Sunday, September 30, 2007


Woke up today feelin' like crap. Not sure why, just did. Didn't help today hadda hang with D to see Resident Evil. By the way, the movie lived up to most third installments; sucked. After we headed to Anapoli fer our usual lunch, then decided to go explore the 3rd Avenue festival. D bailed in the 80s 'cause he had plans to come with Sean, but I went the full way. Not bad, much busier than the 5th Ave was. Also saw 3-packs of comics I stopped an' bought some of. Yeah, yeah, I know.

Other'n that, was a typical night of workin' then chattin', till the room kicked us all out. Not lookin' forward to tomorrow...I can only imagine the load.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Kohler Kon 3, an event run by one of our members to raise money to send scouts to camp. Basically, it's a large flea market with comics, toys, books, movies, posters an' more. I got there a bit later than I intended. Before I went to the pub it was at, I went a bit further West as that area of Queens was in my third script I'm writin'. Got as many reference shots as I could, then started the long walk. An' boy, was that walk long! It looks shorter on maps, it sounds shorter in descriptions, but short it was not! I would learn from Belkis at the Kon that there was a closer station to take that cut the walk somewhat, but still way outta the way.

Keith, Shawnti, Rachel, Ed, Mark, Bob an' James were all there, as well as Tom runnin' the thing, with many other vendors sellin' their wares. What I learned from Rachel, though, was there was just a handfull of customers all day. It was just a big hangout thingy. Comic Book Novie was there to cover the event, but their equipment wasn't workin' so they ended up just hangin' out as well. I circulated some an' eventually bought comics from both Tom an' Rachel. Around the end of the kon, people were packin' up an' leavin'. I got a ride in Mark's small Taurus with Rachel an' Ed to the train station an' we all headed our own ways from there.

Ah well, hope we did somethin' fer Tom.

These last two nights've been so gorgeous. I wish I had people to hang with an' make full use of 'em. Ah well.

Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm severely worried about Monday. Today was light again, just bulky enough to take me the whole time. So, I've got stuff fer about 6 stops leftover, plus the usual Monday haul includin' whatever people didn't send out 'cause of the holidays. Oh. Boy. At least I was able to nix my 5AM schedule next week. Also got somethin' from Shawn, a comment entered on my behalf about their gratitude takin' over the position I did. Whatever the hell that means.

Ma was on my comp when I got home from the bank, so decided to catch a few Zs. Catched a bunch more'n I intended, but at least I was good fer the night. Got some work done an' chatted the night least till I head off to get in some game time.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


While I was rushin' around yesterday, I thought I spotted a sign on one of my stops' door sayin' it'd be closed today an' tomorrow. Turns out this weekend is part 2 of the Jew holiday, an' several of my stops ended up bein' closed! Ya know, they knew I asked the last time this happened...think someone coulda mentioned it to me? Especially since I didn't see those signs UNTIL yesterday. Worked out, though, as our freight was light. I had about 14 stops. Yer gonna love this; Rory took two of my stops, an' I took two of Carlos'...leavin' me with...14 stops. At least I didn't get sent home...

Added to the fun was the stop that switched recieving locations? Well, they switched back as of today. Thaaaaaaat's right. Apparently the gals there got sick of havin' to walk down the hall to get their crap. Poor babies. Maybe they just missed me. HA! Rest of my shift was spent findin' out who was closed, and then tryin' to help people who apparently didn't need it enough. Other'n that, basic day.

By the way, this regular wake-up time thing is workin' out great fer me. I'm still tired as fuck, but I feel more well-rested than usual. Woot! Oh, yeah, and my second set of swords arrived too. Can't forget those babies! I'm armed and dangerous!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Day two, and I took some initative to set things up before I punched in. Figger, get the equipment scanned in first since it's faster, then worry about keys. Worked out pretty well, got almost everythin' done before the crowd started. Supposed to be trained fer a week, but Lissette told me that means one or two days at best. Won't need more after this, I'm sure.

'Cause me an' pops shower at the same time, he offered to drive me in to work when I needed it. We tried it out yesterday. On the train, I get there just after 5. With him drivin', I get there just before 5. Good fer emergencies, but I don't think I'm gonna make it a habit. WAY too early to be there.

On the road was a bit hectic. Left super late, got stuck with heavy traffic 'cause of the Iranian asshole bein' at the UN, so I was basically screwed. I called fer help an' got some, but was pressured to get 100% done. Wasn't gonna happen, ended up scammin' two packages so I wouldn't have lates. Hopefully, they don't check too closely to see what I did an' just accept I made service. By scam, I mean include them in other deliveries, but then do a scan that says I took them to a different place after the fact as if it was a mistake. Risky move, won't do it again fer a long time. No trends to incriminate me.

I forgot all about my Estella article. Banged it out fer the most part, but the endin' wasn't comin' out right. Gonna hafta work on that more tomorrow then get it in. Barely had time to list my comics, an' still didn't get to read any. 4 weeks behind now. Where did all my time go? At least the only homework I had was to read this stupid thing in our book.

Speakin' of which, Monday's homework was to write a speech in a string of cliches. I scoured the web to try an' find as many as I could use, but then read the assigment closer an' saw jargon was another option. So I went an' did it in CB jargon. Well, prof liked it so much she made me read it in class. Wouldn'ta been so bad 'cept the four that went before me all had emotionally powered readings while I was followin' up with a fluff piece. Oy. They all seemed to dig it, though (or were just bein' nice 'cause I voiced my fluff concerns). Little do they know I slapped it together in 5 minutes.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


First day of trainin' fer my new position at work. Basically, I'm charged with gettin' everyone's pads an' keys into their boxes before they all come in. Lissette showed me what to do, an' I already got some ideas how to make it more efficient. By the time we were halfway done the hallway got crowded with the guys an' noisy, them all pushin' to get their crap. Then it was down to the sort, then up to my truck, an' away we go. Unfortunately, this new routine threw me off an' I left my damn water at the station.

Day went fine, 'cept when I went to go help someone down on 30th. Got his message after 10:15 an' by the time I got there it was past' the dude had like several stops...on the NEXT BLOCK! Picture this, he's parked on the corner of one avenue, an' these stops were across the next avenue down the block an' in the middle of THAT block! I took 3 stops an' ran. I woulda ended up makin' it had I not misread one address an' ended up takin' a package fer another buildin'. So, I had a late...but the dude had several more.

Good part about today was the arrival of my Guitar Hero II! Talk about overpackin', box was 3x bigger than the game box! It took some restraint so I could get some work done, but I eventually gave in an' played fer over an hour. I got all the way to level 6 already! Booyah, can't wait to unlock...FREEBIRD!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Today was my payback fer takin' off last Monday, a day which I'm told was heavy as all hell that gave THREE guys problems. I wound up with almost 130 pieces, 3 of them extra heavy includin' the new tenant on the 6th floor. Now, the number of pieces make a big difference on how well yer gonna do. Along with their size, the quantity dictates how much yer gonna get in per trip. I dropped off the other floors first, brought in one bulk stop to clear up the handtruck fer the rest, then just began deliverin' what I could before I came fer the last of it. 15 mins to go, I boated it all up, took it in, then did the last of my deliveries. Freight ran extra long on 7 as usual, but luckily I took part of 6 with me so I was able to lock the stop till I got down there. Lemme tell ya, I was there on Friday an' it was a wide open space in the, there was a completed reception area. Now that's DAMN fast.

Anyways, I was feelin' real proud of myself, gettin' all that done...till I got back an' found 2 packages left over from the 6th floor stop. Shit! Bitch was I gave my truck a final check too, but I didn't go high enough to see 'em. Shawn sent them out with the night guy, but then I come to find out I missed vannin' a package. This really pissed me off since I loaded my damn truck. Ah well, still got the pride that if I didn't overlooked those 2 damn packages, I would've successfully delivered that massive load. So, booyah!

Friday, September 21, 2007


I was able to get outta the station a bit early, but I ate up a lot of my extra time droppin' Dale off on 14th street, then havin' to find a way to get onto 6th so I can head up. Luckily, I found parkin' right next to the loadin' dock fer the first time in a long time, so things went fairly smooth. I gave Rory one of my stops as things started gettin' tight at the end, but I did just fine an' the station had zero lates today.

Now, Carlos had sent a message he wanted all part timers back by 11. Okay, fair enough, no problem. Problem. To do my last 2 outside stops, I went out the front an' left my trucks on the elevator and 7th floor. Gettin' those back turned to be a challenge as that was the time the construction workers decided to bring in their many pieces of 100 foot long piping. It took them well over 20 mins to load an' unload 'em. Durin' this time, I re-delivered a package I got yesterday by accident an' mis-delivered...figger may as well be productive while I wait. Of course, that wasn't the only problem. Nope, the other construction guys deiced to put several of the small garbage dumpsters right behind my goddamn truck. I hadda move 'em aside to get in an' out those last moments. Now, this wouldn't have been too much of a problem in the end if another truck had not decided to park in front of me in the space that's been empty since I got there. An' when I was movin' the dumpsters so I could get out, another asshole tryin' to park a bigger truck pulled forward, snaggin' one of the dumpsters an' rammed it right into my truck. No damage, maybe a li'l more paint chipped off but you'd never notice. Then, of course, fer the first time in weeks the block was back to it's usual congested state takin' me 15 mins to get off that.

Basically, it was an interestin' hour. At least it didn't happen when I had deliveries!

Anyways, looks like I got that third position at work now an' I start trainin' on Tuesday with the station hottie (yay!). Mondays, they're takin' me off the sort since it's always so big an' havin' me just load up my truck. So, at least one day of the week it'll be loaded right. Woot! Also, not too thrilled about comin' in at 6 every day, but at least I don't hafta muck around with my alarm every other day now.

At home I did some script work, but was a bit tired so not much got done. I did send out the final invites fer my Waldbaum's reunion, though. Figger fer Saturday in 2 weeks should be good. Hopefully, they show up. I don't think they will, but hey...shit happens. An' if nobody does, no big...I'll just go back to Brooklyn an' enjoy myself a delicious burger at Anapoli. Booyah.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today could have been an easy day...if not fer the fact my power pad took a dump between my transmittin' my scans an' scannin' a new package I got. I had to get a new one which made me late gettin' out, which made me have a late start. Then it was crazy in the buildin' so it took me forever to get an elevator. Was able to do my outside deliveries first, then got the buildin' done with 3 minutes to spare. However, the story doesn't have a happy ending as the vans Natasha was supposed to transfer from my old pad into my new one only partially went through. As far as the system was concerned, I didn't scan 19 packages before I scanned 'em fer delivery. If she can't fix that, then that just killed my percentages fer the month. And I was doin' so well too.

When I came back, I was also approached by Shawn about bein' the dude who hands out the equipment in the mornin'. Basically, that'd mean comin' in at 6 every day. Kinda sucks to hafta go to bed at 10 every night, but it is a guaranteed extra hour that'll help a lot in the event my route is collapsed an' I'm forced to be sent home. There's two other candidates before me through seniority they need to ask, otherwise it's mine.

James was supposed to call me tonight to talk about some story ideas he had wanted my help on, havin' called me last night. Guess he forgot. I'll buzz him tomorrow. I didn't get everythin' I wanted to do done today, but I did manage to upload the reviews I did on the vacation. Unfortunately, I still have 20 issues of catch-up to do yet. It's a slow, slow process...I wish I had more hands. Or clones.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Guess the audit yesterday went well, 'cause nobody seemed to be in a bad mood. It was a good thing I went to the train with Earl an' Willie after work yesterday, 'cause I found out Monday they announced we hadda come in a half hour earlier today. Woulda been nice if they had repeated that message seein' as a lotta folks were out Monday. Anyways, we had a meetin' today where basically we hadda fill out an extended version of a manager survey we already did. Earl was also named employee of the month last month, somethin' nobody can figger out how that happened...not even him! Figgers it's just a lottery an' they plucked his name outta a hat or somethin'. Wouldn't doubt it.

Got my comics, but wasn't able to enjoy 'em as I hadda rush through Monday's homework an' today's. Basically, hadda tell the same story from two points of view about an event in yer life. I chose my last bike accident since I hadn't done much with it since I healed. I even read today's assignment in class. Didn't come out too bad fer a half hour rush job. Sure if I cared enough to put more time into it it coulda been a good story. But, alas, I don't give a shit. At least class ended early tonight. Woot!

Also, turns out Cameron Diaz is filmin' a movie in the park near my house. Woulda swung by if I didn't have things to do or was in the middle of chattin'. Apparently a friend of Richard from the office walked past with his dogs an' got tagged as an extra, makin' $130 an' $30 fer each dog. Maybe I'll swing by tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


(Sorry, folks, vacation blogs are takin' some time to get done. Keep on checkin' as I hope to have 'em all up by the weekend).

Came back to work today to find Lamont on vacation an' Lissette runnin' the sort. Those in the know know what that means fer me. Today was also the day the station was bein' audited by overpaid suits, which meant everythin' hadda be done to code. All pre-trips done right, no packages thrown, trucks loaded right, etc. Basically, every shortcut we use to make our jobs easier an' faster went out the window. Fortunately, it was a slow day so we were able to finish on time. Even my route was light. That's 'cause I found out that yesterday it took 3 guys an' four trips to do the one buildin'. They were basically cursin' me out. Awwww, poor babies. Guess I took the right day off!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Time to head on home.

Once again, I was up SUPER early (grrr!) basically makin' the FedEx alarm clock that was my reward fer a perfect score on the test that I brought pointless the whole trip, but took advantage of that to get some of the cleanin' an' packin' done. I had us pack our stuff last night so we could just throw it in the car after packin' whatever we still needed now. D eventually got up an' we had more Lucky Charms to tide us over, along with a Nutrament I bought when we stopped at the gas station Saturday night. (Incidentally, that car got 24 miles to the gallon, had filled it up yesterday before our trip to Monticello an' clocked at close to 400 miles).

Cleanin' was quick and easy, the only hold-up was waitin' fer the store to open so I could get some ice fer the cooler. Pops suggested the gas station in town was cheaper, so we locked up an' went to the Sunoco fer the ice. Trip back seemed a bit longer than the trip up, an' of course everyone was cruisin' at like 80 MPH while I was doin' the speed limit. Blah. We got back just about 1, where I dropped D off then took the car back. I decided to skip school tonight, just too damn tired from all the travel.

So, that was the trip. The first of many? Who knows. There were ups an' downs, an' there's interest from other parties in the experience, so we'll see what happens come next year. Of course, I do have plans fer my vacation time so we'll see if I can squeeze both trips in.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Once again I was up early, and I gotta tell ya the runnin' to the outside bathroom thing was startin' to get annoyin'. When he finally got up, we ate the cereal he bought yesterday at the market an' then hit the road fer North Branch to partake of the cider mill. At least, that WAS the plan.

Cider mill was easy to find; soon as ya enter the town it's right there on the side of the road. Unfortunately, it was also out of business. Their old truck was parked accross their parkin' lot with wire blockin' the rest of the way, the front door was padlocked with all the windows covered, an' inside was dusty as hell with cobwebs gallore. So, either they were outta business or they only work one day of the year. I was pissed off; I was lookin' forward to my damn cider! I snagged a pic fer the vacation pics then we headed off to Monticello to hit Walmart, which has become my fam's new Apollo Mall since it closed.

We had a li'l trouble with street signs there. Some were too small to see until you passed 'em, which meant we missed our turn-off street. I hadda get back on the highway an' go to the next exit to come back so we could try it again. Since I was approachin' from the wrong side an' hadda make a U-turn anywyas, we pulled into this parkin' lot of the Monticello Racetrack where we saw signs fer a flea market. Decided to park an' check it out. Tables an' boxes of the usual junk, some of it cool, some of it really junk. Of course, we ended up findin' comic boxes an' bought some (after figgerin' out who the hell they belonged to).

We pulled out an' headed up the road again. We got the street, then was a matter of findin' the Enterprise first to see about gettin' D as a driver. We went the right way, but once again, signs were too small to see till ya passed an' we passed the street we was lookin' fer. So we circled back around again an' found it. Unfortunately, Enterprise was closed on Sunday as I kinda half-knew, but hoped was wrong. Ah well. On to Walmart! Proceeding in the opposite direction after the first turn, once again we missed the street an' I needed another parkin' lot to go around again. At least on the road to Walmart we missed that turn-off because the tiny-ass street sign got hit by a car or truck an' was bent so we couldn't see it. That resulted in circlin' back again an' catchin' it. Finally, we were at Walmart!

We browsed around a bit, especially the toy aisle. D bought himself one of them plug-n-play games, I got me a miniature Grand Am from Smokey and the Bandit an' some M&M Mini tubes. After a slow check-out, D was hungry so despite havin' burgers an' dogs fer dinner tonight we went to the Burger King down the hill. While there, we got treated to the fact that OJ was back in the news again. The whole time we were there, the TVs had the news on an' all they talked about was OJ. Musta been a REEEEEEEEEAL slow news day, lemme tell ya. We went back to town where I got some cheese an' checked out the new store that opened while D snoozed.

Back at the trailer, he played his PSP while I did some writin' an' listened to tapes pops had up there, then we had ourselves our BBQ. Was a bit chilly out so we eventually relocated inside, but at least the food was damn good. After cleanin' up, we headed down to the Rec Hall to get more games in...only to find it closed. Makes sense, I guess...practically nobody left up there, so why keep it open? Although, I miss the days when Charlie ran the joint an' it was open all the time. Too many changes too quickly.

Went back to the site to try a fire again...and sure enough, the same results came about as last time. Pissed off, I decided to get some stuff put away fer tomorrow so we'd have a quick time of leavin'. Once that was done, as it was too early to turn in, we headed back fer the bar we went to last night. Different bar tender, but she was kinda cute. Too bad all the cute girls up there seem to be smokers... D actually joined me in havin' regular Cokes, an' we played pool an' the digital darts they had there. We definitely had some fun, although we ended up breakin' a couple plastic tips. Also showed D how to do it NINJA STYLE!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Sleepin’ was pretty good. I took my usual couch bed an’ gave D my ‘rents’, which is where Tina woulda been sleepin’ had things not come up to keep her from comin’. Apparently, he felt so weird about bein’ there he chose to sleep OVER the covers under his own blanket rather than in ‘em. Ah well.

I had gotten up an hour earlier than I planned. I showered, dressed, an’ went to finish up the last of the setting up outside, includin’ that pain in the ass awning. Ya know, it’s a good thing I said to bring up an extra set of clothes, ‘cause I wound up slipping down the ramp leadin’ to the shed ‘cause of my crappy soles an’ the morning dew. It not only hurt, but stained the hell out of my shorts. I finished what I was doin’ and got changed in time fer D to be up an’ ready to go.

We stopped by the diner in town to get some breakfast as we were well ahead of schedule, and then it was off to Arkville. The direct route from town was closed thanks to the last flood, so we hadda take the long way on this Cragie Claire Road Mapquest pointed out fer us, aided by detour signs there. Now, the thing about upstate is while most major highways are marked, not all the back roads are. Mapquest gave us a few routes and streets to look fer that we never saw on the way. In fact, we ended up doin’ a series of trial and error shots to find our way. Up one road, back when we didn’t like it, up the next. My thing was as long as we were headin’ North, we were doin’ fine. In fact, I even found a road that woulda taken us where we needed to be, but D was convinced we blundered an’ had me go back to take the right road Mapquest wanted us to. Needless to say, I’m glad I made us leave early.

The experience wasn’t a total waste, however. D made a declaration that the area would be the perfect settin’ fer a horror movie, and I was inclined to agree. He took particular fascination with some dilapidated barns we saw along the way. So much so we stopped to take pics of ‘em on the way back. We weren’t able to get everything we saw because I took the Kodak and nobody told me the batteries were dead, an’ apparently it eats up regular batteries like nuttin’. This becomes important down the road.

We finally find our way to Arkville an’, as the website ( promised, the station was damn hard to miss. It was a typical station house flanked on either side by a caboose; one an office and one a replica that housed a bathroom (in which I ended up causin’ a toilet to back up when I used it…oops! Fortunately nobody saw me and I was able to get out an’ walk around to put sufficient distance between me and it…). There were three tracks an’ a storage buildin’, an’ several types of cars were all sitting there. There were three engines, one on the train we’d take an’ one tiny one, a few New York Central cars an’ a fancy pants dining car. There were several others in need of restoration. Inside the station it was a museum with a history of the line an’ props from the years of the rail roads. Amazin’ how important ordinary junk becomes given enough time, eh?

2 rolled around an’ it was time fer the ride. We were allowed to board an’ D originally wanted us to sit in one of the Central cars. A good idea considerin’ it was a bit nippy that high up in the mountains, but I had us move out to one of the opened platform cars in the middle of the train so I could get better pics. To his credit, D stuck it out in the cold, at least until it started to rain near Roxbury. It was just a drizzle that stayed pretty light, so I stayed out there. There was some nice scenery; farms, more creepy barns, cowies!, old cars and cute little towns. The Marshals also paraded around the train, one of them handing out “gold pieces” to the kids.

Ride only took half an hour to Roxbury with a brief stop to pick up a lady and her kid along the way. The Roxbury station had seen better days, emphasized by one of the workers’ tellin’ about their rasin’ money to restore it. We stopped to allow the engine to pull around to the other end of the train, lettin’ us explore the museum inside that station as well, includin’ more of the same and models of both stations from different points in time. Tell ya, real contrast to what they are today. Unfortunately, takin’ pics was an adventure as I could only do two before turnin’ the cam off to let the batteries recharge enough fer two more. Dammit.

Before we left, they had the first gunfight, leaving things unresolved until we got back to Arkville. Nothing spectacular, just a few cap guns going off. Nothing like they made it out to be on the website. When we got underway, D fell asleep inside one of the cars as it was raining, and I stayed outside when we got out of it…falling asleep on my feet. Damn subways, bad influence. We got back to Arkville and they had one more gunfight before lettin’ people off. We hit the station one more time to buy some souvenirs, then headed back…which was much easier now that we knew where we were goin’.

Since we weren’t gonna make Monticello before Enterprise closed, we decided to just head back. We got into town an’ had dinner at the pizzeria. Holy shit, only thing under $20 on the menu was the pizza, which was crap without garlic powder. At least there were cute waitresses again…lotsa those up there, apparently. After we ate, we headed back to the campground where I set up fer a fire tonight. Pops had left me 3 logs that were a bitch to cut, especially since they were wet from all the rain. I did a fair job on them, but I bought wood from the store so it’d actually burn. Looks like the ‘rents also switched Starter Log types, from logs wrapped in paper to these li’l brick things…

Before we lit it, we headed down to the Rec Hall fer another night of gamin’. We did it last night, and it’s a good thing I brought all my quarters as he never got or read my E-mail on things to bring up here and the store was never open so he didn’t have any of his own. Rec Hall was fairly the same, ‘cept they fixed up the ping-pong table, put up camper pics on the walls, put the cider press where the ball machine was, an’ got a new juke box next to the games. They also got new games; California Speed, Marvel vs. Capcom, Neo Geo, the digital Addams Family and Hurricane pinball games, and the old classics Ms. Pac Man and Tetris that’ve been there fer god knows how long.

Once we had our fill, we headed back to the trailer an’ I got workin’ on the fire. Took some doin’, but I eventually got the starter logs lit. And that’s ALL that got lit. The wood was not lightin’ fer crap. I headed down to the store to see if I could find some newspaper-like substance to use, but the magazines they used to put out weren’t out an’ all the garbage was already collected. I did find a bottle of lighter fluid just sittin’ on the barrel out front. So, I took it. Unfortunately, the bad part about usin’ an accelerant is it eats up whatever fuel there was by the time it burns out, meanin’ the fire was dead soon after.

I was a li’l disappointed, an’ not quite ready to turn in just yet, optin’ to drive around a bit. D came with me, an’ we decided to explore Liberty some to find a place to hang out. What we eventually found was Liberty Lanes, a bowlin’ alley. Unfortunately, we didn’t know we got there just before closin’ when everyone had already moved on, but we were able to get in at least two games of Cosmic Bowlin’. The people there were nice, chatted us up some. I kicked ass, by the way. I talked D out of a third game an’ we left to find someplace else, rememberin’ a bar an’ grill in town when we came back from Arkville.

It was a nice place, a little plain but had a lotta old pics of the town around. There was a pool table an’ electronic dart board, as well as a juke box goin’ full blast. Had a couple folks in there, already somewhat bombed an’ all familiar with each other. I had some Cokes, D had a mixed Coke with somethin’. Surprisingly, the tab only came out to $9.50. How nice is that?! Most expensive thing was his drinks, I’m sure. Anyway, after a little confusion with what my cap stood for (it’s BROOKLYN Cyclones, not BOSTON!) we took our leave and headed back. He went to play PSP while I did some work on the laptop. Day 2 down.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This is why you should never blog tired, 'cause you forget li'l things like a sword arriving in the mail. That's right, I bought a sword. No secret to anyone who knows me that I dig the blades, an' had always intended to get one. Back in 1999 I was gonna buy the Blade: Sword of the Daywalker fer $169 bucks or so, but decided to hold off. New CAG member Liz put me hip to a cheap weapon's site, an' I got one at a pretty good price. It's just fer display an' not fer use, but it's no less cool. Has good balance too. I'm gonna have some fun with that!

Another fairly easy day. One of my stops had problems with package distrobution an' missin' items, so they transferred the recieving to the front desk down the other hallway. Ever since, their stuff has been incredibly light! Used to be the one I needed it's own handtruck fer. Dunno if that's just 'cause of the holiday or if that's how it's gonna be, but I can live with that. I finished early enough to offer help, an' hadda run over to 9th Avenue as usual it seems. I was able to lock in that stop at the last possible minute an' take care of it. Of course, when I finished I found Rory, who was a block away, asked fer help. Too li'l too late, son. Why is it the closer guys never get their messages out first?

Got some writin' done, got a few comics read. Tomorrow gonna focus on gettin' my crap together fer Friday, then do actual packin' on Friday. And then I'm gone! WOOT!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Holy shit was today huge. We got 20 freakin' containers of packages in today. That's a helluva lotta stuff right there. Somehow, though, we managed to pull things off an' get done relatively close to on time. My load wasn't too heavy, an' I was able to park right next to the dock fer once, so overall it was pretty easy. I'm also surprised with how easy it's been to get off the block lately. Dunno where all the traffic went, but it's got me a liiiittle worried. Ah well.

Finally got in touch with Tina about upstate. Now it's a teetering decision apparently. I told her straight, she hasta lemme know what the deal is BEFORE FRIDAY. Once 4 hits we're on the road 'cause I wanna beat out as much of rush hour as I can. Plus got the Jews who hafta get home before sunset to boot, so I REALLY don't wanna be in bumper to bumper till I get to Monticello. We'll see what happens. You all already know or guessed what my money's on.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


CAG meetin' today, where it was announced I'm the new co-coordinator fer NY. Mark called me up a few days ago to run the idea past me 'cause James is flounderin' under all his responsibilities, so here I am to take the load off somewhat. Not to sound like I'm braggin' or nuttin', but somehow I saw this comin'. Was a li'l hesitant about it, but figgered what the hell an' so here we are.

Meetin' was smaller than normal. My artist didn't show which pissed me off. Means I'm gonna hafta start chasing him down, like I really have the time to do that. Bad enough I'm still chasin' Tina down about upstate! Spent a lotta time talkin' about youth programs that we didn't get to everythin' on our agenda. I got copies of the new member applications to update our lists. After, of course, we hit the diner where more fun was had. Fer the most part. Mark had his daughter along an' she got a li'l abusive with a rolled-up piece of paper. I don't wanna talk about it...

Anyways, once lunch was over, we all went our separate ways. Around 42nd, Melvin, new guy from Crazee Comics Sam and Rebecca got off to all go do their own things. I decided to get off too, figger pass by Midtown before goin' home. Somehow, I ended up stayin' with Becky to go to this Japanese book store she frequents by the library. After a few mins in there, we then went TO the library, decidin' to hang out in there fer a bit since we hadn't been there in a while. We went up to the 3rd floor where I showed her where they shot various parts fer Ghostbusters, then we grabbed a seat at a table. She was gonna work on her 3-D buildin' while I found a book to occupy myself with, but ended up spendin' most of the time with her talkin' an' showin' me pics on her phone.

Before the library closed, we headed up to the nearest Best Buy so she could look fer a retractable LAN cable, but decided to buy one online. We browsed before our tiredness kicked in an' we headed fer the trains. Hers was there when we got to the platform so she took off. Mine came soon after, so it was all good. Made a lotta progress today with her; got her to actually hang out AND have fun, plus she let me help her carry her heavy-ass laptop bag without actin' TOO paranoid. Any progress is good progress, I think!

Friday, September 07, 2007


When I left my house, my MP3 wouldn't play. I thought maybe it died, but found out it was just the battery. Remarkable, considerin' I just changed it.

Today was about the worst as far as loadin' my truck went. It took me so long to make sense of the fuckin' mess they left me, I was literally the last one to leave. I mean, this kid doesn't even TRY to fuckin' put my shit where it belongs. He knows one buildin' goes on one side, and the rest on the other...and yet I find it all mixed up an' crossed over. He better PRAY if I ever need to load his truck I'm feelin' very merciful that day. I got there late enough that I ended up halfway down the block an' I had to put in a call fer one of my floors to be done fer me. It's a good thing I did that, 'cause I found out I somehow misread a label on a package an' took it to 112 when it belonged down the block where I had already delivered seein' as my park job was so crappy.

Less than 10 mins to go, I had a package fer Daffy's on the corner, so I raced up the escalators to deliver it with less than 2 mins to go. I scanned the package, an' quick as I could made it back down the block to 7th Ave where the damn people were not there AS USUAL. Which was fine by me, 'cause I was able to leave it at the front desk without any hassle an' to further drive home my on-time fakeage.

I went back to 112 to get my sheet re-signed, an' while I was there the guy tried to force me to take some packages he hadda ship out before he ran off to the bathroom. I sent a message askin' if I was allowed to before I saw that they were Ground packages. I explained why I can't take 'em an' hit the road, lettin' the Ground guys know about them before I left. Now, what was interestin' was when I went to retrieve my stuff from the 7th floor, there were outgoin' packages on my handtruck from that stop. Didn't know if the dude who helped processed an' left 'em, but I took 'em anyways. When I got to my truck, I was all set to go when I climbed inside an' found someone shoved two envelopes through my window. Guess they couldn't wait fer Kinkos to open. Wasn't sure exactly what to do with them all, so I shoved 'em through my mail slot in back an' took 'em to Natasha who said she'd handle 'em, then reminded me of the pick-up procedure. I have seriously forgotten how to do them after so long. I threw my procedure book into my bin to have with me fer now on, seein' as this is the second time in a week I've had pick-up issues.

Seriously, they need to find a way to remove those drop slots on the trucks if they no longer want people to drop stuff off at our trucks. That way, they won't be encouraged to throw shit INTO our trucks.

Ma was supposed to be usin' my comp all night, but hadda stay available fer the guy to clean the boiler so I was able to get on my work. I scanned in all the reference material an' printed it out to give to Omar tomorrow at the meetin'. An' that's basically how I spent my night, aside from talkin' to Liz an' finally watchin' the first Die Hard. Of course, now I'm up later than I intended an' I'm only gettin' 5 hours sleep. Fun.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Remember my original truck that died? Well, it's back from the dead. Blah. I want my diesel. It stalls out a bit, but hopefully that's not a permanent problem. Brakes are shot to hell, though.

Today was the cab strike, an' that meant most of the cabs were NOT on the road. The difference was noticeable...and welcomed. I hope they stay on strike forever. Damn menaces. Day went fairly smooth, went to get gas on the way back 'cause didn't like how wonky my gague would act up on hills, an' then came back to find out I missed yet ANOTHER package. I remember seein' it, don't remember it after the sort, though. A guy on 8 took his package (which I almost got tagged fer bein' late thanks to that) so I'm guessin' them on 12 took it as well. Hope they did. Find out tomorrow, I guess.

Fell asleep at home, but got woken up by my cats fightin'. Bastards. It was fine 'cause I hadda do my homework...which I got more of after class. I managed to bring up my concern usin' family members fer these things 'cause I barely know them and I don't even LIKE them. See what kinda solution I can come up with. I did order the book last night, but turned out to order the WRONG edition off Ebay. Ah well, so I'm shorted $9. I ordered the right one off Amazon right after, so I should get it soon.

On my way home I found a bike under the highway. It was an old bike, but in decent shape. All it was missin' was a kick stand an' handle grip. I coulda brought it home, but opted to turn it into the precinct. They copied my ID an' took the bike, one of the cops askin' why I didn't just keep it. Shrugged an' told him simply, 'cause it ain't mine. 'Sides, I already have 2 bikes, which I need to take in fer some work, an' those thin-ass rims would NEVER support me. Remember the Schwinn I had briefly? Woulda been the same situation.

Sure, may've been just a waste a time...may have been ditched fer a reason, may sit in storage fer the next decade, but doin' the right thing should never be considered a waste of time.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


As expected, we got fairly slammed today to make up fer the weekend AND extra day off. I was heavy enough I called fer help, but my only help ended up havin' his own stuff an' I got stuck with 5 lates. 2 were preventable...Rory left behind the 131 stops and I took 'em, an' decided to do the outside stops first before doin' 112. I forgot 2 boxes were fer 131 an' left them. Ah well. Just do better tomorrow. I did get a the nice surprise that a package fer 7 I forgot an' took up to 22 I forgot once again on 7...left it right on the floor there. I got the sheet I hadda sign an' after I punched out I headed up there before goin' home to deal with it. Was able to sneak in the front way an' get the girl at the desk to sign instead of havin' to deal with the embarrassment of forgettin'. Go me! I'll turn it in tomorrow first thing.

I need to stop makin' these mistakes already! Enough's enough!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


First, the 'rents. Joy. They came back today, and my serene week ended. At least I got a buncha new DVDs from Walmart with them, so there was the plus.

Second, the BBQs? Tommy an' Craig of course want more, but even Danielle made a point to adamantly declare that there WILL be more. Okay, maybe. We'll see what happens. Maybe I'll try to gradually expand the guest list fer each one. Maybe. Still not 100% on if I wanna have 'em regular again. Fun and all, but is it really worth the constantly blinding smoke of the grill? Well, at least I know this batch will show up when they say they will.

Also did pretty well with her kid yesterday. Me doin' well with kids 2 weekends in a row...does that mean my tollerance fer them has returned? Or is it doable in small doses? Probably the latter.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


BBQ time!

Got up an' finished my cleanin'. Gma did the hallway while I finished the apartment an' did outside. Outside was a real mess, ma's pottin' soil an' rocks all over the damn bench an' floor. Fortunately I finished pretty quick, enough to lemme sit down an' check my mail. It was about that time, though, my foot started to hurt. Dunno why or how, but there it was.'s never easy.

Around 2 I hobbled over to Sunnydale fer some Ketchup an' ice. Of course, I ended up needin' to go back twice 'cause I forgot the extra buns gma couldn't get fer me an' more ice fer a cooler fer the food, as I only set up one fer the drinks. Hey, I'm a few years outta practice at this! Went to ma's car to grab this thermal pouch she had in the back fer the pickles, as dumb me put them in the fridge after I bought them.

A bit after 3, Danielle showed up with her BF Chris an' son Jarod. That got the party underway as I whipped up the first batch of food. Unfortunately, there's a regulator problem in the grill that caused a bit of a flare-up, so the first batch was a bit well-done. Nobody seemed to mind much, though. I tried to make Stitch stay in my room fer a change, but that turned out to be a mistake as Jarod went explorin' an' tried to pet Stitch as she cowered in my window. Not from nuttin' he did, that's just how she is with new people. Just glad she didn't piss this time. After that scenario I quickly ushered her into my 'rents' room an' set up the pan an' food in there. Chicken shit.

Craig an' Tommy eventually showed up after 4. Craig had another party to go to later on so he went all the way back to SI to change an' clean-up before comin' all the way back to pick up Tommy an' arrive. Had Tommy bring some extra burgers, which we ended up not needin, an' the chips D was supposed to bring. D...D forgot today was the BBQ an' ended up makin' bday plans with his ma an' sis. I told him to come by anyways an' gave him his gift, Guitar Hero. He wants the 80s one, he can get it his own self!

Everythin' went fine. Danielle an' co explored my place, I set Jarod up with video games an' introduced him to the world of Ghostbusters, when they left I played the Evil Dead musical soundtrack fer Craig an' Tommy who thorougly enjoyed it as well as introduced Craig to the world of Evil Dead, then after Craig left I introduced Tommy to the real Dukes of Hazzard, which he agrees is much better than the movie. Three introductions in one night...not too shabby.

I was surprised to get a call from Tina around 6 where I re-invited her to come over. She said she'd call when she was on her way. About 2 hours later, I gave her a call an' she said Maya had come over to get her outta some kinda funk. Told her they could both come, an' she said she'd call again when they figgered out what they're doin'. An' that was the last I heard of Tina fer the night until she wrote on my Facebook wall. Somehow, I was not surprised.

Tommy stayed after Craig left fer a while longer, an' after I cleaned up some we hit the road fer him to go home. Made a quick pass by 69th to show him the tornado damage before we went to 75th to catch the bus that goes to his house. Unfortunately, we just missed it as we approached the opposite corner. Checkin' the schedule, the next bus wasn't due fer about an hour at 12:01, at which point I suggested we just walk it 'cause we'll probably get there before the first bus even shows up. At least walkin' helped the pain in my foot somewhat, but still was throbbin'. We parted ways a block from his house, an' I went back to the other bus stop to see if it was worth waitin' or walkin' back. 9 minutes to wait, I waited. At 12:13, the bus we woulda been waitin' fer passed me by accross the street, an' I hadda laugh. We beat it by 5 minutes. The buses are nuttin' if not predictable. Mine came an' I got home in no time, then came on an' chatted with a fellow CAGer until my internet was kicked off by my transmitter. The only thing that sucks about good hangouts are the loneliness that follows as ya still wanna be doin' it.

An' with that, think I'm gonna head to bed an' recover from today.