Monday, March 31, 2008


It wouldn't be Monday if things didn't go wrong.

So we got this new thing where they need to check to make sure we scanned all our packages for delivery before we get to come back in. That means waiting for someone to print out the report then tell us where we stand. Well, as most of my regular readers know by now I don't get much time to fuck around on Monday due to my coming in earlier. It took until 11 to find out I was missing a package. I went to my stop to look for it, mail dude didn't have it. Checked Rory's truck to make sure I didn't keep a scan on a package he took. Nope. Went back up to double-check, then played a hunch and sure enough it was amidst their empty box trash having fallen off my cart. And, of course, there's traffic gallore especially by the hospital. If it wasn't for a couple morons I would have JUST made it on time. But, nope. I ended up 10 minutes late and with a break violation. They better work the kinks out of this system, I'm telling ya.

Had to pick sis up from the airport since her pops had died suddenly yesterday. This was my first time driving there, so of course my 'rents were full of advice and what not and making everything sound even more complicated than it actually was. All I needed to do was exactly what I planned to do: follow the goddamn signs. If I HAD listened to them, I'd be somewhere in Woodside right now. Anyways, I got her and we headed for the Island. Stopped off to have a bite at her sister's favorite diner (which was alright, not as good as, say, Players) and then took her home. They changed the street patters in her hood so we ended up going the roundabout way, and I noticed how the section of the neighborhood we were in looked a helluva like where we parked in South Congress. One story shanty houses looking probably worse than they really were whose ratty lawns extended all the way to the street with nary a sidewalk in sight. Wild.

When I dropped her off I was invited in, but declined as this is really a family moment now. And while I consider her family, I know it's not so. Next I'll see her or them is at the wake on Thursday.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I wake up to find a text from sis asking me to pick her up from the airport tomorrow as they’ve had an unexpected death in the family this morning. Geeze. I said sure, of course. What a first trip to JFK, huh? My condolences to the fam.

I got to see the preview pages to one of my strips coming out next month. Can’t say I’m TOO happy with it. For one thing, nobody seemed to get my instructions about the title design for the story, so it got left off entirely...EVEN in the goddamn credits. Mark fixed all that, plus a spelling mistake I found. Second problem was some of the artwork, while very good don’t get me wrong, failed to capture the dramatic effects I had scripted. I had it paced and blocked a certain way so that it would flow and intensify the action, at least I thought so when I visualized as I wrote it. But, what can ya do. Different storytelling styles, I guess. Finally, I think the reason I’m not as happy about these strips as I really should be is because they are not entirely mine. One was Keith’s plot I just fleshed out and made work which basically makes me a ghost writer for all intents and purposes, and the other while the basic premise is mine I had to alter the story significantly to fit the character used.

Do not get me wrong: this is part of writing, I know that, and I’m okay with that. I love that I’m getting a chance to be published, and I’ll happily collaborate with anyone at anytime on any project for which I’m suited. I think that my lack of true fulfillment lies in that my one, 100% ME script is sitting collecting dust yet over a year after I turned it in. I mean, it’s one thing if it was flat-out rejected. But it was GOOD. It was ACCEPTED. It was APPROVED with so few changes there’s hardly a difference. With this artist shortage we appear to be going through, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be getting it done any time soon. So, yeah, I think that’s killed the buzz for me some. I need to lobby for an artist, get this situation rectified.

Ma is a vindictive sort. She’ll build my hopes up on an issue, only with the intent of later dashing them. Remember how I was trying to get Liz a place to stay while she was here for the con to avoid hotel fees? Well, ma made it seem like I had a chance. Yeah, not. Killed it because they "don’t know her." Um, I do. That’s what should count. We got the goddamn couch bed for this flamin’ purpose. They ain’t gonna know everyone I do, like I dunno everyone THEY do. So if I didn’t know someone they wanted to let stay over, does that mean they can’t? Of course not. Forget that this is MY house too at the moment. Friggin’ sick of that crap. Must. Move. OUT!


If anyone ever wonders why I'm so low-key when it comes to my accomplishments or good things that come my way and such, I can explain why as such: because whenever I go on about something like that, it usually ends up being to a person who is not having as good a time. And then I feel like an ass. Sure, there was no way for me to know and it's not like I was rubbing faces in it, but because I care I feel bad. Of course I'll do what I can to help if allowed to.

Went over to D's, first time I seen him since the surgery. He's doing fine, getting there slowly. We rocked out to some Guitar Hero and ate Dominos with a little Die Hard in the middle. I snuck his souvenier (a magnet)on his fridge when I came in. I told him to check the fridge when I left as he had looked RIGHT at it several times and not noticed. If he still hadn't, guess he will if he happens to read this.

I left around 4 so I could head over to Staples and pick up the folders for my group. We're making membership packets and putting them into said folders, and I was charged to get them and look into getting a stamp with our logo locally. We settled on getting it from the same place Phil did, and I settled on physically going to the Staples as the cheapness of the same folders online was offset by the shipping and tax added. I'll get reimbursed at the meeting.

Next stop was the store to drop off Craig's comics and get his money as his next batch is ready to go, which means I'll be back there again next weekend. Did the usual shopping and asked Tommy if he'd be able to help me move furniture outta gma's apartment when we're ready to, as we're quickly coming to that. If he's unable, unfortunately, he's the only help I've got. This is where having a ton of girl friends becomes a serious disadvantage. You know, aside from giving them the excuse that I'm so good a friend that they can't date me.

I had hoped to kill several birds with one stone by finding parking on the right side of the street for the van, but alas, I ended up back on the wrong side. Here comes the fun of finding one now.

Friday, March 28, 2008


I came. I saw. I napped. It didn't help for long. You'd think 4 hours of sleep would do something, but about 10 I was ready to go down again. Damn I hate getting old.

Work was another average day. I ended up going 3 blocks away to help someone in the last few minutes. He had a lot of crap left, but was no time to get to it all. I took one building and went on my way. I almost didn't make it as the building I went to, the freight guy takes you to every floor you need to go to, but I had to share with UPS so we did his floors as well. But, I did, and it's a good thing I picked that building as one of the packages sent there was actually for my building. I raced back to re-up my parking meter since I only had till 10:30, then went to go deliver that package and try my two reattempts. Then I sat there for about 15 mins like a dipshit 'cause Carlos said not to come back without clearing with him first, but didn't know till I got back he only meant it for the full timers. Yeah, thanks for clarifying.

Wasn't very productive. I went to Myspace to chat since nobody was on, actually found some decent folks for the second time in a row. Nice to see a better class of people on there again. Called D, we're gonna hang tomorrow at his place over some Dominos and video games. When I leave there, gonna head up to Staples since it actually comes out cheaper to get the folders I need from there, and then maybe Waldbaums to drop off comics and visit. Take the van since I need to get it on the other side anyways. Lotsa birds with one stone.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Traffic has been murder on 7th these last couple days. Yesterday, it was all backed up 'cause of double-parked trucks and ambulances by the hospital. Today, looks like there was some kinda big field trip to MSG 'cause there were tons of school buses everywhere. So, getting back took forever.

Today was the lunch-in at 1 Penn for the employee of the months. They have these every month so the district manager can talk to all of them and acknowledge their achievements at that high level. Only thing is, they were behind as far back as September, so they're playing catch-up now. Me and Liz were gonna go together, so I was waiting on her as she was trying to scramble and get everything done she needed to get done by their deadlines. Only problem was this thing was at 12 and we were quickly approaching that. We finally got out just before 12 but then she mis-led us towards the 1 train rather than the A that we agreed on, so we had a few extra blocks to walk and that wasted more time. Why I didn't correct her was 'cause there are like 50 billion ways to get to different places in this city, so for all I knew she was taking one of them routes. Ya never know till you get where you're going that you're going the wrong way. We had some fun getting to the station, though...had a nice little "race" the last block. We got to the platform just as the train was arriving, and got to 1 Penn by 12:15 like I figured.

They got some Italian food. I have no idea what they hell any of them were...there were like these balls of dough, which was the same material as the crust of these wraps they had which looked like sausage, chicken and veg. But, they were good regardless. They also had some cookies and brownie bits. MmmmMmmm. At least the food was worth it. And, it looks like they started it nice and later than planned so we weren't all that late...nor the last to arrive. After we ate, the DM came in and re-read all the letters we got out loud and then had an open forum to voice concerns. Of course, the usual issues were brought up (like trucks) but doubtful if anything will get fixed all too quickly. The meeting was finished up the usual "great company" propaganda before we were sent on our merry way.

Liz caught a ride back with Carlos, so I headed for the D and came on home. After a quick stop by the house, I went over to ma's office to grab her car. See, Mark had called me (always while I'm working, no less) and left me a very long message that reminded me I had a task to do from the last meeting that I forgot completely about; find folders and ask Phil about stamps for promotional materials. Oopsie! Well I sent Phil an E-mail about the stamp and he's already in talks with Mark about it, so that's good. I drove up to Staples to look for the folders and get some prices, which I followed up with a search online when I eventually got home. Think Staples is the best deal for the kind we need.

After was a quick jaunt to the bank before picking the 'rents up so we could go to the accountant. Guy had one of those expressionless voices that just seems to drone, but he was alright. Unfortunately, looks like I can't count any of my Guild expenses as deductions. Apparently, you need to be making money in order to get deductions on money you spend. I probably could've said it better, that though I'm not making money now the goal is to one day do so through exposure, but whatever. Ma suggested keeping track of what I spend this year and we'll try again the next.

Did as much editing as I could today, but I didn't finish. I dunno why I'm so goddamn beat this week. And it's not even the usual tired like every other's worse! I could barely focus worth a crap. I think tomorrow I'm gonna need to nap. It just has to be done.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Monday they came and told me about this lunch-in they're having tomorrow for the Employee of the Months, trying to catch up as they're months behind on all that. I initially was gonna back out of it, but hearing Liz was the only one from our station going I felt bad and decided to at least keep her company. I'm too nice sometimes. Let's hope the food is good at least.

My damn MP3 had it's first glitch today. I turned it off when I got to the comic shop, and when I left I saw that it was still on and stuck. I tried holding the power, pressing all the buttons, doing all sorts of combinations...nothing. I called the hot line and apparently holding the power is what does it, just had to be held a bit longer. Of course, after all that they tried to sell me a case for it. Nooooo, thanks.

I needed socks...desperately. I was literally down to a week's worth. See, I have this thing about holes; no matter how small it may be, if my sock has a hole I won't wear it. It's a thing. I planned to go to Walmart in Texas to buy some, but ended up ordering from there instead on Monday. Well, today I already got them. Damn, that was fast! Let's see how fast my Texas: The Big Picture soundtrack comes now that I've finally ordered it.

Read my comics, started my reviews, but not gonna get very far with them. Too damn tired. Looks like finally an early night for me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


With Rob on vacation, Joe is running the floor. He had filled Carlos up with all this information about stop counts and what not, being how much we should be going out with. Me and Rory were both under ours and he was gonna need help. So, instead of sending out a general message, he was waiting on me to get to him. I got held up a few times by construction so I didn't get into his truck until it was too late. I saw all the priorities he had left for that pain in the ass building he does, and I'm like he's gotta be effin' crazy to not call for any help when he could've. Oh well, not my concern. He hasta do the right thing.

Speaking of the right thing, we're enforcing all these rules that never were before. One of which is gatekeepers only in the check out room. Well, I did my usual bridging the gap before clocking out. I got my stuff and headed to the bathroom to change while four couriers were outside the room. The annoying bitch I can't stand asked me if I had the key, which I left in my locker as I do every day. So I told them to go see Liz for all their stuff. Instead, all I got was somewhat cursed out for not doing what they wanted and one of the other couriers just climbed inside to let them all in. Whatever. It doesn't affect me, so I didn't care. They wanna get in trouble with management, that's their concern. I just walked out laughing at how they talked towards me.

I've decided to only apply to SVA. NYU needs teacher recommendation letters with the application, and I've no teachers from which to get them from. NYFA, I decided I'm gonna go with my original perceptions of the place and just forget about it. So, provided SVA accepts me, I'll try them out for a bit and if they don't work out I can get recommendations from their teachers and head on to NYU. Plus, provided I read their hap-hazard calendar right, I have a whole extra month to do the stuff for SVA. It's too bad, because one of my pointles homeworks from last semester I coulda used as part of NYU's requirements. Hopefully that won't change should I transfer.

I also struggled through my article for Estella this month. Trying to stay on topic with each issue, but I find it hard to come up with new topics to discuss. I might start going free-form again. Also hard to believe I am STILL beat from that goddamn bike ride. Think I'll make it to bed early tonight? Proooooooooobably not.

Monday, March 24, 2008


It was a nice day, and I said the hell with it...I was going bike riding! Yes, that's right...all my talking about it and I finally did it. And boy, am I sorry I did. I expected the soreness in the legs; I did the full run and I hadn't done so in months. Muscles need time to readjust. What I didn't expect was how much it would wipe me out entirely. I was so beat, I wanted to go to bed early...unfortunately don't see that happening.

I think I've been bitten by the travel bug. I have a sudden desire to wanna head on down to Herhsey, PA for the first time in years. Just pack up the van and go for a weekend...maybe Memorial Day weekend so I could have 3 days. I'll ponder on that.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I started the application processes for both NYU and SVA. I've given up on NYFA, running on my original impression back when I went to an open house on how ghetto their whole operation seemed. Only problem is, NYU's application is due the 1st, and SVA's is due the following month if I read it right. So, If I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna hafta bang everything out by Tuesday to ensure it'll arrive in the mail on time. I hafta submit a creative piece with it, so I'm gonna either send one of my comic scripts or convert it into a film script. Then there's an essay to do...ugh. All the crap I do for an education better be effin worth it someday.

I organized the comics I hafta read yet. I took out all the ones I'm really never gonna read and put together all the ones from the last few months. In the end, I still had about 5 long boxes left. Man, it's gonna take me forever to read all those.

Easter dinner was courtesy of Fresh Direct, and it was gooooooooooood. Boars Head ham for dinner...Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm! Wasn't too crazy abou the carrots covered in parsley bits, but otherwise it was a damn good dinner. The chats were dead due to the holiday as expected, but what can ya do. Tomorrow I need to figure out an article for Estella as well as get my NYU shit done. I can NOT fall asleep.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


When I had no text message plan on my phone, I kept getting texted. I went and got a 250 message limit, and the texting stopped. Eventually, I started getting texted again but far more than 250. So, I got a 500 message limit, and once again the texting stopped. Just can't win.

This is indictative of a bigger problem, though; my severe lack of a social life. I've come to rely on online chatting to fill that void too much. It's no wonder all the friends I've liked talking to so much end up disappearing. So, I'm taking steps to try and fill the void once and for all. I got my professional life going, just need to get the personal up to par.

I joined a couple of those meetup groups sis told me about, so we'll see how that works out. Dunno what else to do as I don't do bars, and I don't do clubs, and that's about the only place people around here congregate. I probably won't succeed at a social life till I move to the little town of my dreams where there's only so many people.

I spent most of the day cleaning up the bathroom. Part of shmoozing my 'rents into letting Liz stay for the con. Went pretty good, except for the fact the toilet stuff wouldn't come outta the bottle forcing me to use the mopping stuff instead, and the mop head ended up falling off so I hadda wait for pops to come home with a new one. Oh, and I apparently put the front shower curtain on wrong but ma fixed that herself before I got to it.

Called my artist and we had a nice chat. I had him ask me any questions he needed to before he got back on the art, which he's hoping to have done within the week. I told him once he makes the fixes he can just send those pieces off to our inker after sending me a scan since the art wasn't really a problem. Trying to expediate this process more than hinder it as we really don't have time to screw around.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Y'know, the other day I flipped through a Daily News ma had lying around about Spitzer's call girl, and was a little annoyed over how she's being played out in this whole drama. I mean, she's now gonna be raking in a ton of money for being an effin whore. And what really gets me is how her family is all supportive of her during this thing. Yeah, that's a ton of bull...unless they LIKE their daughter being a goddamn hooker. We're just a teeeeeeeeeeensie bit backwards in this country, I tells ya.

Thanks to my closed stops, I was forced to take four off of Carlos. I had a brain fart as I didn't recall ever going to that building before, but eventually it came back to me that it was a building I wasn't allowed up in my training days because of my lack of uniform and ID when we were on 34th street. D'oh. But, it was still a pain in the ass because it was 2 blocks away from my usual delivery area. So I had to load my handcart up with all the boxes, two of which were heavy and throwing off the balance, and it was windy as hell along the way so getting there was quite an adventure. Then I had to figure out the elevator system which wasn't a half and half deal like my building, but rather an odd and even situation made confusing by the fact an even elevator picked me up on 21. And let's top that off with TWO of the goddamn stops were CLOSED. Argh. Now the additional problem was I still had one stop of my own that didn't open till 10, so I was doing that in the meantime. That meant I had to rush back to my truck to drop off those boxes, grab the last one, and head on up to deliver it.

I made it, luckily. Pretty good considering I was also dealing with a guy I've never seen before on the elevator in my building which meant I had to go and retrieve all of my own equipment for once. I got back and had to do the checkout room again before heading home. If this is a permanent thing, then I'll be doing 6 hours every day from now on...which is a nice chunk of change. Especially since last week we got our raises, which ended up being 56 cents for me.

Of course I didn't get to do everything I planned on tonight as I ended up taking an impromptu nap again. But, I did get a few things at least. I was bored as hell the whole time, though, as NOBODY was on. I did talk to Rebecca some, and she told me that tomorrow there's a huge pillow fight in Union Square. Too bad I didn't know about that sooner 'cause it sounded like fun. Ah well. I already planned to do some cleaning so I have a better shot of letting Liz stay over for the con. All these CAGers offered me a place to stay for other cons, just trying to pay it forward.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


While I was on vacation, they apparently gave out close list sheets for Good Friday. Of course I didn't find out about this until Tuesday, which was when I started asking my stops if they'd be closed or not. I got about half my building, missed yesterday, so I had to get the rest today. I didn't have stops for most of the ones I needed to ask, but fortunately I was able to ask the envelope guy who he got and compared notes. I then took an Easter pick-up schedule sheet that's sitting around all over the place and proceeded to write my own bootleg version of a close list for Rob. I also tried to go help someone who needed it, but never made it nor got a response when I sent a message. Ah well, at least I tried.

I got stuck in the check-in room when I got back until the last possible time I could before I got a break violation. But think I got to leave after that? Nope. I ended up stuck here for another half hour in a meeting with management discussing the employee cuts for tomorrow. Since it's a holiday and people will be closed, they're gonna absorb as many routes as they can and send home as many as they can. That makes my job a little easier in the morning, but if I get a lot a crap for my closed stops I'm gonna be shit-deep on Monday.

My artist sent me some sketches for Round 2 of Idol...and they weren't all that good. Don't get me wrong, the artwork was great, he does good...but the devil is in the details which he happened to glance over. Big time. He seems to have this obsession with flying characters as he made three of them look like they could fly, and completely screwed up the power location of one. Also some perpsective work needed to be addressed on the third. Now I would have just regarded that as a means of expression, except for the fact that I know how these judges think and if the characters look like they can do what they really can't, that's gonna bite us. Not to mention the cover still needs to be tweaked and gotten to our inker for the final round. Provided we get that far, that is. Logos are also in the works as we speak.

Also got two scripts to edit from the anthology, although I only got to one due to someone having a crisis and wanting to talk about it on the phone. So I picked the easier one that didn't require much thought so I could multi-task more efficiently and not miss a beat. I'll hit up the other one tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So much for my other pair of pants. I crouched down while in a can and caught a glimpse of white. Yep, I had a nice little hole near my zipper. Oy... Had ma fix that one up, I'll take the other pair to a local seamstress to get fixed. They only need to last another month or two and then I can get more.

Fortunately, I didn't have to go out today as all the flights were super delayed and they absorbed my route. Didn't get to go home early, though, as I had to go over the DG area with Joe and make some final preprations. He also wanted a self-evaluation report done to fill the yearly quota as we didn't have anyone for DG when the last one was supposed to be done. I was set up on the conference room computer where our new manager, Rob, was logged on. See, all our computers lock after being idle for a bit and you need a password to get back in. Well, I was running back and forth from the room to the DG area, especially when I saw there was more labels on the checklist than I thought we possibly had in the box I looked at with Joe. Verifying that took longer than I thought and I ended up locked out of the computer and Rob was in a closed-door meeting with Joe in his office. So I had to relocate. I was gonna go to the training computer in the training room, but someone was on the only decent one in there, so I ended up in the checkout room where I DID know the password to finish my reports.

I got out about half an hour earlier than I normally do and spent the rest of the day reading my new comics. I managed to get through most of them, then did my review thing. I also lucked out in that the dude at the shop gave me one extra bag and board, which I used on the comic I got from one of my colleagues at Dimestore.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We're only allowed $200 worth of uniforms per FedEx year. I got several shirts, 4 pairs of shorts, and 2 pants. Hats they seem to give away like candy. Anyways, that's all I can get until June. Now, I tend to wear one pair of the pants more than the other. Wear it a week, wash it that weekend, end up using it again the next week. This week, I had the lesser worn pair of pants. Now, given all the "stunts" I do when I work, it wouldn't be surprising if something happened to the more worn pair. But I was surprised today when a simple leap onto the conveyor belt ripped a small hole in my crotch. D'oh! It wasn't too bad...only noticeable if ya really looked, and there was sufficient fabric within to conceal. It was good enough for the day. And it survived the offload, my deliveries, even more of my usual movements. The killing stroke? When I sat in my truck to go back and dragged along the seat. That turned it into a nice hole with no covering. Oy.

Had a lot of suitcases today and a lot of outside stops, but fortunately I was able to get them all done with 8 minutes to spare. Of course, I got slammed with messages to go help Rory whose pad was acting up and had a bulk stop to do. I tried to find him, seeing only his truck and no keys. By the time he got there, they were all too late. I helped him cart them in anyways, saved him a trip (not that he deserved it). So, I logged off my pad and left it for him to use as instructed, we carted the stuff to the mail room, and I headed back to the station.

I took care of setting up the last of my DG station, while having someone call the DG lady about the mask cartridges we ordered. I wanted to see if the thinner ones we got had a significant difference from the bulkier ones we had. Came home and updated my site, and of course I was wide awake on a chilly day so I didn't feel like biking. We'll see how tomorrow goes with that.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Back to work. Woohoo. We had a shortage on the sort so I was downstairs for once on a Monday. Earl was there too, and none too pleased. Despite that, my load was heavier than it has been in recent months, but not quite typical Monday levels yet, so I was able to sort my truck, get out there and finish with no problems. Even with them doing garbage at the building and having to make another trip. Unfortunately, I got jammed with a late after helping my second courier of the day. Calls people at 10:15. Friggin' moron.

I had intended to go biking as today was nice, but I ended up sleeping on the couch...until my 'rents came home and pops was ranting and raving about some shit. Dunno what, don't really care...all I know is for some reason he smashed up both of his mother's phones. Then of course came the struggle to find parking for alternate side, which didn't go so well this time. My van'll hafta be in the driveway till I get home.

Got some writing done, not much. Tomorrow I'll try to bang out some more as well as organize my comics some and work on the website. I also started college hunting, now finally having an opportunity. It's between SVA, NYU and NYFA. We'll see which one suits me.

It feels like I never left.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


-Texas traffic lights are craaaaaaazy. You're better off running accross the street as you could grow old waiting for the lights to change.

-I hate sis' car, particularly the back doors. Too damn small and it was a struggle to get in and out of it. I never did get to fix her front seatbelt.

-There's no such thing as winter in Texas. I went the whole time in my shorts and only wore my jacket when I arrived. The one day it seemed like I'd need my jacket, it soon became sweltering hot.

-While others may have pride in the town where they live, Texans have pride state-wide. It's a wonder their food doesn't come Texas-shaped.

-Many of the buildings still reflect the old Western-style and Spanish-inspired architecture, making you feel like you're somewhat transplanted in the old west.

-Because Austin is a driving town, very few people are on the streets. That's a wonderful thing.

Overall, the trip was good and I had fun. I wouldn't mind going back, despite the heat. Plus, I promised Roy we'd do some swimming once I got a new pair of trunks. Aside from some area-specific things, it was very much like being upstate. If it wasn't for that damn heat, it would've been perfect.

I spent these last two days recovering. It's taken about this long for my ear to finally clear up, and my legs have just about healed. The feet, however, gonna be fun working tomorrow, lemme tell ya. I did walk up to 86th to get some exercise and see about DVDs on sale (which, of course, they had none I wanted). Was also gonna pass by D's to give him his souvenir but he wasn't home yet. Next week, maybe.

Man, I need a vacation. Again.

Friday, March 14, 2008


It's safe to say I'm mildly pissed an annoyed. Going home TWO days earlier than planned will do that to you. I already had to give up Sunday, and now Saturday. And there was still a lot of things sis had planned for us to do.

On top of that, my bed progressively deflated overnight every night I used it. Today was the worst, as when I woke up I was practically falling out of the damn thing. I told her to check it for leaks to make sure it's not just a natural thing. I showered (and somehow they missed hearing the noise of me doing so as it's LOUD when the water hits) and dressed, then proceeded to tie up some loose ends. I grabbed some shots of things I wanted to, went to the museum gift shop to pick up a couple more sovenirs for myself, and changed it so I could be on the late flight tonight.

Sis eventually got up and ran down the list of things we could do. To her credit, she tried to make the last day as fun as possible, but my mood was spoiled. I just couldn't get into it at all. First we headed to this place called Whataburger I saw when I came in, which looked like a McDonalds with a different paint scheme. I didn't intend for us to eat there, but I mentioned we never got to it so she took me. Place was a bit more expensive than McDonalds and not quite as tasty. Don't think I'll be frequenting them any time soon. Then it was back to the capitol and 6th street so she could take pics of me in front of a couple places. Got some of her as well, and a couple of our failed attempts at taking pics together.

Then it was off to South Congress where she took me to this strip of stores. There was a candy store straight out of the Willy Wonka movie, and a novelty store with many, many, many novelties (especially centered around Jesus). We also did an antique store which had a LOT of stuff, from old phones to old photos. Yes, a store was selling other people's photos. Kinda weird, yet cool. I also found something for myself: old license plates! I was able to find the best and cheapest pair and bought them. I probably coulda got them cheaper on Ebay, but at least I got these from the actual place they're from, unlike my other non-NY ones. We passed up the cupcake trailer as I didn't think I could take it just then, and headed on for the airport.

Unlike JFK, I was given a seat right away. I spent the next two hours in the terminal, reading my trades and waiting for the plane. The flight back wasn't as good as the flight in. Yeah, sure, I was cramped coming in to the point my knee was killing me for the day, but this time I had a neighbor who kept coming over to my side and a dipshit in front of me who decided to lean back the whole flight. Oh, and ya know how I got my motion sickness on landing? Well, this time the depressurization in my ears was utterly painful and long lasting. I don't mean they just popped twice to where I went from muffled hearing to normal, I mean they popped and the pressure just kept on coming. It didn't even clear up when we landed. Nope, I was partially deaf for most of the night with lightheadedness to boot.

Oh, and let's not forget sore as all hell from more walking than I've done in a long time. Think I'm turning in early to recover from this day. I'll get my photos up soon enough.

P.S. Forgot all about it with my disappointment over leaving early, but I made it to round 2 of Idol. So stay tuned, folks, 'cause I'll be hitting you all up for votes soon enough.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Sis was working and Roy was sick, so I was on my own.

First up, I headed to the Capitol where I made it just in time for a guided tour. Took plenty of shots of inside and out, which I'll post up later. Next it was down to 6th street based on a recommendation from Britt to see what's what down there. Looks like around here convenience stores and souvenir shops are one in the same. Too bad all they had was the usual cheesy stuff, but I got for a few people anyways. After wandering around a bit and seeing how the South by Southwest festival was already starting to get busy, I headed back to find Roy didn't go into work like he planned. I picked up some Dominos for us and we spent some time chillen on the web (on different laptops, that is).

After a bit, he suggested we hit the student union underground where they have a bowling alley, air hockey and pool. We did all three, and he thoroughly kicked my ass at all of them (except the one game of pool I won when he hit the 8 ball early). At least I kept up in bowling...air hockey was just sad. After we met up with sis and chilled for a while as I waited for Amanda to come in from San Antonio.

She eventually did and we hung for a bit. It was fun, we'll probably do it again the next time I come down for longer. I met back up with sis and we headed to this burger joint she wanted to take me to while Roy was back at home sleeping for the first time in days. Huts, was a pretty cool place; lotsa celeb pics on the walls and other wild stuff. The burger was alright, the one I got pretty close to a Big Mac, but bigger. We almost missed getting some for Roy as the waitress neglected to mention the kitchen closed at 10. But, she managed to score us the grub and we were on our way back to the festival.

We walked around for a bit, taking in the partying and stuff. Kinda like the street fairs back home, but a lot louder in more areas. We traversed the whole thing then went on to get some groceries they needed and a couple cookies from this cookie place they touted. Roy was up when we got back and he got his grub. We pretty much wound down the night and they headed on off to bed.

Now, I've been periodically checking Jet Blue's site to make sure my flight hadn't gotten booked up on me. Well, guess what. My last check revealed they DID. I've COMPLETELY lost Saturday, which means tomorrow I'll need to catch the plane. What's that mean? Means we miss out on finishing up things sis had planned, and I miss out seeing Britt again. The old luck strikes again.

So now I HAVE to come back. Frig. Well, time to pack...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Couple things I left off yesterday: First, me and Roy both hafta ride in the back of sis' car. Seems like a co-worker got her seat belt all tangled up. Happened before she said, and she hadda take it to a mechanic to get undone. I've made it my little project to do before I left. Also, the cooler part about the mountain trip was GETTING to the mountain in the pure darkness. I love it...sis, not so much. And speaking of the dark, I took some night shots. Now, to do so on my cam really requires a tripod, but I managed to find places to prop it to do it. Sis was amused by all this, particularly when I took a pic from between a statue's legs.

My bed is an inflatable one. Apparently the couch got a lot of complaints, so I benefit from that experience for once instead of being the usual guinea pig. It was alright sleeping...little different. Planned to get up at 7, but I hate that I hafta go through their bedroom to get to the I stayed down in the hopes Roy would get to work soon and sis would be awake. No dice, as sis was worn out and Roy was staying home sick. They told me to just go for it, but I dunno... That should give you an idea how small the apartment is. It's a nice place, perfect size for them, just when you start adding bodies it's size (or lack thereof) starts to become apparent. Put it this way...if I lived in a place like this I'd need a pull out bed in my couch 'cause all my crap would fill the bedroom area. Maybe not even...probably just my comics, which'd leave the rest of my crap in the front room and I'd sleep in the tub.

When she did get up she took me for a breakfast taco at this Mexican place. Wasn't bad, but eh. Iced tea turned out to be REAL tea, so I needed to order a chocolate milk, which was warm. Felt like a pain in the ass to the waitress, so I tipped good. Then it was off to the Texas History Museum. Big place, about three floors worth of stuff with a lotta cool items on display and some nice locaton recreations. I love when museums integrate an exhibit with the actual doorways and stairs of the building itself, which they did a few times here. I'll say this much; Texans have a LOT of state pride. I mean, A. LOT. NYers are prideful only where they live (most often I Love NY is kept on NYC only, unbeknownst to most). Here, it's Texas this, Texas your face. The exhibits were cool, although we weren't really focused on learning much. We also saw an IMAX movie about the state. Was done like a real movie somewhat...liked the soundtrack, hafta see if I can find it somewhere. We got worried that all these kids apparently on a field trip from school would either use up all the seats in the theater or be a nightmare throughout. It ended up being all good as we and other non-kids got let in through the exit. Mighty fair of them.

I scoped the gift shop some before we headed home. She made them lunch, I went to explore the comic shop near them. It's a tiny place, dedicated mostly to the new issues that come out. There wasn't a backissue section in sight, so I've no idea what they do with the stuff that doesn't sell every week. They did have 2 tables loaded with trades for $3, so I partook and bought a few, including one of the Mary Jane digests for sis to try now that she's getting into the comics. The guys there were a little wacky, displaying these fake mustaches they were selling. Overall, decent place for the area. After I went back to the Austin U campus and walked around some, taking some day shots. This place is friggin' HUGE! You think Columbia's campus is grand? Ain't got nuttin' on this place! Should definitely be no fat kids at this school. Imagine have classes scheduled across the place from each other? Instant death for sure.

Not wanting to wait much longer for Idol, I came back and was gonna send it in, but realized I shoulda trimmed out the cover from the rest of the image, as the art board used had guidelines all around. So, I had to call ma and walk her through (painfully) the process to get the image as I wanted it and have her send it in to the competition. So, now I'm officially entered into Idol. Here we go!

Next, they took me out to this wacky toy store, Toy Joy which was decked out in a lot of psychedelic colors and streamers and beads and stuff. Inside was just as wacky, with the same decorations and shelves crammed with all kinds of stuff ranging from the common to the unusual. They had wacky balls, some superhero stuff, candy, puzzles, retro collectible mini-posters...wild. I bought some Pop Rocks and some carbonated candy. The Rocks kinda sucked with very little pop; either they changed it over the years or it was EXTREMELY old. Anyways, the next stop was this ice cream joint called Amy's. There, they take ordinary ice cream and mush all kinds of things into it for unusual blends. Had a hard time deciphering their menu, but settled on the Cookie Monster combo: vanilla ice cream, an Oreo, a chocolate chip cookie and cookie dough. Not bad, interesting. Also interesting given this place's decor and the fact they had club-type music blasting (which even Toy Joy did...noticing a pattern here).

Sis had to swing by the post office so they dropped me off at Austin Books & Comics, a place she found initially as something for me to do. I walked around; they had a signing with a guy in a Judge Dredd outfit and looked like half the store was being remodeled. Once again, it was mostly dedicated to newer issues and trades, action figures and of course the Japanese crap. Nary a backissue in sight, which is fine by me; less money I hafta spend. Didn't like how they set the store up, though. No dedicated section for the NEW new books...they just blend them with the older and label which came out when. So if you don't pay attention, you can screw up. The PO was closed so sis and Roy joined me and looked around some. She IDed several books she's already read, which was cool.

Next stop was Barnes & Noble for some kind of book signing or some such. She did her thing, while we browsed around some. I checked out the relationship section just to see what kinda bullcrap they stocked, and boy was there some crap there! A couple good ones, but for the most part a lot of books by bitter women. Also, a lot that help perpetuate the game of dating. My approach to dating? Life's too short to play around. You like someone, tell them. You wanna date someone, go for it. That's probably why I suck at dating, since I choose not to play the game and take the direct approach. I wandered around a bit, saw a few places Britt had told me about, which was cool.

It was getting late and they had a dinner date with some friends, so we took off just as Britt was calling me to say she could spare some time tonight. They took me back to B&N to meet her (lemme tell ya, around these parts if you need to make a U-turn, it'll take you a billion years compared to just going there!). They headed off, and I waited. She came, and we walked and talked for a bit. She showed me some fountains nearby, got to see her new car, and I gave her a horse I bought at the museum as representative of an inside joke between us. Couldn't stay long 'cause she had lots of things to do (busy girl), but I take it as a good sign that I practically had to shove her into the car to get her to leave semi-close to the time she set for herself, as in she wasn't in too much of a rush to get away from me. I always enjoyed her company, and tonight was no exception. It was cool to see her...hopefully I'll get to on Friday as well.

And then there was the bus. Figured I'd save them a trip back and take it to the apartment. Roy pointed out where I can get it, so I found it and waited. And waited. One bus. Two buses. Three buses. Four buses. None the ones Roy said I should take. Meanwhile, the sumbitches across the way, the first bus that came was theirs. Roy called me after their dinner to see how I was doing, and I said I was waiting for the bus for about 45 minutes at that point. They decided to just come and get me and later filled me in that I coulda taken one of the buses that came, but it just would have taken longer than the ones I was waiting for. Oh well.

They turned in, I headed out for dinner. Ended up at Players again, BUT I ordered the chicken this time...which wasn't enough so I topped it off with a burger. I'll find someplace new to eat while I'm on my own tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yesterday was good. Sort went down early, I didn't have many stops or pieces (meaning I needed to take my time or else get in trouble for finishing so early...luckily a stop Carlos gave me was a little difficult to find), and I got back nice and early. In fact, only rough part was the rushing I ended up doing to finish packing. Now seeing how that went, if today was the same I'd have an easy time making my car at 11:15.

Of course because Monday was good, Tuesday was destined to be worse. Tasha had to come out with me to give me a review ride as she'll be out from a surgery as of next week, so I had to be done today. It wasn't so bad, but waiting on her delayed me some so I ended up having to haul ass. But of course I had to stick as close to the rule book as possible. To top it off, I had a reattempt and had to help Mel with a stop and loan him a handtruck so he could make service as a freight went down while he was doing Rory's route. As a result, got back pretty close to 11. I rushed the paperwork, got changed, and had to wait for Tasha to dismiss me when the stuff I had to sign off on wouldn't come up. My car was there so I had to get going.

The ride to JFK was quick. Took a while to find a counter for my standby voucher, but got that settled and was on my way to the gate. Suffered the indignity of dumping out my pockets and taking off my shoes as I passed through security, and rode a pointless shuttle to my gate a distance I could have easily walked and quicker. Was a little confused on how my ticket worked, but that got straightened out at the gate. There I was, on board and ready to go.

I lucked into a window seat by the wing, so got a good view as we eventually took off. Spent the ride watching TV and dozing off until I finally got to Austin. Looks like my motion sickness rears up on airline descents. Oy. Never know when that will strike. Made all my contacts as I got off and met sis by the baggage claim. First order of business was to change into my normal clothes. Then, to get food as my last meal was dinner last night. She took me to this place called Players that was mmm-mmm good. Nice burger, fries, free refills all for $8.

After bumming at her place for a bit, we walked around and I took some pics of some nice sights around. Reminds me a lot of upstate NY in many ways, it's pretty cool. Eventually, we met up with Roy after the gym and headed up to Mount Bonnel to see this view of the city from up high. Took a while to find it, but we did. Was a lot of stone steps leading upwards to this little piaza type area to do the viewing. It was a nice romantic spot, so I left them two alone for a bit while I explored all the paths around there leading to these natural picnic tables and walls. I found myself back on the highway and got back up to them just in time for them to be ready to leave. So back down we went.

Felt some soreness coming on and tried to get some liquid Tylenol, unfortunately no go. We got back to the apartment when Britt called me. Looks like we'll be meeting up after all..either tomorrow when I'm up north, or Friday. Either way...yay! Also means I got Thurs free to hang with Amanda too. Looks like I get to make everyone happy this week. They settled in while I decided to explore some on my own, passing by Players for another helping.

So far, good trip. Never thought I'd have any travel experience to my credit; so weird to actually talk about it!

Monday, March 10, 2008


So here I am, trying to get ready for my trip, and I hafta spend a good chunk of time juggling the parking of the cars for alternate side. I was finally able to catch one spot out front, but it's between two driveways and the other asshole parked there was too far back. I put the van there thinking it'd fit, but I was hanging into our driveway some. That meant I had to wait and see when they left so I could move the van up.

But then, there was still the Toyota. I saw a spot on the next block, went to go check if I could park there, only to return to find pops moving the car. He eventually parked it right where I was looking. Go figure. Pops held the spot in front of the van so I could move the car there when they went to go see gma, which I did after I got a luggage tag for my bag.

Ah, they joys of driving in NY...

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Apparently I'm the only decent product of my family. One of the cousins I only met once or twice just got kicked outta school. Chalk that up to the bad marriages, knockings up, jail time and assorted other choice things, and I think it's true. Go me! Had the usual chats tonight, not as active as last week, but decent. Did some work both on the editing front and the writing side. Trying to get myself ahead in the work so I won't HAVE to do much while I'm gone. Still bringing things to do late at night when I'm not tired. Also prime my website so I just link up everything Tuesday night and that's done.

You might recall after my watch band strap thingy broke at the arcade a couple weeks ago, I ordered more of the same watch, although they came in black instead of the blue I normally get. Last night was the new daylight savings time, and when I went to adjust my watch it kept resetting instead of letting me shift what I was changing. It happens when something gets busted inside, which is why I got rid of the last one; kept resetting to Sunday, Jan 1 at 12 AM. So today I put on one of the new watches, and I have to say it was kind of surreal. I'm so used to the black/silver/blue watch, putting on this exact duplicate except with black instead of blue was kind of like my own evil black costume. Also, kinda cool that Amazon pre-set both my watches for me, so all I had to do was jack the minutes up some to my preferred time and I was good to go.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


I had fallen asleep last night while I was in the middle of printing a submitted webcomic script and didn't realize that the ink had gone dead, so most of my copies were shit. Didn't have time to re-print them, so I chucked 'em. Then I overslept this morning, realizing I forgot to print out another script. I went in and tried to add the headers and footers on it, but stupid Word doesn't like to remove the header from the first page only without giving a fight. Ma tried to do it while I showered and dressed, but had to say screw it and just print it. I debated about taking the van to get me there faster, but ultimately settled on the train.

By the time I hit the Manhattan Bridge, I had calls from Mark saying he was running late and Rachel saying the E was screwed up, as well as another call from Rebecca saying she wasn't coming to top off the text and E-Mail she sent. Overkill much? With the E down, I decided to try to transfer to the 7 as Bob took in, him having called me because he got off the wrong stop. I got there in about the same amount of time, except I had to run 2 blocks through the pouring rain; but I was able to stay fairly dry using the elevated tracks as an umbrella as far as I could.

Gary was a bit late so the meeting started late, but otherwise we had a good and productive one. Guy from Texas I chat with in the various chats moved up here recently and came, showing off his idea for the proposed newsletters. Of course, Mark took offense being that nobody included him on the process. I tried to tell him things weren't as advanced as they appeared, but of course he doesn't listen. Whatever, just need to make sure those guys put him in the loop from now on. I'm not even leading the damn thing.

We lost most of our group by the time we went for lunch, but we had a good time as usual. We took our time because of the heavy rain, and because Chris eventually showed up when we were done, being caught by the train fuck ups. We departed, and we thought that the E was fucked up going back so me and Mike got off at 53rd to catch the V. However, we may have just heard them wrong. Ah well. Got him to Penn Station alright so it's all good.

Spent the night working on my price guide list, trying to find something to watch on TV, and chatting. Hey, I need to a lot to do in the next couple days! Also, looks like Britt is getting the flu, so our chances of hanging just got slimmer. Crap.

Friday, March 07, 2008


Got through today to the airline, and if only you knew the stress I'm now under. Okay, I finish around 11 on a good day at work. So, to be safe, I figured I'd take the latest flight, after 8, to give myself all the time in the world. Great plan, except that flight was booked solid. Okay, figured I'd try Wednesday then. Booked solid. The only thing looking good was after 1 on Thursday, but then I'd only have ONE day there as I'm forced to return Saturday since Sunday is entirely booked. Must be 'cause of that music festival sis told me about last week. Figures I'd pick that week. So, I'm stuck with catching the flight after 1:30 on Tuesday, which gives me at best 2 hours to get all the way from the West Village to JFK. By train, it'd take me over an hour. By car, a little over a half. So, I reserved a car to pick me up at 11:15 to there. Price wasn't too bad, about $48 plus tolls. Unfortunately, I fucked up and didn't notice the time was set to PM instead of AM till after I got my confirmation. I E-Mailed them the neccessary change, so hopefully they acknowledge it. If not, I'll call them on Monday to make sure. Ugh, stressed. What also sucks is I have to dress up in business casual attire...which means dusting off my old Lincoln duds. UGH! Those who know me know how much of a torture that is. Everyone I talked to is like it's a small price to pay for cheap flights, but goddamn...why did it have to be THAT?

I had to stay late today so the DG supervisor could properly set up my DG area. She readjusted the cabinet and threw out all the excess crap people threw in there, then told me how to access things on the web that I'd need. I need to submit a checklist to her the 15th of every two months starting in April, so hopefully I remember how to access it. Shouldn't be much of a problem; just re-write the same thing over and over as we don't get any DG that we'd need to use anything.

I may not get to see Britt that week. She's got a lot going on, so I told her if she can she can, if she can't she can't. I'm not gonna add extra crap to the pile when it's not all that important or crucial. Luckily, I told sis to make two sets of plans; one that anticipated when Britt was free, and one in case something like that happened. Hopefully she listened. If not, ah well...guess I go explore and get lost!

Is traveling really worth all the drama? I doubt it.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Today I was actually a lot closer to my usual volume than I had been in the last month. I was the last one out the door and yet managed to bang it all out on time, even with a couple minor delays. Fortunately construction's been light all week as well. Only real problem is my powerpad somehow screwed up my employee number two days in a row messing up my timecard and such in the system. See if it does it again tomorrow. Too bad my regular pad bit the dust on Monday.

My new MP3 arrived yesterday. It's pretty sweet. I managed to get my ENTIRE library on there, plus the radio feature shows you what songs the stations are playing, so I'll never have to wonder again! I even found out what a couple songs were when I was adding to my collection last night. Not that they're songs I particularly like, but now I know what they are at least. Kinda cool having 700+ songs to choose from, though.

Ever since I've decided to go to Texas, I've been bombarded with Texas things like most similar situations. That includes, but not limited to, frequent ads for Texas tourism on TV and as of this past week the Democratic nomination thing there. Odd how that works out. I tried to call today to get myself on the standby list early, but it was recommended to me I try tomorrow as they're all dealing with some kinda weather trouble and complaints about it. I'm a little worried about coming back on Sunday now because when I looked up the flights so I could get the number, the Sunday flights didn't come up saying that they might be full or what not. I'll need to check on that and plan accordingly. If that's the case, I'll need to comme home on Saturday so I don't miss work Monday. Shortens my trip slightly, but what can ya do. Probably not gonna get to do all I wanted to anyways, so at least now I have an excuse.

My artist sent me the cover sketch today. Needed a few corrections and additions, but otherwise I'm pleased. Hopefully he gets that back to me all fixed before the deadline next Sunday so it has a chance to be looked over and voted on. I sent him a bunch of reference things tonight, and tomorrow I'm gonna download and get him the location shots I took Saturday.

So, I'm a little worried I may have lost a friend. I could be wrong, despite all the evidence pointing to that conclusion; but in law-enforcement the one thing you learn is that sometimes the evidence can be misleading. Only problem is I need to wait to know for sure. I won't be surprised if I'm right; it just plays up to the patterns. New friends with me have a short shelf-life. My fault, circumstances, a combination...hard to always pinpoint the cause, but it is what it is.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I had a little adventure today; my truck had no steering.

A little over a month ago, one of the night couriers took my truck out and ended up in an accident with a light pole on the front end. Steering was shot to hell, and the truck needed a one way trip to the body shop. I came in today to find it in my spot, all fixed an repainted, looking all spiffy and almost entirely clean. I pre-triped it, everything seemed to check out fine, except for the fact that if my gas gauge was right I'd be running on fumes and thus needed to gas up as soon as I left. It was only as I went down the ramp to leave that I noticed the steering felt funky. Shrugged it off as nothing major, until I hit the cobblestone street and with every bump I felt the truck lurch sideways, despite my holding the wheel still. I called pops when I finished my deliveries and he listed about three things it could be, all of which didn't help me in the long run. Shoulda seen me trying to keep this thing straight on the road in a city where the potholes outnumber the people. So that was fun.

Otherwise, we had a meeting giving the state of the station (we've improved a lot) and Ron found a handtruck so I swapped out tires from my one with the best frame to the one with the worst wheels and took that as my third. All I need to do now is get those other tires inflated. Rest of the day was spent reading and reviewing my comics, as it is Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Another light day, and I went to go help one of the guys from yesterday. Ended up getting ANOTHER nightmare building. First I had to find the right freight. Then I saw a sign on my delivery door saying leave the packages in the lobby, although what it SHOULD have said was if no one was there. So I went down to go back up and then come down again making me late re-attempting a delivery of my own. Friggin' dumbass...if he can't do first overnights AND his route, they should just take him off one or the other.

Got back to be lectured that I need to check power pads thorougly every day (no shit) before handing them out. Joe and management are gonna come up with a plan to cover a gap in the room that is causing a lot of these problems. So, basically, just keep doing what I'm doing and let the bosses fix a problem that should have been fixed months ago. Check. I also have to stay late Friday to let the regional DG specialist walk me through setting up the station's DG area, or some shit. Hopefully I get done what I need to on Thursday.

I say hopefully 'cause I'm feeling very sluggish this week. Sis thinks loneliness is catching up to me. She's probably right. Ah well, this will pass. She offered me a suggestion yesteday joining up with groups on as she's had some success with that. I checked it out briefly, and the comic groups on there sound like mine except that we actually produce something. Maybe I'll take a closer look later on, even at some other groups. I need to get something else going here; becoming all about the work and it's not right.

On another note, my parellel parking? Sucks. I need to like spend a day practicing it again. All this pulling in forward and restrictions on backing up have really taken their toll. I can do the Toyota semi-good, but my van? Never PPed that before. See, at least with my truck my mirrors can show me the curb and the rear so I know where I'm going. Ordinary cars, you lose all that. I'm spoiled, I know.

Monday, March 03, 2008


...unless things went wrong.

Easy day on the surface. Light in stops and packages, got done quick, so went to help people. First one I helped, he really didn't need it. He's just lazy as hell. Went to help someone else and was handed two stops. The store was easy, the stop in the building wasn't. See, the company name didn't match any on the floor the courier wrote on them. I asked the security lady by the freight where it would be, and she told me it was one of the companies on that floor. So I went back, asked both companies, and neither laid claim to it. So I went back down and was ready to leave when the courier came outta the elevator stating his own problems with it. We asked the lady AGAIN, and this time she said a different floor.

Now, wait a second...I SAID where they were going the first time, and she sent me to the floor that I SAID was written on it. The dumb bitch heard the floor and nothing else. The hell?! People need to fuckin' listen to EVERYTHING when someone talks. So I had to rush back to the station seeing as I have no time for that kinda bullshit on Mondays.

Come home, 'rents expecting curbside delivery of some tiles that I hafta recieve. No big. Pops was calling the guy to say to come and I settled down to lunch. Of course, I get a call from pops wondering where I am since the guy said no answer with the bell. Well, there WOULD have been IF the bell was rung. Idiot. And of course, the shit had to be SO heavy I could only carry one thing at a time, meaning about 30 trips in and out of the house. Oh, and where would we be without my having to grab two parking spots that opened up for our cars! Yeah, I had to run upstairs two different times to get the keys and park the vehicles for alternate side, then go BACk to lugging the shit in. Oy.

Finished lunch, checked mail, talked with sis a bit then took my leave to go biking as it was a nice day to do so. Except I never made it. Got a slight headache so I layed down for a bit...only to wake up at 7. GAH! And now I've got my tired eye twitch back, which is ANNOYING.

I hate Mondays.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


I'm making comics. I've been recognized as a professional by NY Comicon. I'm writing for various places. I'm inching closer and closer to my why do I feel so unfulfilled? You'd think that would make me all happy, but instead it's just meh. Sucks.

Paul called me today to tell me he's almost done with the cover for Idol. He went with a new design other than the ones I sent him, so hopefully it's good. He said he'll send it to me this week to look at, but he's gotta remember to leave himself time for corrections (although we really only have time to get things right the FIRST time).

The chat on CAG's site was jumping today, although it looks like it went public again as we had 3 party crashers. Otherwise, it was good. The SPA chat after, though, was dead due to most of the regulars being off at a convention. Got some Spiderfan stuff done in the meantime, but looks like I'll be doing a few a day instead of all at once. It also looks like I just got promoted in the group as the coordinator finally resigned. Not shocking as he hadn't been to a meeting since October. Life gets busy, what can ya do. But, Keith named a good replacement.

I'm a fairly honest guy. I don't keep much inside, so when I have a thought or feeling about something I come out and say it. I try to be tactful in my delivery, but sometimes that doesn't work out so well. Needless to say, it gets me in trouble more often than not with friends. I'm probably in the dog house again with one, but I seem to be once a month regardless so no matter. My views may not make me very popular, but people are so concerned with being like that things that NEED to be said often go without. Life's too short to pussyfoot around. Get to the point.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Met this gal through one of those dating things I posted, Jess. Seems like a nice gal, could be a good friend. We're testing that theory today with my new museum initative.

First, I went around getting the reference shots for my arist on the comic. Along the way, I snagged some other buildings I liked and might wanna use down the line, marking them off in one of my map books. Trying to get smart with this location scouting thing. Then it was off to the Whiteny to meet her, though I got there a little later than planned thanks to JUST missing the 6. Effing people who can't pick ONE side of the stairs to walk on...

Anyways, turns out only the 5th floor was open due to them changing exhibits or some shit. WTF? Didn't mention it on their site, dammit! Ah well, at least they only charged us half price. The exhibit was modern art, abstracts, classical painting, and this one guy who did a series of Lancaster, PA chimneys. It was alright, but I think our commentary throughout made it better. Coolest part, though, was hearing Danny Elfman's Batman theme in the elevator on the way up. Never been to a museum with such good taste in music!

After our third time going through the gallery, we took our leave (after a brief stopover with a guard to discuss my hat, the Cyclones and the new Yankee stadium...trying to be friendly). We headed downtown so I could show her the Ghostbusters firehouse. We both took some shots before going to the nearby Square Diner where I could have lunch and she a rootbeer float, having ate Chinese before meeting me. Apparently, their concept of a Twin Cheeseburger Deluxe has gone from two cheeseburgers to two cheeseburgers on a bun apiece to create a double cheeseburger. It was also $2 more expensive than the menu stated. Ah well, at least they give you a lotta beef for your buck and it was good, though a little overcooked.

We headed out and down along the water where I showed her Rockefeller Park, and all the statues and artwork along the way down to the boat basin, then Battery Park City, then Battery Park itself. Also did some movie locations, feeling like a tour guide as I told her everything I knew about everything we saw. When we went to the little-known secret, the Irish Hunger Memorial, we got to the top and that's when it started to snow. Snowed about three times through our trek, but she was a trooper and wanted to keep on going. We passed by the Wintergarden so she could grab a latte and was good to go.

She took her leave when we got to the National Museum of the American Indian as her trains were right there. I could have gone to Whitehall to catch my train, but opted to head back north to pick up this truck hubcap I saw when we crossed the West Side Highway. Yes, I'm crazy...she said it and so did D when I called to check up on him from his surgery yesterday. He's fine, a little sore, naturally, staying with his 'rents for a few days until he can move and use his crutches. We'll get together next weekend for lunch, guilting Tina and Nelson to come because of his ailment.

I'd been dying for a Carvelanche all week, so after dinner I went and got us stuff from Carvel. So good. I spent the rest of the night working on my reviews and my price guide list (trying to get use of my 365 days while I can!). Also, I finally bought an MP3 player. $129 for 8GB, pretty good deal considering I had that unused $50 gift card. Or, it was until I got slammed with over $10 in tax! The hell?! For that price I may as well've gotten an iPod! Ah well, at least I'll get my couple thousand songs (hopefully in time for my trip!) and it's memory upgradeable, so I can buy myself one of them chips and maybe get beyond 8GB! That'd be pretty sweet!

Overall, a fun day. If I didn't scare Jess off with being me, think she could be a cool friend to have. At least she's someone to go to museums with who won't call me 30 years old. Lookin' at you, D!