Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Apparently one of my uncles and gma ain't doing so well in the health department. Pops is thinking he's gonna hafta head on down to Florida soon. Ma is considering what's gonna happen with gma's six cats. The solution she's been considering is to have me take over the apartment for free with the provision that I take care of the kitties. All I would basically hafta pay for is groceries and utilities, plus I already have all my other gma's furniture so after a little fixing up by my 'rents I'd be ready to move on in. Only problem is what to do about TC? She won't get along with the other kitties and I can't leave her alone up here. That's a dilemma to confront once this goes from possibility to reality.

Speaking of Florida, I had gotten a call from them about the comic I sent. My uncle Mike had somehow remembered this thing I told him YEARS ago, about bagged comics being more valuable when they stay bagged. By which I meant comics that CAME bagged, not ones you bag yourself. I was surprised he'd recall such an obscure factoid. I was also asked how to get more...I guess everyone wants one. Interesting.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Second straight day of rain. At least it wasn't as bad as yesterday, where I got to discover that after many days of my heater being left on during the winter and my feet getting super toasty that it had finally died on me. It was fun driving around with fogged-up windows, lemme tell ya. Today's driving complication came when I was almost back to the station. See, the way I go, the final approach is on this one-lane one-way street that starts off in a blind turn. So, you don't know you're obstructed until it's too late. And that's what happened to me. This mother fucking truck was parked by the hydrant taking up HALF the street and leaving no room for me and my over sized bumper to pass. At least someone was nice enough to move the truck in more...and then I got stuck waiting for this garbage truck to back into the loading dock of the building across the street from the other station while these assholes tried to get out of the parking lot across the way from that at the same time. Needless to say, it took a while to get back.

Route wasn't much easier. I ended up with 24 stops when I shoulda only had 19. I could've refused my 24th as it was one that belonged to the one next to me who had already left, but meh. So I did all the outside stops first after getting most of my crap in the building, but construction played a factor today and I had to call for help. I was able to bang out 22 on my own. Rock on.

I whipped up some promo images for NYH. I took a couple of the sketch poses and blacked them out into shadows, then put them together over some shots of the city. They look pretty good. However, upon showing Ben he volunteered to spruce up the concept. Well, that's why I hired him, after all. Still holding at #11. I'm still a little miffed that all the people I know that I've been there for over the years couldn't give me a few minutes of their time a day. Bastards. Also, it shocks me to see how many people DO NOT READ. I sent COMPLETE instructions to people on how to go about voting, and yet they come and tell me that they either couldn't figure out how or didn't realize they had to register to do so. Um, duh!

Monday, April 28, 2008


My plan was to move my vacation to one of the open weeks in June, 1) so I could actually HAVE a vacation this year, and 2) so I could get back to Texas and pick up where I abprutly left off. Well, them sumbitches with their singular vacation days closed up the Fridays in both weeks. Since I hafta wait till I'm 5 years in to split up my vacation weeks, I can't do 4 days off. So, yeah, Texas in January. Yay. Not.

I've dropped TWO more spaces in the standings. I'm losing voters instead of gaining, and I can't even launch the ad campaign I want to because I don't have images to market, nor the time to make one up. Liz isn't doing much better as apparently all her friends either can't get to the site or sign up. Others have had that problem as well, some glitch in Ian's registration program or something. I dunno, all I know is it's not a new problem except for the fact now it's affecting us. Ah well, as long as we stay ABOVE the line by Sunday. Next round, though, all my deadbeat friends who have NO EXCUSES not to sign up and vote are gonna be pestered until they do. That means everyone who isn't going through life drama or bogged with work.

The CAG meeting's being moved a week for Mother's Day. D called me yesterday to hang out, but we're hanging on Saturday instead to go see Iron Man! He's due back at work on Monday, able to move about by now. I finally convinced Tommy when I went to the store to try to get to a meeting (Liz's hotness helped some, I won't lie there). I hafta remember to tell him the date's been changed in a text tomorrow. I finished listing my comics and I boarded all that I could, gotta get more of those this week. Also, Tina proposed a possible hangout on Thursday. Will it happen? Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I didn't do anything all day.

And I LOVED it. I sat on my ass, played video games, chatted, worked on my comic lists. That's it. Okay, yeah, I had to do some editing for the anthology, but other than that...nadda. Sometimes you just need to take a day off from life. I just wish the comic lists could go faster...taking me for-freakin-ever to not even get a quarter of the way done. Too bad I didn't get this idea BEFORE I had 14,000 books.

Friday, April 25, 2008


My project so far is in 7th place. Liz's so far is doing about 2 better. Honestly, as long as we're above the cutoff line for the next round (which is about 4-entries deep this round) it doesn't matter where we are in the standings. However, the lack of voters can present a problem for the next round if it stays this consistently bad. I'm actually a little surprised more of my friends, especially those who technically owe me a few favors, haven't stepped up yet. And there are a few that I should be surprised with, but aren't. Let's face it, a certain amount of time passes with little or no contact then whatever you had with those people may as well have been nothing at all. If only I could post to Super Hero Hype or Newsarama...those guys, but they prohibit linking to other message boards. I don't need to get banned just for a CHANCE to get published.

I was critiqued today by a voter, saying that the art just didn't fit the project and the character bios just had no appeal for him. Okay, granted the art wasn't 100% thanks to all the delays we've had, but my story? I KNOW my story will rock. You can't tell it just from character bios, so we'll need to rely on the sequentials to win people like that over. I E-mailed my artist to keep on working, so hopefully he has all this time. I need at least the first 3 pages done for round 4.

Didn't get my school essay done and it took me well into the night to finish my articles and get all the images for them. I didn't do all I set out to do, but half is better than none. Also had some good company in Britt. Had a phone call from her earlier, then we chatted into the night until her allergy medication knocked her out. I tell ya, no matter what goes on in my day, talking to her always ends it on a good note.

Tomorrow I have nothing to do...and I'm keeping it that way!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


You don't realize how much my station relies on singular people to do multiple jobs until one person decides to call out sick, and their usual replacement has been MIA. That was the case yesterday, as the guy who usually parks the trucks in the morning banged out and the guy who usually replaces him hasn't been to work in almost two weeks now. I got charged with moving them if needed, but having checked the line-up on my own for my own needs I found they were all there. Although, two downstairs needed to be moved around, but I let that be handled by their drivers. Also, the dude next to me's truck apparently had keys broken in both the ignition and the back lock, so that needed to be swapped out for a diesel after the tow truck finally arrived to move it to the garage.

Today was an interesting case all it's own. We were light so my route was absorbed. Normally, when they do this, it's to keep uneccessary trucks off the road to save on gas and hours. Meanwhile, my manager had me drive out with him to take care of 5 stops while he helped people. Once I finished those stops, I too went on to help people. Basically, I could have just gone out and the guy next to me coulda been without 30+ stops that he too needed help with and thus got the rookie with him. I had to bring the rookie back as my manager wasn't answering my messages, and that's always a treat. Not only is he a chatter box, but a physical problem he has which I don't fully understand and really don't care to ask about gives him this lovely little odor that kind of thrives within the cab of a truck on a nice 70 degree day. And, of course, there was heavy traffic all over that day.

Yesterday while I picked up my comics I mailed out some complimentary copies of CAG 7 to some friends. I got a phone call from Tina (which I missed 'cause I apparently zonked out on my couch for an hour...oops!) and she left a very long message thanking me profusely for the comic. I think she was more excited than I was when it was first announced I'd be in the book. Such a cutie. But yeah, she got it and my other friend Stacy got hers. I know they're both fairly local to me, but I'm still shocked the post office actually delivered THAT fast. I expected at LEAST one day to process. Of course, I should remember that most cities have their own mail processing facilities and they don't get sent allllllllll the way to another state to get re-sorted and re-distributed. In that respect, the PO is a lot more efficient.

I got some writing done, but with passing out on the couch and having to go to the dentist I didn't get as much as I would like. Looks like I'm finishing my articles last minute. Also, the votes have been pretty good, but not the level I really expected. I've warned people for months this was coming, posted bulletins everywhere I could, and even E-Mailed people. But, it's only the first day...we'll see how many more step up. And, by the way, if you haven't done so yet head on over to and vote for New York Heroes in the Small Press Idol 2008 section. You don't hafta be a reader or collector, just register and vote every day. Unlike the presidency, your vote actually counts!

A funny little story. In promoting my stuff for voting, I gave a little blurb to Liz's, mostly in the CAG-specific campaign. Apparently this prompted her to be asked if there was something going on between us. A reasonable assumption, especially with how we spent almost the entire convention together. But, sadly,'s just a simple little case of friends supporting friends and enjoying each other's company. I kinda miss having her around, though. It was so cool to be able to go out every day with someone I not only like spending time with, but who shares a lot of the same interests I do. Yeah, like any true Batman, I could totally get used to having a sidekick! Ah well, won't have that again till I go up to CT for Connecticon and stay at her house. Can't wait for that...just like her ma can't wait to bug me, she says. See that, ma? A mother who doesn't MIND someone she never met staying over. Whoda thunk?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I had fully intended to get things done today. I was gonna list my comics as soon as I got home while having lunch, then go right into all the writing I needed to do. I planned it...and that's why it didn't happen. What changed my course, you ask? Was it sleeping on the couch? Oh, if only. No, it was the fact the Idol public voting began today. So I spent 3 hours posting everywhere I could begging for votes. I got my sister, and I see Amanda, and there are a few other new posters who voted for me. There was also Sue, Liz and Peter from CAG, and our own Ginny. A couple of them I can guarantee will vote for me daily, but I honestly don't think I have enough friends to push me into the top 5. Well, friends that'll take the 5 mins to register and vote. One problem is because voting requires registration to a message board, I can't advertise on certain boards I go to as they prohibit the promotion of other boards. I'll need to re-read their rules to make sure.

I did start a couple of my articles, but I'll need to finish tomorrow. Think I'll put myself on limited communication since when I'm busy is when people decide they need to talk to me for one reason or other.

Oh, and if you read this and haven't done so yet, go on over to and vote for New York Heroes in Small Press Idol!


I'm in a contest called Small Press Idol, in which I get a chance to get a creation of mine published.But, to do so, I need all of you to go and vote for my project to keep it moving forward (much like American Idol, except without the ear-bleeding)!

So how do you do it? Well, you head on over to DimestoreProductions. com and register for the message boards. It's quick and free to do. Then, you just head to and write YES in a reply. It's that simple! I'm only asking for you to do it once, but you CAN go back once every day until voting closes to vote for my project, if you so desire until Midnight on May 4th.

So what is my project?

In this modern world of terror and uncertainty, there is a void that needs to be filled. Technologies Incorporated, also known as TechIn, has stepped up to the challenge of filling that void by proposing the recruitment of the first government-sanctioned team of bonafide superheroes to protect the nation. The proving ground? New York City. With the number of super powered individuals (or, as scientists have come to dub them, Homo provectus) being born increasing every year, and the number of costumed vigilantes already out on the streets, there are no shortage of decent applicants for the plan.

But, the question is: who to recruit?

The answer inadvertently comes when a mercenary group known as The Quartet, four super-powered individuals each with their own specialty, under orders from a mysterious client steals an ancient artifact from a monastery in Tibet and an invention from TechIn itself. These events set the stage to allow the Quartet to cross into the lives of four unique individuals.

Seeing an opportunity, Masako Takashi, CEO of TechIn, orders his top inventor and one of the four, Jason Mae, to recruit them for TechIn’s project. Four ordinary men, seemingly thrown together by fate, are now the first line of defense for the citizens of New York.

They are the NEW YORK HEROES: Chameleon. Arachnid. Azure. The Life Giver. Four men from different walks of life, brought together seemingly by fate. They will become the greatest heroes the city has ever known.


Creator, writer & editor: Chris Buchner
Penciler: Paul Ritz
Inker: Alex Rivera
Letters: Virginia Mills-Barfield
Finishes: Ben King

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Despite the title, this entry is really about Tuesday. You'll see why the title soon enough...

Yesterday, Carlos informed me he's taking our weakest offloader to be a permanent scanner upstairs, and giving us the annoying bitch who doesn't shut up in her place. Yeah, great, because the sort was just TOO damn quiet. Today was the first day of that little arrangement, and not only were we extremely heavy but the sort ran late. I didn't finish organizing my truck until almost 9, and I had over 100 pieces with many large ones. As a result, I needed some help for the first time in months. Who do they give me? The rookie who used to be with the company but doesn't seem to remember procedure worth a shit.

I had him take care of my outside stops while I set up the building, then gave him two floors to do while I scrambled to do the rest. Good thing I had help because there was no way I woulda made it by 10:30 with all I had. Had to stop for gas on the way back, and that gave me time to learn this dude was a talker. Talking about all the celebs he's met on his routes and what not. Unfortunately, there are no celebrities in my part of town these days.

It's almost time for public voting in Idol. Surprisingly, my stuff is getting some positive reviews from the judges, and my fixes don't look nearly as bad as I thought they did. Guess that's what happens to your perception when you get some sleep. I still need to get cracking on my articles for Estella and those reviews. Then I need to figure out a backdoor to updating my website as I haven't had a chance to fix my java problem yet. I also need to finish listing my comics, especially since I've got my new ones to get tomorrow. When the hell did I get so much to do?!

Speaking of comics, remember I said I was asked to review a sequel to a mini I reviewed last year? Well the writer of the series offered to send me the missing issue I needed from the mini as I had trouble finding the books around here. I get it today, but also inside is the new graphic novel I'm set to review! Wasn't expecting that! Man, being a reviewer sure gets you some nice perks.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Except that they are. I put in for my vacation on Thursday, and it was a sure thing Carlos said. The week in June was empty with one or two people on there, and nobody wants the month I'm told. I go in to see the week is closed today, but my name's not on there. Turns out that mumbling mother fucker, the one who cut me off TWICE while I was trying to park, bid that week and bumped me out. WHAT. THE. FUCK. This sumbitch gets his ass canned, he comes back, and takes MY vacation week? So guess when my vacation is. January. Thaaaaaaaat's right. I picked an alternate week at a time when I should theoretically (and hopefully) be on winter break from school. When bidding closes I'll see if I can get my week moved to sometime earlier as I'm really looking forward to getting back to Texas.

Don't ask me how I made it through work today. I was still beat from the weekend and it was almost a typical Monday load, but somehow I did it. I got home and I held out for a few more hours before I just needed to crash around 2. Got up at 6 with the intention of doing things like laundry and some creative work, but as you can figure that just didn't happen. Motivation is not one of my strong points lately.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Last day, and I am beat. Me and everyone else were basically zombies on our feet. Today I decided to indulge in some comic spending as I finally discovered some 50 cent bins amongst the sea of dollars or more. Liz kept me company for a bit, but got quickly bored as I found more and more I wanted. I didn't go all over the place this time, rather filled in some runs here and there. I had intended to do a list of comics to fill those in, but as you all know I didn't have much time. I raided a 50 cent bin first, then found a 3 for $1 which became 4 for $1 just when I got there. Sa-weet! I ended up with about 200, not counting the copy of Only in Whispers I got from Free Lunch and comp copies of CAG 7 I didn't even know we were getting. Last I heard we couldn't afford to do comp copies.

When they say the con ends at 5, they MEAN the con ends at 5. As soon as 5 hit, they were already trying to kick us out and started rolling up all the carpets. Like, goddamn...give us a grace period to get our shit together. Liz went off with Hector and Z-man as they were all gonna take the same train, and me I struggled to carry my box of comics I shouldn'ta got to the train. Was gonna shoot for the N, but was too exhausted so settled for the E and making all the transfers.

Dunno how I made it home, I was running on fumes. I could barely carry my box or walk at a decent enough pace. I just wanted to crap out then and there. But, no, I couldn't. I had to work on the pictures I was sent for the contest as they were due by midnight tonight. I just blindly did them, making some better while making others, I feel, worse. Whatever. At that point I just didn't care. Just wanted it done. Had a little trouble finding one set of poses, but fortunately I eventually dug them up. With those in, I think I'm gonna go die now.

Oh, and I believe Liz wanted me to mention the cockroach dead in the light fixture in her room, and all the gnats that came out of her shower head this morning. Nice place, huh?

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Con, day 2.

I woke up sore as hell thanks to all the carrying I did of Liz's bag. I mean, hey, from Grand Central to the Javits across 3 subways, then from the Javits to the fleabag motel on 47th and 8th. S'a lotta lugging. But yeah, my neck, my arms, and my hurt. What REALLY hurt was that our MA members Hector and Z-Man, my original Idol artist, met Stan Lee! They walked out of their hotel to get Z some dinner, and there Stan was from the con! And Z got a picture!!!! God damn this kid is lucky! When I was 18 I need a Marvel Comics tour in order to meet anyone like that, and my 'rents definitely wouldn't let me trek off with people to go to a con somewhere else. AND I definitely WASN'T in comics. Good for him, he's gonna carry these memories and experiences with him well into his career. But still, can't seem to help but hate him... (Kidding, of course)

Today, I swung by the MoCCA table, shared by the organization I just joined on Thursday Friends of Lulu, that I missed yesterday as me and Liz didn't make it all the way to the wall opposite the CAG table. There, I got a Stan Lee retrospective poster amidst their applications and Todd McFarlane autographed merchandise. At the Lulu table I met Valerie D'Orazio whose blog I posted about a couple weeks ago. We talked for a bit before she went on to another customer. I have to say, my talking to people I don't know has certainly improved big time for this con.

Me and Liz made the rounds again, meeting various artists and writers and such. We had a chat with Greg Horn from whom I bought a Spidey/Daredevil print and she got a G.I. Joe print. We unexpectedly ran into member Dr. Finger next to Greg Horn. Poor guy, we almost past him thanks to the "black hole" that Horn produces, as he put it. He gave us a copy of his digitally drawn preview comic. James was with Belkis promoting their new calendar. Danny Fingeroth was there and I took a few minutes with him. Dunno if he ever actually remembers me or is just doing the polite con thing, but either way. We also met Jim Kyle, an artist who does a lot of sketch cards for card sets, including over 200 for the Women of Marvel set I just got off Ebay. He was a nice guy, talked with us a lot while drawing a card for someone and us flipping through his portfolio. Tell ya, guy draws, inks AND colors...the fact he can do a massive set like that in about a month collectively is damned impressive. Met Gavin Blair (yesterday, in fact), one of the creators of the show ReBoot and this guy from Darkworld Studios whose comic (called Darkworld, what a stretch, huh?) I saw in my comic shop as apparently the artist lives around there. We also got to the Free Lunch Comics table, where a couple of our members work. I had gotten the new Sky Pirates yesterday signed by Everett, Brian their artist visiting from Texas (notice how that state just seems to follow me around now?) and Liz who had a pin-up sketch in there (an awesome one I sooooo want a color print of).

I saw but didn't get to actually meet Chris Claremont, Brian Bendis, Sean Chen, Rich Buckler (who I met at Big Apple last year), Arthur Suydam, Gary Friedrich, Mark Brooks and Peter Laird. I know those names mean nothing to most of you, but that's okay.

Yesterday Liz decided she needed a rolling cart jobbie for that big ass bag I mentioned earlier (remember that? I know it's been a few paragraphs). I did some research, found a couple luggage places nearby and Staples who said to have one. We went for lunch and to go shopping for the thing. Ideally, I shoulda taken her when I went with Shawnti to go find her a drug store to buy some makeup for the party tonight as we passed by the nearest Staples to get there, but ah well. I needed the exercise anyways. Incidentally, I should mention that I've had a brain fart when it comes to that area this weekend. Ed had asked me ;ast night where this subway station was that I KNEW was there but couldn't remember until he asked me to verify, and I knew about this Rite Aid but couldn't for the life of me recall it until we got to 8th Avenue and I saw it. I mean, I DO work around there so I SHOULD know. Chalk it up to lack of sleep, I guess.

The first Staples didn't have the cart, so I took her to the one on my route which, remarkably did. Next task: lunch. We decided on Pizza Hut, but to get there was the trick. The avenue was crowded with people for the Pope and vendors selling stuff on the street, so we backtracked our steps and cut through one of my stores to get to the side the Hut was on. I thought there might not be seating till Liz pointed out that they're upstairs. See what you miss when you only have 2 minutes to get in and out of a place? We got our pizza and headed upstairs, both of us dropping our sodas as we went on our trays. Of course, the tiny dining area was packed except for this one table where people left their shit all over it. We took it anyways, and after waiting to make sure the patrons didn't just go to the bathroom or something, I dumped it in the trash. Man; White Castle, Nathans now Pizza Hut...I'm really taking Liz to some dives. At least the food was better.

There are a series of panels all throughout the show, and I wanted to go to several of them but ended up not making it. However, both me and Liz intended on making two tonight. One was the ReBoot panel that Gavin mentioned to us at his booth yesterday, the other was a Gail Simone panel that Lance from Interfan wanted Liz to attend to give Gail some things. I got us to the ReBoot one a little late, so we ended up being crowded in by the door where stupid people kept coming in and out. Poor Liz got stuck right behind this ass who got too close and smelled like, well, ass. Was also hot as hell, and the panel ran a few minutes over. Much like them, we were surprised how many fans ReBoot still had. Imagine if they had a Ghostbusters panel? Also, from what I could hear when people weren't trying to get in the stuck door, it was a very informative thing that revealed some stuff I never woulda guessed. Luckily for us the Gail panel was right in the same room, so we got some seats as everyone left and enjoyed. Also informative. Looking forward to her upcoming stuff. We left when it was over, Liz opting not to bother with her task as she doesn't know how well Gail knows Lance and that she has never even MET Lance physically. Understandable. Liz is a tad shy, evidenced when we went around handing out things for CAG.

Those things being the newsletter stuffed with the stuff we got at the last meeting (check last Saturday's entry in case you don't recall) and cards inviting people to the Indy After Party at Twins Pub. Many members went around talking CAG up and handing out those things. We just blitzed that con, and in the process ran through our supply of both newsletters and Tom's Kholer Kon flyers (the only thing we had left to stuff as he had made like 5,000 and that I decided to have us stuff to get rid of at least). The result? That, plus Sam's promotion had the bar PACKED by the time me and Liz got there. There was literally no room to move. I circulated some while Liz was stuck at the sale table.

We had our CAG awards which didn't go as smoothly as it could have, but they got done. First we did our honorary memberships which resulted in the title and presentation of a certificate to them. However, only ONE of the honoraries was present at the party. Everyone else either couldn't make it or lived too far away. It was quite comical, actually. Next were the actual awards. Matt won for excellence in production, Chris won for best artist, Everett won for best new talent and writer, and Sue won for CAG MVP. All awards well-deserved. Party went on, and even Rebecca stuck around. Becky, who took the con costume to a strange level by coming in a lab coat I helped her find and her sister's lab goggles (which were apparently covered with something from the last experiment they were used in...ew). Various members of CAG reached stages of inebriation, and there was, of course, shock in the fact that we didn't drink. I was literally asked "well how do you have any fun then?!" Wrong things to say to me, as most know, but I held my composure. Pisses me off that all people know how to do is drink to have fun. Gradually, people began to leave. Eventually, me and Liz decided to head out as well.

I dropped Liz off at her hotel and headed for home. On the way, I signed my copies of CAG 7, making the last signature I needed to get; 14 total. I'm sure my colleagues were thrilled to sign something 14 (some 15 for Psychosis) times. I had intended to get one other signature that Ravi said I should, but that never happened, and as his name doesn't really appear in the credits I'm not too worried about it. Besides, most of the people who are getting these books, they don't really care about comics anyways.

Because the food was gone (as expected) by the time we got to the bar, I had some cereal and checked my mail before bed. Liz, my cousin Liz, got my script and sent me an E-Mail to say so and to correct my spelling of her name. I, in turn, corrected her on the proper use of my first name. That side of the family has this bad habit of using the full version. Gotta break them of that habit.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Con day. After getting ready, I headed out to meet Liz at Grand Central. We also had to wait for Bob as his place to stay fell through and he's gonna use the extra bed Liz booked for anyone who needed a place. Which'd be Bob. Somehow, Bob wound up meetin me at the meeting spot first. Came to find out that Liz had ended up by the 42nd Street entrance by the subway. We regrouped there and went on our way. Now, the way to the 7 train, then from the 7 train to the A/C/E train, to the Javits is a very long and winding way. Bob and Liz both had two bags, one being big-ass and heavy. I took Liz's. I woulda taken Bob's as well, but lately my arms haven't been functioning too right with heavy lifting.

Getting in was easy, line moved quick. Bob went and got himself a press pass on his old credentials apart from us. We got up to the booth area where we found the empty CAG and GWP areas. We did find the Free Lunch Table around the corner with Sue, Everett and Matt. We spent a little time with them before returning to find Hector and Z-Man had arrived on the GWP side. Gradually people started showing up, from our group and all over. Mark arrived with the products and a table for GWP...but no chairs. Eventually, Keith arrived with the rest of the stuff and the table for CAG...which was this tiny-ass thing compared to the GWP table. That, mixed with this horribly folded up banner that we had to jury rig to the curtains behind our space really failed to convey how professional this group actually is. That's what happens when you're low-budget indie.

Around 3-ish me, Liz and Bob headed to her hotel to check in. Now, this place is a hotel purely in the academic sense; as in you pay to stay in a room for a limited amount of time. What it looked like was an apartment building converted to hotel use...and like a real rat trap. Peeling walls, dirty floors, torn carpeting, the works. The room they ended up with was also just barely big enough for the two beds. Yeah, real cozy. Now I feel real bad she wasn't able to stay with me. That place is not fit for humans. We left to get some lunch as an employee was throwing garbage bags down the stairs, further cementing that place's 5-star status. Lunch, unfortunately, wasn't much better as we ate at a Nathan's Express on 8th whose food was less than stellar. Shoulda seen that coming as they ran outta hot dog puffs.

Most of my day was spent handing out our newsletter with invites to the party tomorrow night. I actually did some pretty good chatting up with guys behind the tables, something I don't usually do. Liz tagged along with me most of the day doing the same, although she's a bit too shy to be as effective. However, if someone gave us something she's quick to reutrn ours right back. We toured the whole con seeing life-sized statues of heroes, various sections from various companies and dealers, a car painted with every cartoon character ever, and all the artists in Artist's Alley doing their thing (only a handful of whom I recognized by name). I started to get the autographs on the books I bought from about half of who I could get, and CAG got two more members signed up. Also, my only comic purchases so far were colleague books, a freebie demo one, and this one mini-series that piqued my interest. Being very good so far.

We found Rebecca eventually. She had been there supposedly since 11 but we didn't see her till almost 5 and she was on her way out. Little bitch proceeded to knock my hat off and run. Grrr... Told her I'd kill her later. Then I proceeded to get a ton of texts and phone calls from her, most of which asking what we were all doing after the show tonight. That was strange, especially since she was already home in Brooklyn and obviously not coming back out just to hang. Also strange was my phone wasn't acting right. I would miss calls I didn't even get, and I wouldn't get rings until it was too late and the person already hung up. Dunno why since Liz's worked well and we're on the same network. Might be my phone? Blah.

The con wrapped up and we covered our stuff on the table with the table cloths Shawnti brought. I didn't get to go to any of the panels scheduled for today, or see any of the celebrities who were autographing (supposedly Lou Ferrigno was there, but he was out of my vision range to see), but that doesn't matter because I was getting WHITE CASTLE! Yes, White Castle. With Liz as my sidekick it was a certainty to happen. We invited lots a people, and there was lotsa interest. However, most had to go off to do other things, and those who were gonna come ended up going to a local diner instead WITHOUT mentioning that to us. Thanks, guys. So it was just me, Liz and Ed, although Ed was brief as he wanted to get home to spend SOME time with his wife. So we stayed and ate in that ever-ghetto establishment where homeless people seem allowed to hang out before having to call it quits due to her being so tired from events of the day and lack of sleep. Took her back to the hotel, then made my own way home.

I didn't get much accomplished at home due to my being tired and sore from all the heavy lifting, but what can ya do. Guess I'll give Keith the scripts via E-Mail or something during the week. I did, however, recieve a nice punch to the gut by Smokey leaping on me after he got scared off one of the end tables. Fat sumbitch...

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today we ended up severely under-staffed. They took our weakest girl upstairs to scan packages assuming we'd have someone to replace him. However, that plan only works if the replacement comes in on time. It was so bad, Joe ended up helping us offload while I juggled unloading and moving cans around. We still managed to get done fairly close to on time, which was a miracle, but it was just a hell of a morning. Oh, and I also had to scramble to find out who would be closed on Monday. I get a message about it when I'm halfway done, and it's the first I heard about it. So I ended up asking everyone I had left, and then going back to all my other stops to ask. Made a few people miserable by having to remind themselves that they in fact did not have the day. Oops. Also, feel bad for whoever does my route tomorrow, though. The good elevator guy is off. Oooooh wellz...

My artist also sent me his fixes (or best possible) for Idol. Ian, the dude running the show, put out a call that ALL entires must be submitted by the 20th, finished or not. Which means I've got no time to get my stuff to Alex the inker to fix, or to Ben to color as he's got something to do Sat. Soooooooo....that means I've gotta digitally fix the minor little problems that he keeps ignoring when we talk and hope I can make them all spiffy enough to at least squeak us into round 3. Blah.

Didn't finish my application stuff, but I did make some progress on one of my scripts. I'm hoping I'll have time and energy to finish it up tomorrow night and bring it to Keith on Saturday. I printed out my comic list 'cause I KNOW I'm gonna end up buying a comic of some kind eventually, and I wanna make sure it's not one I already have. That ended up taking well over an hour to do 156 pages. Yeesh... I also managed to get the stain off my hat brim using some Dawn then washing it, unfortunately it got my brim TOO clean and now the ends by the hat are darker than the rest of it. Oops.

Well, I'm as done and ready as I'm gonna be...and away we go!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I had the full sort crew today. Two were on vacation yesterday, so they were replaced with ringers. Now, one of these guys is a loser who bombed outta courier class and is used as a shuttle driver/helper as well as an offloader. He's not serious about anything, takes no pride in his work, and can't keep his ass covered by his pants. The other one is an alright guy, but he's still new and a little slow. Yesterday's sort went so well, but today I had to deal with a ton more missorts and idiot's not listening to me. Ya know, I tell the guy to not put anything on the top belt while it's stopped, and what does he do? Not only does he keep putting, but then he starts DOUBLE STACKING. When in the history of his employment have we ever DOUBLE STACKED packages? Moron. Also I didn't seem to have as much of a handle on things as I did yesterday, I felt very out of control. Probably just my imagination, but there it is. Bitch of it is I was told that today's sort was the best out of the last two days. On paper, we accomplished everything the company demands even if the physical sort was a bit rockier. Plus the late arrival yesterday killed us. Ah well. I'll recognize what I consider the best for myself, thanks.

Played a bit of phone tag with Danielle as I tried to get some information to her. This pretty much killed my battery (damn roaming) so I stuck it on charge...which led to me missing a call from Britt. I call her back as soon as I discover it and what happens? She's on the other line! She calls me back, but I'm in the middle of trying to make the post office before it closes and at least get out my cousin's letter. After all that, we got down to a real conversation. As expected, all the time not talking has led to a lull in our ability to converse, but we managed. Plus she was hopped up on Benadryl so that didn't help matters.

I got the 500 word story done, now I need to find a list of cinematic terms so I can do the 1000. Gonna try to bang out the scripts tomorrow, maybe get the reviews done as well. Now I'm in a friggin' crunch that I wanted to avoid, but eh, it happens. Con time can be so stressful.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


After the office I ran downstairs to set up the sort, a task which Otis was apparently given by Liz. So, he ended up helping, and we managed to get 2 cans banged out by the start of the sort, easy. Aside from some freight that arrived after 8, the sort ran right on time and the smoothest I've ever remember seeing. And that was WITH being short-handed with two offloaders on vacation.

That was about as easy as it got. Setting up my truck took forever. Then I got blocked by a crane using my usual road on the way to my route. No parking at all which meant I had to run up and down the block with my stuff. The damn gate being down at the loading dock and the little door being locked caused problems and ate up a minute or two. Then you got slow elevators, and my dentist deciding to call when I'm offloading to change my next appointment. So overall, it was a delay-loaded day. But, despite all that I got done and did my 2 outside stops before 10:30. Luckily I have those shortcuts through the block.

When I got back Rob tried to stick me with a supply delivery of 106 pieces. I said thanks, but no thanks. So I had to help the new courier we got last week load up my truck with them. It was no easy feat, since they were all stacked down a nice stretch of the belt. I ended up going down to the far end, scanning the boxes, then pushing them down the belt. Good thing I'm strong, eh?

I tried to shrink down this wolf story I did for Halloween for my application, but I barely got it under 600 words before I ran out of things to cut. So I tried out one of the other webcomic scripts I wrote. Bare bonesing it, I'm so far just over 200. Once I finish getting the basis of the story down I'll see where I'm at then attempt to flesh it out as much as I can. Think they'd actually count and fault me like one or two words over? Probably will, right? If only I knew if they were counting As and ATs and little things like that. I remember back in school most English teachers wouldn't and forced you to write more. Jerks...

Me and Britt have this little routine going. Anyone who knows me knows I'm on most hours of the day working and stuff. Well, lately, Britt comes on the BRIEF moments I'm either away or passed out on the couch. This has happened several times now. I would find it quite hillarious if I didn't actually, y'know, WANT to talk to her. Ah well, we'll figure this timing thing out. Meantime, my return trip to Texas looks pretty good. The week I wanna go is free so far and my vacation bid is Thursday. Way I hear nobody wants June so good for me!

Looks like the nice weather is starting. I was hoping to go for a quick bike ride then pass by Staples for an ink pad fo the new CAG stamp we got for our new member packets. Didn't quite make the ride, but I did bike to the store. Unfortunately, they didn't have the size I needed. Turned to their website and ordered under ma's suggestion, so hopefully it arrives by Thursday as stated or else I'm screwed Friday.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Nothing like sauntering in at the last minute. That's what both Rob AND Carlos did today, giving me changes just before it was time for everyone to punch in. Carlos hates when I dog him in the morning, well this is why I do that. Got no time to screw around on Mondays.

Pretty standard Monday. I finished by 10 and went to go help Les again. That was a mistake as usual. He tells me to go meet him by the freight to this one building. Now, he never said freight ENTRANCE. He said just plain freight. So I went to the freight to wait, thinking he'd pass by and give me either his stuff or keys. I wait. And wait. And wait. Next thing I know Rory comes in with packages and tells me Les was heading back to his truck. I go back to see again and still nothing. So, I call it quits and head back.

The sort flow coordinator is on vacation again this week, but it wasn't until I was trying to wrap up some DG stuff for my quarterly report that I was asked to head it up officially. No big; I've done it before. The thing in question was the status of these stickers and bleach we ordered to top out my DG cabinet. I ended up finding the missing stickers from the collection in the bottom of the filing cabinet (dunno how they got there), and we still had the bootleg bleach, so I sent the report along a day early and that's that until July.

On the things to do before Friday front, so far I've gotten the letter to my cousin composed. Didn't get much else, but hoping to. I've still got that thing for my application and a few scripts to do by Thursday. Oy. Gotta love tight deadlines.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Continuing my registration process for school, I had gotten a post card with the things I needed; that being the transcripts from the last colleges and my 500 word thingamajig. Nothing I didn't know. Anyways, I went to see about how I get my transcripts sent, and both BMCC and Hunter've joined the 21st century and made it possible online. Woohoo! So I got those done to just do that damn story.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Meeting went off without a hitch...although I ended up about 15 mins late. Mark had started on time to get the convention shit outta the way. Hopefully I didn't miss nuttin' important. I ran through my agenda and before we let one of our CT memebers speak we did some folding and stuffing for the newsletter we're gonna give out at the con. Unfortunately, we folded and stuffed the innards as we had some printer problems with the one we had and had to switch out, so we won't get them until Wed. We finished up with a lecture on trademarks and copyrights before breaking for lunch. One thing to note: the guy who drew one of my stories decided to split up the art between the five of us, so he gave me, Keith, Alex and Ed one to two pages that we wanted. Unfortunatley Keith beat me to ones I woulda really liked to have, but I got two decent ones. I also had everyone sign the bottom of those pages. Unfortunately, as I'd be out all day, I had him hold them for me until the con. But I'll take them from there and get some frames for them and find SOMEPLACE to hang them in my room. Jemir also gave me a copy of his graphic novel digest he had printed through last year so I could review it. So that makes two reviews I need to get done.

Rebecca has been taking acting classes and as a final, the class is putting on a show. For the entire weekend, they're doing Tennessee William's Camino Reel. I said I'd go. But, that wasn't until 8 and here it was only just after 4 when we finished lunch. So I headed to the city to check out where the theater was so I'd know for sure. I have to say, I was a little confused when I got there. Check out this picture:

Hopefully, you thought it looked like a police station...because I sure as hell did, especially with the cop cars out front (which I really couldn't get angled into the shot too well). No, THAT'S the theater (and incidentally also a community courthouse...yikes). THIS is the police station, right next door:

The 18th precinct, to be exact. Now THAT looks like a courthouse. Anyhoozle...with the location scouted, I proceeded to just take a wander around town and do the tourist thing. I headed down Broadway which I haven't done in a while and saw some pretty cool sights. Passed through Times Square which was crowded as all hell where we had Batman and various Lady Liberties standing around. I considered heading into Midtown Comics but wound up at Bryant Park to use the bathroom there and to relax for a bit in this nice weather. I should mention I'm carrying my schoolbag full of the usual CAG stuff, the stamp for the membership packets as I need to get a decent-sized ink pad for it, and my jacket (which I KNEW I shoulda left home...oh well). I read Jemir's book and witnessed a wedding in the park. Or the reception, at least. All I know is I hear a commotion, turn around, and see a dude carrying a bride across the lawn. Hey, perfect day and perfect place for that.


It was only 6, but decided to start back, using the crowds to slow me down. I even swung by Toys 'R' Us to check out some new toys, as well as take some pictures for my out of town friends just to show them. It looks like they did some redecorating since last I was there.

First thing you see upstairs is Superman saving the patrons from a falling truck. I should've taken from the other angle, but that really is a FULL truck up there. The Transformers wall back there used to be a mixture of things with the front of a WWII Jeep sticking out (for an old G.I. Joe display), but they've removed the Jeep finally.

Spidey flying high.

The "Jurassic Park" section which hasn't featured anything relating to the franchise in years, but still maintains its look and it's animatronic dinosaur!

Lego versions of Captain Jack Sparrow, The ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing, and Wolverine.

The ever-present Lego Lady Liberty. I sometimes wonder if these are REAL Lego sculptures (glued together to maintain) or if they're just built to look like Legos.

The Chrysler Building, a boy, his dog and an ice cream cart.

The Lego version of Grand Central Station.

Barbie's Dream MANSION. Yes, the Barbie figures are housed here.

Life-sized replica of the Mach 5 for the new Speed Racer movie and the buncha toys already out. Always loved the car, and wanted to get the toy they came out with a couple years ago, but I guess I waited too long. Even on Ebay, thanks to the flick, it'll be pricey as hell.

Jimmy Neutron.

Blues Clues.

Dora and Friends.

And of course, the ferris wheel at the center of it all!

What I found funny was right by the entance they had a meet and greet set up with the Nesquik Bunny, and a whole display of Nesquik products for sale. I know it's a kid thing, but in a toy store?? Also, the rotating "space station" door kept getting stuck, making people using it a little nervous. While there, I also bought these cute little stuffed Subway cars (which are exclusive to the store so I can't find a friggin' pic online to link to, dammit) that were on clearance...dunno why, just liked them. Unfortunately, they didn't slow me enough as I got back to the theater by 6:30. So I finished Jemir's book before deciding to head inside. Now, this place is a theater in the most technical of senses. It's a pretty ghetto place; looks like some bad building from the projects. I went to use the bathroom and the friggin' stall didn't even have a lock! Also, they had set up the "ticket" podium outside the theater door, which was right in the friggin' stairwell.

Actual stage was a little better, but not much. It was basically a wood floor in the middle of two sets of seats (which were sunken and barely attached to their platforms) and stage lights along the ceiling. They came and went through a door on the side and hid behind curtains under the seats. As it was an acting school production, we got what we expected; a mix of decent to good, and just plain horrible actors. But, they tried. A couple of those guys I would cast in something I'd do. A couple made their bad performance really work with the characters. This one poor shlub with a speech impediment illiceted giggles from these three bimbos who sat next to me before the show started (although they got locked out when they came back too late from intermission in the next act...what a shame). And, of course, it was a minimalist production with barely adequate costumes and minor set dressings. But they did pretty good, despite the strange subject matter of the show.

I waited for Becky after so she wouldn't catch the train alone. We debated on either leaving or grabbig a bite, and ended up back in Times Square to the Japanese place we passed up the last time we hung. She got something to go and we were off for home. Think she appreciated my coming. Although, hard to read her sometimes. Was nice actually being out on a Saturday for a change. Next weekend, I can expect to be out the WHOLE weekend (minus Sunday, as I DO need to work Monday...)

By the way, for those not in the know my title is about both how the acts are broken up in the play, and how many blocks I ended up walking waiting for the show. And now, more pictures from my Broadway adventure!

Hershey's Times Square. I probably shoulda takena trip INSIDE this place, but the outside caught my eye as I passed...for obvious reasons. Gonna hafta go back there.

Ellen's Stardust Diner on 51st Street. Decked out like a stainless steel classic 1950s diner (much like the Cheyenne and Moondance which are/about to be no more), this one especially caught my eye because of the old Redbird subway car styled entrance. Checking out the menu, it's one of those places that's a once-in-a-while expensive type joint (much like Jekyll & Hyde's) but I wouldn't mind giving it a whirl at least once. Any takers?

Times Square, complete with one of my agents in costume. I. Am. BATMAN!

The other side.

A shot of how crowded the area can get. Believe me; there were worse spots than this!

Of course no trip to Broadway is complete without a pass by Letterman.

Friday, April 11, 2008


No service again today, more bad weather in Memphis. However, I still ended up going out with 101 pieces. BIG ASS pieces too. Let's see what today's challenges were; heavy traffic on the avenue, garbage truck parked RIGHT IN FRONT of the goddamn loading dock, a bus who couldn't get past said truck, garbage coming out, and a package for 22 that ended up on 5. Despite all that, I managed to get all my stuff on my 3 handtrucks and cart in one shot, got them and my 5 suitcases all delivered with 7 minutes to go before 10:30. Damn, I'm getting good!

Had to run to the bank for ma. Woulda been nice if she had that stuff ready for when I went YESTERDAY, but whatever. I mention this because there was a girl working there that looks incredibly familiar...but I can't place her. Like, her face is the same, maybe a little pudgier in the cheeks, but where do I know her from? Wasn't in the high school yearbook...junior high? Too many faces, not enough names. Also, yesterday, when I went there was a girl on the subway in front of me who looked a lot like one I used to work with. Didn't say nuttin' 'cause I wasn't sure, and she didn't pay me no mind and I doubt it's 'cause I'm unrecognizeable...aside from how much facial hair I have I look basically the same. Damn clones. And, incidentally, I got one of them new fives. Who designs this crap??

Spent the rest of the day getting ready for the meeting tomorrow. Britt actually came online for once, so at least my evening was a helluva lotta fun. Gonna round out the night to try out this new game I got, and then it's off to bed 'cause I got a full day tomorrow.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'll never understand the tax system. Way I got it figured, 'rents shoulda gotten some kinda deduction and I shoulda had to pay. Instead, I'm getting back my biggest chunk of change EVER and they're just balancing out with their reutrn and payout. Wonder if we're gonna get that extra bit the government's giving out...?

70 degrees today means I go BIKING! ...That is after I woke up from passing out on the couch. Twice. I need to stay off that thing. ANYWAYS, I got in a full ride, which was great going. Coming, however, I had the usual morons who can't figure out one side is for walkers, one side is for bikers. No, they think the WHOLE path is theirs and lull about wherever they please. And let's not forget the stupid kids who don't abide by ANY traffic rules. Seriously, the worst part about biking in the city is the people.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Average easy day made complicated by my once again having to travel down 8 blocks to help one of the downstairs couriers, that being Ed, one of the guys who trained me. I know I was done pretty early, but goddamn...less than 20 minutes to go, traffic lights that turn red as soon as you reach every corner, people and cars gallore, 8 blocks is no easy task when you're on a schedule. But I went anyways, even before Carlos insisted I could make it. Sure, and the only reason I DID make it was 'cause I ran my ass off in the bike lane in the street (right when every biker in the city decided to use it, too).

I ended up meeting with two other guys who got sent to help him while I was trying to find Ed's truck where it shoulda been at that time. We checked all his usual blocks but couldn't find it. We decide to split up and check the three blocks again, only to get a message saying the guy near him got to him to help. Faaaaaaaaaaanfriggin'tastic. So here I was, having just busted my ass to get all the way down there only to end up being a pointless effort and making me have to walk all the way back to get my truck. And for those of you wondering why I didn't just drive down, that's because it can take up to 15 minutes to get off my block, and traffic on the avenue has been murder lately. Today was even no exception...although getting off my block ended up being easy. Ah well.

Oh, and if you're confused by the blog title, a joke has developed that we're Batman and Robin...although we have an ongoing disagreement over which one of us exactly IS Robin. Some people just can't seem to accept that I am Batman. Nay, the GODDAMN Batman! (Only comic fans and certain friends will get that last bit there).

Did the usual comic thing, but didn't get to review them tonight as I was getting a bit sleepy. My artist had me called him and we worked out the finer points of his anatomy, so hopefully Alex will get them all by early next week, and hopefully he'll have time to do something with them. I'll talk to him after the meeting. If anything, I'll scam it like James did with his Quantum TPB cover and send it straight to Ben for colors and fake that there are inks.

And now, for a look into the inner psyche of individuals, we'll present a new ongoing segment called: YOU MIGHT BE A MORON!


-You decide to cross a 4-lane street AFTER the lights have changed AGAINST you.

-You try to make a turn down a street to the right...while you're all the way to the extreme left.

-You cross against the light, and either try to stare down an oncoming car who HAS the right of way, or curse out the driver of said car. These actions are especially not recommended against disgruntled drivers with lead feet.

And that's it for this edition. See you next time!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Although I don't mean the Native Americans this time. No, I'm talking about a little diner in midtown. It's one of those stainless steel jobs that hasn't changed much since it opened. My original station was blocks away from there, so I'd always pass by it to and from work. Me and Rebecca had contemplated it as a dinner choice after the Anime Con in December, but passed it up for the Manhattan Mall Food Court. Now it looks like I'll never get to try it out as, while browsing Forgotten NY during a lull in the office at work, I discovered it closed on the 6th. Another classic diner bites the dust, all in the name of what I SUPPOSE is progress. As some of you may know, the Moonstone closed last summer and was carted off to Wyoming to be restored and re-opened. Wy-freakin'-oming gets our signature landmarks. How sad is that? Progress my ass.

Today I had to go get gas, and the most direct route from my, well, route to the nearest gas station takes me past my old station and the Cheyenne. Well, a block before that, I had noticed last time that a building was missing, so this time I took extra care to make sure I just didn't miss it. Nope. It's gone. This church was torn down; a gaudy white, purple and green thing. I guess it was only a matter of time; between two luxury buildings, it really didn't belong. Developers had to see it and raze it sooner or later. While that really isn't much of a loss, except to the congregation, it just adds to how much this damn city keeps changing and how fast. Getting so I dunno where anything is anymore.

In other news, Albany grew some brains and nixed the congestion pricing plan. Forcing people to pay isn't the way to do it. Hell, they pay through the nose for gas and STILL drive. No, you wanna get rid of congestion? Get rid of some cabs. Stop letting tractor trailers go down certain types of blocks. Fix some of these goddamn funky grids and keep the goddamn lights working right. And above all, crack down harder on assholes who double-park inside a lane of a multi-lane street...especially near a block people can turn down. THAT'S how you start to fix congestion in this city. And you want more people to use the MTA? Then get more money into the MTA to make it as efficient as it can be and maybe then people will use it more. You keep fucking up, of course they ain't gonna try it.

I submitted my school application today. Now all I hafta do is finish the portfolio requirements and send them in. I worked on a couple Spiderfan reviews so I can get them done and out of the way, and am starting to slowly whittle down my projects pile before I get too swamped these next two weekends. I got the con next week and my meeting and Rebecca's play this. I wanna bang out the next 3 chapters of the Commander to give to Keith if he comes to the meeting like I was told he might, that way we have things to discuss at the after party. Got four more issues of Exiles to do for Spiderfan, then I can move on to more freelance titles for the site. Now I need to do that review for Estella/Dimestore and get started on my new Estella series. Pretty much writing off Idol right now, but gonna start on my next entry for next year and re-recruit who I can.

Monday, April 07, 2008


One of my group members, Rachel, went to a small convention on Long Island over the weekend where she made a contact in a former DC editor, Valerie D'Orazio. I had happened to have heard of this person because I had stumbled upon her blog while I was checking out the responses (mostly negative) to the recent Mary Jane statue that was released, sculpted after an Adam Hughs drawing. Needless to say, it caused a furor among both fans and women, and following the links in their natural progression led there. Her wanting to invite said editor to a meeting led me to start reading the blog more than I already have...and I hafta say it's quite good. Lotta good points, and it's written in an interesting way. Maybe if I worte anything half as interesting or like she does, I could fathom my own blog's popularity (which was a topic of conversation last night).

Anyways, onto the mundane...

The sort went down early, and I was pretty damn light for a Monday because of it. I took a stop off Carlos, but I couldn't take more as he was light and so was Rory. What I did end up doing was taking an overnight package back to the location after Rob dropped it off while shuttling, then heading south 6 blocks to help Tony out. No easy task considering I got the go-ahead to do it at 10:15 and NYC blocks, for the uneducated, are frigging huge. Not to mention I AM working during the morning rush near subway lines. But, it was all good. The only thing I wasn't able to do was a timely reattempt of a package whose location was unusually closed.

I read the comic I was asked to review. Like most sequals, it wasn't AS good as the first, but still good. However, it was a race the clock type story that really didn't have any sense of urgency in its pacing. It lacked the tick tock, as former DC editor Jules Schwartz would tell my group's host Gary Cohn back during his comic days. However, if only he had rearranged a couple scenes, the book would've been that much better. Ah well.

I know I'm an acquired taste. I know sometimes I make it difficult for folks to get along with me, even though there's no malice or ill intentions behind whatever I do. But, it's all a matter of personalities. Sometimes they just can't click with each other. Ah well, I just need to learn my audience. Hopefully, I have enough time to do so, but sometimes you don't. Also makes it difficult when the majority of your audience responds to the same things, so changing the gears ends up being kind of hard. But, the ability to do so is the mark of a true and talented performer. So, I'll need to work on that.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I spent all day yesterday working on title headers for my new article series, which was gleefully accepted by my editors at the zine. So we'll see how that goes. I did manage to get in a bike ride as it was a nice enough day, and this time I didn't end up extremely tired! Bonus! Added bonus was a completely random phone call from Britt. Those, I miss getting. Them and the random text messages when she's bored. So, you can imagine how happy I was to get one out of the blue. Woot!

Today I updated my Comicspace profile with my latest Estella article, and on a whim decided to check my messages. Turns out I had one friend request since March, and an unread message since Feb! The message was from a guy whose comic I reviewed in my 215ink moths, asking me to review the sequel. I said sure if he didn't mind it being part of an E-Zine instead of the site the last one was at. However, it wasn't until later tonight I realized I forgot I'm a reviewer at Dimestore too, and this book certainly fits its mold. So, I'll be doing the review for two spots.

Sis wanted to hang with D today, and also was having dinner with some friends and invited us along. We spent an hour or so at D's place just chilling before heading to a local Indian joint to meet up with the others. There was Christina and Tina, and Jess (whom I saw at the wake) and Maritza (whom I haven't seen all that much). Because I'm Indian stupid, I had to have her order for me. Luckily, Christina was no better off so I wasn't alone. Sis is also supposed to send us a list of the food we ate for future reference. Haven't gotten it yet, we'll see if we do.

Anyhoozle, we discussed a miriad of topics, from old school memories to current (personal) events and more. It was a little difficult for me and especially D to get involved with a lot of the conversation as the common denominator between all of us is sis and high school. I mean, I fared better than he did, but I still had my left out moments. Plus, I need to figure out Jess and Maritza 'cause them two I had the most difficulty getting laughs out of. Sis, Tina, Christina, D...easy. Those two...tough nuts to crack. I was able to get Jess towards the end of the night, but not as much as I'd like. I'll figure them out.

We parted ways, but sis wasn't ready to call it quits yet. So me, her, Jess and Maritza walked down the street to find a coffee shop to hang at (after a brief detour to Carvel so I could get my Carvelance...yum!). Their first choice was closing down for the night, and there weren't many other options as it was Sunday and not generally a hangout kinda night. We ended up at this joint called Amonia, which is some Greek cafe that was a very big hot spot during our high school days. This was actually my first time in there as I was neither cool enough nor Greek enough to ever be invited. Pretty much the same story for all my hangouts in high school, minus the Greek part... Didn't see what the big deal was with the place, really. But, we had some fun, talking about relationships, Facebook, Craigslist and other assorted things. Although, I woulda had more fun if Jess handn't blown out the candle I was using to toast this sugar packet with...

For some reason, I had decided to go on a license plate eBay binge. I guess looking at my Texas plate currently in the pile under my desk sparked it, I dunno. All I know is I found 40-odd auctions that were the cheapest both in price AND shipping, watched and bidded on about half of them by now. I won about half of that, and not too expensive neither. Pops has this goal of creating a license plate map with all 50 states. I've taken that goal a step further and added the contingency of one plate from every state from every YEAR. This will prove to be trouble as the older you go in plates, the more desired they are. Most of the ones I lost were from the 60s and 70s. Although I guess vanity plates are a collector's item unto themselves as well, as those were also a few of my losses. Guess some MD named FELIX wanted a Nevada plate.

Friday, April 04, 2008


Another service disruption due to weather. I almost got to go home early, but Rory had to leave sooner so I got back all the stuff just for my route...which was fine by me. Standard 18 stops. My first stop got a major delivery when I was there and had no time for me, plus the loading dock was crowded to all hell because of it and other people coming and going. I got into the building fine, though, and did my deliveries. I went out the front to get my first stop over with by calling for someone to come up and out, and then that was done. All that was left was my one outside stop and I got done by 10:30. Too bad there was no service, 'cause I woulda rocked it. Retrieved my equipment, went back and did my stint in the room until it was time to leave.

My artist E-Mailed me about if I had gotten his last one. So, I gave him all the notes. I tried to keep it minimal, relying on my inker and colorist to take it the rest of the way home. Hopefully combined we can get these done in time. I'm not confident, though. Think we'll be massacred in round 2. Meantime I helped Liz work out some glitches in her designs so at least she'll have a fighting chance.

I've come up with a new series idea for my Estella articles, mostly focusing on events of the 90s. Maybe then I'd head into the 80s. We'll see. But at least those are easier than coming up with new things to talk about all the time. Now just a matter of DLing the proper font for my title and making some new article topping images for it. And, of course, finding out events beyond the big two.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


For achievement of working a year without getting canned, FedEx gives you a nice little keychain in a big ol' box with a generic certificate (that's where our truck money goes, apparently). Earl had gotten his a couple months ago, and there was a bit of a to-do about it as Tasha did it during the morning group meeting. Mine? Well, Carlos shoved a box my way and said here. I opened it to find my symbol of achievement in there. Boy, did I feel loved. Gotta tell ya, it doesn't feel like a year. Sometimes it feels like more, sometimes much less. I dunno which is better.

Today was the wake fer sis' pops. Was a straight shot to the funeral home, easy to find. Trying to get into the parking lot...not so much. There was a pretty good turnout considering this was the last of four viewings before the funeral tomorrow morning. Their pastor was there, said a few words and told a story about him, as well as two of his friends. Was a nice service. After people just mingled and talked before 9 came around. Tina came apparently for the second time with her mother. Sis told me about that after I arrived as if that was important at that point in time. It also turns out her sister's shithead on again off again back on again BF was there. Good thing I didn't know that right away 'cause I think I mighta decked him. Took a lotta composure on my part. Of course if he fucks up again, now that I can travel for cheap, all bets are off.

You know, these kinda things usually give people thoughts. Most common are questioning one's mortality. Although, that's not one of my hangups. I can care less about death. I've been almost dead once, and almost killed several times. The reaper is one thing I don't fear. I will regret not accomplishing some things, but otherwise the idea doesn't bother me. No, my thoughts wnet towards if I'd really want anyone to make this kinda "fuss" over me, or if there'd be anyone around to do so. Those who know me know I don't really like being the center of attention. I'd probably just croak off and have it in my will what people get what of my stuff, shove me in a box I built myself found in my basement, and just stick me somewhere. Then there's the converse thought that I don't want a formal affair. Again, those who know me, especially my former wedding plans, know I don't do formal. Willingly, anyways. I'd want to do it Irish style (except without the booze, as those who know me would know). I'd want it to be a fun party, with rock and roll blasting. Always two minds about everything I tells ya.

On the way back, took the main road as opposed to the back way I did Monday. Easier to navigate than I thought it would be. I also opted to call Britt on the way, since I had my hands-free and all. I wanted to call her last night but was just too damn tired to wanna. We talked till I was almost home then she went off to get her usual walk in, only to return later that night online. Unfortunately for us, it was at that time I was suddenly overcome with a very hyper feeling, and when I get hyper I tend to run off with whatever's on my mind on autopilot. I see, I know, I hear, I just can't stop. Oh well.

Parking. Parking, parking, parking. There was NO parking, as I expected when I decided to drive tonight. I coulda taken the bus, but...why? Anyways, I was in the driveway till pops got home from his meeting. He circled around for a bit to find me a spot, but found even less than I did. I did have two spots before, but it's a block they don't really like and they were gone by the time I re-circled. So, we ended up condensing a car he hasta work on and ma's car together so I could park in front of our garage. In the morning we'll hafta try to move it. Fun times.

Dinner was also an adventure. The oven is having issues, so it being turned on around 10:30 didn't produce my simple mini pizzas until 11:30, with me having to get to bed by 12. Fun times.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I'm really at a loss. My artist sent me the character models today. They are, how shall I put it...HORRIBLE. It's like he takes any note I give him and then goes and does his own thing anyway. And these are notes I gave him PERSONALLY VERBALLY. I could write them down but hey, that doesn't work either. And then there's a matter of proportion...yeah, there isn't any. It's like all the reasons I took him on just got thrown out the window. I dunno, maybe he just doesn't get it, or maybe he's just rushing it. Either way, I just wasn't in the mood to deal with it today so I'm gonna call him maybe Friday and find out WTF. For all those who doubted me when I said I'd be out in 2: HA. HA. Ah well, for next year I'm gonna start like around May or July and maybe use one of my solo character concepts. Guess there are just too many to deal with now.

I ordered all the books that I have to give to people. Gonna get 15 copies; 2 for myself and the rest to distribute. I'm gonna try to get everyone in them to sign every copy. Dunno how thrilled they'll be about doing it 14 times, but considering most signatures end up nothing but a squiggly mess shouldn't be too bad. Any friends who want one I mighta missed, let me know now as I only have a couple extra copies left. First come, first served. And only the first time is free; next publication y'all gotta fork up on your own. The rest of you, pre-orders are being taken, so just send $5.95 to through Paypal or check us out at the con for copies.

Tried to update my website, but I'm having a Java problem. I can't access it OR re-download it 'cause apparently several applications are usuing the same Java process or some shit. I have no idea. Any tech geeks who read my blog, feel free to offer up some solutions here. I need to play with that over the weekend, while I apply to school finally. That, plus the fact I'm dead-ass tired once again kept me from getting through my comic pile. Hope to correct that either tomorrow or before the weekend.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Weather problems in Memphis meant no freight for us until much, much later. So, there was no service and I got stuck doing mine and Rory's routes again as he was held back for the freight. Ugh. It's one thing doing 25 stops on my route, but to do 25 stops between 3 buildings and 3 blocks...pain in the ass. Especially since I had to reorganize my truck as the dipshits never use their heads when loading and got stuff all mixed together.

I did my route first. My customers are more important. Did my building in no time at all, then hit my outside stops including a talk show. The only problem one I had was Old Navy...the box addressed to there the person not only didn't exist there, but was on a floor that the building doesn't even reach. Next was Rory's. Instead of trying to go around to find parking to use the loading dock ramp, I just chucked my crap off the handtruck onto the loading dock, carried it up, and reloaded it. Double the work, sure, but half the time driving around and parking woulda taken. Before I went up I ran out the other side to take care of one I had across the street, then it was to the main building.

What I hate most about doing his stuff is I dunno where half the shit goes, let alone ALL the names that they operate under. Sure, he told me, but I still ended up having to go somewhere else for one or two. I was about ready to clear out when I realized I forgot to do one stop in my building and had those pieces missing. But, I took care of it and was 100% as I shoulda been. Unlike the last time this happened (in worse weather) I only did 16 of my 25 in what would've been priority service. Ah well, can't all be gold.

I wish I could say I was productive today, but alas, I wasn't as seems to be the case lately. Tried to do my website, but was just so tired and disinterested. Think I'm bored with it, and I still have a couple dozen issues to go yet. Gah. I did, however, reclaim a friend. Amaryllis, remember her? Well, she finally ditched her loser BF and got herself a major upgrade, which means we no longer need to be secret friends. I'm on her Facebook and back on her Myspace, and it's all good. Talks about hanging out are back, so we'll see how that goes.

Pre-orders for the comic I'm in have begun. Keith made the announcement through E-Mail and I'm trying to figure out how many I need to get. It's really turning into an expensive proposition to get books for most of my friends as well as myself which includes the horror anthology that appears to be coming out as well. Even WITH a discount! Ah well...only the first one is free; future publications everyone who wants to will just hafta buy 'em themselves (excluding family and the unlikely event of my having a GF, of course).