Thursday, March 30, 2006


Okay, you wanna know how pointless WS really is? Today, they had some lady come in to tell us about th' evils of Sugar. That's right, some nutritionist tryin' to get us off our unhealthy addiction to sugar. This has even LESS to do with WS than th' goddam political bullshit did! Frankly, none of th' crap said even applied to me, so that was a real waste of time.

Sugar is bad for you? No shit. So's plenty of other stuff. Try to fight against the real killers. Quit wasting our time.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Here's somethin' I forgot to mention yesterday; I've developed this new affliction where time mis-registers in my head. Wakin' up just after 7, somehow I saw it as just after 8 an' got up to get ready fer work. Few mins later, finally clicked that it was just a TAD early. This' happened before. I REALLY hate it.

Today, I really coulda done with a nap, but by th' time I got home from my comics I was wide awake. So I sat an' read instead. About 4's when it hit me, an' by then was too late fer a nap 'cause I'd hafta leave fer school. Crap.

I did check th' site fer last week's notes, but none were posted. They mighta finished th' Godfather or somethin', I dunno. But, whatever. Got outta class an' hit th' subway as normal. Caught th' N at 14th an' a surprise; there a few seats from where I was standin' was Jes. Now if that isn't a holy-shit luck moment right there, I dunno what is.

To refresh yer memories, Jes is my sister from my store. She disappeared fer a bit but found me again last year when I started here an' she got AIM at her job. Thing's started gettin' bad at said job an' she shortly disappeared that summer. Last I've heard from her. Then there she was tonight ridin' home with a friend. Apparently, th' friend is also friends with Jen an' both work at th' same place she does; some cosmetics company. We talked, we caught up, then by 59th we parted ways again. Tell ya, wouldn't mind that happenin' again. I miss those days.

Been talkin' to this girl from th' SHH boards fer th' last couple days. Only normal one to have IMed me from there so far. Lives in Queens, a trace-artist. Found out she had never heard th' world gloat before in her life. That fact astonished me more than makin' me think she was dumb. Of all words to NEVER EVER hear...wild. I blame th' public school system. 'Course, I dunno if she WENT to public school, but screw them anyway.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Got home an' got to work on my paper. Finally banged it out at th' last second. Once again, no clue what I wrote or if it even makes sense, an' I don't care. As long as I keep gettin' Bs on them an' pass th' stupid class, I'm good. Unfortunately, our group was short a member today when th' bitch made Betsy move up front with another group fer her stupid assignment. Dunno what that was all about, we read th' same shit so we coulda done our thing.

She wanted to talk to Igor after class. He thought it was about all his late work. Actually, bitch talked to th' head of her department an' got him kicked outta th' class. Knew that political uprisin' would come back to bite him in th' ass. Ah well. Got his cell number so I could call him when I get th' White Castle thing all sorted out. Unfortunately, now Betsy gets my full attention. Pitty her.

Kiddin'! We get along just fine. Be sorry to lose that interaction once th' semester ends and/or she changes schools like she wants. Figgers, when ya meet tollerable people they're already on their way out th' door. Story of my life.

When I got home, waited till after Colbert report to put in my Spidey game. See, what I did fer both Spider-Man 2 an' Ultimate Spidey was post descriptions of th' actual NY locations represented in th' games along with their locations in said game an' info about th' real ones. Ben had asked fer screencaps from th' game so they could compare an' contrast. So, I tried to do it with th' Kodak last night an' it worked! A lot better than th' last time I tried to take a pic off TV...gotta love digital.

So at th' point I was at in th' game, was night in th' city so I figgered I'd get it day by beatin' th' next level since it seems that's how it alternates (unlike Spidey 2 which had semi-real time effects). Well, after gettin' my ass handed to me by Venom in a long-ass symbiote filled level, I gave up fer th' night an' looked up a help guide today...only to discover th' reason th' level was so damn long was it's th' FINAL level. What? Already? Friggin' story was so damn short, majority of th' game, it seems, would be spent lookin' fer tokens. What a ripoff! This' why I buy games at $20, 'cause too many ain't worth $50. Crap.

Anyways, beat th' level an' took th' best pics I could. Cropped an' improved 'em a bit on th' comp so now I just gotta upload 'em an' post 'em. But, hadda finish editin' GB #6 'cause it hasta go up tomorrow. Won't get to HTML it tonight, so if I got a free chance at work I'll send it to myself an' do it there. Hate to say it, but looks like I am th' Q-Crew now.

Monday, March 27, 2006


At 3AM an SUV drivin' on 4th fell into a sinkhole due to a busted watermane. Watermane flooded th' subway, meanin' no service from 36th up. They got th' SUV out around noon 'cause of it bein' on a gas line an' then got to work sayin' th' R'd be back tomorrow. Yeah, we'll see.
They ran an express bus an' N service was local till 36th. So basically, I hadda walk to 59th to get to school. Now, that WAS th' plan, except I got held up till 6 an' decided to screw goin'. Stupid lessons'd be on th' school site anyway so I'd just copy them down. Figgered I'd use th' extra time to work on my essay...yeah, THAT happened.

Wifey came on fer a bit. I told her I had a plan to get me up around her bday in June an' she seemed to like it. Didn't like it involved me wastin' a lotta money fer just half days with her, but told her I need to be with her. Can't wait an entire year fer her job to cooperate. She eventually announced she was startin' to get dozey but wasn't gonna admit it yet. I responded an' then got silence till I signed off. She fell asleep.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


So I'm gonna hafta start cuttin' th' checks fer school apparently since th' fam can't claim me as a dependant no more. Gave me a scare yesterday when ma didn't elaborate so figgered I might hafta try an' scrap up enough on my own, which'd mean no xmas money an' no trips to see wifey. Fortunately, that's not th' case. Still gonna be takin' from th' joint account, s'just gonna be my deduction from now on. Wifey seemed perfectly fine with th' prospect of not seein' me fer 4 years. Maybe she wasn't, but she sure hides it well. An' if she was, wish she'd tell me her secret 'cause I'm goin' nuts after 6 months! She's full-time now with an erradic schedule, so I've pretty much given up any hopes of gettin' up there next weekend. Hopefully whatever's holdin' her up dies. Soon.

Found a blog on Friday that's all about my neighborhood:

Good stuff. Added some comments here an' there about various locations that I could.

Speakin' of which, one thing I forgot to mention... Remember I said there was a repair shop that closed? Well, looks like someone bought it 'cause on th' way to work middle of last week found th' place was painted from it's gray an' white to yellow an' blue. Wonder what's goin' there... Always changin'.

Friday, March 24, 2006

X P A D C...Z?

Went to th' eye doc today. Was supposed to go back in October, but completely forgot about it until almost December. I hate gettin' old; friggin' mind's th' first thing to go...losin' my pornographic memory. Used to be I could keep an appointment book in my head up to months in advanced without fail. Now, I'm lucky if I can remember last week. Dammit. Anyways, got tested on a new fangled machine that takes pics of yer eye nerves and of course it didn't work too well on me. Kinda hard to explain yer physiology isn't exactly 100% "normal". Had field of vision, then got checked out. Still no gloucoma, my twitchin' is jsut a sign of exhaustion, an' he forgot to give me a perscription fer new glasses. Maybe I can use my old glasses since I don't think it's changed any. Or maybe better off gettin' a lense till my next appointment in Sept. We'll see.
Came home to finish one of my games, then went fer a nap 'cause I was wiped. When I got up I wrote most of th' night before playin' again. Yesterday, I sent messages to a couple old classmates I found on Myspace, an' only one of them responded an' added me to his friend list. Apparently, he goes to my school now. Did not know that. Says he saw me a few times walkin' by fast. Told him I usually walk fast, but moreso now 'cause th' flamin' trains make me late. See what kinda response I get. I do see his name OL a lot, but last few times I tried to IM him got no response. Ah wells.
Ever get those free AOL CDs in th' mail? They've upgraded their packagin' to this thin wood box type thing. Very sturdy. I've kept all th' ones I've found fer use with some kinda flat object storage. Really, if you get one, I recommend holdin' on to it fer yer own use. Can't put much in there, but it'll definitely keep somethin' you like safe fer a while.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Tried, failed. WS paper wasn't written 'cause I couldn't seem to grasp what in th' hell she wanted. These papers are so stupid. Whatever, turn it in Tues.

Went off to be advised at 4. Basically, was just told what they told us at th' intro thing; what I don't need to do an' what I need to do. Stuck with stupid foreign language an' other bullshit coruses I don't need. Maybe I can transfer out an' finish elsewhere before I hafta take 'em... hmmm. Anyways, gotta go back an' show if my bio class was a lab or not. Think it was, we'll hafta see.
Had 2 hours till my class started, so I found a chair an' sat to draw fer a bit. Was feelin' really tired havin' gotten up earlier to do my paper so I tried to snooze like others do there. Unfortunately, my massive frame can't curl up like them more normal-sized people in those small spaces, but I made do. Dozed till about 6:30 then headed to class.

Standin' there waitin' fer th' prior class to finish their tests, this one kid came out to meet his waitin' friend sayin' somethin' about his cock while fixin' his pants. Me an' th' guy I sit next to were givin' strange looks as they left, hopin' if we heard what we think we heard we wouldn't get his desk. Fortunately, he wasn't in our area when I peered in. Characters, I tells ya. I was debatin' if I was gonna stay fer WS or not, but my eyes started to get watery so I knew was time to head home fer an early bedtime.

Fortunately, wifey was on early so got some time with her 'fore she dozed off. Did my own stuff an' then hit th' sack, hopin' I'd get a decent sleep so I could take all th' eye tests tomorrow. Gots to get my license renewed, after all. Dunno if any of you ever took that field of vision test with th' blinkin' lights, but I always end up dozin' durin' it. Yeesh.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


A week or two ago, it was reported that Issac Hayes quit South Park 'cause of their intollerance towards religion. While he had no problems with them makin' fun of Jews, Mormons, Christians an' everyone else, apparently when they hit Scientology, Hayes' religion, last season, that drew th' line. So everyone's basically been callin' him a hypocrite, but there have been reports that after a stroke in Jan someone ELSE may have quit fer him. Well, either way, SP responded in kind...

"Chef Returns" was absolutely BRILLIANT. They nailed Scientologists AGAIN without even mentionin' them, makin' their Super Adventure Club a parody of it. They were a group of explorers that travel th' world havin' sex with children who brainwashed Chef to become a pedophile. They redubbed Hayes' voice from various episodes an' didn't even try to hide it, which was a great joke in itself. Then, they killed him in spectacular fashion only to create a possible new character...DARTH CHEF! And let's not forget th' empassioned plea of Kyle at th' end, which was a lot more like SP sayin' to remember Hayes fer what he's done, not fer what he just did. This episode had so much goin' on beneath th' surface that, upon readin' message board postings about it, I know a lot of people would've missed. But I was dyin' laughin'. One of my favorite eps to date. Didn't hurt it was followed up by a great Mind of Mencia. Classic stuff.

Everyone knows I ain't a big fan of religion to begin with, but A religion created by a SCIENCE-FICTION writer (an' not a good wone I've heard) that believes aliens inhabit people instead of souls after an intergalactic conflict that you hafta pay to join. Yeah, no alarms there. Frankly, this whole fiasco only proves th' possibility of some things I've said about other established religions, like th' Bible could've been a great work of fiction someone decided to take literally an' whoop, Christianity. It's very sad when th' sheep mentality keeps people from seein' such obvious bullshit. At least th' dudes who wrote th' Bible have plausible deniability on their side!

Tried to work on my WS paper, but that didn't go over so well. Went off to school where we hadda go to a different room to hear some guy speak. Room was way too small fer th' size of th' class, so it ended up standin' room only. I was lucky enough to snag a seat by th' door so I could get th' hell out. Was some funny moments when they had trouble gettin' th' microphone to work. Finally, they introed th' guy whom I stil have no idea who he is who then proceeded to ramble on about European cinema. About then I started to doze off. I was tired an' didn't give a crap what th' hell he was talkin' about. Fortunately, they said we could leave at 8 if we hadda, so 5 after I booked. Screw sittin' through all that.

So then it was back home to work on WS. Not. Yeah, so didn't accomplish a thing. Gonna end up goin' to work early so I could get home earlier to work on it since I got that meetin' tomorrow. Well, we'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Th' trains SUCK. Th' R train STILL isn't back on schedule since that damn strike fer starters. I made it early today to it, so when I got to th' N transfer thought I'd take it since it's express an' always comes soon after this train. Waitin' there, no N. Another R comes an' I decide to take it, which now puts me as late. N train finally passed at Pacific Street. Stupid trains. Got to 14th 10 minutes behind but was able to catch th' 6 right away...along with bein' jammed in as usual. Made it to class with 7 minutes to spare. Geeze, I hate travelin'.
Got my history test back. Made a few mistakes that got me a 72, but was th' first test so I don't mind. Now that I got th' feel an' we're gettin' closer to contemporary history with less wild names, I can probably do better. In WS we hadda watch a stupid video about people forced to immigrate to send money back home. Blah. Dunno what in th' hell that hadda do with WS an' don't care. Listened to my walkman through it.

Wifey came on tonight an' was relatively awake. Was showin' me new belly rings she wanted to get on Ebay an' askin' my opinion. Was that really wise? Can't say it was. Ya know, I'm tryin' to deal with it, but it's just SO STUPID! I really hate this fad. I mean, really, really, really, REALLY hate. This. Fad. Whatever genius started this trend better hope we never meet. Funny thing is, it probably wouldn't bother me as much if she had it when we met, but she didn't an' so here we are. Yes, I know, I have issues...I'm workin' on it! Now don't feel sorry fer her you all out there...she knew up front what she was gettin' into when she married me; how screwed up I am. Of course, in theory, when I get back with her might not even care about it no more like with her added earrings, but that's a theory that's gonna be very delayed in testin'. You'll see why below.

We phoned fer a bit but she was startin' to zone out so she went off ta bed. One day we'll have a long convo again. Found out her job ain't union which's fantastic. So they can dick her around all they want an' she can't do shit. When I worked at Key Food, I didn't find out until after I quit that my initiation fee was never paid to th' union (s'posed to be automatic) an' therefore I was never IN th' union. Meanwhile, I was payin' union dues an' they called up ASKIN' fer back dues they thought they were owed. That's frigged up as it is, but th' fact I was unionless in a union job...wondered how many other people they screwed like that. Wondered how many could've been fired an' not been able to do a damn thing about it. I sent a warnin' to 'em, so was up to them to save themselves. She just hasta watch her ass 'cause they're already dickin' with her hours. But she goes full time this week which means she'll have insurance which means she'll get to a doc, so I guess th' situation can be made do right now.

'Fore I went to bed scanned an' sent Betsy pages from th' book so she could do th' essay due Thurs. Wasn't able to get herself a copy an' th' one in th' library's always gone apparently, so I offered. No big. Dunno when I'm gonna get around to writin' mine. Don't really care niether. Once th' class is done I'm burnin' th' damn book. Should be a law against forcin' people into this bullcrap classes.

Steve's wife had some troubles, so looks like he won't be in this week an' has vacation next week, which means I won't have a lotta work till he gets back. Yesterday an' today I finished well before 11, so I have nuttin' to do till I leave 'cept dick around. Don't mind when it's slow, but non-existant's another thing.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Watched more of th' Godfather. Still wasn't impressed. Had it's moments, sure, but it's highly overrated. Did think Al Pacino's first wife was attractive, least that wasn't a movie exaggeration there.

In th' discussion class we had another quiz. This one I flew through havin' read that chapter 2 weeks ago. Although, I did make one mistake an' misread two questions. Ah well, still passed. Got back our other tests an' were let go. Yay. When I got to th' platform I checked th' test an' saw I got a 100, but they had some comments like generic answers or I didn't explain somethin'. So what? Plus they had hard times readin' some of my words. Oh well, s'whatcha get fer doin' an essay test you jackasses.

Wifey couldn't make it long tonight so I was soon on my own. This dude from one of my boards IMed me. First he wanted help gettin' up to date with Spidey. Okay, no problem. Problem was when I said somethin' he completely twisted it into somethin' else. Then th' dumb questions started. I mean, REALLY dumb questions. "Why wouldn't you want Uncle Ben to come back?" I only expect th' comic readers here to get that, but believe me, it is a stupid question. Tryin' to explain a RETCON about people havin' sex became sex with a racoon?! I swear, why do all th' retards feel a need to contact me? I mean, I've tried very hard not to come off as an approachable nice-guy type to prevent this, but still they find me. Friggin' hell.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Well, wifey didn't get her test. Apparently store had a 3 hour blackout an' got too busy. Ah well. Rememinded me of way back when when I was on a register an' th' damn things went down while I still had a' I was th' only one left. Poor Phil, he was th' night manager an' had no clue about these things. Ah well.

So this week I have an eye doc appointment to get an eye test to renew my license, my perscrition fer new glasses, an' maybe check out this twitch in my eye. Then I also hafta go to school 3 hours early fer some kinda stupid advisement meetin'. I swear, it better not be a waste of my time 'cause I'll have nuttin' to do until 7 when I have class. Stupid school.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Okay, to refresh yer memories... Late last year, one of my cats pissed all over one of my work shirts. Not once, but twice. Then a shirt on my bed. Then my laundry was hit. Th' popular theory was it's my cat, TC, bein' jealous over th' attention I give Stitch. Bein' we have 6 cats who have free run while we're all at work or I'm at school, it's kinda hard to narrow it down. But, regardless, been givin' my cat extra attention. Hasn't been an incident since.

Till last night. Gave up my nap to play my new games, played them again till 2 before I decided to go to bed. Did my thing, got ready, an' curled up. Decided to sleep facin' my wall an' caught a whiff of pee. Now, bed wasn't lookin' wet when I had th' light on, so figgered maybe a cat went on just after usin' th' pan. Sniffed around a bit an' found a high, but weak, concentration against my wall. Did some diggin' an' sure enough, big yellow spot on that white thing that goes over th' mattress.

Well, at least my ma got what she wanted; finally hadda change my sheets. Stripped th' bed, cleaned up th' mattress an' watched th' A-Team fer a bit while it dried, flipped it over an' redressed th' bed. Since everythin' was nailed 'cept my pillows (I hope), didn't have my top blanket or comforter. See, now this is where I'm weird. I can't sleep without 'em 'cause I'd get too cold from th' window, an' I can't sleep with my window closed 'cause my room would get too hot an' I'd die. So, th' blankets act as an equalizer fer me to get th' optimum comfort. So, hadda take th' one we use on th' couch an' use that. Poor substitute, but gotta improvise.

Was about 4 when I finally went to sleep, so I was pretty much shot all day. Did my work, came home to wash my sheets before I napped. Played my game in th' meantime since I wanted to get it done 'fore anythin' set in. However, took a bit longer'n I thought it would an' th' nap went out th' window. So I played all night till I came on to do some work. So, we'll see how well th' wash went.

Oh, an' Wifey got her promotion. Had her forklift test today to get certified an' goes full-time next week.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


So I commented on Betsy's blog, droppin' hints at who I was an' reiteratin' what I told her to further drive it home. See, she brings snacks with her to class, most usually Skittles, an' she offers 'em to me at times. I don't particularly care fer Skittles, so I said (jokingly, of course) anytime she wanted to bring in M&Ms (which she doesn't like) I'll gladly take some off her hands. Which's what I put in her blog.

So tonight, she comes in an' puts a bag of M&Ms on my desk. Funny thing is, I thought that might happen an' sure enough it did. Was really very funny, kind of a move I've done in th' past. Shared 'em with my group an' we got through another crappy dull class.

My games arrived today so instead of nappin' I played X-Men till I hadda go. Paid fer it with a headache, though, fer th' rest of th' night. Ah well, nap tomorrow is all.

Last night, me an' wifey were talkin'. I went off about piercings then changed gears to joke around. All my jokes she got defensive about. Me, I was just tryin' to clear my meanings up. Tonight she declares it was a fight. A fight? Really? I wasn't fightin' I declare it a simple misunderstandin'. Our first fight has yet to happen, an' will happen when both parties know they're fightin'. I've had fights, that WASN'T a fight. Heh hey, we're makin' things up as we go along anyways, so it works.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Today, I've experienced shock. Fer th' first time in my life, after all I've seen, after all I've done, I've experienced true shock. And my world is now that much smaller.

As my longtime readers or anyone who really knows me (not that those groups are necessarily exclusive; if I have any new readers they're keepin' quiet) knows that I like a little stability in my surroundings. I've lived in this neighborhood my whole life an' have gotten used to things. Around Y2K, my world began to shake as little things changed. Then bigger things. Then I started losin' places that meant somethin' to me; my store, my diner, one of my theaters with th' other threatenin' to close as well. Well, today, I lost somethin' else.
My comic shop.

Today, I went to get my comics an' saw this guy movin' one of th' standees. Didn't think much of it, till I noticed th' shelves were now set up in a line rather than next to each other at an angle an' th' board/bag table was moved an' replaced by shelves. Then I saw th' other guy behind th' counter along with a sign sayin' somethin' about no credit machine durin' th' transition to new management. New management? I pressed with some questions an' they were very accomodatin'. Probably expected it from all th' regulars based on what they said.

Apparently, Paul an' Grace were quietly shoppin' around to sell th' store an' retire. Th' first dude, a short skinny Middle East dude, was around all last week apparently lookin' th' place over an' they closed on th' weekend. I couldn't believe it. They didn't tell nobody, even th' UPS guy. But, they're nice guys so far, keepin' th' original discount system, makin' changes to get th' place runnin' like their other store. My 20% went from each issue to th' gross, however, but not much of a difference in price so I didn't complain. 20% is 20%, I'm just happy to still have a discount.
What I'm not happy about is this whole situation. I couldn't believe it. I was in a funk when I left an' went to th' bank. I had been goin' there since they opened. I had talks with both of 'em. Not even a goodbye, or thanks fer th' memories...nuttin'. One week all is normal, th' next BAM! But, with this change it's no longer my shop. I hafta start from scratch again. Th' guys seem nice, hopefully that keeps up. We'll hafta see. Not that I have much choice if it don't...last shop in th' area. Days like this I could really use my wifey's love. Ah well.

Called Tommy an' left D a message...didn't know who to talk to was so outta it. Told ma an' she reminded me that I cancelled one of th' store's policies recently. Since it was only one outta four or five, didn't give it much thought. Usually, alla 'em woulda been cancelled. Just thought maybe they got new coverage or somethin'. Damn it. As it is, I'm now officially a stranger in my own neighborhood.

Well, life goes on, I guess.

In film class we watched th' Godfather. Weren't sposed ta till Mon, but Wed they got a guest speaker in another room so they hadda shuffle. Was alright, no big deal. I don't remember if I mentioned, but there's a rear clone o' my wifey. Looks just like her from behind, it's th' face that kills th' illusion. I' hair, th' clothes, th' jewelry...almost perfect. Last week she was across th' way 2 rows down. Mon was one row up. Today, was right across. Wonder where she'll turn up next.

Surfin' Myspace earlier I found Betsy from my class had a profile. So, I dropped a comment in her blog fer fun an' I came home to a buddy request. Cool with me, I like her, she's good people.

Monday, March 13, 2006


We're havin' a heatwave! Fer me, anyways. Temps were in th' 50s, but 'cause my porch was a bit cold wore my sweats tonight. Shoulda known better. Was dyin' all night. In th' discussion class, prof had us watch part of Pulp Fiction. Now, I never wanted to see that movie. Never even curious. An' last night my aversion was validated. What a load of crap it was. Th' only thing I like is th' interaction 'tween Travolta an' Jackson. Repartee` will always get me.

Surfed Myspace at work after th' fiasco with Carolyn yesterday to see my neighbor an' his sister's pages. Hard to believe I was friends with his youngest as a kid. An' co-worker with his oldest. Got me waxin' nostalgic so I did some more surfin' fer th' hell of it. Went through my high school's group an' outta curiosity tried to sniff out Jackie, former co-worker an' almost romantic partner. She DID have a page, but it looked like it was partially deleted. Survey on there, if accurate, says she was gettin' hitched in a year an' preggers with her second South Carolina! Well, good. Glad ta see things worked out fer th' better fer her.

Now I can start to see th' appeal of Myspace. Unfortunately, it's still ultimately useless fer me. I can sniff out, peer in, see...but interaction isn't much of an option. Why do I say that? No, this ain't another self-pitty I need more friends rant. I'm over all that. I tried my damnedest to keep th' contact; E-Mails, IMs, bday recognitions, I kept th' BBQ goin' fer several' nuttin' back. THEY dropped th' ball, not me. So one hasta wonder if one's presence is even wanted.

Simply put, nothin' about me has changed. NOTHING. Same house. Same screen name. Same phone numbers. Same E-Mail (well, okay, to be fair I use my "work" EM more than my personal these days, but it's still there). Other people, they've moved, changed screen names, an' yet somehow I never get th' updated information. So, what would you think? Classic example, Diane. We were pretty tight (I thought), always there when she had a problem, always hangin' out an' havin' fun. She goes to Florida, sends me one letter, comes back an' says she moved, an' that's th' last I've seen or heard from her in 4 years. I have her old addresses just fine, it's that last one that seems to elude me.

So, whatever. People don't wanna associate with me I'm done tryin' with them.

As fer BBQin'...maybe if my 'rents go upstate fer 4th of July (HA!) I'll invite a couple of th' guys over. Although with upcomin' situations in their lives, I doubt my regular players'll even be available. So, we'll see. I do like to BBQ. What I don't like is preppin' fer 20 an' gettin' 5. That's wasted money I can use towards gettin' me an' wifey a place or goin' to see her.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Nothin' like gettin' woke up by yer damn phone. Carolyn called to tell me she was visitin' Joe downstairs. Yay, thrills. DON'T PEOPLE KNOW I FRICKEN' SLEEP IN ON WEEKENDS?! Really, it's not a secret! Grrr... Anyways, took me a while to register who it was 'cause of that. Always fun. She met him off Myspace apparently an' lectured her out 'bout th' dangers of meetin' people OL. PSA over.
Was sposed to phone with wifey tonight, but she was tired so scratched that idea. Said if we were able anyways, which we weren't so no big. Went off to finish puttin' my comics away while checkin' off their conditions. Yeah, it's takin' me a while 'cause of that. Also 'cause I've reached th' point where I hafta shift things to make room now. Gonna need to get more boxes. Actually, now that I think of it, gonna hafta get creative.

Instead o' forcing things downstairs, I need to do it BACKWARDS. 'Cause it's S-Y, which's what it's gonna still be when this' all done, gotta take my displaced comics an' just box them where they are. Gonna wait on that, though. Borrowed $100 from my vacation money to give me a boost on my credit card (damn exchange rates) an' sposed to go to White Castle next month. Once that's done gonna order them. Yeah, that works.

Speakin' of money, one of th' Brits I won off of contacted me to say she never got paid, meanwhile I Paypaled her th' money th' second after she sent me th' address to send it. Sent her th' info from my Paypal that I did an' contacted them anyways in case there was a problem. She EMs me again today to say she did get it but missed it. Duh! Ah well.

I also finally used th' gift card wifey gave me fer Xmas. Best Buy had a sale, Ultimate Spidey & X-Men Legends 2 fer $40. Gotta pay $17 more, but at least I finally got th' games. Next; San Andreas, an' hopefully not th' edited version thanks a lot stupid parent groups.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


So wifey tells me tonight she got her belly button pierced. I, of course, flipped out, mostly 'cause she did it on a whim.

I hate these fads. Piercings. Tattoos. They're STUPID. You waste yer money on somethin' only th' person yer screwin' will even ever see fer what? To be different? To be original? To be cool? Guess what...EVERYONE'S GOT 'EM! It's not cool nor original. You THINK yer bein' different but what yer really doin' is bein' one of th' crowd. They've been made even MORE pointless by their popularity!

I swear, if I ever find th' shithead who started these fads I'd kill him. I really would. Stupid, dumbest things in th' world.

She also told me she drove past an Ecto replica in Binghamton. Very cool!

Friday, March 10, 2006


Looks like th' hood's gettin' a new Subway shop. Chillers, formerly Vortex, formerly Baja Sports Bar, formerly Scruffy Murphy's has been renovated past couple weeks since th' department of health closed it down months ago. Saw a truck with a new awnin' th' other day fer a Subway shop, which's funny since Exxon had a Subway counter last I checked. Ah well.
Th' repair shop across th' street also shut down. Was some speculation on that till a For Rent sign appeared out front. Thing used to be a Getty station, always found it funny that th' church there was sandwiched between gas stations. Is Getty even still around? Neighborhood keeps on changin'.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Nothin' like a li'l hilarity to end th' day. When me an' Igor got to 14th street, he heard a train pull in on our platform an' ran down to catch it. Me, I took my time 'cause why rush? He was holdin' th' train so I got in, thinkin' it was th' Q again but turned out to be th' N.

So we sat an' he was askin' me where I was gonna get off. Told him 59th. He said th' Q doesn't go to 59th. I was like yeah, I know. So he asked again. This repeated several times until we realized he thought we were on th' Q. So he hadda get off at Canal to catch it while I continued on home. Definitely a funny moment if ya were there.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Those who know me know that since I've been workin' days now I need to nap more frequently. I do a lotta crap at night which keeps me up, an' even if I get to bed early still takes me forever to fall asleep, so I'm always tired. Now, my nap time's been severely cut down since I only have 6 hours between th' end of work an' when I hafta get to school, which doesn't leave me much time to eat and/or sleep. Weekends don't help much niether since I seem to wake up in exactly 6 hours or earlier.

Okay, that's done... Couple weeks ago, history prof said we'd have our test on th' 7th. Was so busy with th' film test didn't get to study fer it, so that's what I did when I got home (between watchin' my new Real Ghostbusters th' cartoon, pick these up). Got distracted so I went to bed to study an' dozed off fer a bit. Bathroom made me late fer th' train again so was really pushin' it. I hadda take th' 4 to 59th an' 'cause th' 6 was so slow in comin' I walked th' rest of th' way.

I got to class only 2 mins late to find th' prof debatin' over civil liberties with one of th' guys again. Then we got into class. Apparently, th' test is th' 14th! An' I'm th' only one who DIDN'T know! Musta been announced when I was late Thurs. Dammit! I coulda slept!

Took th' train with Igor again. Convinved me to take th' Q to Dekalb with him where I'd wait fer th' R. He never had White Castle so I extended an invite fer him to join me an' Tommy when we go next month. Reminds me, should call him 'cause he texted me (as did Lenny, which I'm gonna hear about when th' next bill comes...) about reservin' a copy of Ultimate Avengers fer me. Find out how much they're sellin' it fer.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Alright, last week film class told us there was a study guide fer th' test on Blackboard (this OL information/messageboard type thing classes can hook itself up to to archive notes, give assignments an' stuff). Okay. So, I opened it up this weekend an' spent Sat AND Sun jottin' down th' info fer th' 17 essay topics (full an' half page, as they were marked plus a bonus essay) an' identifyin' some of th' celebs we talked about from th' early days of cinema.

So I spent all of today studyin' it an' answerin' a question I missed. Was all pretty simple to remember save fer th' names in one. Now, wasn't sure what th' test format was gonna be; we hafta select an' essay, do we hafta do alla 'em or what. I left fer school only to get held up slightly by two biddies walkin' slowly on th' sidewalk. Ordinarily coulda passed 'em 'cept th' other train passed an' people were comin' outta th' station. That cost me as by th' time I reaced th platform th' train pulled away. Jerkoffs. Add to that th' Lex line decides to move HYPER slow today. But somehow I made it only a minute late.

Got th' test. Four sections, two essays, hadda pick one of each plus th' bonus. So, where was th' IDs? Where was all those other essay topics they gave? All that extra work fer this pitiful thing? Gah! So I wrote frantically to try an' finish on time. Not only was my hand hurtin', but my already piss-poor writin' got steadily more illegible. Good, hope they have trouble readin' it.

At least my discussion teach cancelled that class, so I went right home when I was done, hand achin'. Trains ran a bit better this time around. Caught th' R at 36 only to find one of those people with turrets that keep wifey's 'rents from lettin' her come down. Dude in th' car cursin' at people, laughin' suddenly, yellin' an' cursin' out people who moved away from him. Th' reference to my wifey almost couldn't keep me from laughin'. Decided was best not to provoke him 'less it got physical. But I hadda laugh after. Yeah, this city has its share of freaks, but where doesn't?

Wifey came on tonight an' we talked fer a bit. At least this frustratin' day ended on a good note.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I'm havin' serious trouble with boots lately. See, I had one pair that lasted several years 'cause I rarely wore 'em. Wore 'em at work an' that was that. Next pair were some perfect Tims, but at work they got destroyed too. THEN they were discontinued when I went to order more! Since then, been tryin' to find some boots to fit, but every pair I try in my size fits but is still loose! Happened again today when I finally tried on th' pairs I ordered. Was inspired by the slush storm we had. Ah well, guess I gotta keep lookin'.
Wifey fell asleep on me last night, so I abused her about it tonight. Hey, gotta have my fun somewhere after she leaves me talkin' to myself with no warnin'. Seriously, though, I'd love to see some of th' ways she does it fer myself. To hear their descriptions is so...weird. Take my word fer it. This was also th' first night we had talked in a few days. She went right to bed on th' weekend (sure, THEN she goes to bed when tired) an' she told me she even went out with people from th' store! My wife, actually hung out! That's...huge! Well, hopefully that starts a trend. She deserves more than an absentee hubby...needs some friends to do stuff with an' get off th' farm.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Okay, so I've had Myspace fer a few months now. Forgot why I even created it. Think it mighta been Sis considerin' she had me join up at th' retarded Friendster a while back so she wouldn't be alone. Today I decided to transfer my blog over there. Why? Well, fer one thing, Sis wanted me to do that originally back when I stopped it so I figger why not. Maybe someone can impart some wisdom from my rants an' raves they can use in their own lives. Dunno exactly what an' what fer, but stranger things have happened. I also added to my generic favorites lists an' customized my profile or whatever that thing is. Tried to go fer deep, came out kinda goth. Ah well. If it wasn't fer Sis on there I probably woulda canned that account too. Should really get rid of Hi5 as well... I know I always say I need to make some new friends, but I haven't gotten desperate enough to start lookin' on th' web, thanks.

Although, that did happen in one case. Last week some dude from th' SHH boards IMed me on Yahoo an' we got to talkin'. Comic fan lookin' fer another comic fan to talk comics with. Came to th' right place, Bunky.

I've seen some people I've known on Myspace, but haven't tried to contact 'em 'sides Steph. An' over on Hi5, I got one girl from one of my classes an' 2 people I dunno who th' hell they are. Wifey's ma tried to add me once, but fer some reason she thinks I have a Yahoo mail address (well, I do but never use it) so her invite was void. I tried to invite her but she never responded back. Ah well.