Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Day two of class. Somethin' came up in schedulin' that forced Nancy to duck out fer half the class, so we were consolidated with the other trainer Linda's group. We were between our room workin' on computer lessons an' the conference room where I took the initial test. This lady is even crazier than Nancy! Voices an' hyperactive actions... An' then the dress-up she made people do to demonstrate proper customer service...yowsa! It was fun, though.

On our lunch break, since we had an hour, I decided to head on down to Tribeca to see what state the piers were in. Good thing I took Babs to Randall's Island; the entire area is under construction. It looks nuttin' like it did the last time I was there, which was granted about 2 years ago. I headed into the park by Stuyversant an' ate lunch on one of the benches. Decided to save time by not goin' all the way to the bench I used to hang at, but good enough. Nice, shady, peaceful. I even saw Steve joggin' to work on the way down.

Soon as I finished, I headed back up. Decided to take a detour along Washington Street to see how this one buildin' was fairin' as it was under renovation when last I saw it. Well, the fixed it up nice; I was surprised. Gave it a whole new bottom an' kept it basically the same. The parkin' lot that was next to it's becomin' a buildin', though, an' they tore down the rest of the old garage that was there to make room fer a typical modern glass monstrousity. Blech. Of course, my joy over the preservation of that buildin' was short lived as I soon discovered three more succumbed to the wreckin' ball of progress. Damn. At least one of them is forever preserved in the Beastie Boys "Ch-Ch-Check it Out" video.

I seriously hate how fast we're losin' all these old buildings with character. Seriously, I get the reasons fer it an' I wouldn't mind so much if these new pieces of shit had some STYLE. They're all this "futuristic" glass box crap. If I wanted to live in a steralized environment I'd move into a hospital. Fer crissakes, how hard is it to update existin' structures?! Is it any wonder I feel no more connection to this city, the way there's progressively less of it left to be connected to?

Tomorrow Babs heads out to Florida. Sent her a text message to wish her a good trip. Figger she might be a packin' procrastinator so it'd take less time than a phone call an' would be guaranteed to be seen unlike an E-Mail. Nice middle ground I figger.


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