. But in a little time, had the DVDs and was able to hit on the road.

If anyone ever wants to experience drivin' blind, drive the bike path at night headin' down to the 60s. Flamin' headlights in yer eyes and lack of lightin' make the path even DARKER than it should be. I figgered how to aim my hat bill to block out the light and gain 10 feet in front of me, but with idiots wearin' dark clothes an' not stickin' to ped sides that really didn't matter too much. Hadda take it slow till I got by the bridge, then was able to open up. Good ride regardless, just a lotta perils that needn't've been.

Neck started hurtin' before I showered. Dunno where that came from, musta slept wrong.

Got a text from Cindy sayin' she was dumpin' her phone and givin' her new number to only a select few so she could restart her life. If ya remember, Cindy's an old friend who I just recently ran into on the trains last month an' got her number should we ever wanna hang. Annnnnnnnnnd now that number's about as worthless as the countless others I've got from old friends (I have a nice collection of changed or disconnected numbers with very few updates to replace them). Sent a text back wishin' her well tellin' her she knows where I am if she should ever need (not that she will). Dunno if I'm gonna be a recipient of her new number or part of the life she's gonna shake (which'd probably be the case considerin' I ain't been part of it much in the last few years anyways), but whatever. I can get wantin' to start fresh better than most.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I woke up briefly at 12 this mornin' after havin' gone to bed at 6. I nodded off again and next thing I know it's almost 4. That's right, I slept till 4. Nice to finally be able to sleep late. So, wasn't much I could do today. Did some reviews fer Spiderfan, chatted with friends, and that was basically it. Tomorrow I'm hopin' it's good weather so I can ride my bike...after I fix the kick stand on my other one, that is. Hopefully that chain don't come flyin' off neither. Lot fewer train access points along the bike path than on New Utrecht Avenue. I also experimented with Yahoo chat rooms. Been a while since I been in any, and boy did they change 'em up. Not only how ya access 'em, but lotsa little bot deterrants as well. Progress.

Friday, November 24, 2006


The day after, and I think I ate more today than I did yesterday. Yeesh.

Me an' D were s'posed to make plans to hang out today, but I'm guessin' he forgot about that. I called him and when he called back informed me that today was his sister's bday that he completely forgot about. He remembered yesterday an' scrambled fer a gift. Dumbass. Good thing I didn't bring up hangin', huh? He came OL later and upon announcin' his boredom with his Friday night, told him to invite me over to hang. So he did. Went over to his place at 11:30-ish after fixin' the loose cloth in my old sneakers an' we played Marvel Ultimate Alliance till 4 AM. Our latest hangout ever and definitely a lotta fun. When we got our ads we didn't get the two electronic stores so I boosted them from his stoop as I left. Hey, I'm sure someone in that buildin' just chucks 'em or ignores 'em I make sure they don't go to waste.

So, wonderin' why I hadda fix up my old shoes? Well, fer one thing, with Converse after a while the cloth interior wears out and tears up. Especially in the heel. As they were, they were gettin' uncomfortable walkin'. Last couple weeks was wearin' my new ones till I got around to fixin' 'em. As fer my new ones? Well, I was woken up this mornin' by the sound of TC pukin' on them. That's right. 4 hours sleep, I got up, wiped them off quickly, then plopped back to bed...only to get woken up again by Fed Ex. Damn ma likes to wear night shirts to bed so she's never "decent" enough to answer the damn door. Means I usually end up havin' to while I'm TRYIN' TO SLEEP! Gah. Eventually I hadda rewash my sneaker again 'cause usin' toilet paper left too much residue behind on the canvas. Ah well.

Once upon a time when me and D were more pathetic losers, we had made a bet on which one of us would get a girlfriend first. As we all know I had lost that bet about 4 years ago, even though he wouldn't take the agreed $20 from me. BUT! Based on recent events, we've decided to completely ignore the last 4 years as if they never happened. So, the back on! Who will win it THIS time? I think my odds are pretty good: D's got the career thing goin' on mixed with the Latin thing. All he really lacks is the confidence, but there has been some continued improvement there. Me...well, I'm just me. As long as I keep attractin' girls over the computer, this bet is in the bag!

Let the games begin!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Well it's Thanksgiving. Again. And the forecast is cold and wet. That's right, it was rainin' all day but still I trekked out fer some sparklin' cider. Fortunately, Rite Aid had a nice stock. With their 2 fer $3 sale I was able to grab a whole case fer $20. However, grabbin' a case is a lot harder to do when yer tryin' to get it home before the rain soaks it through and juggle an umbrella the same time. By the time I got home, my back and arms were sore as hell. Damn I miss doin' stock work. Pops also picked today to power wash the porch. Yeah, that made sense.
Dinner went off as usual. Things fine leadin' up to it, then my 'rents bein' their normal retard selves throughout. Turkey was a bit dry this year, so I mostly filled up on my favorite part: the rolls. I loooooooooooove rolls. When they're fresh outta the oven the butter melts so perfectly an' they're delicious! Gotta eat 'em fast and quick 'fore they cool off, and boy did I. Also went through a bottle of the knock-off an' the Martinellis. That was a bit of a mistake as my back was feelin' it shortly after.

Got dragged to the home to see gma as usual, and got to give my new sweats their first outin' as my others were drenched from the cider run. Fortunately that was only a half hour and we were home in no time. Settled down at my comp to do some work, chat to the few people who came on today, an' munch on rainbow cookies an' ice cream.

Danielle called me 'fore she went ta bed. She filled me in on some recent drama in her life then proceeded to lecture me about my lateness to class. Heh never hadda explain the reason I do things to anyone before so my attempts to try and convey my frame of mind only helped her lecture along. Ah well, she's tryin' to look out fer me. It's appreciated. I like to think, as far as my end goes, I got a pretty good handle on things. Especially lately. I mean, I've taken steps towards my goals, I'm gettin' back into old things I've given up...think I'm doin' alright. It's a slow and steady process, and as I don't have the bucks to make it go any faster, gonna hafta deal with that snail's pace until I finally reach the payoff.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Today was a light day. Off from work so I slept late (or lateR). Got up and worked a bit on my Thanksgiving strip before goin' out to get my comics. Chatted it up with the guys there fer a bit, then went to Eckerd to pick up some of the sparkin' cider they had on sale. Ma had picked up this other brand from Pathmark the other day, and I just wasn't feelin' it. Can't replace Martinelli's. Unfortunately, as usual, Eckerd didn't have any of it, so was home fer me.

Read my comics then worked on the strip. Took me a better part of the night, then 3 more hours to go to every American profile I got to post it. Of course my progress was impeded by chattin' with Lady Death and Heather, but ah well. Tomorrow got the usually circus of Thanksgivin' and gonna hit Rite Aid 'cause they got the cider on sale. Be damned if I'm gonna drink that other crap fer the holidays.

Oh, and if yer wonderin' about the strip, here it is!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Woo, got my day off tomorrow! Shweet! I can sleep in and relax all freakin' day. No work, no school...awesome! Also got my Filesynch back up at work. They just connected my computer to my unused phone, so I dail out on a random line whenever I use it. Works fine so far, see how it holds up.

I was debatin' on goin' to school tonight. Figger last day, why bother? Ultimately I decided to go...right as I hadda go to the bathroom again. Got the train, but missed the N so it took a while to get there. By the time I got ta class was just a half hour left...shoulda just stayed home. Ah well, I need my exercise, right?

I got a call from Betsy today, which's funny considerin' I was thinkin' of givin' her a call. We talked a bit while she waited fer her BF and her next class. Soon as school ends we're gonna get in some overdue hangouts. Guess we'll start with this sex museum she mentioned. Didn't even know there was one. Wild. We'll have an entire month or so to do things in between dates with her BF, so there's a lot we can hit if we do it right. Gonna be fun!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Someone called me hot today. Sure, it was on MS based on my pics, but still...I got the H-word! Up till now I've gotten a buncha cutes, a couple sexies, and an it's implied (that'd be from the Slut), never the h-word. Wooo! Movin' up in the world.

Forgot all about the office bein' closed Friday, which's when I was gonna update my site fer Wednesday. So, I hadda rush to assemble my stuff together so I could do it tomorrow after work. Got impeded a bit when I decided to condense my files as well and ended up deletin' my main file instead of my redundant ones. Fortunately, I only hadda redo one issue, but still took forever. It's not an easy process. But, it eventually got done and I'm gonna see if I can't get ahead on it like I planned prepare fer Xmas, that is.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I suck at callin' people. My preferred method of contact is via the internet if not in person. Unfortunately, not everyone is OL (which is surprisin' these days). Seein' as I had some numbers fer a while now I never really called, decided to rectify that. Called Danielle and talked fer a bit. Tried Diane and Steph but got messages. Diane called back but we were both in the middle of somethin' so couldn't really talk. Ah well. Did my laundry and packed up some stuff from boxes into the plastic tubs that used to house my comics in my room fer better protection at the same time. Can't believe how small my collection once was. 3 of those tubs was all I needed at one point. Heh not no more!

Decided to go up to the store today after Tommy returned my call from last night. Unfortunately, he hadda go soon after I got there, but at least got to read the E-Mails from the Slut first. Also showed them to Lenny. They not only got some good laughs but agreed on how much of a bitch she is. Also apologized fer forgettin' to call Lenny on his bday last weekend. Ah well. Chatted with a few of the guys fer a couple hours before headin' fer home. Hadda take the train 'cause as soon as I turned the corner onto New Utrecht my damn bike chain came flyin' off. Retrieved it after Tommy left but wasn't able to fix it. Ah well. Fortunately I only waited 5 minutes fer both of them so got home fast enough. Left at the right time.

Spent the rest of the night just chillen and chattin' with friends. I might have plans with D on Friday since we're both off, so we'll see what happens. Gotta put in fer my vacation and see if I can get the days I want off.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


This is ANNOYING. I go to bed ultra late, I wake up way earlier than I should, and I can't go back to sleep. So I'm runnin' on just over 4 hours sleep today. Fan freakin' tastic.

Tina IMed me this mornin'. I had sent her the E-Mails from last night, and she was lookin' fer Sam's head on a platter. Sis posted on my other blog my entry gave her chills. Everyone else I've showed it to got a kick out of her side of the convo. Hehe I love how my friends react to this kinda stuff. They're great. Sure, I may not see them as often as I'd like, but when I need 'em they're right there fer me. Even though I am a hippie who won't amount to a damn thing. ;) I was contemplatin' postin' the E-Mails in my blog so you all out there could join us in our mockery of her attempts to hurt me, but decided against it. It's over and done. She's shown her true colors and she's that other guy's problem now. God help him AND his kids for she is truly her father's daughter.

I got some writin' done today, but not much else. Was in more of a mood to hang out than do any housework, but everyone already had their own plans fer today so that was out. I did call D and we might hook up on Friday since we're both off. So, yeah, that's a week away. Fortunately this week I only got two days of school. Wed runs on a Friday schedule, which is when I don't have class, so I'll be off. If I can get that day from work too that'll be oh so perfect!

Speakin' of which, Keith sent me my group's halloween publication today, so now I finally get to read it. Yup, four more of those comics that won't get me nowhere. Unless, of course, I get invited to participate in one of them down the line. Also, last night, I showed one of the guys I work with, Bob, my Prospect Parks and he loved 'em so much he invited me to work on this strip he has planned fer the group's website. Well, we'll see if I can meet his expectations. One thing doin' a faux South Park style, another to try and do a different style.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Validation comes in many forms. Today, I got mine.

Doin' a strip about Sis' ex, I hadda find his MS account so I could do his charicature accurate. I saved him to my favorites where I had my ex's saved and happened to notice her change of residence, meanin' she moved in with her new BF. I'll admit, it did get me a little miffed, and then I got an idea. I forced myself to get so pissed off so I could write a scathin' E-Mail to her. I sent it to Sis and Danielle fer opinions, and then made some appropriate revisions so I could get my desired response.

And I got it.

In response to it, she sent me a long E-Mail detailing everythin' that was wrong about our relationship. How she didn't think it'd work from the start, how she didn't turn me down 'cause of stuff I'd been through, how she's had fuck buddies and is gonna marry the guy and be mother to his kids. Then she proceeded to tell me how sad and pathetic I am believin' all that and doin' things I do. Also, she basically called me a pitiful failure that will never amount to anythin', to paraphrase.

Newsflash; I'm no fool. Why did I buy cheap rings? Why did I withold some physical things? Why did I not rush to move up there when I had several opportunities? Okay, yes, I fell in love and tried to get her to come around, but in the end I guess I ended up playin' her. She played me a LOT worse, though. I admit, it did sting fer a while. My friends complimented me on how well I took it. Well, given what I told them as things were goin' on, they really needed to wonder why? I told them things weren't kosher and got branded a pessimist. I admit, I thought things turned around by October, but I knew they handn't.

Everyone needs closure, though, and I wanted validations to the things I knew. The times I talked to her, all I got were more lies and some small revelations. Nuh-uh, I wanted the whole shebaz. So I played up how I was feelin' in a few blog entries knowin' she checked 'em now and again. Tonight I finally got my answers, and all the truths I've been waitin' fer. And now I feel validated. It's too bad, though. had she been straight with me from the start, we coulda been great friends. I enjoyed her friendship...if any of that was real.

To all those who stood by me in this, I thank you. To all the newcomers, thanks to you as well. Danielle, you were right about it all. I knew ya were, which's why I didn't fight you TOO hard when ya said that stuff (and believe me, I can fight a helluva lot harder). I guess I wanted to hope there was some semblance of the girl I thought I knew. Tryin' to be "optimistic". But, it's over. She's got her life in order finally and I've got my hooks in several things. Now, if I can keep my recent bout of ADD in order I can use this winter to get ahead on a few things I'm workin' on.

By the way, Sam, if yer readin' this I'd like to edumicate ya on somethin': I don't spend ALL my money on comics and DVDs. I have bills and school 'cause I'm tryin' to get my degree so I don't HAVE to say I'm a manager of a national chain store. I had my chances to be a manager at Waldbaum's, but I wanted a better career (not that managin' those stores is an easy task...I ran mine several times and hoo-boy!). It may take me longer to get there, hell, I may not even be a great success, but at least I'm tryin' to make somethin' of my life. Everyone's got their dues to pay, and if payin' mine gets me into any career that I'll want to do till I die, then it'll be worth it. Although yer 100% right on the physical stuff. Ya know, I said that myself and ya told me to stop puttin' myself down. Workin' on that too...eventually. As long as I'm healthy, looks are secondary. You'll learn that when yer old and wrinkly some day, I'm sure.

Stick around, babe; keep readin'. Yer gonna get a front-row seat to see what I'm ALL about. My name is Chris Buchner, world; learn it well because I'm takin' you by storm.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Since Thursday, had a problem downloadin' policies from Filesynch at work. Maureen's been lookin' into the problem, but today it dawned on her that as they were takin' out excess phone lines while the company was there she took out the line we used fer Filesynch. Brilliant, huh? So gonna hafta get that reconnected. Also, someone shut off my computer again, so I hadda go through all that crap in order to do invoices. Basically, was a wasted day. Coulda brought my notes to study. Figgers.

Was havin' an E-Mail chat with Danielle and a couple of her friends, but Hotmail was bein' a bitch so I hadda bow out. Last night, sis got me to get a G-Mail account so we could chat easier, and I switched to that to continue the E-Mail chat, but either I didn't get through or it ended before the transition. Ah well. At least I go to chat with sis. Always a pleasure.

Came home, ate and studied. Got on the train and studied more. Just made it to class fer a couple more minutes in studyin' before the test started. I breezed through most of the test, had trouble with a couple questions. Went too easy, a thought confirmed by the fact I got an 84 when I checked my answers later on. Ah well. Passin' is passin', right? Not one of those people who stress over by how much.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


As I was walkin' to the train (late, of course), I was ponderin' over the words to my final send-off to my ex. Started out fairly civil in my head, but as I started highlightin' the reasons why we ain't gonna be friends I started to get pissed. Really pissed. Before ya knew it, I was basically goin' from have a nice life to fuck off and die. Ya know, really, I do understand why things went down like they did. All the explanations I can come up with are justifyable rationally. It's just HOW they went down that's completely fucked up. I like to think I'm a realistic person, not delusional at all, but these past few years I've found I've been severely dusional several times.
Delusional that we'd last. Delusional that we'd get married. Just plain delusional. Aside from the fact she LIED and broke every promise she ever made me, as well as moved on to another "love" incredibly fast after "lovin" me, there's the matter of how we got to where we were.

Apparently, she had doubts about us workin' out. If that's the case, then why th' hell didja promote us gettin' hitched?! And yet didn't even tell anyone we were goin' out?! If you had doubts then it shoulda been th' other way. Then there's the matter she didn't even TRY to save us. She just let her feelings slip away. There was so much she coulda done but didn't, and I can't help but think she WANTED things to pass.

Fer all that, the only thing stronger than my love fer her is now my hate. And how I hate her.

My day wasn't improved much on my way home. As I ran up th' stairs in my usual fashion I caught my headphone wire on the banister and ripped it outta the jack. I HATE when I fuckin' do that. Soon as I got home I ordered replacements from Amazon; gonna hafta look fer a temporary replacement fer tomorrow between studyin'.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Kathy was none too happy about the vacation thing. Was told soon as she walked in. Andrea wasn't too happy either, from what Kathy told me. Ah well. Now they all got plans they gotta rearrange. Me, I just gotta figger out what days I wanna take.

Today was th' review class fer Pscyh, and of course I got there late. I had just missed the things on my study sheet that I couldn't find. Figgers. Gonna hafta try to look up what I'm missin' and see if I can finish it off so I can study. One thing to not study a lot, another to be missin' chunks of info.

Headed up to Best Buy after school. Man, what an adventure. Friggin' every train I DIDN'T need came and took forever to get the ones I did. At least pickin' up the DVDs went relatively painless. Couple minutes on line, then I got my stuff and left. Bus came as soon as I got there so no waitin' fer that, and I was back by 20 after 9. At least some form of transportation went right today.

Wish I could say I acted on my ambition to write, but I did some research and just spent it chattin'. Ah well.

Monday, November 13, 2006


My vacation just got fucked. Turns out not only did Jim assign us TOO MANY vacation days, but part-timers aren't even supposed to GET any under 20 hours. Greeeeeeeeat. So he's givin' us 5 days, and I also got back that day I used to go see my ex (yeah, I used a vacation day to get dumped...ain't that grand?). Now I need to tell them what new days I wanna be off. On top of that, Jim requests I don't take 'em all at once! That's right, can't even take a whole damn week off. And apparently Eric threw in a li'l comment that if they could get along without me fer my original vacation time that they didn't need me. Well, fuck you too. What if I wanted to go abroad fer two weeks? Asshole.

Remember that midterm I barely studied fer in film? Got it back today; 83, baby! I bullshitted my way to a passin' grade, as usual. Today we saw part of Don't Be A Menace to South Central before gettin' our exams back. Was sure he was gonna go over our paper topics in class today, but I guess not.

Gotta figger out when I'm gonna get up to Best Buy to pick up our latest DVD purchase. Yeah, got more DVDs. Went to Circuit City too, although didn't get ones I had anticipated. So far I picked up UHF, The Mask Special Edition, The Fugitive Special Edition, You've Got Mail and Pay it Forward. Ma got a couple too. Supposed to rain all week so biking's out...gonna hafta end up takin' the bus there. And we all know I just looooooooooooooove the B1. Or ya know, think I could just make it after school before goin' home. Hmmm, I'll hafta ponder this.
On another note, watchin' the Mask just before bed leaves ya all bouncy and happy the next day. Try it, it works.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Friday night I had chatted with Betsy fer only the second time since we exchanged screen names. Anyways I had mentioned what we did with Nelson and she expressed some interest in that. So we're gonna set up an Evil Dead marathon fer th' end of December once school lets out and I'm on vacation. That'll be fun.

Hadda turn in a paragraph on what I wanna do fer my film paper. They had a list of movies ya could work from, and since I had Lethal Weapon (which was there) I figgered I'd do that. But readin' through a section in one of our books found out Beverly Hills Cop was discussed and figgered that'd offer me some better material based on what I read. So opted fer that and posted my paragraph on th' message board. Now, if only I could make it work... Also started my study sheet fer Thurs' test. Just gotta find some things that appear to be hidden amongst her lesson slides.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Finally got around to printin' up all the pics Sam ever sent me that I had saved on my comp. Figgered was about time as my comp is startin' to act up again and I don't really wanna lose 'em. So, as I backed 'em up I printed to be put into my box so I can finally close it off. Only thing won't be in there is another box she sent me that I got holdin' stuff in my desk at work. Gonna decide what ta do with that one when I'm done with it. Went fer a quick bike ride so I could get back, shower and meet D by th' train fer:

Got to th' theater easily and was allowed to go right in. Place was definitely not theater-ish; nice, new-age artistic design style with funky furniture near the bars, a shrink's office set up in a corner, three half motorcycles fer photo ops and some 80s music blastin'. Loved that part. Inside th' theater, D got a little nervous 'cause it turned out our orchestra seats were right behind th' last row of th' splatter zone covered in plastic. Hey, I just pick th' section not the seats. And we got more 80s music in th' form of rock as we waited and flipped through our programs. I spent most of th' time standin' 'cause I'd just hafta get up to allow people to pass. Rows were just roomy enough fer my legs, and those damn seats were hella tight on me! Wonderin' how th' two fatasses in front of us managed to sit at all!

Show was good. The actors played th' characters super gay and retarded (Scotty becomin' more like Stiffler than Scotty) and there was plenty of corn to go around. But, we laughed our asses off. It was more of a satire of the entire trilogy than an interpretation, as they poked fun at both Sam Raimi and the lack of contunity between the movies at one point. amongst other things. If played more straight, dude playin' Ash would be a good sub fer Bruce. Not that anyone can REPLACE Bruce, but I'd watch an ED movie with him. Character of Bobby-Joe was missin', but was hillariously explained in her movie hubby Jake's intro as bein' redundant seein' as someone else was already attacked by trees (which is true). Also no Henrietta, just Cheryl in the basement spittin' out lots of bad puns. They basically combined elements of all 3 movies, usin' one-liners and the endin' from Army, throwin' in tons of in-jokes that fans of the series cheered at in abundanced (myself included). There was also an abundance of sex jokes an innuendo, which I have NO idea where that came from (D said it was like Scary Movie meets Evil Dead). But, ah well. Was still a good show. And it was a helluva lot more crowded than I thought it'd be. Who knew there were so many Deadites out there?

Was runnin' on my emergency money as sendin' out my Ebay wins took up whatever I had left so I wasn't gonna get any of th' merchandise they had on display around the corner from the theater, but decided to buy a $40 poster autographed by th' cast 'cause the proceeds were goin' towards a couple of good causes. Can't recall what they were at th' moment, but they had Ash take a couple moments out to tell us about them and had cast members doin' the collectin', so what the hell. Bought it right from Cheryl. We found a local diner to have dinner and talk. We were surprised as the actor who played Jake came in fer a few minutes to talk to a couple employees there. Heh that was kinda cool. After, we hobbled back to the train (D is still on a cane, MRI fer his knee is tomorrow.)

Took a while to get back with the trains runnin' wonky, but we did and parted ways fer now. Came home to check my mail, do some school stuff and maybe put out some ideas the show gave me fer my version of the proposed Evil Dead remake. Hey, inspriation where ya can get it, right? Think I'll even pop in Evil Dead II. I'm in a GROOVY kinda mood. Oh, and in case anyone was wonderin'...yes, I wore one of my Evil Dead shirts. I geeked out thanks to my laundry bein' delayed. Booyah!

From Jerry Portwood at NY Press, a decent synopsis:

"Since the plot for Evil Dead can be a bit thin, George Reinblatt, who wrote the book and lyrics, cobbled together bits from all three films to beef up the body count. So the five friends from the first film go on a spring break vacation to an isolated cabin, are joined by Annie (the professor's daughter) and her boyfriend Ed from the second film with choice lines and details from Army of Darkness (the final film) thrown in for good measure. The smart reworking smoothes over many of the inconsistencies from the original horror flicks and wraps it all together for a hellishly good time.

Most of the action takes place in the cabin, a wonderfully lopsided set by David Gallo that's tricked out so that just about everything springs to life. But for an essential outdoor scene—when Cheryl (Jenna Coker) escapes into the forest where she's attacked by trees and vines—a painted curtain is drawn and actors in tree costumes chase her down. It's a hilarious interpretation of a laughably lurid moment from the original.

As in the film, things really get going once Cheryl transforms into a demon. Coker whips around the stage with such energy and sings with such force, it's easy to believe she's somehow possessed. She's then trapped in the cellar from which she continually pops up to spew bad puns and jokes. It's also when Ryan Ward, the actor who plays Ash, demonstrates why he's the star of the show and has lasted since its original Toronto inception four years ago. He embodies the character with the same commitment that Bruce Campbell did in the films: ready to take off his girlfriend's head with a chainsaw, take off his own hand once it turns on him and do whatever else it takes to survive until dawn. His face is often covered in streams of oily fake blood, which he spits out toward the crowd so he can continue to sing.

It's the songs themselves that ratchet up the cheese factor. While they're often quite catchy and employ an eclectic mix of styles, the musical numbers also tend to slow things down; the majority of the crowd seems to be waiting anxiously for the promised sprays of blood. A few, like "What the Fuck?" and "I'm Not a Killer," get their share of laughs, but it's the repetition of the film's quote-worthy canon that gets the largest responses.

The fact of the matter is, yes, it helps to have seen the movies (potentially hundreds of times) to understand why the guys are pumping their fists and hooting at lines like "This is my boomstick." At one point when Ash and Annie (René Klapmeyer) prepare to smooch, a man in the audience yelled out, "Take her, Ash!" Ryan Ward paused, turned and acknowledge the encouragement with a wry smirk. It's one of those collective theater experiences that proves Evil Dead is a new type of musical—one that channels the inner college boy in all of us."

Friday, November 10, 2006


Today was pretty much a wasted day. I worked until 4:30 on that damn BID thing after takin' an hour to update my site (to which I discovered I neglected to get things fer one issue which I thought I did...). After, me and Stacy left at th' same time so I walked with her till we got to my block and she continued on to her fam's place. Looks like I ain't the only one stuck at home. Good to know.
Came home and sat on my ass and chatted the rest of the night. My Batman Anthology arrived, although it was pretty banged up. Coulda sword I ordered a new copy, but maybe I clicked like new by accident. I dunno; no place I could check it. Was shipped poorly too, but hey, as long as they work I don't care. Just the outter box that was banged.
As I watch Batman with commentary in a bit, gonna work on my sis' strip. While I figgered out how to do the main strips, got the brief comic interlude to figger out how to format. Ah well, I used to be a scientist, I'll just experiment!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Today was my second research study fer my psych class, this one was about mood states. Basically, it was 90% of the same things I filled out yesterday, so I just breezed through it. Was th' last page that took some time. See, a large part of it dealt with suicidal tendences, and there was one question that asked basically if you were in a life threatenin' situation to what extent would you preserve yer life or put yerself in harm's way. I picked th' middle option, 'cause based on how th' question was worded, it coulda been taken as well what if yer faced off against a mugger and someone's in danger, gonna step in and help or run off to call a cop. My honest answer was I'd try to preserve my life but at th' same time go into harm's way.

Answerin' that way, however, made it so I had to open th' page to these sections behind it and fill it out. (Questions were grouped into their own section with 3 choices each). However, these new questions I accessed were ALL about suicidal tendencies. No matter what option I'd pick fer any question, even th' lowest of them, it'd be like I was havin' suicidal thoughts. I told th' researcher about that and she said I could just skip it. Yeah, not a good measure there. She asked me if I wanted to do another study 'fore I left. Politely said hell no and booked. Had an hour to kill before class, so I went to th' study/lounge area just outside and curled up in one of th' seats. These things are set up in half circles and broken up into about 5 sections or so. I snoozed in one last semester, wish I could remember how as I was strugglin' this time. But time flew and I was mad early fer class. Fer once.

Heh I forgot to mention yesterday as I left th' study was some students handin' out condoms on th' stairs. Safety first, ya know. I breezed right past them as they were distracted, but they tried to get me to stop and take some. T'hell do I need any fer? I still have a stash and they'll be long expired before they'll ever see th' light of day again.

I put in my vacation request with Jim. Sort of. He's got no problem with it, but he's gonna run it past Maureen before it's finalized. Only real hiccup I can imagine is that Kathy asked fer th' 22nd off, which falls within my vacation time. But it's a half day fer th' office and we don't usually get a lot of work those days, so I can't imagine any problems really arisin' from that. Hopefully Maureen doesn't pick then to be a hardass.

Alright, so what do I gotta do this weekend. Okay, I need to update my website, do some BID work, got Evil Dead Sat, hafta do a paragraph summary of my media paper by Monday, and said I'd pass by th' store Sun. Yeesh, gonna be busy.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The plan was I'd go to class fer a bit, then head out to my first psych experiment and head home. Good plan, except I was late as usual. So late, decided to screw it an' just go to th' experiment and skip class. Found the room, went in, and got handed basically a giant survey about how I feel and why I feel that way at what times. Didn't take more'n an hour to do, leavin' me with lotsa time to go to class. Yeah, dumb me, but whatever. Caught th' end of Don't Be A Menace and th' attendence sheet, so it was all good. Had a brief discussion with th' folks I was sittin' near before headin' fer home. Gotta try to get there on time tomorrow as my next study starts when this class does. Fun.

Ma tells me Jim wants to either do a sign-in sheet or time clock fer th' office. He did calculations and by his numbers, so far I've cost th' company $18 in lost time. What his facts an' figures FAIL to account fer is that fer every second I've ever been late I STAYED past when I was due to leave. If it becomes an issue you can bet yer sweet ass I'm gonna bring it up. He's also got me doin' more work fer th' 5th Ave BID which I'll handle Friday, along with my website.

Tomorrow gonna see if I can't get th' vacation I want, which'd be December 15th through New Years. 9 vacation days, plus weekends, plus the days the office is closed means I can get those weeks no problem. If they'll let me, that's another issue. Kathy's already givin' me the green light to do it, so ain't feelin' like I'm ditchin' her. She'll do what she can, and whatever's left I'll just hafta deal with when I get back. Two weeks free durin' the holidays...can ya imagine? If this was still th' days of school where I could snag friends fer random hangouts I so would. Unfortunately, everyone I know will be workin' in some form or another so not really makin' no plans other than to sleep late and vegitate. Once I figger out when my last classes are, that is.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


One Beacon is becomin' a pain in the ass. Now, not only do we have policies fer both the original name and th' new Adirondack, but they each have SUB-DIVISIONS called I-Plus, which's why some policies never worked in their system when we tried to update 'em. Yeah, not fun. Kathy learned about I-Plus but she was out today, and when mosta mine ended up bein' those I hadda put 'em aside to wait till she comes back tomorrow. We're gonna hafta have a sit-down with th' boss about this crap.

Felt tired so I stayed home from school. 'Course, I couldn't get to sleep so I just decided to go to bed earlier. Worked on a couple scripts and a story, and basically spent th' night chattin'. Forgot about this chat my group gets involved with and came in just in time. I'll remember it one of these days. Other'n that, was feelin' pretty confrontational. Maybe 'cause I was tired... All I know is, tiniest thing coulda set me off. Good thing nothin' did, huh?

Monday, November 06, 2006


I was in trouble with my editor today. Again. Apparently it's MY fault that he was sent that interview prematurely, and that he took his (as he called it) precious time to edit it and get it ready fer publication. What I wanna know is why th' hell did he edit a piece fer MY column that I didn't send him? I sent him th' last two, why would this be different? When I said I didn't know about it I got a lecture on how it's a learnin' curve and blah, blah, blah. Basically, I took all th' heat fer someone else's mistake. I just let it go. So, all I hafta do is start babyin' these guys and tell 'em to send that shit right to ME. Oy.

I showed a couple people th' script, and so far they dug it. I also came up with two 4-page ones in class today, mostly stock crew-centric. Gonna hafta do one about cashiers soon. After class I followed some directions I got on th' Myspace Hunter board to find th' room I hafta go to fer my first experiment on Wed. That buildin' I went in to accidentally a week or so ago? That's where I hafta go. All I hafta say is...holy high school, Batman! Place looks more like one of my old schools than a college. Freaky.

I also DLed Myspace Messenger. D-Day post a bulletin about it, so I said what th' hell...easier'n goin' back and forth in th' chat waitin' fer people. I'll still go in when I'm free, but at least now I can talk to people I wanna.

I also finally watched th' Dukes of Hazzard movie last night On Demand. Was waitin' fer that so I could see it and be able to say it sucked without fear of contradiction or people accusin' me of havin' an opinion without tryin' it. Well, guess what, folks? IT SUCKED. Mindless, brainless piece of shit. Only good part was th' car, and even all th' chase scenes were disappointin'. Totally crapped on a show I loved. Bastards.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


So movie day didn't go quite as planned. D calls me up at 10:30 to tell me Nelson's at church and won't make it till 1. Okay, fine, extra sleep fer me...which never came. Blah. I got up, checked my mail, chatted a bit, showered, got my papers and did some final cleanin' by th' time D showed up. Nelson was gonna be half an hour late. An hour and a half later he finally showed. as me an' D were playin' Final Fight. He finished up th' game fer me and then we got to th' movies. Remarkably, we had time to squeeze in two of th' three movies before Nelson hadda go. D had given us souveniers from Peru; me a necklace made outta a lucky stone, him a small mug with a picture of a mountain on it. D stayed long enough to see th' Reboot Evil Dead clip on Youtube, then went to eat with his 'rents.

I didn't notice it, but my latest interview sent his responses to my editor as well. D'oh! I wasn't ready fer him to see that till I looked it over. Dude also sent me a re-answer to a question which wasn't in th' version he sent to th' editor. Friggin' hell. So I got to quick work fixin' it up th' way I was gonna and sent it off before he fell TOO in love with th' version he had. Guess I'm gonna hafta actually TELL these guys to send it to me first. I mean, think it'd be kinda obvious bein' I'm the one doing this thing, right? Ah well.

I also polished up my script and formatted it to the way CAG takes their submissions. If I'm able to show it to the guys fer one of their anthologies I wanted it to be ready. If not, I have me a nice little story ready fer whatever. I just need to change up th' names as I'm usin' the ones of the people loosely depicted in the story. Figger it's one thing to use semi-likenesses and alter last names, but I should go the whole nines and fix up some first names as well.

In other news, looks like Rogue got her MSN back. I'm givin' her space after the debacle a couple weeks ago so I didn't IM her just in case. She didn't IM me either which I'm hopin' means she was just busy with school stuff... Time will tell.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Tommy called to say he ain't gonna make movie day. Figgered it was a long shot, but thought I'd ask. Time got pushed back to 11 'cause Nel hasta go somewhere at 6. This movie thing is turnin' out to be REALLY complicated.

Finished straightenin' up a bit. Nuttin' perfect but decent enough to appease ma. I swapped out th' filin' cabinet in my closet fer th' one ma gave me when she upgraded. I had rescued it from th' trash and it just finally gave up th' ghost, so th' change was needed. Plus, cleared up some room next door. Swapped my coins from my boot box to my photo box an' then put my photos in that. Gotta find a better storage system.

Went fer a bike ride (finally) and along th' way I was thinkin' about my TV series based on my job, and realized why don't I start it off as a comic series? Can have a lot more freedom with stories and could easily convert it after all is said and done. And then as I approached home I dreamt up a short tale that, while it didn't fit into th' continuity I wanna establish, was just a fun little romp I could probably submit to CAG fer their next anthology. If they'll take it. Wrote it quickly tonight, just gotta tigthten it up with more descriptions. Do that up when everyone leaves tomorrow night.

Last night I checked out what issues of Marvel Team-Up needed reviews on Spiderfan, so today I decided to make a list of every issue on there that needed reviews so I could figger out what I have and do them periodically. I didn't even get through half th' list and I'm already up to almost 700 comics! Yeah, gonna be plenty busy when I finish that up.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Our apartment is never really CLEAN clean. It's not health code violation dirty, but it's never organized. Ya got three people who work amongst other things, impossible to keep up with th' household. As a result, I hafta clean every time I want people over. Ma did some stuff durin' th' week, today I spruced up th' bathroom and did some work in my room. Worked until 5 AM when I finally gave up th' ghost and went ta bed.

I got into my E-Mail account and applied fer whatever studies I could. Needed a total of 3 credits an' 3 hours. Basically, I'm gonna hafta go to school way earlier than normal an' even leave a class halfway through to attend. No choice in th' matter, really. One study takes place with a 6 week gap, so I won't be done with 'em till mid December. Blah.

This month, new Superman movie DVDs come out. Not only do we have Returns, but Richard Donner's Supes II. Best part is both are rolled up into a collection with th' special editions of th' first 4 movies. Decided I'll ge that, lettin' ma have Returns since she loved it. But, seein' as I was plannin' to get th' Supes collection and had YET to get th' Bats collection, I needed to rectify that and alleviate my guilt. So I bought Bats from Amazon Marketplace. Alright, spendin' spree over...come January I start savin' up again fer Xmas AND self-publication of a future comic.


I was late to class today, but not fer th' usual reasons. First up, my damn sneakers've gotten their cloth insides so torn up in the heel they were uncomfortable to wear. Unfortunately, didn't have time ta putz around with it so I put on my new pair, which I hadda re-adjust fer comfort. Then when I got to school, I hadda head into the north buildin' to go to this office so I could get my school mail password. See, gotta volunteer fer these experiments fer psychology in order to pass, and unfortunately gotta use my school passwords and stuff. Got it fairly quick and that's when I got ta class. Got home and tried out the password only to find it STILL wouldn't let me on. Damn crap. E-Mail the help desk to say WTF? an' gotta wait to see what they say.

Actually had some work to do today, but got it all done pretty quickly. Steve should be comin' in tomorrow, which means all th' crap they left on his desk will be down with us...and gonna be a lot.

I called Tommy up after work to invite him to movie day on Sunday. Threw out there that I'd be providin' BBQed burgers so that'd be a nice incentive fer him to come. Dunno if he will though, since he'll hafta work early maybe. He'll call me Sat ta lemme know either way. I also contacted my comic group about the possibility of bringin' him to a meetin' so he can join up . Think it'd be as good a move fer him as it is so far fer me.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Geeze, this TV show is filmin' all over! Went to th' bank, and a couple blocks of 5th are also papered up fer Friday. Theyr'e takin' up a good chunk of Brooklyn, that's fer sure. Who knows where else they're goin' I ain't seen yet. Guess I'll hafta watch this show now to see my hood an' go OH!

Ya know, sometimes ya gotta wonder about some people's Halloween costume choices. I mean specifically th' gender bendin' ones. Train last night there was a dude dressed up as a school girl. I dunno, he seemed to be enjoyin' rockin' that plaid skirt a bit TOO much. Just makes ya wonder sometimes... Think an interestin' one was this girl dressed up as a Twister mat. Heh that one's just askin' fer trouble is someone decides to play a game behind her. And as always, some creative and strange costumes at th' parade, which we watched fer lack of anythin' else on.

Today was th' episode of Guiding Light that ties into a Marvel Comics thing where one of th' chracters get super powers an' Marvel references are thrown about. I didn't get to see it yet, but I recorded it. Figger it's worth a laugh. Couple comics had th' comic tie-in as a back-up feature, glazed over it. So, will this turn comic fans into soap fans? Or soap fans into comic fans? Find out on As My Stomach Turns!