Friday, June 15, 2007


Today I was back with Edwin...was good to be home. Edwin hadda really bang out his route 'cause his daughter had a dance tonight he forgot all about thinkin' it was next week (not a typical guy thing either, apparently his wife screwed up the info ironically). Well, wasn't much we could do until 10:30, so I told him to relax an' just do the P1s as normal. We finished nice an' early an' went over to help Tony, who took all the crappy stops. He left us with 27th street, an' bein' a nice guy, I offered to take FIT 'cause one of the boxes was super heavy an' we didn't have no gear. Boy, am I a dumbass. I hadda stop once (an' fix my tags which got broke from the box) an' slid it the rest of the way on the smooth floor of the school to the mailroom. With 6 minutes to go, I ran all the way back to the truck to re-deliver an' undelivered package ('cause they get late now even if you attempted it an' left a door tag) an' was able to do it with a few seconds to spare. Booyah! Then we started on the P2s, but before we finished Edwin stopped me sayin' we went TOO fast, he hand't counted on my help so he needed to save some fer later. Heh ah well, at least he can leave when he finishes. Got taken back, got my check (which is now on direct deposit) an' hit the road fer the office.

Oh, an' Edwin told me he had a delivery fer 236 yesterday, an' informed me today that the girl I think is cute that he was tryin' to get me to put moves on was the one who signed fer it, PLUS he saw her walkin' outside the buildin' later. Figgers, an' I was supposed to go with him too. Ah well, I'll be content with Babs if her schedule ever clears up enough to let me in.

Finished up the last day at the office kinda weakly. Didn't finish all the renewals, but since most of 'em are August wasn't too bothered by it. Did finish up some stragglers fer June an' July, then banged out everythin' else except the One Beacon endorsements. Sis wasn't even online so it was a loooooong borin' day, good thing I had Diana (inker up in Canada) to chat with somewhat. Next two weeks I'll be in class from 7-3 (or so I'm told), an' fortunately I'm way ahead of the game. Unfortunately, I'm way ahead of the game, which means I'm gonna be bored re-learnin' all the shit I already know. Couple things I could use some instruction on, but overall I'm already good to go.

Came home to my Ghost Rider DVD an' my pops' day present fer dumbass ($70 freakin' bucks fer this goddamn cologne he uses...what a freakin' moron). Checked out the DVD an' the free book that came with it, then crapped out till 8. Got up, an' decided to get some White Castle 'cause a convo with Darrell yesterday made me crave it BIG time. Wished I'd gotten up at 7, though, 'cause was almost 10 by the time I got back. Decided on the Fort Hamilton Parkway one 'cause that's the one they complain about the least. Came back, we ate an' watched the movie. The new scenes were pretty good, an' I was able to pick out most of the new ones. Couple extensions too, those're the ones I missed 'cause they seemed familiar. Re-watched it again with the commentary. Gonna hafta watch the second disc eventually.

Today, the 'rents got their loan fer redoin' the house. I have a decision to make. They want me an' D to take over the apartment next door. Originally, they'd ask fer $750 each, but ma's sweetenin' the pot by droppin' it to $600. Now, a couple questions arise...can me an' D co-exist in the same space every day even if just fer a few hours (basically a couple every night after we get off our respective jobs)? Can he get out of the lease he's gonna hafta sign this month since they drug their feet too long? Sublet? Do I want instant relief by movin' out now an' savin' the sparse remains after bills an' such fer a home in the country, or do I wanna risk my sanity an' stay here puttin' everythin' I make into a home a few years sooner? Not to mention into my car. Babs was also tellin' me there's ways to get good deals on financin' fer a home thanks to her pops bein' a mortgage broker, so I'd have some expert advice on my side there too. So many things, so little money. I still need to get additional Federal taken out before I get slammed in April.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery? Move out now an' become a REAL adult, or move out later an' become a REAL adult who's a homeowner?


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IF you are planning to buy a home with your savings, you are gonna be living at home for a while.

Living at home does have his financial benefits. But if its drivign you crazy, move out rent for a few years, build up some solid credit and then move into the homeowners market via a mortgage.

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