Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Alright, so last night I took th' essay I found with me an' highlighted a buncha tidbits I coulda used. So today, I rushed through writin' th' damn paper so I could turn it in tonight. Wasn't my best, but I didn't care. Surfed around fer some additional sources an' I was done.

She handed back our original papers today an' apparently so many people screwed it up that she's gonna give us topics to work from. Good. Makes my life easier. Stupid class.

Also somethin' happened with ma's arm again that she had like simulated siezures an' heart attack-like symptoms or somethin'. So, she's gonna be laid-up at home again fer a bit.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Somehow where luck fails me in life it makes up fer it in school work. Doin' a search fer anythin' about Darwin an' women, I came across a Professor's essay about sexual selection. Now, I used to be somewhat of a scientist, but I never even heard of that. But, skimmin' th' first few paragraphs, I found it's exactly what I needed. I'll see what I can steal offa it an' make up some BS sources. Just gotta find that page that shows ya how to do a bibliography again.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Wanna know when yer addicted to yer wife? When ya stand in th' shower sniffin' yer shower gel 'cause it's her scent. That's right, opened a new gel that happened to be vanilla scented, an' that's what she always wears. I am too sad.

She came on after work an' we shot some pool on Yahoo. Bit later, her sis joined us an' we all chatted it up while we played. I really get to hear more stories when she talks to her fam than I do when it's just me an' her. Now, if only I could get stories about her life before me...

Earlier, I went to th' store to drop off Craig's comics. Store was closin' at 8 tonight fer a computer upgrade, which's fine by me...was gonna leave then anyways. Caught up with Tommy an' Lenny with th' usual bull before hittin' th' road. On th' way home wind was fightin' me big time. I could stop pedalin' an' th' wind would be my brake, s'how heavy it was. Legs were hurtin' by th' time I made 5th, so I stopped an' walked th' last few blocks. Tried to glide down my block to home, but that damn wind. Needless to say, I didn't make th' gym today but I definitely got my workout!

Friday, February 24, 2006


Wifey came on after work an' she was talkin' to her ma, so I suggested another three-way pool game. Figger why not, last one was pretty fun. So was this one. After a bit her older sis who lives in Jersey came on an' I watched th' three of them chat it up. Interestin' stuff ya hear when people who know each other talk. Of course, anythin' I contributed made me sound like an idiot 'cause I'm not familiar with their subjects. Her sis left after a bit 'cause of work, then her ma got chased off by some dude who's been harrassin' her OL. Her ma has a big presence OL an' by goin' through th' Yahoo games back door she became visible to him. Ah well. We wrapped up with our own personal pool game 'fore she hadda retire.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Watchin' another auction on Ebay. After yesterday, resolved to make this th' last one fer a while. With th' lot I just won as well as th' delayed comics I hope this guy resends as he said, I got more'n enough fer a while to focus on specific issues. Th' same guy from th' last one already had a bid on it, so I was expectin' another message. What I didn't expect was another bidder to suddenly show his face. A 3-way biddin' war ensuded, but since I only needed 6 issues from it an' didn't care about th' stickers, I conceeded. Th' new guy won. Sent th' other guy a message to show my surprise over th' popularity of the comics lately, an' he expressed how he hated people waitin' till th' last minute. Well, that's how ya win. Rookies.

After class, was goin' my usual route fer th' train. First, had someone on th' stairs which kept me from goin' full speed. OF course, he decides to turn around on th' 3rd floor an' go back. I leapt th' rest of th' way an' headed fer th' subway. Then I got blocked by two morons which delayed me headin' through th' turnstiles. I got down to th' platform just in time to watch th' train pull off, meanin' I hadda wait fer th' next one. I hate people. I really do.

Wifey came on tonight. Was hopin' she'd head to bed since she hasta leave fer her trip tomorrow, but ah well. Talked fer a bit, took a quiz to see if we should dump each other (apparently we shouldn't) an' just BSed till she passed out on me, as usual. Ah well.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Before I left fer school, was watchin' Ebay fer this massive lot of UK GB comics fer my website. Unfortunately, got into a biddin' war with th' guy who bid originally an' ended up a bit over what I intended to pay. Ah well. Kicker was dude PMed me after goin' "wtf man?!". Hadda educate him that's how ya win on Ebay, waitin' till th' end.

Finished up Casablanca. Now all th' clips I've seen over th' years made sense. Wasn't bad, kinda fizzled at th' end though. Never get used to that old style dramatization an' unreleastic set-ups.

So in th' news is apparently a big stink over Bush approvin' th' sale of several ports to an Arab company. Ports, our weakest point of security. An' it turns out Bush, who put so much thought into this decision, didn't even hear about it till th' approval process! He found out from th' flamin' news! If anyone readin' this voted fer Bush, I hope yer extremely happy with th' crap you've stuck th' rest of us with. Burn in hell.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


My powers must be returnin'. On th' train today I had a sneakin' suspicion our first quiz was gonna happen, an' boy, was I right.

Had film class today since school was closed yesterday. Since we're havin' it today an' tomorrow they're showin' us Casablanca. Not too bad, some funny moments in th' first half. I been meanin' to see it since I got it on VHS an' DVD, but I guess better things to watch or somethin'.

Next part, th' guy gave us th' quiz, an' there it was. An' it was th' chapter I only read half of on th' damn train. So basically I fumbled an' stumbled through most of th' test. Like true old school fashion, we hadda exchange papers an' grade each other's like little friggin' kids. Fortunately, I was able to figger out how badly I did...a 60. Dunno how I managed that, but I'll take it. Gonna hafta try to read ahead 'fore he gets another brilliant idea. Yeah, that'll happen.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


So in doin' some searchin' through Wikipedia, found entries fer th' various radio stations in NY. Was surfin' through them an' remembered each of th' changes listed. Which got me thinkin' 'bout my radio listenin' history. Since not much happened today, I'm gonna subject you to it. Enjoy. Oh, this also ties into that circles thing I mentioned before. You'll see how.

Th' first station I recall listenin' to was WNSR 105.1, soft rock. It played th' best of th' 60s an' 70s, then 70s an' 80s, then 80s an' 90s. It changed call letters to WMXV in th' 90s which's about when we started alternatin' between it an' Q-104.3, classic rock. Eventually th' station became WDBZ "The Buzz" an' continued to change until it became a hip-hop station. Of course, I stopped listenin' years prior.

Q became our dominant station but every so often we'd listen to 92.3 K-Rock which had a similar format until th' mid 90s. Pops got disgusted with it when they had more talk than music an' we stopped listenin' when they changed formats to feature heavier modern rock. About that time, we went over to WNEW 102.7, another classic rock station, which changed formats in th' mid-90s to become an alternative rock station. At that point, he went back to Q but I flipped back an' forth between them. It was when Opie & Anthony came on th' scene an' they went to an all-talk format that I was ultimately forced back to Q.

When I started workin' at my store, I was introduced to WKTU 103.5. We'd set up th' radio from th' deli up front an' when it wasn't my turn that's what'd be on. Basically, a pop/dance station. I never wanted to experiment, but I was diggin' th' music after a time an' it became my new exclusive station. I'd listen to it when I sleep, listen to it on my walkman on th' way to school, at work...wherever. This led me into Z100, a similar station, but KTU was my most frequent. A growin' increase in pop songs I didn't like got me rotatin' back to Q occasionally.

A couple years later, I had heard 102.7 again an' they had changed formats once again to become Blink FM. They were playin' th' older KTU-type music, but that's th' music I liked. However, th' return was short-lived as they changed formats yet again. When I started at New Utrecht, I was re-introduced to K-Rock an' brought back into that fold up until they became all talk with th' departure of Howard Stern. But, when 102.7 became MIX-FM, it got me rotatin' back regularly. Ultimately, when they became like KTU, I became hooked an' it's now my primary station once again.

Honorable mentions go to CBS 101.1 & 95.5 PLJ. Originally an oldies station, I'd flip to CBS between commercials now an' again. One day while cleanin' my room, I flipped over an' it was it's current JACK format. They play a blend of everythin' with no DJs at all. I was hesitant at first, but they do play a lotta music I like so I rotate to it more than I ever did before. PLJ got me with their 80s at 8 durin' th' week, an' Saturday Night 80s (until they changed th' format of that show...now it's pre-recorded an' they play a crappy selection).

Addin' to th' circle are various DJs:

Scott Muni-WNEW to Q. Famous fer his Beetles blocks, Muni was homeless after WNEW changed formats but was integrated into th' lunch-time show fer an hour on Q. He died a couple years later.

Michelle Visage-WKTU to WNEW. Part of my original mornin' line-up of Ralphie Marino, Goumba Johnny, Speedy an' Judy Torres, she became th' lead voice when Ralphie left. After her second baby, she disappeared from th' airwaves only to turn up one day as Ru Paul's co-host on MIX's mornin' show. I soon learned she was in LA in th' interim an' even in th' group Seduction, whose music I love.

Brooklyn's Own Joe Causi-WKTU to WNEW. Sundays would be Judy Torres' Freestyle Free-For-All (I love Freestyle) so I'd have th' radio tuned in at work. Joe's Studio 54 Clubhouse came before it, so I'd end up listenin' to it while waitin'. Joe eventually went over to WNEW doin' a Studio 54 Showcase an' went on to replace Ru as Michelle's co-host.

Geronimo-WKTU to WNEW. This guy came after Broadway Bill Lee in th' early evenings. "That's the end of the show Mr. Lee's got to go. So ban the bomb, kiss your mom, lend a hand 'cause god loves you man. Up next on the witness stand by popular demand look out below it's Geronimo" would be Bill's signoff. It still is, but with a different endin'. Geronimo would do th' top 8 songs at 8. Never heard his show at WNEW, but he soon had a background position accordin' to th' site. He's been gone since, though.

Jim Kerr-WMXV to Q. Mornin' shows on MXV an' now does them on Q. Dunno where he was in between.

And some others. Wild ride, huh?

Saturday, February 18, 2006


So one of our WS projects is to go to 2 events, a museum an' a show, an' write about them in relation to WS. On th' list of museums she gave was th' Darwin exibit at th' Natural History Museum. How th' hell that fits in to WS...well, I asked but I STILL don't get it.

I had asked D to come with me, but he never got back to me so I went alone. Got up a li'l late but got there with plenty of time. Stopped off at City Hall to head over to th' firehouse an' takes those pics fer Seb. Unfortunately, it had gotten progressively colder so my hands ended up freezin'...was a mite underdressed. I also took th' Kodak since it was slimmer an' I couldn't carry a bag to th' museum...an' it's batteries decided to go down. Dammit.

Caught th' C on Canal an' headed up. Based on surfin' their site, they had "suggested" donations listed. So much fer that...cost me $16 to get in. Girl tried to sell me another ticket package but all I needed was Darwin. Unfortunately, it's a spaced-release thing so I hadda wait till 2:30 to go see it. Ah well. I explored a bit (not much changed since I last went with Charlie) but there was still some cool stuff.

Eventually, th' smell of hot dogs started to make me hungry, so I headed down to th' food court an' have some brunch. Unfortunately, $6 wasn't gonna be enough to get me anythin' decent. Th' prices were WAY too high on th' dumbest shit. So I said screw it an' headed outside to th' nearest hot dog cart. Sure, I paid a buck extra since it's located near an attraction, but at least I know it's guaranteed to be good. Ate an' went back in. Headed to th' room with th' big whale, which was th' crowded I've ever seen it, before realizin' I hadda get. Followed th' map to Darwin...th' EXIT of Darwin. So I hadda backtrack an' head all th' way around to th' entrance.

Short wait, an' I was in. Basically it was things from his life an' studies, as well as displays of animals he examined. In short, nothin' I couldn'ta looked up online. Shortly after I headed fer th' train to head home. Caught th' N at Times Square an' it was pretty full (as was Times Square...I HATE goin' through there!). At one station, this guy an' lady got on an' th' lady plopped right down in th' seat between me an' this girl. I mean PLOPPED. Then she kept hittin' me with her arm an' jostlin' 'cause she couldn't keep her other arm still. Then, when she got up, she pushed my arm outta her way. Like, hello? Person sittin' here! Ya don't do that shit! I just wanted to belt her. Rude bitch.

Got home an' had th' last of our hot dogs an' sent Seb his pics. Then I proceeded to bum th' rest of th' day an' work on my site stuff. Wifey came on pretty late an' we talked fer a bit, but she passed out on me as usual. Ah well.

Friday, February 17, 2006


A couple years ago, some dude named Red Ketchup came onto th' GB boards pimpin' excitin' new GB stuff. Of course, he wasn't met warmly. Turned out that was Seb, soon-to-be publisher of th' new GB comic fer 88MPH. Well, since in that time he's contacted an' talked to a few people I know on th' boards over IMs. I did some favors fer him with them as go-betweens but I wasn't on th' A-list.
Till tonight.

Ben had Seb contact me about gettin' some pics of th' surroundin' area of th' firehouse seein' as I was goin' to th' museum tomorrow. Then we proceeded to have a nice convo, I thought. See what comes of all that, I guess.

Wifey had rented a laptop fer her trip an' put me down as one of her 7 references (7 references...yeesh). So Rent-A-Center called me apparently when I was nappin' an' I missed it. Guess I'll try to call 'em tomorrow, although she says not to bother. Hate to be rude...

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Sorry fer th' delays. Gonna hafta bare with me while school's goin'.

Last night me an' wifey phoned. Didn't go as well as expected bein' she was dead tired, but was great to hear her voice again. Unfortunately, as a result, I ended up nice an' anxious to wanna get up there with her all day. I miss her a lot.

Okay, mushy stuff aside... Last week, I had a trouble doin' invoices on my computer. Thing would freeze up every time I tried. So Maureen had a spyware thing she uses installed to run a diagnostic on it an' clean it up. Ultimately, it did th' trick but it took forever 'cause she had it scannin' more than she meant to. That day, I ended up workin' at Fred's crappily set-up desk (dude's still out, no clue what happened to him).

Anyways, James must've shut my comp down last night, assumin' by his name bein' stored in th' AIM log-in window. As a result, my invoices were frigged 'cause th' 3AM scan didn't go. So while I was runnin' that, I did a quick type-up of my WS essay. See, we hafta do essays based on a group of our readings periodically, an' I was havin' a bitch of a time gettin' it done. Originally it was this BS about oppression but ended up about Gender Roles today. Banged it out in 5 mins an' touched it up at home with quotes. But, I think it still came out an incomprehensible mess.

Lotta folks were missin' from WS. Guess they didn't do their essays. Even Igor was out, but had fun with Betsy regardless. She seems like a sweet kid. Anyways, it's off to th' museum this weekend fer my event paper. Fortunately, I don't hafta think about WS fer an entire week. Tuesday runs on a monday sched an' Thurs she's gonna be gone. YAY! Plus I get home sooner an' hopefully wifey'll be conscious long enough to enjoy it.

She told me she had dreams about crashin'. Last time she did, she had a big accident last December. Yeah, way to give me nightmares. Last thing I need is to call her house an' get another response "Oh, did she tell you she died?"

See, when she had her accident, she left me a message at work an' when I called her mother's first words were "Oh, did she tell you she had an accident?" Th' lighthearted tone an' th' word accident were enough to get me worried.

Oh, an Tommy called me today. Yesterday was his bday, an' I forgot to call him! Which means I also forgot to EM Sandra. No, I didn't forget it was their bdays. I remembered quite well, in fact. My problem is I can't seem to remember what DAY it is any more. Oh, I know th' days, but not th' dates. That ever happen to anyone else out there? Well, that's why I didn't acknowledge half of anyone's bdays last year. Although, considerin' these same people don't acknowledge my existence save to thank me fer rememberin' (I don't even get Christmas cards) I wonder if I should even continue doin' it. I mean, apparently I'm not good enough to hang out with or talk to th' rest of th' year, so why th' hell am I bein' th' nice guy? All I get outta it is th' nice realization that people only like me when they're forced to deal with me.

Don't think so? Fine, you explain it to me then.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Let me educate you non-NYers on th' classification of walkin' assholes we got in this city.
Stoppers: these are th' people who move along at a nice, steady pace an' then suddenly STOP. No warnin', no slowin' down, they take a step an' just stop dead without even attemptin' to go off to th' side. Sometimes they're lookin' fer somethin', sometimes they see someone they wanna talk to.

Cutters: these are th' people who move along in one direction, an' then suddenly turn an' change direction, usually cuttin' in front of someone about to pass them. These people are remarkable, 'cause they make no indication about their change in direction an' you never see th' turn. They do it without missin' a beat. There are also a variation on people who come off stairs an' cut right in front of people passin'.

Line Cutters: when a group of people wait fer riders to finish exitin' a train car, one privledged individual will always bypass all these people an' glide into th' car first.

Blockers: people who stand their ground in subway cars an' refuse to fill in to an empty section inside th' car, causin' a big crowd of people to form in one spot, usually by th' doors.

People are assholes. Good day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Yes, it's THAT Holiday. Th' bane of most single people's existence. Frankly, me an' wifey regard it as a scam cooked up by th' candy, flower an' card conglomorates. Every day should be V-day if ya like who yer with. If you need a specialized day to be romantical, then yer gonna need a lot more than flowers let me tell ya.

Didn't stop me from sendin' wifey an' E-Card. Sure it was V-day themed but that's just a motif. I frequently send her li'l love messages. Unfortunately, th' site was down an' I never got a confirm EM, so didn't think it was gonna go through. S'what I get fer plannin' a month in advance. I sent her a general mushy EM an' went off to relax 'fore school.

'Course, ended up fanticizin' 'bout our last few weekends together. That mixed in with watchin' V-Day couples didn't help my missin' her a bit.

In WS, some students skipped out 'cause they had V-day plans. Woulda loved to do that. No 'cause of V-day, just to get th' hell outta there. Fortunately th' bimbo expanded on th' essays we hafta turn in Thurs so I got what I needed without havin' to stay late. We did get let out a bit earlier, an' I was able to catch trains immediately to get home. Unfortunately, th' N was runnin' local fer some reason an' there was train traffic. So while I wasn't home stellar early was still good.

Wifey got home th' same time an' told me she hadda walk 5 miles 'cause her car had a flat. She's fed up with th' new one an' gonna start applyin' money to get th' Cruiser back. As similar as we are, unfortunately I can't cheer her th' way she can me. When I'm pissed, all I need is an "I love you" with a kiss smiley an' I'm workin' my way back. Her, I don't have th' same effects. Ah well. Can't say as I mind; wasn't lookin' forward to bein' crammed in a small car fer an entire weekend. That's what th' bus' fer.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


So it snowed all night an' all day, givin' us a huge pile-up. Ma wanted a pathway dug out, an' me without no water proof shoes. I had tried to get some boots last year, but they were too big an' we hadda send 'em back. Never got around to tryin' again. So I had ma place an order while I showered an' dressed to get to work.
Got out my black jacket, borrowed my pops' shades, got my wool cap an' gloves, an' used these rubber boots pops had downstairs. High things, did th' trick alright. An' now, th' fun part. Once again, goin' to use th' snow blower was futile. Damn rip cord ripped out...AGAIN. Sooooo, I hadda shovel by hand. An' with my back an' my current shortness of breath, that ain't no easy feat.

Did th' walk an' half th' stairs, relied on th' salt to do th' rest. That's when I found a phone on th' sidewalk. Musta unearthed it with my shovelin'. So picked it up an' brought it in. Struggled gettin' th' boots off (ended up havin' to take off my shoes with 'em then retrievin' 'em) then went upstairs. Surfed through th' phone book a couple times to find a number to call to reach th' owner.

Tried one, but th' volume came out kinda low so I thought it was a lost cause. But then got a call in an' was able to let th' girl's best friend know an' she had her call her phone. That's when I realized one of th' numbers was marked "Mi Casa", or my home. I missed it amongst all th' nicknames. Ah well. She came with a guy, probably her pops, 2 minutes after her second call so I'm assumin' she lives somewhere behind me. Gave her th' phone an' that was that.

Wifey came on with some lukewarm news. Apparently, her bosses love her enough to wanna send her to a store openin' to train th' employees there. Unfortunately, that means our next weekend's been delayed. Par fer th' course there, so didn't bother me a bit. Happy she's doin' well. Got to show her some pics I took of alla th' snow an' actually got to enjoy her fer a considerable amount of time finally. Yay.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Today was even worse. Add a headache an' stiff muscles to th' mix, plus th' fact I was up an' down all night. But, I went to work anyways. Gave th' cat at work th' chicken. He/she enjoyed it (still haven't determined its sex...damn tail never goes up). Rich an' Kathy're worried 'bout it with th' blizzard that's supposed to be comin'. Th' cats'll survive.
After, came home to bum around fer a bit an' feel progressively worse, so I went to take a nap. Got up to feel even worse. While talkin' to wifey I started to get chills. Isn't that lovely? I crapped on th' couch fer a while waitin' fer my next dose of meds 'fore attemptin' bed.

A's goin' to Texas tomorrow. Apparently, her EM notice about it was a cue fer her friends to contact her to set up hangouts. I did not know that. Read th' results in her blog. Ah well, with school all week an' feelin' crappy these two days, wouldn'ta mattered anyways.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Today I woke up with a sore throat cause by some nasal drainage. Yupp, starts of a sinus cold. By th' time I started hackin' it hurt to talk. Went to work anyways an' wasn't till it was almost time to leave ma got me some generic Dayquill from Rite Aid. Helped fer a bit, but still felt like crap.
At school decided to conserve my voice. Hurt to talk enough without havin' to bother with th' BS classes. Luckily, cough stayed under control...barely needed th' drops I brought along till I was on th' way home. Gonna be fun sleepin' tonight.

Pops was home sick too. He got some soup an' fries, fries bein' all I ate till dinner. Had some chicken, but stomach started hurtin' so couldn't finish it. Cut it up an' Stitch ate her piece, th' rest gonna give to th' cat at work.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Ever notice when ya hear about or see somethin', that thing usually ends up poppin' up in yer life?

Fer a while now, I've heard commercials fer Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. First day at school, I find out my train station's located near there as there are signs on th' walls fer it.

I went out fer th' NYPD a while ago. Suddenly, th' trains I'm on are constantly filled with ads to join up.

I get into a relationship, an' every time I log onto th' web my homepage has love/sex articles waitin' fer me.

I visit a place frequently, it ends up playin' a role in my life.

Circles. Very weird how that all works out.

I also recall once hearin' that life isn't like movies, TVs or stories: that there isn't always a conclusion to somethin'. I've found just th' opposite. Issues in my life always seemed to get resolved before they end. Sure, they may be delayed a while, but there are no danglin' plot lines. Fer instance, when I got IMed by Joan's name an' it wasn't her, I saw her at th' store just before I quit to get th' story on that.

My life can be very strange, at times.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Today in WS I found th' desks had been changed to those small ones in my history class. Dammit! So much fer bein' comfortable.

We had another ice breaker where we hadda list things under a specific topic on a scroll. Me, Betsy an' Igor (th' two who sit next to me) teamed-up once again an' did it. Nuttin' ever came of it as she just put them away. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME THIS CLASS IS!

We all started readin' th' essays in th' books we got from WS, an' I gotta tell ya, what a buncha crap. All I see when I read that feminist garbage is "blah, blah, blah, men suck, blah, blah, blah". One essay stated that men openin' doors fer women is a sign of oppression. Um, what?

Apparently, men like to help when women DON'T need it an' never when they do. Openin' a door is a sign of that, plus that a woman needs a man 'cause their invalid. Uhhhh, okay? I open a door. It's openin' a door. THAT'S IT! It's just like when minorities cry racism, I swear; they look fer it in places it don't exist. Same with feminists, apparently. They look fer th' big, bad, male oppression where there is none.

Well, I open doors fer guys too if I'm in a position to! What's that mean? I'm bashin' gays then? Give me a friggin' break. If there's a door, I open it. An' since I hafta move with it, I let whoever's behind me go. It makes sense. An' in regards to my wifey, I do it to be nice an' so she has a reason to continue thinkin' I'm a great guy (which I still don't see, BTW). Th' girls around me I talked with about it didn't view it as oppressive either. One girl did make a point about if a guy did it just to look at her ass. Okay, that I can see, but th' rest? C'mon!

Monday, February 06, 2006


Forget what I said. Th' train is a NIGHTMARE. You should see this crowd that tries to force itself on. I mean, people are practically up against each other an' th' morons on th' platforms just keep on tryin' to push in. It's insane! A lot worse than it has been fer some reason.

Had film class today where we watched some clips of silent movies. Learned that The Cabinet of Calamari, an RGB episode, was named after The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a silent film. An' who said school was useless? Also saw a poignant clip of a movie where a buncha people're massacred on stairs. Boy, did that suck. After was th' discussion class. Teacher made us a deal if we went right after th' lectures we could get out early. Sounded good in theory, 'cept th' teacher in our room likes to use her full time. So, we hadda wait an' unless he can't score th' room next door, we're gonna go back to regular. Makes no nevermind to me; got no place to go in that area so I'll be waitin' all th' same.

In discussion we watched part of a silent movie that supposedly revolutionized movie-makin', D.W. Griffith's "The Birth of a Nation." It's a Civil War epic that shows th' south before an' after. What made it such a big deal was they spent 6 weeks rehearsin' an' 9 weeks shootin', unusual fer those days. Basically Griffith was th' son of a Confederate soldier an' thus a big time racist, brought through in th' film. Poignant back in th' day, maybe, but I was bored as hell. Can't wait till all this history crap is over an' I can get to th' good stuff.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I have a new respect fer th' 6 train. Goin' to th' bathroom made me miss my usual train, so I couldn't cut over to th' N to skip ahead like I've done fer th' last 5 days. Not to mention it's still frigged up from th' strike, arrivin' up to 10 minutes later than it has been all th' other years I've taken it. Needless to say, a local train plus a long travel means yer cuttin' it pretty damn close. I got on th' 6 shortly after 6:30, an' was at school in no time. Damn, that line is pretty good! Not only do they come fast, they move fast. Seriously, why hasn't th' city expanded these trains to th' other lines? Stupid city.

Had history. Instead of starting right away, we had a nice li'l debate about drugs an' legalization before we got started. And then it was time fer WS. Another icebreaker in th' form of our groups hadda symbolize cages. Th' two I was with felt as retarded about it as I did, which's always a plus. Then th' caged members hadda dump their oppression into th' garbage...I'm like WTF? Seriously, drama teachers as real teachers just doesn't work.