Saturday, April 09, 2011


So, as I've quietly stated before, I've begun to acknowledge my birthdays. I still don't do the big fanfare thing most people do, but I've been making an effort to at least do something with those in the know.

Inspired by Tina's birthday, I decided on fulfilling a desire to check out the Liberty Science Center, having not been there since before it closed for renovations. I also found a cheapy ticket deal that'd also get us to Liberty and Ellis Island for one low price. I invited the usual three, and everything was good to go. Right?


First Tina had to bail because she had forgotten a class trip she had scheduled for the day. The D had to bail because he'd have his kid. Sis didn't bail, but we did reduce the outing to pool at the local pool hall, something we hadn't done since a birthday years prior, and then dinner after. However, Sis had been secretly making some calls and got the other two to show up for dinner, now possible since it was later in the day.

So we all had fun. They enjoyed the fact it was my birthday a liiiiiiiiiiittle too much. I just enjoyed them being there, something that happens far too infrequently for my liking. I decided to make a Facebook group and invited them and a couple others so that we can pitch plans to each other and possibly make them happen (which is also the name of the group). We'll see how that all works out in the coming months.


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