Monday, April 26, 2010


Finally fed up with the current arrangement of being the SECOND MAN on MY route, I used the fact I was the ONLY courier without a truck to leverage myself back into getting one. I said I would take some of the stops that get dropped, then meet up on my route and give whatever help is needed there. That way, I'm still shuttling around like I end up doing anyway and he's making his numbers. So, starting tomorrow, I now get a truck parked out on the street just for me. No more chasing down rides back, and no more annoying partners all the time. I mean, really, what were they saving each week that way? Nothing but 5 gallons of gas a week.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


For today's CAG meeting we saw Kick-Ass. I wouldn't have even considered it if people didn't say they wanted to go. Of course, the kicker is the people who voted in the affirmative, 99% of them weren't the ones who showed! Instead we had a new guy and a couple of people who came only to the meeting.

The meeting was standard stuff, so I'll say this much: Kick-Ass sucked. It had a couple funny moments and I enjoyed the Hit-Girl scenes because those were unique, but otheriwse it was as suck-ass as the book. Big surprise. And speaking of suck-ass, avoid the Nathans on 7th Avenue. Their portions and quality have diminished, and especially for the brave souls who unfortunately tried Roy Rogers. They didn't even get past the first bite. I remember when Roy Rogers was on 86th Street. Them's was good eats. Guess ol' Roy fell of his white horse.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I had debated about whether or not I'd go back to the con today, since I didn't wanna stand in line for 2 hours again. But, it was warmer so after a disappointing search for the Tea Party site (which was nothing but a red-bricked waterfront) I headed over. I was pleasantly surprised at the LACK of line today. Very nice. I hung out and talked to the peeps there, and even hit a couple more discount bins before heading out for lunch and the bus.

Unfortunately, those extra comics were a mistake. All the walking I did and bumps I hit caused one of my suitcase wheels to buckle and drag. I tore the crap outta it. AND finding the places I found to eat proved impossible. All the Subways were closed and the Burger King was long gone. I ended up having to eat the pricey burgers in the bus terminal (where the genius employee quoted me the price for the double cheeseburger HAPPY MEAL rather than the burgers themselves).

The ride home wasn't as long. The internet was a lot more wonky so I attmpted to read some on the way. Not a bad trip, but if the con is at the same place again next year, I think I'm skipping it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


So much for my paper. Ended up passing out and not sending it in till 10 this morning. Frigging BSed the whole thing, especially to get it up to 4 pages. Dunno if I did it right, but I'd settle for a "done it" credit over anything else. I'm just not analytical, so analyzing a scene as inconsequential as I had to just didn't play to my strengths.

Also totally Geekd out over the last two episodes of Batman: Brave and the Bold. Was not aware new episodes had returned so I missed 3, caught part of one last night when I went for food. Why did I geek out? Well, not only were the episodes AWESOME as all hell, but the guest stars alone. Both eps featured Kevin Conroy as A Batman and Phantom Stranger, Dana Delany and Clancy Brown reprised a version of their Lois Lane/Lex Luthor roles, and Adam West and Julie Newmar played young Bruce Wayne's parents. And let's not forget Mark Hamil as The Spectre. SWEETNESS!

Boston Comicon was at a new venue this year. With the new venue and high-profile talent attending came another new thing: a line. Since CAG lost our table due to taking too damn long to find a convention coordinator and finalize the table, I had no badge to just slip in. Not that it would matter. Fire marshal was on hand strictly enforcing the 1800 person capacity limit. People who left the show, despite having their wrist bands, would hafta get back on line to get back in. The wait wouldn't've been so bad if I wasn't next to three annoying teenaged boys who thought everything was funny and stuck in a wind tunnel. I don't get cold easily, but by the time I got inside I was frozen throughout. Had to pay the $4 for a hotdog to try and warm up.

I walked around some. Bought some comics from venors, hit the discount bins, the usual. I was unprepared for this show since I thought it came later so I didn't have anything of my own to get autographed this time. Ah well. I did get to see the New England Ghostbusters and their cool equipment...including a full-replica Containment Unit. At the moment it just lit up, but they plan to install sound and lighting effects as per the movie. It was pretty sweet. Matt convinced me to get my picture taken with them. Guess I have a new Facebook photo. That was, unfortunately, the only picture I could take since my camera charger was missing with my DVDs.

George, our Boston coordinator, set up a little informal after-con gathering to which only those already AT the show attended (despite the 47 people on Facebook who said they'd come). Since the other convention in the hall was taking the place up we decided to hit a bar Keith Googled on his phone, appropriately named Murphy's Law. Not only because of Keither's last name, but because that's what you can apply to any CAG gathering.

Murphy's Law ended up being JUST a bar with no restaurant, so I ran ahead to find someplace else we could sit and eat. I found a bar/restaurant a couple blocks away, but we ended up being screwed over since we didn't have a reservation. Geeze, can't just walk into places no more. Tricia suggested an Italian Restaurant the next block over before bailing herself. Food was actually good, and inexpensive. So, despite the setbacks, we did have fun.

Friday, April 09, 2010


Happy birthday to me.

Gma's funeral was today in PA. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend since I had used Priceline's bidding option for my hotel in Boston and couldn't change or cancel it. So, instead after work I raced over to 31st Street to catch the Megabus.

Megabus had upgraded some since the last time I rode them. They're now sporting double-decker busses, which means even less headroom to go with the lack of legroom, but what can ya do. At least I was finally able to get an internet connection and figured out a way to deter my car sickness from reading to talk to Mira most of the way. Unfotunately, somehow I ended up misplacing the DVDs I spent a good half hour gatherng last night, using the DVD travel case ma got me for Xmas. Coulda sworn I put it in my schoolbag, but it wasn't there and the only time it was outta my sight was in my work locker. Had ma do a quick look around for it but to no avail. Odd.

So after a 2 hour delay in traffic, I got to the hotel in time for the deluge to hit. Good thing I mapped out places to eat, otherwise I'da never known about the Burger King 3 blocks away. So the plan is to eat, and finish up my paper so I can send it in and get my credit for it.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Gma B finally gave up and died today. Pops was already in Florida when the shitheads down there said she was in the hospital. Ya know, it was expected. She's been slowly dwindling the last couple of years, and ma figures when she was unable to return to NY she just gave up. So, what can ya do?