Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Today I had to go help the outter area courier. The outter area is the far west side of our delivery area, which is home to the looooooongest blocks in the city. It's basically a route you need to drive around to do. But me, I walked it. Took about 10 stops and luckily remembered most of the tips he quickly spouted out to me as I took each package. Unfortunately there was one stop that proved to be more of a pain in the ass than he had indicated. I had to save that one for last and go back. Now I know how he stays so thin, that route is a killer. And yet, I still stay fat. Yeesh.

Monday, May 03, 2010


Alright, here's what's been happening with my various jobs:

-They've decided to re-split the station back to two floors. GOOD. Having everything on one was too claustrophobic. I'll finally be getting a truck back, but I might be switching managers in the process. Not too big a deal, but what can ya do.

-Worlds Beyond is in Free Lunch's capable hands to get ready for the printer. Nothing I can do there except sit, wait, and field all the inevitable hounding questions of where it's at.

-Iconic has befallen some of the same problems the first one did. I'm having to chase down artists for their work. I've already lost one story because the artist had to pull out. Luckily, I was able to hook up another with a quick (AND GOOD) artist. He's plowing through the 15 page story in a matter of WEEKS. You need a quick artist, look up Carlos Weiser, folks!

-CAG Presents, I'm having to chase down EDITORS. My help is not being very helpful this time. I've had the stories up to be edited since before I wet to Boston, and only ONE of the four have gone over them that I can see. Not a good start to a book I'm having trouble recruiting talent for.

-Worst Case Scenario is also having some artist issues. Four of the ones we contacted, two we never heard from, one was unable to committ, and the other is looking to be paid (which we can't). So I've convinced the guys, who initially just wanted to drop the stories, to do one more open call. They tasked me with handling the writers so of course I'll be looking out for their interests, as well as the company as a whole. If we can't keep our talent happy the FIRST time out, how the hell are we gonna get additional down the road? They didn't bring me in because I half-ass these projects.

-I'm doing short tie-in webcomic scripts for one of Dark Brain's series. Basically they fill in a little backstory between the scenes of the main strip. I've already turned in three of a planned five. The last two are proving a challenge since I had designed them all in a full-circle story and my original concept was nixed due to continuity issues. Which is fine, it's their stuff and I really was just guessturing off the material I was sent. But, it does leave me without a solid conclusion. The dangers of working for someone else. But, so far, my fumbling through has met with approval so yay on that.

-Speaking of challenges...the Index. We have new distinctive classifications for each type of flashback that appears in an issue, and I'm having a bitch of a time getting the hang of them. I understand the reasoning, but when I have an issue that does a flashback, flashforward and a flash sideways, it gets to be a treat to have a straightforward story.