Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today was the pick-up test. Set up the same way as the practice test, the class was split in half; we did our computer test first, they did the pick-ups first. I had a li'l trouble at first findin' some of the answers (open book exam) so I made a couple guesses which turned out to be right as I got 100 on it. So I was sent out into the hall an' proceeded to do my pick-ups. I ended up goofin' on my timecard by forgettin' to clock out, an' I thought I made a few more mistakes along the way. Turns out I didn't, me an' this guy Woodley got near perfect scores, apparently. Everyone else got some minor stuff wrong, but Joshua an' Manny apparently screwed up big time meanin' they're outta the class. Felt bad fer Josh, nice guy, thought he'd make it. But Manny? He was the moron I talked about before. I swear, I dunno how he even does a normal function with how retarded he is. So, that's 3 classmates down as the girl from my station got booted fer showin' up incredibly late yesterday. Next: deliveries. My thing.

We started that unit fer a bit on the computer, then after me an' Laura waited anxiously he let us go. I came right home an' got to work on my article which I just finished. Didn't get to any of my comics an' I hafta do my reviews tomorrow. My website update's gonna be a bit late too. Blah. Fuckin' Fed Ex is takin' up more time than I thought.

Was hot an' humid today. Even in the shade. But, I spent my lunch in Hundson River Park as usual. Went down along one of the piers to admire the view an' watch these two guys (three today) do some kinda martial arts dance thing in the corner fer a bit. Even bought with my last $2 this Popcicle Ice Shots thingy...li'l flavored ice balls. Not bad, but if it melts it mushes together an' becomes hard to eat outta the container they give.

An' dumb me, I left my phone on vibrate so I didn't hear it go off when I went in back fer a bit, nor did I realize I had a message till I got a hunch an' looked. Babs called an' I missed it. Don't even know what she wanted 'cause her message was all garbled up. I got her voicemail when I called, told her to call me back but hasn't happened yet. I really hope she didn't say she was free to meet up like I think she did. I'll be pissed otherwise. Fuckin' phones. A detriment!

Also, some sad news; one of the strays we were tryin' to get inside, Pepper, was found dead under the Impala tonight. Pops thought it was rancid sewer water he was smellin' till he decided to check tonight an' found him. He got hurt somehow a while ago an' started actin' all weird, then disappeared. Shame, he was a cute cat. We're gonna bury him tomorrow night.


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