Sunday, April 30, 2006


I can't friggin' wait till th' joggin' path is reopened. Th' bike path ain't that wide in many places, and people like to saunter along an' walk side-by-side to where they're takin' up th' whole path. Um, hello? It hasta accomodate TWO types of traffic. Then of course there're those who can't decide WHAT side they wanna travel on, so while yer tryin' to pass they're weavin' an' yer like PICK A GODDAM SIDE YOU JACKASS! Th' one benefit of ridin' upstate is th' severe LACK of people. Can't wait to ride on th' weekdays when EVERYONE's in work or school and I'll be all alone. HAHA!

But, I did enjoy my ride. Ended up goin' twice. Ya see, rear tire wasn't as inflated as I though an' was gettin' a mite hard controllin' it, so I finally decided to give up th' ride in th' 90s an' turn back. Went home an' refilled, then went BACK to th' path to pick up where I left off. Went my usual distance before comin' around. Wind was at my back so was gettin' a good speed goin' home, which of course was ruined by people who CAN'T FOLLOW TRAFFIC LAWS! Bastards!

Ahem, as soon as I walked in my door ma went "um". When she goes "um" that means she was about to ask me ta do somethin' instead of lettin' me sit down an' rest. Sure enough, hadda go get her damn perscription an' paper. She got all mad when I showed I didn't like that. Well, 'scuuuuuuuuuse me. I was just out bikin'! I would LIKE to rest! Bitch. So sorry I'm not here to drop everythin' fer you guys all th' goddam time. I seriously need my own place. If I could chip in an adequate amount I'd get a place with D.

Before I left got an IM from Mike, guy I used to work with at my store. Surprised he IMed me, s'usually me that IMs him while attemptin' to keep contact goin'. 'Course, don't work an' ends up bein' a yearly thing or so. Anyways, shot th' shit briefly, talked about who we've seen an' some random memories 'fore he went. Nice surprise, though.

Wifey came on tonight, we talked fer a bit but she mentioned how tired she is when she hasta open like she hasta do tomorrow. So I kicked her off to bed. As much as I wanna talk to her after not fer 3 days, more important things. Like work. Always tomorrow fer us. Obviously I ain't goin' nowhere, hope I can say th' same about her.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Went bikin' today again. Decided to use th' bike I won from th' gym as I haven't in a while. Turned out to be a BIG mistake. As similar as it is to my bike, it's nowhere near as comfortable or accomodatin'. Ended up really hurtin' after th' ride. And, of course, washin' th' water bottle attached I ended up makin' it taste like soap when I tried to drink it normal, so I hadda unscrew it an' drink when I stopped. Dammit. Not doin' that again, lemme tell ya.

Worked on my film homework an' project a bit tonight. It's pretty simple; list an' label all camera shots an' set-ups. Just gotta pick a scene fer my project, due next week. Hafta sit an' really watch.

Wifey came on when I was in th' bathroom, but left after 2 minutes 'cause she hadda work early tomorrow. Ah well, so that makes 3 days I don't get to talk to her. We'll hafta do somethin' about this soon. Like, GET ME UP THERE! Heh I know, one-track mind. I'm just not patient is all. At least when school's over I can take vacation days an' accomodate her days off much easier.

Oh, yeah, and last weekend I noticed my $50 fer a new Metrocard was missin' from where I usually keep it. Well, today I found it in my "read" comic box next door...musta got stuck to th' back of a comic when I took it not knowin' fer sure when my card expired an' probably left it on my desk. Good thing I was workin' on entires fer, huh?

Friday, April 28, 2006


So I been talkin' to this girl from one of my boards. IMed me one day, been talkin' a few weeks now. Anyways, last night she presented a familiar situation to me. Her job at an animal shelter gave her a progress report where they said she'll hafta go to social trainin' to be more sociable. Apparently, she doesn't talk much unless she's comfy around people an' don't smile much niether. Not 'cause she's anti-social, it's just how she is.

I could relate bein' th' same freakin' way. S'all I heard at my last job, this one too now. People tellin' me to make small talk or smile. You want me to goddam smile tell me a freakin' joke. I ain't gonna smile just to smile. I smile when there's somethin' to smile about. Sorry if I look like I'm scowlin' or pissed all th' time, but this is my face. I can't change it. This' how it freakin' looks.

People gotta learn to mind their own shit an' stop worryin' when others don't conform to their goddam perceptions of things.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I really need to start gettin' my naps back into my weeks. After work came home an' finished up my paper fer WS. I just took all th' shit th' female character mentioned in th' play and expanded on them with actual history from various websites. Screw it, was takin' too much time an' effort. Got that done an' headed out.

Dozed off in history...was fine until 5 mins in, then suddenly...BAM! Instant exhaustion. And then was WS. Today th' bitch decided to have us work on various Vagina Monologues an' we hadda give a presentation. First off, this AIN'T a drama class. Why th' hell would they put a drama teacher in this class, I dunno. What I do know is when we read our selection I got sick. I mean, literally, sick. If I hadda go home to my wife tonight I wouldn't touch her, that's how sick it got me.

Then of course there's th' cross-gendered actin' our group wanted me an' th' other guy to do fer our presentation. I don't do cross-gendered stuff. Sure, th' occasional gay impression, but I don't wear dresses an' I don't pretend to have a vagina! I just got even sicker when guys in other groups did their presenations readin' that stuff. It was just very...uncomfortable fer me to be in that room. And I freaked out when Betsy an' whats-her-name raised their hands to volunteer to go at one point! And I do mean freaked.

Yeah, I know...I like to overreact lately. But, really, puttin' me in an uncomfortable situation while I'm overtired really isn't a good combo. I was just glad to get th' hell outt there an' get home. I kept feelin' sick on th' way (mostly due to th' R train bein' too hot) an' was sleepy when I was home. Waitin' up to see if wifey'd be on, but don't look like it so gonna head off early. Probably still need a nap tomorrow.

God, I hate this class. I HATE it.

Oh, yeah, an' when I was surfin' th' IMDB boards, went to th' ones fer Kate & Leopold where some chick was bitchin' about some feminist crap th' movie supposedly degrades. It took me 3 drafts to get a civilized answer on there. My first one was soooooo anti-feminist. I swear, this class has made me hate them. Hate them to th' point where I just wanna say fuck th' feminists!

But, I try not to.

And pops didn't put me up fer texts. He thought I said no. Right, just like you didn't offer to get me a Razr. PAY ATTENTION, you Dee Dee Dee!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Betsy texted me today. Checked my phone when th' N hit th' Manhattan Bridge fer some reason, an' saw th' icon there. Gave me a good laugh...just hope pops put me on th' text plan like I said to.

Class went fairly quick, mostly 'cause I was fallin' asleep in it, and then got home pretty fast. Workin' on my paper due tomorrow when Betsy IMed me. We shot th' shit while strugglin' through our papers. She had hers about done, me I just got th' intro. I'm sick of thesis papers. School spent all that time teachin' me one way of doin' essays an' now I have to do a completely different one. It's bullshit.

Whatever, finish th' garbage tomorrow.

Monday, April 24, 2006


First day back to school. Business as usual. Got our tests back from before we left, I got 105. Couple minor mistakes on some questions plus th' bonus, so it's all good. Prof announced we'd have a quiz next Monday (so much fer them bein' surprises) an' then proceeded to go over what we'd hafta do fer our paper usin' Pulp Fiction as an example. It's always cool when ya know th' answer before th' question is even asked.

Seein' so many people were havin' trouble with it (morons) he decided we should all do what we'd hafta on th' paper fer that scene and turn it in to count as th' quiz. So, naturally, I was ticked 'cause I don't have th' movie (nor want it), an' I dunno if our Blockbuster cards were still good. I did get a memory flash about it bein' On Demand, but unfortunately it was already taken off when I checked th' movie channels. Ma had me check th' title guide and sure enough it was gonna be on at 1:35. So I hadda stay up a li'l later than I wanted to record that scene so I can do it at my liesure. It's really simple enough, dunno why people can't figger it.

To add to th' bad news, my hat is dead. Put it in th' wash (got a li'l gamey from bike ridin') on gentle cycle no less, an' it still fell apart. So, I hadda go through th' ones I had hangin' down there fer years. Found two that fit, a Florida and McDonald's Olympic one. Th' Olympic strap is a li'l broken so I went with th' Florida one. I reeeeeeally need a new hat.

Got a nice treat on th' way home; transferred over to th' 4 train and it smelled just like wifey's Cruiser. Was a good smell. And on a related note, my happy feeling's back. Dunno how or why, or fer how long, but I feel fine again. I may not after my next visit, but cross that bridge when I get there. Just hafta see if my magical massages can restore some feelin' in her is all. ;)

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Alright, lemme expand a bit on Friday... That theater was really a rag-tag place. Nuttin' to fancy; some art all over, pamphlets, old books and furniture. Th' theater itself was just a small room with stage lights an' a buncha different chairs set up on stair platforms. A little ghetto, but I guess they make do.

So th' one fatal flaw in my bike to health plan is th' weather. This weekend it decided to rain non-stop. At least until this afternoon. Before dinner, decided to run out an' grab a quick run before it decided to rain again. Was a li'l short of Bay 8 this time 'cause I saw th' growin' clouds in th' distance, an' decided to beat a hasty retreat before soakage could commence.

Now, half th' bike path's been closed fer a while. They're redoin' th' pedestrian side, so they got fences up and th' thing is torn up and semi completed. They also decided to make some modifications, like raisin' up that section a good ways down, creatin' a little wall between th' paths. It was there that th' rain collected to a giant puddle. When I got there I hadda carry my bike across an' walk along th' guard rail. Tried to slowly roll through on th' way back, but was deeper than I thought an' someone else comin' along th' wall caused me to soak my shoe. So I went back an' found th' entrance in th' fence people've been usin' to bypass it by goin' along th' other side. At least I got to try my mountain bike on mountainy terrain finally.

Was tellin' wifey was one thing I missed about goin' upstate; th' roads. They were fun to ride. Plus, I did 'em so often I knew where every pothole was...even in th' dark. Although that was more outta necessity than just good memory. My first bike, 'rents gave me a whole horn/light set-up which th' kids there promptly went about messin' with an' destroyin'. Major torture device. They're just lucky I wasn't like I am now or else they'd've been spittin' teeth. So, lights were out. My second bike had a flashlight/headlight thing, but 'cause it was Halogen thing's battery life was shit. So, was just easier to go without and there we are. If it wasn't fer th' fact I'd hafta spend an entire week in a space smaller than my apartment with my 'rents, I'd love to go back. Or maybe if we're still hitched me an' wifey can make use of th' trailer after they open it up.

D IMs me to tell me his 'rents've decided to move to SI with his sis, so their apartment's up fer sale and he needs to find a place ta move to. Wonderful. Now I lose my local friend. If we had th' money to do what we wanted in here, my gma'd be upstairs an' D coulda rented out her apartment, at least accordin' to ma.

Any more shit wanna come outta th' blue this year? I'm tellin' ya, I'm payin' fer how good last year was. This year is gonna end up total shit.

Speakin' of shit, D told me he saw Seed of Chucky an' it sucked. I caught th' first few mins of it, and boy, did it! Was like they didn't even TRY anymore. Also caught part of Vampirella again. Another lame movie.

I swear, whoever thinks these things'll be successes should be branded morons an' shot.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Tonight I went to th' Theater for the New City to see Desert Sunrise; a play about th' struggle in Palestine an' Israel or somethin' like that. Wasn't too painful. Some good, funny dialogue between th' male characters and of course th' obligatory interperative dance by a shadowed form. When th' female character got introed, though, it turned into a major overdramatized extravaganza, at which point it turned me off. Think April woulda liked this show.

Fortunately, got all I would need fer a paper right up front, so just gotta bang that out before Thursday. But, other priorities first. Called wifey tonight, and unfortunately our rut's extended to there too. We dunno what to do about th' situation or what's caused it. Just gotta wait fer me to get up there is all an' take it from there.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Ever since wifey broke th' bad news to me, I've had th' underlying feeling of depression, which I've mentioned. But, there was another aspect I didn't; th' memories. Sure, I could still remember our time together, but it didn't have th' same effect on me that they usually did. They'd pop in there, be so vivid, get me happy and smiling. But they became just fleeting ghosts. Yesterday, though, I was able to enjoy one of them again.

Ya know, th' waitin' is hard and killin' me, and I am more bummed out than I have been in 3 years. But despite all that, I'm still in love with her. Was probably just reelin' from th' suddeness of this situation. I mean, 3 good years with no down points and then suddenly BAM! I'm really hopin' to get there soon. Th' longer we wait I think th' less chance I have to fix this. Although, hasta make ya wonder if there was anythin' about me worth keepin' her around that we wouldn't be in this mess. Guess we'll hafta see.

I almost forgot tomorrow was th' show I hafta go to. Dammit. It better be good or else I'm gonna sleep through it. On th' one hand, I wish I never took this friggin' class now. On th' other, if I hadn't wouldn'ta met Betsy or Igor. Always a catch, I'm tellin' ya.

Hopefully th' good weather keeps up. Didn't make it to bike today, decided to nap instead. Gonna hafta get a bike in before I hafta leave. Gotta be there 15 mins early to get my tickets. I swear to fuckin' god, if this bitch has a problem with THIS paper, I'm gonna make her eat it. Fuckin' feminazi bullshit.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Well, my comic shop did hold all th' comics from last week. So, I bought them already, got my money back from ma, an' sent an EM to cancel my order fer them. Dunno if it was a success or not, all I know is they're all still marked "in process". They completely changed th' shop. Register's moved to th' other side, games're poor, poor shop. But, we'll see how much these guys turn me off to goin' 'fore I decide to defect. I really wanted to go bikin' today, but decided might not be such a good idea to go EVERY day. At least not yet. Don't wanna completely incapacitate myself. Plus th' seats on my new bikes really dig into a fella's legs, if ya get my drift. But, when I do go again Bay 8 Street's my limit. Fer now. Just gotta see if I can figger out how to transfer th' bottle holder so I can take some water with me. Never used to get so thirsty...hate gettin' old, I tells ya.

I completely forgot what day it was. Yesterday was Tuesday, th' day I usually link up th' new pages on my site to be accessed today. Got to work an' realized crap...I didn't finish when I went to bed! Couldn't to much at work 'cause I had a bunch to add to older pages, so I just linked up th' two new pages and finished when I got home where I had my files. I gotta get a desk calendar. Usually our investment broker sends one a year I keep by my comp, but this year he didn't and I never realized how much I depend on it. Where oh where has my pornographic memory gone? Used to be my mind was better than an appointment book.

Tonight Betsy IMed me. We had a pretty good talk I thought (of course, I've been wrong before), did some sharin'. Hopefully it was but th' first of many to come. Probably skerred her off with my tale in our introductory topic. Damn my constant honesty and openess! Heh.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Comics are all done finally. All conditions are entered, now I just hafta find values an' give 'em to Steve. Took me workin' till 6 AM two nights to do it, but they're done.
Unfortunately, didn't get to work on it at work like I thought I would. Kathy was out so I hadda try to do her work when I finished mine. Fortunately, I got more of mine so I didn't hafta dedicate too much time to hers. Not to be mean, but there's a reason why I let her have THAT stuff.

Tried to update my site a few weeks in advance by puttin' up several issues at once. Almost got it done, but got to be bedtime before I could finish. Gotta finish my stories as one hasta be released next week too. Plus I gotta study. And read a book. Ugh, some week off. Fucking school.

I also picked a show fer WS. Found one I'd wanna go to, but wasn't gonna pay $60 fer it. Gonna go to this show th' bitch handed out ads fer in class instead. $15, can't go wrong.

Too bad wifey wasn't on tonight. We need to have a conversation.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Ya know, had people not reminded me about Easter I woulda completely forgot about it. Just another day.
After a bullshit dinner with th' fam an' Kozak, went next door to make use of my wasted day and went through all my newspapers. Last couple years, I held on to a whole mess of 9/11 papers as well as various ones with things of interest. Decided to take th' interest ones and cut out th' articles I wanted an' throw th' rest away. Good thing I did this, 'cause I was able to find th' Spectator article I supplied pics fer fer 9/11. Go me! Told wifey all about it but couldn't find it to show her. Now I can. Yay.

Hadda go to th' home to see gma. Ma was on my case 'cause I wasn't makin' small talk. I don't DO small talk. These people gotta learn I don't give two shits.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


It's rained th' last two days I've wanted to go bikin', but not today, baby! Hit th' road first chance I got an' boy did I love it! Nice warm day, coastin' along with some light taffic...much better than any old exercise bike.
I only went as far as Bay 8 Street this time intead of th' whole 3 miles. Figgered if I did that I'd be hurtin', so prevent some pain there. On th' way there, though, I did race th' Queen Mary. Apparently, today was it's maiden launch or somethin'. I had wondered why there were all those people along th' seawall snappin' pics as it went through th' Verazanno. So it's a big boat, big deal!

Made a couple stops at Denyse Wharf just to relive some memories. Gotta love th' garbage that can wash up down there. Today, amongst th' usual trash, was a bread tray and one of th' totes like what we got health & beauty stuff shipped in at my stores. I also found a bag off to th' side which I grabbed to let me claim th' hubcap down in th' 70s on th' path.

A hubcap, you say? Yeah, I collect 'em. Started a few years ago. Be I always saw them around here or there, so got sick of it an' just said screw it. Been pickin' them up whenever I saw them since, got well over 2 dozen now or so. Unfortunately, th' bag was too small fer this one, so I hadda hook it on my brake handle an' carry it home. Don't like doin' that 'cause my bike IS brand new. Would like to maintain th' paintjob fer a few years if possible.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Work was closed today so I finished up with my comics and watched th' tape of recorded shows from th' past week. Everwood had this chick on who coulda been a good Tina if they ever made a show about our lives, I'm tellin' ya. Gotta find out who she is. Heh I love doin' casting like that, good practice. Just wish I could remember th' ones I find fer Sis...

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Today was White Castle day!

Worked and came home to finish typin' up th' comic proposals to give to Tommy to read over. Ran outta black ink last night so hadda print 'em out in blue...ah well. Did my laundry an' had planned to go fer a bike ride to get some exercise, but felt like I hadda go to th' bathroom soon so I held off. Then when I was gonna get ready to go Sis IMed me. Was gonna call her when I got downstairs to check up on her (bit stressed lately) but saved me th' trouble. She left an' I was all set to go again when a sudden rain came an' went. An' there goes that.

So I went to th' bathroom, finished my laundry, got dressed, got called by Tommy to say he was gonna head there since he was at th' store, grabbed a folder fer th' papers I printed an' headed out fer th' train. Figgered I'd give it at least an hour 'cause it usually takes forever to get th' right train at 36th street. Today, though, train came as soon as I got to th' platform. Got off to find Tommy AND Igor both waitin' there. Talk about bein' early. We shot th' shit outside waitin' fer D who came relatively close to on-time. Not bad from th' Bronx.

We got two crave cases (half cheese, half regular), oninion rings, fries, sodas an' chicken rings. We ate. We talked. We laughed. D was a li'l quiet 'cause he was tired, but managed to get a few things in. About an hour or so later we were stuffed an' hit th' road after dividin' up th' leftovers between me, Igor an' Tommy. D didn't want any. Communist. We chatted it up in th' train station fer a bit before me an' D's train came an' we parted ways. Tell ya, you could tell everyone had tomorrow off 'cause a lotta girls were dressed to go clubbin'.

Caught th' N to 59th street an' we waited a bit fer th' R, but I told D since th' N was runnin' local was gonna be a while 'fore th' R got there. He opted fer us to walk, so we did. All in all, was a damn good night an' a lotta fun. Look forward to a repeat performance, especially since Igor is now one of us. He has felt th' crave. Me, I'll probably feel it again tomorrow fer lunch.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Fer th' record, I just wanna state I feel like refried crap.

Anyhoo... that repair shop I mentioned a few weeks ago got some final touch-ups it seems; they got a sign painted on these red sections stickin' out from th' building face on th' front. As I said, I originally knew it as a Getty station which's why those red things were there, but th' auto shop that replaced it kept it an' th' building color, white an' gray. These guys made it blue an' yellow. Th' red REALLY kinda sticks out in th' scheme, but ah well. Subway has yet to open, though.

We got this kid in th' backyard. He's th' kid of this guy that does work fer th' office here an' there an' my 'rents're payin' him $200 to fix up th' backyard. They're also havin' him take down our grape vine. Thing's been there since my ma was a kid, an' now it's goin'. I know it ain't been used in a while, but still...was a nice feature. Few years earlier, we lost one of th' shared trees in th' back when Verizon wanted to put a phone pole there. And our basement doors leadin' out, they're storm doors now but originally it was like this li'l hut and a full door leadin' to th' stairs. Still remember that thing.

Changes, changes, changes. I hate change if fer no reason other than nuttin' stays th' same long enough to enjoy.

Did my paper just before I hadda leave an' went fer my last day of school fer a while. I could use th' sleep. One bad thing about bein' bummed out all th' time is yer always tired. No matter what my mood would be, fer th' last few years there'd be this euphoric happiness underneath which I'd always go back to an' feel. Well, that's all gone now an' there's an underlying misery behind all my moves. Sure, I can laugh, have fun an' what have you, but it's always there. It's a feeling I know well an' wish would've stayed away.

Things ain't helped too much by th' fact after work I got all th' way home when I realized I forgot to transfer my keys from my jacket to my shorts so I hadda go all th' way back to get my ma's keys. Or that my ma said my comic shop's closed fer renovations, which leaves me wonderin' when/if I'm gonna get my comics from when they are. If not, I'm gonna hafta hope Midtown Comics has some copies left so I can order 'em from there an' still get some semblance of my discount. People have been directin' me towards a couple sites that give discount orderin', so I'm strongly considerin' doin' that. We'll see.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Pissed off wifey tonight by askin' her 20 questions on why if an' when she goes to a bar to hang out with her work buddies does she hafta drink. I'm not stupid, I know social drinkin's gonna happen and I'm as okay with it as someone like me can be (although I don't like she's underage and doing this shit because they don't card up there. THAT bothers me to no end...and she knows why). But, WHY does it have to be?

Her reasonin' was if someone offers her a beer she won't refuse 'cause it's rude. However, if it was up to her she wouldn't've ordered any. So she'd take, but wouldn't order...thus where my conundrum comes in. This isn't about her, though, just inspired by her and my Sis years earlier, as well as several other friends.

Why is it anywhere there's booze people HAVE to drink? What is it about th' booze that people HAVE to have? Think about it. They use it to celebrate, they use it to hang out, they use it to get over problems...

We're a society that's become dependent on alcohol. Why? Because it's "just a drink." But it serves NO real purpose. Yer thirsty, have water. You want some flavor, have a juice. Want somethin' carbonated, hey hey! Soda. Want healthy, milk or fruit juice. There ARE other options, but still people prefer th' booze and I don't get why.

Maybe it's th' sheep mentality. Ya know, drinkin's cool and it means yer an adult. So people grow up thinkin' that, get drunk at 14, an' keep drinkin' th' rest of their lives and maybe even buy underaged people booze 'cause "it's just a drink." or maybe because everyone else is drinkin' so you may as well. And lemme tell ya, th' gettin' drunk thing...that especially pisses me off.

Had a friend who went on a ski weekend, drank till she passed out, then spent th' next day throwin' up an' called it th' best weekend of her life. Um, okay? Had several friends who said they needed to get drunk in order to have fun. Well, if you need somethin' to make what ya do or who yer with fun, maybe you should consider doin' somethin' ELSE as ya obviously don't like what yer doin'. I've also had friends who's plans included gettin' drunk. Their PLANS were explicitly to get drunk. I also had one friend who says she ended up bombed while hangin' out 'cause she loses track of how much she drinks. Well, then maybe you should take a break...order a water or a soda an' give yer system a chance to clear, ya think? Then there are those who say there's nuttin' else to do except go to bars an' drink. There's ALWAYS another option, always somewhere else to go. Go bowling. Go shoot pool. Go do SOMETHIN'. Just because you CAN do somethin', doesn't mean you HAVE to. You can say no, no thanks, I'd prefer somethin' else...but people won't.

Th' simple fact is, there's no need to drink. At all. There really isn't. I've seen th' results of what happens when people drink. I've had friends I've hadda clean-up off th' road after they've had a DUI. When booze was created in England after they came to America and got th' means, th' first thing people did was get drunk an' litter th' streets. Then we have Mardi Gras, an event that's become associated with drinkin' and we've all seen what goes on there.

This society does NOT have th' faculties to use alcohol responsibly. They don't. They put it everywhere, use it fer no reason and keep goin' back. But fer what purpose? It's more expensive than water, yer problems will still be there when ya sober up, hell, ya may even have new ones as a result! You CAN go out, have fun with yer friends, relax an' let loose just fine without needin' to knock a few back.

Seriously, if someone can give me a VALID reason behind th' need fer this bullshit, then do it. Not an excuse, a REASON. All I seem to do is piss people off when I ask about it. Maybe because I make them realize there IS no reason. Sorry, but in this world, "it's just a..." doesn't cut it. I can't be th' only one in this world to see somethin' wrong with this entire situation.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Well, tonight was an improvement. Had not only a good chat OL with wifey, but then on th' phone. Felt like th' old days. Ya know, I do hafta say, since that Friday I haven't felt right. Still in shock I guess, I dunno.

Finished up my comic boxes this weekend, leavin' me only four piles to go through and I'm done in regards to th' insurance. I just gotta place an order fer new boxes to put said piles and others away. Now, I gotta finish listin' conditions on my list then gettin' th' price amounts fer them. Fortunately, that process shouldn't be TOO painful as all of my newer ones are Near Mint and those prices're listed within th' title page on Wonder if it'll come out 28Gs like it did last time I did this...

'Rents gave me a new book: Weird NY. Strange and little known sites all around th' state. Figger if there's still a marriage after my next visit we could vacation to some of these spots and check 'em out. Imagine, a whole week together! Wow.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


I have a dream!

No, got nothin' to do with racial equality or how shitty our government is, sorry folks. Afraid my dream is all about comic books. Makin' them, to be exact. Fer years I've toyed with th' idea, made up my own characters, done various types of stories an' scripts in preparation fer th' moment I actually set out to do it.

Well, that moment's fast approachin'. With th' current state of mainstream comics, my classic style could fill in a void that only grows with each new "event". I have begun doin' research on costs an' such to see if it'd be possible fer me to do it and break even should I have to take out a loan to do it. Ultimately, gonna hafta go th' self-publish route. Big boys don't wanna play with me, I'll just get my own damn sandbox.

Tommy wants to break in too, so I might tap him as an artist if I can't find someone a bit more professional lookin'. Maybe even Ben fer coloring. Figger, even if I fail three of us get out there so at least one of us can be found. Gonna write up several outlines of characters an' stories to give Tommy on Thurs and see which one we'll start with.

Meantime, I gotta figger out how to put some spice back in my convos with my wifey. If ya look at a convo from a while ago an' compare it to th' last few months, they're very different. I wanna recapture th' fun we used to have. Our fake arguments. Our trademark comments. I wanna have a pointless conversation about any topic that ends up bein' completely interestin' 'cause it's us don' th' talkin'.

I miss it.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Th' Clone Saga is one of th' most controversial storylines in Spider-Man history. A clone that appeared way back in th' 70s was resurrected an' brought back to th' present. A whole buncha shit transpired, an' th' clone was revealed to be th' original and took over as Spidey. Of course, die-hard Spidey fans didn't like this, so Marvel did an about-face an' had th' new Spidey killed off to reaffirm HE was really th' clone an' it was all a big mind-fuck by th' original Green Goblin (who was consequently killed about 30 issues before th' first clone story and is now back alive an' well).

Okay, history lesson over. Now, as I said a lotta die-hard Spidey fans hated that, so on th' SHH boards I started a thread dedicated to th' clone where fans could come an' talk freely without people jumpin' up our asses. Recently, after playin' Ultimate Spidey, I started gettin' th' idea fer my own Spidey game, which soon evolved into a Clone Saga game. Of course, with other projects on my plate, I back burnered it until someone else in my thread mentioned their own idea fer a game.

With my work done, I started goin' through th' Clone Saga summaries an' doin' a preliminary mission outline structure. Basically, th' format is th' free-roam environment of th' last two Spidey games where all of NYC is yer stage, an' th' missions will be based off events of th' CS. Spidey 2 is my main influence, with some from Ultimate. Not a lot though 'cause that game SUUUUUUUUUUCKED.

So far what I've done's gotten some good reactions, so I guess I'll keep goin' an' flesh out th' levels. Maybe work on some of th' script. Which ain't gonna be easy since I still don't have every issue. But hey, th' fun stuff is never easy.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


In case she decided to pull an Igor on me, I apologized to th' WS prof fer Tues. Didn't mean it, of course, bullshittin' through my teeth. Could give a crap less really. I just want it over an' done. Stupid, stupid class. Although turns out she didn't know what to think so I basically wasted th' effort. Ah well. Fortunately, my essay rewrite doesn't require me to pick a new essay to replace th' one I already used. Good. Now just gotta bullshit that thing this weekend an' turn it in, then it's SPRING BREAK, BABY! Won't hafta deal with that crap fer a week an' a half! Booyah!

Wifey told me what her job entailed today...which's basically climbin' a ladder to carry down heavy doors an' windows when no forklifts're available. Yeesh, an' I thought my old job was ghetto. Long as she takes it easy on her arm an' don't break her ass. She's definitely gonna need a rub when I come up.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Got my comics, came home, an' did some final touch-ups on my study guide. I couldn't find this article thing they had linked to fer th' Godfather stuff, but I was able to track it down an' get th' info off of there. Determined where I thought th' 3-acts ended (each movie is done with a 3-act structure) an' th' major events of each act. Dunno how right I was but since there's no definitive answers close enough is good enough.

So basically just spent last night an' today studyin'. I did a little here an' there, but nuttin' major. Of course, as expected, most of th' crap they gave us wasn't on th' test. I dunno why they even give us vocabulary to identify on th' study guide when all they do are th' damn essays. Fortunately wasn't as many this time and of course they were th' ones I didn't know 100%. Well, not that I didn't KNOW, but didn't really wanna do if I had a choice. But, did 'em, got 'em done 15 mins early, an' came on home. Don't really care how I did, 80s is just fine by me. Just want this over with so I can take th' classes that actually MEAN somethin'.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Got back my WS paper, ya know th' one I rushed to finish last week, an' apparently th' stupid broad put on Blackboard (this OL community class thing classes can set-up) that ya were sposed to not do an essay ya already did. Well, I didn't see nor hear that, so I basically just wasted my damn time writin' a paper. Easiest one too. Everyone's gotta do rewrites instead of th' other paper that was due an' she changed some dates. Fine by me. Given recent situations, I was a bit frustrated so I waved off my stupidity on th' paper which she took as some kinda insult. Then tryin' to explain, couldn't get it out so I did it again! Hehe she's gonna give me shit fer it Thurs I know it. Either that or get me kicked out like Igor. She's just that much of a bitch.

I quit th' gym today. One more payment of $9 an' I'm done. Oh well, I didn't belong there anways. Called th' guys to set th' final plans fer next week, so I gotta call 'em all th' day before 'cause apparently I'm th' only one in th' world that remembers a damn thing. Dunno how successful it's gonna be...things I usually set up fall apart.

I wasn't really at school today. Got all this shit on my mind. Thing is, I need a resolution to this issue 'cause it's gonna drive me nuts in th' meantime, th' not knowin'.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Finally, somethin' goes right. Turns out wifey's job rotates her people on weekend shifts, so about one weekend a month she'd have off. Told her she could let me know th' weekend she finds out what she has off an' I can make quick arrangements to be up by th' end of th' week. So hopefully she don't forget.
Discussion teacher was out due to death in th' fam, so our group was split up between two of th' others. Even though this guy was still a bit of a dramatic freak with th' movements an' behaviors (theater people, I swear) he was definitely more enjoyable than th' mook I got. Figgers. We went over crap fer th' test Wed an' looks like I shoulda came in last Monday to finish watchin' Godfather 'cause one question's on that. Ah well.

Worked on th' guide all weekend an' still ain't done. Gotta do th' two one-page essays an' bonus question yet, although dude tonight did give me a good lead on where to find some info. See how that works out.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Got my new phone today. Pops says they got some kinda law out now all phones gotta have a GPS, which mine predates. Well, this one's gonna be a pain in th' ass. I keep it on vibrate to make my life easier, an' when ya plugged th' old one in it'd ring. This one, vibrate is vibrate, no rings. So if I leave it in back I gotta set it to ring, then I hafta remember to reset vibrate fer school. And of course, after I finish programmin' th' damn thing pops says if I don't like it he can exchange it. Ya know, yer s'posed to say that BEFORE I personalize th' flamin' thing.

I really hate them.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Didn't get to sleep till 9AM. Mighta been 'cause I was upset, mighta been 'cause of my nap. Either way.

Tina came on durin' th' middle of it last night, which was fortunate to help me deal an' talk it out. She was gonna call me to talk face-to-face to give me her full attention since someone else came to her with problems. She never did, but that's fine; was feelin' much better today. Sis checked up on me later this mornin' after I sent her an EM before Tina came on.

Basically, this' th' deal: Wifey's been goin' through a buncha shit (which she didn't even mention to me till last night) so it's havin' a possible effect on her feelings fer me. Could be all that, mixed with bein' a long time since she's seen me, that her feelings might be fadin'. Understandable. Expected. Still hurt like a bitch, though.

But, rational heads prevail and my determination to make this work has increased tenfold. I've got her tryin' to get time off again sooner than June so I can come up an' see if it really is just th' distance issue. I remember once before I felt like that, but after seein' her again was fine. So, hopefully, that's just th' case. Should that be successful, I've devised two plans to get up there more frequently a year. Dependin' on her 'rents' position, Plan A can get me up there twice a month, Plan B once. Still not much, but it's an improvement. All I need from her is to get every other weekend off or so. Plus, I can stay up there more days with my vacation time an' stuff. Basically, these plans rely entirely on her and her fam. If she doesn't succeed...well, to put it frankly, I'm screwed. But, I ain't givin' up without a fight.

Part of these plans is to end my gym membership. Look, it's been almost a year an' I haven't improved worth a crap, plus I'm always too tired to go anyways. So, I'm gonna use that extra $80 a month towards de-neglectin' my wifey an' use th' time I was gonna spend at th' gym to bike. More of a workout anyways.

Went to th' store to drop off Tommy an' Craig's comics. Tommy's fam's goin' through some shit, so his payment's gonna be delayed an' I'm gonna hafta cover him fer White Castle next week. No big. Just waitin' on a call from D to verify what time he think he'd be back from work an' that'd be th' time we meet. Just gotta see about gettin' money from Craig, dunno if with all th' stuff comin' out I'll be able to get his books till he does. We'll see.