Thursday, August 31, 2006


Second day of school, Psychology class. I left on time and everythin', but th' damn trains still made me late. Stupid MTA hasn't run right since their goddam strike. Pissants. Anyways, took me a bit to find th' room as I never been to th' 7th floor before. And, of course, where's th' floor directory? None other than behind one of th' vendin' machines. Smaaaaaaaaaart. And I thought this was a school. Class is in another theater room, so it's almost like I'm back in my film class last semester. Prof is kinda funny, always a plus. She wanted class to end early, and yet somehow we finished right on time. Ah wells. After class I hit th' bookstore to compare prices before I ordered online, but th' place is so darn cramped an' crowded I said fuck it and left.

Th' 6 train was definitely more like itself today. Was crowded on my way there, and worse on my way back. I hadda skip th' first train I caught 'cause there was just no room. Squeezed on th' second, though. Be damned if I did that twice. One cool thing about today was I discovered while my bike may not've had any physical effects, it's definitely done some cardio work. See, we got escalators, elevators and plain ol' stairs at school. I take th' stairs. Last semester, I was gaspin' by th' 5th floor and it took me forever to recover. This semester, I wasn't feelin' it till I was almost at 7. Yesterday barely felt it at all. And my recovery time? Hella fast! No sooner did I get my seat I was breathin' normal again. Yayness! Now, if only it'd stop rainin' so I could keep up with that...

Left D a voicemail fer his bday today. Figger he'd get that before an E-Mail. Other'n that, I just pretty much bummed around. I almost fell asleep at work, so gonna try to get to bed earlier tonight. Could explain why I'm so bored an' unmotivated tonight. Blah. I got things to finish! Damn me. Oh, and things're startin' to get back to normal as I've lost two of th' girls diggin' me on Myspace. Oooooh wells...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


School time again. Yay. No, really. Yay. Don't believe me? Good. Shouldn't. I picked up my notebook after work and headed home ta do some stuff and eat. Of course I was late leavin' and I had just missed th' train. Fortunately next one wasn't too far off and caught th' N relatively quickly. Without it, may've been REALLY late. Got to class...representation of race in media. Wasn't too bad except fer th' seats. They have rows of connected seats with desks, an' half th' backs can be reclined offerin' NO support. So basically my back was hurtin' a good while after it. Blah. Gonna hafta see if th' back row is any better; if I can use th' wall to my advantage. Must. Get. There. EARLY!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Peace and quiet. I love it. Yesterday I got up to find my 'rents were still home, fearin' they cancelled th' trip fer some stupid reason and I'd be stuck with 'em all week. Fortunately, was just my pops bein' an asshole. Two days in and I'm enjoyin' th' solidarity. Just me and my kitties. And, of course, th' house is still in th' condition it was a couple days ago, whereas if they was home th' table would already be trashed, papers and catalogues on th' front, pretzel crumbs in th' couch... Ma likes to bitch that it's me and pops what make all th' mess. Nope. I just refuse to clean their shit. It's them two. My stuff, despite lookin' messy, is really self contained.

Jane's daughter Stacy's gonna be startin' at th' office, takin' Mike's desk now that he's goin' back to teachin'. Today was her first day and I hadda train her how to use th' system much th' same way I was taught. Printed her th' procedures fer things and gave her bits of my work to do so she'll learn. Heh that was th' most productive part of my day bein' I was so damn tired I just gave up tryin' to get work done after 12. So much fer gettin' renewals done. Kathy's gonna be goin' on vacation rest of th' week, so I got my stuff and hers to do. Stacy may take some of it if Maureen so desires, but I still gotta teach her th' stuff Kathy does that wasn't in today.

I go back to school tomorrow. Blah. What a waste of time. 'Cause they had nuttin' offered fer nights, I hadda take two bullshit classes. So basically most of th' time I'm gone I'll be on th' train with one class a day. Blah. What a waste of time and money. Hopefully next semester is kinder. Also what sucks is two of th' days I'm gonna come home with enough time to eat and then gonna hafta leave. Grrrr. Gotta remember to buy a notebook after I get my comics tomorrow.

Monday, August 28, 2006


And th' crappyness of my year continues. I've known fer a while I was startin'. Thought I had more time. I was wrong. Yesterday when gettin' dressed to go home, I noticed a little extra shine in th' mirror. I checked, an' sure enough my bald spot has grown exponentially since I last checked it. ARGH! I am NOT happy. Need to find a way to reverse this before I go TOTALLY bald. Ah well, at least I always wear hats anyways.

Hung out with D after work. We BSed an' ate, played some games and then he headed fer home. Dell guy came over to fix th' laptop unannounced. Apparently, when they call ya fer an appointment an' they can't reach ya, they just show up. Isn't that nice? Anyways, lap works just fine now.

Friend of mine had some drama tonight. And, of course, I was useless...especially when it comes to th' possibility of death stuff. Yeah, not so good on consolations. Physical I rock, verbal...meh. I guess just bein' there helped, but I dunno. Night picked up after with some chattin' and even Shannon comin' on fer a short talk. So wasn't too bad. Fer a change.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


That's right, long time readers; it's back. When I went ta bed last night, finally decided to put th' clean laundry in my hamper away an' th' dirty laundry off th' floor. So I go to do that only to discover a pair of shorts I had in th' small pile by my closet was wet. Thaaaaaaaaaaaat's of th' cats pissed on it again. Needless to say, PISSED! Threw it an' a couple socks that got hit into a tub of Simple Green till I could wash 'em today. Damn cats.

At least they're better than tech support. Went on th' Dell chat to see about fixin' up my comp...holy high fuckin' hell! They had me take out every friggin' piece in there an' plug it back in to see if it'd take power, and of course it didn't. Took me all friggin' night fer them to figger out what th' hell they're doin', not to mention I got booted from th' chat once. So their solution? Gonna send me a new microprocessor (mind you, we just bought a new UPGRADED one) so gonna see what happens there. If that don't work, I'm gonna mail Dell an' tell them to come pick th' piece of shit up and FIX IT. Th' sheer stupidity! Th' scripted responses! Th' unpronounceable names that don't tell ya if you should be cursin' out a bitch or a bastard! GAH!

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Tommy calls me up and asks me to come hangout fer a bit, head to th' 18th Ave festival. I say sure after seein' th' rain was a ways off. So I finish up what I'm doin', get dressed, and go to get my bike. Th' difficulty today of gettin' out was findin' my damn bike lock. Eventually found it and headed up to his house.

Got there and hadda take measures in lockin' up my bike. See, it's got all those quick release levers which meant people could walk off with anythin' at any time. I eventually resolved to lock th' bike via th' back wheel and carry my seat in my schoolbag, which also contained th' two locks I thought I could use and one of th' ponchos I snagged from my store when it closed back when they got us rain gear in anticipation of rain tonight. We headed down to th' festival and walked and talked th' entire length (which wasn't that long, BTW). LOVED th' weather. Nice and cool, felt all Halloweeny. I love fall. I figgered we'd run into Cetta fer some reason and I was right. Apparently she asked about me today too. Strange.

Passed by th' store but Lenny wasn't workin' tonight. Craig was there...had I known that I woulda brought his comics. At least I got my owed money. Yay! We hung out fer a bit and talked before havin' to get Tommy home so he could be at work early tomorrow.

On th' way home, I decided I'd pass by D's and have a chat with him on his stoop fer a bit. No sooner did I hit his block that I got a phone call from him. Apparently, he had gotten a table fer his toaster oven and was so exicited he left his keys at his 'rents', meanin' he was locked out. So as we talked on th' phone I pulled up right behind him fer a surprise. That was some good timin', lemme tell ya. His sis eventually dropped off his keys and I helped him with his stuff. Set up th' table and his pots and helped get his garbage ready before headin' home to eat. Was hungry and hadn't eaten dinner yet. In more strange timin', I got home just as th' fam came back from th' lobster party they went to at pops' boat club. Odd.

Of course, grill was outta propane so I ended up doin' my sausage patties on th' George Forman. Hadda rush through dinner 'cause a sick Chae hyped on Nyquil wanted to phone. And phone we did till she was about ready to pass out after 3. Feelin' tired myself, so think I'm gonna turn in early.

Friday, August 25, 2006


So I come home today, turn on th' lap, and get a vertical blue line down th' screen. That's right, a new lap an' th' screen's alread frigged up. I EMed Dell and went to take a nap. Got up and Ma had played with th' lap as per their instructions, only to end up makin' th' screen go dark. So we were in a chat with them fer a while. Screen brightness was resolved, but we need a new LCD. A technician's s'posed to call and set up an appointment to replace it. At least it's under warranty.

Always somethin'.

Had the talk with th' ex tonight. I hadn't intended it, but she sniffed me out under an alternate screen name with me havin' blocked her all week. She's smart when she wants to be. Anyways, decided to get it over with and we talked. It was civil. Told her how much things sucked, she took responsibility fer it's suckage. Overall, I felt better when we were done. Still not thrilled that she was able to brush aside 3 1/2 years like they were nuttin', but what'm I gonna do? Wished she had me come up sooner when she saw there was no snow this past winter...maybe we coulda saved ourselves. Plus, she took up th' back seat of her car with a speaker set-up. WTF! What if we needed that, huh? Grrr. Heh just kiddin'...though I really do miss holdin' her and all that assorted stuff. SUCKS!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


So our new part arrived yesterday, problem solved...right? Wrong. Hooked up th' computer today and still wasn't turnin' on. Power was goin' through, but it wasn't startin'. We contacted tech support and they sent us a diagram of how th' motherboard's s'posed to be set up. Was perfectly fine. So we're gonna try replacin' with th' old motherboard again to see if that's th' problem. Always somethin'. So no more delays...gotta write on that stupid laptop and get things done. Oy.

Came in to work yesterday and Arnold had moved my comp down to my desk. Hadda wait a bit till he finished, so I moved th' last of my stuff over. I also discovered th' Post was givin' away a SERIES of Spidey comics, not just th' one last week. D'oh! I rushed to get th' papers and came back to my nice...beautiful...desk. Of course, one problem: he frigged up my label maker connection. So I couldn't print labels nor finish all my work. S'posed to come back in tomorrow to finish some things, so hopefully can get that all squared away. Hate to spend my peaceful week makin' up old work.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Wow it took me forever to get home. I hadda figger out what kinda money to get when I cashed my check, which was made all th' more difficult bein' I forgot my checkin' number so I couldn't deposit th' money into there. Eventually got all my incriments figgered out. Took a while at th' bank 'cause they had one of th' chicks in back at th' teller counter while th' actual teller was in th' vault (or whatever that room is there) doin' somethin'. Made even more complicated was as my bank's convertin' over to Sovereign they hafta give ya a new bank book, and since I was takin' $26 to cover th' rest of next week's Metrocard it was there to get changed out. Comic shop I spent some time BSin' with one of th' guys there, so was late by th' time I got home.

Didn't get much readin' done, 'cause by th' time I finished listin' 'em on both lists and got around to eatin', I hadda go meet Danielle at th' train station. This time I was actually able to make it on time (was a bit late Monday bein' every time I try to go out with th' bike somethin' happens to make me take forever to leave!) and stood by th' newsstand waitin'. Train got out a couple minutes later, and before she came out I saw my old co-worker/crush Fatima come out. Walked right past me...not surprised, old co-workers around here don't seem to recognize me. Or ignore me. Either way.

We walked and talked to her place until one of her friends passed by, then they talked and I stood there. Once he left she filled me in on th' background of their convo so was pretty much caught up when I left. Headed home and got to work on my site. Uploaded th' images at work, but discovered th' issue with th' pop-up blocker. So, I disabled that at home and was able to upload an image (which I ended up NOT usin'...grrrness).

Danielle called me shortly after to thank me fer walkin' her and stuff. Unusual but nice. X-23 called me a bit later to tell me a story of a freakazoid she met. Gotta love Wal-Mart. My next call came from Rogue who was havin' a bad day. Fortunately I'm able to get her laughin' on th' phone just by talkin'. Dunno if I help much, but hey, I try. Finally was Chae who was bored with little else to do. We talked till my battery was about to die; I plugged in, got ready fer bed and called her back and we talked till 3 and her battery was about to die. Busy phone day.

Some advice I gave had me thinkin'. I need to talk to th' ex, but I'm no longer sure how to do it. I got different advice from different people in different directions. Some overlap each other, but th' others just confuse me. I should let go, but I don't wanna. Blah. Decisions. I'm only gonna have one shot at this so hafta make it count.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


It's funny what ya don't notice till ya need to. Just realized th' lap don't have a disk drive, which means I couldn't do my site stuff th' conventional way. So, that required DLin' images I needed to my USB drive. Now, I also couldn't successfully get Photoshop installed, so now I'm freakin'. Fortunately th' scanner has it's own, cheaper editin' program so I wasn't TOTALLY screwed. Just slightly. I'm gettin' really nervous as I dunno where my burned copy of th' program is. I looked fer it once and couldn't find it. I think I might end up downgradin' to Photoshop 4 ma has at th' office. Oy.

To make matters worse I couldn't upload my damn images so my site's gonna be late. Again. Grrr. Gonna hafta go to work and uplaod there till I figger out what th' holdup is now. All this aggrivation and I coulda hung with Danielle fer a bit. Blah.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Andrea's all moved outta th' pit and into her new cubical...and th' other two down there couldn't be happier, especially Kathy. But now, even I'm a li'l miffed at her. When Mike left, he took all his personal stuff and left all th' business stuff behind. When I moved, I took th' letter tray, th' printer, pens and whatever was in th' drawers. When this bitch moved, she took EVERYTHING. All th' push pins, th' shelf that was under th' window she started usin', th' chair, AND th' garbage can! The hell, none of that stuff was left over up front? These WERE occupied cubicles at SOME point! Not only that, but fer a chick who cleans obssessively, my desk is a real friggin' mess. Grrrr.

Went home and got some work done, but not a lot. Damn Myspace addictin'. Why couldn't they be like other chats with assholes and cyber pervs so I could get disgusted and not come back fer years when I'm desperately bored? Blah...must...fight...addiction!

Met up with Danielle today. Called, asked if I would while she did somethin', so since it timed nicely with my ride said what th' hell. Was kinda fun, definitely interestin' person. See? I can be sociable. She also called again later tonight, but unfortunately I was distracted again. Wasn't TV this time. Nah, much worse. Th' ex. I...relapsed again. I'll leave it there fer now. Don't worry, an update'll be forthcomin'.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I was all set to put th' new motherboard into my comp this weekend, but ma wanted to wait fer pops as he was goin' upstate this weekend to get th' trailer finalized so they could (possibly) go up next week (please oh please oh please!). Anyways, ma hogged th' comp this mornin' so I couldn't do my work as I planned. When she finally got her ass off I decided what th' hell, change out th' motherboard now. So, they did. Good news; th' ethernet lit up so that fixed it. Bad news; pops bent th' shit out of a component tryin' to force it back in, so my comp is basically dead. We put in an order fer it ($350!) and it won't get here till probably Friday. Th' solution? Ma's laptop now sits where my comp is hooked up to all th' necessary places. It's not bad except I ain't used to th' keyboard and I hafta keep my arms higher than normal to type. Tryin' to get used to it by goin' to chats so I can write more comfy. Damn assholes, always in my way.

Yet another girl likes me on Myspace. I've lost count how many that is now. I still have no clue as to why I'm so desireable on here, but once I get out there I'm th' gay best girl friend brother type. Just don't. At least they're gettin' more legal in age so big brother can't slap iron on my ass...

Danielle called me again tonight before she went to bed. Shot th' shit a bit, but I got kinda distracted towards th' end 'cause George Takei was layin' th' smackdown on people who assaulted his homosexuality durin' th' roast of William Shatner. Was very entertainin', but got kinda weak in th' middle. Especially with th' freakiness that is Andy Dickless.

I had turned down a phone call from Chae seein' as it was past 1 and I wanted to get to bed at 2, but now I wish I took it 'cause I was up till 3 anyways. Ah wells.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Me and Chae're havin' some troubles. I am who I am and she is who she is and between both of us, that's a major clash. I try to tone it down when it comes to her. Really, I do. But it still comes out. Old dogs and all. She got mad at me 'cause I stomped on an asshole in th' room and she didn't like how I did it. Later on she was tellin' a friend about her activities that night when I came in and caught it. So, instead of riskin' another fight 'cause of me I left. She didn't take that move fer what it was though, so trouble ensued anyways. But, she called and we talked and we got most of it ironed out. At least until th' next time our personalities clash. Well, can't say I didn't give her a heads up. It's become apparent over th' years I should come with a disclaimer warnin'.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Been talkin' to a girl whom I met on th' boards to my High School on Myspace, Danielle, fer about a month or so now. We keep talkin' about a hangout but hasn't happened yet, so gave her my number th' other day so she can arrange it whenever possible seein' as I'm th' one with th' lack of a life. Surprised me with a call today while I was workin'. Talked fer a bit, was kinda fun. At least she's FROM Brooklyn so no laughin' at my accent! But go me, makin' new friends! Now, let's see if I can do it as easily in school.

Andrea's all moved from my desk, so now gotta wait on our computer guy to set up mine over there. I handle th' policy info downloads from some companies, so th' comp hasta be set up where it is to do it. Don't understand it much more than that. I just use th' crap.

Attempted another bike ride today. Went th' other day and my leg was hurtin' so bad yesterday...and it wasn't even th' leg I strained! Didn't get out till real late, and I'm glad I did. Th' sunset that late was soooo gorgeous. Colors, clouds, th' works. Only negative is th' bike path goes against traffic at one point so as it got darker their lights cut down yer visibility by a good deal. And boy, did I need visibility. Th' hell is it with stupid kids down there? They like steer right INTO my path all th' time, or when they run out they look th' opposite way. Grrrr. Things like that what makes me hate kids.

I'm feelin' a little better. Talked to th' ex earlier this week which got me feelin' majorly bummed out fer most of th' week. Yeah, I relapsed. I know, bad me. Happens. But, I'm fightin' back. Just takes a while to get used to th' idea yer once perfectly planned future is shattered beyond repair. Just wish I had Tina's ability to forget. Would come in reeeeeeeeeeeeeal handy I tell ya. But no, I gotta be th' schmuck what remembers everythin'. Stupid awareness.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I'm gettin' my desk back! Okay, quick recap... When Van started, they moved Andrea to my desk 'cause he sees customers and I got stuck back at th' temporary desk I started at. Now that Art has moved to John's old cubical, they're stickin' Andrea in his cubical to be closer to th' phones and I'm gettin' moved back. Sweet! Should be back by next week.

Decided to do some work in th' basement today. Wasn't much I can do with all their shit in th' way, but I got some stuff ready fer th' sales. Gonna need some plastic tubs fer some of th' stuff I got in storage bein' th' boxes I'm usin' smell all musty and moldy. Possibly from th' floods we had. Gotta protect my stuff, after all.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Blah...too much soda this weekend, my back is hurtin' a bit. Dammit.
Saw Descent with D. Yeah, th' movie sucked. Was real slow and utterly pointless. I didn't enjoy it. He did, of course. After we went back to Anopoli fer lunch before partin' ways to go do our various tasks fer th' day.

Last night I had ordered a new watch off Ebay. Well, a new old' one I'm currently wearin', in fact. I used to love this thing and it was cheap enough, so what th' hell. Worked on some stuff and chatted fer a bit on and off. Never did get around to my laundry...ah well. I did try out th' earpiece in ma's phone so it IS th' jack on my phone I frigged up. Pops says I can take it to Verizon to get it fixed, so gonna do that soon as I can. Was thinkin' tomorrow, but feelin' kinda crappy. I let certain memories come back in and it's doin' a number on me. As over my situation as I am, there's still a small piece left to go...and it's not goin'. I hate stragglers.

I've decided to take some steps. School's gonna be startin' in two weeks and we ain't got shit done, either on my car or in th' basement. So, what I'm gonna do is (if I can pull myself off th' comp long enough) is get down there and at least get all my shit ready fer th' sale. Gonna hafta make some hard choices. Then, I'm gonna look up every single piece of info on car restoration I can find and just start. Fuck this shit, I'm sick of waitin'. If pops could learn to assemble an entire engine in his bedroom then I can restore a car. This' almost what he'll look like when he's finished, maybe a darker red:

Speakin' of plans, my plan to get a motorcycle just got a tad accellerated. 'Rents saw this article fer a Chinese bike company with cheap bikes and great mileage. So, gonna look into them and then go from there. Pops says he'd hook me up with one, so fine. I'll take him up on it. Someone wants to buy me a motorcycle I ain't gonna argue. I love ridin' my bike, so this' just th' next natural step in evolution. Still gonna bike a lot, but nice to have a faster option that requires less exertion. 'Sides, don't chicks dig motorcycles? Heh just kiddin'; bike is fer my enjoyment, not a pick-up tool. So we'll see what happens with this thing.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Last night while talkin' to Tina, a car alarm started goin' off. Was still goin' when I went to bed. This mornin', it was STILL goin'. Weaker, though. Battery was probably dyin' after it goin' all night. GOOD. Serves th' ass right fer parkin' it so far from where he was. Hope it's DOA.

Speakin' of Tina, I IMed her to make a crack about her bein' all booked up with plans today. She told me most of them got cancelled and she was just relaxin'. Then, after mentionin' a bike ride, she shocks me by askin' if I wanna go fer a walk with her by th' water. Of course I accepted. She picked me up and we drove down (to a walk, no less...only her) and parked, got some water from a truck and proceeded down to th' bike path. We walked and talked down to th' pier when D called me lookin' to hang. Gave her th' phone and they talked fer a bit, plannin' to meet up again after she went fer a waxin' fer her vacation trip with her wifey (and BTW, ouch!). We went back to her car and she dropped me back off while she went fer her appointment.

Ma had ordered this cabinet to replace her dresser in her room, which I was gonna be gettin' to replace mine. So it came and they cleaned up so we could get it out. First we hadda lift th' dresser up and out of their room. I wanted to stick it in th' hallway then bring in th' other thing, but THEY wanted to put it in th' dinin' room. So we did and ma cleaned up. We carted th' other thing into th' back and up and over once again, only to discover it's WAY smaller than th' dresser. Ma thought they made a mistake, but turns out she was just a dumbass. So, we hadda take it BACK out and get th' dresser BACK in. Now I gotta figger out what to do with th' cabinet as I just inherited it, see if it works fer me. God I hate these people.

Phoned with X and Chae tonight. They went on and on while I was just listenin'. I probably woulda been on th' phone with them all night 'cept D's got me roped into goin' to see The Descent tomorrow. Blah. I clipped my phone to my shorts so I could do th' dishes and take out th' garbage. Turned out to be a mistake 'cause as I headed fer th' door I rapped my phone into th' wall and th' call was cut out. X tried callin' back several times, but I figgered out my handsfree wasn't workin' no more. Hafta see if I frigged it up at th' phone or at th' cord. Finally got back with X fer a bit before Chae called back havin' plugged in her phone. Talked till about 4:30...little later than I planned, but what can I say...I enjoy th' convo.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Tonight was hangout night. Sis had called me an' Tina and invited us over to her BF's relatives' place to chill fer a bit bein' she's been gone so long. I picked up three bottles of soda not bein' sure how many would be there, so I figgered 3 would suffice fer just us or a couple more. Tina picked me up a bit later than she said she would, but was all good. She gave me a brief update on her life, how much she likes teachin', and how she calls her closest friend wifey now (which inspired many lesbian related jokes fer th' night). I did hafta get on her case fer tryin' to have a text convo with her on th' way, though. She handed me th' phone so I could send a message fer her. Yeah, right. Her text function's one of those things that'll help fill in th' word as ya type...severe pain in th' ass. And yet she handles it like a pro. I guess it fits with how her mind functions... Also talked about how hard she is to get to hang out. A fact she denied yesterday, but after mentionin' all th' plans and future plans she has comin' up, it kinda dawned on her. Hehe was actually kinda funny.

We got there and had a bit of trouble findin' th' entrance to th' parkin' area due to a generator bein' at th' entrance and us havin' to go into th' exit. Apparently they lost power at some point. Was a big apartment complex with a doorman an' everythin'. Definitely th' kinda place we'd never hope to live in. Ever. We went up and into th' apartment. Place was loaded with all kindsa art, includin' a table whose bottom was a rowboat with a clear top (a table which I would eventually almost destroy by accidentally walkin' into it on a trip to refill my soda...). Very nice. Also had a nice spread of chips, cookies and cheese doodles. Nuttin' fancy, but a-ok in my book!

Th' girls talked hair while me an' th' BF watched th' Yankees lose. Again. Tina's th' only Met fan outta th' group, so fer all th' grief she gave us we gave her back in triplicate. Poor guy was a little left outta th' convos though, 'cause when ya get us three together we start goin' off about our pasts and stories we all know and it's pretty fast and frantic. There were jokes, stories, pictures, and a whole mess more. Was a lot of fun. EXCEPT when th' Simpsons were flipped on. I swear, I felt my IQ steadily drop. Whatever quality th' show once had is gone now. Just one flop joke after another, some completely random. Think it's about due to end.

Left when Tina wanted to and we headed fer home. We stopped fer a bit outside my place and just talked some more. It's kinda funny how easily me, her an' sis get back in our grooves no matter how long we been apart. It's really great. She was startin' to get hungry and dozy so I headed in and she headed off. Had some Popeye's waitin' fer me so munched that while I chatted. She IMed me to inform me she had her Honey Bunches of Oats before retirin'. I'm about ready to pass out myself so think I'll head off.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Sis IMs me today to say she wants to have a gatherin' of friends at her BF's place in th' city. I make mention dunno if I have any fer a Metrocard and by th' time I realized I did, she had me hooked up with a ride from Tina. She left an' me and Tina caught up a bit, filled her in on th' two most recent big events of my life (bein' dumped an' crashin'). Also came up how hard it is fer me to get her out, a point which she denied sayin' I haven't tried enough to say that. I informed her every time I did try this year she was always busy with somethin'. Does she really think I don't WANT to hang with her more? I'd love to be able to see her, sis an' D every damn day if I could. Guess can do somethin' she suggested and become E-Mail pen pals. Why not.

Worked on my insurance list again. Was on a roll, goin' through th' Ms until th' damn site crashed. Grrrr. Always somethin'. Also phoned with Rogue and Marisa; very fun. Guess I am becomin' a phone person. Anyways, did all that and chatted until I was about ready to pass out, so decided it was time fer bed.

One thing I forgot to mention was a few days ago in th' chat, we had this spammer who kept on fer half an hour. Chae thought he was after her, but turns out was after me. Never saw th' ass before but he had a mad on. Said was comin' down here in a month and wanted my address so he could kill me. That's right, I got an internet death threat. You can tell I'm quakin'. I just bought some boots so gonna go shake in 'em.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I was tired as hell all day runnin' on only 4 hours sleep, but it's amazin' how quickly that can be brushed aside when yer needed. Spent most of th' night on th' phone helpin' a friend through a rough situation. Think I helped, hope I did. See what happens in th' comin' days, I guess.

Soon after I got on a conference call with Chaelyn an' X-23, two gals I met in th' chat. Was kinda fun, although my battery was about to die. They wouldn't let me end my participation when I wanted to so I hadda go run in back to plug in. Ami's phone what was hostin' th' convo eventually died out anyways so that was short yet pointless. Was fun, though. And of course, she got a kick outta my accent. Yeah, everyone loves to laugh at my accent; the ex, Marisa, Chae, Rogue and now X. Ah wells. Guess it's th' easiest effort i could ever put into makin' someone laugh.

Went back to Best Buy today, ma took me. Of course, nobody was workin' at our counter so we hadda wait forever fer service, an' then fer th' bums to go find our stuff. Completely inefficient over there. Ma got hers first, browsed a bit, then went to Wendy's fer dinner. I eventually got my correct DVD an' went over there to meet her so we could head home. Ah well, at least I finally got all my DVDs an' th' food was good. Stupid store.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Due to my lack of web fer a week, I hadda do double work on updatin' my page tonight. Needless to say it took me until 4AM to do it. One thing that did make it fun though was talkin' to Chaelyn on th' phone as I worked. I do have a lotta fun talkin' to her. Only bad part is now I gotta get up at 8AM fer work. Blah. Soooo under rested this week.

So D wondered why I kept that big cup from Subway I got when we went a couple weeks ago. Well, today that reason was answered! Nuttin' much left to drink in th' house with dinner except th' two powder mixes they got their last trip to th' store. Smallest I could go to use 'em was a quart, or 4 cups. And that cup just happens to hold 4 cups nicely. So, was able to mix on th' fly and had my fruit punch. Bein' a packrat, I learned that th' most useless stuff ya pick up can end up havin' their uses soon enough. Booyah!

One bitch today was after my bike ride, my damn watch battery died. I figgered I could swap it out with one I have handy, but noooo. Hadda be a completely strange one. So I'm wearin' my old watch again, ya know th' one I hafta tape my band down? Temporary until I can figger out where to get batteries.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Fridge hasn't conked out yet, so looks like it's a keeper. I just need to work up th' gumption to put all th' shit back on it and clear off our dinin' room table. Between that shit and all their mail we're runnin' outta room.
So, here's a completely new situation fer me; I like two girls...and they both like me. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I know, right? Pretty much all I'm gonna say on th' subject till I see how it plays out. Just thought you'd all like to know that th' Apocalypse is approachin'.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


So, I had been talkin' to this girl from Ohio on Myspace. Met her in th' chat couple weeks ago tryin' to convince someone else not ta join' th' service with dumbass in office, then she popped up last Friday once again. Talkin' all week resulted in my callin' her last night and talkin' till 6AM. Dunno why I was inclined to call her, but I did, and it was a fun convo...thus why I was on so long. Ahh, th' interestin' friends I make...

April IMed me today. We talked fer a bit before I got a call from Rogue. Gave her my number in case she needed to talk bein' I'd be out fer a few hours. We had a nice chat, also a lotta fun, till she hadda get to church. I guess all those times callin' th' ex helped...I'm actually able to hold phone convos! That's two new convos in a row! Go me.

Went to Best Buy by bike ta get my last DVD. Okay, now th' thing they sent me said Resident Evil, right? DVD was wrapped up so I could see th' wrong edge of it, so it wasn't until I got home an' opened it up that I saw they gave me Ferris Bueller. Again. WTF man?! I swear one hand don't know when th' other's jackin' off. So now I gotta go BACK so I can get an exchange done. ARGH!

Went to th' store fer my monthly visit (yes, I'm worse than a period). Didn't stay too long seein' it was so late and their newest manager yet has 'em cleanin' crap up so they were busy as hell. Always next month to shoot th' shit more. On th' plus side, th' oiling I gave my chain last night had DEFINITELY improved my ride. Yes!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Man am I wiped. Helpin' out a buncha people with a few problems today, bit outta practice. And shape. I should really try to moderate it more and ease myself back in. Heh of course I won't. I missed doin' this, I admit it. I just gotta make sure I don't drive myself nuts again. But, fortunately I'm older and smarter.
Heat's been unbearable last few days. So much so th' AC don't do jack. I was s'posed to go fer a bike ride today, but I don't think so. I still need oil anyways. Dammit. Gotta take th' other bikes to get fixed. Meantime, barrin' any emergencies, I'll try to come up with some way to grease my chain.

Couple more days till our fridge comes. Then no more crossin' apartments fer water. Or anythin'! Stupid Sears. Oh, and our $50 refund fer th' trouble? A lousy Sears gift card. What th' hell? Cheap bastard corporation.

On the lighter side, I think I pissed off a member of the Syndicate. Ya know, that big crime network that spans th' globe? Yeah, some guy was talkin' 'bout how he met his girl in a rival gang which of course illicited comments from me, then said how he was a big shot in th' syndicate and how he helps people by keepin' other gangs down. Bull. I told him his crew are criminals plain an' simple and they all deserved jail or worse. Basically a back and forth about how th' Syndicate are th' good guys. Dunno if he really beleives that or is just naieve. Bad guys are bad guys. Don't matter if they take out other bad guys 'cause then they take over their turf. That's all. It's like a hostile takeover. He really think he's bein' altruistic and protectin' people? Bull. He's just takin' one problem and replacin' it with another. You wanna do some good? You help yer community. You become a cop; ya know, th' guys whose job it is to take out bad guys? Ya don't join a major crime organization and say "We keep people from getting killed, so it's okay that we do other illegal stuff!"

Ah well. If I disappear then you all know I was probably whacked.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Shannon came on today and I found myself strugglin' with what to say to her. I really hate when that happens. When ya talk to someone fer so long ya get into this great rhythm, but when ya have a long break suddenly it's like ya just met and ya can't get nuttin' out. It's happened with me an' Sis many times. However, with th' state of my convos with th' ex I'm hopin' me an' Shannon follow me an' Sis' pattern rather than that. Speakin' of Sis, accordin' to her blog she's gonna be back soon, and then 3 weeks later she heads off to school in Texas to be with her BF while he's stuck there.

Reached 100 again today, and still I went fer a bike ride. I needed it, it's been too long. Of course, wind fought me as usual. Was real nice down by th' path, though. Got home and was drenched, even got light headed. Ah well, it needs to be done. Needed my A/C last night, probably will again tonight. Damn room is like a furnace.

Apparently we ain't th' only ones with extreme heat. Rogue came back from campin' in 105 degrees. Yeesh. Thought th' country was supposed to be cooler. Ah well, at least th' ex can't say she's cold. Although, I am missin' her in shorts. Damn.