Sunday, March 28, 2010


This weekend, my buddies at Free Lunch Comics had their first Comic Book Shuffle at their offices in Granby. At first, I was reluctant to go since Granby is a bit of a haul from here, but ultimately I decided and dropped my $10 entrance fee, booked my hotel, and I was set.

The Shuffle is basically an offshoot of 24-hour Comic Day, of which Matt is a frequent participant. We'd get 6 hours to do 6 pages (reduced to 5) on a randomly chosen theme. I've never done one before so I dunno what to expect.

Since we stil haven't changed my oil, I hadda take ma's car. Traffic held me up a bit and I got there a few minutes late to be paired up with the only person left. Turns out my partner was a writer who became an artist after taking one of Matt's classes. It pretty much showed in his line work, but at least he had a better mastery of the ruler than I ever did. The theme ended up being culinary arts, and I was able to recycle an Archie idea I had with some modifications.

I banged out the script in half an hour and he started working on layouts and characters in the meantime. At crunch time I ended up having to help him with the inks, and I also did the lettering. It was very old school; draw some lines, write the text. Near the end, he started inking two of the pages. I thought his pencils were rough, hoo boy... He inked as if he was sketching, allowing for two such pages amidst 3 cleaner ones. It is what it is.

We ended up the first pair finished WITHIN the original time (extended an hour by request). There was a myriad of different quality work. Some was outstanding, some was kinda meh, but it was pretty good considering the atmosphere.

After hanging out for a bit, I retired to my hotel in West Hartford (reminder: I must ask Steve or Matt for a place to crash next time or they will kill me). Lemme tell ya, this place was GREAT. It was more of a motel layout with separate buildings for the rooms, but the rooms were nice as hell. Like a mini apartment. I had a full kitchen, my bathroom had its own hallway, and a flat screen plasma TV. I coulda lived there! I did a little Index work, and also managed to catch Gran Torino finally. Good flick.

Today I went for breakfast in Hartford, nice little diner, before heading to the Plainville Comic Show for the judging. Of course, I raided the discount bins and picked up a nice batch of Archie comics. Having a car made ALL the difference as I was able to load it all in my trunk. Then came the page judging, and I lost as expected. Ah well. I'll most likely return for the shuffle next year, now that I know I'll need to bring some art supplies. I shall be prepared!