Thursday, September 30, 2010


Every so often, the station gets audited to ensure they're meeting all the companies standards and what not. Monday and Tuesday I came in to work, did my usual morning routine and route, then proceeded to have to go through all the trucks to make sure they had their paperwork and all the Vehicle Inspection Report books to fix any errors made. Initially I was gonna do all three months we had on file of the books, but was told Tuesday to just do August and September's. Gee, thanks for letting me waste half a day on June...

The actual audit was yesterday. I ended up having to stay off my route to man the room as the guy called out sick. The audit went pretty well and we scored high, except one truck had an outdated thing in it. Love to know how that happened since I checked each piece individually, but whatever.

Friday, September 24, 2010


My sole class this semester is screenwriting for film. It was the only one available that fit my requirements AND my schedule, which means another 4 hour class. Ugh. So far it's been pretty fun. We bring in the scripts we're assigned to write and the class is "cast" in the roles and reads them out. Despite trying to keep awake in the class, it gets pretty interesting.

Today was my day to present. When the 5-page assignment was given out the first class, I wrote the script already. Sure, the final one differed from the initial, but the idea was the same: Dracula's hatred of Twilight. The class loved it, and the only criticisms were little nitpicky bullshit. Not bad for my second attempt (the first being the short film last semester).

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I really want to keep up with the blog, but I think the bigger problem is that unlike Doogie Howser who wrote an obscure paragraph summing up the lessons of his day, I, as a writer, like to turn my entries into fairly detailed stories. I barely have the time to write my own comic scripts, let alone actual stories. I'm gonna try to do weekly summations from now on, just because I know you all miss me out there.

It's fitting my first post in a couple of week is this one. A lot of people criticize TV shows for their quick episode-end resolutions, citing how life has very little closure in reality. I, being the observer of the human condition that I am, have seen evidence to the contrary. Resolutions may not come by the end of the day, hell they could take weeks, months or years, but eventually a "dangling plot thread" does get wrapped up. Think about how many times something that you were involved with happened years ago, but then suddenly pops up again in a casual mention or what have you.

That was just a parallel to lead me into this: rarely do you get to see a story play out from start to finish. April & Roy is one of those stories. Roy was the first boyfriend of April's I ever met. I heard about the others long after the fact, so that was pretty much an indicator of things to come. Then I got to see it grow, from dating to moving away and living together, to moving back and now getting married. Of course that's not the END of their story by far, but it's pretty cool to've been able to see the evolution.

So, let's talk about the big day.

Firstly, I dreaded this thing for one simple reason: I have no dressy clothes. I've got my old work shirts, which ma said were "too casual," whatever the hell that means. I had my work pants, one of which was ratty and several that had some kind of stains on the legs. I also had a collection of ties I got handed, most of which no longer fit me in my current size (length AND width). So, my options were limited, meaning I had to buy something. I had ma do it, since she has experience in these matters. Unfortunately, the pants she got were too tight in the thighs, a miscommunication led her to get me a long-sleeve shirt which she KNOWS I don't wear, and the weather forecast for today rendered the jacket unwearable. So, it was back to the closet. Found a shirt I never wore, decent enough pants, and two ties that were sufficient. I also found it funny all the wedding-themed movies and programs on TV today. Odd.

D had wanted to meet up and go, so I met him at the train after I bought my card at Rite Aid. Did you know they don't make humorous wedding cards? I thought I was gonna get diabetes as I read all the cards they offered. I finished filling it out when we got off the train; unfortunately I jumped a couple words as I wrote, forcing me to off-center the rest of the card...whoops! That wasn't even the biggest whoops. As a testament to how distracted I've been lately, I didn't notice the RSVP link in April's initial E-vite that I had too fill out (she asked me them via IM), and I didn't know there was an itinerary for the wedding. It started at 3, so I figured that was when the ceremony was.


3 was when guests were supposed to begin ARRIVING. Well, we got there a bit after 2 to find the place still being set up. Oops. Kudos to Roy for hiding his nerves so well and keeping in charge. I could tell he was tense, but he didn't show it. Well, at least I managed to get D there on time. If we left when we should have we mighta been late, as he's known for that. We helped where we could, though. In particular waiting for the Indian food to arrive. That was interesting, as the idiots initially parked by a hydrant and had to move, and one of the guys ran past us saying something incomprehensible. I THOUGHT that's who we were looking for, but couldn't've been sure. It took the other guy 20 minutes to circle around the block and we began to unload the stuff while I had to stay with the car. By the time I got back inside, April was arriving in her limo so I rushed back upstairs.

People began to mingle and eat some appetizers while April got ready. She told me after that Tina and her mother had to help April cobble together a bouquet since the florist didn't show up. It wouldn't be a wedding unless everything went wrong. The ceremony was up on a terrace with a flower-covered archway and a nice view of the city. I found it funny how there was a church on either side and yet the wedding was in between them. April's friend Nelson served as the preacher, and the ceremony opened with a Beatles tune. Of course.

After was an intense photo session with the bride and groom. Dozens of configurations of friends and relatives. At one point Jessica gave out thick mustaches of felt on sticks, which were held up during several of the photographs. I'm thinking that was a play on the coming Indian half of the ceremony, but I need to ask what the deal was. Turns out it was Roy's idea to boot. I also have to wonder why I needed a fake mustache since I already had one. Hmmm...

April had seated all her friends together at one table for the reception. Me, D, Mary, Jessica, Maritza and her BF, Christina and her husband, and Tina (who had another wedding to attend and couldn't stay much past the first course...always double-booked, that girl!). The food was spectacular. It was like a party in my mouth, and much better than the place I went to with them months ago. Hell, I'm tempted to go out and get married just so I can have more of that food!

Back to that unknown itinerary: I was thinking that it was gonna be the ceremony, then an intermission, then the Indian ceremony. Nope. Turns out the Indian ceremony wasn't due to begin until 9! Yeah, no way I was gonna be able to do that, especially since I had to work tomorrow. After the first dance, me and D made our way up to April to have some words and give her our cards before taking our leave. D had to leave with me because apparently he'd get lost walking TWO BLOCKS to the train. Yeah...

Overall, not bad for my first attended wedding. And I'm very impressed with myself that I didn't get anything on my clothes, or that stupid tie. Seriously, who came up with neckties? Floppy damn things get into everything... But, that's a rant for another entry.


Monday, September 06, 2010


In part of the new senior's initiative to get the station running smoothly, the room I usually man in the morning is to be covered all day long. As a result, I'm being removed from the position and the night guy is taking over, while he's bringing in someone else for the night. I'll still be getting my 6 hours since I'm so valued there, and am now relegated to truck management exclusively. However, since the guy is prone to mental breakdowns, I've no doubt I'll have to do the room again quite a few times.

Friday, September 03, 2010


I had planned to go upstate this weekend a long time ago, and yet somehow it still became a last minute operation. Dunno how THAT works. In any event, I wasn't able to leave as my short power nap proved insufficient and I needed a full-on, so I opted to just go early tomorrow. So, I spent the day starting to organize the new comics I got, and getting the ones I've read ready for filing when I return.

Marvel had a new task proposed towards us, so I thought I'd do a try-out to see if I could get the extra cash. Sure, it's only $2 per item, but that's $2 more than I have right now. We'll see how I did soon, hopefully. Meantime, I'm taking up my next Index assignments to read and my next Spiderfan contribution. Need to get back on that so I can put away all the Spidey books I took out planning to do.

Thursday, September 02, 2010


One of my colleagues, Jemir, is moving to Holland and asked me to come over to take some of his comics he can't bring with him. I didn't anticipate him having all the books he did, or so many I'd actually want/need. I tried my Big Apple Con trick of loading up two garbage bags with the books, but that didn't work out too well. And boxing all the ones I wanted was next to impossible to carry. I ended up using a car service his aunt had the number to since I couldn't get through to ma.

Well, here's a good reason why I don't use car service; the ass was on his phone for the first half of the ride, and completely missed all my directions. I said go to the BQE to the Belt towards Kennedy. What does he do? HE GOES TO KENNEDY! And I had to tell him what exit to take several times even though I clearly stated it before. And he makes it like the extra distance was MY fault.

Next time someone offers me free comics, I'm bringing the van. Screw it.