Saturday, June 23, 2007


Always nice to wake up to yer cat pukin'.

Got up an' headed out to the con. Ran a bit late so got there at 10:30, but was still good. Waited on line fer a few minutes to get in, then showed my reciept, got stamped, an' there I was. Before hittin' the bins I decided to look around an' ended up findin' Michelle, Rebecca an' James in what's affectionately known as Artists' Alley. Did the meet an' greet before trackin' down those bins.

Only found two at the time; one confused me 'cause they had different prices all over. That was next to this dude who airbrushes custom t-shirts with comic characters. Same area was another dude with clearly marked 50 cent bins under his main table. So, I picked him an' started diggin'. I came out with entire runs of Punisher, Quasar an' others, as well as some choice old books an' some not-so-desireable but still needed ones. I even found this one issue of Guardians of the Galaxy I had seen on the rack years ago at the local newspaper stand an' wasn't able to buy; with Dr. Doom inside Wolverine's automated skeleton. That cover always stood out to me, so of course I grabbed it. Same principle as What If vol. 2 #50.

I ended up with 260 books, which the dude only charged me $100 fer. Shweet! I also didn't hafta rely on my list save fer a couple times. I boxed 'em up an' went back to CAG's table where Michelle was now with Ed. Rebecca had gone off to the MoCCA festival. After a bit a took a walk around. Lots of comics an' toys, it was insane. Rebecca put it best as a giant flea market. There was even a Jedi Club of NY who apparently get off on dressin' up an' havin' sword fights an' stuff. I met Rich Buckler who created Deathlok, whose comics I got out of the bins, an' talked to him fer a bit. I even bought a couple autographed art prints...very sweet Wolverines. Met Alex Maleeve who did an awesome run on Daredevil an' complimented him as such. Danny Fingeroth eventually showed up an' I met the guy who was next to him who did some nice old-school artwork (forget his name though...oops!). Also saw Butch Patrick an' the son from Married with Children, as well as one of the stars from Saturday Night Fever; they had a special area all to themselves. Didn't get to meet Captain Lou Albano like I planned 'cause all those headliner guests were up on the 18th floor or some such an' the announcements were worse than a subway. Also saw Melvin in my travels an' he gave me a free copy of his comic Gothis. (261)

Back at the table, eventually Bob an' Mark showed up an' we manned the frontline. Mark gave me the notes on my script he called me about yesterday so gonna hafta go take care of that first chance I get. Bob an' Ed were pulled away fer an interview with the Comic Book Novice an' were supposed to return to let me an' Mark have a go, but that didn't happen. At that time, I got surprised by D showin' up! Didn't think he'd come back to a con since he was apparently bored at the last one. But me bein' behind the table caused an exception I guess. So I went fer another walk around with him.

He ordered a Mangeto shirt from the airbrush guy that I'd pick up, bein' he hadda go to a co-worker's kid's bday party. Why? Nobody knows. We hadda dig through those bins I mentioned (now clearly labeled 50 cents, BTW) to find a reference pic fer the guy an' I ended up buyin' 5 more comics to round out my stash (266). He used a panel from X-Men #1. Kinda small, but hopefully the dude has sufficient talent. I also bought 6 die-cast Marvel magnets from one of the toy venders. We also got a li'l history lesson from Ken (who was accross from the CAG table) about comics an' somethin' that often gets forgotten in the sands of time.

When it died down a bit, Bob an' Mark were missin' so I decided to organize my comic stash an' save myself some trouble later. Michelle an' Ed helped, an' found out even with my bein' careful I ended up with 4 duplicates...1 set I just bought. Oy. Gave them to Ed an' that was that. (262)

The rest of CAG eventually showed up; Keith, Shawnti, two new members Sue an' Everett who have a project in Small Press Idol, Hector an' his fiance`, Ed from the last meetin', Chris an' Rebecca eventually returned. We all had fun sittin' an' talkin'. Rebecca was tired which meant she was way more talkative than usual, which was cool an' fun. We may have gotten a lead on an artist fer my story Mark'll hafta follow-up on. I showed Rebecca the Jedi Club to show the level of dorkery that abounds, an' she also got to see this guy's selection of swords (into swords apparently...not that I blame her, they're cool! Still wish I bought the Blad sword when I had the chance....).

Mark also dragged me with him to raid the 50 cent bins on his own an' to converse. Sometimes I feel like his conversations are designed to prod into my inner psyche to see if comics is somethin' I really wanna do or just a passin' fad to me. An', of course, whenever I answer a question he acts like I'm bein' all defensive fer some reason...even though nuttin' in my tone should suggest it. I'll hafta ask him why that is one day. Chris an' his friend Carlos came by to say hi an' bye then headed out. Mark bought his stack of DC an', while thumbin' through the books, I found 3 single-didget Wolverine issues in the dollar bin. Since these books in their condition run no less than $10 each, I bought them. (265)

As the con was closin' down, the gang decided to go to Mustang Sally's or Harry's fer dinner. Michelle opted out 'cause she's got work an' poor, an' we managed to convince Rebecca to come. I basked in the smartness an' stupidity in my plan as I carred my two short boxes full of comics an' my back an' arms started to tingle. Blah. Moderation? What's that? We ended up at Harry's where we had a massive table assembled to accomodate not only CAG but 3 friends of CAG from the Comicbook Novice. We ate an' talked, had a few laughs. Unfortunately, nobody was really talkin' to Hector or his girl an' they looked bored. An' since I ain't a good conversationalist with people I dunno too well I wasn't able to do nuttin' about it 'cept feel bad.

By the end of the night, Melvin was a bit hopped up on 3 beers an' was excitedly tellin' me I should be in Marvel an' he could hook me up since he knows people. Of course, he only pissed these people off recently... The Connecticut guys headed on their way, the uptown guys their way, an' me an' Rebecca went fer the R. She was able to grab the Q almost immediately at 14th Street an' then it was off to home fer me.

Tryin' to list my books, I'm gettin' progressively tired so think I'm gonna turn in early. Also gonna go in late to the Con an' not stay as long. Maybe about 1-ish. Next weekend's Hector's party, an' me an' James're plannin' to ride up together where Keith'll pick us up. That should be fun.


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