Saturday, June 30, 2007


The trains are a mess! I left a li'l behind schedule, but figgered I could use the N to give me a boost on time to get to Grand Central, as I didn't remember if James said we'd be catchin' the 4:07 or the 4:43 out. Well, turns out the N is not workin' on weekends till August. So, ended up on the R an' decided I'd transfer to the 4 or 5 on Pacific as they usually go express. Ha ha, no 4 or 5 service. Ended up on the Q until 14th where James called me, then onto the 6 from there. I made it to Grand Central just before 4 an' hadda wait fer James, who came 10 mins before the 43 train. Of course, the line we were on someone was havin' troubles an' we only got our tickets to JUST make the train as the doors were closin'.

Our first seats were no good, as they had people in the seats across an' absolutely no leg room fer me. At 125th we changed cars an' were able to find some decent ones. James pulled out his DVD player an' we watched Ocean's 11 on the way up while talkin' in between. We managed to get to New Haven a few minutes ahead of schedule. Keith was already there to meet us accross the street, was just a matter of waitin' fer Hector, Ven and Bob. Hector an' Ven showed up, we BSed fer a bit, then proceeded to a place called Humphrey's (or Bogarts, dependin' which sign on the buildin' you chose to believe) where Bob was waitin'. More talkin' in the parkin' lot as Bob showed off Chris' cover to his next Psychosis story, an' then we headed in to eat.

Nice place, a typical sports bar. Had some old signage an' lighting, and even an old brick oven long sealed up next to where we sat. We were expectin' two more guys so they combined 4 of the tables together. Started off with a nacho appetizer (had the cheese already metled on it, wasn't as good as if you coulda dunked it in cheese) before we got around to orderin' food. I had a burger, of course, which was nice an' big an' delicious. They served drinks not in bottles in plastic cups, but fortunately the soda was excellent. Because of the reason of the gatherin' the conversation ineveitably leaned towards old relationships an' other related elements. I decided to keep quiet on that, havin' a lengthly convo about that with the GF of one of Deb's kids last night, Ashley, an', to borrow a term from Babs, I don't wanna give her any more importance by keepin' the story fresh. 'Sides, I'm sick of tellin' it an' two of them already knew it anyways. James, though, decided to share that I had a date with Babs next weekend as I had told him upon his askin' at the station.

The last two guys showed up as we had finished, this guy Carl an' his cousin Tony. I finished up by orderin' this thing I saw on the desert menu called Chocolate Lava, which ended up bein' a round chocolate brownie with chocolate filling with 6 dabs of whipped cream on either side an' chocolate sauce. Not at all liked it was described to be, but very tasty. We divided up the bill so that Hector didn't hafta pay, an' ended up overcompensatin' so that Bob ended up not havin' to pay either since he was gonna take the cash an' use his card as he forgot money. In reality, James shoulda got off since tomorrow is his bday. Ah well, whatever works. We said our goodbyes an' Bob took me back to the train so I could catch the 10:09 back. Good thing I wasn't gonna stay, as the next train wasn't until 4 AM an' with the subway actin' up who knows when I'd get home.

Wanna add, I kinda liked goin' to the bathroom there. Felt a lot like the bathrooms upstate where I can't wait to be. Very rustic. Won't make sense to any of you out there, I'm sure, but there it is. Also, very fun how some of the tiles were busted an' felt like the floor was cavin' in. Interestin' stuff, that.

The trip back was uneventful. Trains were runnin' decent enough, just takin' forever to get there. I took the N back an' walked a li'l off the usual path I go home 'cause in the park by the highway I had seen an hubcap by one of the trees when I passed by earlier, was lookin' to reclaim it. No such luck. The ONLY piece of trash in the park to be gone. Ah well. Funny thing was, I thought I should replace the rubber gloves an' bags I started carryin' fer when I'd run accross 'em as I left with my bag.

It was a fun night. Babs even sent me an E-Mail to ask how it was, the sweetie she is. Tomorrow me an' D plan to go see Shrek 3, so gonna head off here to get in some game time before I hafta go to bed. First show an' all.


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