Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Today was sunny and warmer, but it was still a shitty day. When I got off at 36th Street I somehow discovered that my bag smelled like cat piss. Thaaaaaat's right; NAILED AGAIN. Boy, was I pissed. Nuttin' felt wet, though, so dunno when it was hit. I made a gamble if I hung my clothes in my locker they'd air out, an' luckily they did. When I got changed to go home tracked down a garbage bag to put my uniform in so I could use my bag.

Day wasn't helped any by the fact I ripped a chunk of skin out of my finger openin' a container on the sort. Damn stubborn lever got me. Had Natasha hook me up with the best bandaid they had bein' there ain't no first aid kits yet...was this giant-ass thing, way more'n I needed. But, whatever, got the job done.

Fer some reason, Tony needed to bail early so his P2s were split amongst a couple guys, includin' Edwin. Fortunately, it was a light P1 day. We were done incredibly early an' call helps were goin' out from other people in the same sitch. Edwin sent a message to Tony anyways to see how he was doin', an' with 10 mins to go he says he needs help. WTF? He said he ONLY had 14 stops plus didn't need my help! We ran over there an' as Edwin predicted he gave us 307. Fortunately, the elevator was quick an' we were able to make it with seconds to spare. Later on when dispatch sent a request fer late counts Tony's number appeared, which we took to mean he had lates. Oh boy.

Once we finished with our part of 26th, we hit Tony's part, splittin' up the work between us. Elevators made Edwin take forever with one stop. I had a li'l trouble in one buildin' findin' the place on it's floor due to a poor sign, forcin' me to go back down to the lobby to get the exact room number then goin' back up. The real problem came from another package. The landlord told me nobody lived there by the name, so I called up an' found out they moved to 38th Street. Oy. With all those delays we hadda get me back to the station, leavin' Edwin stuck to deliver that package, which sucked. Ah well.

I had intended to go to a meetin' tonight about savin' the church on 4th, but I ended up fallin' asleep after work. Dammit. Well, made my other meetin' instead an' worked on some scripts before I got a call from Babs, the girl I been E-Mailin'. She was curious how my voice sounded, so we talked fer a bit over an hour. We were feelin' each other out, some pauses an' struggles. Yeah, my suckin' on the phone didn't help much I'm sure, but think we had some good moments. Gotta make some calls tomorrow to find out the status of some mini-golf courses so we can go on our date Friday. Told her think about somethin' else she'd like to do just in case.

I'll say this much...she's definitely a cutie. Kinda excited fer Friday.


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