Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We've got a station audit tomorrow, which means the brass is coming down to check out our operations and our bosses are scrambling to make sure everything that SHOULD have been done gets done. That includes all the paperwork in our files, stuff that's posted, and supplies loaded onto the truck. That's the first thing we hadda do today, stock up our truck with supplies. That is, of course, after two for my work group, one for everyone. So the trucks were cleaned out to code and then it was business as usual. We had a couple guys from other stations helping on the offload as we're very shorthanded. Apparently, they also have a much easier system of doing it rather than looking at the addresses. Figgers.

Also figgers when I wanted to get the hell out quickly I hadda get yanked in 5 different directions to work on paperwork and get instructions and so forth. Didn't help I was already delayed trying to help someone, in which instance I ended up NOT 'cause I grabbed the wrong boxes. Stupid international labels.

I got my comics, then came home to try to finish my Halloween story before the kids started coming and pestering me. Didn't quite make it, so while I sat outside with the laptop for a bit, I adapted one of my web comic scripts from months ago. Came out pretty good, and I posted it on Myspace. I also used it as one of my assignments fer class. Gonna let the cat outta the bag that I'm a writer there, but I don't care. The class is so pointless. I didn't stay out long. Tried to do some homework after listing my comics, but wasn't gonna happen. I'll make it up eventually, as well as finish my other story this weekend.

Halloween was a little disappointing. Not many kids came on the block, which is how it's been for a while. That, and it seems like it's become an excuse for people to dress all slutty. I mean, in the subway I saw playboy bunnies, sexy firewomen and parole officers, and this one chick who wore a skin-tight gold baithing suit with tube socks. WTF?! There were some creative and typical costumes in the mix, but's nuts what people consider a costume these days. Ah, good ol' I miss you.

In other news, looks like Brad Pitt's coming back to my area to film more scenes for Burn After Reading. So, autograph hounds, you know where to go.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


And once again, I was running late. Figures. It was at the Holiday Inn in midtown; a quaint little hotel that smelled a lot like the home where my gma stays. I got to the show a half hour late, and apparently they gave away our table because of it. Fortunately, there were extras so no big. I got situated and set up, but unfortunately for me they put me right in front of the comic books...and I saw them.

50 cent bins.

You would think a lack of a comic list would stop me. But ah! There's the rub! As I had my ma's laptop and my memory stick with me, I therefore had an outdated but completely useful copy of my list in terms of backissues. I didn't use it for the first batch (where I ended up getting a couple duplicates, of course), but the next batch I brought it with me and compared as I went (and somehow managed to snag a duplicate I THOUGHT I put back. Dammit). So, yeah, I walked away with a lot of comics. Again. It's an addiction, I swear!

Bob eventually joined me with his own stuff. We took turns walking around, and he was able to resist buying any comics since he needed his list absolutely to do it. He also made a better sale of our group to a couple kids that passed by and this one guy who asked me for publishing advice. I'm not much of a salesman, dunno why in the hell Mark would think me capable enough to run the whole table. On the plus side, I did get half my story done so go me! Just need to finish it up, though. Overall, the con was really pretty dead. Not many people came in when you thought about it, but I guess some is better than none.

I left an hour before it ended. The rest of the night was spent listing my new comics and trying to stay in the chat as the site kept crashing. Cons; a neccessary evil but can be boring as all hell when people keep passing your table. We need some eye-catching accessories for the Nationals.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


PAAAAAAAAAAAAARTAY! Halloween party night is here. As usual, trying to leave proved a challenge 'cause of some wardrobe delays. I picked out a shirt yesterday from the 3 button-downs in my closet that still relatively fit me (minus the sleeves, which were being rolled up anyways). Today I loaded up my tool belt with all my tools and a borrowed hammer pops had me tie-in so nobody could snatch it and doo something stupid. I did wanna bring these blue prints I took from Key Food when I left, but don't remember where I stashed 'em. Shoes were the challenge 'cause I was trying to decide what to wear. Settled on one of my spare pairs of work sneaks. And then, it was done and time to paaaaaaartay!

It was 7 and I was surprised it was so dead. Last time it was jumping right when it started. This would pretty much carry through the night as not as many people showed up. However, just as many showed up in costume...and if you average it out between the attendance for both parties, you'd know that's also not a good number. Keith, Sue, Everett, Matt, Sean, Shawnti, Ken, Ruth, Mark and wife, Ed and Lorna, Sam and Melvin were already there. Keith was a zombie doctor, Ken was Green Lantern, and Mark wore his Arkham inmate shirt from last weekened (which I made a crack about). Everett, of course, made a crack about my costume to the tune of the Village People. I lost count of how many people made that joke in different ways this past week. Tell ya, the LAST time I do an occupational costume.

Liz and her friend showed up, dressed up as a Jedi and Grim Reaper respectively. Mark from Catch da Craze and a couple of his buddies came, as well as the girl Jennifer I talked to at the con with two of her friends, two of them fairies and the other an undead school girl. This guy from our group whose name I could never remember came as a priest. There were these other two I didn't recognize who hung in a corner all night except when they performed. There was a tall black guy, and this buff black guy who came last year sporting the same vampire fangs. James came in a suit, and Belkis as a dominatrix. Zorikth showed up as the Deathstar Repairman, as usual, and Chris made an appearance, as well as Gary and his girl as devils.

I did my best to circulate around, especially downstairs as Sue was stuck down there because of her chair. Even though I got my #0s today before I left, I bought another Sky Pirates #0 to get the stuff that came along with it, and Ev's autograph on it. What the hell, right? Also bought my issues of Psychosis which I had everyone autograph (forgot my silver marker so I borrowed Keith's so much he just let me have it the rest of the night!), and got the last of Matt's Bigger trades that I hadn't gotten yet.

At some point, the four girls who came were having fun with Belkis' whip-thingy, as they all assumed the position at the bar and let it fly. After some music came the raffle segment. Somehow, we had 3 repeat winners winning more than once. In particular, the girl Jen who proceeded to jump up and down excitedly and hug everyone around her each time. The dude with the fangs mimicked her a couple times, as did one of her friends when she won. We all had a good laugh about it.

Gradually, the party started to wind down. Keith gave me stuff I needed for the con tomorrow and then we all headed out. Some stayed to continue the party downstairs, the CT people all tried to get cabs to get the train for home (big mistake on Sat night) and I proceeded to carry my heavy ass bag and tools for the train home so I could get some rest.

Overall, not as jammed as last year, but still a lotta fun. It was especially a good idea to include paper and mechanical pencils on the tables to whoever wanted to draw could. Think a good time was had by, if only we could get more people to wear costumes. Comic people, you think they'd WANT to dress up! Oh, and also, without my accessories, my costume was a damn good look for me. Might wear it on more dressy occassions. Or on dates. If, y'know, I got any. (And yes, the one good pic I took will be in my photo section after I post this. For more, we'll just hafta wait for the party pics to be uploaded if I'm in any.)

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Late freight gallore. We had delays so we weren't goin' anywhere anytime soon. We did the sort, and during the first delay me and Earl went to start our trucks until the second load came. Next delay, we were told to stay as if the next truck was almost there, but we coulda easily gone up and done more instead of wasting our time. The bitch of it is, it was closing in on 9 and when I came back to my truck, not only did those assholes create a wall of shit in my doorway, they also took all the boxes I already scanned and mixed them up from where I had them set. Yes, thanks, finally have sufficient time to organize my goddamn truck and you choose a very late day to play a prank on me. Fucktards. I had to REorganize, then finish scanning and organizing. By the time I was done, I was the VERY last one on the floor to leave at 9:07.

They managed to snag us an extra 15 mins for service, but with the traffic at that time it just wasn't enough. Did my outside stops, banged in my inside stops, rushed around delivering what I could, skipping a couple floors to handle the lower level bulks and ended up with 5 lates. Not too bad, woulda been worse if I left the bulk.

When I got back to the station, they were desperate for shuttle drivers, guys who take out late freight to couriers already on road. Earl and Willie turned them down cold, so I said what the hell and volunteered. Put on a half hour break, then got my truck loaded with stuff for Tony, Mike and Edwin. Re-loaed my truck then hit the road. Mike answered first, so I gave him his crap...however some of what I got for him he said wasn't his (which I found later WAS, but whatever). Next I did Edwin. He got the most, and one of Mike's got mixed in 'cause it looked like one of Edwin's, so I figgered I'd just deliver that myself. Also got nailed with a ticket 'cause I was double-parked. Fuckers. Tony was last, but he was denying his freight 'cause he had to work a double shift and go on break as well as finish his deliveries. Whatever.

Called Natasha to make sure that I was supposed to deliver 'em. Tony took half his stops after sticking me with a difficult one that he only elborated one AFTER I found out for myself. I then attempted the rest of the crap. The Mike stop, the frieght was never coming. I had to go there twice 'cause I had to re-up my parking ticket before I got another one, then came back to sitll nothing. Finally resolved to go up the front and got that done. Next was a residential but nobody was home, but the super took it. Had another buisness which went quick, then I had the last two of Tony's stops and I was finally done. Unfortunately, I shoulda took an hour break as I ended up working over 8 hours and getting a break violation. Blah. I was so worn out that by the time I got home I just crapped out. Forget making the bank today, or buying new shoelaces as one of mine got peeled like a grape when I tied it this morning.

Got up, checked my messages, ate my dinner, then proceeded to choke. Damn chicken has it out fer me, I swear. After expunging the offender from my esophogus, I was essentially crappy fer the rest of the night; no energy, sore throat, headache, pulled neck muscle and the effort left my face red and splotchy from the strain. I basically have a lot more freckles now very pronounced all over. I dunno why, but looking at it in the mirror, though not exceptionally gross at all, skeeves me out. The oddest things manage to skeeve me, no matter what I've seen or been exposed to in life. This is one of them. It's happened before during a choking episode a while ago, except just half my face went red. Hopefully this goes away as fast as it did that time, 'cause till then I won't be looking into a mirror often.

Phil, our LA coordinator, had me help him beta test a new site for the group. Kinda like Facebook but just for us. We'll see what he has in store for it down the line.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Wow, can't believe I forgot this story from yesterday! I hadda go get gas on my way back 'cause the gauge was doin' that tilting thing where I dunno if I'm running on fumes, the gas is just sloshing around the tank, or it's just busted, but I feel more comfy with a full tank at that point. I hafta use a middle one 'cause everything else is full. Okay, no big...pull out onto 30th and go from there. Right, except when I go to leave some asshole waiting for the diesel pump blocks said exit. It took some maneuvering to get my truck turned around so I could pass through where I filled up onto the avenue...annnnnnnd just in time for asshole to pull into the pump. Figgers.

On to today! One of the pullers got sacked, Ruglas. He's been having a lateness problem, got letters about it, had to WRITE a letter about it, and today was the final straw. He came in late, and was promptly escorted out. So, that means with Ortis out till Friday it's just me, Earl and whoever they can afford to stick down there...which ain't many. Most of our shuttle drivers have quit, and sorters keep getting moved around or fired, not to mention courier positions haven't been re-filled from people who left which means we're practically running on a skeleton crew.

We had a freight delay so everyone went out pretty light. I got stuck with an Old Navy stop. Now, this particular Old Navy, where I have to deliver is like a secured area. You got metal detectors, security cameras, and people with those ear piece things and walkie-talkies. You also have to wait for a higher-up to come on down and sign for said packages. Basically, it takes a while. Add to that I had 4 giant packages that barely fit on the handtruck, and well, yeah. I also had to help a guy find a Kinkos to drop off a package (good thing I printed out a partial list of ones around there) and seal up his box, which was another delay. Then the usual elevator bullshit, but it looks like Con Ed is finally done on the block, and despite it being 9 I got a spot right in front of the loading dock. Delays aside, I finished right on time.

I hadda get back on my website as I got delayed yesterday, so I didn't get to read any of my comics. Keith called me to ask if I'd run a table at a small con in midtown on Sunday. So I said sure, and he'll give me all the info at the party Sat. Rebecca also called me 'cause she was fooling around with her phone, which took me by surprise. She said it was an awkward situation 'cause of my reactions, but I warned her I suck on the phone. Random calls kinda take me off-guard, ya know?

School was crap as usual, and before I go to bed gonna need a heavy dose of Ben Gay on my wrists and neck as all are bothering me. Falling apart every so slowly...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Don't ask me how, but I managed to get a spot right next to the loading dock. Of course, better spots opened up after I parked, but what can ya do. Managed to get done early for once in time to offer help, although there was some miscommunication with Lissette thinking I was Rory going to help Carlos. Ah well. Also, I was operating with a bit of a handicap with a sore leg and a sprained wrist, so I was thankful for a small load.

Chat tonight was beneficial, buried the hatchet with Liz and so all is good now. The party won't be such a wash after all!

Monday, October 22, 2007


I've been doin' some thinking, and things have worked in a funny little way.

I was thinking about all my escapades with women online, how many have liked me (so they've said) and where it's gone from there (which I will not say, so you can make your own assumptions...more fun that way anyways!), and I realize that if you removed the online aspect I'd've had one hell of a love life by now. Some of you will understand this more than most and probably agree with me. Now, why this level of "success" can't be translated into real life...well, that's the mystery I've yet to solve.

Moving on, the block I work on? It's funny how it's become center of my universe. When my station was there it was the block I walked down to get there. A convention is held there. The bar my group's parties are at is a couple blocks away. The bar from Sat is a few blocks away. Just a lot seems to be centered around that area, much like how it was with my last job my going there a lot only to end up working there. I just find it funny how stuff like that goes down.

Yesterday finally got in the guitar-off with D fer about 8 songs on two different games. Always more fun to play with someone, we'll hafta hook that up again and finish. Chat was as fun as ever, although Liz didn't show. Either she got held up at work or is so pissed at me to not even wanna bother. Ah well...if she wants things to be fixed they'll get fixed. I've contemplated a message saying she's made an error, but dunno if that'll make it workse or better. Either way, it's gonna make the party Sat that much more interesting I'll bet. In other news, Rebecca HAS gotten over whatever I "did" and we've been talking again since Thursday.

You know, when Jack Tripper got into misunderstandings, at least it was funny.

Today wasn't too bad fer a Monday. Sure, I didn't get my schedule sheet till 5 mins before everyone punched in, so I had a stampede while I tried to finish giving out equipment. Sort went pretty well, and I was surprised at how little I got. I mean, I got a lot, 112 pieces, but not as bad as most days. Even got out super early and got an extra half hour out of the deal. The only bitch was Con Ed decided to tear up the street, so between their work area, traffic re-routed through a parking lane, the spots their trucks took up, and the usual loading zones/fire hydrants, half the normal parking was gone. I ended up parking halfway down the block and walking my stuff back. But, because I was early there was barely any "traffic", so I was able to get stuff in. I did have to deliver the 6th floor to get my handtruck for one more trip, but it went smoothly.

Came home and passed out fer a bit, got some writing done, then went off to school where I was antsy to get the hell out. Dunno why I was so restless today, but I do know there are things I need to and rather be doing than sitting in that waste of time class discussing crap I don't care about. Paid $600 for some hippie chick to tell stories from her life, geeze...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Tonight was the Fearsmag concert. I got some writin' done then went fer a quick bike ride as it was such a gorgeous day. I had called James to see if he was still going and what one should wear to a shindig like this, as I didn't want a repeat of the Crystal incident in August. It's one thing going downtown, it's another going all the way to midtown. I settled on jeans and a black t-shirt, until I was already dying of heat after 10 mins so it became my red-orange t-shirt. Shoes gave me a bit of a problem, my regular Converse all messy as hell, so I dusted off and wore my all-back Converse that I hadn't in a long time. Mostly because for summer, they were lousy hot.

I got there a li'l after 8, but Mark, Bob and Tom and his wife were already there by the front door. Was at Blaggard's Pub; not a bad looking place, your typical bar with a small entertainment section for bands up front. Eventually we were joined by Ravi and his friend, both of whom wore shorts which pissed me off to no-end (screwed myself twice already...damn dress codes!). Then Ed and Lorna came, followed by James and Chris and his friends. We were rounded out by Melvin, Belkis and eventually Rachel coming.

There was lots of free swag from Fearsmag all around, and I took a bit of each. There were patches, cards, mini buttons, a painted poster, a 30 Days of Night poster, Beowulf hats and copies of a Beowulf preview comic. The bands eventually set up by around 10 and began to play. And then I went deaf. WOW was it loud. They were groups called Toolfist (Tool tribute band, which seems kinda odd to tribute a band still playing...more like we can't find our own sound so we're gonna rip off someone else) and M-16. Li'l loud fer my tastes, but Mark was digging it. As was one of the girls there watching the show who was really rocking out. There was also a raffle that both me and Tom were two winners of, getting an As I Lay Dying poster, Texas Chainsaw Massacre CD and a Halloween t-shirt which was too small fer me. Yippee.

Tom left earlier than most, and I was progressively getting bored as the night went on. Everyone was in their own little groups or mingling with other people there they knew, leaving me to sit and listen to music I don't even really like. At one point, the "party" moved outside where I eventually followed for others about to leave. Melvin dragged Chris and company to a Goth club, Rachel was beginning to pass out, Belkis and James went for parts unknown, as did Ed's friend who came. Bob eventually left as he hadda make the last train for CT. The small group of people who came to the show also began to disperse, and Mark was ready to call it a night after the last set playing.

I helped Mark and Ed take down the blown-up pages from the two issues of Psychosis done by the Fearsmag guys and the covers from both that were hanging all over the center divider of the bar. About that time the band decided to call it quits as well. Ed and Lorna finally left, leaving Fearsmag Ed to collect the leftover bits of swag nobody took. I grabbed my stuff and two Psychosis 1 covers, and mark stuck me with the rest of the Beowulf comics to give out at functions or conventions or wherever. I wrapped the comics in my shirt and put the posters inside each other, then it was off to the train.

Not bad. Not much of a turnout, not my kinda scene, but it was alright. Next week is the party to go to, though. No doubt!

Friday, October 19, 2007


I got a li'l worried when I saw how many packages for my route I came accross, but was pleasantly surprised that I ended up with only 16 very light stops. Despite leaving late and some freight delays, and the fact I had 3 giant boxes for around the corner, I finished early enough to help someone else with one stop before heading back.

After work I started for Forbidden Planet to pick up that comic Ed had me read after the meeting, as I figgered they'd have it. If not, according to Midtown's site they had it so I could get it there, but I really didn't wanna give 'em the business if I could avoid it. Had a little fun walking ALLLLLLL the way back almost to my station when it looked like I forgot my unit on the lockers, instead finding it in the wrong place on my belt. Oy! So then it was allllllll the way back. I picked up some issues of another series I like, but couldn't find the book in their backissues. I was set to leave before getting my usual feeling and giving it one more search. Sure enough, I got it. Had a bit of an issue at check-out with my college ID sticker (need to find out how to get a new one) but got my 10% discount and headed for home.

First stop was the bank, and of course it decided to rain as I got out. Covered up the comics best I could, did my thing, then headed for home. I was a li'l pissed off to find money ma wanted me to deposit at her bank on my computer, which meant having to go allllllll the way back to where I was. Couldn'ta given it to me BEFORE I left?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


It seems I've landed in the middle of film central. The roads I take there's filming. Near where I deliver there's filming. By my station there's filming! Two weeks ago, Law & Order SVU filmed something at the 7th Avenue corner of the street that goes to my station. Missed what they did, but if it's anything like the last show I saw it'll be on TV in a month. Yesterday, I came accross them filming something for the other Law & Order; a scene with a Crown Vic doing some "stuns" (like peel outs are a real stunt...pfft). On my way to the train found signs up for filming of Cashmere Mafia on Bleeker for Friday. They're doing something by Hotel Penn too, but couldn't make out what the sign said from my truck.

And now, on to the crap.

Traffic was a nightmare an' we left late again. I was able to get faster service outta that stop today by callin 'em directly like I shoulda done yesterday. So much fer Juan bein' a help. My 6th floor stop was bulky, which meant I was gonna need to chance another trip. I did my outside stop, got all my crap inside, then delivered my 22nd floor stop with the hopes of usin' that handtruck fer 7. Yeah, didn't happen. I raced down the elevators to 6 an' delivered that stop, hopin' closer proximity to the ground would get me an elevator quicker. I just missed the elevator 'cause I hadda wait fer two bitches to SLOWLY pass by, then ended up waitin' AGAIN. Got down, loaded up with all the boxes I piled by the door, then fortunately got quick service to get it up. Since I was there, I delievered that one, dumped the handtruck, took one bank up to 12 where I delivered there, then on to 20 to begin my descent with the hopes of finishing in 20 freaking minutes. Somehow, I managed to do it with a minute to spare. What that basically means is I'm gonna need my third handtruck. I can't afford making additional trips with that freight, especially when Billy leaves earlier leaving me with the morons who don't care and take their time.

This damn stop on 11, they had me hold their stuff till Tuesday. Then they had me hold their crap till tomorrow. Don't they realize how much time they make me waste having to go alllllll the way to their location, unpack their crap to put a close scan on them, repack the crap so I can cart it, and then carry on? Valuable minutes are lost! They're nice people, but if I had any say in it I'd drop their asses.

Got my comics, was able to read through most of them 'fore I ventured to school. Class was there today, apparently having been cancelled Monday. Figures. Watched a dumbass documentary about someone I don't give a shit about nor ever heard of, and then it was time to go home. Blah. Could I have been ANY more bored?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today shoulda been Monday.

On the sort, I couldn't get myself out of low gear. Like I felt myself want to, but I couldn't move any faster like usual. Truck was a mess but I got it done in time fer the end of the sort an' got to the street before 9. However, that's when things went wonky. Hadda be the nice guy an' move up so someone else could park behind me, an' then I was greeted with the fact that the entire loadin' dock was jammed with what musta been EVERY dumpster in the joint. Juan hadda go to 42nd street an' to get someone to sign fer his shit was an adventure in of itself. Of course, that ended up repeatin' with a couple stops, my usual signers not being in and me havin' to look for alternates, which futher killed my time. And my outside stops, I accidentally scanned the wrong label on one makin' it seem like I didn't van the box or deliver one I did van, but fortunately I was able to figger that out with Lissette. I finally got the buildin' set up, but a pad error made me take an hour to get a help message out. Rory came at the last second an' banged out 4 stops while I got the rest. Then of course there was the usual cab fun and it was just a shitty day.

And the hits keep on comin'. A few days ago I pissed off Rebecca 'cause I forgot she doesn't have a sense of humor an' quoted a comic line which she took as an insult an' hasn't talked to me since. Today, got into an argument with Liz I was TRYIN' to avoid over tattoos. I blame it on bein' over tired that I reverted to the way I used to be on that subject, but whatever. Now she's not talkin' to me either, especially since a couple friends of hers are tattoo...artists so it was all basically in defense of them. So, how many more colleagues can I piss off between now and the Halloween party? I am REALLY sucking up the friend thing lately. I should probably just stop talkin' to everyone till next least then I'll have a few left come New Years. Not that that will seem so hard 'cause outside of my sis the only time other people talk to me these days is to bitch about problems or ask fer advice. They probably don't MEAN to or REALIZE it, but the majority of the time that's why the silence is broken and then restored after I've done my thing.

Today shoulda been yesterday, I swear. Monday Kamakazied me. DAMN YOU, MONDAYS! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Finally finished the damn script yesterday, so that's the first 3 issues down. Story's gonna run a bit longer than I intended, but I think it'll be the stronger fer it. Now it's on to issue 4 and the character bible, but first a brief interlude fer a time-sensitive story I've got the itch to write. Hopefully I have the frame of mind to write it as fast as I used to.

Chat was great as ever, posted up the meetin' minutes, an' just relaxed the night away.

Today wasn't too bad fer a Monday. Got a ride so was able to do my set-up right, only thing laggin' me was the schedule as usual. As far as Mondays go, it was pretty light. Make no mistake, I was still heavy with 3 major bulk stops, but it wasn't as heavy as usual. We even got out by just after 8. I took Lissette's advice an' did my bulk stops first...unfortunately her adviced failed to taking into account MY building's freight and Rory. See, Rory had given me a package fer his buildin' he THOUGHT was the alternate name to the new stop in mine...turns out he was wrong. So I hadda wait to get it back, an' get yelled at by the overreactin' receptionist who freaked out about me comin' through the office to have her find the mail guy rather than go all the way back around to the front door. Of course, she then yells at him about it an' tells him to tell me not to do that even though I'm, y'know, STANDING RIGHT THERE. Bitch.

I did my outside stop an' got all my crap into the buildin', but the delays cost me. Fortunately Rory was done an' was able to take 4 of my floors off my hands, allowin' me to finish up an' re-deliver a package the envelope courier mis-delivered. Unfortunately, that took up even more time with the freight an' allowed my parkin' ticket to expire an' let me get caught by a meter maid. Fuck.

Actually, the worst part about today was the traffic. Cabs were in true form, and then traffic was just slow as hell fer NO damn reason on EVERY avenue I heard. I caught lights I NEVER caught before, it was a nightmare. People really need to learn to fuckin' drive.

Went to my eye doc fer a check-up, all is good there. But that's not why I mention it. See, I took my bike, an' dumbass me forgot to take my bike ride set of keys that has my lock key on it. So there I was, with my bike in the street, 5 mins to my appointment, and no lock. Inginuity took over when I realized I had the bike lock the guy who sold me it gave me to prevent anyone from stealin' my seat, as everythin' is lever removable on it. Fortunately, I was able to remember the combination even though I hadn't opened it in 2 years an' tied it to the bike post out front. Lucky break there.

The luck ended when I went to school an' found my classroom deserted. Now, I was late, and NOBODY was there. No note no nuttin'. Figgered maybe she either cancelled class or went to another room fer some reason. But, someone who was in class on Wed came an' had no clue what was up. Tried to figger out what happened, but I was more interested in just gettin' home an' not wastin' any more time. We'll find out what happened Wed, I guess. Fuckin' class.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Last night I finalized the agenda fer the meetin', then tried my best to get there early enough to give it off to James an' discuss it. Turned out to be no point to that as only 7 of us showed, not countin' Gary since, duh, it's his classroom. We all milled about fer a while waitin' fer others to show, an' I talked to Gary more extensively about his run at DC and his works. After readin' an article about one of his lesser-known creations that was soon outshined by the likes of She-Ra, Amathyest, I kinda got the desire to read the book. Figger while I was at it I'd give Blue Devil a try. When I got home I looked 'em up at Lone Star an' put 'em in my cart. Now I'm just debatin' how much Blue Devil I wanna get fer now on blind faith. The other is cheap enough I'll get the whole run guilt-free.

Meetin' started an' we did our thing, Chris showin' up just as we finished. We headed out to the diner as usual to have a fun meal before partin' ways an' headin' fer home. On the way to downtown on the R, Ed gave me a book Mark put him hip to to check out. Wish he handn't, 'cause now I wanna read it an' the first issue's sold out entirely. Book's called Potter's Field, and is a helluva read. REPRINTS! My kingdom fer a reprint! When I got home I called D to see if he'd wanna have our delayed hangout, but apparently he already had plans with his friends so there went that. Spent the rest of the night workin' on my script, finally figgerin' out my end fight scene I think.

The only plus was the 'rents were with gma in PA fer a reunion of hers, so I was free till tomorrow afternoon. Woot!

My Halloween costume arrived yesterday, and boy was it disappointing. A li'l thinner material than I'd hoped, plus the weapons were a bit more chinsey than they looked on the site. Only thing I'm keepin' is the New Goblin sword from Spidey 3 which is badass. The rest is goin' back. So, what am I gonna be? Well, if I can find a tool belt I got everythin' but boots to make me a contractor...but if that doesn't work an' provided my winter gear arrives from work (they never ordered it, bastards!) I can always be a FedEx courier. Hey, just a thought.


Bertie was able to get a new engine in my truck, so that was good. Started up nice, but when I headed out still sounded like shit. Oy. Organizin' took forever AGAIN so I didn't get out till super late with 20 stops to do. As usual, I banged out the outside stops an' then got to loadin' the buildin'. Despite some super-sized stuff fer one stop I was able to get everythin' on my two trucks an' cart an' into the loadin' dock. However, I sent out a help message anyway to be safe. Even though I banged out stops faster than I anticipated, I figgered I'd still have lates regardless so was glad when Rory an' Willie came in to help.

Now you wanna hear some shit? Natasha asked me yesterday who signs fer one stop. Wasn't able to find out why till this mornin' when she told me a sales rep sent out a message to lotsa folks in charge that they got a message I keep deliverin' their shit after 11. Kinda amazin' that, seein' as I'm able to deliver stuff after 11 in midtown while downtown in my station fillin' out paperwork. That's right, my time cards backed that up an' my managers went ballistic 'cause of that. The service they use I have until 10:30 to deliver 'em, an' most days they get there with the exception of fucked up late days. So, yeah, a li'l irritated about that. Think the reason they get their shit late is from their internal inability to effectively distribute the stuff between their divisions. However, I do get there later than Rick used to, seein' as Rick used to load his own truck, had Billy as back-up, I do have 2 more stops (one a bulk) than he did, an' the freight has been super late these last few days. Not to mention the extra construction delays. But man, did they exaggerate. Stop is a pain in the ass anyways.

I came home an' took a nap since ma was on my computer. Got up an' worked on my script some. Almost done! Prepped fer the meetin' further even though James will be there now (got his dates mixed up fer the weddin'), but our heavy hitters may not be there; Keith focusin' on Rhode Island an' Mark bein' sick, so we'll see what happens.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I dunno how hard it is to load my damn truck right. I mean, Billy was able to place my shit an' his shit in the right places, or close to, with no problems. These two idiots are entirely incapable of it. I mean, fer cryin' out loud...they put somethin' that goes on the floor all the way on the goddamn top shelves! Not like I didn't mark off each individual floor. As a result, it takes me forever to fight fer room to work in so I CAN organize and then takes me forever to organize, so now I leave extremely late.

Matters weren't helped by the fact that apparently last night my truck died so I hadda get stuck with another fuckin' Ford. Not only is it smaller in back, but that damn gas pedal that I hafta keep my leg elevated over the gas to use. It leads to serious crampage, lemme tell ya. Ford...crap no matter what the hell they made.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Late freight plus Rory loadin' my truck meant me leavin' extremely late. I just left when I SHOULDA been halfway there, plus I had a helluva lotta crap to move. I tried my best even though I was done before I started...did the outside stops, dropped the floors, then worried about the bulk. Maybe I shoulda done the bulk first, I dunno...all I know is I got jammed with 22 pieces after Rory took a stop that wouldn't open it's doors till 10 fer me. The hell kinda shit is that? You ask fer express delivery then dictate when the hell you open? These fuckin' people need to learn the delivery times are the DELIVERY TIMES. This is when the package is due to GET THERE. If yer not gonna be open in time to RECIEVE said package, then DON'T USE THAT FUCKIN' SERVICE! We have a whole assortment of services that cater to anyone's schedule, an' it'd be cheaper later on too! Seriously, do me a favor...I got enough priority stops with people who are actually THERE. Took me a bit to get finished 'cause fuckin' construction took up the freight towards the end there...that an' the lights went out briefly inside there so they didn't know what floor woulda been callin' 'em. Slowed me down a lot.

I opted to skip school 'cause I just wasn't in the mood. Stayed home, read my comics instead. Was so nice to read them the DAY I got them fer a change. Unfortunately towards the end of the night I got really light headed. Not fun. On the plus side, the rash isn't as itchy as it was, which means it's healin'. Unfortunately, still red as all hell. Gets redder after I work...probably from the sweat. Strangely enough, this big glaring thing on my leg an' only ONE person noticed it so far. Wild.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Aside from havin' to hunt managers down fer changes in the schedule so I can do my job, everythin' went smoothly until I got on the road. Takin' the usual route, the walk sign just started to flash as I was crossin' 10th Ave. This dipshit decides to try an' run the light JUST as I cross in front of him. WTF is it with drivers?! I cursed his ass out as I drove...I'm sure he heard me from 3 blocks away. Fucker.

Rest of the day was uneventful as I updated my website fer tomorrow. All in all, not the glamorous anniversary I was hopin' it'd be. See, 20 years ago today I created my very first superhero that started me on the road to where I am now, an' where I've yet to be. 20 years of bein' a comic guy...howabout that, huh?!

Monday, October 08, 2007


Fears of today were fer naught. I was heavy piece-wise, but not as bad as last week. Also, somehow, we all managed to get out close to 8, which added a whole lot of extra time. I banged out all my outside stops first after droppin' off the floors in the one buildin' before goin' back an' bringin' in the bulk. I was finished in no time, especially with the construction off fer today it seemed.

Thursday I had gotten some pimples on my leg. No big, happens all the time in summer from sweat and dirt and other stuff...used to outbreaks on various parts of my body, so gave it no mind. By Saturday, it had become a full-out rash. As it started to form on my other leg, decided to play it safe an' see the doc today. Didn't say what it was but was confident it'd clear up within the week of my usin' the stuff ma already had me usin' from her own rash. If it doesn't, I go back to see what's up.

On a related note, decided to use my new insurance today, but hadda go through the hassle of gettin' my doc as my primary, since they decided to assign me one I never even heard of. Fortunately, he was on the plan. Unfortunately, I'm doin' a $25 co-pay from now on. Ugh. I've got my eye doc an' dentist appointments soon...hopefully they take this damn plan. It's never easy.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


With nothin' to do last night, I opted to go up an' help the 'rents close the trailer fer the winter, since pops is practically disabled. I got to drive from an' to the rest stops both ways while he did the rest. Took me a bit to adjust to drivin' the van that fast, but I eventually got it. Didn't stop him from gettin' on my case about turnin' after a stop sign when he THOUGHT I didn't check. Idiot.

We had breakfast at the new place where we were serviced by yet another cute waitress (an abundance of cute blondes up there!). Food wasn't bad, better then the burger...had my usual sunday egg sandwich. Of course, the 'rents were bein' tormenters, ma doin' this bit from the last Jeff Dunham show over and over. Gah! Remind me why I came?

The helpin' turned into a lesson on winterizin' in case pops was unable to do it. Oy. So ma cleaned out, we put the heavy crap away, pumped the trailer full of anti-freeze then had an adventure coverin' it with a tarp since we lost one of the tent poles we used to do it when a friend of theirs sold her trailer an' got rid of the stuff in her shed...includin' the pole. During that time I did stab myslef with a nail an' got a leaf in my eye. Fun. Once we finished, we stayed to help neighbors Pete an' Barbara an' their son, whom I met when I came up, do their trailer 'cause Pete's in bad shape (cancer or somethin'). Basically just helped cover it an' then took our leave.

Got home a li'l later than I hoped, which meant I hadda rush to grab the comics, change, get my bike an' then head to the store to visit. Visit was cut short, though, but the foul lookin' sky as I headed up there...which ended up bein' a whole lotta nuttin'. Dammit. Came back in time fer the chat, an' that was that.

A couple weeks ago, I added an application on Facebook that, unbeknownst to me, signed me up to the dating site that hosted it. It was free, so decided what the hell an' did a profile on there. Got a couple responses, closest were two in Jersey. One of them we were just startin' to get a flow in our convo until tonight when the topic of sex came up an' our opinions on it differed. It was a civil discussion as far as I know, we stated our views an' what not. Next thing I know, she takes a phone call an' eventually signs off...with her messenger still active on the site. Soooooooooo either that's an amazing coincidence, or I was ditched. Ah well, I'll try to hide my disappointment.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Tonight was the long-anticipated Waldbaum's reunion, and then after I headed to hang with D an' rock out on some Guitar Hero.

At least, that WAS the plan. With it bein' just me and Steph goin' since Mike hadda go to CT fer a bike show, I nixed goin' to the city an' opted fer somethin' local but she never got back to me on that. Then it turned out Mike wasn't goin' to CT till tomorrow but by then was too late. So I called D to see if he wanted to get dinner first...turns out he had a bday party to get to that night. And so, just like that, I was plan-less. This highlights a very big issue: I NEED MORE HANGOUT FRIENDS!

Seriously, I'm down to one, and when he's busy I'm screwed. Unfortunately the type of friends I make these days aren't of the hangout variety (or at least don't wanna hang with me) so I'm pretty much stuck in my little online world to chat. Whoopdie freakin' do.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Just when I thought I used up all my boneheadedness yesterday, I get to Pacific Street when I realize that I left my glasses on the floor by my locker at work. So I hadda go alllllllll the way back to get 'em then head on fer home again. Hate that crap. At least my fears about Tuesday were somewhat alleviated, as only one stop is gonna be closed. Come Monday, Natasha has a choice; send out the stuff to be left on a floor an' signed fer by Billy, or hold them till Tuesday. Either way.

Looks like the reunion ain't gonna happen, as predicted. One of only two people who responded positively suddenly has plans this weekend 'cause he forgot the date. So I canned it. Told the other person if she still wanted to hang locally we could, but otherwise I'm savin' a trip to the city if I don't hafta go. Hafta do that all week, the thrill is gone. Ah well.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Today was a series of bonehead moves.

First, I forgot to take my bank book when I purposely reminded myself to do so before I left. Then, I fell asleep on the train an' ended up missin' my stop (but I was able to catch the F back in time). Then, Juan an' Billy took a suitcase up to the 20th floor fer me, which I ended up forgettin' about in all the hubbub of doin' my other stuff as well as it hidin' in plain sight amongst all the various trash by the freight, so I was missin' that scan when I came back (called up the secretary to grab it so it didn't get thrown out). Pretty sure I've forgotten a couple, but the biggie was when I was eatin' my Chinese food I hit the edge of the tins my dumplings came in an' knocked them down, splashin' the sauce all over me an' my chair.

Not my best day.

I took a ride up to Best Buy. Decided Tuesday to buy the Fantastic Four DVD an' take advantage of their $4.99 figurine offer. Fortunately, not a lotta people were on the path so it was a good ride, despite the wind. Didn't bring my bag, but the thing ended up bein' as big as I figgered. Fortunately, tyin' the bag to my handlebars sufficed. Figure's kinda cool, but the DVD packagin' left me cold. I hadda race back 'cause I wanted to hit the bank before it closed. I made it, but I was sore an' tired as hell from the run. Been a while since I made it, will hafta get back on that again.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Decided to go against my own policy an' bring comics to school with me to read on the train. Proved to be beneficial as I got through 6 issues both ways. So now, I'm not any further behind than I already was. Still got a bunch to read through from the last few weeks, not even countin' the backissues I've already had stored up. I'll have bathroom material fer the next few years.

Tuesday may top this past Monday. Not only are some places closed fer week THREE of these damn Jewish holidays, but it's Columbus day. So, those closed this week, then that day, that means I'll be jammed up on Tuesday. As long as the freight ain't jammed, I should be able to handle it. Should.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


A thankfully light day. I was so worn out I was movin' quarter speed.

Message came down that us part-timers were to return to the station before 11 no matter what. Another message came down later fer anyone finished early to go help a route askin' fer it. Here I was conflicted; follow orders or follow my trainin'. Did the right thing, of course; I went to go help. Makin' service is more important than when I go in. Mike was there so after a couple minutes of waitin' I took my leave to head back, covertly. Did what I had to do, went home, an' after eatin' I finally passed out fer a nap. I was just shot...still was even when I got up. At least the chat didn't die tonight.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Garfield said it best.

Day starts off as expected; I dole out equipment then go to load my truck. As the sort ran on, it got progressively heavier an' faster. Before I knew it, my truck was jammed up with bulk stops gallore...I had shit fer every floor! When I reached about 170 packages I said I was gonna need help, an' I didn't lie!

The good news was I got Lissette as my help, since she's just damn good at this job. The bad news is...I couldn't use her. See, the construction guys decided today to bring in 2 large pallets full of wood. Not only did they take up half the loadin' dock, but was like the pipes from before where they could only load so many an' take up the elevator each trip. It was a half hour wait per run, minimum. Lissette did do all my outside stops then went to help Wes on Rory's route, but I was stuck just tryin' to get IN to the buildin'. She had me do somethin' on the pad to Dex 'em, but I came to find I did the wrong button an' screwed that. Crap. By 10 I was finally gettin' inside an' got half of those stops done before I ran outta time. Ended up with 75 lates. Not bad, got about 90 packages delivered. Anyways, took me until 1 to finish up the rest of my bulk stops then get back to the station...especially since I hadda go pick up one I mis-delivered.

Basically, I'm worn out. Especially since I had class tonight. Luckily, not a lotta people showed so we got outta there early. Goddamn Mondays.