Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today was an Iconic meeting, but it was also the night that Chris Claremont was expected to speak at MoCCA. Guess which one I opted to go to?

It was basically an introspective about Wolverine in anticipation of the new movie and a new book that came out which basically discussed his whole comics career. Basically, a fancier version of the Encylopedias that came out a few years ago. The affair went off pretty well. Essentially, having just written an article about Wolverine for Estella, they didn't say anything I didn't already know (but was nice to get corroboration from the horse's mouth) but I did get to learn more about the new X-Men Forever book that's coming out. Which, is basically, similar to my last Marvel submission; taking an established property and diverting it's timeline from one moment into an alternate tangent. Mine would've been to keep Ben Reilly alive. His is where would the stories have gone had he not been "forced" off of the X-Men books. I also got the book signed by him and it's author, as well as my copies of both Wolverine #1s. I had brought 3 others to get signed, but since we ran late they were limiting how much you could get signed so didn't take a chance.

Got an interesting surprise in Rebecca and another CAGer, Dan, being there. Was cool to see. Found out Becky's got another show in June so told her send me the info. Also found out she's leaving the group (big surprise there).

I raced home and finished up the meeting with the others. We were hoping the latest PDF dummy book would've been our last, but there were still some errors that needed addressing...including the fact someone cut dialogue from my story and added credits which my script did NOT call for.

Monday, April 27, 2009


last week I had finally called the orthopedic doctor I was recommended and got an appointment for today. Ya know, I gotta wonder what the point of an appointment is if you arrive on time and still get passed over for several people who come in after?

I got an X-Ray done again, then met with the doc who told me I had a spur on my hip bone. He prescribed me some anti-inflamatory meds and wants me to go for an MRI. Fun.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I dunno how I manage to make deadlines, but I do. I had decided to do some Wolverine-related articles in anticipation of the movie for Estella. I had fallen behind on my pace DESPITE getting a head start, but figured with the knowledge I already have I coulda breezed through 'em. Boy, was I wrong! I used all the general info I knew, and then trying to elaborate on it...hoooooo boy.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I know it's been a while since I've written here. Unfortunately, I've gotten pretty busy all over so something had to go. The most harmless thing was this here blog, which I'm sure only two people read on an infrequent basis anyways.

So, here's the overall update since last we left:

Apparently working on the Index means I get to work for the Trade paperback division as well. I got assigned to map out, or decide what books will be reprinted, in three trades due out sometime next year. I did the next two Spider-Girl digests, and a Fantastic Four Hardcover. Probably the easiest of my work for Marvel, since all I have to do is list how many pages are in each book and what order they go in. Although, determining the Spider-Girl books was a little tricky as the last digest didn't end at a really optimal place. Ideally, #12 woulda had 9 books in it but that was vetoed. Fortunately I planned ahead for a decent enough cut-off point, which pretty much set the standard for the remaining 5 books. The other 4 I don't get to do, though, since they wanna give someone else a chance to get paid. I wasn't even thinking about the money. I come from a world where I never got paid for my work, so doing things like that is no skin off my nose.

Someone else got canned for leaving their packages unattended. Sad, and leaves us even more short-handed than ever thanks to the hiring freeze that still goes on. So, that basically means I'm playing things THEIR way (for now), especially since my manager practically begged me to. So, whatever. I get lates I get lates. They'll just hafta deal with it.

I apparently didn't make my hesitance at allowing an unknown friend of Shawnti's to stay with us in Philly. Thinking about it more, I decided to voclaize it, not realizing it's been exactly 4 months since we last discussed it together. No concept of time, y'know. Also, I never actually said YES. I left it up to Liz, who decided to say yes. But, regardless, I ended up just relenting and saying whatever, I'd deal. Of course, I ended up with the good news that he can't go anyways due to a sick relative, so alright!

The topping of the presents continues. With Liz's bday in September, and repeated failed attempts for her to go see Phantom on Broadway, I decided to get her tickets. My plan originally was to give her two so her and possibly her mother could go. But, instead, it looks like she's dragging me. Hope she doesn't think it's gonna be torture, 'cause I don't really mind something like that. Although, I'd rather see Shrek or Spamalot first...

Next week I'm on vacation. I got quite a few things I'd like to get done. Hopefully, I can. We shall see.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Because of my birthday E-mail, Tina wrote me earlier this week saying we should get together for dinner before she gets all bogged down with church stuff this weekend. Sure, I took extra money out of the bank for that eventuality, but I didn't bother "clearing my calendar" since it didn't happen as I knew it wouldn't.

D calls me up today and we head out to shoot some pool, something we haven't done for a while. We talked, played, I kicked his ass. Then he tried to kick mine in Foosball and I still won. Booyah! During this, he told me it's hard for him to come up with places we can hang out. I dunno why that is, since I like to do a lot of things, but I just don't like dealing with his best buddy Sean. Guy's an annoying asshole who doesn't know when to stop. That should be the only hang-up, but whatever. After hitting the comic shop we made some plans to see Monsters vs. Aliens if it's still out next weekend, as well as maybe his coming with me a couple times I head upstate. We'll see.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I got stuck on FOs again, and when I came back I was given an option; do a shitty route or head over to a walking station and possibly do their version of my route. I chose the latter. I drove up there, organized the buckets already set up for me, and got to work.

Walking stations handle only documents and small packages. They get it a bit easier in that they get to go through the front instead of being forced into freights. They get it a bit harder in that they can have upwards of 50 stops to do in the same time period, and organizing those buckets is a lot harder than they look. I ended up mixing up a couple packages into wrong stops which forced me to have to go back a couple times, and I screwed up with a couple alternate company names wasting my time doing a couple stops closed for the Jewish holiday. Out of 120 packages, ended up with 2 lates. Wasn't too bad considering. Worst part was my fumbling around, having not done an alternate station scenario before.

Almost got into a fight at the station. Tripped and accidentally ended up tossing keys at a guy, so he came back and threw his printer at me not-so-accidentally. We had words, more so to let him know I wasn't gonna take his shit. I wish there was a way to cut the station part out of my day. Buncha useless co-workers adding nothing but aggrivation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Truck was starting funny today, but I figured I'd have till I got back to deal with it. And I would've, if I hadn't decided to get gas. After I filled up, the truck refused to start. Starter was shot, confirmed when I called pops. Called Damien who had me call the station to call for a tow. Tow truck arrived over an hour later because the asshole went to the wrong gas station. Um, duh. He tried to get the truck started before towing it to the station. He had to leave it out front until someone else could come along as he wasn't allowed inside no more. Turns out, this dude was the same one who ended up dropping a truck straight through the ramp wall a couple months ago. Lovely.

Let's see how long it takes my truck to get fixed now.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Gary had sent me an E-mail earlier this week letting me know he won't make it today, but his associate Ray would be there to let us into the room. What Gary forgot was that, during spring break, they usually close down the school so the custodial staff could get ahead on the cleaning. Thaaaaaat's right...we arrived in the pouring rain to find we were locked out. And this was the day I got donuts!

So, we had to have a diner meeting which is a SEVERE pain in the ass. I say severe 'cause in that environment, everyone wants to chat and chat and here I am trying to get through the agenda and everyone's either off topic or won't shut up. It's a difficult environment in which to work. Not to mention all the background yeah, not fun. Plus, it kinda kiboshed a couple things I wanted to do towards the end.

After the meeting most of us adjourned to the bar across the street where we read through some of Jesse's script before departing. At least it wasn't a total loss...we did get a new member in; that's always good. Turnout, though, is still low. And thanks to nobody thinking I should know, I dunno how many we lost from the awards and how many 'cause of Mark. I did learn one of the Eds is taking a break from comics for the year, so there's that. Maybe once we get the publications going again people'll start coming back.

I also got my first Marvel check today. Let me tell ya, I dunno if it's good or bad considering I've never been paid to write before, but goddamn I sure as hell ain't complaining! And, as you'd expect, it had Spidey on it.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Okay, realizing that birthday denile has only stopped one thing, the keeping me from the center of attention and not the suckfest that particular day is, I've decided to start acknowledging it from now on. I also sent an E-Mail to my friends so they can hold me to it next year.

That ended up having me learn Sis was so busy with her sisters' arrival that she completely forgot, and Liz I learned later has been working her ass off at the post office and trying to get the manga done by the 30th deadline. So, she's been pretty tired and something had to give...for starters the constant texting and IMing.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Another Birthday come and gone, and another that totally sucked. I got two reasons why I don't acknowledge them; I don't like the attention and they always end up effed up.

I once again had a couple stops, mostly bulk, and I was given things to do on 3 different streets starting at 5 blocks away. Wouldn't've been such a problem if the elevators there weren't all CRAP. First building, the operator kept talking to the UPS guy despite knowing I was there. I coulda stolen the elevator and came back in the time he took. Next building, elevators were slow as shit. The last, the freight guys don't care so me and UPS were waiting 15 minutes to get picked up, then another 5 so the guy could show off to someone else an 80 year old gauge from the building. So, I ended up with a late. Problem is, TODAY Empire coulda used my help, and that's originally what they were gonna do again, but no; they gotta get smart. Again.

As for my birthday, well ma was sick so any enjoyment I coulda had was overshadowed by her hacking her lungs out on the couch. This pretty much happens every year. At least it was better than the bday where I had to take her to the hospital for arm pains. And the last time I tried to celebrate, none of my friends were available. So, yeah, birthdays always sucked, which is why I stopped acknowledging 'em. My parties always sucked, my plans always fell through, and ma always got sick. Throw in the crap at work, and I really wasn't feeling it today.

Took me a while to train my friends not to acknowledge it. D and Tina probably forgot by now, surprised Liz didn't say anything 'cause I know she'd love to be a pain in the ass, and I guess I finally bore it into sis' head 'cause didn't hear from her. See, anything is possible!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Because I was light at work, Damien had me go to help Empire as soon as I finished. Now, Empire hadn't called for help at that point, but the other route I usually help did. But, I followed orders. Messages I sent to Empire were met with confusion as he never asked for help. So, after waiting 10 minutes for responses, I tried to get up to the other route only to find out that Empire already got there and I wasn't needed. Ah, leadership inaction. Add to that the weird phenominon of a momentary snowstorm. Gotta love global warming; snow storm the first day of spring, snow then rain then back to snow in minutes in April.

Superdork was at the shop once again, but so were Robin and Eugene, not the regulars. Turns out the dude, named Eric, annoys the crap out of them too. Only Abdulla, my Wednesday regular, tollerates him. He had to be staved off following customers around talking to them, and offering one a copy of the illegally downloaded Wolverine movie his friend gave him. Well, nice to know I'm not TOTALLY crazy in my disdain of him. Seriously, this is not just my usual mean-ness. This dude is REALLY annoying. In other news, looks like my shop's opening a third branch, which Robin will be heading up. Good for him. Funny thing is, it's relatively close to the bar me and D discovered a couple years ago. Small world syndrome, man.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


In getting smart, they tried to justify my going out with a couple stops that couldn't be absorbed by giving me some stops left behind downstairs. Ya know, make my numbers look good. Okay, no big. Thing is I know that block so I knew wasn't gonna get any parking, so I was gonna stack everything on my cart and wheel it down the couple blocks to do them.

Problem 1: Construction in my main building tied up the freight, causing me to finish later than I should have.

Problem 2: No way to know when a package goes to the floor it's marked with or when they're going to a mailroom, which means a lot of wasted time looking.

Problem 3: Some stops moved ALL THE WAY to the other side of a particular building, so that meant trying to decipher their directional signs and traveling 2 miles to find them.

Problem 4: A slow elevator where you actually have to PRESS the door close button in order for it to go.

Problem 5: People move and don't tell people shipping to them about it.

So, yeah, I ended up with 2 lates. Every time they get smart I end up looking bad.

Monday, April 06, 2009

F*** O**

Because someone banged out I ended up having to go on FOs. Damien tries to give me the stuff I know so I can handle it better, but I still ended up with 10 stops between 4 streets. All that walking and trying to find the stops I didn't know resulted in me having a late and still delivering after the cut-ff at 8. I had to rush back to the building to handle my Monday load casually tossed in my truck, and then get out to deliver. I didn't park until almost 9:30. Hadda have help in order to make it.

See, that's why I DON'T want to be doing FOs. EXPECIALLY on a Monday. I NEED the extra time on the road to get set-up so I can deliver. Bastards.

Went to class 'cause they said we needed it to do a blog assignment. It ended up being worthless as shit. I was hoping to get some writing done but I ended up crapping out in a chair until class started. Also had to skip my usual Subway lunch thanks to my indulging on Thursday. Ah well. Luckily I had enough money to get two hot dogs so I at least didn't starve till I got home. Luckily it's a rare craving, and next time I'll hafta make sure to budget for it. Hopefully, it happens BEFORE I get to the bank.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Grandma's conditioning appears to be worsening. She's not as lucid as she used to be. As a result, ma thinks this is the year she stays in Florida permanently. We've already begun anticipating that and my eventual moving into her apartment. Of course, first I'd hafta wait till the others came up to help pick and choose what she's taking and leaving before I can even start moving in. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Back in October, I heard on the radio during a Sleepy's commercial about a Marvel comic offer. I thought I was hearing things, till I finally heard the commercial and paid attention. A little search on the web revealed Marvel and Sleepy's teamed up for a major dose of product placement for charity. I considered going to the Sleepy's on 86th for a copy, but never got around to it.

Coming home from the shop today, I saw a Sleepy's truck going down the block, which reminded me I never told Welson that the week after the last meeing where he asked me if Marvel did any of the product placement they were supposed to, there was a comic with a Sleepy's billboard in it.

Also, today, I recieved one of the graphic novels I've been buying on Ebay this past week; Spider-Man: Parallel Lives. And with it...the Sleepy's comic as an unexpected bonus! Wild, huh?