Saturday, June 30, 2007


The trains are a mess! I left a li'l behind schedule, but figgered I could use the N to give me a boost on time to get to Grand Central, as I didn't remember if James said we'd be catchin' the 4:07 or the 4:43 out. Well, turns out the N is not workin' on weekends till August. So, ended up on the R an' decided I'd transfer to the 4 or 5 on Pacific as they usually go express. Ha ha, no 4 or 5 service. Ended up on the Q until 14th where James called me, then onto the 6 from there. I made it to Grand Central just before 4 an' hadda wait fer James, who came 10 mins before the 43 train. Of course, the line we were on someone was havin' troubles an' we only got our tickets to JUST make the train as the doors were closin'.

Our first seats were no good, as they had people in the seats across an' absolutely no leg room fer me. At 125th we changed cars an' were able to find some decent ones. James pulled out his DVD player an' we watched Ocean's 11 on the way up while talkin' in between. We managed to get to New Haven a few minutes ahead of schedule. Keith was already there to meet us accross the street, was just a matter of waitin' fer Hector, Ven and Bob. Hector an' Ven showed up, we BSed fer a bit, then proceeded to a place called Humphrey's (or Bogarts, dependin' which sign on the buildin' you chose to believe) where Bob was waitin'. More talkin' in the parkin' lot as Bob showed off Chris' cover to his next Psychosis story, an' then we headed in to eat.

Nice place, a typical sports bar. Had some old signage an' lighting, and even an old brick oven long sealed up next to where we sat. We were expectin' two more guys so they combined 4 of the tables together. Started off with a nacho appetizer (had the cheese already metled on it, wasn't as good as if you coulda dunked it in cheese) before we got around to orderin' food. I had a burger, of course, which was nice an' big an' delicious. They served drinks not in bottles in plastic cups, but fortunately the soda was excellent. Because of the reason of the gatherin' the conversation ineveitably leaned towards old relationships an' other related elements. I decided to keep quiet on that, havin' a lengthly convo about that with the GF of one of Deb's kids last night, Ashley, an', to borrow a term from Babs, I don't wanna give her any more importance by keepin' the story fresh. 'Sides, I'm sick of tellin' it an' two of them already knew it anyways. James, though, decided to share that I had a date with Babs next weekend as I had told him upon his askin' at the station.

The last two guys showed up as we had finished, this guy Carl an' his cousin Tony. I finished up by orderin' this thing I saw on the desert menu called Chocolate Lava, which ended up bein' a round chocolate brownie with chocolate filling with 6 dabs of whipped cream on either side an' chocolate sauce. Not at all liked it was described to be, but very tasty. We divided up the bill so that Hector didn't hafta pay, an' ended up overcompensatin' so that Bob ended up not havin' to pay either since he was gonna take the cash an' use his card as he forgot money. In reality, James shoulda got off since tomorrow is his bday. Ah well, whatever works. We said our goodbyes an' Bob took me back to the train so I could catch the 10:09 back. Good thing I wasn't gonna stay, as the next train wasn't until 4 AM an' with the subway actin' up who knows when I'd get home.

Wanna add, I kinda liked goin' to the bathroom there. Felt a lot like the bathrooms upstate where I can't wait to be. Very rustic. Won't make sense to any of you out there, I'm sure, but there it is. Also, very fun how some of the tiles were busted an' felt like the floor was cavin' in. Interestin' stuff, that.

The trip back was uneventful. Trains were runnin' decent enough, just takin' forever to get there. I took the N back an' walked a li'l off the usual path I go home 'cause in the park by the highway I had seen an hubcap by one of the trees when I passed by earlier, was lookin' to reclaim it. No such luck. The ONLY piece of trash in the park to be gone. Ah well. Funny thing was, I thought I should replace the rubber gloves an' bags I started carryin' fer when I'd run accross 'em as I left with my bag.

It was a fun night. Babs even sent me an E-Mail to ask how it was, the sweetie she is. Tomorrow me an' D plan to go see Shrek 3, so gonna head off here to get in some game time before I hafta go to bed. First show an' all.

Friday, June 29, 2007


With all the crap I hadda do this week, got hard to keep up with the blog. Things'll be semi back to normal this week, so hopefully that will change. So what's been goin' on?

Alright, well, trainin' calss is officially over. We learned more about delivery Wed, had the practice simulation Thurs, an' the test today. It was hard to believe how some of the pick-up couriers had so much trouble with the delivery. Delivery is a million times easier. What also sucked was Bob wouldn't let us leave till everyone was done, so seein' as it took me less than an hour to run through everythin' I ended up havin' to wait forever. In the end, the others all got minor stuff wrong while I ended up with a perfect score. Now, I knew I was gonna score high, but perfect? Yowsa. Bob says he's only ever seen that 3 times before, an' he never even got a perfect. Honestly, though, dunno how anyone could bomb out on this; once ya know procedure, it's freakin' easy.

They were re-takin' pics fer the IDs, seein' as the ones they took months ago got corrupted along the way. I headed over after I finished the test to get that done an' find out anythin' I mighta missed while I was gone. So looks like I might finally get an ID an' next week they're gonna stick me with Juan on my route so I can finally learn it. All that's left is to pass the drivin' test an' I'm good to go.

Thurs we took care of the dead kitty in our driveway. Pops pulled the Impala back with the van an' cleaned it up while I went to the bank fer money fer Sat. Hard to tell who it was 'cause the rate of decomposition was so advanced from bein' in the water, but it looked like it mighta been Pepper. Shame, but he had his chance to come in. When I got back, he was ready to move the car back but the brakes decided to lock up an' we couldn't do it. Pops turned the van around an' pushed it in while I steered. Gonna hafta get these cars fixed.

After a week, I had finally finished listin' my comics. Out of all the ones I bought, only 440 wound up in my collection. That means a li'l over 2 dozen were duplicates. Li'l pissed about that. Ah well, so next convention I'm gonna bring money to (which won't be the next next one) I'll have the bugs worked outta this system. I also won't do it 2 days before the show next time. Always get the good ideas too late... I also passed by Forbidden Planet after the test to pick up some comics my shop doesn't get, unfortunately they didn't get 2 of them. I'll hafta go back after the CAG meetin' on the way home.

Phoned with Babs fer a bit tonight. She was surprised I was up so late. Told her weekends are fair game until I'm workin' Saturdays. Things're improvin' an' yet not fer her, but she's got friends in from outta town to make her nights a li'l less stressful at least. Then I'll pick up where they leave off (hopefully) this weekend. She also told me that she just realized we coulda met up after the party as my train'd be goin' through Westchester. But, alas, plans with the friends already in place. Can't wait fer the weekend.

Found out that the station is walkin' distance from the place the group wants to go to eat (well, walkin' distance fer me, anyways) 'cause Keith sent a detailed plan out in E-Mail an' I did the research. So, if nobody else is gonna bail I can let them all stay fer their fun an' just head off on my own. Strippers just ain't my thing. 'Sides, I should get home an' catch up on some work as I'm sooooooo behind. Gonna have the movies with D on Sunday too, so more time shot. Gah, just not enough hours anymore!

Ma an' pops're at odds over pops wantin' to use some of our mortgage money to get himself a new truck. They planned to do that, but they lost more in fees than they expected so the money just ain't there no more. He can't grasp the concept an' ends up all pissy. He's such a dipshit. Hopefully they get over it so they go upstate next week an' leave me with some peace an' quiet!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today was the pick-up test. Set up the same way as the practice test, the class was split in half; we did our computer test first, they did the pick-ups first. I had a li'l trouble at first findin' some of the answers (open book exam) so I made a couple guesses which turned out to be right as I got 100 on it. So I was sent out into the hall an' proceeded to do my pick-ups. I ended up goofin' on my timecard by forgettin' to clock out, an' I thought I made a few more mistakes along the way. Turns out I didn't, me an' this guy Woodley got near perfect scores, apparently. Everyone else got some minor stuff wrong, but Joshua an' Manny apparently screwed up big time meanin' they're outta the class. Felt bad fer Josh, nice guy, thought he'd make it. But Manny? He was the moron I talked about before. I swear, I dunno how he even does a normal function with how retarded he is. So, that's 3 classmates down as the girl from my station got booted fer showin' up incredibly late yesterday. Next: deliveries. My thing.

We started that unit fer a bit on the computer, then after me an' Laura waited anxiously he let us go. I came right home an' got to work on my article which I just finished. Didn't get to any of my comics an' I hafta do my reviews tomorrow. My website update's gonna be a bit late too. Blah. Fuckin' Fed Ex is takin' up more time than I thought.

Was hot an' humid today. Even in the shade. But, I spent my lunch in Hundson River Park as usual. Went down along one of the piers to admire the view an' watch these two guys (three today) do some kinda martial arts dance thing in the corner fer a bit. Even bought with my last $2 this Popcicle Ice Shots'l flavored ice balls. Not bad, but if it melts it mushes together an' becomes hard to eat outta the container they give.

An' dumb me, I left my phone on vibrate so I didn't hear it go off when I went in back fer a bit, nor did I realize I had a message till I got a hunch an' looked. Babs called an' I missed it. Don't even know what she wanted 'cause her message was all garbled up. I got her voicemail when I called, told her to call me back but hasn't happened yet. I really hope she didn't say she was free to meet up like I think she did. I'll be pissed otherwise. Fuckin' phones. A detriment!

Also, some sad news; one of the strays we were tryin' to get inside, Pepper, was found dead under the Impala tonight. Pops thought it was rancid sewer water he was smellin' till he decided to check tonight an' found him. He got hurt somehow a while ago an' started actin' all weird, then disappeared. Shame, he was a cute cat. We're gonna bury him tomorrow night.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Today was the practice test fer the pick-up exam tomorrow. Basically, we made new "packages" (sheets with pictures of different types of boxes with labels) by puttin' airbills on 'em, then they were set up around the area. Then, we hadda call up stops we had to make, go to each stop on our list, an' correctly process each package. I made 3 minor mistakes, but now I know them so it won't be a problem tomorrow. Today was also the first day of our new teacher, Bob. He's outta Detroit an' replacin' Nancy while she's on vacation this week. Nice guy, tries to be funny but not so much. Unfortunately, things ran real long today an' we didn't get out till about 5. I decided to skip turnin' in my timesheet today to head home to get my article done.

Which didn't happen. Spent the whole night listin' my books instead, an' STILL only up to the Os! Gettin' home so late didn't help much either. I started it off, I'll finish it tomorrow an' get it in hopefully before the night's out.

In other news, my chat last night which led into a bit about Coney Island's future got me a great idea fer my next date with Babs. I had sent her an E-Mail sayin' welcome home after her trip so was waitin' fer her to respond to that before I sent out another an' became like a pest. Well, she gave me the openin' I needed in her response sayin' we needed to get together. DONE! Looks like next week me an' her will be on our second date to Coney Island. Can't wait!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Second day of the con. I decided to go in later as I was sore an' tired from my efforts yesterday. Got there a liiiiiiiiiittle later than I intended at 2, but didn't miss much apparently. Show was practically dead compared to yesterday. I spent the time makin' some rounds with the nearby artists, talkin' to Rebecca an' James (Bob was off at MoCCA) an' talkin' to the Comicbook Novice guys Mark, Peter an' Jen. Bob eventually came back with Rachel, but she didn't stay too long. Mark, who was buyin' comics fer himself, led me over to a 10 cent bin he found where he proceeded to buy a couple books...and I took home 197. Blah, I think I have a problem. Dude also gave me the last 7 fer free...rock on.

Everyone was packin' up at 5, so me an' Rebecca went with him with James already on his way out. Long box the guy gave me was a bit easier to carry than the two short ones, but still a pain in the ass. Now comes a matter of listin' the almost FIVE HUNDRED books I got. Gah. Then, I need to get my article done fer Estella by tomorrow.

Of course, the highlight of my night was gettin' to talk to Amaryllis all night. I dusted off one of my old screen names from the old days an' sent it to her, so now we'll be chattin' under that. I forgot how much fun I have talkin' to her. Things are almost complete; now all I need is a date with Babs an' I'll be golden.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Always nice to wake up to yer cat pukin'.

Got up an' headed out to the con. Ran a bit late so got there at 10:30, but was still good. Waited on line fer a few minutes to get in, then showed my reciept, got stamped, an' there I was. Before hittin' the bins I decided to look around an' ended up findin' Michelle, Rebecca an' James in what's affectionately known as Artists' Alley. Did the meet an' greet before trackin' down those bins.

Only found two at the time; one confused me 'cause they had different prices all over. That was next to this dude who airbrushes custom t-shirts with comic characters. Same area was another dude with clearly marked 50 cent bins under his main table. So, I picked him an' started diggin'. I came out with entire runs of Punisher, Quasar an' others, as well as some choice old books an' some not-so-desireable but still needed ones. I even found this one issue of Guardians of the Galaxy I had seen on the rack years ago at the local newspaper stand an' wasn't able to buy; with Dr. Doom inside Wolverine's automated skeleton. That cover always stood out to me, so of course I grabbed it. Same principle as What If vol. 2 #50.

I ended up with 260 books, which the dude only charged me $100 fer. Shweet! I also didn't hafta rely on my list save fer a couple times. I boxed 'em up an' went back to CAG's table where Michelle was now with Ed. Rebecca had gone off to the MoCCA festival. After a bit a took a walk around. Lots of comics an' toys, it was insane. Rebecca put it best as a giant flea market. There was even a Jedi Club of NY who apparently get off on dressin' up an' havin' sword fights an' stuff. I met Rich Buckler who created Deathlok, whose comics I got out of the bins, an' talked to him fer a bit. I even bought a couple autographed art prints...very sweet Wolverines. Met Alex Maleeve who did an awesome run on Daredevil an' complimented him as such. Danny Fingeroth eventually showed up an' I met the guy who was next to him who did some nice old-school artwork (forget his name though...oops!). Also saw Butch Patrick an' the son from Married with Children, as well as one of the stars from Saturday Night Fever; they had a special area all to themselves. Didn't get to meet Captain Lou Albano like I planned 'cause all those headliner guests were up on the 18th floor or some such an' the announcements were worse than a subway. Also saw Melvin in my travels an' he gave me a free copy of his comic Gothis. (261)

Back at the table, eventually Bob an' Mark showed up an' we manned the frontline. Mark gave me the notes on my script he called me about yesterday so gonna hafta go take care of that first chance I get. Bob an' Ed were pulled away fer an interview with the Comic Book Novice an' were supposed to return to let me an' Mark have a go, but that didn't happen. At that time, I got surprised by D showin' up! Didn't think he'd come back to a con since he was apparently bored at the last one. But me bein' behind the table caused an exception I guess. So I went fer another walk around with him.

He ordered a Mangeto shirt from the airbrush guy that I'd pick up, bein' he hadda go to a co-worker's kid's bday party. Why? Nobody knows. We hadda dig through those bins I mentioned (now clearly labeled 50 cents, BTW) to find a reference pic fer the guy an' I ended up buyin' 5 more comics to round out my stash (266). He used a panel from X-Men #1. Kinda small, but hopefully the dude has sufficient talent. I also bought 6 die-cast Marvel magnets from one of the toy venders. We also got a li'l history lesson from Ken (who was accross from the CAG table) about comics an' somethin' that often gets forgotten in the sands of time.

When it died down a bit, Bob an' Mark were missin' so I decided to organize my comic stash an' save myself some trouble later. Michelle an' Ed helped, an' found out even with my bein' careful I ended up with 4 duplicates...1 set I just bought. Oy. Gave them to Ed an' that was that. (262)

The rest of CAG eventually showed up; Keith, Shawnti, two new members Sue an' Everett who have a project in Small Press Idol, Hector an' his fiance`, Ed from the last meetin', Chris an' Rebecca eventually returned. We all had fun sittin' an' talkin'. Rebecca was tired which meant she was way more talkative than usual, which was cool an' fun. We may have gotten a lead on an artist fer my story Mark'll hafta follow-up on. I showed Rebecca the Jedi Club to show the level of dorkery that abounds, an' she also got to see this guy's selection of swords (into swords apparently...not that I blame her, they're cool! Still wish I bought the Blad sword when I had the chance....).

Mark also dragged me with him to raid the 50 cent bins on his own an' to converse. Sometimes I feel like his conversations are designed to prod into my inner psyche to see if comics is somethin' I really wanna do or just a passin' fad to me. An', of course, whenever I answer a question he acts like I'm bein' all defensive fer some reason...even though nuttin' in my tone should suggest it. I'll hafta ask him why that is one day. Chris an' his friend Carlos came by to say hi an' bye then headed out. Mark bought his stack of DC an', while thumbin' through the books, I found 3 single-didget Wolverine issues in the dollar bin. Since these books in their condition run no less than $10 each, I bought them. (265)

As the con was closin' down, the gang decided to go to Mustang Sally's or Harry's fer dinner. Michelle opted out 'cause she's got work an' poor, an' we managed to convince Rebecca to come. I basked in the smartness an' stupidity in my plan as I carred my two short boxes full of comics an' my back an' arms started to tingle. Blah. Moderation? What's that? We ended up at Harry's where we had a massive table assembled to accomodate not only CAG but 3 friends of CAG from the Comicbook Novice. We ate an' talked, had a few laughs. Unfortunately, nobody was really talkin' to Hector or his girl an' they looked bored. An' since I ain't a good conversationalist with people I dunno too well I wasn't able to do nuttin' about it 'cept feel bad.

By the end of the night, Melvin was a bit hopped up on 3 beers an' was excitedly tellin' me I should be in Marvel an' he could hook me up since he knows people. Of course, he only pissed these people off recently... The Connecticut guys headed on their way, the uptown guys their way, an' me an' Rebecca went fer the R. She was able to grab the Q almost immediately at 14th Street an' then it was off to home fer me.

Tryin' to list my books, I'm gettin' progressively tired so think I'm gonna turn in early. Also gonna go in late to the Con an' not stay as long. Maybe about 1-ish. Next weekend's Hector's party, an' me an' James're plannin' to ride up together where Keith'll pick us up. That should be fun.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Dunno what it was this mornin', but as I was waitin' fer class to start lookin' out the window, I got angry. VERY angry. So angry, it was high time I did somethin' I shoulda done a looooooooong time ago. I messaged Amaryllis an' started the fight to get us to be friends again. She's agreed, so let's see how that goes. I was glad to see she wanted the same. I mean, I knew but raffirmation is always good. Sick of losin' friends. No reason fer it. I regret not doin' it sooner, asshole BF be hanged. If he wants to cause static, I'll give him static...BROOKLYN STYLE!

Class didn't help my mood. The retards acted like a buncha kids today, an' really showed their maturity by havin' a convo about the party drugs they like to take. Fuckin' losers all. AND SOME HAVE KIDS! Jesus fuckin' christ, the hell is wrong with people they can't have fun without bein' drunk or high?! Lo-sers. I so can't wait till this class is over. Next week we got an instructor from Memphis 'cause Nancy had already put in fer her vacation next week before the class was scheduled. Hopefully, he's as good at gettin' the info out. But, luckily, most of the week will be delivery stuff an' that's mine.

I've been especially enjoyin' my lunch breaks. Been goin' over to Hudson River Park an' sittin' on the benches enjoyin' the cool sea breeze while eatin'. Then I follow it up with a walk along the water, checkin' out what they did to the place. It's very nice. VERY nice. I know some of my colleagues would especially love the park with all the sun-bathin' femmes out there. I love it. So peaceful. I dread havin' to cross West Street back to the station. Ugh. Today I even had company fer lunch. A couple pigeons came on over nice an' close to beg me fer food. I swear, these two were worse than my cats. Then the sparrows started gettin' into the deal... At least I finished before I was totally without bread.

Decided last night to condense my comic list so it'll be shorter upon printin' an' yet able to let me identify what comics I already have so I don't buy any duplicates tomorrow. Started it, continued it today, but decided to take a quick bike ride break that would eventually cost me a lot of time as my list took me well until 2 AM. Especially since that's when I got the brilliant idea to eliminate books only a couple years old 'cause it's guaranteed I already have 'em. Always get the good ideas too late. Oh, yeah, an' my rim bent again. It definitely IS the speed that kills it. Alright, new rim time.

Tomorrow's the con. Missin' pieces printed an' put back into my portfolio. Business cards secured. Boxes ready. BOOYAH!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Day three starts off with an interestin' train ride. This old dude standin' near me on the train had a nice bout with coughs over the course of the ride. When did he cover his mouth? FER A GODDAMN YAWN! All his coughs went undeterred, but the fuckin' yawn he does into his upper arm. You've GOT to be kiddin' me! Think he'd be old enough to KNOW better! Fuckin' people.

It was about today I began to realize that my classmates are essentially braindead, immature morons. A couple of them have kids, god help us, but as the lessons go on they struggle with the most rudimentary of things. The dude who sits next to me doesn't pay attention worth a shit, an' from a brief talk we had he's been doin' way more than me since he's done his drivin' course. Hell, he's even a pick-up courier an' that's all we're coverin' now! We got a DJ who's one of those pretty boy airheads...he's like completely slow. It's a wonder he can even function. An' the maturity level...let's put it this way; when I'm the most mature one in the room, that's a big problem. The only decent one in the batch is Laura, the "hot" one...she at least shows some proficiency with the work an' some intelligence. A bit Linda did yesterday was STILL bein' played today. ALL DAY. God, it's like these people are TWO! I swear to fuckin' god, if I somehow flunk out and THEY make it, I should just kill myself. Really, what would be the point in goin' on? I am sooooo glad the only person I'd ever likely work with is a night courier.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they're all nice people, but can I really take two weeks of this shit?

Most of today was practical application of pick-up procedures. Basically, we had photocopied packages that we set up with shippin' labels fer various exercises, then used specific ones to pick-up fer today. Even had a full routine of parkin' the ruck, gettin' out, then goin' into the location. Hard to believe some of them got the truck routine wrong too. Oy! Also found out Nancy's gonna be my drivin' instructor in 3 weeks. That should be fun.

Wish yesterday's early release was today. Got to the shop almost around 4 to pick up my books. Decided to buy a couple short boxes to take with me to the convention fer the books I KNOW I'm gonna buy (and turn into an article, FYI). It was a hot day, but there was a nice breeze so decided to read outside again. Wasn't too bad, about 3 hours to get through my pile. The reviews, even without interruptions, took me the rest of the night an' in the end I didn't do two books. Ah well. Reviews were in an' that's all that mattered. Probably should go to bed, but decided to get in a few minutes with Bevin first.

Also, I wasn't able to get press access to the Big Apple Con. Andrew forgot about it then thought it was a Wizard con. Ah well, we'll try again in September. Gonna hafta buy my tickets online tomorrow so I can prepare to be there fer the weekend. Should be fun! I hope...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Day two of class. Somethin' came up in schedulin' that forced Nancy to duck out fer half the class, so we were consolidated with the other trainer Linda's group. We were between our room workin' on computer lessons an' the conference room where I took the initial test. This lady is even crazier than Nancy! Voices an' hyperactive actions... An' then the dress-up she made people do to demonstrate proper customer service...yowsa! It was fun, though.

On our lunch break, since we had an hour, I decided to head on down to Tribeca to see what state the piers were in. Good thing I took Babs to Randall's Island; the entire area is under construction. It looks nuttin' like it did the last time I was there, which was granted about 2 years ago. I headed into the park by Stuyversant an' ate lunch on one of the benches. Decided to save time by not goin' all the way to the bench I used to hang at, but good enough. Nice, shady, peaceful. I even saw Steve joggin' to work on the way down.

Soon as I finished, I headed back up. Decided to take a detour along Washington Street to see how this one buildin' was fairin' as it was under renovation when last I saw it. Well, the fixed it up nice; I was surprised. Gave it a whole new bottom an' kept it basically the same. The parkin' lot that was next to it's becomin' a buildin', though, an' they tore down the rest of the old garage that was there to make room fer a typical modern glass monstrousity. Blech. Of course, my joy over the preservation of that buildin' was short lived as I soon discovered three more succumbed to the wreckin' ball of progress. Damn. At least one of them is forever preserved in the Beastie Boys "Ch-Ch-Check it Out" video.

I seriously hate how fast we're losin' all these old buildings with character. Seriously, I get the reasons fer it an' I wouldn't mind so much if these new pieces of shit had some STYLE. They're all this "futuristic" glass box crap. If I wanted to live in a steralized environment I'd move into a hospital. Fer crissakes, how hard is it to update existin' structures?! Is it any wonder I feel no more connection to this city, the way there's progressively less of it left to be connected to?

Tomorrow Babs heads out to Florida. Sent her a text message to wish her a good trip. Figger she might be a packin' procrastinator so it'd take less time than a phone call an' would be guaranteed to be seen unlike an E-Mail. Nice middle ground I figger.

Monday, June 18, 2007


First day of class. There's 10 of us, one from my station I don't recall ever meetin'. Basically, it's a typical class room with visual aids all over the walls, comptuer terminals an' a "truck" set up in the middle (basically a sectionalized mat, plastic shelves, an' a wheel cart with props to make it look like the dash). Our teacher, Nancy, is a bit craaaaaaaaaaaaazy, but funny as hell. Basically we did a li'l introduction exercise that teamed us up with each other (I got with a girl named Laura, whom I'll hafta rub into Edwin's face 'cause she's the kinda girl that most would consider "hot" though far from my type), then went into all the fun stuff I already knew. Basically, it's like tryin' to breathe but only takin' half a breath. Hate when that happens.

I hadda go to my station on our first break 'cause apparently they neglected to tell me I'd need, well, ANYTHING fer this class. I needed a crap load of books, but more specifically this checklist thingy that I apparently did months ago. Was able to get that right quick, but not before Carlos told me I hadda come by after the class to take the Dangerous Goods test. Oy. So come by I did. An' just my luck, the AC blew again makin' it all nice an' hot in there. Natasha set me up in the trainin' room on the computer an' gave me the DG pamphlet which was basically a cheat sheet of sorts. Finished that up fairly quickly, got some of the books, then headed on fer home.

Did some work on some scripts, but didn't really accomplish much. Blah, 4 days left.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Saturday was spent mostly workin'. I did a few of my reviews fer Spiderfan an' rushed through my article fer Dimestore, losin' track of the days an' it bein' due today (theoretically). Worked all day straight an' only got FOUR lousy comics done. Yeesh! Talk about time flyin'! Babs did call me though, which was an unexpected surprise. Got another surprise too when D told me he had one fer me fer tomorrow. I told him to just come out with it an' he did; he got a tatt. WTF kinda surprise is THAT fer ME? Needless to say, that killed my night.

This mornin' we went to see Fantastic Four. Was better than the first, but still full of flaws. We also got to see it fer free, usin' the passes ma got fer the theater from the BID. We both had things to do after so we parted ways early. I hadda run around lookin' fer hamburger patties fer dinner, then came home to have lunch an' work on more stuff. Went to the chat briefly, finished up more work, an' now gotta head to bed 'cause tomorrow's the first day of class. Fun, fun.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Today I was back with Edwin...was good to be home. Edwin hadda really bang out his route 'cause his daughter had a dance tonight he forgot all about thinkin' it was next week (not a typical guy thing either, apparently his wife screwed up the info ironically). Well, wasn't much we could do until 10:30, so I told him to relax an' just do the P1s as normal. We finished nice an' early an' went over to help Tony, who took all the crappy stops. He left us with 27th street, an' bein' a nice guy, I offered to take FIT 'cause one of the boxes was super heavy an' we didn't have no gear. Boy, am I a dumbass. I hadda stop once (an' fix my tags which got broke from the box) an' slid it the rest of the way on the smooth floor of the school to the mailroom. With 6 minutes to go, I ran all the way back to the truck to re-deliver an' undelivered package ('cause they get late now even if you attempted it an' left a door tag) an' was able to do it with a few seconds to spare. Booyah! Then we started on the P2s, but before we finished Edwin stopped me sayin' we went TOO fast, he hand't counted on my help so he needed to save some fer later. Heh ah well, at least he can leave when he finishes. Got taken back, got my check (which is now on direct deposit) an' hit the road fer the office.

Oh, an' Edwin told me he had a delivery fer 236 yesterday, an' informed me today that the girl I think is cute that he was tryin' to get me to put moves on was the one who signed fer it, PLUS he saw her walkin' outside the buildin' later. Figgers, an' I was supposed to go with him too. Ah well, I'll be content with Babs if her schedule ever clears up enough to let me in.

Finished up the last day at the office kinda weakly. Didn't finish all the renewals, but since most of 'em are August wasn't too bothered by it. Did finish up some stragglers fer June an' July, then banged out everythin' else except the One Beacon endorsements. Sis wasn't even online so it was a loooooong borin' day, good thing I had Diana (inker up in Canada) to chat with somewhat. Next two weeks I'll be in class from 7-3 (or so I'm told), an' fortunately I'm way ahead of the game. Unfortunately, I'm way ahead of the game, which means I'm gonna be bored re-learnin' all the shit I already know. Couple things I could use some instruction on, but overall I'm already good to go.

Came home to my Ghost Rider DVD an' my pops' day present fer dumbass ($70 freakin' bucks fer this goddamn cologne he uses...what a freakin' moron). Checked out the DVD an' the free book that came with it, then crapped out till 8. Got up, an' decided to get some White Castle 'cause a convo with Darrell yesterday made me crave it BIG time. Wished I'd gotten up at 7, though, 'cause was almost 10 by the time I got back. Decided on the Fort Hamilton Parkway one 'cause that's the one they complain about the least. Came back, we ate an' watched the movie. The new scenes were pretty good, an' I was able to pick out most of the new ones. Couple extensions too, those're the ones I missed 'cause they seemed familiar. Re-watched it again with the commentary. Gonna hafta watch the second disc eventually.

Today, the 'rents got their loan fer redoin' the house. I have a decision to make. They want me an' D to take over the apartment next door. Originally, they'd ask fer $750 each, but ma's sweetenin' the pot by droppin' it to $600. Now, a couple questions arise...can me an' D co-exist in the same space every day even if just fer a few hours (basically a couple every night after we get off our respective jobs)? Can he get out of the lease he's gonna hafta sign this month since they drug their feet too long? Sublet? Do I want instant relief by movin' out now an' savin' the sparse remains after bills an' such fer a home in the country, or do I wanna risk my sanity an' stay here puttin' everythin' I make into a home a few years sooner? Not to mention into my car. Babs was also tellin' me there's ways to get good deals on financin' fer a home thanks to her pops bein' a mortgage broker, so I'd have some expert advice on my side there too. So many things, so little money. I still need to get additional Federal taken out before I get slammed in April.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery? Move out now an' become a REAL adult, or move out later an' become a REAL adult who's a homeowner?

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Today all the freight was ready when I came in, we only got a couple more after those. Carlos sent me upstairs to work with this guy Darrel, which was basically the 35th Street area. Despite a couple hangups an' goofs, we were finished well before time. Even had time to reattempt undelivered packages AND do late freight that arrived via shuttle. A few more minutes on P2s an' we were back at the station around 11. Freakin' EASY day!

Almost got the renewals done finally at the office. Gonna try to bang those out 'cause in the next two weeks my work is gonna back up. Big time. See, Kathy offered her son's services fer me at a fraction of what I won't be gettin' paid, an' they turned her down. So they're gonna have Stacy, who they feel is doin' nuttin', do my work an' Kathy's not even gonna try to help. They also got Maureen tryin' to LEARN Jane's job to do it while she's recoverin' from some kinda cancer surgery, so everything's gettin' pretty much fucked up. The only consolation is Kathy said if it's real bad when I get back then she'll help. Good, at least I won't be fucked.

Took my glasses over to the place to get them checked, dude said they're right. So called my doc to make an appointment an' gonna hafta figger out what's up with my prescription. Things're WAY too strong an' unbearable. This weekend gonna hafta bust my ass on work 'cause next weekend's the con an' I plan to be there all weekend. Now, hopefully everyone gets me my credentials on time. Also, Sis said her business cards arrived WAY earlier than expected. Be cool if the ones I ordered Wed did as well, then I'd have 'em fer the con.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I so shouldn't be a parent. Really, I don't think I could take it. Watchin' Rescue Me tonight, Gavin's eldest daughter reveals she's sexually active, a pothead and a boozer. Yeah, it's a TV show, an' yeah, I should be used to that kind of retarded shit with all the people I know, but I just felt sick. Still do, actually. Really don't think I could deal if my kids ended up like that, needin' to have "fun" in those ways. Ya know, dunno how the hell it worked out but I managed to go my whole life without the temptation of such retarded crap, don't understand the draw fer the rest of the goddamn world. And I mean I'd hope if I had kids I'd raise 'em to realize they don't need that shit in their lives but with all the crap influences out there an' all the fuckin' assholes who shrug it off, I know it's most likely a losin' battle before I even begin. Tell ya this right now, my kids ever did that shit I'd kill their dealers, burn down their hangouts, an' beat the shit out of my son or my daughter's fuck buddy. My wife can handle the actual beatin' of the daughter.

Today was a bit screwed up. The freight was super delayed so we really hadda bust ass to get out. Fortunately, things worked out fine an' at least me an' Wesley made our stops. In fact, 'cause I had gotten delayed with the freight in 1202 Broadway (some construction or some shit, always the cause) he had sent me off to help Mike whose truck decided to die on him. While waitin' fer him back at his truck, I decided to call Babs to see why she texted me an hour into my sleep last night. Yeah, went to bed at 10 fer the 6:15 start, heard the text about a half hour after she left it at 11:50. Turns out she just wanted the locations she should meet me when she finishes recordin' her CD. Gave her that, chit chatted fer a bit, then Mike came. Me an' Melvin were his help, but he only had 4 stops left an' gave us each one of 'em. Did that, then went off to meet Wesley again. However, ended up with a HELL of a wait 'cause he got stuck in traffic. Luckily our P2 stops were minimal so we were able to bang 'em out an' still get me out nice an' early today.

Got my comics then went right to work. Babs texted me it was gonna take longer than expected, so alright. I went home an' decided to start readin' so I could at least get them out of the way. Time kept on goin' an' I had finished all the original books that needed reviews, so decided to go an' start writin' till she called. Said she was eatin' with her cohorts so I got some food when pops went out an' that was that. Finally around 8:30 she texted me to say things got real backed up (an' she did it so cutely, I couldn't help but smile). She finally called me a bit later where I reiterated my earlier response that we should just raincheck tonight an' she should head home. I hafta get to bed at 11, ain't no sense fer her to drive all the way down here fer an hour or two then have that added to her total trip back. There will be other nights, I ain't goin' nowhere. She pretty much has me hooked fer now, plus I knew what I was gettin' into when we got together.

On the plus side, the Honeymooners clips I sent her have made her a fan. I love when I corrupt people in a good way. Now, if only I could get her into a White Castle more often...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yesterday Natasha gave me the info fer my defensive drivin' course. Unfortunately, nobody noticed that it was scheduled DURING the courier class. Carlos figgered it'd be AFTER on the same days, but no such luck. Ah well, one more week before I can get my route.

I was supposed to go out with Gallo today, but he ended up not needin' help. Then Tony an' Edwin were good. So, I went out with Wesley on Dale's route, second time on that one. Aside from some elevators slowin' things down, the day went pretty easy. I had a handtruck Carlos gave me that nobody had claimed when the dude left (of course when I came back it was claimed...figgered as much) so that made things a bit easier. It was also a nice improvement over the fact I bowled over one of our maintenance guys installin' the new mailboxes near the check in room 'cause he was crouched down behind the door he keeps insistin' hasta stay closed. Shoulda kept it open to prevent an accident like that. Ironically, I wasn't even runnin' at this point (did before) but the door still opened hard. Ah well. Wasn't intentional.

Forgot my credit card so I wasn't gonna go out to get Ghost Rider on DVD. Instead, I ordered it from Best Buy along with the free extra they was offerin'. Tax an' shippin' added about $6 to it, but ah well. Came home an' worked on my site, which took the better part of the night. Didn't get to do no reviews an' won't be able to do 'em tomorrow what with the other reviews an' Babs comin' by (hopefully). I also ordered some business cards. Sis found a free offer through Vista Print an' I figger what the heck, at least till I can get my logo to Ben to render so I can apply it to my real cards. Unfortunately they wouldn't be ready by the con regardless, so I put the cheapest shippin' option. Ended up still payin' $15 fer these 250 free cards. Better be damn good is all I gotta say.

Hopefully today I get to sleep. I kept gettin' up early, plus hadda clean up puke TC decided to do in my room around 4AM. Lovely. Of course I was shot the rest of the day I was just sittin', especially at the office. Hadda fight to stay awake. Somehow, I eventually won that fight an' carried on till now. Don't ask me how.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Tony declined my help today, so I went out with Edwin but took both sets of keys anyway since Shawn (Sean?) said I'd be goin' with both of 'em. Good thing I did too, 'cause no sooner were we on our last deliveries that Tony sent a help call, and of course fer all the bitch buildings too. Luckily Edwin suggested he take 307 since the security guard likes him an' we took some 27th stops. Come to find out later he managed to pawn 307 off on someone else. After that blitz to make service the day went pretty well.

Train ride home I realized what week it was an' that I hadda update my site fer Wed. Great, somethin' else to do. Also came into work to find twice the renewals that I left on Friday. WTF man?! How the hell do we have THIS many policies bein' renewed at the same fuckin' time?! Got home an' dug out some books I gotta do fer Spiderfan an' finished up one review, but that was the extent of it. Gotta try to get over the tired an' kick it into high gear if I'm ever gonna get done.

And tomorrow I see Babs! Woot!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Me an' D went to see Pirates today. Was better than people make it out to be. "Too long", the hell kinda complaint is that? Yer gettin' yer goddamn money's worth at least! Idiots. Theater raised the matinee price an' their AC was out, but it was all good. So far, Pirates is the best 3 of the summer. After we had our usual lunch an' we parted ways so I could get my work done. Which I didn't, of course.

Didn't rain like I hoped so I hadda go up to the store to visit. Gave Craig his books, filled Tommy in on my date an' finalized our plans to see Transformers, an' basically did the usual BS. Was fun gettin' to ride my bike again, at least. Although since it's been a while my ass muscles were nice an' sore by the time I got there. Ah well, didn't last too long...AND I wasn't too winded. Lotsa good exercise at my job.

Passed by Tina's place as usual an' debated about callin' her up to come down an' talk fer a couple minutes. Seein' as she got another new phone in December, wasn't sure if I even still had the right number, so didn't bother. Chat was also ligh tonight 'cause of the last round of Idol. Tomorrow definitely gotta try to get some work done.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Got up early once again to make my meetin' out in Queens again. Meetin' was a good one, had more attendence this time with more of Gary Cohn's students an' a new guy. The guy from the party never showed, but ah well. We departed fer the diner again after an' on the way I talked to Mark about my lack of an artist an' needin' credentials fer the con in 2 weeks. He also talked to me about gettin' up all the bios of members up on things like Wikipedia if possible. After a delicious meal (had some ice cream too...not as good as Anapoli but close) we all parted ways. The others who came went on home, while me, James an' Michelle headed to his place to discuss a project fer an art gallery near his house.

He wants to do a squential comic book with different artists an' writers focusin' on a central theme that could be hung all around the gallery. We watched a couple flicks an' got to talkin' about James' date yesterday...which sounded a HELL of a lot like mine. The similarities between our two stories, from meetin' 'em on Craigslist to which direction they both live was astoundin'. I swear, change the names an' locations in our stories an' they're interchangable. Funny part was, the ad he said he answered was one of the ones I saw when I browsed not too long ago.

We headed to the gallery so he could show it to us, then he spent the next half hour chattin' with the folks who run it about the project. Thing is, the chicks there seem really intent on some kinda erotic display, but him an' Michelle argued that that would leave out a lotta members of the group who weren't into that stuff. So maybe we'll end up doin' two projects at once. Who knows. That's up in the air fer now. He took us back to the subway where we were consolin' his doubts about how successful his date was, then me an' Michelle headed on fer home.

I tried to sit down to do my Spiderfan stuff, but got caught up with other things so I'll hafta do that tomorrow after the movies. But, I did get some possibly good news fer Wednesday. I had called Babs while at the diner, ya know, to touch base an' restate how much fun I had yesterday an' I'd love fer it to happen again. She sent me an E-Mail response sayin' she'd be in town recordin' her CD Wed an' it was just a thought. Figgers she'd be here the day I need to do reviews, but I ain't gonna pass up a chance to see her so I'll make it all work. Couple hours won't kill me, I just won't do the doubled-up reviews if it comes down to it.

Speakin' of which, I also got the first comment to my reviews. Someone named David Hahn, who is either the current artist on Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane or shares his name, commented that I hardly ever talk about the art in my reviews. While I don't think that's true, I can get where he's comin' from so I'll try to alter how I do things fer future ones. I sent him a reply sayin' so. Feedback is always appreciated.

Friday, June 08, 2007


I missed my train but still managed to get there in time fer the meetin'. Barely. Once that was finished it was business as usual. Did the sort, got held up in the bathroom, hit the road with Tony. Now, the bitch was I had unloaded a box of perishables that had undoubtedly perished. I didn't really take too much not of the address when I should've 'cause it ended up bein' one of the boxes I hadda deliver. Oy. The elevators started off better'n yesterday by havin' the decent conductors, but soon got the shitty ones after I used 'em. However, I still managed to finish all my deliveries in time to help Edwin make service. But by then, 'cause of my inability to get to bed decently last night an' all the runnin' around, I was pretty worn out. Before I left I snagged my check an' my extra hat.

But you don't care about that, do you? Nah, you wanna know the main event. Well, keep on readin'.

On the way in this mornin', I had caught a glimpse of a Statue of Liberty statue in a window of one of the stores, which inspired me to get Babs a gift fer tonight. I went back when I left an' ended up pickin' up one of those 3-D condensed models of the city with all the major landmarks. Kind of a thanks fer comin'/congrats on the new job/welcome back to NY gift. Figgered it'd be better'n the usual flowers, especially since I didn't know which ones she liked.

Because they were talkin' rain I looked up some alternate things we could do in the Harlem area. Found some, not much, but enough to ensure a decent time I'd hope. I left a bit early 'cause I needed a shower badly. I got ready as quick as I could but still managed to miss my train. I sent her a message to say I'd be a few minutes late and tried to get as quick an alternate route as I could. Took the R to 36th, then the D to Pacific where I went to the 5 directly. A smart move in idea, but in practice I was doomed from the start. There was a smoke problem in the Brox which was makin' the trains run slow, an' apparently no matter what number train it is the green line is always jammed full...especially with a Yankee game about to commence as those fans were what did most of the crowdin'. Some assholes also decided to triple layer the middle where I was standin', makin' me really tempted to "accidentally" throw an elbow or two to break some ribs. I hate those fuckin' trains.

I got out where the websites said to catch the bus an' I called Babs to tell her. Apparently, she was across the street an' was so noisy she missed the call (which's why I had my phone on vibrate in my hand just then). She crossed over to my side an' called me. I picked up an' told her to turn around, an' there was our first meetin'. Wasn't expectin' it but she threw a hug on me an' I gave her the gift which she seemed to like. We got on the bus that was right there an' were on our way.

We missed our stop a bit an' ended up too far down, so we had lots of time to walk an' talk. We finally found where we were supposed to be an' got our game underway. Was a very nice course, typical greens with rock and hill hazzards, nuttin' as fun as Nellie Bly but nice nonetheless. The very first hole, I scored a fluke hole-in-one. My poor performance on subsequent holes made her think I was a pro an' lettin' her win. After the 4th hole she pretty much dropped that idea. We also dropped tryin' to keep score. I did a few bits with the ball an' cracked some jokes, even got to finally use my impression of Ed Norton from the Honeymooners episode "The Golfer" (starting at 6:30) in an appropriate setting. Had a Carl Spackler one planned, but didn't quite make it. Did do a Ty Webb, though...

By the end of the game, it was clear she won an' that I was pitiful. But, hey, I made her laugh. Hopefully in a good way, but a laugh's a laugh. The things we do fer comedy... I demanded a rematch eventually as we turned in our clubs an' grabbed some food from the grill (a ripoff at $6 fer a burger with no fries!) and headed outside to eat and talk. We had a good talk, talked the whole time together, really. The more I heard from her the more I found myself liking her. We were interrupted fer a bit by her job callin' to give her more grief, an' I sat an' watched the expressions her pretty face was makin'. That ended an' put a small damper on her night, but I tried to bring it back up a bit. Well, I musta did fine there because she hinted at wantin' to see more of me an' I flat out said the same. Eventually, lights started goin' off so we started back fer the bus.

We covered a buncha topics before gettin' back to Harlem: our pets, our jobs, our hobbies, our living situations, our exes...lotsa things. We talked about Craigslist an' she was surprised she was the only respondant to my ad. Hey, I'm not complainin' there. She also got introduced to my ability to make a random joke out of a keyword I hear in a sentence. Some were bad, others got her laughin'. We headed up to the neighborhood gardens she manages fer the program she's involved with an' showed 'em off to me, as well as the keys her board of directors gave her. The tour ended at her car and we parted company sayin' we both wanted to do this again...when, however, is up in the air as things with her job are gonna be eatin' up her time fer a bit. Stupid board. She drove off after another hug an' I headed back fer the train.

Got home around 12:30. Passed by the diner fer some chocolate shakes (the mood hit me) which sucked, then grabbed some Hot Pockets to eat 'cause someone had put me in the mood fer them after a convo an' it had been so long ('rents finally got to Pathmark before pops left on his trip). Man, was I beat. Been up fer 22 hours today, had a nice sleep on the train. Overall, it was a GREAT night. Randall's Island was beautiful, Harlem was nowhere near as bad as people like to make it out to be, an' I really like this girl who I think (hope) likes me back just as much. Can't wait fer date number 2!

Tomorrow I got my meetin' early on, then gotta do some review work fer Spiderfan. I had called D on the road this mornin' an' we're set up to see Pirates on Sunday. If it doesn't rain I'll hafta head on up to the store to visit an' drop off Craig's books. At least the bike's good to go.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Elevators from hell. I was out with Tony again an' it took me the entire hour an' a half to deliver 10 stops. 10 lousy stops. Everywhere I went today, you name it, there was somethin' delayin' the elevators. 307 had the same dumbass operatin' it. 153 the dipshit kept talkin' to people on floors we went to. 236 hadda wait fer guys to bring out garbage in that tiny little narrow hallway. 158 the operators were discussin' their future with the buildin' now that it's been sold. I just BARELY made service. BARELY. I literally had seconds to spare before I locked in the LAST package.

Wish I could say I enjoyed the train ride after, but the peace was shattered by a couple dozen Spanish/Mexican kids havin' a party in the entire back of the train; blastin' music, drinkin' stuff, bumpin' into me as they passed an' danced like morons. I swear to god I was so close to shovin' each an' every one of their heads through the windows. I had enough by Pacific Street an' bailed to catch the R. It was either that or kill the stupid fucks. I probably shoulda killed 'em.

Made some progress at work, then left to do my stuff. Cashed my check, to which Bevin felt sorry fer the tellers bein' the reason it was all wrinkly was it was hit when the cat pissed on my bag. Although, the stench was limited to the envelope it was still in. Ah well, don't care...that bank's been jerkin' us around a lot lately, so they deserve a piss check or two. Then went to get my glasses an' WOAH! I hope it's the right prescription 'cause it seems a bit strong. Whatever, ain't gonna be wearin' 'em that much...just enough to appease the FedEx morons who say I need 'em to drive. Then proceeded to look fer a new hat in vain as they were all too small. At least I gave myself a consolation prize: another soft cone. However, it wasn't nowhere near as big or tasty as the one from 5th. Looks like I know hat Carvel I'm goin' to from now on.

I had decided to give it one last shot an' brought with me in the mornin' this NYC guidebook the 'rents got me fer Xmas. I flipped through it an' found some info about Randall's Island, called the number, an' turns out their mini-golf is real mini-golf. So, the plan was back on. I sent an' E-Mail to Babs highlightin' what we'd do an' what not an' that was that. Decided to call her to follow-up on it as I hadn't gotten a response when I usually do from her, but she texted me before then an' we hashed it out there an' when she called me again later. So, the date is set. I actually have a date. Yikes.

I also listed my last two weeks of comics (apparently forgot last week's), pimped the new reviews, an' did one fer Spiderfan. Did my laundry as well, although in a pissed fashion as I had found that the shorts I wore today were pissed on. Fuckin' cats. They better hope I don't catch who's doin' it. Then I hadda do dishes with pops in Lake George, the litter pans 'cause ma's sick, an' take out the trash. Basically, I ain't gettin' to sleep till late again. Blah.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Today was sunny and warmer, but it was still a shitty day. When I got off at 36th Street I somehow discovered that my bag smelled like cat piss. Thaaaaaat's right; NAILED AGAIN. Boy, was I pissed. Nuttin' felt wet, though, so dunno when it was hit. I made a gamble if I hung my clothes in my locker they'd air out, an' luckily they did. When I got changed to go home tracked down a garbage bag to put my uniform in so I could use my bag.

Day wasn't helped any by the fact I ripped a chunk of skin out of my finger openin' a container on the sort. Damn stubborn lever got me. Had Natasha hook me up with the best bandaid they had bein' there ain't no first aid kits yet...was this giant-ass thing, way more'n I needed. But, whatever, got the job done.

Fer some reason, Tony needed to bail early so his P2s were split amongst a couple guys, includin' Edwin. Fortunately, it was a light P1 day. We were done incredibly early an' call helps were goin' out from other people in the same sitch. Edwin sent a message to Tony anyways to see how he was doin', an' with 10 mins to go he says he needs help. WTF? He said he ONLY had 14 stops plus didn't need my help! We ran over there an' as Edwin predicted he gave us 307. Fortunately, the elevator was quick an' we were able to make it with seconds to spare. Later on when dispatch sent a request fer late counts Tony's number appeared, which we took to mean he had lates. Oh boy.

Once we finished with our part of 26th, we hit Tony's part, splittin' up the work between us. Elevators made Edwin take forever with one stop. I had a li'l trouble in one buildin' findin' the place on it's floor due to a poor sign, forcin' me to go back down to the lobby to get the exact room number then goin' back up. The real problem came from another package. The landlord told me nobody lived there by the name, so I called up an' found out they moved to 38th Street. Oy. With all those delays we hadda get me back to the station, leavin' Edwin stuck to deliver that package, which sucked. Ah well.

I had intended to go to a meetin' tonight about savin' the church on 4th, but I ended up fallin' asleep after work. Dammit. Well, made my other meetin' instead an' worked on some scripts before I got a call from Babs, the girl I been E-Mailin'. She was curious how my voice sounded, so we talked fer a bit over an hour. We were feelin' each other out, some pauses an' struggles. Yeah, my suckin' on the phone didn't help much I'm sure, but think we had some good moments. Gotta make some calls tomorrow to find out the status of some mini-golf courses so we can go on our date Friday. Told her think about somethin' else she'd like to do just in case.

I'll say this much...she's definitely a cutie. Kinda excited fer Friday.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Hit the 5th Avenue Festival today to get pics fer the BID. Festival was a li'l crowded, but otherwise pathetic. Mostly food, everythin' else was light. 3rd Avenue is much better. Things weren't helped by the fact it was threatenin' rain all day till it eventually started. Shots were mediocre at best; I had nuttin' to shoot an' my good shots were always spoiled by people walkin' into 'em. Ah well. Also, of all the people I'd've loved to run into at this thing, D's friend Sean was not one of' yet he was it. Dammit.

Hit Circuit City. Surprisingly, they actually had crap in stock. Got all the DVDs ma wanted an' settled on two fer myself. Durin' that time I had called back Tommy whose call I missed. Gonna head up to the store next weekend if it don't rain an' we made plans to go see Transformers when it comes out, with D too most likely (though Tommy dunno that part yet).

On my way home, decided to hit Carvel fer my soft cone I been dyin' fer since Feb. It was sooooooooo good but melted too damn fast. Dunno how I kept it off my clothes. D called me to hang, so an hour after I went home I hit his place. There he gave me from Phily a copy of the Declaration an' a Marvel shirt I saw in a catalogue not too long ago. We surfed the web fer a bit, an' even hit Craigslist to laugh at some of the ads on there. He even responded to two of them, so we'll see what happens there.

Came home, hit the chat fer a bit an' tried to work on the script that would NOT be written. Dunno what my hangup is on it, but I hope it passes soon 'fore Liz thinks I forgot about her.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


I spent most of the day restin' up from the hectic week of workin'. All that late freight an' runnin' around takes it's toll, regardless of people insistin' havin' two jobs is the cause. When I finally got motivated, I headed up to get my bike fixed. Decided to get it straightened one more time, which revealed a spoke got broken. If it bends again I'm lookin' into a new, stronger rim. Sick of it. While that was gettin' worked on went over to Budget Eyewear an' picked out some new glasses. Wasn't too bad, gave me a discount 'cause of my doc so I'd only hafta pay $100 in total. Dropped a $20 deposit an' gonna wait fer their call.

Soon after I was on my way to MoCCA. Got there an' unfortunately Bob decided to take a walk with a friend he met there 'cause they were too early. Since I ain't the type to just walk in without knowin' someone, I waited. Ken Gale, another group member an' professional, showed up an' I decided to go in with him to wait fer Bob. Bob finally came an' I was able to be introduced to the man of the hour, Jim Salicrup, to say happy bday an' congrats without bein' a total stranger outta nowhere. I talked to Ken fer a bit about his upcomin' Psychosis story, which took me a while to remember were the pages Keith an' Hector showed off back in April. From the sounds of it, should be good, an' those guys took some great liberties with the script like the innovative designs fer my own.

From then on did some minglin' as the party moved on. They had a very light spread of just chips an' stuff as well as a drink table, but the crownin' achievement was the giant cake they had. On it in icin' was 4 perfect recreations of comics Jim worked on, includin' Spider-Man #1. I'm tellin' ya, it looked like someone put the issues on the cake. They got their money's worth. There was also a lot of Spidey-themed decorations (Bob stole one of the napkins) bein' that's what Jim's most associated with. There were also lots of exhibits of things Jim's worked on, includin' one of his original crappy sketches he gave to the head honcho of the museum an' a 1991 tradin' card with him bein' like Spidey.

Bob also introduced me to the friend he met, Mark Lerer. Mark was one of the editors on Marvel Age back when Bob wrote fer it. Bob would send in his articles an' Mark's name would always end up on it, Bob never knowin' who he was. Till tonight. We got to talkin' a bit about comic history an' about his own character, an' I told him about my scripts I've got comin' through CAG. He suggested I should join MoCCA (which I plan to do now that I have money) fer some meetings they have there, a great way to network. He's also got a graphic novel in the works, Little General, an' looks as though he may volunteer to do letters on Bob's Psychosis story since his letterer bailed. Think he was hintin' at bein' an artist fer my story too, so we'll hafta see.

I also met through Bob Danny Fingeroth, a writer an' editor from the old days. I have quite a few of his books, although I'll admit I blanked on what he did when I met him but I remembered the name. Nice guy, very knowledgable. We had a nice comics chat where we discussed a lotta the things I've recently written about in my articles. It's so awesome to hear that stuff comin' back at ya from people INSIDE the industry. He's gonna be at the Big Apple con this month, as if I needed more reasons to go. Gonna hafta get Mark to hook me up with a badge.

Also met some people who worked fer the Princeton Review in an office on the 5th floor there, an' a new potential CAG member I'll hafta let know when an' where the next meetin' is so he can stop by. Also lots more people in an' out, includin' some very attractive women (who says ya can't meet hot girls in comics?). It was cool bein' in a room full of professionals...even though I had no clue who most of them were. I know names, not faces, an' they all spent time around Jim an' people they knew so didn't get a chance to really find out.

The party went off with Jim's congrats from colleagues an' the museum, as well as a DVD video made by Stan Lee who wasn't able to attend. It was hillarious, at first Stan pretended not to remember him, but then broke out into a poem he wrote about Jim to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy...which he sung horribly as he warned us he would. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the whole thing as their player or the DVD was screwed up an' it kept freezin' till it eventually died. Ah well. We all got some good laughs outta it. He got more presents, then we had cake which wasn't too bad at all. Around midnight people were startin' to be kicked out so me an' Bob said our goodbyes an' took our leave. Somewhere along the way I also bought $10 worth of the comics they sold there. Hey, I had some restraint! Were plenty more in the $1 boxes! Mark also bought a Killraven issue that I passed up. Heh good fer him.

Came home, listed my books, at some dinner an' some ice cream cake pops got (he's addicted to that stuff). Woulda played my game but was feelin' worn out, plus I gotta go to Circuit City tomorrow fer some DVDs an' take pics of the 5th Avenue Festival fer the BID along the way. Think I might skip goin' to the store till next weekend, we'll see.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Pullin' double duty all week had taken it's toll. I was incredibly shot today. I was tired in every sense of the word. Bein' Friday I snagged a nap, but I'm even MORE tired now than I was. Looks like I know what I'll be doin' this weekend...SLEEPIN'.

Was out with Juan today an' it all went pretty smoothly. P1s got where they needed to be on time, banged out a lotta P2s. The problem came in my gettin' back to the station. Juan didn't wanna take me back so I hadda wait fer a ride from someone else. Took till well after 12 to get one, an' got back around 12:30. Next time, I'm just takin' the bus or train. I really need my own route an' truck, this shit is gettin' rediculous. No less thrillin' fer Carlos who informed me it costs them 20Gs to train new people on the hopes of makin' that investment back in work. I was also held up by Steve, the night guy in the check-in room, takin' the day off an' nobody else seemin' to know about it. Hadda wait fer Lisette to head in there. Lisette is a very attractive gal who works there in the check-out room. Her actual job function I really don't know at this point, but she's somewhere between us an' management. Nice gal too, gorgeous eyes.

Anyways, trudged through at the office where I was surprised by most of the renewals bein' gone, then bein' dismayed when they returned when Kathy left...probably bein' held at her desk. Ah well. Came home, set up my AC, put away the first batch of tradin' cards I got off Ebay an' then passed out. Got up, did some stuff on Spiderfan, an' that was that.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna try to go get my new glasses an' new rim an' chain fer my bikes. Tomorrow night, Bob sent me a thing about a bday celebration an' openin' of a new exhibit fer comic creator Jim Salicrup at MoCCA that I'm fixin' to attend. Hopefully there's no dress code there as I'd like to wear my shorts since it's gonna be hot. Pants would kill me. Sunday, if I get the bikes fixed, I'm gonna head up to the store to drop off Craig's books. That's of course after I go to the 5th Avenue Festival to take some shots fer the BID, an' in between all that doin' stuff fer Spiderfan. So much fer rest, huh?

D's also back from his trip, but he's workin' tomorrow. So we're gonna start hittin' up the movies next weekend. Although, I think my meetin' might be Saturday mornin' again so it may not go exactly as planned. We'll hafta see.