Friday, September 25, 2009


Working on the Index forces me to revisit comics I haven't read since their release, for the most part. I may not remember every story in high detail, but there were always bits and pieces that stuck with me. And, reading the new books at almost the same time kinda highlights those things in a new light. Now, by no means to I intend to imply stuff from the late 90s-early 00s were da bomb, in fact a lot of the stories sucked thanks to editorial incompetence, but they had elements I wish were able to be explored fruther.

-Juggernaut as a hero. Regardless of what people say about Chuck Austen, his evolution of Cain was superbly done. You could believe the change. Another good one was Sandman's redemption, but, of course, both were kiboshed and reversed. At least Juggy lasted a while.

-The NEW new X-Men. Marrow, Cecelia Reyes and Maggott had a lot of potential, especially the prior two. Having revisited Stacy X some, I could see she was just a Marrow replacement, as both had a similar attitude and development when they joined the team. I think both could've kept on the team and kept things interesting. Cecelia, I think, evolved perfectly. She was never gonna be an X-Man, so I liked when she went to private practice. And, at least she had some guest appearances after that fact. But, she coulda been a viable X-supporting character like Stevie Hunter was back in the day.

-Speaking of medics, Nurse Annie (don't even ask me to spell her last name). Sure, she came on board just because she fell in love with a comatose Havok, but it made sense for a school to have a medical presence. Wish she coulda stuck around too.

-Badass Cyclops. After recovering from Apocalypse's possession, Cyke got a darker costume (two, actually, both awesome) and a new attitude. This was dropped and he became his usual douchey self again before becoming the militant douche he is now. But, I liked Cyke in that particular time period. He was almost cool.

More thoughts to come as they come to me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have been playing this game for the last month called Evony. Basically, you build up a city and raid other cities and valleys and what not. It's simple yet slighty addictive, although I rarely spent more than an hour at a time on it. Usually long enough to build a few things, build something that will take a while, then leave. The last few days, though, I've started chatting with the co-leader of my alliance and it's been fun. Despite the fact my system doesn't handle it too well, I've been leaving the game on just to talk. Think I found my next year or so conversationalist.

Once she left, I found myself bored until Liz reappeared after an exile to get her book finished for Big Apple. Of course the conversation was brief, all about her work and a little about my film project. I'm sure if anyone else saw her online they were chatting her up so it wasn't worth me trying to vye for a position in that mix. She and Shawnti apparently conversed during that time and decided to replace lolz with lulz...which is annoying.

I decided to IM Jackie through Facebook. Next thing I know I've got Steve IMing me and then an old classmate from BMCC. So, yeah, my cup runneth over as it so rarely does. At least it was a nice complement while I sat there drawing my storyboards.

By the way, my drawing? RUSTY. Haven't done it in so long and now it's suffering for it. It's getting better as I go, but the damage is done. Oh well, as long as they do the job.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Lyme disease is the topic for today. On Saturday, one of the bug bites I have developed the target rash associated with a tick bite. So, naturally, the 'rents are worried about the Lyme. I went to the doc today and he told me that it was still too early to tell. I'll have to go back in another 4 weeks or so for some bloodwork, but in the meantime he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic that will treat it. So we'll see if I was just bitten by an unseen tick or if I'm now diseased. I'm not really worried. It just sucks that I can no longer go into the woods unprotected and still be unmolested. Damn getting older.

I had planned to go to school after the doc's, but I didn't get out till almost 4 and by the time I got there the class woulda been almost over. Sure, in reality, there would still be enough time to merit me going, but not enough to merit my puttng up with the 6 train. So I went home to get some work done. Better time spent rather than spending 2 hours on a train for 25 minutes of class.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Two of my allies transferred out to fill up the large employment gap in a Brooklyn station. One started there this week after he had a week vacation, and the other was supposed to head off in October but they decided to send him off early. Shame to see them go, but can't blame 'em. Things ain't like they were and there's no real sign of improvement. Why do I stay? Simple. I don't feel like spending 6 months being treated like a rookie at a new location, and I like my route. When I transfer, if I'm still here, it's gonna be when I got my house upstate and am leaving this shithole behind.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


With the start of a rash on my arm and numerous marks appearing on my body, I decided to head to the doc to get them checked out along with my knee. The popular theory is I was barraged by bugs and maybe rubbed something in the woods. So now I've got this topical cream for the bites and I have to down 9 Ibuprofens a day for 10 days. Fun times. I also need to go for an X-Ray on my knee to see if there's anything visibly wrong, or if I'm gonna hafta go to the orthopedic doc again to get an MRI. I really hope not...I can't fit in those effing machines.

For class, I got paired up with this guy and we hafta do a 3-5 minute film for the purpose of editing. Now, I'm gonna be gone the fi;m day, so we had to arrange it so that we could film it the class before ours on editing day. We had come up with two possibles, one in case we couldn't get the third person we needed. But, luckily, I was able to get Amaryllis who has a break right when we're gonna film. Now all I hafta do is bang out the script and the storyboards by next Thursday. Outside of the formatting, the script shouldn't be too hard. Then again I never wrote one before, so we'll see.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Had to fill in an empty route these last two days. Ordinarily it's full time, but they absorbed the later freight and let me just do the priorities. Never done the whole route before, so naturally there was that learning curve. Now, I think I exposed the driver 'cause he always seems to end up blown out, and yet I only had 9 and 16 stops. We're thinking he purposely front-loads in order to look heavier than he is. Bastard.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


NY Comiccon sent out an E-Mail about their presence at the Brooklyn Book Fair. We originally wanted to be there as well, but Keith decided we should investigate first. So, I went. I walked around some, and there was a big crowd, comic professionals, panels, concerts and even Wallace Shawn of Princess Bride fame. Not many book books I'd be interested in, but then there were always comics. Someone selling some books for $1. Yeah, I partook. Also entered a drawing for a chance to get $100 of free comics from this massive warehouse collection. One of our members, Ouchman, had a table and raved about the show, so I'm thinking I should recommend we be there next year. Also wish I knew what pros were doing signings so I coulda brought some books.

Ouch also filled me in on a free archery class at a nearby school, so he's gonna send me the info about it. Mayhaps I'll finally get some lessons in?

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Our last Bryant Park meeting was more successful than the pier one, so I opted to try for a repeat this month. Unfortunately, stupid me, forgot all about Fashion week and that the Fashionistas take over the whole park...including our meeting spot. We all stood on the stairs at 41st for about an hour to make sure anyone who showed would find us before relocating to the local PAX. Apparently, some would end up bypassing us entirely, but ah well.

The meeting was small, many scared off by the rain I'm sure. We got a couple new faces, including ones me and James recruited at the panel last month in the park. The setting wasn't ideal but the meeting went fairly smooth. Hopefully we have a place to meet by next month, or at least it's still warm enough for another outdoor meeting.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today our station was the subject of a documentary filming. This crew was following a package all the way from China going to one of our buildings. Surprisingly in the days leading up to it, management didn't go crazy trying to make the joint look "respectable" like they do when the inspection teams come down. Most they asked for was full, clean uniforms (which some didn't do).

The crew got stuck in traffic so we ended up extending the sort till they could get there and film some of it, including the box going down. This caused some problems later with service as we all didn't leave till almost 9. Damien decided to take the package and several other stops himself in the training truck so as not to interfere with the service of the courier and the film crew followed him.

Where do I fall into all this? Well, they filmed me on the split. However, they got mostly my rear (probably my best side). Depending how they cut it, that may be all anyone sees unless they leave in the bit where I checked the belt and looked the camera man's way.

Monday, September 07, 2009


Day 2, my customary Walmart trip. Got some movies, some drinks, some snacks. Y'know, the usual. Took my customary trip to Burger King right after. I only have one thing to say about that:

That's pretty much how my Whopper Jr.s looked. Sad and disappointing. After that I proceeded to Peck's for more of their awesome chop meat and then back to the campgrounds. Unfortunately, I ended up behind on my entries for Index 11 thanks to the chronologies, so I had to do some work on that. But, being I needed the internet I did go down to the Rec Hall where I got to enjoy the festivities they had planned that weekend, such as Bingo and Karaoke again. Bingo I cleaned up, winning three times before the game was through. Karaoke, I didn't much pay attention this time.

Outside of that stuff, I pretty much spent the weekend working, cleaning and reading. I did try a fire one night, and had a bit more success than last time which meant the air WAS too damp last time. Although, that fire was quickly killed by the soft ground under the great choking all the air. Ah well. On the last day, after almost finishing packing up, I headed up to the water wheel to take a pic of the bricks off of it to show someone. I ended up on a spontaneous trip following the path of the water bed that led to it. I already knew where it went, but eh...adventure!

I did pretty good considering my bum knee, although I learned the painful lesson not to attempt a far high jump with a digital camera in your pocket. I tried to get from a rock cluster in the middle of the brook to the bank across the way. I shorted it and ended up with my foot in the water. At that point it was a lost cause so I waded up to an incline and climbed out.

I ended up on the old access road for the first time since the flooding. Man, was it a mess. I mean, it stopped being paved just past the campground, but it was still passable on wheels. What was left was just a mess. Ditches, rocks, new paths for the brook, fallen wonder the county chose to just close it off rather than fix it up. I got to the firing range, a good 3.something miles out, and went a little farther opting to finish the adventure my next weekend up. I went back, changed my shoes, socks and pants (this is why I pack extra clothes) and finished the clean-up.

Getting home wasn't too bad. Getting to the Goethals was slow and Staten Island was it's usual parking lot, but otherwise pretty decent for as late as I went back on a Monday. One month until my next trip...can't wait!

Friday, September 04, 2009


The 'rents decided not to go up for Labor Day, which means the trailer is ALLLLL mine. The bad thing about these last-minute plans is it's a bitch to organize everything I might need what with the tight schedules I'm already keeping.

First, work had me earn the weekend. I had to go on road without a secondary key 'cause the last idiot who used it forgot to turn it in. So THAT was interesting. Then I had to go help Slo Mo McGee on the next block and ended up with several lates 'cause one of his buildings' frieght operators was a douche.

I got home and decided to take a quick power nap, which worked out pretty well as I was nice and rested for the drive. Finished packing my suitcase, grabbed some DVDs, CDs and comics, and was on the road by 4:30. Later than I wanted, but meh.

Found four dead mice in the traps when I opened up. Correction, three in the traps, and one somehow got himself caught between the cabinet door under the oven. How, I have no idea. The stench was quite lovely when I moved them. Some mildew also got into the shower, and because it was sitting the high sulfur content of the country water built up and I had to run it for a few hours to get it out. Another lovely smell, by the way. I decided to play it safe and brush with the bottled water I brought up, and finish the de-stinkafying in the morning.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Nothing kills a BBQ like a tropical storm. Hurricane season was in effect and we're getting the aftershocks here. As a result, Keith was forced to postpone his BBQ until next weekend. Unfortunately, neither I nor Alex and Yadira, whom I was taking this weekend, will be in attendance. The 'rents'll be away so I hafta feed 4 sets of kitties. And Moodus ain't exactly no quick jaunt.

Jess introduced me to the wonder that is Priceline this week. I was looking for a deal on a hotel in Boston for the show so I could go up, take in the sights, then focus on the show. Last time, going up and coming back the same day was killer. This time, i wanted to take my time. Unfortunately, all the decently-priced hotels were all just outside of the range or walking distance of the subways. And since I'm unfamiliar with the parking sitch I really didn't wanna hafta drive between points. Or, at all.

But, thanks to name my own price, I got a good hotel only 15 minutes from the con AND next to a subway for only $100 a night. That's a lot closer to the cheapies than I woulda settled with! Woot! Now, to book my bus and figure out how I can indulge myself without killing myself on the way home...