Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Got my Mary Jane figure today. Ebay's a helluva thing. That's the third time I was able to replace somethin' thanks to Ebay. When TC destroyed the Ecto-1 I had on display, I was able to get a replacement, as well as a new Ecto-1A (a couple, actually). When I strongly missed our collection of Garfield mugs that had progressively got smashed over the years, we were able to find the entire set an' reclaim 'em. An' now I have MJ again, though not as pristine as mine was. It's a helluva thing.

Yesterday on my way home from work I ran into Marcos on the street headin' fer his job out in Staten Island. Marcos was the produce guy in my store an' up at New Utrecht. An altercation with the bitch manager put him as a porter an' he left soon after I did. He's happily at Pathmark AND Shop Rite. Yeah, shot the shit fer a few minutes before partin'. The odd thing about my neighborhood is I rarely run into anyone I know, despite knowin' quite a few people who live around here. Maybe once every couple of months I'll see someone. That was understandable when I was doin' everythin' outside the hood, but now that I'm in it more still the same thing. Ah well.

Was a nice day an' it's been a while, so I took a bike ride. Unfortunately, couldn't get past the bridge thanks to a giant puddle in the road. Didn't feel like havin' a wet ass today, so I turned around an' headed back. Along the way I grabbed this stick I saw in the fence an' proceded to use it to fish out the hubcap I saw behind the new fence on my way. Took a couple tries to maneuver it just right, but I got it. If I had a lock that could mount to my bike woulda been so much easier to park it an' run behind the fence to get it, but who can pass up a good MacGuyver moment?

Keith sent me an E-Mail askin' if I had got CAG #5 at the party or if I was waitin' fer them to be shipped. After, he asked me if I'd like to write the next installment of this strip that appeared in an earlier issue, Rockabilly Rex. I said I'd give it a shot an' also told him I had a couple ideas brewin' if he'd like to hear 'em. Waitin' on a response on that. Otherwise, it was yer basic Wednesday. Got my comics, read all but 2, an' makin' my final decisions on what to cut. Ironically I'm findin' it easier to desire to cut the non-Marvel titles than Marvel. Somethin' just won't let me let go. Ah well.

Social commentary time! The area's bein' invaded by banks. Griswold's Pub is bein' forced to close to make room fer, you guessed it, a bank! Why in the hell are banks comin' to this area in force? We've already got as many as we do pharmacies an' 99 cent stores (an' believe me, we got a LOT). Are we makin' that much money around here? I mean, all the businesses are basically bein' forced out by these things an' yet they're still comin'. There seriously should be stricter zoning laws regulatin' how many of a certain type of business there can be in a given area. We need goods an' services, NOT more places to put the money we don't even have.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Finished up the first draft of my script, formatted it, an' sent it off to Mark. Now all I hafta do is wait fer whatever revisions I'll hafta make an' play ping pong with it till it's right. Once that's all squared off, the hunt goes on fer an artist. Not sure how active a role I'll have in selectin' one, but I know I have in mind the style should be a blend of realistic an' cartoony. I'm sure we got a couple artists who fit that bill. Hell, I know when I was writin' it an' goin' the direction it ended up I pictured Matt drawin' it. Don't think he'd have the time, though. I also finished puttin' the last of my first batch of art on Deviant Art. When I get a chance I'll throw up some more.

School's as borin' as ever. Yet another video was shown in class an' I just kept passin' out. At least I'll catch up on my sleep in this class again. Forgot all about callin' about my major. Gonna hafta take care of that soon before registration kicks in, or else I'll never get into my major courses. Dunno why this school needs to make it so damn complicated.

Monday, February 26, 2007


It snowed last night, followed by a bit of rain, so had some nice slushy messes to wade through on the way to work. An', of course, my boots were tight an' painful again. I'm havin' a feelin' that probably some exapnsion happens from my shower's heat makin' my boots seem tight. Only way I can explain it.

Worked a bit on my comics' database again, then got around to scannin' in some of my artwork to my Deviant account. Decided to start with this comic I was doin' back in the day I never got around to finishin'. Put up 6 pages, did the garbage, put up 10 more. No sooner did I get up the 16th that I already had comments on a couple of them AND a couple were favorited (fer those without Deviant accounts, you can add other people's art works to a favorites gallery). I have NEVER had that kinda response to anythin' I've posted. Not even the Prospect Parks. By the time I got up the 21st page an' my last fer the night, THAT one got a favorite. Yowsa.

Tomorrow gonna finish my improvements on the script an' send it off to Mark. Also gonna work on a couple ideas to see if Keith wants to draw 'em, as he keeps sayin' he wants to do somethin' with me.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I can't believe it. I went to Circuit City an' they ACTUALLY had the DVDs on sale IN STOCK! Usually when I go the bins are decimated an' all the good stuff is already gone. Guess all the frequent shoppers had other plans fer once. Fine by me. Grabbed Twister an' Miss Congeniality an' headed home after some browsin'.

I spent most of the day tightenin' up my GTM script so I could get that off to Mark. In between, I was workin' on updatin' my comic collection list on Comic Book DB. I got almost 11,000 issues an' only have almost 3 up on the site. Takes a bit of work, especially since their variant cover info rarely matches the ones I use on my list, so I gotta play guess work a lotta times with what I have. I miss the old days when I could go through a backissue bin an' visually ID comics I already had. Yes, once upon a time I did have that power. Now between pics online an' my own collection I never know what I have or what I've just seen.

Quite frankly, if that remains my biggest problem of the year, I'll be plenty happy.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Today I did some work in my room. To clear out a couple drawers I crammed stuff into the last time I cleaned, I re-organized my files an' threw out a lotta junk. System's still not 100%, but at least it's less chaotic. An', I got the drawers partially clear so I can finish doin' my stuff in there. Closet's the biggest concern, figgerin' out how to do things in there.

Tonight was the Indie After Party in the city. 'Cause of Stacy's ineptitude at keepin' a calendar, I asked D if he'd like to attend. That was all set up last night. We left around 7:30 an' met up at the train. I forgot to grab a plastic bag on my way out. Learned at the last party there'd be comics to buy, an' sure enough, there were. I bought several publications an' grabbed a handful of freebies. Holdin' 'em all night, though, turned out to be a real pain in the shoulder.
I tried to get D involved as much as possible, but he didn't socialize too much so eventually that was bust. He ended up goin' to a local McDonald's fer half the time. Ah well, I tried. That, an' because of the crowding (never know we'd have both floors) there were no seats (which opened up as soon as he left) an' he needed to sit. Understandable. Me, I just made the rounds. Talked to everyone I knew, a few a didn't, even met my two most recent interviews. My second interview, Matt Ryan, had a nice long chat with me an' ended up givin' me a FREE copy of the collected edition of his first Bigger mini. I was gonna buy that mini the last time, but he encouraged me to get the more recent trade he put out. That was nice of him. Also, we had a chick from the Con who was dressed up as Dark Phoenix. Was a damn good costume job, reminds me I gotta figger a lighter material fer the next Halloween party as sweats ain't too good in that place.

Overall, it was fun. Much the same as the last time. Warm as hell up there, lotta talkin', lotta drinkin', lotta music. D came back soon an' we took our leave a bit after 11 an' went to the McDonald's again so I could eat. There was food there, but by the time I knew they refilled the trays an' got there, the food'd be all gone. I did get a bite of somethin'. No clue what it was, was pretty tasty, mildly spicy. Anyways, I ate an' got D a drink, an' he read Bigger. Got a few laughs outta him, which's good considerin' Matt was self-conscious about the older material. When I finally read it myself, I saw his worries were fer nuttin' as it was just as good as the refined stuff.
On the way home, he read one of the anthologies I got an' liked that as well. Both beat, we retired to our homes when we finally reach our stop. Tomorrow's plans, dunno if we're doin' anythin'. Nel wasn't available like he was supposed to be, so instead we're doin' the movie next Sunday. Works fer me, wanna head up to Circuit City early tomorrow to try an' get a DVD I tried to get twice already.

Oh, an' in case anyone had any doubt: I AM BEING PUBLISHED. My script is due the end of March. Mark, fer some reason, felt I needed to be reassured of my position in the next Anthology (#7 if they were accurate). All I needed was to know the next step, an' I got it. Script due by end of March so we can find me an artist to do it. Mark also gave me a warnin' on how to deal with potential egos, but I informed him as a former artist myself an' in dealin' with Rolo on the GB webcomic (as brief as it was) I know the deal. My scripts allow fer a LOT of artistic freedom. Especially GTM, where aside from the general physical criteria, the artist's gonna be makin' up the looks of the characters (figger that'll help avoid too many likeness problems). Tomorrow when I'm more awake I'll make my touch-ups to the script an' pass it along.


Thursday, February 22, 2007


One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was I talked to Stacy at work. Somehow, all the times I said when the Indie party was never sunk in. Not the day. Not the date. Not the little picture invite I linked her to. She ended up thinkin' it was Friday an' made other plans fer Saturday. Oy. Sis was tryin' to get me to ask Tina to go in her place, but it's not like I actually need a date. Was just gettin' our hangout outta the way at the same time. Maybe I'll see if D'd wanna go. See, that's the bad part; all the people I know who'd wanna go to somethin' like this either aren't allowed to speak to me no more or are already there!

Dropped the class. Went in close to normal time (BTW, doesn't it figger I'd get there super fast when I'm DROPPING the class rather'n when I need to get TO class?) an' got the form from the office. Went to class (an' discovered a connectin' hallway between the two that I no longer need it...) to get the prof to sign it, then went back to the office an' handed it in. Decided not to wait around fer over an hour fer the next class an' went home. That was a mistake. Rush hour meant the N train was jammed to all hell. I mean absolutely no room to move. Was pissin' me off, actually. Especially this one kid too busy makin' time with his girl to notice his head constantly touchin' my hand. I wanted to ping him so bad.

Finally won myself a replacement figure. Not the best deal I'd seen, but fer some reason the Mary Jane figure's in some kinda demand. Ah well. My search is over now, it's replaced, I can move on. Also had a friend tell me she got a BF (a few weeks ago, fer which I cyber-smacked her) like I said she eventually would. Damn I'm good!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The quest to drop a class continues. I've been thinkin' about if I should or if I should just go on. Somethin' else entered my mind as to why I should; she mentioned a couple field trips we gotta take eventually. Now, if them trips interfere with work or my other class, I can't do 'em. Plus, I already gotta go somewhere fer the other class. So rather'n hafta deal with a schedulin' nightmare, I may cut out an' take a similar (or if I can get my damn major declared a major course) over the summer. Ya know, just to get me where I'd be now. We'll hafta see how that'd work. Also, if I get the Fed Ex job, trainin' will take me until 5 an' I gotta be in class at 5:30. Since I dunno where trainin' will happen, that's a risky prospect. All I know is, this' the last time I take a required course 'cause it's the only one open. No more of that shit. It's what I want or bust.
Got an' read my comics, then forced myself through the haze of sleepiness to write some GB stories. Well, parts of 'em, anyways. Wanna try an' get those done an' out. Gotta figger out my next articles an' then do my interview. Fun times.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Had a couple time delay setbacks on the way to Fed Ex, but I actually made the test this time. Wrote my name on a li'l stick with a number on it an' there we go. When I got there wasn't too many people waitin', but the small li'l foyer outside the security desk got filled up right quick while waitin'. Wasn't too long they pulled a group of us up an' the test began. Pretty elementary stuff...all scantron type sheets I've filled out hundreds of times, an' comprised mostly of readin' & map comprehension an' listenin'. The part that nailed me, I'm sure, was the stupid customer service personality questionaire these places like to do now. Every time I take one of those, I never get the job. But, somethin' tells me even if ya bomb out on that, if ya pass the others they'll take ya fer this cargo handler position the lady let us sign up fer when we left. 3 bucks less an' pay an' as it's a night shift more creative schedulin'll be needed on my part.
I will say as simple as the test was, there was just one question that honestly threw me. The fake company they made up in place of Fed Ex had a variety of packagin' options an' ya hadda pick the best one to deliver 60 pages at a certain coverage cost. Was two good options, so doin' a li'l math's how I picked mine. Never know if I'm right or not.
Got home an' rested as I had trouble sleepin' an' got up earlier an' was already wiped out. Wasn't too bad, got home same time I always did from work. At, chatted with sis, read my African crap, went to school. The answer to the long awaited question is I made no impression on that chick whatsoever. Not a hi nor a glance when I came in the room. Ah well. Makes it easier fer me to drop the class.
Yeah, that's right, I'm droppin' the African class. I'm takin' two bullshit classes an' it's pissin' me off. Nuttin' but a waste of time. I haven't learned shit an' I got no clue what's goin' on. This lady assigns up to 100 pages of readin' at a time, then "discusses" what we read in class. She talks a mile a minute, so my attention span just wanes off. What's funny is the bitch says she's a visual person, yet can't go out an' get a goddamn marker fer the board to provide us with one. I suck at takin' notes just by someone yakkin'. Goddamn flaw in the school system right there, they gave ya everythin' ya needed. College? HA! But I don't care an' I don't want to care, so I'm outta there. Only thing that sucks is last day fer refunds was Sunday, but at least I think I can get refunds on my books. I'll retake fer this credit later on when I can get a class I actually WANTED. That, an' her makin' me almost late to my next class AGAIN pissed me the fuck off.
An' now fer a moment of levity, I wanna talk about this one bathroom in the buildin'. First, lemme start by sayin' the only thing worse than havin' to go when yer about to leave is havin' to go when yer already on yer way. That said, the bathrooms in Thomas Hunter are funky as hell. Plenty of women's, but the men's ya gotta search fer. One I used happened to be on the floor below where my class is. Now, I wanna talk about the handicapped stall there. See, the bathroom door opens in towards it. The stall door opens out towards the door. Between the two, there's even less maneuverability than there already is between the stall an' wall. Not to mention the actual stall is only a few inches bigger'n the regular one. I'd really love to know if or how a handicapped person ever used that. Especially in a wheelchair! I just hadda laugh at that. Yeah, yeah, the disabilities act, but it should take into account if the space is FEASABLE fer compliance. At least it's better than this bathroom in the north buildin' that's just ONE handicapped stall. That's the entire bathroom; one toilet an' one sink. Who's the genius who decided that?
On my way home, realized I left somethin' outta my Estella article, so I wrote it in an' re-sent it to editor Andi, who loved it, BTW. I'll update you on when that comes out. I also hadda work on my website which took me till about 2-ish. Woulda loved to go to bed early 'cause by this time I was wiped out. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
A couple days ago on Facebook, I get a request to join this group fer people with my last name from a chick in CA, no relation to me. So I join, then do a search to find over 100 people on there, all not related to me. As it stands, I'm the only one with my specific name on Facebook, but there are a lotta Katies. Wild. Topic came up about Google searchin' yerself, so when I came home the first time I did it fer the hell of it to see what'd come up. This time around, most of the top results were actually ME. Yowsa. On the first two result pages was dominated by me an' this Canadian doctor. Sis did the same thing when I mentioned it, an' most of the first page was her stuff (I checked too). However, by page 3 they started splittin' up her name so random results began to come up. Ah well, still cool we're takin' over the web.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Yesterday, D said somethin' to me that's got me thinkin'. How would we hang out if I moved? See, that there's the rub. As much as this don't feel like home no more, I still got people I care about here. Hell, everyone I know is here, an' we all know I ain't exactly the best at meetin' new people. I dunno, whole reason fer my movin' radius was to keep me close enough to the city fer day trips to chill out with people, but maybe I need to compromise so I don't feel like I'm ditchin' everyone. As much as I like Binghamton, maybe I need to move further south of Sullivan County. It's a 4 hour ride to Binghamton, so maybe reduce it to 2 hours outta NYC. I dunno.
As if I'm really gonna do it. I'll never have the money anytime soon, plus I'll need to get a temporary car till the Chevelle's fixed, fix the Chevelle, get a truck fer bad weather.. And if I ever do all that, it'll probably be when everyone's all married off an' in their own busy lives so this'll all probably be moot by then anyways...or condos will invade upstate. Either way, really don't think I'm leavin'. Be nice, but right now just don't see it happenin'.
Sent the article off to Estella then got crackin' on stuff fer tomorrow. Not sure when or what they'll exactly need, so we did our best guess work to get it. Readin' their wordin' makes it hard to figger out, so hopefully they don't need fancy stuff like transcripts 'cause we suddenly lost my high school one. Damn thing kicks around all this time an' when we need it it's gone. Figgers.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Yesterday I finished up my article an' showed it to a couple of people. Positive reactions overall. Wouldn't be till today I did an intro an' conclusion I was happy with. Sent both versions off to sis to give the once-over before I send it off to the editors. Articles are due by Saturday, an' I wanna get it in so I have time to re-do or make a new one.
Today me an' D went to see Ghost Rider. Unfortunately, I got there a li'l late 'cause when I put on my pants I found out my brief excursion to the bank fer ma got some snow/salt residue on 'em an' they were all spotted up. Hadda give myself a quick cleanin' (a moot point as you'll find out soon) before meetin' D there. But, we made it with 3 minutes to spare. Been just under a year since I've last been to the Alpine, an' so far the only thing different is the theater lights are pink-toned. Yuck.
Movie was good, better than I thought. Trailers got my expectations real low but I was pleasantly surprised to find out all the crappy parts were actually IN the trailer. Plus, there's a bitchin' song by Spiderbait at the end that I can't wait to download. It was just that awesome. After we headed fer lunch at Anapoli (where else?) where I decided to finally try their buffalo burger. VERY good. An', sis, THE waitress was there, but she was on counter duty today. Another waitress we got a couple times served us an' we had some chit chatty moments. Finished up with some delicious ice cream before departin'. The most interestin' aspect of the lunch, however, was when a couple sat in the booth next to us an' the girl had one of the slut's scents. Fortunately the food eventually masked it till she left.
Bob had called me while I was in the movie to say Posts by him didn't have the Spidey today. The ones here didn't either. I'm guessin' (hopin') they just nixed it fer the holiday tomorrow. Guess we'll find out next week.
After 4 headed up to the store fer my usual visit. Biked up, of course, an' tried my hardest to keep the splatter down to a minimum as the roads were gettin' wet with meltin' snow. By 75th an' 7th, though, all bets were off as it was one big slush pond the rest of the way. With the kick off from my tires, I got fairly wet AND dirty both front an' back. Luckily I wore my winter jacket so the only place I got soaked through was my ass. As usual.
Cleaned up a bit, gave Tommy Craig's comics, an' spent the time talkin' it up an' fillin' the guys in on the happenings of my life an' they gave me their li'l BS ones. After about two hours decided to hit the road. Good thing I brought my wool hat as the wind chill was just crazy. Snow was frozen again so got home relatively unscathed, but tired as hell as the wind fought me the whole way back. Rested up, did my laundry, ate dinner an' got to work on site stuff.
Tomorrow gotta dig up my school records an' get all the info I'll need together fer my test Tuesday. Also gotta squeeze in some readin' time fer my African crap. Blah. This summer, I fully intend to leave myself time to not only work on my car an' get the basement done, but bike ride a helluva lot an' take an hour at least a day to do some general workin' out. Not lookin' to get buffed up, but at least a bit slimmer. Figger it'd be a nice physical representation of how good I feel this year, a social experiement to see if a better built comic guy could garner different reactions from the opposite sex, as well as allow me to do some slidin' out the Chevelle's window when the mood hits me when he's all fixed up.
Yes...CB radio, dixie horn, window exits. Short of paintin' him Orange with a Confederate Flag I intend on havin' a few General Lee moments with my car. The prospect is just too cool fer me to not.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Finally got my nap in today. Didn't help worth a lick. In fact, I felt MORE tired after. Thinkin' next paycheck gonna invest in some damn vitamins an' see if that don't do somethin'.
Gonna call D tomorrow to talk about goin' to see Ghost Rider on Sunday. We're waitin' on CAG to schedule when we're gonna go see it together as a group, but so far nuttin' came down the pike. Seein' as we have a tradition of seein' Marvel movies the first weekend, I'll probably end up goin' with D then goin' with the group a second time. Hopefully it's good.
Finished up my Estella article. Now I just need to go through it, take out what's not needed, an' add more meat to whatever's left. Also gotta figger out how to start an' end it. That's probably the most difficult part there. Got somethin' in mind, hafta see how it flies all together. Wanna get this turned in ASAP in case I need to do somethin' else.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


My goddamn boots are a pain in the ass. I bought this pair after tryin' several 'cause it's the only one that fit right. Didn't match my pairs of Timberlands that were great, but came damn close. So, when it threatened snow Tuesday, I put 'em on an' walked around my apartment fer a bit before decidin' on my sneakers an' goin' to school. They were fine, comfy even. Wednesday it snows so I put 'em on. Suddenly, they're tight as hell an' hurtin' my feet makin' me feel like my ankle was sprained, hadda wear 'em off fer most of work. Today I wear 'em again an' now they're loose as hell yet still manage to hurt my right foot. What in the hell?! Takin' it off briefly while at my desk seems to help fer the rest of the day, but it's seriously bull.

Speakin' of bull, I was determined to try to do more socially relevant commentary in my entires, but kept forgettin' when it came down to it. So lemme start off with somethin' I read in the Bay Ridge Eagle last week. Eric was quoted in an article about insurance companies pullin' outta the NY area 'cause of the Katrina thing in New Orleans an' the continued projections of a major storm due to hit us in a few years. So insurance companies, created to protect their clients' assetts, are pullin' out 'cause they may actually hafta *gasp* do their jobs?! What in the hell're we payin' high rates fer then? We pay them so they can help us replace our crap in the event of an emergency, but because of a storm thousands of miles away an' a storm that hasn't even come yet, they wanna abandon us to our fate. The only thing more wrong with that scenario is the fact that nobody who matters finds anythin' wrong with these practices to do somethin'. Insurance; the biggest legalized scam.

My Estella article's comin' along nicely. Last night I propelled it from the 40s through the 80s. A bit more an' the first draft's done, just gonna hafta go back an' add more meat to the bones an' see if I can't eliminate any "useless" info I put in favor of keepin' it concise. All that stuff can be expanded upon in future installments, so not like I'm gonna rip off the readers...if any readers care about comics, that is. Gotta think up my next SPA article too. Always hard to find decent topics. Maybe Sunday's visit to the sotre'll yield another idea like the last time.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


So, talkin' with sis an' outta nowhere she just comes out with that she wishes I would date her sister. Apparently she thinks I'd have a positive influence on her life an' get her straightened out. I actually had to laugh at the absurdity of it. If ever there was a more mis-matched pair, it'd be me an' Christi. I'm more likely to get a date with Tina (a topic which also managed to come up an' as equally or more impossible a situation) than I ever would gettin' together with Christi. I asked sis what kinda reaction she'd get if she proposed this idea to her, an' pretty much she had the same reaction I did. Ah, that nut. 'Sides, a fatal flaw in her devious plot now: seems like ol' Christi got bitten by the love bug fer Georgia. She's lookin' to move there soon. Christi, if ya bother to read my blog, I still want my Covington pics!

Yahoo Maps man, just got major props from me. Other map services that have satellite imagery, they show ya patches of trees when ya go to look fer rural areas. Unless it's a town of significant size, all ya get are colored squares. Yahoo Maps, while lookin' fer a map of Roscoe online, had an actual pic of the town of Roscoe! More'n that, they had a pic of my campground! Just to further test my luck, I looked up a certain farm an' there it was, plain as day as well as the intersection that led to it. So, folks, if yer lookin' fer satellite shots of rural areas, Yahoo Maps is the place to go. They don't letcha get as close an' clear as all the others, but then ya don't get to see that stuff in all the others either.

Snow from last night actually held. In fact, was hale this mornin' as I went to work. Even when I came home. Of course, I had the fun task of shovelin' an' saltin'. Fortunately, my back didn't suffer but my arms are kinda sore. An' unfortunately I didn't get my peace an' quiet as the office closed early an' ma was home when I was. Now, if only I knew someone who'd like to go sleddin'...that'd be fun.

Got an' read my comics, then took a moment to finish puttin' 'em away, although I have some leftovers that won't fit in the damn boxes. Also gonna need to order more, so gonna hafta figger out what kind to get. So many choices, so many advantages, so many different prices. My revised pitch to Mark also got the thumbs up. Third time's the charm. Dunno where we go from here, guess I just wait fer him to request a strip from me. I do need to finish my Estella article an' get crackin' on my next interview, as well as make some changes to my script I thought would work better. Also finalized the plans fer Stacy to go with me to the Indie After Party next Saturday. So far it's a tentative yes. We'll know fer sure come the 24th.

An' anyone in the NY area that loves comics, come on by the Twins Pub on 9th Avenue between 33rd & 34th on Feb 24th between 8-11 PM. Halloween party was a smash, an' we got both floors of the joint reserved this time so we can have a bigger crowd. Free food, cash bar, music an' good convo. What more can ya ask fer?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Sis joked today she was gonna put an ad fer me up on Craigslist to find me a girl an' screen 'em all personally. Of course, she wasn't really considerin' I "blame" her fer the slut, but really, I'm not lookin' that hard right now. It had come to my realization that I had continuously liked someone fer almost a decade. While I had a thing fer Tina, there was Fatima, Jesenia, April an' Jackie. Tina only started to fade when Concetta came around an' then it was all replaced by the slut. Then there was the brief stints with Catie an' Aly. Now, I'm completely free an' clear fer the first time. It feels strange, I'll admit that, but it's a good kinda strange.

I went to bed earlier last night, but was woken up early by TC knockin' shit off my radio again. So either that, or a combination resulted in my bein' shot today. So shot, I was actually passin' out in African class. Or maybe just because it's BORING AND POINTLESS AS FUCK! Sick of these pointless classes. To make matters worse, I hadda rush off to my next class AGAIN an' grabbed the wrong quiz. My quiz an' this guy's quiz was in the same spot, an' our similar handwirtin' didn't make me realize till I saw the name in class. I thought I got too high a score. Ah well, find the guy an' trade it back next week. Fortunately, I'm off Thursday! Booyah!

Got the word back on my pitch from Mark. Fucked up the theme like I thought an' shoulda put in the locaiton description like I was gonna. Ah well. He gave me a rundown on what he expected from the theme, an' I went to Bob fer some additonal counselin', an' together I think they gave me what I needed. We'll see what Mark says about the revision.

Also talked to Stacy tonight. Apparently she didn't show up Sunday 'cause she never got the text I sent her on Sat. Goddamn Verizon. Ah well, we'll just hafta do it again an' next time I'll CALL her. Cell phones. They're a detriment.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Fer the second (or maybe third) time, Sis brought up this publishin' site Apparently, they'll put out yer book fer free an' only collect money if it makes any money. That, of course, is the simplest of summaries an' I suggest all aspirin' authors head on over there to get the 411 on their own. Anyways, didn't think I can do anythin' with it since all my tales've been comic-styled fer years, but then I remembered this novel I was writin' 6 years ago that I never finished an' I think lost the file to. So I'll try it again, what the hell.

I put in fer my day off an' let Jim know about my quest fer more money. He was fine with it, but of course got it all mixed up when he talked to my ma about it. Moron.

At home I got some of my Estella article done so just need to finish that up. I might have an idea fer my next Dimestore article (current one is up today, FYI) so I'll hafta work on that. Still haven't heard back from Mark on the pitch, or Fearsmag about my review. Ah well. I wrapped up the night finishin' puttin' my comics away (still gotta do the basement ones, woulda taken too long) in time to watch Heroes an' the rest of my Monday programmin'. I did neglect to read the shit fer my African class so I'll do that when I get home from work tomorrow. I also sent Tina an E-Mail about the summer plans, lettin' her know to consider one of her friends to come up with us to replace sis if needed. Hopefully, with 2 queen-sized beds an' one small one we can make it work out. People might end up sharin', but that shouldn't be a big. I'll have a better idea when I get up there to open up an' see the beds physically again.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Got up, finished my pitch, took my shower, did my laundry, put some comics away an' got my papers before headin' over to D's. Stacy never came, but we had Nelson an', after so long, his GF that we heard about but never actually saw. Nice gal, we all had fun. Played some Alliance, played some Turtles, then them two hadda head off fer another hangout. Me an' D goofed around with games I had brought an' had some Dominos 'fore I called it quits.

The other day I caught most of A Hard Day's Night. Sis' been wantin' me to go see it with her in the theaters as they have it play around now an' again, but we never made it. An' since it seemed less likely to happen, figgered I'd catch it. Was alright, nuttin' spectacular. Caught the Love Bug with Bruce Campbell yesterday. First I've seen it since it's premier on Wonderful World of Disney. Good movie, kinda shoddy special effects, an' a couple actors from the Mummy I didn't realize. Now I'm watchin' the Interpreter, first seen on my last bus ride upstate. You'd think I'd hate the movie 'cause of that. Ironically, not so much.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Meetin' went fine. People arrived late so took a while to start, just sat an' shot the shit with James, Mark an' the model fer James' calendar project. When the others eventually came we got into it, then spent about an hour minglin' an' discussin' work after. Well, they all did. As it stood I was basically the only non-artist in the room.

After we went out to eat at the same diner (I didn't eat, refuse to pay those prices again) an' along the way Mark told me what he needed from me to pitch the script. Wasn't quite what I expected: the theme of the story (which took me forever to figger out...never quite grasped the concept of themes) an' character descriptions. I set off to do that when I got home but ended up havin' to ask him what he wanted in the character descriptions so that's delayed a bit till he gets back to me. They ate an' we all talked till about 9, then headed fer home. Was a lotta fun. Nice to hang with comic people. They wanna do a big Ghost Rider gatherin' next weekend, so gonna see if I can snag D so we can do our thing with them.

Facebook was doin' this V-day virtual gift thing an' gave everyone one free to give. I kept decidin' if or who I should give one to, an' ultimately decided on Tina seein' as she's had a very bad couple weeks. She responded with an update on the situations, an' apparently she was slightly sicker than I knew. An' the way she said it was like, once again, I was supposed to know about it. Shit, if I knew she was THAT sick I woulda checked in on her a bit better than I did! Ah well.

Friday, February 09, 2007


After work I came home an' started to work on some stuff. I finally got around to doin' the blueprints fer my old store to present with my GTM scripts. Took me all day to try an' get the main floor right. It's not exactly to scale but a lot closer than the ones I boosted from the office before we shut down. The basement went a lot quicker, fortunately. Now all I need to do is scan my reference pics (which I wish I took better) an' I'm golden. I'll have the visual part of the reference fer GTM done.
Was havin' trouble gettin' ideas goin' fer GTM, but I found myself with 3 by the end of the day. I did an intro fer one that I ran by Rachel an' she loved it. Now I just need to find a chance to write them all out, plus my article fer Estella. Got 2 weeks fer that one, though, so it's all good. I tried to write that at work bein' it was so dead today, but the Wiki entry on comics was a bit flawed so I'm gonna hafta do it with my history of Marvel book which covers all that stuff.

Tomorrow...judgement day!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


So the goal I might be reachin' that I didn't go into detail about? Well, I was told I might be approached to submit stuff fer CAG's publicaitons. Today Mark made it official by tellin' me he wants to discuss that at the meetin' Sat. Now, let's not start cheerin' yet. First I hafta get the details then they hafta accept what I pitch. Gonna push GTM as hard as I can, so we'll see what happens.

Insteada class we had a Black History thingamajig on the same floor as my music class. When I got there they started lettin' people in, an' who should I end up next to? That gal I mentioned yesterday. An' yes, I took the opportunity to strike a brief conversation. Film major an' writer, specializin' in TV stuff. Convo ended when she moved to be closer to the back exist as she hadda leave early an' someone sat between us 'fore I could move. I decided to stand 'cause the chair was killin' my back, but the organizer lady forced me an' others standin' down to the first floor entrance 'cause of fire hazard bullshit (was there before, people were allowed to stand then). The girl (Cindy, if I heard her name in roll call right) came too 'cause she was gonna give me her seat since she was gonna leave. We both went down an' the thing began. She left soon after an' I stayed almost the entire class time before headin' off to the next. So, there ya have it. I initiated convo. Do I think there'll be a repeat? Probably not. But at least I gained a hello in class from now on. I think.

Called D to let him know about Stacy, an' D told me he forgot he's workin' that day (figgers) so he's gonna try to push it back or change the day dependin' on if Nelson can make it. The smartass also likes to throw at me that me an' Stacy make a cute couple an' calls her my GF. The hell is it with people an' this joke? Couple weeks ago had Roy have sis tell me I should take her to White Castle's V-day dinner. Yeesh, you'd think they were sharin' notes or somethin'.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Christi posted up one of them quizzes on how well ya know her, so figgerin' what the hell I took it. The scary part there is how HIGH I scored on it. Woulda been one higher if I didn't goof on a question I knew. So I decided to make one of my own as I had been registered fer the site it was on fer someone else's quiz some time ago. That in turn inspired Danielle to make one of HER own.

As it stands, 7 people took the quiz. Sis scored the highest, of course, gettin' only 3 wrong. Comic questions, didn't expect her to really get them right. Mellie got the next highest, but what surprised me was the third highest was a gal I talk to rather infrequently from Louisiana. Some of the stuff I know we discussed, but a lot of the ones she got right I know we hadn't. She's either psychic or a REALLY good guesser...or I'm just real simple to read. Wild. Rachel an' Aly, two gals I talk to from Cali, got the same scores though with different answers. Didn't expect 'em to get too high on that considerin' how silly the convos usually end up. Carolyn got the next lowest, gettin' only the questions that applied durin' my tenure at Waldbaum's right, which was fine. Doubt even Tommy would do much better there.

Danielle was the lowest, but I didn't really expect her to know everythin' there. We had some heavy convos when we met but tapered off, missin' a lot of what was covered. That's okay, I made up fer it by doin' badly on her own quiz. Two questions I goofed on, one I just flat out forgot, an' two others were topics we never covered. I dunno if those goofs were just general forgetfulness or the result of my goin' to bed at 4 last night an' bein' shot all day. Guess we'll never know.

Turns out Kathy's started workin' late other days so she can only work 4 days a week. Dunno if that's a permanent situation or was just fer this week, but we'll see. Left me havin' to do both our work, which I woulda finished entirely had more stuff not come down. Ah well. She had said maybe we should start switchin' things up now and again. Thinkin' she's right as doin' her stuff got me a li'l lost an' confused now.

Spent the rest of the day readin' my comics an' chattin', an' I finished up my interview an' passed it along to my editor. Tomorrow I'll hafta watch last week's Smallville so they can record this week's fer me. Damn school.

Speakin' of school, may as well put out there that there's a gal in my African whatever class that's caught my eye. Ain't talked to her yet, mostly 'cause the opportunity ain't presented itself. She's also an over-tally, meanin' she's in the class waitin' to see if someone drops so she can become officially part of it, so dunno what happens if that don't happen. All the over-tallies in my classes usually end up part of it. I promised sis that if opportunities arise I won't ignore 'em. I might MISS 'em, but I won't ignore 'em.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


So the bitch said to study the sheet she gave fer our quiz. Alright, so I did. After work I also tried to do the readin' she assigned, but only skimmed part of it thinkin' I could do it later. An' then she goes an' puts said readin' on half the quiz! Think I did alright on the one side, but I couldn't even get the extra credit question askin' to ID the current names of previous locations. I can barely remember some english words off the top of my head, she expects me to remember FOREIGN words?! She also kept us over so I hadda rush to my next class. Made it in 2 mins, not too shabby.

After school an' an N train that was fer some reason goin' local, came home to work on my site. Ended up becomin' an all-night project as I didn't finish till about 3. So tomorrow I'm gonna polish off the interview I typed up an' pass it along. I'll probably bang out the rough version of my Estella article then tighten that up over the weekend if I got time between events.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Apparently I haven't been gettin' E-Mails from that E-Zine I joined up with. Was havin' my usual work convo with sis an' she mentioned them, so I hadda re-contact one of the head honchos to get that fixed. So far so good. My first article fer them looks like it'll be the complete abbreviated history of comic books.

Tina also posted a blog announcin' she was sick yet again an' some other crappy stuff, so I immediately commented with Get Well Soon graphics an' sent her a funny E-Card. A li'l bit later, she sent a thank you E-Card with an incredibly mushy message that got me all warm an' tingly inside. Heh ya know, I thought I was the one tryin' to spread the good cheer, an' here she comes an' does it SO much better. Ah well, long as it did it's job it's all good.

Got home an' worked on some stuff fer the website. Also got a response from the dude I met in the SPA chats about his comic strip Burp Boy. I'm gonna look over some pages he started an' get the complete rundown of his universe while takin' a crack at a script explainin' why he is like he is. I got some ideas I'll just hafta run by the guy.

D called me up to say he loved the idea of a video game party so much, he's got Nelson set up fer Sunday. I was plannin' to go to the store, but we'll hafta see Good thing he skipped Saturday as I got a mettin' then. All we need now is a 4th to take full advantage of these new capabilities. Unfortunately, we dunno anyone else really who plays. I asked Stacy anyways an' she said she'd be game if she wasn't too hung over (ugh) from a party she's goin' to Sat. D's also gonna ask this guy Ray we went to school with. I'm pretty sure Tommy works till 4 or 5-ish so ain't gonna bother tryin' him. We'll do another when he's on vacation or somethin'.

Today my Rogue action figure arrived. See, in my hunt fer a new Mary Jane, I came accross a loose Rogue that looked pretty good, so I bought it on Ebay. Was only a buck (although they charged me $2 fer shippin' an' they ended up sendin' it in an envelope fer 60 cents) an' it was in great condition, though opened. But hey, finally got me a Rogue figure! In an ironic twist, the town it supposedly came from was the very town I proposed in. Ironic considerin' the source of the Ben Gay I used last night.

On another note, my arms're just about healed, it's the coldest it's been yet today, an' I barely studied. Hell, even if I studied all weekend and actually gave a shit I doubt I'd remember all these funky tribal names. If I pass this class, it's gonna be barely.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


The plan was simple enough; we go get a TV, I drill a few holes, an' we're done.

Shoulda guessed how the day was gonna go soon as I got D's call askin' if I was ready. Ready fer what? Ready fer you to tell me when we were gonna go like I said to do the night before? So I got 20 mins to get ready. Then I got hung up lookin' fer the drill an' a bit in pops' work bench he told me to find. After all that lookin' ma called an' he said the bit I wanted to use in the first place could be used as a substitute. Oy! Then hadda find the actual drill an' figger out how in the hell the extra battery suddenly don't let the case close. I hadda ditch it to close it an' headed out.

We drove to Best Buy in his pops' car where we ran into Christina an' some guy named Teddy (that her BF, sis?). Apparently they got a Sunday routine to go there every week. We parted at the entrance an' headed fer the TVs. First, it was a bitch to find a TV that fit the dimensions of his unit. He really wanted a flat screen, but they were all big an' bulky. Tried flat panels, but they were too expensive. So went back to the flat screens where every single one he wanted was out of stock. He finally settled on a regular TV...only to have IT out of stock. We finally found one that fit the measurements he took AND was in stock. It was 2 inches deeper than the unit, but if all the weight was in back that shouldn't be much of an issue. Unfortunately when the guy came out I was alone an' he was askin' me all the questions about the connections an' warranties an' stuff. Dude, ain't my TV...I'm just the muscle. D had gone off to get a multi-player adapter fer his PS2 'cause he liked the idea of video game parties that we had joked about while lookin'.

We checked out, an' that's where the troubles began. As big as the car was, no way the TV was gettin' into the trunk, an' it was too big by just a fraction of an inch to get in the back seat; not to mention heavy as hell. Decided to get creative an' took it outta the box. Threw the TV in back with the busted down box, the crap in the trunk, an' we hit the road. Educated D how to get on the Belt from there an' we got to his place. Unfortunately we were a few cars away from his door. Had him open things up as I carried it over an' in. I set up the TV only to find out it was more front heavy than anticipated an' threatenin' to fall out. The back of the unit hadda go.

We tried it on the very top of the unit, but I wasn't comfy with how it was wobblin' under its weight. Damn thing is chinsy as all hell. Went to remove the back only to find out it's sectional nature was just an illusion. Tried to cut it out but the razors he had were fairly useless. I called ma who called pops fer suggestions, an' he said he'd come by when he got home to take a look at it. Basically that took forever an' a day 'cause he got stuck in massive traffic on the Belt. Probably all the assholes rushin' home fer the goddamn Superbowl. So in the meantime we finished up the Dukes movie then partook of some Fantastic Four until he finally arrived. I passed by home briefly before to get money fer my papers (gave the last to D yesterday as a tip fer the delivery men) an' the DVD of the Dukes pilot so he could compare the two, as well as see where pops was.

He had some trouble findin' a spot, so had me come out to get the saw he had just as a spot opened up. He came in an' got to work. Opted to cut out the back anyways, sayin' was a good idea to let the TV breathe. Did it an' got the TV in, even though an inch or so still hangs out 'cause TV was slightly bigger than the unit (mis-labeled tag? Bad measurements? Who knows...). Pops suggested a strip of wood accross the top to make it more secure, despite it's bein' jammed in there. He also asked a buncha questions about the apartment an' made some comments that had me thinkin' movin' D into the house was on his mind. Good. We need to get crackin' on that, an' he's always the hold up.

I drilled a couple holes on top an' we set up his PS2. Gave it it's official run with the Dukes DVD after we cleaned up. He seemed to enjoy it. Before I left we realized where it was the cords from the controllers would get in the way, so I drilled a hole in the bottom cabinet an' we set up the PS2 down there. I packed up the drill, got my stuff, an' hit the road. Somethin' that shoulda only taken a couple hours became an all day project.

Also, all that TV liftin' left my arms pretty shot. That's how heavy it was. Could barely carry the drill home an' hadda bear hug the laundry bags to bring 'em up. Grabbin' things hurt that much. Too bad I was outta liquid Tylenol but I still have some of the tube of Bengay I bought in '05 on one of my weekends with the slut. Should get me at least mostly functional tomorrow. Now I gotta start studyin' fer the stupid African quiz Tuesday. Grrr.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Well, I planned to get up at 11:30 to do this thing fer D, but he decides to wake me up at 9:30 to tell me the delivery guys screwed up an' he needs me there earlier. Okay then. Got up, checked my messages, ate some food, then headed out. Got the keys from a very disheveled Sean who looked worse than I do mornin's, then proceeded to D's place.

Surfed the TV a li'l as he has movie channels we don't an' played You've Got Mail while I drew some Prospect Park. D showed up a bit after 2 an' still no entertainment center. He called 'em up to find out their deliveries got screwed so they'd be comin' later. He ordered us a pizza an' we ate while we watched the Dukes movie. I was explainin' where they went wrong when the delivery guys finally made it.

Just a basic unit with a cabinet on the bottom, nuttin' fancy. We opened it up an' had a li'l effort gettin' the goddamn maskin' tape they decided to hold it together with off (that tape is now on D's shit list). I fixed up the doors an' after stickin' one of the shelves in a closet (didn't really need it in the cabinet, was too small fer what he wanted to use it fer anyways) it was good to go. Only bitch was the back is completely sealed up, so I'll hafta come back with the drill an' put some holes fer plugs back there.

We finished the pizza then headed up to Circuit City to check out TVs. Didn't have too big a selection an' he really had his heart set on one of them flat LCD ones. I suggested to him since new sales start tomorrow to wait an' check the circulars fer there an' Best Buy, then we can grab one. He'll try to borrow his pops' car when we go to pick it up. Got back an' parted there so he could have dinner with his 'rents.

Sis sent me some essays to look over fer this program in Chicago, creative journalistic writin' which she loves to do. They need essays as part of their applications, an' she was afraid she'd screw it up 'cause she wanted it so bad. I was readin' 'em an' all the things she listed as qualifications, an' I just gotta wonder how in the hell I've been writin' fer almost 20 years now an' yet SHE'S incredibly more qualified with this fairly recent passion? Yeesh.

Speakin' of writin', I tried a li'l experiment. I was tryin' to write while chattin' with people, an' nuttin' was workin'. I turned off my messengers an' did an entire scene fer a story. I started to IM someone else, my writin' ceased. So, it's official; when I wanna write I can no longer chat. Unbelievable, but there it is. So, I'm thinkin' from now on I'm gonna set times where my messengers are emergencies only. I dunno why I can't do what I've always done anymore, but I need to focus on my writin'. This applies to people I talk to on a daily basis, not ones I speak to like once a month or so. Wouldn't really be fair to expect 'em to maintain a schedule to my needs. The rest of you, don't worry; I'll keep it short an' fair.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Oh boy should I have taken a nap.

I went to bed a bit earlier than normal last night only to wake up even more tired than normal an' with a headache fer part of the day. Crap. Was Friday an' wasn't really motivated to work. Coulda got it all done today, but left some behind. Screw it, Monday's another day.

One of my all-too-few convos with Amaryllis reminded me about this website I frequented until early last year. It's an open comic book database where ya can go an' create yer comic lists to manage an' even contribute missin' comics to it. I started off by addin' the Ghostbusters comics, but popped off somewhere around week six of DC's 52, which's one of the newest comics that was on my comic list there. So I worked a bit on it before switchin' over to site stuff.

D called. He's got his new entertainment center bein' delivered tomorrow, but he's gonna be at work. So, he asked me to be there to recieve it fer him. No big. However, he wasn't able to get a copy of his key made (somethin' which he shoulda had done already) so he's gonna leave his with Sean when he goes off to work tomorrow. Which means I gotta pick 'em up from Sean. Fun. Which begs the question; if Sean's gonna be around to give me the keys, why didn't D just ask him to recieve the thing? I dunno...backwards logic. After me an' him're supposed to head up to Circuit City to look at TVs to put on that new center. So we'll see about that. Maybe bring some games or Prospect Parks to work on, dunno yet.

Already got one of my textbooks today. Way the prof talked about this thing sounded like somethin' sis'd love to read, so gonna pass it along to her once I finish with this crap. Wouldja believe I already got a quiz on Tuesday? Gotta remember a goddamn sheet about various tribes an' religions. Gah. I hate school.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I got my workout today.

The confirmation fer my book finally came through, so I went early to school to get it. Wasn't too bad. Bit of a wait on line but the thing was right by the door an' they got it handled pretty fast. Now, explain to me how a big corporation like Best Buy, who've had this system in place fer about 2 years now, keeps fuckin' it up an' a COLLEGE BOOK STORE that's had it only recently can get it right easily. Anyways, I decided to partake of the bathroom in the buildin' as the bathrooms're kinda hard to find in the buildin' my class is in. The mens room, anyways.

Went up to the third floor decidin' to try the bridge over the street I kept hearin' about, but rememberin' in the bathroom that the bridge connected to the OTHER buildin', not the one I needed. Whoops. Ah well, crossed anyway to explore seein' as I had a helluva lot of time (figgers the trains work good when I DON'T need to get to class!). I crossed, headed down, out, then around to the other buildin'. Shoulda stopped fer a drink of water 'cause EVERY FREAKIN' FOUNTAIN in the buildin' either didn't work or only had a li'l trickle to offer. An' I checked all five floors, too, makin' me MORE thirsty. So that's how I stayed through class, not havin' enough time to go around to another buildin'.

Lemme tell ya, I got seriously pissed off 'cause I kept gettin' stuck behind assholes talkin' on their cell phones. Jesus fuckin' Christ, can't people TALK an' walk NORMAL at the same time? They were all movin' slow as shit an' it was like GAHHHHH! HANG UP THE DAMN PHONE AND WALK! Goddamn things are a detriment!

I got another E-Mail from FedEx today, an' this one was the one I was lookin' fer...the job with the 6:30 AM start. I applied an' got the test the 20th at 9:30, which means I'm takin' the day off. Gonna hafta talk to Jim about my needin' 2 weeks off so I can train. Probably work somethin' out, like me workin' Saturdays to catch up on work Kathy can't get to. I dunno, we'll see. It shouldn't be too big a problem as it's extra work, not that I'm quittin'. Hopefully I can handle 6:30AM-9PM 2 days a week. Gonna be interestin', that's fer sure. More on that as it develops.