Sunday, December 31, 2006


Last day of the year, so it seems only fittin' to end things with a clip show. That's right, we end the season with a look back on what came before.

-The biggest event was, of course, the revelation that my relationship was a complete an' utter sham. Turns out she cheated on me, had zero respect fer me or my ambitions, was usin' me to get away from a life she used to hate, an' never found me attractive at all. In fact, the only reason we were together was 'cause she apparently felt so sorry fer my inability with women. Basically, the girl I fell in love with never existed... a creation of pure fiction. An' somehow, in the end, she paints me out to be the bad guy fer believin' that we ever had a chance fer a life together. Gee, wonder what gave me those ideas? Maybe the fact that she, um, PERPETUATED EVERY SINGLE IDEA IN THAT DIRECTION?! I may have kicked things off, but any further advancement in our relationship was all with her in the lead. What really gets me is before this all came out, she had the BALLS to say we should still be friends after we split in May. The big, brass, balls to think I'd stay her friend when all of this eventually came out.

A couple good things that came from this was a renewed trust in my instincts, an' a greater appreciation fer the people who are really my friends. May not see them as much as I'd love, but they're there when I really need 'em.

-I frequented Myspace more to keep my mind off said prior event, an' ended up makin' a buncha new friends. Unfortunately, not all of them lasted fer a variety of different reasons an' situations. Partly my fault, they met me at a very bad time in my life when I wasn't my complete self. While fer the most part I'm better, I'm still very distracted. Can only hope in the new year I can better apply myself to my duties as a friend an' maybe keep from losin' anymore in any sort of turmoil.

-I had my first major bike accident this summer. Clipped by a guy sent me flying and resulted in me gettin' two stitches. Bike and walkman managed to survive this time.

-I joined a comic group which gets me one step closer to gettin' published. So far, all I do are interviews with the established talent they already got but ya gotta start somewhere. I've also begun to do articles fer a partner site, my first one goin' up Tuesday. Every little bit helps. I've also renewed my interest in Going To Market to transform it from a TV idea into comic scripts to eventually submit to the group. Makin' connections and a couple friends too. Finally, hangin' with comic people!

-I learned how strong a connection to Marvel Spiderfan has. With that information in mind, I'm definitely glad I joined up last year. Maybe one day I'll luck out and get tapped on somethin' fer Marvel directly.

-I tried some new things out this year, like attendin' a drinkin' party. Thought considerin' how I usually am I handled it pretty well, but probably not well enough fer the folks I was with. Alas, my quiet nature around strangers took over an' I hung back a lot, but I warned my "date" that it takes me a while to warm up to new groups. Also hung out in a bar fer the first time. Wasn't too bad, and I kinda like the place. Plan on goin' there semi-often.

-I still have a desire to move upstate. That hasn't changed any. I'm just sick of city life and kinda dug the quiet serenity the country hasta offer. All in due time.

-Got back into helpin' with relationship problems, mostly online but still. Didn't last too long, though, as where I was givin' it there were plenty of others there to cover the slack. I still give it when solicited, though, so I help where I can.

-And of course, I have several projects I'm workin' on, as well as the return of my hit GB series an' Prospect Park. I created a Myspace fer PP and gonna do semi-regular strips as much as time and imagination allow. Gotta further refine my format to see if I can't shave off some creation time on a strip.

Well, those're the highlights fer the year. It's been hectic and busy, lotsa changes both good an' bad. Here's hopin' no matter what happens 2007 is a helluva lot better.

Happy New Year.


Well, it's New Years again. Woke up late an' any work I wanted to do was impeded by ma futzin' around with her laptop finally. Always in the damn way. Finally got on an' did some of my stuff before headin' out to Circuit City to take a walk as well as pick up DVDs fer us. Of course, was closed by the time I got there. From there went right to White Castle fer a Crave Case an' came on home.

I pretty much pigged out on the burgers, pizza rolls an' pigs in a blanket, as well as a couple bottles of Martinellis. Looks like D decided to go out after all. Well, good fer him. Me, I'm doin' my comic reviews, chattin', an' waitin' fer that ball to drop so I can watch my Honeymooners. Almost time!

Somethin' I left off yesterday. Before I went out last night, I applied fer a courier job with Fed Ex. $15.75 an hour part time with benefits? You bet yer sweet ass I'm gonna try to take it. If the early hours are the same as the last time I saw them, I figger I can work mornings there, maybe keep my current in afternoons, an' do school in late afternoons. With sis in Texas, Tina constantly MIA, an' D workin' every other weekend ain't like I'll be neglectin' my friends any. Just hafta see how that all works out. As it stands now with my current class schedule, I can pull this off nicely. Maybe use the extra dough towards gettin' my own comic published, get me out there.

Also, good thing sis left when she did. Way Stacy was bein' friendly last night, she probably woulda thought she had an interest in me. :P Hell, D rode my ass about that on the way home after I brought it up, agreein' with my imaginary assessment that she did. Problem is, there's overly friendly and there's flirtin', an' the two share many of the same symbols. It's hard to determine which is which, especially fer me seein' as I haven't been given any reason to realistically believe it's anythin' other than friendliness. Well, simple fact is this; if any gal has an interest in me she damn well better just come out an' say it, 'cause mind reader I ain't. 'Nuff said!

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Tonight was a hangout like I've always pictured it. Nice to finally live it.

Can't say I was well rested 'cause TC decided to explore the top of my cabinet, messin' up all the work I did up there. Chased her out, fixed it up, went back to sleep, shot as usual. Got up a bit later than intended, but still had plenty of time to do last minute cleanin', shower, an' finish all but one of my comics.

Sis an' Roy arrived first, followed shortly after by Nel an' D. Nel's friends decided they couldn't make it, so was just us five. I set Roy up with his River Raid game after introductions an' finished up what I was doin' while they all played. I had IMed Tina to see what the deal is, turned out she was havin' a stomach ache. Probably that same thing from August, she really needs to get that checked out. I got dressed (found jeans that fit so I wore 'em), showed off my subway sign an' money, then we hit the road.

Decided to go shoot pool first 'cause Nel double booked an' hadda go to a New Years dinner at 8 (which we ragged on him fer the rest of the night fer it). We played teams, switchin' out a member fer the extra person. After 4 games we decided to grab a quick bite locally so we wouldn't spend a lot at the bar. Headed down to the pizza joint until Nel hadda leave. We left shortly after then caught the train an' away we went.

We dominated a corner of the place, unfortunately durin' a football game. Place was a LOT louder'n last time. Ah well. We still managed to have some fun with a LOT of laughs an' indulged in some finger food. Stacy was held up at work, an' sis an' Roy hadda go to get up early tomorrow, but they stuck it out till she eventually got there. Introductions were made an' they took their leave. But, the fun didn't die. Started off slow but D an' Stacy hit it off an' were havin' a good time, even did shots together. Rubbed it in my face too. Bastards. Game also eventually ended as did the constant shoutin' by patrons...only to replaced by music that was far too loud...especially in our corner.

We hung out till about midnight an' decided to depart seein' as she hadda go home to Queens. We waited with her fer the bus (which came as quick as the one that dropped her off...figgers decent service would be DOWNTOWN instead of where I needed it) an' then headed fer home. Gave D a piggyback ride down the stairs 'cause of his knee, but unfortunately we failed to realize Union Street was a two sided station an' hadda cross the street. Ah well. On the way home he said he wasn't sure he wanted to do what his friends wanted tomorrow night, so I said if he wanted come on by my place an' pig with us. So we'll see what happens there.

Now THAT was a dream hangout. Would NOT mind doin' it again. Think everyone had fun. Stacy definitely seemed up to another hangout with us (though a bit closer to home...see what we can accomodate fer her there) an' Roy survived his first full-length hangout with us. See what the fallout is tomorrow, fer now, it was ALLLLLLLL good.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Somehow when I went to bed, TC got into the hallway. How, I have no idea. It's thoroughly impossible, actually. When I go to bed I lock up the door. When I got into it, TC was there stickin' her whiskers in my face lookin' to get under the covers. When pops came home later in the mornin' I had locked him out via the chain (whoops, habit) an' he said TC was in the hall. No idea how THAT was pulled off. Weird.

Sis EMed me to tell me she an' Roy're gonna come. She's gonna be in Brooklyn anyways havin' lunch with a friend, he's gonna meet her here, so they're gonna come to my place first before we go. Good, gets me outta havin' to be out all damn day.

After readin' some more comics an' goin' to a store, I spent th' rest of the day cleanin' up my room. Ya know, straightenin' out, dustin', stuff I shoulda done 2 years ago but...didn't. I need to find a new place fer my Hess trucks. I try to keep 'em outta direct sunlight, but they're still gettin' bleached from my window. Can't lower the blinds any more 'cause my fan sucks 'em in and creates an' annoyin' noise. Hafta look into that.

I did get some inspiration to look into one of those small TV/DVD combos. Wore my MP3 the whole time so I could listen to good music without changin' stations on the radio, but would've much rather had some TV goin' all that time. Figger I could place it on my new cabinet now, move a couple of my binders elsewhere. Not sayin' I'm gonna do it considerin' I may not use it all that much, but doesn't hurt to look. Think I'll hafta look into a new MP3 too. Tried to redo my play list an' it gave me a hard time on a lotta songs. Also, when I plug it in it constantly registers, cuts off, then registers again. Crap. It's never easy.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


After a few months of no contact, a friend from my old college, Stacy, IMs me. Seems like she moved an' just recently got internet access. Groovy. Also good timin' on her part as me an' D were finalizin' plans fer Sat at the time, so seein' as she's recently single like too many this year, I invited her. Fortunately she works right in the area (that was a concern of why she wouldn't make it if she don't).

Speakin' of the plans, we got a time, we got the place. Turns out Nelson, one of D's invites, was plottin' this very same thing with a buncha his friends an' was gonna call us up. Funny. Our plans've been merged an' we're still goin' to the same place. D was sayin' we should shoot pool before, basically bein' out all day. I pretty much passed on that idea. I got some stuff to do since I won't be home ta do it an' I get so tired when I'm outside fer a long time lately. If I waste all my energy on the pre-game show I'll be shot fer the main event. I also invited Danielle an' Tina. I can list Danielle as a maybe leanin' towards a no, but Tina hadn't even responded to my E-Mail. Ah well, I'll make sure she knows the place an' time so she can drop in whenever. Not like this is somethin' we need reservations fer.

D said I shoulda invited Tommy, an' I was gonna, but he usually works early on Sundays plus he went to a bar last weekend with the guys. I know things're improvin' fer his fam financially, but I'd rather not push his spendin' until they have a chance to stabilize.

Other'n that, I hadda take a nap today 'cause I was just too wiped. Also started readin' through my comic pile. Made a nice dent, but nowhere near finished. See what I can bang out tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Work was fairly basic. Wasn't as much left behind as I thought there woulda been, but enough to keep me busy. Renewals just keep pilin' up. Kathy was out sick, but her sections didn't have that much either. Fortunately I only hafta go tomorrow an' then I'm off till Tuesday.
I'm usuin' my holiday cash to clean up at my comic shop. My list, thanks to leftovers an' what's comin' out is actually an entire page long instead of the usual half. Yeesh. Civil War better hurry up and end so I can drop some damn books.

Took my usual walk. I got stuck at a couple lights on the way, but yet somehow still managed to make it there one second shy of 20 minutes. Not much of an improvement, but it's an improvement. Goin' home, though, was 8 seconds slower. Ah well, seems whatever I'm doin' is workin' so just gonna hafta keep that up. 15 mins here I come!

D called me up as I was eatin' dinner lookin' to do somethin' on New Years, like go to the bar we went to in October with a buncha our friends. Talked him outta that particular event that particular day due to the fact it ain't that big a place an' certainly guaranteed to be crowded as all hell that night. So he opted fer the day before, which was just fine with me. He also wanted me to come have some pizza with him so he didn't hafta eat alone. I hesitated so as not to piss ma off that I'd be ditchin' her dinner, lettin' her insist I go. So I dropped sis an' EM about the gatherin' an' met him there.

Ate an' BSed. Told him about the apartment plan. Lease expires in June so if we have it all ready by then it's pretty much a done deal. Hey, bigger place fer the same money? Of course he'd take it! So now the 'rents got their deadline. Went back to his place fer a bit to chill an' watched a li'l Robot Chicken then some South Park before callin' it a night. I had intended to do some Spiderfan reviews but opted to play my game instead. Damn lack of motivation. Ah well.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I hafta work tomorrow. Ugh. I gotta go in fer two lousy days before gettin' off fer New Years. Didn't even do close to anythin' I wanted on my days off. Didn't sleep. Didn't work. Didn't exercise. Didn't get away from THEM. Bah.

I did do some writin' today an' almost forgot to link up my pages on my site (keep forgettin' I can do it at home again...) so there was that. I did get a walk today, but I took it to Circuit City with the intent of buyin' a couple DVDs on sale. Got there an' decided not to. Didn't need 'em an' not like I have any room fer 'em right now. Proceeded to Anapoli to get fries fer dinner per pops' request. An' don't smirk, sis...just so happens their fries are better'n Emphasis. They use legitimate ones an' not those damn steak fries.

Pops announced that we were gonna be busy this year. Gonna be cleanin' out an' fixin' up gma N's apartment to move gma B up there, then gonna gix up gma B's apartment to rent out 'cause we need the income. They wanna offer D first shot at it. It'd be the same rent but fer a couple more rooms. If he don't want it, I guess we'll check with other people we know before puttin' out a general listin'. Don't really want strangers in our house, ya know. Wish I could take it but I only make HALF what they want. An' even if they made concessions, I still wouldn't have enough fer bills an' food an' stuff. Shoulda went fer that Fed Ex job when I saw it. Ah well.

Monday, December 25, 2006


Not too bad this year. Comparatively smaller than other years, but no less cool. So, here's what I got in total:

-Marvel Legends Logan (repainted)
-Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
-A shirt I'll probably never wear
-Susan B. Anthony dollar coins from 3 decades
-A collapsable umbrella-NYC guide book-Replicas of NYC money from late 1700s-1800s
-Official replica of the MTA Yankee Stadium station sign
-Fantastic Four complete 1990s animated series
-Weird Al Yankovic: Ultimate Music Video Collection
-Man With The Screaming Brain
-$45 in cash and checks
-Movie theater gift card ma decided to stick in one of those maze traps you hafta solve to get it (grrrr)
-A type of ear muff to wear with my regular hats
-And my usual Hess Truck

Now, I wish I can say it was a completely great day...but I can't. See, I was up till 6 playin' my game last night. I go to bed ready to get some good' then Friskie comes in meowin' an' jostlin' me in bed fer about an hour not long after. I tried to get him to leave, but he wouldn't go. Of course, when he finally left damage was sleep was shot to hell. So that meant I was nice an' tired all damn day.

We did the present thing, had our french toast sticks, an' I tried to see if my Spidey was in the paper today. Well, it wasn't. When I got back we hadda go to the home to see gma. Always fun...not. She was fine when we got there, but after the 20 foot walk to her room she was suddenly havin' one of her bad days. She got ma all pissed an' yellin' an' took us forever to finally leave.

Lotta folks will think I'm a bad person, but those who know me know I can't stand my family an' if I can avoid doin' anythin' WITH them I will as much as possible. THIS is one of the things I hate doin' most, goin' to see her. I stand there with nothin' to say till they're ready to go an' I usually get dragged on her bad days. It's everythin' I hated about goin' upstate with them without the 3 hour drive.

After was pretty much relaxin'. Played my game more, had dinner, an' remembered I hadda update my site so I got on that. Fortunately I did all the work, just hadda put it together. Think tomorrow I'll try to get some real work done (totally wasted my "vacation", but who cares...closest thing to a vacation I've had in a long time, an' probably will ever have again). Oh, and as payback on Friskie every time he's about ready to get to sleep I jostle him awake. See how he likes it, huh?! Payback's a bitch, baby!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


In a tradition as old as time (well, not quite, but who can remember when these things start?) me an' D got together fer our regular Xmas Eve gift exchange. We've done it in his old apartment, his building's hallway, my place an' now his new place fer the first time.

We chilled fer a bit while he finished his lunch, talkin' an' jokin'. He showed me his new poster (some WWE chick) an' then we got down to business. He said I always hafta outdo him on the gifts (probably 'cause it was 3-2 an' the Amazon box I used fer his traditional comics looked big). Not that I do it on purpose...just how it works out. I get what I think someone'd like. Sometimes it's a lotta stuff, sometimes it's a little. Whatever I can think of/afford at the time. I also got him the Blade trilogy an' th' first half of Thundercats Season 1. He got me a Marvel Legends Logan (which we determined was one of them variant repaints of one my ma got me last Xmas that currently sits on my original tape/CD rack behind my door) an' Marvel Ultimate Alliance so I wouldn't hafta wait till it dropped to $20.

After we got to doin' some playin'. Brought my two new games fer him to try. He wasn't too bad, but unfortunately I learned in order to get the two player features goin' I'm gonna hafta find a way to beat them. Bastards. Also showed me the plug n' play version of Mortal Kombat he got Sean an' borrowed. Was pretty cool, but the graphics an' sound were like somethin' offa NES...nowhere near the Arcade. But hey, it is what it is. If Sean's PS2 played PS1 games, he coulda got him the MK Trilogy which featured the first game. We also got back on our Ultimate Alliance game.

Durin' this time, I got called by Tommy an' Lenny which reminded me to send out my holiday messages (normally I call, but since my call list is so massive this year decided to text message...also so I didn't keep D). That prompted more calls an' texts. My phone was the busiest it's been in a few months fer that half hour. Around 6 we packed it up, he finished wrappin' his gifts, an' we headed out; him to his 'rents, me fer home.

Ma had been busy bakin' a shit load of baked goods; from cookies to brownies. Yeah, holidays are not the times to try to lose weight, nossir. We had our traditional Xmas Eve spaghetti an' put our presents under the tree. Ma filled the stockings, included the cats' which prompted them to haunt her fer a good half hour. Also, like little kids, the cats mucked around with the socks an' gifts tryin' to settle their curiosity. Eventually they calmed down...untill tomorrow, that is.

No Spidey inserts in the paper today, which worried me that I mighta missed 'em. Hafta check tomorrow to see if they were just late from the holiday. And, of course, as of this writin' I've seen A Christmas Story on TBS's annual marathon about 3 times. Another tradition is to watch that EVERY year as often as possible. Come New Years ya know I'll be watchin' The Honeymooners. It just ain't the holidays without these classics. And I hope YOU are watchin' too.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Mornin' was disrupted a bit by ma gettin' a bill fer somethin' back in 2004. She thought it was paid an' was flippin' out. They couldn't find their 2004 file box next door so I was gonna end up havin' ta do it. Was eatin' my brunch when ma decided to do it herself. She found it an' sure enough it was paid off. An' she's got some balls tellin' ME not to get overexcited about things until there's a definite reason to. Yeesh!

Tried my Dukes game again to see if I could pass this level I'm stuck on. Yeah, right. After some aggrivation I gave up, showered, an' went fer a bike ride. It was fairly enjoyable except fer the fact that halfway the wind went from against me to with me, but never reversed on the ride home. Bastard. My lack of ridin' and all that exertion left me fairly wiped the rest of the night, but I had work to do.

That work? First up was wrappin' presents. Well, whatever skill I suddenly gained on those gifts last week was lost tonight. Was back to my usual crappy way of wrappin'. Ah well. Of course I thought I finished till ma reminded me I forgot to wrap the headphones fer pops' MP3 player. Oops. Also, my wrappin' entertainment was pretty much nill. Brought a tape to watch in gma's VCR as I wrapped but fer some reason the VCR wasn't playin' right an' couldn't get it to go. Ended up watchin' staticy regular TV. Fun.

Also, I had done yet another holiday Prospect Park strip. Showed sis the unfinished templates an' spent the better part of 6 hours colorin' and settin' it up. It came out pretty damn good. But, don't judge by what I say...judge fer yerself:

Friday, December 22, 2006


My first day to sleep late an' did I? Nope. Today my cat decides to be a wild animal an' run all over my desk...which she KNOWS she's not supposed to do. Woke me up twice. Damn bitch. Good thing I moved sis' gift ta me otherwise it woulda got wrecked in the chaos where I had it originally.

Other'n that, I relaxed the day away. Played my games, worked on my website stuff, submitted my first article fer the SPA site... Nice and light. Didn't get to go bikin' or walk today 'cause decided to rain. Figgers. Hopefully that clears up by tomorrow so I can do somethin' after I wrap gifts. Also got my Dukes companion book, so now I have all the reference I'll ever need to do competent Dukes tales. Come February, I can get the original Ghostbusters DVDs so I can do a story I had planned fer over a year. I love to be accurate.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


The master procrastinator is still goin' strong! That paper I did extremely last minute? Got a B. Booyah! Now, hopefully I pulled off the same magic on my final.

Of all the days to get stuck in the bathroom, today would be one of 'em. So, yeah, I got the train late. Then missed the N. Then hadda do my D-to-6 transfer. Basically, I arrived on time fer class fer once...except that the final started 15 mins earlier. Ah well. I got there, was no big, an' I wasn't even the latest arrival! (See, Danielle? :P) Hadda do an essay about 10 works we saw, which was a task since I missed a couple due to absence or lateness, but I BSed as best I could via his notes on 'em. I really hate these essay tests. Not used to writin' so much no more. Ah well, don't care what I get as long as I pass this damn class.

Was my last day of work until next week. I work Wed an' Thurs and then off again fer New Years. GOOD! 5 days off, man I'll love every second. I can sleep, I can get things done, I can relax...good stuff. Saturday I'm gonna wrap gifts, seein' as I'll need D's fer when I go see him Sunday. As I write this I just realized that we all forgot about puttin' the books I got gma into the box bound fer Florida...which was just sent out today. Crap.

Speakin' of forgettin', completely forgot to mention in last night's entry that sis gave me a cool souvenier from her overseas trip; an Eiffel tower from France! Actually, she had a hard time findin' somethin' I'd like so she let me pick between that an' this mini replica of a statue whose name I forget. Got some chick cradlin' some dead dude or somethin'. I'm sure she'll comment with the right name later. I picked the tower 'cause figgered it'd be sturdier should the kitties knock it off/over wherever I end up puttin' it. She also gave me her third published article. S'right, she did a local paper, an online publication, and now another local paper in Texas. Gonna hafta start a regular scrap book if she keeps this up.

Got my new Dukes game today. Tried it out a bit, not too bad. Doesn't deserve most of the negative reviews I read fer it. Some, not all. Also wrote a li'l bit, but I feel the sleepiness creep up on me so not gonna get a whole lot done. Got 5 days to rest, relax, an' do it all. Good times.

Oh, yeah, an' this is fer sis an' D, but you all can feel free to utilize it:

-Empty two cans into microwave safe bowl.
-Cook at the prescribed time on the back of the can.
-Remove and dump into a strainer; swirl around to drain excess sauce.
-Replace in bowl and eat.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


So, I took my comic money but I forgot my comic list. Smart. Fortunately as this is my cheap week an' I was only gonna be buyin' books that came out and none I have in reserve, I was able to whip up a quick list so I could make sure I got everythin'. Shop was actually busy today, usually dead when I get there. Took me a while to get out, but fortunately didn't have to rush off to school.

Got home an' cleaned up the apartment a bit. Finished an' got my comics done in time fer sis to show up. We chatted an' joked, and I finally got her to watch Ghostbusters like she owed me. Think she enjoyed it, but not too sure...she looked bored watchin' it. Tried to liven it up with some cracks here an' there MST3K style. After we played a bit of my Atari Flashback before decidin' to head out fer a bit and wait fer D to call.

Unfortunately, our plan to go to Anapoli was cut short by the fact they're closin' at 8 this week. Dammit. Me an' sis went there anyways so she could get some coffee to warm/wake up. D would be meetin' us at Circles about a half hour later as he hasta take a cab from Pacific street due to there bein' an elevator there. Me an' sis talked fer a bit then got into realtionships. That prompted one of the waitresses there who was cleanin' to chime in now and again with her own insights. Wasn't an intrusion, really; she contributed some good things. Of course durin' that time she did a couple things that prompted sis to say she's got the hots fer me, like sayin' "I like him" when I said honesty's the most important part of a relationship (which I read as more of a 'this guy knows what he's saying' kinda thing) an' durin' parting holiday wishes she called me "love" (which could be the same as me callin' folks Bunky, Bub or Darlin'). Not that she wasn't cute an' all, but I think sis was readin' too much into things. Since I plan to eat there often (last decent diner in the area) guess we'll see what happens.

Met D over at Circles then settled down fer dinner. Sis an' him exchanged stories of what they've been up to (with me interjectin' the odd comment here an' there fer laughs) an' even found out her BF practically ordered her to hang with me at least once. Hehe dude just keeps earnin' points with me. (Of course if he ever pulls a reversal on her I'm still gonna kick his ass...with her full permission, too. :P) Nah, really, he's a good guy...sis lucked out. No spidey senses tinglin' here.

We topped the meal off with a call to Tina to see if she was comin'. She said she'd pick us up to hang fer a bit, so that was a plus. Gave us a chance to figger out how ta split the change fer the bill seein' as all we had were $20s. Yeah, math ain't our strong points.

She came an' we squeezed into her back seat. Me an' D got to meet her "wifey" Maya finally. She recognized me somewhat, went to our high school. If she paid attention durin' the elections junior year she would definitely know me. Seems like a nice gal. We went up to Dunkin' Donuts to sit an' chat a bit over warm beverages. However, sis hadda go pick up her own sis soon after from work. As we dropped her off to her car, D realized he left Tina's souvenier from Peru at the restaurant. We went back to get it, but it was too late. It was gone.

Well, at least it's the thought that counts in the end. See if we can't get her another Peruvian knick-knack somewhere to replace it.

We parked around the corner from my house an' chatted it up a bit more, with some life stories an' music trivia and the like. Tina hadda get up early to do some lesson plans so we split around 10:30. I walked home an' they did their things...whatever those may be. Came in and finished up some things before I'm gonna review a bit fer my last final. And after tomorrow...FREEDOM!

Definitely a fun night that happens far too infrequently. But, ah well, take what I can get when I can get it. I'm hopin' I'll get more hangouts through January...if not with my regular crew with some new people, like Betsy.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


First issue's script is startin' off nicely. Only got 3 pages done, but so far it's feelin' like the show fer me, which's good. This' more of a dry run really fer the movie story I'm gonna be doin'. Just to see if I can capture the essence I'm lookin' fer. Usually my forte is action more than light comedy like this...but fortunately GB showed me I can do comedy an' now I can do this kind. Groovy.

Sis is back in town as of yesterday. She proposed a meetin' fer dinner tomorrow night. Tonight we further finalized those plans. So far we got the where, just not the when an' who. See, she's tryin' fer the impossible by sendin' Tina an E-Mail ta join us. Although usually Tina is there fer when she invites her, if school's still in session good chance she won't leave the buildin' till she's kicked out by the janitors as usual. I called D to do the same, most 'cause I forget when he gets off work. He didn't call me back till around midnight...apparently his job had a mixer type thing early or somethin' an' he got mad tipsy. Oy. Anyways, he's down but won't be back in Brooklyn till 7-ish. Considerin' sis is hookin' up with me around 4 after an eye doc appointment nearby, dunno if that'll work out. 3 hours alone with me? Torture. :P

Played my game over a bike ride today (meanin' past sunset) so I had my walk. Shaved 7 more seconds off my time goin', but comin' I only lost a minute four. Got slowed down a bit by my feet hurtin' just a couple blocks away. Ah well.

Still gotta finish GTM and PP. All in due time.

Monday, December 18, 2006


My life has purpose once more. In the changeover to CW, a lotta good shows got lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, it's keepin' up with tradition: THE HONEYMOONERS NEW YEARS MARATHON! Booyah! The ONLY way to usher the New Years in is with a BANG! ZOOM! Just checked fer it tonight and it's on, so I'm very happy. White Castle and Honeymooners...2007 is already lookin' better.

I passed on exercise today. Coulda biked. Coulda walked. Coulda done both. But my legs were feelin' all I did this weekend. Not to mention I'm still havin' a problem with them bein' stiff as hell when I move after bein' idle so long. It's like temporary rigamortis, I swear. But tomorrow I'll keep pushin' myself to get to a decent physical level. Hopefully by summer I can be semi-studly. NOT! I'll settle fer in-shape even if I don't look it.

Transcribed another Dukes, and worked a bit more on a script. Ya know, I had pitched as a joke to a colleague that since our group was lookin' fer properties to license we should get the Dukes. He said I should tell the honchos. I said nah, would be too expensive fer our li'l pissant organization. I mean, Ghostbusters cost the guy who got it well over 10Gs and that franchise is all but dead. Dukes is sitll very much alive. I considered maybe writin' a 4-issue mini fer the hell of it and givin' it to the guys. See if it can translate an' let 'em make their own decision. Think I'd love it better if we could get Army of Darkness away from Dynamite...bring that book to where it's SUPPOSED to be.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


I had intended to get up early to get things done, but sure that didn't happen. I ended up getin' woken up by my phone. D's plans had changed an' was gonna go to Circuit City with me. So I ate my breakfast, dropped off my bike an' met him there. We browsed around fer a bit fer a gift fer his 'rents and I got DVDs fer my ma. I was gonna get a couple, but I settled on one cheap DVD an' a video game; Ford vs. Chevy. Was gonna pass it up, but fer $8 and classic cars I said screw it. I'll regret it later. Got my bike (only cost $20, not bad) an' headed fer home.

Worked on my 4th interview a bit before packin' up and headin' to the store. Hung out, exchanged the gifts, had the usual fun. The face Lenny had when we gave him his was priceless. That was pure happiness right there. Nice to know I don't screw up EVERY gift. Did a li'l shoppin' fer ma too. Even though the list wasn't too big, was only able to get two items outta it. Ah well, made it easier fer transport with my schoolbag and all.

Before I left I hit the bathroom. Tommy showed me someone ripped one of the stall door off the hinges. Like a smartass I knocked the door down onto the floor. Look on Tommy's face between his moments of hilarious enjoyment made me pick it back up. However, it was stuck under the partition an' a couple good tugs ripped it off the wall. Needless to say, we left the bathroom pretty trashed there. Ah well, thing was bound to fall off anyways if it coulda come off with that light a pressure. There was one time I tried to make it fall on purpose an' it didn't happen. Just one more thing they needed to fix that will now be fixed. Gotta say, though, me an' Tommy couldn't stop laughin'. It was hillarious!

Tommy reminded me in my rush this mornin' I forgot to get my papers. Got them an' almost got into a tiff with one of the store owners. See, I like to sift through the papers to make sure I ain't buyin' the rag called the post without gettin' what I want inside. They thought I was takin' the stuff out. But, I explained it away and it was all good. Think they'd know I do that every week by now...

Had D called me when he finished dinner with his 'rents and I went over to his place. Waited fer a bit fer him and Sean to finish playin' Mortal Kombat an' then we continued our Marvel game. Nice and fun, and at least I'm gettin' a lay of the land fer when I get it myself.
Tomorrow gonna finish up my interview, request my next one, and see about doin' my first article fer the Small Publisher's Association. Think I got some inspiration tonight I can make use of. We'll see once I read past articles to see what was done before.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Since I'm gonna head to Circuit City fer the new sales, decided to take my bike then as the shop's nearby and I'll just walk over. So I spent the day on some projects, like another GTM script. Also got my last season of Dukes so I can begin work on my movie redux story I had in better than that crap that came out last year. One thing that project involves, though, is transcribin' all of Waylon Jenning's lines from the show. Got the idea with how they resurrected Marlon Brando fer Supes I could do the same fer Waylon. The way ta make a better movie is to treat it like it's a movie; that was my success with GB2. Only problem is with 7 seasons of episodes that's gonna take some doin'.

Had another walk. This time I shaved off a whole minute goin', but gettin' stuck at a light cost me a few second comin'. At least my feet didn't cramp up this time. The gates were open so I decided to check out the field, it havin' been redone after I left. Decided to take advantage an' jogged an entire lap around the track. Coulda gone fer another, but didn't wanna chance another coughin' fit from the cold so far from water. Ah well.

I tell ya, nice trip down memory lane doin' this. I mean, fer one thing, I'm surprised I remember the paths exactly with how my memory's been lately; there are a lotta twists and turns involved. Also, fer all the changes in the neighborhood, this area's remained relatively the same. So many landmarks that look familiar, right down to imperfections in the sidewalk. Hell, there's even a house that's bein' worked on that was BEGUN when I graduated. And I thought the work at Telecom was slow.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Remember Catie from Ohio? Well, last night she IMed me after a couple months of silence. Had her apologize fer the bullshit, an' that opened it up to her needin' someone to talk to about shit in her life. Does this mean I'm gonna be her friend again? Dunno. Definitely won't be like it was. It's easy to stay on my good side, but it's hard to get back on.

Sis got offered a full-time position at her job, so she's pretty much set up down in Texas. They're considerin' movin' somewhere when her BF is able to after August, preferably someplace they both ain't lived before. What's that mean? Means she's gonna be in Texas through the summer. Don't think I'm gonna have her fly back fer a stupid weekend. Now D, looks like he's gotta go fer the more invasive surgery on his knee; fix all his problems at once. That includes a 2 month recovery time. Squared it away with his job, basically, but he's gonna be usin' up his vacation as well. Summer plans are lookin' a bit bleak, but that was expected. I usually get my brilliant ideas too late. Hafta work on that...

Didn't get my bike fixed. Looked like rain so I didn't wanna chance it. Of course, it DIDN'T rain so that was a pisser. I did take my first of many walks back to the school fer my exercise. Timed myself, took me 6 minutes longer'n it used to. Hafta work on that. Also, had a bit of a problem with my feet crampin' up halfway down 76th street. Happened to me a few times when I was younger too. Annoyin'. But, it'll improve more I do it. Along the way I sent Craig a Chanukah text an' called Tommy to see if he was workin' Sunday. Tommy's been hella hard to reach this month. Calls and texts all unanswered, dunno why. When I got back I spent a li'l time outside with the cats we feed an' called D.

Worked on more website stuff tonight an' finally got to baggin' all my comics. Just gotta do the ones that are presents an' I can finally kiss that goodbye. Comics should really come pre-bagged. Or the boards at least. Most tedious part of comic collectin', gettin' those bags done.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Decided to skip the Psych final, so I skipped the review class today. Psych, fer me, is done. I'm satisfied with my 80s grade...doubt I coulda done much better. So after work I worked on stuff fer my site as well as other misc. projects. Gonna be takin' the time between semesters to work on all my stuff, as well as see some friends.

My computer chair finally was feelin' a li'l too fragile when I leaned back, so I stuck it out fer garbage an' grabbed the chair from my room currently residin' next door. Of course, after a few minutes sittin' on there I remembered WHY we didn't use those chairs much. My back was startin' to hurt from sittin' in it. I'm now on one of my dining room chairs (which is higher than my damn keyboard now) until we get to Staples an' find a new one.

Woulda been a great day fer a bike ride, but alas, I have no bikes to ride. Again. So instead I went fer a walk around 10. Headed down to the suburban part of Brooklyn to check out Xmas lights. Sure, not as good as Dyker Heights, but pretty decent. Tomorrow gonna bring my bike over to the shop an' see what they can do fer it, and hopefully it won't cost too much. Still pissed they're so damn fragile in a paved city yet took the punishment of unpaved country. Although, maybe these bikes aren't so good in the country...ain't tried 'em yet.

Ya know, I was thinkin' as I was walkin' that I used to get a helluva workout walkin' to an' from school. I think I might start doin' that again. Walkin' my usual path down to Fort Hamilton and back like I used to with D. Only difference this time would be I don't hafta wait several hours fer the return trip an' I ain't got no long-legged blonde to "race" to her building. Fer fun, was always this gal who walked fast an' I kinda got into walkin' faster than her to beat her, just to amuse myself. Pretty sure she thought I was some kinda creep tryin' to get her to notice me. Heh sorry, darlin'...yer noticin' me is only a side-effect of my inability to turn invisible.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Pops is on vacation till sometime in Jan like he is every year. He's always home, which means he seriously cramps my style an' routines. It's amazin', on weekends he always disappears...weekdays he's THERE! Gah. He puts on crappy-ass movies on TV an' likes to use the damn computer when I'm friggin' home...meanwhile he's got the rest of the day ta do his crap. Annoying!

I used the last of my Xmas money to pay off my credit card completely. All I got left ta pay is a pair of sneakers I ordered. Needed some new ones. Now gonna save the money was gonna use towards that an' build up my new comptuer fund. Maybe even have enough fer summer plans. We'll hafta see how that all works out.

Last day of film class with a final next week. Watched some low-budget movie about 3 teenaged girls livin' life in NY. Dealt with issues that kinda pissed me off, like 'rents who don't teach their kids shit these days allowin' fer high school freshmen to become mothers. I really don't wanna see those kinda movies 'cause that's reality. I see it more than I want to. I go to movies to get some escapism, not get slapped in the face with the fact this world SUCKS. Sometimes I miss the blissful ignorance I had as a teenager. These days feels like I know too much.

Saw Cindy on my way home from the train, which's good...means she still lives on the block at least. Came home an' read my comics fer the day. Gotta bag an' board all the extra ones I bought, as well as ones I got people fer gifts. Gotta get my rim fixed an' call Tommy to see if people I need're gonna be around on Sunday so I can do my Xmas deliveries. At least I don't have as many to make no more. Still gotta get ahold of D an' find out the Eve plans.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


It's never easy. One part of a present I ordered ended up bein' out of stock, so that got cancelled. BUT, I do have the free gift that was comin' with it so I at least got that ta give. Then, ANOTHER gift got screwed up. One of the DVDs I ordered? Yeah, instead of bein' a set I missed the fine print where I bought it sayin' it was TWO DISCS from the damn set. Apparently, in a greedy grab fer money, the company that released 'em not ONLY made you hafta buy one half of the set at a time, but also made it so ya could buy each set in pieces. So, I ended up with one of the pieces, whose "some shelf wear" condition was anythin' but. I ordered the RIGHT thing from Amazon an' gonna see if I can sell this off. Probably hafta eat half of what I paid. Damn it.

I got some studyin' done, not a lot. One advantage on these last two tests is they were comprised of things I knew about through general knowledge. Sure, dunno all the fine points so I could open my own practice, but enough. However, she likes ta try ta proove me wrong with how she phrases questions an' stuff. Test got progressively easier as I got towards the end, though. My confidence wasn't fer nill 'cause as I checked over my answers I wound up with an 82, so it's all gravy.

So, what's that mean? Well, between all my grades I average out to an 83. I now have the option of skippin' the final next week an' takin' that as my final grade. Strongly considerin' it. I already gotta do another essay final fer film so one less thing to think about the better. With my plate cleared an' hopefully some sleep comin' my way I can get outta my funks an' back into my writin'. As a fictional author I've been spendin' far too much time in reality.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Work wasn't too busy, but busy enough it took me the whole time ta clear it up. So I hadda rush home an' work on my paper there. Got it done to some degree an' threw in some quotes well past 3:30. Of course, then I hadda go to the bathroom (of course) so I didn't catch the train till way after 4. By the time I got there only had 20 mins of class left. Ah well, at least I got my paper done. Now I just need to study fer tomorrow's psych test.

Keith from my group E-Mailed me an' some guy named Scott, sayin' this affiliate site needs new writers fer articles about comics. I thought about it fer a bit, then decided what the hell. One article every 6 weeks. Dunno what the hell I'd write about, but I'll try to find their past articles an' get some ideas. Got out my next interview's questions in the meantime. Fortunately, he did it through E-Mail.

Took the night to relax an' chat with friends while workin' on ideas fer stories I been meanin' to do. Once school ends I'll have all the time I want to get crackin'. Yeah, I'll pretty much be workin' through the holidays. Unless I get some really cool shit, in which case I'll take a day an' play with them. But I need to get back on GB before I lose my fanbase.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I finished my study sheet an' then went fer a bike ride. And I ended up with my rear rim bent again. I dunno what the hell it is with these bikes! My old bikes I'd ride them predominantly upstate. Now, we're talkin' dirt roads, rocks, potholes...the works. Ever seen Dukes of Hazzard? Aside from the jumps went totally General Lee on them, and my last one went well over a decade. Hell, in all that time I only got ONE flat tire when many times I'd ride with low air, an' I didn't even know as much about bike maintenance as I do now. It was only until I started ridin' it in the city regular I had major problems an' it eventually died. Now these two bikes which are barely a year and a half in my possession keep havin' problem after problem. I dunno, maybe I'm too much of a fatass 'cause I sure as hell didn't hit nuttin'. Well, that's more money I hafta blow to get it straightened out again.

After I spent the rest of the day tryin' ta work on my paper fer film. Yeah, it didn't work so well. Complete writer's block on this stupid thing. Wasn't unil 11 PM I even had a clear idea of what I could do. Some of the worst writin' I ever did right there as I banged out what will become 5 pages with line spacin'. I got one paragraph up to snuff, but I need to go through the rest an' try to make it look like I at least made an effort. I don't care about what grade I get on it, just as long as I get counted fer it. I got until at least 3:30 tomorrow to finish it up. Hopin' to get some done at work, but knowin' my luck I'll actually have a shit load to do now that I got somethin' else to do. Ah well, this ain't the first project I've waited till the last minute to do. Hopefully I got what I had then to get it done.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


I get up to finish workin' on my study sheet fer the psych test, and of course Ma's on the comp. Maybe if she got one of her two other goddamn comps workin' I wouldn't hafta WAIT to use MY damn comp all the damn time. Then, she was in my way as I was tryin' to get out the door so I could get to my group meetin', and then because these assholes gotta cover the garbage cans and stick two into each other it made me precious seconds late by havin' to go around to drop the trash an' I missed the damn train. Fortunately I caught the D which gave me a time boost an' I arrived right on time.

Meetin' was right quick. We had a meet 'n greet with a buncha new people that were there. James ran through his points then we all shared our work with the others before partin' ways. People should be proud of me, I refraied from buyin' books from the museum this time. Tommy never showed. I texted him the directions yesterday just in case, but was never a response to that. Or my call earlier this week. Strange.

My Superman an' Punisher DVDs arrived today, so I checked out the two new versions. Not too shabby. Recommend the Richard Donner cut to anyone fer Supes II. Good stuff. Also just about finished my sheet before I got distracted by a horde of chats. Gonna polish that up before bed then tomorrow I can focus solely on my paper.

Last night I was up till 6 workin' on the reference photos from my store fer my GTM scripts. Was goin' through some I missed an' reorganizin' the album I got them in. Gonna scan those an' print 'em out to attach to each script to make the artist's life easier. Hate to lose any of the character of the store to any faulty descriptions, so why take chances? I also worked on a couple Park strips on the train. Dabbled a bit with changin' up the design to make 'em less South Park clones an' more their own thing. Figger elongatin' the bodies a bit, addin' articulation and maybe even ears is the way ta go. Gonna hafta experiment. The bitch is the character based on me. Cartman's appearance fits so perfeclty gonna be hard to improve on it.

Presents have been arrivin' sporradically. Craig an' Lenny's came the other day, I got all of pops', I got part of gma's, the other gma's, and that's it so far. Got 2 weeks to get the rest of this stuff. What I really need is Tommy's so I can go to the store and do my thing. Gonna hafta talk to D an' see how we're doin' Xmas Eve this year. Now that he's got a place are we gonna do our thing there, or will he still be over his 'rents? And if he's at his 'rents gonna hafta bake my usual confectionary treat fer them. Yes, I bake. I bake quite well. Kiss my ass.

Hopin' it's warm tomorrow. Need to get in a bike ride. Was gonna go yesterday, but considerin' the temp didn't feel like endin' up with a coughin' fit when I was done. Only bad part about ridin' in the cold. Or runnin'. Or any physical exertion at all. Damn I love the cold, but not the coughs.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I am a dumbass. No, not Doo-maas, dumb ass. I checked the final paper outline on the website fer media and saw a date fer next week. Okay, figgered had one more weekend to do it. GUESS WHAT! That's right, it was due TODAY. Fortunately prof said he felt he didn't properly post the real due date so he's lettin' me turn it in when I thought it was due without penalty. Good! I was all set to do it tonight an' bring it tomorrow or Friday or whatever.

GAH! I dunno why th' hell I'm so distracted lately! I can NOT focus worth a shit. Not on school, not on writin', not on anything. Hell, I can't even focus on multiple chat convos. I dunno what's goin' on. Maybe I need more sleep? Maybe I need a vacation? Maybe I need a shot in the head? I dunno.

Alright, so this weekend I gotta work on that paper and study fer my psych test which I KNOW FOR SURE is next week. Media prof also told us the gist of what th' final's gonna be about (another essay), and wouldn't ya know it...on the damn train I was gettin' ideas about the final. Yeah, that's great...I need ideas on the PAPER!
Is it 2007 yet?

Speakin' of dumbasses... At work, the boss changed the password to one of the insurance sites we go to (most often me to print out policies after File Synch) and only told Jane. Who didn't tell us. So all of us tryin' to get in under the OLD password forced it to be changed AGAIN. Then when Eric sent out an E-Mail to everyone's system about password changes, I didn't get one! Like WTF? On top of that, whenever they pass around a bday card to be signed, my name ALWAYS has to be penciled in. It's been two years, people! Seriously, ya know I'm here by now!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


As expected, part 2 of the study was the same thing as part 1, so I breezed through that...which left me almost 2 hours before class. Went to have lunch but with $10 in my pocket my choices were limited, so I wound up at McDonald's again. When in doubt... I tried to call Beans (from my old store) as I had ran into him Thurs and said I would, but he had trouble hearin' me and thought it was a wrong number. Ah well, said I'd call and I did. See what happens later on.

After went back to the school an' sat outside my room drawin' till it was time to go in. Attempted to stay awake in class then proceeded home relatively painlessly. When I got home I suddenly realized the pork chops I brought home I had left on the table thanks ta T bustin' into the front again. Ah well. Couple hours wasn't gonna hurt 'em.

Made my group's chat, was dead this week. Once again I felt like an asshole 'cause these guys were spoutin' off about the stuff they got comin' out and the best I had was Prospect freakin' Park. Ya know, I love what I do, but when ya stand with these guys I may as well be doin' stick figures on loose leaf. Gonna see about bangin' out a couple more GTM scripts and bring 'em with me Saturday. I'll ask about the next submissions an' if they'll take 'em then I'll give 'em. Showed 'em to Blanca, who I talk to off Myspace, and she loved 'em too. So that's 3 fer 3. We'll see.

Monday, December 04, 2006


In my physical pain I forgot about the other pain I suffered yesterday. See, my school apparently doesn't always inform ya of when registration happens, an' their system was down fer the last few days. When I finally got to check, I saw that I could register. Gah! Scrambled, but all my major classes I need to go an' get my major declared, an' all the bullshit requirement classes that I'd be remotely interested in were already full. So now I'm stuck in a bullshit music class (non instrument, I hope) and African History (yay...not). One good thing is they're both on the same days, so I only got two days of school next semester. Good! Time to get shit done. *Sigh*

After work I went straight to school an' did the research thing. No clue what it was about, but whatever. Breezed through then proceeded to the McDonalds I tracked down. Ate an' worked on some Prospect Park layouts fer a bit before headin' over to class. Man, was I beat fer some reason. I almost passed out literally in the class...but when I got home I was fine. Weird. Also, my back was progressively gettin' better as the day went, so another day or so an' it'll be fine.

Ma told me that pops told her that I guess someone told him one of the counselors that work next door was askin' about me. They of course assumed she has an interest in me. Now before my friends start givin' me advice tellin' me to make my move, lemme just clarify that I have NO idea who this girl is AT ALL. Not a name, not a face, nothin'. I have spied younger counselors workin' over there sometimes when I'm near my windows at the right moments, but no clue who they are. I don't usually associate with people on my block. Dunno why, just how it worked out. So if, on some off chance, she's interested in me, the only way I'll believe it is if she actually sees me and says hi one day. Otherwise, ain't gonna give it a second thought. Fer all I know she coulda been talkin' about the guy downstairs. Don't worry, you'll be kept updated if there's anythin' to update.

In other romance news, Stacy at my job just got engaged over the weekend to her BF. Another friend is also gettin' engaged come Xmas time, but nobody is really supposed to know that yet so I ain't gonna say who till after it all comes out. I also got the first of my Xmas presents delivered an' a couple of my DVDs. Gonna see if maybe I'll cancel the other DVDs I got comin' in favor of just payin' stuff off quicker an' get them later. I got a day to decide...we'll see.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


When I got up today, everythin' was fine. Was gonna check my mail and get crackin' on my paper. And then slowly but surely pain krept up on me, on my back between my shoulder blades. That's right, one of those pains. Eventually it hurt to even breathe so that's when I dug out the back massager I got pops last Xmas (which has only been used a couple times by me and ma...gee, wasn't that a good investment?). It fits on a chair an' has rollers that go up an' down yer back. Unfortunately, in my zeal fer relief I left it on too long or pressed too hard into it, 'cause after the 6th rotation in a row, my shoulder blades had an all-new pain plus a couple lumps fer my effort. Back pain was gone, now I got a whole new pain.

I downed some of my magical Liquid Tylenol that we had left, then painfully trekked to Rite Aid to get another bottle. A day or two on that and I'll be good as new. Anyone who knows me knows I swear by the stuff fer all my more serious aches and pains. The only bitch is I'm gonna be goin' to school straight from work fer that research study crap, so I'm not gonna get another dose till I get home around 7-ish. Dunno what caused this...probably strained more on the bike yesterday than I thought.

So far I showed two people my first Going To Market script, an' so far both liked it. Promising. Now, if only the big guys dig it...that'd rock. First chance I get it gets submitted; it and maybe the others I'm workin' on. 8 pages isn't a lotta story to tell...GTM won't really shine till I can get it in a bigger format. Fer now, short strips introing the departments is what I got. This is the comic fer all the workin' stiffs out there.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Computer's startin' to get worse. I can't access any programs after a few hours nor surf the web. McAfee refuses to load every couple start-ups to where ya gotta unplug an' restart to get it goin'. Overall, I think the system's shot an' it's high time to get a new one.

Naturally, I made up a spreadsheet of my finances fer the next year. Now, provided I can keep my expenses down to just my comics and bills without goin' over my monthly allotment, I can have my card paid off by May, maybe sooner if I could get my comic list manageable again. Provided how much I spend on ma fer Xmas I can use the last of my Xmas money towards a new comp. By savin' $50 every paycheck fer next Xmas, I can definitely more'n make up fer it. After all that, remainders from my checks could also add up to a nice lump sum come year's end.

The negatives are fer my summer plans I need to rely on the hopes that my tax refund check's gonna be decent. The way I got things structured May's gonna be too late to start savin' up. And unless I get some kinda raise, that's the best way I can do it. Ah well, we'll see what happens as the year progresses.

Got out to do some bikin' today. Unfortunately, wind was a bitch on the way back. Soon as I got past the bridge I hit Shore fer the rest of the way. Less wind, but the hills can kill ya. Did a little research fer my paper but just havin' trouble focusin' on it. Havin' trouble focusin' on a lotta things lately. No clue why. Well, gotta buckle down on it tomorrow. Not exaclty sure when it's due or how I'm gonna find what I need (leave it to me to pick a difficult subject), but I guess I'll try.

I really can't wait till this year is over.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Wish I wasn't so tired yesterday, woulda been perfect fer a bike ride as today was just rained out. I meant to do some writin' today before I got busy with my paper, but ma tried to sort out some comp troubles first, and then I got wrapped up with more Xmas shoppin'. On the plus side I finished Tommy, but still got no clue fer ma. Whatever I do I'm gonna hafta do it soon if I want it here in time.

Saw Polar Express fer the first time. Cute movie, wish I had gotten to see it in theaters. When it was done me an' ma got around to gettin' the decorations and tree up so we can get that done this weekend. Pops already started outside, just hasta finish the porch. But ya know, we really gotta get our hallway cleaned up. These two got a nasty habit of puttin' their storage all over. Hall's lookin' like a garbage dump now, like we're flamin' rednecks. And I can't say or do nuttin' about it 'cause all I'll get is a load of shit and I'm really not in the mood.

I can't wait till school's out. Not only will I get my long overdue hangouts with Betsy, but I'll have a LOT more free time to do the shit I wanna do without bein' bogged down from feelin' tired. I got two weeks of classes left an' two final is even optional to take. Dunno if I will or if I'll skip it yet. Eh, we'll see how fed up I am when the semester's over. How I hate school.

I'm bein' ambitious again. I've contacted several people I used to work with and look to contact more ta try an' organize a little mini-reunion since next month it'll be 5 years since our store closed. I miss those days. Fer all the shit each of us hadda endure, it was great. I spent more time at work than I did anywhere else, even days off. I hung out with co-workers more'n friends. I miss it. Since I know ya can never reclaim it, I'd like to just see the people that made it what it was again. So far I got a few good responses an' a couple no answers. See how it works out. Wow, two major group gatherings in one year...I really AM ambitious.