Tuesday, January 31, 2006


In Women Studies today, th' lady had a local book store/artsy cafe bring in th' books fer th' class so we could buy 'em. I held off on buyin' th' other one from Amazon since she hinted it might be cheaper. Yeah, try $6 more. Ah well. Also, yet another stupid "icebreaker" thing; in groups, we hadda study a person, they'd turn around an' change somethin' about their appearance, an' we hadda name it. God, this class is so lame.

Monday, January 30, 2006


Today was th' first day of intro to cinema class. We got this big-ass room that finally emphacizes th' big colloseum seatin' plan I've come to expect from college through TV shows. Apparently over th' semester we're gonna watch two movies (Casablanca which I've been meanin' to see an' the Godfather which I haven't) an' I hafta pick a movie to analyze a scene an' talk about somethin' gonna learn about later. Fortunately, It's A Wonderful Life was on th' list...a movie I see quite a few times a year. Since there are different sections, th' head guy assigned us by section to 4 parts of th' room near our discussion instructors. More on that later.

Checkin' th' syllabus, it looked as if we were gonna have HW questions due Wednesday, so I ran down after class to th' store to buy th' book. Was a bitch tryin' to find it; they got their store split into an upper an' lower level, an' th' was crowded with very little room. Eventually got it an' helped another girl from my class find it. Headed back up an' waited on a long-ass line to pay fer it. Fortunately, I carry $80 in emergency money. Just gotta replace it from th' bank later.

After all that, I made it to my discussion class relatively fast in th' buildin' across th' street. What it is is gonna be a discussion of things we cover in class. What's worse is not only do we have 3 tests in th' main class, but pop quizzes in this one. Not to mention we've got th' guy with th' accent. Fun. Fortunately, got out pretty early an' got home fast. What I love is I have enough time fer wifey, which's all I wanted.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Today was th' first day of school. Fun. Tried to take a nap after work, but goin' to th' bathroom got me there uber late then I had trouble fallin' asleep, so I got absolutely nuttin' worthwhile outta it. Got up, got dressed, left.

Train came a few mins after I got there, but then of course it hadda keep stoppin' in th' tunnels. Friggin' hell. Somehow I still managed to get there with 20 mins to spare. Found my room relatively easy, first up history. Unfortunately th' school seems to've bought extremely small connected desks in bulk. I swear, either they are tiny or I'm just fatter 'cause evern sittin' up I'm bein' squashed. Hate to be one of those BIGGER guys!
Teacher's alright I guess, got a personality at least. We're doin' prelim stuff first so we have a foundaiton with which to begin. 3 50 question multiple choice tests...hope my crappin' memory doesn't hurt me none.

Next was women studies (requirement, no way in hell I'd volunteer to take it) which was remarkably one floor down in th' same area. Fortunately, they had th' desks like at my old school; a big chair with a small attached desk ya can flip up. Unfortunately, I got a drama teacher/actress teacher. That's right, I've already gotta see a stupid play of my choosin', go to a museum, an' there's a possibility of class actin'... Chick started off with a get to know ya exercise in groups. Always fun fer th' anti-social.

After all that, left to head home. Of course th' trains would take forever, but even still I made it home before 11. Had my dinner an' came OL but didn't really expect wifey to come on. Surprise surprise, she did. Ran late with barn stuff an' was dyin' her hair (ugh), so I got her fer an hour...which's an hour more than I thought I would. Always a nice way to end th' day, especially since I hadda watch a couple couples. Hate that.

A. sent her friends an E-Mail. She's takin' time off from school to go reside in Texas till her overseas internship. Ya know, a break from life. It figgers...when I have all this feminist shit to do, my resident feminist decides to up an' move, dammit! Just kiddin', sure it'll work out just fine fer her. Although can't say I'm too surprised at th' decision. All th' elements were there to suggest it as a possibility (I WAS a detective, ya know). It's nice to see even though my mind's goin' my skills are still sharp.

Oh, yeah, my arms are still killin' me from gymmin' Monday, Ben Gay ain't helpin' worth a damn, an' gettin' old sucks! The end.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Today me an' pops went on our annual trip to th' bike show at th' Javits center. Of course I couldn't sleep last night so I was dead-ass tired an' he wanted to leave uber early so he could park. Th' train is beneath him. Jerk.

Anyways, we got there an' stood on line fer a half hour after. My legs were hurtin' too from all th' walkin' Friday. Gotta remember I can't just go an' do that no more. Anyways, we checked out th' Hondas by th' door 'fore I went off to find th' OCC crew before th' crowd got too big. See, wifey wanted me to take a pic of Mikey fer her an' of course I went an' did it. There were already a buncha people by then an' I had trouble gettin' any decent shots. Took th' best 3 I could 'fore movin' on.

Then we spent th' next half hour goin' past all th' accessory vendor stands so he could find a helmet an' chain lube. I love it, we come to a bike show to look at bikes an' he's busy lookin' fer crap he could find on th' web. Needless to say, by th' time we got to th' bikes my legs an' back were killin' me so I was itchin' to leave. That pissed him off. Too freakin' bad.

Got home an' I took a nap after ma pissed me off from crap he told her, 'bout me complainin' th' whole time. Uh, th' LAST half hour isn't th' WHOLE TIME last I checked. Jackass. Got up to have some McDonalds an' bum th' rest of th' day.

Next year hope to get wifey to this. Really think s'th' only way I'm gonna have any fun goin' anymore.

Friday, January 20, 2006


A. EMs me about hangin' out since she's gonna be on this side of th' bridge. So I say sure. She shows up a couple hours later an' we head fer a walk along third to th' 90s an' back, with a quick stop at her bank. Gotta tell ya, lotta places've changed since I last been up that way. Amazin' stuff. Along th' way back she realized she lost one of her gloves. Ah well.
We stopped off fer a slice where she begged me to let her buy me one as a thanks fer her bday gift. I said what th' hell an' went fer it. S'only a slice, was no big. She called her friend Christina, whom she was meetin' after me, to find out where they were hangin' out. We headed off back towards my place so she could drop me off, but I changed it to droppin' her off at her car. She informed me she was gonna leave it by th' park 'cause it's a bitch to park around here...an' it is.

So I walked all th' way back to 88th with her to a coffee house. We headed down back to 3rd to retrace our steps an' see if we could find her glove. Found a similar one on 69th, but was too dark. Same damn glove, though. We took th' same way we went before. We checked her bank to make sure she didn't leave it there, but endin' up findin' it there in th' 70s; a little dirty but in good shape. We met Christina outside an' after all th' walkin' I did decided to rest fer a few an' chill with them. Originally wasn't gonna 'cause I felt like it'd be intrudin', but damn that old age.

We sat an' talked. They had their coffee beverages, I made due with a water. Eventually Tina came in after hangin' with friends. Her breath was definitely rank from it...hope her drivin' wasn't impaired none. After a few more minutes I decided to hit th' road an' started back fer home.

Along th' way, was wrappin' on some parkin' meters as I went an' around 71st one meter I hit dropped some keys. What th' hell keys were doin' in a meter I have no idea. I stood there fer a bit tryin' to figger out how to play this, an' decided to take 'em with me. Leavin' 'em there didn't feel right. What if they opened somethin' there an' some nimrod got th' bright idea to try 'em? Came home briefly 'fore goin' to th' precinct an' turnin' 'em in. Came back to shrimp pasta an' pizza. Again.

Talked to D fer a bit an' then wifey. Wifey got a new set of wheels fer under a hundred, so now we got a new date set fer me to go up. Only problem is car's kinda smallish...hopin' I can fit in it. Ah well, we'll soon find out, won't we?

Thursday, January 19, 2006


One thing I forgot to mention is Sam quit her job back in December after a fight with her boss. She had trouble findin' a new one an' was considerin' th' Navy till I talked her outta it. (No WAY am I lettin' her get killed fer George Bush. Fuck that cumfucker). Anyways, she finally managed to land a gig at Lowes where she's been since.
Tonight she told me about an experiment she tried. On days her hair was straight, everyone talked to her or hit on her. Days of curly, only some co-workers. Interestin' right there. Me, I think she's pretty 24/7. Especially last night; turned her webcam on to lemme see her hair an' a new shirt I ain't seen yet an' she looked damn good. Wished I was there to enjoy it.

Fer those needin' some clarification, yes, I said she gets hit on at work. So, why do I seem to not care? 'Cause I don't. A) I trust her. B) She's been given many opportunities to go with someone else but hasn't. C) I'd be surprised if she DIDN'T get hit on. D) I have a girl other guys want...how cool is that?!

Seriously, though, she's a catch an' one day after I pound it into her skull she'll start to realize it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I decided to go pay my bill today, seein' as it's due tomorrow. Knowin' how big lines got at my old school, figgered I'd need all th' time I could get 'fore th' offices closed at 5. So, got my comics after work an' headed home.
Ma had a small fire with somethin' she was cookin' in th' microwave, but it was mostly smoke. Stunk up th' house but good. Lucille was on th' phone with her when I left an' told me that, but I shrugged it off. Ah well, no damage done. Reloaded my walkman with a new tape, got a blank check, an' hit th' road. It wasn't until I was a few stops away that I realized I forgot to bring a pen to finish fillin' out said check. D'oh!

Fortunately, I noticed a store th' last time. Went in an' bought a pack of pens 'fore I went to th' offices. Ended up havin' to cross th' street to an older, fancier buildin'. Pretty confusin' layout there...an' I have one class in it. Joy. On Mondays no less. Yay! Better find my way around right quick...

Anyways, was a fairly painless process. Got my bill in one office, filled out th' check, went to th' other office to pay, got to drop it in a box an' go back to th' first office, present my paid bill to get my ID, an' was on th' road. Long lines, but it all went pretty quick. An' fortunately I found a bathroom to straighten my hair enough fer th' ID. I really need a haircut. As soon as I deal with my baldness issue...

Me an' Sam did some talkin' about my bday trip up there, bounced around a few suggestions on what to do, as well as her pendin' NYC trip...whenver her 'rents wise-up. All in all, s'gonna be fun!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


After work today I hadda go to th' bank to transfer some money into my ma's checkin' account so we can pay my tuition. Th' bums only give ya 9 days after they open registration to ya to pay. Not only that, you hafta actually GO there fer th' bill before you can pay. At least th' other school let ya use yer printed copy...yeesh. Called ma to verify what I was doin' an' she said they might hafta go to th' hospital fer gma. Lovely.
Finished up an' went down to 3rd to th' OTHER bank ta pay ma's credit card bill. Ended up standin' on line fer 20 mins. Was long when I got there an' were only 3 tellers workin', one with trouble customers. Ma tells me later there was a quick deposit section. Well, gee. Yer also th' one who told me to do what I did! Dumb shits that are my 'rents.

They came home around 9-ish. Gma choked on food an' wouldn't compy to be cleared up, so they sent her to th' hospital. She's back in th' home an' all is as it was. Tomorrow, I gotta run my ass off after work to get my comics, catch th' train an' get to school so I can pay off my bill 'fore th' offices close at 5. Fun.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Thursday I had gone up to Steve in th' office to see about puttin' my comics on th' tenants policy in my name. See, not only am I holdin' gma's phone number, but also her apartment rent apparently. Fortunately, THAT I don't hafta pay.
Anyways, I need a list with an estimated value, so to get it up to date I'm gonna hafta go through all my older comics to judge their conditions an' look up th' values. Fortunately, about half of my 9,000+ comics are new, so I can eliminate anythin' from 98-up when I started baggin' as soon as I got them. I did this once upon a time ago when I was re-listin' my comics a couple years ago after my list crashed (again) an' in another pursuit of insurance fer th' values. I got around $29Gs, but figger an updated amount would be nice. Ma's gonna help since she's stuck at home, although her understandin' of condition gradin' slowed things up quite a bit. I'm hopin' to have it done by Tuesday, but it doesn't seem likely.

Friday, January 13, 2006


April's a new sister today. Again. Apparently there's been some secrets in th' fam last couple years. I was privvy to 'em earlier, but with this new kid she's gonna be fillin' everyone else in. Crazy stuff right there. Although same came as no real surprise. One me an' Tina sorta guessed at one of her bday parties at home. But, such is life I guess.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So I'm surfin' My Space at work yesterday 'cause April had left me a comment an' I went to check it through E-Mail. Decided to do some browsin' to see if Tina was on there was well. Did a vague search, women our age within a zone from my zip. Now, who should I end up findin' in that search but none other'n Steph.
Steph is one of those girls I call sister. Met at work, got real tight, but then she went to Florida to improve her life. We promised to keep in contact, an' we did a couple times on IMs. But then, she disappeared. Saw her sign on a few times, but she never answered my earlier IMs so I stopped doin' it. Then she stopped comin' on. Still sent bday E-mails but no answer to those niether. An' then, there she was. Her profile declared she was still in NY, which confused me. But, I just figgered it was old stuff.

I sent her a message anyways not expectin' an answer to say hi, an' surprisingly enough she did respond with her number an' new screen name. Sent her mine as well, now gotta make an effort to call her. Now, if only I could find Jes or Diane that easily.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Registration began at 8AM today. They only do it OL (which is my method of choice anyways). So, I went to bed earlier to get up at 7 so I could feed th' cats (since ma can't bend down from her proceudre, me an' pops're takin' care of both sets of cats an' her various duties fer now), shower, dress an' have time to let th' damn thing, which takes forever, load. Reason is th' newbies get LATE registration, which means every class has 1 or 2 seats left...whatever's not already full. So if we don't get th' class we want, we're done.

Good plan. It was. Too bad I overslept. I got up before 8 an' tried to get on; takin' forever as always. So I fed th' cats an' came back...still wouldn't load. It got to where I hadda call in an' say I was gonna be late. Fun fun. Finally, I got on after realizin' when I made a preliminary schedule to figure out what I'm takin' I forgot to check fer prerequisit classes. Ended up I lost two of my selected classes there, an' two more to them bein' filled up. It took me till before 10, but I finally got 3 classes that not only gave me some time between them an' work, but would allow me to get home with enough time to be with my wife. Go me!

Now, I just need a chance to nap 'cause I'm friggin' dead-ass tired.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Today I hadda go to my new school to go through their orientation crap. My appointment was fer th' 3rd at 10:30, but wasn't gonna take off work just fer that. So, I went to th' alternate today at 5:30.

First, however, I had to pop off to my old school to get my diploma that was FINALLY ready. Got a letter to pick it up last week so killin' birds an' all. I took a magazine with me to keep me occupied an' use to fill out a survey they sent with th' letter. Of course, I forgot all about it until I got up to the Registrar's office. Luckily, the long line I counted on was there and I had time to do it quickly. Got there, turned in my stuff, but instead of gettin' my thing th' lady there was busy askin' me internet questions when she found out I was a comp major. Like, lady, got places to go...WTF!? But, I was nice an' stuck it out. Unfortunately, that ate up any time I had to eat or grab reference pics for Ben of the Ghostbusters firehouse.

Caught the 6 train at the Muni Building as soon as I got to th' platform an' headed up. Never been to this school or general area before so I was a li'l out of sorts. Fortunately, th' station exit is RIGHT next to th' front door...AND a hot dog vendor. With an hour to kill, I had a dog (my first one in far too long) an' walked around a bit to check out th' area. Found out th' school's right next to an old armory. It was AWESOME! Looked like th' firehouse sprouted into a castle! I love these old buildings! Tried to photograph it but by then it was too dark.

Went in. Was a fairly big school with some similarities to my old ones put together, so that was kinda cool. Eventually they all let us in to th' meetin' where they explained this, that an' th' other thing, then split us all up into groups where we got th' rundown on requirements. It was advised we stick around fer advisement, but it turns out they were just goin' around to answer any questions you'd have, so I basically wasted time right there. Left as quick as possible an' caught th' 6 once again.

Th' one thing that sucks about this is I gotta take language an' social classes I DON'T wanna take. Ever. I hate when they force that shit on ya. Gotta see if I can scam my way outta 'em or transfer 'fore I hafta take 'em...or somethin'. I live in America, therefore I speak English. I don't even care about my own culture, therefore I don't care about nobody else's. Simply.

Also, ma went to have some kinda procedure done where they deflate her lung to take a sample to get to th' cause of all her coughin' fits lately. Gonna be stayin' overnight at th' hospital.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


A. had decided to have her bday at her BF's relatives' apartment in th' city on th' 3rd, I guess to clear up th' 6th fer family stuff. Ordinarily I probably woulda copped out, but I mean to undo th' flaws of my character an' opted to go. Be nice if th' wife was around to take with, but ah well. Thing was also a chance to get to meet Mr. Perfect an' see what all th' fuss was about.
I decided to surprise her with a gift anyways, even though I said I wouldn't do no more (she should know better). Got her a $30 Amazon gift E-card. Better than B&N that's fer sure; with th' marketplace there she can really make that $30 soar with cheaper books an' get a massive number. Bought a bday card on my way home from work, but was feelin' cruddy so went right to nappin'.

Got up an' I still felt like crap. I ended up havin' to call an' say I wasn't gonna be there. Ah well, shit happens. Sure, I miss out on meetin' her guy...but I've missed all th' others so why spoil a good streak, right? Kiddin'. One of these...years.

Tina didn't go either 'cause of finals, so that's two of her older in-town friends down. Bummer. Ya know, it was hearin' that she may not go that originally led to my hesitation about goin'. See, my friends all have their own friends. I have my own group, but they all have their own groups. I ain't part of any of them. Different interests, different lives, fer whatever reason. Normally in a group of people I dunno, I clam up. Dunno why, just do. Tina is my go-to backup fer these things. While April's busy shmoozin', I got someone to at least associate with. I ain't th' sociable type, takes me a while to warm up fer people. Unfortunately, seein' 'em once a year don't let me get that chance.

Today was also th' first day of K-Rock's new Free FM talk format. With th' departure of Howard Stern, they decided to get rid of th' station all together. So, that's one less to flip to to avoid commercials. Isn't that great? At least Jack (formerly CBS) plays some rock now an' again. Used to listen to K-Rock back when it was Classic Rock through my pops, but we went over to Q when they changed formats. I came back a couple years ago after some exposure from work an' been listenin' ever since. Figgers, just like with AIM, too late as always.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


I decided to expand my bloggin' experience. Don't ask me why, out of boredom, I guess. To read previous entries yer gonna wanna go here: http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/wolverine25th/main/. Trust me, I do my best to keep things accessable, but a li'l backstory goes a long way. If ya just wanna forge ahead an' hope things become clear, be my guest.
So, I'll kick off th' new year with a tale of this past Christmas I'll dub Christmas Clusterf*ck. Normally, I do my shoppin' th' week or so before Xmas. This usually involved a trip to 86th Street, which between th' avenues was like a strip mall. Of course, with my own credit card an' th' growth of OL shoppin', my trips there began to decrease. Add to that all th' stores I used to go to either changed beyond usefulness or closed an' I haven't been there in a couple years. Anyways, as I said I started early. Got my wife two clocks off this website my ma told me about. She joked I could only get her a clock if it was like Big Ben. Probably was a joke, but hadda teach her not to joke like that with me so that's what I went an' got. I really wanted a big clock that was just th' clock tower, but upon not findin' one I settled on a combo clock/bank that you could propell th' coins into through one of the clock faces. Also got her a puzzle clock that ya hafta complete th' pieces on in order to shut off th' alarm. Figger two loves right there, plus when I casually showed it to her she loved it. Anyways, a month or so later my British friend Ben (whom I had keepin' an eye open fer me) pointed out th' clock I was lookin' fer was finally on Ebay. I contemplated gettin' it but she hates when I spend anythin' on her, so decided should give her at least a partial merry Xmas. But, just to be sure she would be happy, I threw in Reno 911! season 2 as well.
Next came my ma. She's been dyin' fer a Gamecube, so that's what I went an' got her. She missed her Zeldas. Anyways, Best Buy was th' best deal, so I got her th' Mario Party 7 system pack (everyone was outta th' Zelda pack), a memory card an' 2 games fer $30 (Mario Sunshine and th' last Zelda). Games an' memory card I could pick up at th' store but th' system hadda get shipped. Simple, right? Wrong. First, I get an EM sayin' th' store don't have th' card, so I hafta call to convert it to bein' shipped fer free. THEN I get an EM a bit later tellin' me th' SYSTEM now is backordered. So, what's th' big deal, right? Backordered, means they'll get it in an' send it out a bit later than planned. Fortunately, this time that DID happen. But in th' past, whenever a Best Buy order got backordered on me it ended up bein' automatically cancelled. Had th' system been cancelled I woulda been up shit creek without a paddle.
Next came D's gifts. We both went to Best Buy to pick up th' games an' just to hang. I believe I made an entry about that dubbed Game Time!, so I'll refrain from a full recap. Anyways, as we were browsin' th' games I purposely goaded him into tellin' me which ones he liked, an' took advantage of th' next 2 fer $30 sale. Now, I placed all th' orders OL, gettin' myself a couple games, ma gettin' a couple games, an' gettin' D's games. I had ordered him Star Wars Battlefront, Sonic Heroes an' Sonic Mega Collection Plus. Now, dumb me realized that Sonic Heroes is ON Sonic Mega, so I hadda cancel th' one order. When I went to pick up th' games, th' three orders had gotten mixed up with th' one I cancelled. Hell, they didn't even have one of them ready! Now, on th' one hand I lucked out 'cause I think they gave me th' wrong Battlefront (th' sequel). On th' other hand, I failed to notice that they gave me th' wrong Sonic till after I gave 'em to D. That's right, sittin' in his home as usual, I look at th' games I gave him an' saw Sonic Heroes. Can't believe I didn't realize that till then! Dumbass I am. Also gave him a memory card he no longer needed, but that's alright.
Pops is always a bitch to shop fer. He's got more tools than god an' never uses half of 'em. So me an' ma tried to avoid 'em this year. I was gonna hook him up with some of th' frangrance he wears, but that crap costs $30 a bottle! I was like get th' hell outta here. He's a dumbass fer payin' that much! We saw a commercial fer th' new HomeMedic's massagin' chair thing an' decided that'd be just fine, so I ordered that through Amazon (only to find out a week later it woulda been cheaper from BJs...of course). He also expressed interest in a new Craftsman thin ratchet, so I was gonna get that too but damn Sears only had in-store pick-up. Which, of course, changed a couple days BEFORE Xmas to delivery as well, so got screwed outta that.
Now th' Gmas...they're a tricky bunch. With Gma N at a home what we can give her is limited. Gma B we're just clueless about. Both me an' ma struggled with them fer a while. Ma suggest I get Gma B yet ANOTHER book (my go-to gift fer her) an' I had no choice but to do so. Got her one called Toxic Batchelors or somethin' like that. Gma N, however, it took till Xmas day fer ma to suggest a sweater she was given an' didn't like. That's right, I regifted a gift that wasn't even mine.
Finally, th' wife's family. They've been very nice an' hospitable to me, so I thought I'd dust off last year's idea an' send 'em somethin' (ironically, she had th' same idea in regards to my family...I love how alike we think). After some browsin' of gift baskets I settled on this one from Hershey. Lotta chocolately goodness in a 4-tier tower. So I placed th' order at th' beginnin' of Dec to be delivered th' 23rd. Well, that day came an' went with nary a shipment in sight. Also, I wasn't able to access my account fer all that time an' when I was finally able to get in they had like ZERO info 'cept that I placed an order. So I called up an' got my DHL trackin' number an' called them th' next day. Apparently, it got two shippin' labels on it somehow an' they didn't know where to send it. So I had th' guy fix it up an' waited another week. I call back when it still don't come to find out not only did moron NOT do anythin', there was no record of my call. So I was told I'd be called with updates. An' I was. Two updates, last one bein' they couldn't contact th' shippin' hub in PA (package never even left) an' that I should declare it lost. That's right, LOST. So I called Hershey to cancel it an' get my money back, no longer a point to it now. Next time I visit I'll just buy somethin' there to bring an' make up fer it, 'course in th' meantime I feel like crap. HersheyGifts.com, people...avoid it at ALL costs.
What about th' others? Tina an' A. I don't see enough to know what they'd want. Hell, this past year I've seen Tina MORE than A. Do you know how insane that is? Was gonna get Lenny from work th' new Essential Godzilla comic with Tommy, but it doesn't come out till Feb. Other co-workers no clue when I'd see 'em so didn't bother.
Now I suppose after all this yer wonderin' what I got in th' end. Well, wonder no more...my list:
Marvel Nemesis
Fantastic Four VG
Atari Anthology
Atari Flashback 2
Honeymooners Holiday Collection DVD
Cologne (useless an' promptly thrown out)
$30 Best Buy gift card
Hess Truck
Singing Santa plush
3 T-shirts
Bike lights
Mini-flashlight thingy
Sheet of bootleg Spidey stickers
Chocolate Cell Phone
Empty Box (gag gift from th' wife)
An' some crap from th' degenerates in Florida I don't even remember.
Happy Holidays.