Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today went a little bit better. Frieght arrived on time an' we were on the road nice an' early. Hadda help Tony again, but the stops went easily enough that I was able to go with Juan fer the remainder an' NOT have any lates. Yes, I did get a stop fer 236 but one of the guys there answered the door. Ah well. I really need to get my own damn route. Waitin' on these guys to do my work seriously kills me. Can't work at my pace, can't keep my numbers up...blah.

Got to work fairly early fer once an' had plenty of time to go get my comics. Trudged through that, went to the bank where I juggled 4 different checks, went home, started readin', then did my reviews before havin' to go to bed. I resisted spendin' more money fer comics on Ebay! Be proud of me.

Okay, so, boredom took it's toll the other day an' I started trollin' through the Craigslist personal ads. After goin' through 'em with sis, decided to respond to a couple of 'em, gettin' a response back later that night from one of 'em. I responded again, but have yet to hear anythin'. Ah well. I also, just outta curiosity, posted my own to see what kinda reaction I'd get. Surprised me today when I got a response from a decent soundin' chick. I responded back so we'll see what happens. Only real snag is she lives outside the city, HOWEVER!!! She's within the provisions I set fer myself 'cause MTA Metro North goes to her town an' it's barely an' hour from Brooklyn. So, there we go, I'm allowed to pursue an interest if it gets to that point. We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Today was a hectic day. We had a lot of late frieght come into the station, which meant the trucks didn't start rollin' till 9. Factor in the few minutes it takes to get to their respective areas WITH traffic, an' you got a lotta people who weren't able to make service. Calls went out all over, but I think everyone was pretty much in the same boat. I got stuck with two myself 'cause I was with Tony once again. That's right.

He gave me several stops to start with thinkin' that'd suffice an' then I could go help Juan on my route. Of course we kicked it off with 307, an' with additional slow elevators in other buildings it took me better part of the hour to do those 6 stops. Then he sent out the call fer help so I hadda go back with him. By the time he came out to the truck an' we drove to the next block, it was all over. 15 mins to do 5 stops, one of which was one he forgot to give me fer a previous stop. Basically it came down to a choice; I could either end up with 2 lates, or 3. I chose wisely, especially considerin' one of the lates I never woulda fit into the elevator with the handtruck extended as a u-boat. With the P1 crunch over, I was sent over to Juan to finish out the day.

I did a few stops then hadda wait fer him to do a few more then take me back, so I got back well past when I shoulda punched out. I fudged the power pad timesheet an' hope that counts more than the physical punch...guess we'll find out. Stupid half hour break rules. Not a real great first day fer me in full uniform. Speakin' of which, gonna experiment with my other shirt tomorrow to see which is more heat friendly then run with that the rest of the summer. Less black the better.

No comics today 'cause of the holiday, so I came home an' worked on my two waitin' advanced reviews an' then edited my Spiderfan reviews to put them up on the site. So, all reviews are over an' done until tomorrow's haul which is no longer all that huge, thankfully. I'll just hafta remember to bring my checks an' bank book with me tomorrow, as well as ask Maureen about my check seein' as it wasn't left on my desk like Kathy's. Hope there's no issue there. Now, I just need to sit down an' order me some black sneakers fer work an' all is golden.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Sleepin' was shit. Was too damn hot an' I can't put up my AC yet. Somehow, though, I managed to sleep like crap but still feel well rested when I got up at 4. Wild.

So the plan was changed today. I ended up goin' out with a guy named Dale while Juan took over Edwin's route. Dale's an okay guy, a li'l strange an' twice the horn dog as Edwin. He wasted whole minutes checkin' out girls as they passed an' no sooner do we get on the road asked me if I'd fuck the co-worker who was talkin' to him an' helpin' while he was loadin' his truck. Okay then. He also underused me while we were deliverin', givin' me one or two packages an' usually within the same buildin' he was goin'. Man, I really hope I get the drivin' course soon... We did have our own 307 on 5th Ave where the elevator took forever to come. But, we only had one bulk stop which was fine, 'cause Tony, whom I was originally stuck with, had some 307s I saw when I was helpin' load his truck.

Finally got my uniforms; shirts an' shorts. Actually, I knew they were in 'cause when I was doin' the sort today the boxes were in my container. Before I left put in a request fer pants with Natasha, just to get a jump on winter. Now all I need to do is get some black sneakers an' I'm golden. I've also got myself put in fer direct deposit, so in 2 weeks I don't hafta worry about gettin' my checks cashed, an' in another 2 months I can get my Transit Check an' start payin' $11 fer a month. Sweet deal. I've also got my courier class startin' the 18th, so gonna hafta let the job know I'll need those two weeks off.

Work pissed me off. I come in to find a shit load of renewals when I had gotten the pile down to a decent level on Thursday. None of my piles were touched, an' it's like what the hell? Kathy's supposed to be doin' half of the work, but she does her shit then goes off to help that moron Jane with hers. An' because of that, she no longer pitches in to help out my side of the piles like we used to do. She wants to fuck over the job an' instead is fuckin' me. Also got irritated by the constant up an' down on the stairs an' use of the backyard door. Really hatin' that place today.

3 new advanced reviews are up at 215ink an' I got two new titles fer Spiderfan to do come this weekend. I ended up makin' a big comic purchase to close some gaps in my collection as well as a few tradin' cards off Ebay. Gonna hafta hold that back till the convention next month, where I'm certain to be buyin' more 50 cent issues if they're there. They're like crack I tells ya!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Today was a semi-productive day. I managed to get all my comics away, clean the porch door screens an' some of my hubcaps fer better storage, plus get a few pages done of my script while still makin' the chat. Fer some reason this script is comin' out slow, maybe 'cause I got myself so used to doin' an 8-page format my 22-pager has suffered. Blah. I don't write scripts frequently enough to do an effective transition yet. Gonna hafta make some time to work on that. Also managed to run up the power cord fer my A/C, so all I gotta do is set it up then climb out on the fire escape to get it an' I'm good to go. An' boy, I'm gonna need it. Here it is in the high 60s an' feels like the 80s. Damn humidity.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Wanna measure my progress? I forgot all about what today was until me an' Bevin got into a convo about relationships. I knew what it was yesterday, I knew what it was weeks ago. Today? Was just like any other day. Of course I'm referrin' to the fact that today marks exactly one year since my relationship was officially over. Well, officially fer me, that is. It was over loooooooong before that fer her...not that she deemed it worth tellin' me. Tomorrow would be 1 year since the day I stupidly decided to walk 6 miles from my hotel to her job resultin' in a severe case of heat rash fer the next few months. Bevin asked me why I'd wanna remember that at all, think it'd be a moment I'd like to forget. Well, I'd love to forget the last 4 years, but my memory doesn't work like that. I'll remember the little shit, maybe not always the dates but the events. I then proceeded to make my point by listin' some random moments from my life in detail.

Didn't quite make it to the bank. When I woke up felt too good just layin' there, so I stayed. But plans to get a haircut went unabated as pops stuck money in my hand 'cause he was sick of my long hair. Hey, works fer me. Got my hair cut fer free, then spent the rest of the day workin' on website stuff an' a bit of the script. Tomorrow, if it's not TOO hot, gonna try to finish puttin' my comics away an' finish up the script so I can get it mailed out Tuesday. Still a matter of 3 checks I need to get cashed, plus a 4th come Wednesday. I'll hafta see about goin' to get the bikes fixed too.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Another day of sortin' an' deliverin'. Had another unique problem with a package shipped to the wrong address. At 275 7th Ave, hadda take it to the 19th floor which ended up bein' completely abandoned an' stripped down fer some work to be done to it. Called the number on the package to find all this out an' told the guy to pick it up at the station later on. Hopefully I remember the procedures fer dealin' with these problems I've only had once durin' the week I'm alone. Or, rather, hopefully I don't encounter any. But, I'm not that lucky. Other'n that, day ran smoothly. Finished all our deliveries way before 10 so we helped out a guy on 30th an' still had time to BS until 10:30.

A message came through the pads about a BBQ on the roof at 11:30, an' this one I'd be able to make since the office would be closed by the time I get off fer the holiday. Me an' Edwin went to D'agostinos where his wife works to pick up soda an' ice fer it. Gotta say, them two are a perfect couple, fer damn sure. While they were settin' up I ran off to get changed 'cause I was dyin' from the heat, then came back to enjoy some burgers an' fun. Eventually hadda take my leave but I stuck around long enough to play basketball to 3 points with Edwin. He wanted to go more, but I could barely breathe after all that. Dude has WAY too much energy.

Came home an' did some reviews, then gonna play my game fer the rest of the night. Not much else I can do bein' tired, with a blister (that somehow didn't impede my work much) an' it bein' so damn humid. GAH!

I had another delivery fer a particular buildin' on 26th, an' this time the girl answered. She is DEFINITELY prettier than her pic. I had considered tryin' to say more, but the best I mustered was an enthusiastic hi which came outta nowhere. Ah well. The best part of that was makin' Edwin upset over my lack of moves. Maybe if she answers again next week I'll say a bit more. Maybe. Sis has also decided to become more proactive in my love life by respondin' to a personal ad on Craigslist on my behalf. Since she met her guy there she wants lightnin' to strike twice (forgettin' the last time she had a say in that area I ended up with the slut). Well, I want it out of her system so I told her to go right ahead an' troll Craigslist all she wants.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Today was a bit better work-wise, except durin' the sort I almost punctured my foot on a nail from a piece of a crate that broke off. Nuttin' major, just a small prick before I stepped too hard. I went out with Tony first to do some of his stops (no 307, thankfully!), then proceeded to help another guy make service before joinin' Edwin on 26th. The heat is killin' me, can't wait till my shorts come in.

Studied as much as I could fer my test, but my plan to do so the last hour at home kinda fell apart when I fell asleep. I woke up at 6:15 which made me 15 mins late fer the test. That pissed me off. Don't think I did too well either, I know I second guessed two answers an' reversed them, which was a mistake. Ah well. If I even get a C in the class I'll be happy. On the way home I ran into that girl outside the train I talked to last week. We chatted a bit till we parted ways on 3rd. Never did get her name, nor she mine. Ah well. Woulda just been another semester friend who disappeared once it ended.

Came home an' did my article fer Estella. Wanted to do more, but that kinda took me a while. Also sufferin' from the start of a blister in a very bad place. Dunno where that suddenly came from, started hurtin' when I woke up from my unplanned nap. Gonna see if I can do a home remedy to treat it enough that it won't bother me much tomorrow. Got a lotta work to do, can't be tripped up now.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Day 2 of the sort. Today, one of the managers timed us as we did our thing. Apparently I managed to impress with my speed, especially considerin' it was only day 2. Ain't really that hard to get a handle on if ya bother to memorize the easier addresses on the charts...which the two more experienced guys haven't. Honestly, I kinda dig doin' that more than deliveries. Freight came in late which apparently cost us time, an' it was also very heavy. When we were done sortin' Carlos stuck me with a new driver, Juan, an' told me to help Tony an' Edwin when/if they needed.

Juan was very chatty, me not so much. Not good with new people right off unless somethin' clicks. Workin' on it. Anyways, things started off pretty smooth until I had one stop. Now, durin' the sort I was nice an' dyslexic today, mixin' up things on the belt an' readin' things wrong...but fortunately I caught it before they got too far away. Well, it hit me in the street when I had deliveries fer 104' went to 140 instead. Thaaaaaat's right. Wasn't until I delivered 3 out of 6 packages that I realized I screwed up. Fortunatley, dude I went to gave the elevator guy the boxes to give me back which saved me the trip to reclaim 'em. Quickly made my deliveries an' two more before Juan sent me off to help Edwin.

Took me a while to find him. It was after 10 an' he wasn't on 26th, which meant he was WAY behind. Sent a message fer help as I was lookin' fer him on 25th, which had me go BACK to 26th. Yeesh, more timely messages, por favor! Unfortunately, I was no help with the P1s 'cause he gave me two of Tony's stops he pawned off. Those stops? FIT an' 307 7th. ARGH. FIT went off fine, I was just a li'l slowed down by havin' to scan 'em under my number on the way, but 307 is where it went to shit. Not only did it take 20 minutes fer the elevator to come down, but then we hadda wait fer garbage from the floor their workin' on to be unloaded. Bitch was 2 guys came down, but only 1 of them did the unloadin'. Felt bad fer the guy tryin' to deliver food an' was waitin' longer'n me. Bad day fer food deliveries as my first stop today another guy got stuck waitin' 'cause the guy wasn't in, yet ordered his food fer 9. Morons. Also, three fuckers used the other freight elevator down there which I thought was just fer storage. Now, wouldn't it make fuckin' sense with that construction goin' on to accomodate people an' put the other elevator IN SERVICE?! Instead of fuckin' up people who hafta wait fer this slow as mother fucker who has time to get a bagel an' construction workers removin' tons of crap? ARGH!

Was able to deliver ONE package on time, leavin' me with 4 lates. GAH! I was so freakin' pissed off. Made the rest of my deliveries via the regular elevator, an' when I was gonna leave an' he just passed my floor I said fuck it an' marched out the front door. Didn't care who had a hissy fit about it, no way I was gonna wait my entire shift to get back to work. Went back with Edwin an' we did the rest of our thing, includin' givin' me another stop fer 236. OY! I shoulda kept my mouth shut. Just an aside, I looked up the company's website an' they had pics of all their technicians, includin' the girl. Man, she does NOT photograph well. Ah well.

At the station, hadda explain to Carlos about my lates. Found out about gettin' time off, which should go easy. Also found out he was from Bay Ridge once too, pretty cool. Looks like Edwin's gonna be on vacation next week, so I volunteered to take over his route fer the duration. Someone's just gonna drive me out, leave me there, an' I'm gonna deliver all the P1's till I'm picked up. Gonna be interestin', tell ya that much. As long as I stick to Edwin's schedule an' do things the way I want to, I should be able to handle it. The P1's usually ain't as bad as the P2's.

After work, I decided to start readin' my comics outside today. Finally got my bag nice an' empty, thankfully, so that's all good. Looks like my list is gettin' progressively smaller. Hope it stays that way! Anyways, readin' outside I was able to et my books done within 2 hours, compared to the 5 or 6 it usually takes upstairs. So, think that's what I'm gonna keep doin' from now on. Especially when I got class next semester. Unfortunately, fell behind in my plans to study fer my final tomorrow, so gonna hafta go to sleep late AGAIN tonight to get some done, seein' as I'll only have an hour tomorrow. Ah well, I've managed to pass with less. Not gonna stress this bird course. Long as I pass, I'm fine.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Today we shook things up a bit. They had me go learn the sort today. Not sortin' fer the trucks, sortin' the stuff that will get sorted onto the trucks. See, the stuff comes in by plane then is taken to the proper stations via truck. The containers are loaded into an area with a rollin' floor an' placed near the conveyor belt. The belt is split into two sections that goes to each floor so the drivers can pick their packages. Took a while, but by the second container I was gettin' the hang of the system. Trucks were pullin' out by the time I was done so Carlos had me stick around with the sorters. But when they said they didn't have a need fer me, Carlos eventually had me help sort out the leftovers then stuck me back with Hassan fer the rest of the day.

Everythin' went basically fine until the last stop. Had a package in a buildin' that was basically one giant industrial hallway connectin' a buncha large offices. First I hadda go to 19 an' got on a full elevator which practically stopped at every freakin' floor. Then, I had a 10 minute wait to get the elevator to go back down. Then I found out they marked the package 8th floor when it was actually 16, havin' called the number on the package to find out fer sure. 16 had no mention of the company I hadda go to an' a room number that didn't exist. I checked 15 in case I heard wrong, then went back to 16 where a guy finally tagged me. Delivered my package an' met Hassan in the loadin' dock where he was comin' to help me. Ended up not gettin' back to the station until 12:30 an' as a result not gettin' to work till almost 2, especially thanks to the damn D train. On the plus side, Carlos got me a hat an' some uniform parts fer me are on order.

Lagged a bit, but did get a new advanced review done, so at least I made some progress. Tomorrow's another 6:30 start, so hopefully the trains are workin' right. Fer once.

Monday, May 21, 2007


First day in the new station, an' boy are there a lot of kinks to work out. I came in an' hadda find my way to where my locker was located, which's in the hallway leadin' to the break room. So, that means, I no longer have a place to change. I'm figgerin' I'll hafta go in uniform with my clothes in my bag, exchange my accessories, reverse that then make a pass by the bathroom to change on my way out. Sounds easier than it is 'cause of the layout of that place which is just nuts. An', of course, with the office on the second floor an' my current station on the first, if I need to get back up there it's a walk and a half throughout the whole station basically.

Lookin' at the blueprint they gave us at the meetin', I noticed there wasn't a helluva lot of maneuver room fer trucks. Sadly, the drawin' was to scale as me an' Edwin learned today. There was no way fer us to pull out with trucks on either side an' the sprinkler pipes in front of us. Took a good 10 minutes to work it so we could pull out.

Pretty much set the tone fer the rest of the day. Somethin' was wrong with the system fer a while, so nobody was registerin' any deliveries on their pads even though dispatch said they were comin' through fine. I got a few unique problems today, the first bein' a label on two different boxes with the same number an' how to deal with that, then a lady lookin' to refuse a package right at the truck I didn't really know how to handle an' hadda juggle till Edwin finished a delivery. I welcome the problems so I learn how to deal, but not in a row on the same day.

Then we had a call fer help a few blocks away (which thankfully pre-empted Tony buggin' us fer help, even though he stuck me with FIT again but Edwin thankfully refused 307 at the station) an' we cut it damn close waitin' fer the guy to get out of this one buildin'. We all made it with seconds to spare. I hadda deliver a Mac to a buildin' that had two different sized elevators; one thinner than the other. In an ironic move with the package I had the thin one which barely fit, but leavin' without I got the wide one. Figgers. Edwin also made sure I got the package to deliver to the address with the gal I told him was cute. Oy.

We banged out the rest of our truck in the hopes of gettin' back to the station in time fer me to partake a bit of the thank you BBQ the boss was throwin' on the roof. Unfortunately, hadda get Carlos to sign my time sheet 'cause the clocks wouldn't be installed till tomorrow, then hadda figger out how to dump the info from my pad, then I hadda fill out my paperwork an' try to figger out why I had one package undelivered when I KNOW I delivered AND scanned all the ones I took an' scanned, then I hadda learn about how I'll hafta get changed from now on... By the time I was done, I hadda go get the train 'cause I was barely on time fer work.

I hate this new station already. Ah well.

Work was as dull as ever, came home an' played my game a bit before doin' some of my work, an' now I'm gonna hafta go off to bed 'cause Natasha called me to tell me my start time's been bumped back 20 minutes. So as tomorrow will be my test day on how the trains operate an' get me there, gonna leave myself plenty of time 'cause I don't have much faith in the MTA before 6, let alone the rest of the day.

Oh, and in other news, gma is back from Florida so I don't gotta worry about closin' up downstairs fer a while. GOOD. One less thing to do.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


We got on the road by 6 an' were wingin' our way upstate. I was a li'l lost 'cause apparently they adopted a new way of goin' up. Hopefully when I go it's a lot more simplistic to drive than it was to observe. Made our usual pitstop in Ramapo where I hadda partake of the bathroom. That was fun, waitin' 'cause two sections were closed fer cleanin' an' all the stalls were taken up. The only free one had pee all over the seat. Assholes. After sufferin' the 1 ply toilet paper, we continued on our way to Roscoe.

I had fallen asleep an' woke up as we got there, so things didn't really hit me till later. The town looked about the same, 'cept fer the area where they tore the theater down. Could swear the buildings there now were new, but the 'rents tell me they ain't, so who knows. Streets looked a bit weather beaten an' cruddy, probably from the floods last couple years. We ate at the usual coffee shop where the food didn't taste exactly the same, but I gotta say I love that they've upgraded to plastic ketchup bottles...somethin' the city has YET to do. Hate those stupid glass ones ya gotta pound. After I ate my usual breakfast (eggs sunny side up) went out to take some shots. Found one store closed down an' the hardware store is now a clothin' store, the hardware duties split between the fishin' shop and lumber yard.

Headed to the campground to do our thing. Soon as I get out, I was assaulted by every freakin' bug in the area. Don't get why. Pops was barely hit. No, they all came after me. Little fuckers. The ONLY thing I don't miss about the country. I surmise since the only thing new about me is my shampoo that must be the cause, so gonna hafta invest in bug-off next I go. He untied the tarp as I swept the deck, then we folded the tarp while I fought off bugs. He forgot his ladder (dumbass) so we used our neighbor's which fortunately wasn't chained to the tree with another one. We took down the boxes protectin' the vents, then I proceeded to rake the leaves away...resultin' in the rake breakin' in half. Oy. At least it happened when I finished. After he gave me the rundown of how to start up the trailer, we finished our stuff an' I took the van to go get pics of the campground to show people.

Lotta things were the same, but a lotta things've changed. At the site, aside from all the fallen trees an' the hill in our "driveway" now from the floodin', they had recast the fireplace an' moved it over from where it originally was. The fishin' ponds, one has a bridge accross it's drainage with a sprinkler, an' the other is gettin' somethin' else built there. They got a new wagon fer the hayrides, an' put the thing that sucks out the septic tanks fer the trailers on the actual caretaker truck rather than the trailer it was always on. The adult lounge where we snuck in many a night to hang out is now reduced to a storage space. The Rec Hall was closed up which it almost always never was back in the day, so I wasn't even able to see what kinda games it has in there now. The general store's been completely redone an' repainted, they no longer pump their own propane an' have dumpsters, as well as cabins in the tenter area. Also, lots of old-timers are gone in some form or other. They even got the "train" that was used by another campground which closed after all the floods, bein' it's attraction was the fact you hadda cross the Beaverkill River at a shallow point to get to the other half of it. Total devestation. Ya know, it wasn't even that shallow. When we visited it once, we had the old 78 Chevy at the time an' drivin' through the water it came up to the bottom of it!

After my last pic, we got back on the road on an even more complex route home. We had a li'l trouble gettin' home 'cause we ran smack dab into the middle of the Norwegian Day parade. Took a bit of a detour but we finally got around it. I dropped off our crap upstairs, shopped fer some stuff, then came back to upload the pics.

Ya know, I had reserved myself to not bein' able to go up now that I work fer Fed Ex an' won't get the time, but Tina's disappointment when I told her that pretty much had my wheels turnin' on how I could accomplish it. That, an' I need a vacation as badly as she does, especially since I wanted to go back up as soon as I got home. Figger with both our schedules, we could do it sometime in late August early September before we both get bogged down with school. I can scam at least ONE Saturday off, maybe even create a fake reason fer it if needed. I'll save one day off from the office so we can essentially leave on Friday night then come back on Sunday night. Talked it over with D an' he's game, ponderin' takin' a personal day on a Friday so we don't leave too late waitin' fer him to get off, since he works the latest out of all of us. We got two dates in mind so far, but really it's up to Tina an' her schedule when the final date will be set. As long as we get it done by July so we can put in fer our time it should be gravy. Work out the little details as we get closer to leavin'.

I worked a li'l on the script, did a li'l of the chat, wasn't able to focus on either. Man, do I need a vacation. I really can't wait to go back. I LOVE IT. Soon...very soon...

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Stayin' up till 6 wasn't such a great idea. I didn't get up till almost 2:30, which killed most of my day. Soon as I got up I went to work. Put up my last two Spiderfan reviews till the next batch, worked on some of the script, and then proceeded to organize my comics to put away. Only got As an' Bs done though, an' didn't leave myself enough time to do other reviews with laundry needin' to be done. Ah well. Pops wants to be on the road at 6 tomorrow so gonna hafta go to bed soon after I dump my MA pics from my camera an' check the weather.

So at Hot or Not, I got another "double-match" as they call it, whatever the hell that means, an' it's some chick who's sendin' me a message to hook up fer some "no strings attached fun." Yeeeeeah, pass. Even if I was keen on meetin' folks over the web "no strings attached" just ain't my thing. I'm sure some of my blog readers'll get up my ass fer this, but I politely declined. So nice to know my internet appeal is still in full swing... Blah.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Got my second check today. In one week I make just a bit less than I did in two at the other job. Not too impressive, but nice all the same. When I went to the bank yesterday, I ordered myself some new checks so I can get direct deposit goin'. Gonna take a week or two to get to me. DD is gonna work out fine too, 'cause tryin' to juggle my financed between two checks is a bit of a hassle. Also on the money front, got my first check from that broadcastin' thing we're wearin' the units fer. We all got $17.50. Not much, but hey, it's money fer doin' absolutely nuttin' so it's all good. All I know is I was able to pay off the last of my credit card (which wasn't much), restore my emergency money supply an' throw in my extra $20 a week fer comics so by next week my entire bag will be empty. Good deal! Unfortunately, wasn't able to keep the extra cash handy fer the White Castle I was hopin' to supply fer dinner tonight. Ah well.

I was almost late today. Left a little late (dunno how that happened) an' the trains ran like crap so I took the N straight. That left me with a couple loooooooooong blocks to run down. Then, of course, the gate was down on 33rd an' I STILL have no access card, so I hadda run all the way around to 34th. Luckily, a truck just pulled out an' the gate was only startin' to close so I was able to slip in an' head down. Sneakily, I grabbed a time sheet as I passed the office an' punched it in before runnin' off to get changed. Had I done it after I woulda punched in right at 8, but hey...better safe than sorry. Not fer nuttin', middle of May an' I hadda wear a jacket an' pants. The hell is with this weather?

Looks like I did hear right about another meetin' today, but ah well. They just watched the informative company video about new BS goin' down an' nobody yelled at me so no big. Day went pretty much as normal. Tony stuck me with 3 of his stops again which I did soon as me an' Edwin got out there. 307 7th is a pain in the ass with the freight, plus I hadda figger out what floor one of the deliveries was on. Delivered yesterday, but couldn't remember which floor. Should have, considerin' it was a floor that smelled like upstate. Ah well. Then 315 was another pain, the freight passin' me by 3 times. Gah. They make it very hard fer us to do the right thing. Doin' those stops slowed me down so my delivery number wasn't where I woulda liked it to be. Edwin also told me those used to be part of the route I'm gettin'...well, I hope they STAY off.

Met back up with Edwin an' we did our thing till Tony sent out a call fer help again later on. We finished our stuff then headed over an' banged out his extra stops before headin' back. We split up an' got 26th all done, then did most of 25th before it was time fer me to head back in. Did my things, got reminded multiple times Monday we're on Leroy street, then got changed an' cleared out my locker.

Dunno how I did it, but I got to work right on time so I was able to put in the full 4 (sort of, hadda leave a bit early but clockin' it as 4) hours. I came home an' was gonna play my game before I got into other work, but choosin' to relax on my bed fer a bit led me to takin' a 2 hour nap. Got up, then got down to business. Started writin' my cousin's script, then some scene changes had me goin' to finish up my first round of Spiderfan reviews that I'll go over tomorrow before I post an' begin the next. Since my Sunday's shot I'll try to get all that done as well as puttin' all the comics I got out loose away. Fallen behind on that.

I gave D a call about goin' to see Shrek tomorrow mornin'. Unfortunately, since he's got a conference in Philly next week they had him do 2 Sats in a row since his cover hasta do the same. So, by the time he gets back we'll have Shrek an' Pirates to see. If I ain't on Sat yet, we'll do a back-to-back weekend deal. If not, we'll just go to the movies fer the next 2 weeks. 3 if it's pushed back to when Fantastic Four opens. Gonna be a busy movie season.

Ya know what's ironic? D's gonna be at a conference the exact same time he was at one last year. Kinda easy to remember when that was, bein' where I was at the same time when I called him. I'm sure you all can figger out where that was, so I won't insult yer intelligence by remindin' ya.


I just love when morons congregate in front of the train doors an' don't bother to move when it's in the station. Really, love it. Idiots.

Today I hadda go out with Tony as he needed some immediate help with his P1's to make service. First I had several deliveries in a buildin' on 28th, then it was over to FIT's loadin' dock and then around the corner to their dormitory mailroom. I was disappointed in how slow I got it all done, but really wasn't much I could do with the freight in the buildin' bein' busy. The real hard part of the day was keepin' all the crap balanced on the handtruck with how Tony packed 'em. When I returned to the block I was let off Tony was already gone to the next block. I started after him but decided to contact him via the pad to find him. That worked out well. Met him on his next block, he gave me another buildin' an' off I went. Just before I finished he sent me a message sayin' he was good to go, an' I rejoined Edwin on 26th. We banged out a few P2s there and on 25th, but we hadda go before I could make one last delivery. Hopefully he remembers to take it off my numbers when he goes to deliver it.

While waitin' fer the train on 36th street I saw Samar, an old co-worker an' brother of a guy I used to train with who dated another co-worker. Just a quick hello as she went to the opposite end of the train to get out at 68th most likely. My reaction time was a bit slow as I had just woken up from the D there. Kinda funny as yesterday I thought I saw Mike Karpenkoff from Junior High on the train. With all the clones around, didn't really attempt to talk to him...was too tired anyways.

Work went decent. Hardest part was jugglin' my expenses between two paychecks so I'd know how much I'd get back in cash after makin' my deposits. Got home, relaxed a bit, then headed fer school. In the station I met up with a classmate an' we rode together an' talked. Never did get her name, not that she knows mine either. Ah well. Apparently she's seen me often but just today had the nerve to ask if it was me she was seein'. We got to class a bit late an' got our review sheets, an' once again all the answers were A. After a couple minutes of BSin', he dismissed the class. Blah...why couldn't he just save us all a trip an' just E-Mail us this crap? The girl was talkin' to a friend so I left an' used the bathroom before headin' fer the train, meetin' her in the hall when she came out. Go figger. We rode together again till 59th where she hadda transfer fer a Queens train an' I headed on home to do 2 more Spiderfan reviews an' land 3 more to do fer 215.

I gotta say, I'm not gettin' as tired fer as long anymore, which is good. Gettin' used to the new workload. Li'l bit more, an' I'm golden. Although still gettin' incredibly tired by like 10 PM. Well, that's good too...will help me sleep next week. Then, there's the matter of a cut I got at work already heald, which mean's my healin' is pickin' up it's pace again. Booyah! Looks like I need the physical reason to have the quick healin' in order to keep it. Hey, fine by me. I missed it, glad it's back.

I'm also incredibly excited about goin' upstate on Sunday, even if I gotta spend the whole day with pops. Ugh. Well, we'll get to find out if I really dig upstate or if it was tainted by recent ordeals. Or, maybe, just maybe, it was the location what made the cause of the ordeals SEEM more appealin' than it was! Well, wouldn't that be a kick in the ass if that was the case. Time will tell!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I slept like crap. I kept wakin' up all night before 4. At 4, pops was in the shower an' I hadda wait fer him to get out. Put me behind in my schedule a bit, but I caught the N right away. It ran local an' I rode it straight rather than tryin' to catch the D. That, plus the walkin', I still got there around 5:30. Damn trains.

After a quick straightenin' of my hair, the meetin' began. Our boss boss gave us the rundown of what's gonna go on with routes an' the move an' stuff, as well as paperwork fer us to read. Once that was done, there was a matter of ID photos an' handin' out entry cards fer the building. Well, I got my photo, but they didn't have a card fer me. Blah. Hopefully I'll be able to get in come Monday.

I was there fer the entire sort this time. They stuck me on the route I'll be gettin' to see how this guy Mike usually does it an' to get a bit familiar with it. My route is very, very small; about 5 buildings an' a drop box fer delayed deliveries. Basically, I'm drivin' there, parkin', an' then walkin' the stuff around. Perfect beginner route. Hopefully, if I earn it, I'll get upgraded to a more complex one so I don't get too bored. Day went pretty smoothly despite Edwin's truck bein' full. He got the brilliant idea too late to hook me up with the extra keys fer it so I can just grab packages instead of waitin' fer him. Tomorrow's another day. Also had two help calls on 32nd an' Empire State, but ESB was settled by the time we were done with 32.

Came back, got my comics, did my work, came home, did my reviews the rest of the night while swelterin' in heat. It rained so it's nice an' humid now an' the apartment is boilin'. We're gonna hafta set up the ACs soon. Ma had asked me if I'd go up Sunday with pops to open up the trailer. Not really lookin' forward to spendin' a whole day with him, but I WANT to go upstate, so I'm gonna go. Fortunately I think I'll be off Monday from Fed Ex so if I need to rest I'll sleep late an' stick with an afternoon shift at the office. Tomorrow I'm back on 8AM an' hopefully there's not another meetin' on Friday. Then next week it's 6 AM all week fer the rest of my career. Fun times. At least the buildin' will be closer to me an' less of a ride by then.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Today we finally got the pad to work, but it wouldn't let me sign on with Edwin's info like they wanted, so Natasha put in a call to dispatch to get me into the system. Took most of the mornin', but eventually I was able to get on with my own number an' route. I learned the procedure fer takin' packages from other routes since I hadda do it fer every delivery I made with my pad, an' by the end of the day we were splittin' up to deliver. I had 19 done by me an' a couple under Edwin's pad from when mine wasn't workin'. Not too shabby. The plan next week so far is someone will drive me an' I'll do a run of the route they're gonna give me. An' since I've memorized some of Edwin's route, looks like I'm gonna be his replacement whenever he's out. Fine by me, I rather enjoy his route. I think I'm gonna look forward to his vacations more'n he will.

I was dead tired at work, so I wasn't as productive as I coulda been. Soon as I got home I made myself some dinner as I wouldn't have time to eat after school. Gotta get up at 4 AM tomorrow so I can get there fer this meetin' at 6:15. Just ran through all the train schedules an', if they stick to it, I should have a fairly clear run as long as I get my little ass outta here ASAP. So the goal is up, showered and out by 4:15. Can I do it? Probably not...but I'll give it the old college try!

Monday, May 14, 2007


Not much happened the rest of the weekend. Got $20 worth of flowers from the shop as usual fer ma, spent the rest of the day workin' on the script fer my cuz. Not so much workin' ON it as narrowin' down the new names fer the characters. Had the Sunday chat, which was a lot of fun. The SPE guys got their own chat now, so I'll hafta decide to stick with the original or juggle both. We'll see. Sent Tina her usual update Sat night (kinda like a condensed version of my blogs, just the highlights) an' she commented on one aspect of it; relationships.

I got lots of people who say I NEED to be with someone. I NEED to go out an' meet someone an' be in a realtionship. Why? Why do I NEED it? I could WANT it, but I think I hardly NEED it. My life is just fine as it is, I don't NEED someone to complete it. Got plenty of time fer that, I'm in no rush. It seems like EVERYONE wants me in a relaitonship but me. Go figger. Tina told me to stay single fer as long as I can, she havin' been burned countless times from various angles.

I say this 'cause once again Edwin was on his gettin' me married kick. 'Cause I failed to notice some girls he pointed out, he's reduced his deadline from 2 years to 1 year. Figger I'll throw him a bone tomorrow an' let him know I thought one gal on our route was cute; this one we delivered to twice already on W 26th near Martha. That should make him happy.

I got my own power pad today. They wanted me to synch it up to his numbers 'cause I ain't in the system yet. Yeah, didn't work out so well. One of the procedures was locked which meant it couldn't be fully utilized like it should. So, he handled most of the deliveries then stuck me with it fer the remainder. He also had me go off to an address while he wheeled the other stuff down to other addresses.

Overall, today went better than yesterday. We had one bulk delivery to Gilda's Club which took up most of the truck. The P1's we were done with before 10, so we went to help others. Tony didn't need any on 27th, but the dude on 32nd did. Not much, just a few quickies. I carted them, Edwin delivered 'em, then we went on back to our truck 'cause 10:30 was rollin' around an' time to start the P2s. We did have one crazy lady in this medical joint on 7th Ave who was tryin' to get Edwin to deliver their boxes to the SPECIFIC recipients, which isn't our job. Also had a COD package, my first new delivery in a while. Edwin had me drop an envelope in one of our drop boxes while he went to the bank fer Carlos, which ended up gettin' us back kinda late. No management around, so I did my thing, left, an' got to the office by 1:30.

After, was gonna bang out some reviews but took me all night to do one. I just wasn't motivated. I wanted to work on the script itself, but again the lack of motivation hit an' other things hadda be done. I also still gotta put comics away. Oy. No time fer nuttin'. An' when I do got time, I'm just too tired to wanna do it. Even worse is my right leg's been hurtin' the last couple days, so that's makin' things extra fun. Tomorrow I got school, so only 1 free hour. By the time I get home gotta go to bed 'cause I got a 6 AM meetin' on Wednesday (which hopefully means I'll get to bail earlier an' get my comic stuff done). Hope I get used to this pace quickly so my other work doesn't suffer.

On the plus side, that belt hole I said was too tight to go to? Not no more! That's right, when I got changed I found my regular hole a liiiiiiiiiittle too lose. I tried it fer the hell of it, an' my last hole now fits. Dang. 2 weeks on the job an' I already dropped an entire pants size. Man, if this keeps up I'll be all shmexy by winter. One can only hope.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


First was my CAG meetin' up in Queens at a High School where our special guest, Greg Cohn, was gonna be speakin' to us. Cool thing about it was we were near the smokestacks prominently used in Conspiracy Theory. I met a new member an' one of the ones who was supposed to come up to MA with me, as well as a buncha old-timers. We had a whole writin' workshop where Mark tried to explain to us the concept of the theme an' how to use it. It was pretty fun, an' after we headed to a nearby diner with some of us dispersin' to do their own things. We ate an' talked, then split up once again.

Me, James, Rebecca an' Chris all hit Times Square where we went around Midtown Comics, and then Toys R Us 'cause James ain't never been inside. We looked around both places, makin' jokes an' comments. At Toys, me an' Rebecca had a rock-off with a demo set-up of Guitar Hero II. I so gotta get those games, too much fun! James recorded the meetin' an' most of that. I had a rocky start as I forgot how to play, but soon beat her out. That was the last stop as we dispersed once again with me an' Chris headin' fer home an' them two headin' fer 5th Ave fer some reason.

I checked my mail an' the weather, went fer a quick trip to the bathroom then changed my shirt so I could meet D fer the concert. Got a brief call from Stacy who called me instead of another Chris to say she'd be arrivin' late fer a babysittin' job. Whoops! Me an' D got there fairly quick, but much to our dismay I wasn't allowed in 'cause I was wearin' shorts. Now, I had checked their site to be sure an' didn't see nuttin' about no dress code. Ah well. The one time I didn't ask it bit me in the butt. So I'll message Crystal later on Facebook an' ask where to send my contribution to the cause. Screw it.

Me an' D proceeded on to Forbidden Planet to browse around. I filled D in on some recent happenings in comics an' found a copy of Bizarre New World #1, one of the comics I got to advance review an' was hard to find anywhere. I left home my school ID an' hadda pay full price, but ah well...worth it. We then hit the McDonalds at Union Square fer dinner. Oy, what a dump. The bathrooms were half out of order an' a supreme mess, an' all the garbage cans were overflowin'. Not to mention the "manager" made ya wonder HOW he got that job. Food was decent, we ate an' left on fer home as it was rainin' since we left the shop. Li'l rain an' everyone goes runnin'. Yeesh. Wasn't even that hard at the time.

Came home to check messages again an' was gonna do some reviews, but the last week is catchin' up to me. Hopefully, I'll get to sleep late tomorrow an' still have time to pick up the usual mother's day flowers. Ah well, day didn't quite go as planned, but I had fun regardless. And gee, I didn't even hafta go to a bar or club to do it. Imagine that.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Today we had less problems, an' yet somehow managed to have 5 late packages. Dunno how that happened. By rights, yesterday shoulda been the day with the lates. Strange how that works out. Looks like come Monday they're gonna give me my own pad to go out with. I was also able to snag a shirt (finally), a pad holder an' a pen fer it. They had pants, but they were too tight fer me. So now all I need is them, the shorts an' a hat an' I'm golden. Also got my first paycheck, an' so far I made $30 LESS in one week than I do in 2 weeks at the other job. If this is good or bad, not sure yet. Plus I gotta get extra taxes taken out. Hopefully when I get my route my hours an' pay will increase.

After work, I headed home an' decided to relax a bit with one of my games. That got cut short when fire trucks came down my block. The house 4 houses down was on fire. Big time. Helluva lot of trucks fer just one place, but we eventually learned that they misunderstood 3 story house as 3 building fire. Well, so much fer improved communication. Lotsa people gathered fer it as the firemen busted out all the windows. The people who lived there were out when it happened as we didn't see no bodies carted out, so it's all good. Just a lotta property damage. There's some excitement in the day fer ya.

One thing that came outta it was 3 of the girls who work next door came out to see what was up. Turns out one of 'em was the chick who supposedly asked about me back in December. Now, the other two were cute (but smokers, ugh), but this girl? Daymn. Just....daymn. Well, no words were spoken between us though ma did talk to one of the blonde ones when I went upstairs to shut off my game an' the TV. I was gonna at least say hi when she left fer home an' passed us, but didn't pay me no mind so didn't bother. Well, if she did ask about me out of attraction, I'm sure that's over with now after seein' me in my housewear outside. Looked like a schlub. Hey, I'm home, I wanna relax...didn't exactly plan fer a fire! Ah well. As I'm not even supposed to really know about it, ball's in her court. She wants to start somethin', come on down. Though as pretty as she is don't think she's my type. Who knows. Oh, also turns out her name is Samantha. Isn't that a kick?

I got one of my assigned Spiderfan reviews done tonight. Probably do some more in between my meetin' an the concert, if I don't feel a need fer a nap. Also reprinted some (hopefully all) of the scripts missin' from my portfolio. I'll hafta go through it tomorrow an' finish that up. Also, looks like the blow-up in the chat has forced Ian, head of Dimestore, to kick the group out from havin' their chats on Sunday, but is keepin' it open if anyone wants to use it regular along with the Tuesday chats. Wow. Shame when stuff like that hasta happen, but really, it was a bit much. Ah well. At least I'll be back on Tuesdays soon enough.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


The first paragraph of this entry will deal with a disgustin' subject that needs to be ranted about. Beyond that, it will improve. You've been warned.

Early mornin' shits are gettin' on my nerves. No matter how much I eat the night before or how early, I always end up havin' to go sometime around 7 when I need to LEAVE fer work. Yesterday, I was hopin' to hold it until I got there, but hadda leave when the train was JUST comin' into the station to head home. I'm lucky I was able to make it in ONLY 5 minutes late. Today, I managed to go before work, but then still hadda go AT work. Good thing they was still sortin' when I got out. Damn my biology!

The truck was pretty full today, but it was mostly one bulk shipment: 38 cases of Deal or No Deal DVDs for Howie Mandell's appearance on Martha today. That took up about half the truck, as we got the smaller version. Apparently, the Martha people were freakin' out because they expected the DVDs to get there sooner than they did. We were there fer a good while, but the thing was they shipped the DVD's wrong. See, there's two classes of packages we deliver early: P1 and P2. P1's get delivered when we first go out, P2's we're not allowed to deliver until after 10:30 'cause of the service they chose (which I think is the most retarded, inefficient thing ever, but whatever) an' they shipped the DVDs P2.

Needless to say, we had two guys from the show rush out to help us usher in the boxes so the crew could stuff 'em into bags fer the audience as the show was in the middle of bein' taped. Edwin asked the girl we usually deliver to how big the studio was (just an aside, he had never been able to find out her first name until I caught her sayin' it today about the DVDs into a walkie talkie) an' she said not very, so dunno what the hell they're gonna do with 38 boxes. Yeesh.

Other'n that, it was a fairly quick an' light day. Edwin has decided to make it his mission to have me married within the next 4 years (until I reminded him that he plans to transfer down to Florida by then so now it's 2). Dunno how that came about. Maybe 'cause I told him about the slut an' 'cause I don't check out the girls he points out? Who knows. He keeps sayin' he's gonna hook me up with his hottie in the salon (which Bevin recommended against 'cause apparently Russian chicks are nuts). Heh what a kidder. At least, I hope he is...

Office work went fairly slow as I had no energy to really do it, but gonna try to bang it all out tomorrow just to show my value. Went to the bank after to get money fer Saturday's concert event, then headed home to grab a quick bite then head to school. We got back the papers we wrote an' I got an A, proof that the class is bullshit 'cause it was the most crappy nonsensical thing I ever wrote. School work is never my best example of my skills.

I got the Small Press Extra zines I ordered on Sunday an' started readin' two of them on the subway. I only ordered the first four, but looks like they threw in the latest fer me. Desperate to spread the word about small press, an' to get me on their team, maybe. Whole reason I'm readin' 'em is to see what I can contribute to them, aside from my script fer the anthology they wanna put out. I was gonna work on some Spiderfan reviews tonight, but I'm just too damn tired. Gonna head off a bit earlier than usual fer some extra Zs.

Oh, and on another note, I think I'm seriously losin' some weight. I can't keep my pants up fer crap. Was at the point where every other week my belt would either be too tight or just right on the same hole, now my pants keep fallin' 'cause of all the stuff in my pockets. While that fact is cool in of itself, the bad part is it's one of those situations where the hole ya normally use is too loose, but the next one up is too tight, so I'm screwed until pops puts the holes in my new belt like I keep askin' him. Wish he'd show me what the hell he uses so I can just do it my damn self. Waitin' fer these two is like waitin' fer the second coming.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The one thing I didn't miss about workin' blue collar is the guy talk: girls and sports. Edwin keeps tryin' to get me to look at this Russian hairdresser in the shop on his route, then of course he checks out everyone that crosses our paths. The other day outside 1 Penn the guys had a brief convo an' girls an' sports were the primary topics. Oy. Sports I got no interest in, an' I don't actively seek out girls to look at. If they cross my line of sight, yeah, okay, maybe I'll comment to myself that she was cute an' then MOVE ON. I'm there to do a job, not admire the "view."

Highlights fer today was deliverin' to the Martha Stewart show while the cheerleader from Heroes was on. After our deliery Edwin stuck around fer a few minutes to watch them finish up the cookin' segment of the show. Also, I saw my second Checker cab in as many days. Yesterday as we left the station there was a mint one parked on one of the streets, then today as I went fer the train I saw a red one drivin' past on the avenue. Love them cars.

I got to the office quarter after 1. Probably woulda been sooner, but got held up with Edwin yakkin' an' unable to answer a question about the electronic timecard process we gotta go through (pain in the ass, should make our IDs swipable timecards). While I ran the file synch, I ran over to the shop to get my comics so I could just head straight fer home. I was so hot an' tired I didn't even bother changin'. My flat t-shirts are nice lookin' enough, an' I'm at my desk all day so who gives a damn. I almost forgot to do my registration fer class...which went about as well as expected. My major course I gotta take the one I can't take now to take it, my diversity courses are all unavailable at times I can take 'em, so I decided to just work on my minor stuff an' took creative writin'. Figger I should be able to fly right through that one since I'm, heh heh, a writer.

Got home, did my thing with the books, then started readin' an' reviewin'. Kept gettin' distracted an' it was a big week, so didn't get done till after 11. Dunno how much longer I'll be able to do that as my class is, unfortunately, on a Wed so that'll leave me about 2 free hours to read an' review. We'll see how that works out come August.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Back on AMs today. This time, I got paired up with Edwin. Nice guy, we actually were able to converse. He handed me his power pad an' his holster an' let me take point on all the deliveries we hadda make. Tell ya, felt good to wear the pad. Felt almost like havin' a gun on my hip again. Kinda miss that... Anyways, we finished early, helped out another courier with his route, did the next batch of deliveries an' a pick-up before goin' back. Now, I didn't think we did all that much, but apparently 36 deliveries in 4 hours was some kinda big deal. Everyone we told was thoroughly impressed, especially since I mostly handled them. I woulda gotten to work on time, but I got held up learnin' how to do a time card on a power pad which nobody seemed to get right. Blah. That, an' the D train was held up fer about 20 mins. Bastards.

Work went alright, but got rushed out 'cause Van hadda leave early, so didn't exactly finish all I could. Ah well, always tomorrow. While ma was showin' me some sneakers to look into buyin', I sampled some of the cake I baked last night. Delicious. School was tedious as ever, an' I wrote out a rough to a script I've been meanin' to do at least.

Speakin' of school, tomorrow I gotta register fer classes. Goin' over the final tallies of what I got time to take, an' now it seems like my major course may have new requirements to be taken, that of the class I CAN'T take which is too early. Then all the requirement classes I'm lookin' at are either unavailable or not at times I can take. So, if I can't find somethin' to take I won't have a class this semester. Hunter is seriously a joke, inconsiderate to us day workers by offerin' shit only then. I keep seein' the School of Visual Arts in my face on the trains, so gonna look into that an' maybe transfer when I'm able. Heard good things, so let's hope they're more schedule friendly.

Saturday's gonna be interestin'. If I don't work, my meeting's gonna be at a school in Queens where we'll have workshops an' a guest (whose classroom we're usin'). This is gonna be at 11:30 AM, which means no late night fer me Friday. Or sleep on Saturday. Damn. BUT, this does clear up when I can go to this charity concert at Wicked Willy's bar a girl from my high school's hostin' through Hunter. It's fer a good cause, so I figgered I'd go. D's gonna come too, so that should be fun. See that? Attemptin' to go out more.

Also found someone from my RPG days while doin' some searched through favorites the other day. Found her screen name, saved it, an' lucked out as she signed on. We talked briefly an' did the catchin' up thing. Always fun.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Today I hadda go in at 3 to observe a PM route, get a flavor fer both. Bad move stoppin' home first; whenever I do that I never get motivated enough to move when I should, but I was still on time.

Carlos had me go out with Princess (which is fortunately just a name, not an attitude). She's got a unique route, somethin' with juries an' such that she has a cop ride with her most of the time, so the truck was due to be a bit crowded. At least she had an actual chair instead of a rumble seat.

I got held up at 5 Penn due to lack of Fed Ex ID (even though they let me up first time I was there) so I hadda wait by security. Princess came down with another driver, Danny, whom she pawned me off onto. Danny spent the whole time yammerin' on about the job while not really lettin' me do much except help move packages an' such. The difference between AM an' PM routes are AM's are delivery, PM's are far I think I like AM better. We spent most of our time in 1 Penn with a couple other stops in between before someone met him to exchange trucks. Was taken back to the station, an' since no one was around I went on home. Back on morning's tomorrow.

Highlight of the day (sadly) was I got to talk to Bevin whom I haven't in a while. Between my hours an' her recovery from surgery things just ain't alligned. But, made up fer that in spades last night. Always fun. Was hopin' to get some creative stuff done, but yeah...that was SO not gonna happen.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Well, whaddaya know, pops actually took me out drivin'. And, unlike when I was just learnin' how to drive, he actually got smart enough to stand on the sidewalk while lettin' me circle around on my own.

As usual, took me all the way down to the industrial area where traffic conditions are light an' had me do a 3 block circle before climbin' back in an' lettin' me drive home. He actually had nuttin' but compliments about it (fer once). Only thing is I seem to lean right when there's a passenger in the car an' he says I need to relax on the wheel (even though I don't think I'm grippin' it THAT hard, but whatever). There's even talk of lettin' me use it on my own when I need it. This is truly a wow moment if ya know how my 'rents usually react to things like that. So, we'll see.

Tonight was the SPA chat an' I went. Unfortunately, it degraded into it's "first" small press chat in a long time by one of the regulars goin' off on a rant on how small press lost all it's focus an' credibility over the years. I really had nuttin' to contribute, an' all my questions got ignored in the rantin'. Well, I earned myself some brownie points; ordered the dude's Small Press magazine so I can see what's what an' maybe contribute down the line, an' gonna do a story fer the anthology his partner wants to put out with him even drawin' it. Ya know, I dunno if I'll ever have the small press mindset bein' I've been mainstream so long, but I really don't care where my work goes as long as it's out there. I got stories to tell, that's all I wanna do. If I wanted to be rich I'd go to the Trump school.

Also did some work on my cuz's comic. I finally pegged down the new names fer the characters (fer now). Decided to name them after legends (mostly mythological figures) to at least add more validity to the group name. I'm gonna keep the same basic story I did 10 years ago, except adapt it an' extend it into maybe a 2-part 2-issue tale. Wanna definitely get that done this week so I can send out the letter an' be done with it. Let's see how it goes.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


The plan was, because of how long the lines were the first two movies, to meet up exactly an hour before showtime...which is exactly when I woke up. No clue how the hell it happened, was sure as hell I set my alarm but don't remember it ever goin' off. I busted my ass to shower an' dress an' got there just before the box office opened. Fortunately D was on time fer once an' was able to procure us a spot a decent ways down the line. So decent, some kid asked us to purchase the tix fer him an' his friends (with their money of course, what the hell...our good deed fer the year).

Spidey was in 2 theaters but fer some reason the first show was in the crappiest small one which was already half full when we got there, which means we got some crappy seats. Crappier fer me 'cause my legs were pressin' against the one in front of me. Damn me bein' tall. Then, of course, you had the kid situation. Ah, the kid situation. One kid a couple rows ahead of us was messin' around with a blue LED flashlight that kept endin' up in my eyes. Then a lady who brought a friggin' baby had it start cryin' a couple times (that one even pissed D off). Then there was the usual morons who decide to get popcorn DURIN' the movie instead of before. GAH! Sometimes I really hate goin' to the movies.

The movie itself? Decent but flawed. They focused on too much an' left everythin' underdeveloped or just flat out missin'. At least it didn't completely suck like most third movies.

After we hit the comic shop to browse an' partake of Free Comic Day. Walked away with 13 of the couple dozen offered as that's all the shop had. D also bought two Chucky comics that recently came out to give 'em a try. We dropped those off at his place, then proceeded to mine to drop mine off. We saw sis waitin' fer Roy by the subway as we went. Brief exchange, we continued on then hit Anapoli where we waited fer 'em. They arrived when I popped off to the bathroom real quick. Sis gave me a Texas license plate an' D a magnet, I gave her my book from my African class. Wish I had somethin' fer Roy too, seein' as he picked out the plate fer me as the story goes.

We talked an' ate, me an' D toppin' off a delicious meal with the heavenly ice cream (well mine was, he decided on a new flavor that didn't agree with him). We headed on a tour of sis' old hood (after passin' by my place again to drop off the plate) then proceeded on to 86th street. I saw one of the Mikes from my old store by one of the bus stops an' stopped fer a brief chat, then it was on to the train station/bus stop so them two could head their respective ways. I'm plannin' another get-together with sis an' her li'l sisters sometime this week, hopefully.

Me an' D opted to do some video games. I went home yet again to get all my Grand Theft Auto games fer him to try then went to his place. Last time he played was on his shitty li'l TV, so figgered we'd give his big TV a try. He couldn't quite get the hang of the drivin', but he started to get the feel fer it. I took my leave around 9 when he started playin' wrestlin' to get some work done at home. Also did a li'l research on somethin' we talked about doin', but I really don't wanna go into too much detail about at this point. When we see how it all plays out, then maybe I will. Till then, just somethin' we're gonna try once just fer the hell of it.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Today they had me do another route. Was with Hassan again, an' we visited mostly the same locations with a couple new ones. This time around, he let me handle the scanner on the last half of the stops. Took me a while to get a hang on typin' on the thing, but after the 3rd time I was pickin' up speed. We also hadda go help someone again, but it wasn't as bad as the last guy. Seems like every time I go out it's a small load, 'cause on Wed when I saw him he told me it was pretty big. Carlos has me comin' in late on Monday to observe a PM route, then Tuesday I'm gonna be the main guy on a route with another driver who'll be my backup if I get stuck. He's also gonna push to get me into classes as early as possible so I can get my own route.

The good news is I'm off tomorrow. I called D while I was gettin' changed to leave him a voicemail. The only change is sis an' Roy are gonna hang with us after so we must plan accordingly. Got to the office by 12 an' worked till 4. Ma was usin' the computer so decided to play my games fer a couple hours before settin' down to finish my reviews. Tomorrow's also Free Comic Book Day, an' fortunately I get to partake. Woohoo!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Wasn't at the office but I still spent all mornin' on a computer. Hadda finish up all the trainin' there, and of course the system was still slow. Fortunately whatever was wrong with it got fixed when I was halfway through, so I was able to be out by 1. Woulda been 12 if I didn't spend half an hour waitin' on Natasha to boot me up. I goofed on a few questions, but overall did fine. Got ripped with one 'cause no matter what answer I put it kept tellin' me it was wrong, so that was like whatever.

Did my thing at the office, then came home to my replacement DVDs. Good thing Deep Discount took back the other ones. Also this week I got the Evil Dead Musical soundtrack, GTA: San Andreas an' Empowered TPB from Amazon. Empowered was the book I was thinkin' about gettin' till I saw the writer, then based on recommendations while in MA an' seein' it fairly cheap on Amazon decided what the hell an' got it.

Since I been doin' nuttin' but work these last couple weeks, decided the fuck with school an' stayed home to play GTA: VCS some. Woulda done SA, but I gotta DL my codes first. I know, I'm a cheater. Games are damn hard to beat without an edge! Especially now that the more ya go ya got gang bangers ya pissed off comin' at ya at random times. Anyways, spent the night watchin' Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, an' read/reviewin' a couple more comics before bed. Got another early start tomorrow.

I'm a li'l bummed out. Don't look like I'm makin' my vacation this year. Can't rightly ask fer time off already, an' since it's summer everyone an' their mother's probably already got vacation time booked accross the map. So, I'm gonna eat it this year an' just shoot fer next. But it sucks 'cause I constantly smell things associated with upstate, an' it's like grrrr! Not to mention I ain't been on a real vacation fer 7 years, gonna be goin' on 8. So hopefully next year's the year. An' who knows, maybe if my luck continues I'll have someone prettier than D to go up with. Hehe.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Today was spent trainin' on a computer. Safety bullshit done in flash presentations. Painfully borin', but made even more painful by sever troubles that were havin' 'em run super slow. I didn't get to even finish the lessons when Orientation was due to start. So it was off to the break room where Natasha an' Headen (safety super) gave us the shpiel about what's gonna go down. Gonna hafta get my checks direct deposit like ma said, not only 'cause it's gonna be a bitch fer me to get to the bank now, but 'cause if I do that I become eligible fer TransitCheck worth $65 a month. $11 more from me an' I can get unlimited Metrocards with no fuss. Gonna hafta wait fer 2 weeks after my first check to do the deposit, then 3 months from last friday to get the TC. Also, a li'l matter of concern is when she said if ya fail the defensive drivin' course yer gonna be outta a job unless they can find somethin' else fer ya to do without a vehicle. That's promptin' me to try an' get pops to lemme take the van out to practice, as it's the closest thing we got in size to those things.

Got back a bit after 6 when I was finally able to get my comics. Listin' 'em an' dinner didn't lemme get started on 'em till around 8, an' I was only able to get 12 outta the 28 I got done. One of the other reviewers also had an issue, so the reviews are gonna be a li'l light till Friday the latest. I've gotten the idea to have us start coordinatin' what we're buyin' with each other so if somethin' like today happens again, I can make uncovered issues the priority reads so everythin' is at least gets one review. So that's that.

Sis is back in town, but dunno when I'll get to see her. With my schedule in constant flux till who knows when, tryin' to make plans is gonna be a bitch. I suggested Saturday night 'cause at least I know I'll be free an' I won't need to get up early Sunday. Also gonna be a problem gettin' to see Spidey this weekend. Dunno about Sat mornin' an' D works Sun 'cause he's a punk. Hate to break the streak already.

And in civic news, last couple weeks saw the installation of brand new bus stop canopies, with super bright lights an' futuristic designs. We'll see how long they last.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Well someone was a smartass yesterday. I commented about the readers unsubscribin' shotly after subscribin' to my Myspace blog, then next thing I know I had 146 hits on my blog that day. My usual barely reaches 30. So, unless people were comin' to my profile an' lookin' at it in droves, someone went in an' out. Smartasses, although that wasn't what I was talkin' about so HA!

Today they had me go out with their best driver (at least accordin' to one of the managers, Carlos) Hassan. It was an experience. Hassan is a bit of an aggressive driver, which woulda been fine if not fer the fact I was sittin' in a jumper seat roughly half the size of a regular one with zero leg room an' a chinsey seatbelt. Basically, I was thrown around quite a bit. We did his route after I watched how they sort the stuff out, which didn't stray too far from the station actually. Maybe a 10 block radius. Got to see many different kindsa elevators an' some interestin' folk today, lemme tell ya. There was also this one buildin' that literally had a 5 mile jog down a hallway to the mail room. It's a wonder office workers are so fat with that kinda walk ahead of 'em.

At one point, we hadda go help out a driver who was deliverin' to a buildin' accross from Penn Station. Apparently the buildin' is really complex to deliver to an' usually ends up gettin' help. Us an' another driver were the backup. Was simple enough by dividin' up the floors. After deliverin' a package whose recipient wasn't in an' a couple he missed, he dropped me off back at the station where Natasha (another manager) told me to come in at 1 again (oy) fer orientation an' the start of my defensive drivin' trainin'. Great, which means I won't be able to pick up my comics till late. Hopefully ones not on my list don't get sold out on me. Also, they force ya to wear a back brace there, an' anyone who knows me knows them things HURT my back more than help. Fortunately I figgered out how to wear it ineffectually so it doesn't do it's job an' lets me wear it. See how long I can get away with that.

One thing I find funny, though, is I was just at the Javits last month, an' now I'm workin' by it. It's so odd how these things work out.

Well, I was dead tired an' sore. I ain't used to workin' so hard no more, an' I didn't even really do all that much! Hopefully I get back in the groove soon. Got to the office around 12:30, but didn't get a chance to work on my paper. That I hadda rush through at home, which I got done but got to class half an hour late. Was complete an' total bullshit what I wrote...hell, I don't even remember it...but apparently it was about what everyone else did so at least I'm on par. Even got to ditch the oral part of it 'cause one chick who went to the same covered everythin' I coulda stumbled sayin'. Fine by me.

I had the brilliant idea of seein' if the film class I needed was available durin' the summer. Yeah, no. I'm gonna be stuck unless I can figger out how to take this damn class. I dunno why these bastards don't offer courses all over the place. Ya know, adults who WORK go to school too. They need to consider that. Well, we'll see what happens come winter.